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. So what next?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Joel pulled his thick black cock out of me and we lay back on the stained sheet and stared up at the ceiling. The bed to be frank was a mess. We had been fucking several hours and I had marked it in several places coming hard on Joel's handsome cock. I could have changed the sheet and pretended to Adrian that everything was just fine. I could have showered and done my best to make my sex look clean, but the trouble was I was so full of his spunk that the sticky mess would drip out of me for hours. No, in any case, this time, as we shared a tab, inhaling deeply and listening to the bees humming outside Joel, wanted to move things along.

    'Jade babe, I want you to do something for me. I want to see if boyfriend Adrian will lick you out nicely when he gets home this evening. Don't change the sheet. Don't give the dude lots of explanations, just say that there is this sweet black guy.'

    I looked at him. It was a changed position and not just because this time he was serious referring to himself as the 'sweet black guy'. Joel knew that I was besotted with him. For the last three weeks I had been cool with my fiancé. I wasn't showing much interest with sex as regards him. I was getting a lot of sex, perfect sex since Joel had picked me up. I had assumed that Joel wanted me to break off the engagement. He had found me, seduced me and was swiftly in the process of taking me off Adrian. However nasty it was I understood that it happened all the time. There were lots of women down town, some of them married who had gone black and simply pushed their white men out. This wasn't simply some fad, some silly fashion, going with the black man. This was a deep seated, a persistent judgement on sex. Women were insisting on great sex and that so because black guys were aggressively muscling in and taking them off the competitors. It was like a rut on a grand scale, with one group of males being chased into the wilderness and the dominant ones corralling the women and on by one putting them in the family way.

    I felt Joel's hand come back to my sex. I felt his fingers tease my clitty, running it around and around ever so slowly so the blood filled it hard and made it push up, edging back the hood and sticking up like a greedy little cock. It was a fabulous wanton feeling and I couldn't stop myself mewing as he touched me.

    'God Joel, please...I'm fucked out. I'm dripping what you put in me.'

    He chuckled.

    'You'll fuck again if I play with you' he observed. 'Anyhow bitch, you going to do what I just said?'

    The thought of the confrontation terrified me. Adrian wasn't exactly a wimp. He wasn't a bespectacled soft boy who looked as though his face was designed to have sand kicked in it. He was, by most standards, a decent looking, reasonably physical guy. He was, I had once thought marriage material. Once Joel came on the scene though I had pictured the abrupt end to matters. Joel, may be a brother or two would have a quiet word with my fiancé and he would withdraw. I'd get a tattoo done, wearing Joel's watch and get recognised as his bitch. It would be over. Adrian would hurt, curse, may be he would rebel and take a smacking, but it would be done. But now, Joel wanted something different. He didn't want me to simply break it off and allow him to have that quiet word about how silly it was to resist with Adrian.

    'You want me to humiliate him?' I asked, my voice trembling.

    'Yes' said Joel casually. He guessed that I knew why. I knew that there was a colour issue here. It was about a conquest and territory.

    'Then, when I've let him do that, you want me to tell him to fuck off?'

    I thought I understood. Sex can be spiteful. I might be required to hurt Adrian some before he was dispensed with.

    'Jade, I thought you should test him. Let's see whether he will come to your cunt like a good little pussy boy?'

    The words shook me! I felt a shiver go through me. For one thing I wasn't sure that Adrian would bend the knee and lick my fucked cunt, but for another I wasn't sure that I could manage a pussy boy. I thought that this would be a dump one and worship another guy kind of thing.

    'He might cut up rough, with me..' I ventured.

    Joel laughed. 'Doubt it babe, but I'm going to hang around down in that workshop shed of yours. You know something sweet, that intercom camera is going to find a new use. Its works both way babe, its not just about monitoring whether some light fingered shit is nicking gear from the shed. Friend Adrian he won't cut up rough, but if he do, I'm up to you quick time and I'll bounce him down the stairs.'

    I tried to picture the fight. I hate conflict. I hate it with a passion, but I knew that Joel would win. He'd fight dirty and put my fiancé out of the house.

    'A pussy boy...' I wondered. I'd heard about it, of course. I wasn't stupid. Some the white guys pushed out begged to come back on any terms. But what did it entail?

    'He comes to your cunt to lick you when I say or when you want. He gets his fucking cock caged up and you treat him like a piece of trash' said Joel. He was teasing me relentlessly. I was aching for cock again.

    'I can't rule a man...not like that' I gasped. I couldn't! I couldn't monitor and demand and scold, not in the way that I think that other bitches did when they were black owned and brought a husband or boyfriend to heel.

    'You won't manage him babe, I will. You will be princess and he will serve. I'll teach him to treat you like a princess once he licks cunt and submits to the new situation.'

    Joel kissed me and I tried to move him between my legs again. I wanted 'Massa cock' back inside me. I could feel my sex throbbing against his fingers.

