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. Soccer Mom ch. 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Dec 9, 1999.

  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    She stood up and had Tony sit on the chair, his cock at full attention. Eric and Reggie watched in wicked fascination as her fuck-me ass, the only thing in the back yard illuminated from the family room light, rose and slid down onto his cock, then rose, then slid down, rising and sliding down quicker and quicker, on Tony's impatient, rock hard prick. He was in heaven - he just knew all along that she was, inside, dying to give them some more ass - and the fact that within fifteen minutes of seeing them again she was fucking him like this - crazy fucking, demanding that he suck her big tits while he fucked her, with Eric and Reggie watching, on the Gordon patio, with her husband upstairs - was totally awesome.

    As his cock pushed deeply up into her she stalled their fucking to experience him all the way in, pushing against the back of her cunt. How magnificent this felt! She looked back at Eric, without smiling, and resumed sliding her twat up and down on his friend's cock, her eyes locked onto Eric's face. Within a few minutes Tony blasted his load inside her. She lingered on his dick for a time, and Eric walked over, his shorts off, waving his long meatstick at her. She stroked it lovingly, moaning in anticipation of having it. Eric closed his eyes while she jacked him. "Oh, Vicki, you want some of this?" Eric whispered, looking over at Reggie with a smile. Vicki put Reggie's hand on her breast. "Squeeze my tits," she whispered to him. She extended her tongue to Eric's dripping cockhead and worshipped him, kissing it frantically and holding it against her face. She tickled his balls.

    Vicki got up off of Tony's lap, leaned over the table and seductively pulled her ass cheeks apart, her dress hiked over her hips. "Well, Mrs. Gordon," he started. "Shut up!" she ordered him. Eric hesitated, surprised and still a young son enough to stop and listen when a mom issues a directive. "Shut up and give it to me," she whimpered. He positioned himself behind her and rubbed his cock against her asshole and twat, his hands appreciating the marvelous bulb butt cheeks that were his to squeeze while he fucked her. "Well?" she snapped, her tits with their jumbo nipples hanging heavily over the table as she pushed her ass into him and looked back at him. He found her wet lips and slowly invaded her, delighting in the feeling of her lips taking him, bringing him into her. "Oh yeah," he gasped, her still tight pussy capturing his large cock and delivering him to the promised inner sweet space of this hard up nympho mom. He leaned forward, over her back, and grabbed her big t squeezing and manhandling them. He rammed her roughly, shaking the patio table, causing it to scoot in tiny lurches on the concrete.

    Tony and Reggie stood to the side of the copulating pair and competed with Eric for access to Vicki's tits. The feeling of six hands on her body was so dirty, so fantastic. Eric spasmed and fell into her back, his tense balls releasing a heavy load of semen inside her, ramming up toward her stomach like a lunatic. She was on the verge of coming and reached under to get at his nuts. More than rivaling the rustle of the strong wind in the leaves overhead, their hoarse panting and moans threatened to wake her family.

    The building desire of the last several days was unleashed. Vicki turned to face her lovers and jacked herself as she leaned against the table, her breasts jutting out toward them, her hand masturbating her soaking wet twat. She knew they were transfixed to get their hands on her and she came hard at the thought of being on display.

    She fell to her knees and hugged Reggie around the hips, bringing his swollen crotch into her face. She wanted more young dick, and he was very attractive. So why not fuck him too? He could not believe the appetite of this stacked housewife - it made him crazy with arousal - and he hastened to help her loosen his shorts and she pulled them down enough to get at his long, very hard, very thick penis. She cursed and giggled in wonder and turned his body out of the darkness to face the light from the family room. "My my, look at this big dick," she gasped, laughing. "Holy shit!" In awe, she stroked it worshipfullly as she knelt at his side and ran her fingers over his scrotum. Her other hand explored his taut buns. As her one hand returned to the shaft of this monster boymeat her other hand crept down his ass crack and to his nuts from behind. Cum and the juices of fucking ran out of her pussy. She ran her tongue around his asshole while she stroked this veritable log of a She threw her dress on a patio chair and couldn't wait any longer to suck him off. Vicki needed to choke on this very large prick.