    Joel though was not having that. Instead he ran his erect cock against my leg. I adore the way that the skin was peeled back, the way his glans glistened a dusky pink with the juices I had covered it in.

    'You needing some of this babe?' he teased and let his cock bump against my skin. It felt alive, of its own accord.

    'Please Joel' I whispered.

    He smiled impishly, so you'll have boyfriend put his head between your legs and suck up our juices?'

    Joel always got his own way.


    The next hour was a nightmare! Joel had retired to drink a beer down in the shed. I'd been told to change into stockings and my sluttiest little leather skirt, as though I had been taking such a fucking that there had been no time to undress. Joel watched me get into the gear and tested out the two way mic.

    'If the guy acts humble, licking you out and thanking you for that babe, may be you marry him any way. He can come on the honey moon and then live with us the way I'll set up.'

    I looked at the discretely concealed screen located on the bookshelf in the bedroom.

    'You can't Joel, that's inhumane' I gasped. I was rolling up stockings and clipping them there to my suspender belt.

    'I'll fucking use dude how I want Jade darling and teach you to do the same...' he offered.

    I nodded. Joel was fierce about his projects. I shuddered at the thought of it. He intended to own Adrian.

    'Lipstick babe, the red lipstick' directed Joel. He watched me as I applied it to my lips and then as I added perfume to my throat.

    'He's home' I told Joel and I nearly fainted. It was terrifying.

    There was the sound of scrubbling around down stairs as Adrian dropped his briefcase and coat. I heard him call up, 'I'm home darling! May be we do a curry tonight, what do you think?'

    I couldn't answer. I couldn't think what to say that didn't sound stupid. My high heeled courts were kicked off on the stairs so he would guess that I had gone up to the bedroom. Dear God.....there were footsteps. Then the pad of feet across the landing. The door handle turned and I started to get off the bed, from the place where the biggest spunk patch was. My legs and stockings were showing, but I knew it, he caught a glimpse of my bare cunt. It was like showing off the apples scrumped from an orchard. It was like writing your sin on the black board at Sunday school.

    Adrian just stared at me.

    He stared open mouthed.

    I watched the colour literally drain from his face. It was as if the plug had been pulled out of him and he went weak at the knees.


    I looked back at him. No terror now. It was done. He had seen. He knew, I had been fucking. Someone, who could make the whole room smell of his semen had given me a good seeing to.

    'Jade...Christ!' he whispered. He didn't have any better words.

    I waited a moment letting him drink in his defeat. He could hit me. He could launch at me, but what he couldn't do was ever compete with what Joel had just done. He was beaten even before he reacted. He was defeated even when he hadn't been there at the contest. I wanted Joel.

    'Don't start...' I warned him, 'it's no use fighting. It's done. I'm seeing someone.' I said firmly.

    He looked at me as if I was a film star or something. he looked at me as if I had just spoken lines in a drama. I must have sounded convincing, because he didn't explode. Seeing that he wasn't going into a rage I paused on the bed. I allowed my tiny skirt to ride up and he saw Joel's semen pouring out of me. For a moment I thought that he would cry. His eyes scrunched up but he was composing himself as best he could.

    'Who?' he asked.

    'Joel' I told him. My lover would have heard that. He could see Adrian where he stood. The triumph in the shed, it must have been sweet.

    'Joel?' he repeated woodenly. He sounded like a marionette.

    'Yes, the gym trainer, you met him when I took up membership' I said.

    I pictured the image sweeping through Adrian's mind. They had shook hands and my husband had talked about a vice instead of fingers and palms. Joel had a hell of a grip on him. Big Joel. He was taller than my husband and with a work out chest. Joel, the black guy...

    'He's black...' Adrian said as if he was surprised.

    'Yes Adrian' I said curtly. I wasn't about to debate the matter with him. His sister had a black guy for a partner. She was always going on about the differences, teasing Adrian about 'bed time treats'.

    'Why?' he asked open mouthed.

    I looked at him slowly. It was the first time that I wanted to hurt Adrian. It was the first time ever. Before the sex was tinged with guilt. Now sure that Joel wanted me, permanently, that he wanted me to humiliate Adrian I actually felt cruel. I felt like a judge determining Adrian's sentence. You have been measured and found wanting.

    'Because he is a man with me' I said simply.

    'Because he's black, because the fucker is black and you have some sort of disgusting kink about black guys!' shouted Adrian. He had better be careful. Joel would hurt him otherwise.

    'He's sexy, suave, smooth, direct and yes, if that's what you want to hear, he has a massive black cock.'

    I actually bared my sex at him. I pulled up my skirt and bared my dripping cunt. I imagined that his sister had a drilled out cunt just like mine. If Adrian had begged her to show it to him may be she would have. I felt my heart start to race. I was getting cross too.

    He stared at it. My cunt. The way that my lips had been dragged in and out till now they were left stuck with that pouting expression. He looked at my sex and saw how a black hole was there were before lips had met. I wasn't the same. After just a few weeks I wasn't the same.

    'Fucking hell!' he gasped staring at it.


    'Yes, Joel, he fucks me Adrian. He did this!' I taunted and touched myself with my fingers. They come up spermy.

    'He's fucking huge' Adrian rehearsed.

    I didn't deign to confirm that exactly. But a judgement was called for...''he's a man Adrian'.

    Two steps closer. There was no raised hand. He wasn't going to hit me. He was trembling and staring at my sex.

    'And I'm not...' he whispered, his voice sounding as though it fell off a cliff.

    'You're a nice person....' I insisted, but not with great conviction. I thought that Adrian would walk out. That would be it. He would have been beaten and dismissed. I wasn't sure that I wanted him to capitulate any other way.

    'A nice person?' he repeated mechanically.

    'Yes, but you can't fuck properly. You can't make me feel good....physically'.

    His eyes were absolutely huge as he looked at me then.

    'I can't satisfy you?'

    I shook my head, 'no...sorry, you can't'.

    He shook his head as if trying to shake off hallucinations but when he opened them again my cunt was still used. I was still full of Joel's semen. I was still the conundrum he couldn't get his head around.

    'He fucked you here, on our bed Jade?'

    I looked down at the wet sheets. Some things were obvious. I didn't want to goad him over and over but some things had to be understood about men like Joel.

    'He goes where he wants and takes what he pleases..' I observed quietly.

    Adrian looked as though he was about to stammer. His mouth was moving but he couldn't find the words. I waited, feeling Joel's seed oozing out of me. It was the bitchiest, the sexiest, the most sensuous feeling that I had ever had!! It was so raw, so body right, moral poor, that I was struggling to breath.

    'Are you dumping me?' he managed at long last.

    I stared at him. I was thinking about Joel in the shed. This was the moment. What I said now mattered so much.

    'I don' have to...' I said.

    'What do you fucking mean...you don't have to!!!' snapped Adrian.

    'Joel said that if you behave I don't have to bin you.' God, that was cruel. it was like my blood was hot. It was as if I was thinking on speed, feeling a world where no boundaries existed. My voice was husky. I must have sounded like a siren to Adrian. Joel was watching me. I wanted to masturbate for him. I wanted to show him just how much I wanted this too now, to shame Adrian.

    'What if I want to dump you?!!' he exclaimed.

    'Fuck off then, I don't actually need you' I answered without a thought.

    'Because you're his?' he stammered again. His words came out side ways. His mouth might have been full of marbles.

    'Yes' I said terribly calmly.

    'Christ, please no' he begged.

    I glanced over at the book shelf screen. I rose from the bed and a rivulet of semen traversed my stocking top and headed south. I could feel myself leaking. I started to walk towards Adrian.

    'Don't be stupid, just fuck off meekly' I said haughtily.

    My hips were moving in an exaggerated way. I'd not arranged that. I'd not tried to taunt Adrian that way.

    Now he was crying. A tear mimicked what the spunk was doing on my leg, down his cheek.

    'Look, I'm sorry, it happens. I have to be with Joel, that's an end to it' I said without sharing gaze. I didn't want him to feel an ounce of hope. I wanted him to feel destitute. It was terrible. There is a dark core inside a woman's head and men like Joel set it free.

    'Please Jade, oh Christ please Jade!!' he begged.

    'Get out or I'll call Joel back to throw you out!' I ordered crisply.

    He dropped to his knees.

    'I'll behave' he yelped, 'I'll behave, look!'

    He kissed my stockinged feet. An hour before they had been up over Joel's burly shoulders my toes curling sharply as my lover put me through a climax that I thought would give me a heart attack.

    I looked at the screen on the book case. My look said, 'you were right. He's as weak as fuck.' But then Joel was right about everything. Joel was right about men and what they couldn't do most of all.

    I let Adrian kiss upwards along my leg, meeting the sliding semen and licking the trail back upwards. At first it was ticklish. At first it was astonishing and then it was appallingly delightful. I revelled in his subservient licking, first against my stocking and then my bare skin.

    'You disgust me' I told him, 'you should have fought'.

    His mouth reached my messy thigh and he lapped and licked as if the outcome was inevitable.

    'I cannot fight him, I can't' he pleaded.

    I checked the screen again. Do you see Joel?

    'He won't let you fuck me. You will have to lick. You'll have to perform this disgusting little ritual instead' I sneered at him.

    He kissed my hand, kissed my engagement ring and then he kissed my cunt. He opened his mouth and kissed my cunt like a French lover. I felt him mouthing my used sex, sucking down the residue. I closed my eyes. My mouth was open. Joel was going to watch me use my fiancé to have an orgasm.

    [book update, just going through the edit process with a collection of stories called 'Measuring Men'. Sixteen stories some of them longer in response to feedback Kindly shared. Should be out electronic through Amazon within the next fortnight. I'll post a then! BW all, Lutheran Maid].
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