    She pulled his rod into her mouth and licked the head as she began a slow blowjob, an unhurried swallowing of this delightful wonder. The other boys stood in a trance, surprised at how XXL Reggie was and how inexhaustible this woman's need was for sex.

    She stood up and began walking him behind her, holding his cock like a dog's leash. "Come with me, big boy," she said. She had him lay down on a chaise lounge out on the lawn, his shorts tossed on the grass. As she stood over him, one foot up resting on his thigh, she stared at his cock, so hard it pressed against his abdomen, and its large head pointed to his buff chest, blocking his navel. She straddled him, and before descending on him she jacked her clit. Damn, is she hard up! - Reggie thought. He had never seen a girl or a woman rub herself and he practically shot his load then and there, hypnotized by the slurping of her fingers working her twat. Leaning back slightly, she pleaded with Eric and Tony to play with her massive tits. None of the boys ever really took his eyes off them.

    When she slowly guided Reggie into her cunt she was astounded at how big he felt. "Shit!" she moaned. "You like getting fucked like this, don't you?" Eric said. "Mmm hmmm," she agreed, conscious of too much noise and trying to gasp through her nose. Tony and Eric looked at each other and smiled. She just can't get enough, wants it constantly.

    "Why don't we come by tomorrow?" Tony said. "Or maybe you can come to my house and suck our dicks? You will, won't you, Soccer Whore?" The way they were talking took her over the edge and she came with a huge vibration, slowing her fucking of Reggie's cock for a moment as the spasms took her to orgasm.

    It took her a moment to come down off the strong climax that had carried her up into the clouds. Eric's and Tony's cocks were hard again - thank God for these healthy young fuckers, she thought, and she stroked each of them while Reggie began fucking her hard, and faster. "Keep fucking me," she demanded. The harder his fat dick pistoned in and out of her the more vigorously she jacked off the other boys' dickmeat. She loved the feel of those veins running along those rock hard shafts, and the smell of young masculine crotches surrounding her.

    "Vicki?" a voice came from the family room door. It was her husband, and his call sent a shiver through her. She immediately turned to see that he had opened the sliding door, taken the dress of the chair, and looked quickly around, then, rubbing his eyes, had gone back inside. She had stopped everyone as quietly as she could, her finger to her lips. Unlike the incident at the soccer field, she felt less compelled to adjourn the proceedings. Interrupt briefly, yes, but not end this pleasure. It was just too spectacular.

    So after a few minutes she said: "I have to go in soon," and rubbed Tony's and Eric's softening cocks against her breasts. "How about some jizz for your soccer girl, for the road?" she whispered, looking up at one of them, then the other. Then she looked down at Reggie, "and as for you, stallion, we have unfinished business. Fuck me some more, then pull it out. I want your monster dick to come in my face."

    Within a few minutes Tony and Eric, grunting, shot their warm sperm on her. Some of each boy's cum landed on Reggie or each other, and when they complained afterwards of the gross nature of this event she just laughed. Reggie kept pumping and said: "Should I pull out and come in your face?" "Oh yeah," she said, "let's switch places, shoot it, you fucker. " He stood up clumsily, about ready to ejaculate, and she sat on the lounge, eagerly wrapping her hands around his dick. And just in time: within seconds he grunted and five large strings of his semen splatted on her face, some of it dripping rapidly upon impact, down her neck and onto her tits. She gratefully sucked on him for a few minutes, adoring his young manhood and glorying in the feeling of this large accumulation of masculine cream all over her.

    She stood up, somewhat exhausted. "OK, you gotta go. I don't want you to, but you have to go." Tony gave her his address. "Come on over around 1," he said. "We're going to cut class. I'll call you." "Does your mother work?" Vicki said, rubbing the jizz into her big tits. "She won't be there. And wear something slutty" Eric laughed: "You're our hot and horny housewife," he said. She stood up, arms akimbo, and shook her tits at him. Tony zipped up his shorts. "Are you going to blow us tomorrow, big tits?" She licked her lips, "By 1:05. And I'll be trashy... Now get out of here before I change my mind. Cut through the Wilson's lot - they're in Europe - " They did so and she lay down on the chaise lounge for a moment, then snuck quietly back into the family room. She felt like a woman again, already thinking about what to wear tomorrow - or what had become today.

    She darted into the powder room. When Tim had awakened to find her missing from their bed he had come down and seen the sign. At about this time she was sucking Reggie off. Tim went back upstairs and then, realizing that it was after midnight, had come down again, groggy. He had heard sounds and come to the patio door. He spotted her dress and, assuming she had changed into something else, came in and lay in bed, unable to sleep. Something was wrong here, he thought.

    Grabbing a T shirt from the kitchen she tiptoed into the bedroom. Tim awoke and rolled toward her as she got into bed. "Where were you?" "Out for a walk," she said. "Until 12:30 at night?" he said, angry. "Whatever," she said. "Your dress was on the patio chair," he said, "explain that to me." She snapped: "You don't seem to find me attractive anymore, and I'm very lonely for a good fuck. Explain that to me." She rolled over. She heard him say, after a few minutes: "You need therapy."

    She hated this disharmony with him. But she found refuge in the feeling of aching in her groin from her lovers' attention. Her breasts were sore, and the cum was still caked on her skin. She licked at some on her chin and set the alarm to get up and go jogging - in less than six hours.

    At 6:15 Vicki was stretching on the living room floor. She had on a sheer, sleeveless top that, until recently, she had stopped wearing because it was too tight. It clung to her breasts, which jutted proudly and heavily, without benefit of a brassiere. She wore a thong panty under very snug spandex work-out shorts. Tim appeared in the hallway as she got up to head off to the high school running track.

    He looked with concern down at her chest and shorts. The fabric of her top strained around her very generous bust, the shirt conspicuously, tensely stretching between her breasts. Her teats rudely stuck out, and erect, to his worried eyes. "I really think you need to put that sports bra on," he said. "Any male over the age of four who sees you running in that shirt will follow you around for the rest of the morning." She smiled at him, "God I hope so. I just love it when men stare at my big tits." He could not fathom why she was talking like this. Was she trying to drive him mad?

    She affected the need to stretch out some more for her workout and stood facing him, back to the wall. Slowly she arched her body so that her breasts took on even more to die-for, impossible dimensions. She watched his distress and enjoyed trifling with him.

    "I am asking you as my wife," he said, his mouth pouting. "I hate bras," she said, and, giving her breasts a shake, which she hoped would give him a scare - she walked close to him, her mind already walking toward the front door. "See that Tonya gets off to school OK," she said, kissing him on the cheek, "I am going out for a long one." She turned and bent a little and stuck her ass out at him, her hands resting on her bent knees. "Are you listening to me?" he said, frowning and shaking his head in disbelief. "Chicks like to feel sexy," she said, "what's wrong with teasing the guys a little? Bye honey." She bounced out the door, leaving him disconcerted, angry - and afraid - of feelings she was stirring in him, feelings he could not identify. But he now had a fear, and what is a man usually afraid of in life? Himself.

    Five minutes later he resolved to follow her, surreptitiously. He woke Tonya and told her to get her own breakfast, that her mom was out for a run, that he was going to go jogging himself and that if he were lucky he would find her mom. He jumped in the Explorer and thought that he would take a roundabout way to the high school. South of the track/field facility was a thick grove of pine trees, and beyond that a maintenance driveway. He decided he would pull in there and grab the video cam out of the trunk. He had just charged it yesterday and it had a professional zoom lens. It's not that I don't trust my wife, he told himself, but between the odd events of last week, her almost predatory sexual behavior last night, her slutty clothing choices, and the unexplained "walk" she went for, maybe naked, he was more than concerned. She needs help, he suggested to himself. And he wanted this nagging feeling inside of him to dissipate. It was anxiety, it was fear, and it was - he iscovering - erotic. In a mighty wicked way he could not understand.

    All Vicki could think about on the way to the high school track was the turn-on she got from showing off her body to the two guys that she had met there for the past four mornings. As she left Kenilworth Avenue and ran across the student parking lot toward the entrance to the track area, the sun was rising beautifully in the east. It was going to be another warm one, and a balmy breeze tossed her hair. She stopped at a drinking fountain and shivered with anticipation while she looked around to see if anyone was watching, then splashed several handfuls of water on her shirt, wetting the its upper half.

    Tim felt like he was doing something incredibly wrong when he pulled quietly into the maintenance drive, having taken care to avoid her jogging route. His heart was beating erratically as he grabbed the video cam and walked stealthily into the trees. Soon he was almost at the clearing leading to the track. He saw an equipment shed and decided to practically crawl into it. It was adjacent to the track and when he got inside it he locked the door, satisfied with its three window views that he could do what he hoped was a constructive surveillance for the good of his marriage. He was careful not to make noise as he stood among the lighting equipment, football practice dummies, and track and field hardware.

    Meanwhile her admirers walked onto the track from the opposite direction. One of them had absently noticed a guy enter the equipment shed, from a distance. They forgot about him by the time they got near it and said little, one of them leaning on the fence next to the shed. They were too psyched for the morning rendezvous and soon enough a very busty figure, jogging at a clip Tim had never seen before, entered the high school athletic property. The boys cursed their luck. Here she is, they laughed to each other. "All right!" the one said. "I have a raging hard-on already. Look at how those tits are sprinting to get to us.." Tim's view of the area next to the track took in the two jocks, and he shifted his vision to a low-placed grille in the wall. Now he was at a vantage point level with their midsections and a few feet away from him. And in fact he saw that each of their track shorts were sporting an uncontrollably swollen crotch. He gasped at the strange sight of two men talking about his wife and her effect on their manhood.

    "Look at those fuckin' things bounce," the other said as Vicki neared them at a slower jog. Tim flinched as he saw one of the jocks rub his erection. What he heard then made him dizzy: "She knows what she's doing. She stares at our hard-ons. Do you think she'll show us her tits today? She almost did yesterday." "God I hope so. She really sticks 'em out there, and shakes her booty at us alot too. She smiled at us yesterday when we took turns rubbing her bare back." "I noticed you were rubbing your dick against her ass, stud." "Yeah and so were you!" "When she said 'Oooh I like that kind of rub too' I thought I was going to shoot off in my shorts!" "I guess her husband's a lousy fuck. But they say she's fantastic. A fuckin' whore for young guys." "Well, it's our turn, dude. No more jacking off with her as the fantasy. For the past three nights I've been abstaining. Saving it. How about you?" "I've got a couple quarts with her name on them."

    She had been hoping her choice of a top would get them even more excited - and harder. She wanted them to hurt. She had been almost giddy about how she would tease them, and all the way from her driveway had flashes of apprehension that they might not be there. Now that she was within sight of them she coughed in sexual nervousness at the sight of the one guy's hand rubbing himself.

    Tim's heart sank further as he saw them ogle her like some kind of tramp. He started the video cam running.

    "Good morning!" she smiled at her admirers. Her voice was completely in the boudoir. She walked up to them and arched her upper torso, with her hands dug into her waist behind her back. She just stared at them, and looked them over. "Hi, beautiful," one of the guys said, pulling his shirt off. "Are you going to run those bleachers for us like you did yesterday?" the other smiled, standing almost next to her and staring down at her top. "Would you like that?" she grinned, turning around and bending over to touch her toes, then turning her head to look back at him. "Definitely," he said, taking off his shirt and aiming his crotch at her rump, mimicking coital strokes. "But first you should take off your shirt. It's only fair."

    She was touching her toes and spreading her legs, then stopped when he said that. "Why should I do that?" she said coyly, posed in mid-bend, twisting with her hands on her hips, looking intently at him. "Well, we took ours off," he said, boldly putting his hands on her hips. "Uh - I definitely noticed," she grinned. He turned to his companion, "don't you think an incredibly sexy girl like her should be kind to two of her biggest fans?" "THE biggest fans of the biggest tits," the other said. She laughed at that and turned to face them and made a point of staring down at the erections outlined in their shorts. "But if I do go topless the seams on your shorts will rip, and you'll have to take them off and I'll have to fix them, like the loyal booster of high school athletics that I am," she giggled. "And then you can blow us," he said. She was stunned, and looked it. The other jock jumped in. "You'll have to excuse my friend, he's vulgar. He should have said that you'll su r dicks. Vicki."

    Another shocker for her and her husband. "You --- know me?" she said. "We know Eric and Tony, and any friend of theirs -----" She backed up slowly until she stopped, stupefied, against a utility pole. "I think I have to get going," she smiled, almost swooning with too much information coming at her. What had she done? Struggling with the urge to burst out in the open and confront them, Tim spoke to her silently. That's right, Vicki, go home. Don't do this. You're a married woman with a family. This is evil.

    The one walked right up to her face and rested his meaty arms on her shoulders, pinning her against the pole. He planted a wet kiss on her and when she attempted to move away his brawny legs blocked her. He kept crowding her with his unshaven, bright face so that his mouth and hers were joined. Then he backed up a half inch and cooed: "Don't get cold feet now, Mrs. Gordon, after fucking with us all week. I knew you'd show us your big tits even if Eric hadn't told us about you. You love young guys and we sure as hell love you." He kissed her again and this time her dizzy disorientation and urge to flee were replaced with arousal. His mouth on hers felt wonderful. The hard cock pressing against her groin was electric, magical.

    She pushed him away slightly. She rubbed his waist and her hands, doing her thinking for her, roamed to his butt. Tim recoiled in a rude surprise as her one hand moved down his chest to his crotch. Her husband could not absorb what he was seeing - the blood started to drain from his head, then he recovered. After what seemed like an hour to Tim a grin formed on her face. "So do you want me to run the bleachers?" she said in a little girl voice, rubbing his crotch more invasively. The other jock was at her side, kissing her also, and she found both boners under the elastic bands of the two boys' shorts. "Oh yeah," she sighed at the touch of this double trouble. "Just a couple of times up and down. We want you to show us without that top. Then we want to suck your tits while you give us head," he sighed, his excitement making him blush. "Mmmmmmm" she giggled as her hand had his dick out in the open. It felt so big and warm. She pushed them back a few inches. "It's show tim ys. Hope you're men enough."

    Watching their reactions closely she slowly she pulled her shirt up to the bottoms of her tits, then even more slowly struggled, in an exaggerated fashion, to pull it over the immense fleshy globes. Tim was stunned to see her lift the top over her shoulders, displaying what belonged to him: her very large, round, firm breasts. The whole time she stared at one boy then the other, and smiled, thrilling at their obvious amazement and lust. "Christ," the one whispered. The other was speechless. "Do your other girlfriends have tits this size?" she giggled softly. She loved the impact this had on these young studs. She wanted to parade and tease all day in front of them. She handed them her shirt and began to jiggle toward the bleachers.

    Her husband switched the camera to the window that gave him a view of the bleachers. What the hell had happened to my wife, he thought, his heartbeat vibrating throughout his body.

    The young athletes turned and gasped as she pulled her shorts down at the foot of the bleacher stairs, wiggling her 90% bare ass. Then she slid her shorts up her enticing ass slowly, rolling her butt back into them. She ran to the top of the stairs and turned and smiled as she ran back down, her chest bouncing up and down and sideways. They applauded, their dicks now getting very sore with sexual throbbing. "Again?" she said at the rail, plopping her breasts over it lewdly. "Jesus," one of them said, "yeah, please, by all means." She bounced down again and then said: "OK guys I need it. Where can I take your shorts off?" They felt her vigorously, roughly, and took turns sucking on her nipples, then told her to put her top back on because others were visible in the parking lot..

    They led her to the old broadcast booth that used to be in the center of the bleachers but had been moved to the end, straight up from where Vicki's horrified spouse was sitting. Tim sat dumbfounded in the shed and slowly moved the cam to the window facing the booth. The zoom recorded her walking slowly ahead of them up the steps, and the lens captured them pawing at her ass and making filthy comments about her swaying cheeks - swaying more than usual, he noticed. They disappeared into the booth. He went to his zoom lens.

    The jocks took turns sitting in a chair, back to the window. Tim was able partially to see Vicki feeding them her tits, apparently begging them to chew on her nipples. He saw her eyes close and she threw her head back.

    Soon both their mouths were fastened to her boobs, and she almost came from the pleasure of this double sucking. She pulled their mouths and faces into her tits, smothering her lovers' noses and delighting in the power her breasts seemed to have over guys. Then she scooted the announcer's chair out of the way and told them to sit up on the table, their shorts at their knees. Tim could see his wife positioned in between these two, now naked to the knees, their bare asses impudently filling the bottom corners of what his lens could see.

    "I haven't sucked a cock for seven hours," she announced, loud enough for Tim to hear, "that's a long time." She bent over and took one of the stiff rods available to her in her mouth and stroked the other. "Don't you want to know our names?" one asked. "I just want to know your pricks' names, and I think this is Nice and Long Number One and this is Nice and Long Number Two," she said, placing Nice and Long Number One between her tits. She moved back and forth so that her tits got a slow fuck from this boymeat she so enthusiastically had awakened at 6:15 to come and get. Within minutes he couldn't hold back any longer and shot fat creamy gobs all over her neck and chest. She scooped some up with her fingers and gladly swallowed it. Then she attacked the second dick and delighted in deep throating it. The boy moaned and whimpered as she moved her tongue over his dick while her mouth traveled from the head to his balls and back again, over and over. The new day's light grew a unds of others working out on the track and on the field came in through the booth window. Vicki gently cupped his balls, then gripped his penis and went down on his balls and his asshole. She wanted to get as much cum as she could out of him, really wanted to drain a gallon from his balls. And she wanted this to stimulate the first jock to get hard again and maybe fuck her before they called it a morning. So she tried to keep the first one on the edge.

    Her right hand checked on the second cock and it was hardening. "Fuck me doggy style," she said to him, moving her ass around and practically pushing him off the table. "Somebody play with my tits, too." She sucked away and soon felt that wonderful sensation of a hard cock working its sweet way into her hungry cunt. It pushed in a little more each time, and she was so wet and hard up she was thrilled when this prick stuffed itself all the way in, right toward her stomach. I love these young dicks, she said, I just love 'em. He just came and he's hard again. The boys could not believe the pleasure of seeing this tramp mom get off on having her holes filled by both of them at the same time.

    Soon the one came, with yelps of sexual release, in at least six shots of hot cum down her eager throat. The other picked up his pace and Vicki yelled at him. "Come on, keep fucking me. Squeeze my big tits. You like playing with them. " The first boy grabbed them and she came with the feeling of four hands fondling her breasts. "Oh yeah, oh fuck!" she whimpered. Tim could hear the bodies slamming away from where he was hiding. Then the boy cried out as he blew his load inside her. Tim waited, fuming and dazed at this revelation of carnal sin. He watched her leave the shed, clearly very happy.

    "Thanks guys," she waved, and jogged back home. Tim arrived in the car at about the same time.

    She was very cheerful and jumped in the shower. He just stared out the window. Something kept him from confronting her. He dressed for work and as she stood in a towel, about to dry her hair, he managed to say: "I ran by the track and watched you running for a few minutes. You seemed occupied so I didn't stop....." She stared at him, fearful that he would let her have it. He froze at that point, and just stared back. After a long moment her mouth relaxed, and slowly formed a very slight grin. So he wasn't going to say more? That was it? He looked down at the floor and they stood facing each other, she relieved that he was unwilling to stand up to what she was doing with what she had found about herself in the past week. He cleared his throat, looked at her again with a modest frown, then turned and left. Her mind uncluttered itself and she began to think again about what clothes to wear for the visit to Tony's house.

    To say that her husband was on edge as he drove to his office would be putting it quite moderately. Was she off her rocker? Did she expect that he was going to buy into this behavior? He could not believe his eyes and ears as to what happened right in front of him at the track. It was frightening, and he found himself completely out of control. He locked the car as he parked it and halfway to the entrance to his building he stopped, looked vacantly downward, and went back to the trunk. He took out the video camera, slammed the trunk shut, and loaded up a VCR he kept in his office. He locked his door and told his assistant he could not be disturbed, then relived the shocking experience of this morning. It was so bizarre. He played scenes back, went to slo-mo, and found himself disappointed when a scene was off center for a view of his wife, or of his wife and her young admirers. He shot the morning viewing this tape, and that fear he felt sweeping over him was growing, and ting into the extreme anxiety and apprehension he felt when he first was with a girl. The feeling was a powerful rush of excitement that left him fidgety. It was pushing him now, without his approval, and he found himself responding sexually to what he saw on the video. He angrily shut if off and threw the video in the garbage. Ten minutes later he frantically raced to the dumpster to retrieve it - and watch it again.
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