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. Sharing Wifey: The only woman on Shipwreck Island

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Amon123, Jun 8, 2018.

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  1. Amon123

    Amon123 Well-Known Member Author!

    This is a story by po469 which I found on another site that I’ve adjusted for my kinks and fetishes… Hope you enjoy!

    If you have similar naughty kinks and interests check out my other stories and pic postings in the gallery...

    What happens when there are 4 men (including the white husband, the white captain, another older white man and a young black deck hand)

    and only 1 white woman marooned on a deserted island?

    This happened in the late 1950’s before technology would have made it easy for us to be found and rescued.

    My husband, David and I had chartered a small yacht for a long weekend cruise around a large group of small mostly uninhabited islands a few hours run from the port we started from. We shared the boat with another couple that we were friends with and there was a crew of two. A storm came up and a big wave came over the stern and swamped the engines. As we were tossed around, waves kept coming over the gunnels and filling the boat till we knew that it was going down. We sent out a mayday signal and put on our PFDs (life jackets) and looked to see what land we were near.

    The storm had let up a lot but the boat was too far gone to survive. Even small waves were coming over the sides. Finally the captain said that we were going to lose the ship at any minute and were drifting away from the nearest land so he felt that we had our best chance to swim to land before we got too far away from it to have a chance to make it. We jumped into the water and started to swim. Fortunately we were in warm tropical waters but there were also currents and sharks to worry about.

    Some of us were better swimmers that others and the currents were different in different places so if you did not swim fully thru one, it could take you in different directions than the person who did make it further and into a different current shift. Eventually I reached the beach. Others did too but we were as much as a quarter mile from each other because of how good we could swim in the currents. We all gathered at one point on the beach.

    It was quickly clear that our friend’s wife was not there. We went out in both directions for at least a mile, looking and yelling for her but we did not find her. Her husband, Jeff was distraught. Finally it got dark. The captain had grabbed a survival kit that he had on board that was in a waterproof bag so he had matches and a lighter for us to start a fire, which we did, hoping that someone might see it and get us help or that Brenda would see it and come to join us. Some of the other things in the kit included a knife, a wire saw, fishing hooks and line and water purification tablets. We told Jeff that maybe she was safe on another of the nearby islands. Jeff sat away from us with his head in his hands, sobbing and thinking the worst.

    Ever though it was not very cold that night, everyone was starting to shiver in their wet clothes. None of us had a lot of clothing on. I had my bra and bikini panties covered by a light beach dress. My sandals had not made it to shore with me. We decided that we had to get our clothing dried so a couple of the guys built some racks around the fire to hang everything on to dry. David and I walked down the beach and back into the vegetation so I could not be seen. We stripped out of our stuff so David could take it back to the fire to get it dry. Standing there naked, we couldn’t help but to fall into each other’s arms and tell each other how happy we were to be safe and together. After a long kiss, David took our things back to the fire and hung them on the drying racks. I stayed out of sight but when I heard an animal moving in the underbrush, I ran to the fire and the others. Even though we all had more important things on our minds, my nude female body did draw some attention from the men, especially the way my 38-D boobs bounced as I ran thru the sand.

    I’m 28, 5’5” with a 38-D/26/36 figure. My tits sag some but not much. You can’t expect ones that big to stick straight out. My nipples are big and harden easily when I just think about sex. I spend a lot of time topless out by our pool so I have a nice tan except where my G-string bikini bottom covers my muff. I do not at all blame the guys for how they reacted at seeing me. Actually, it makes me feel kind of pretty good and desirable.

    After we and our clothes were dry, we dressed and talked about what to do next. It was decided that first thing in the morning we needed to find something to eat. Nothing had been saved from the boat. We also needed to find drinkable water very soon. Then we would go out in both directions to see if we could find if any people lived on the island that we were stranded on. The skipper and the mate would go in one direction and David, Jeff and I would go in the other. We would go for three hours and then turn around and come back. This would have us search somewhere around 20 miles total and if we were really lucky we would find Brenda, wherever she had come ashore.

    We decided to try to get some sleep so we would be ready for the search in the morning. Jeff had found a plant with very large leaves so he gathered up some of them and laid them on the sand so we were not directly in the sand. We cuddled to stay warm with him up tight against my back. Even though we were in a bad situation, I felt my husband get an erection. I lifted my leg and after he pulled my panties to the side, he found his way into my hole. We fucked slowly and deep till he released his fluids in me. It did help us relax and feel close to each other and safe.

    The next morning as the sun came up, David and I headed to be with the others. The captain and mate had been busy, from first light, looking for items from the boat that had washed ashore and had found some. One thing that he found was light enough to float but part of it was light weight sheet metal. He had used a rock to shape it into a shallow bowl shape. The tide was out so he went along the beach finding clams. He boiled a little bit of salt water in the bowl he had made and steamed the clams till they opened and were ready to eat. The clams and the fruit that he had found and knew were good to eat made a pretty satisfying meal. He said that if we did not find fresh water, he could boil salt water and catch the vapor and when it turned back to liquid, it would be good to drink. That would be slow and hard to get any large quantity but better than dying of thirst because you cannot drink salt water.

    We started out on our search of the island to look for people or things we could use. After about an hour of walking Jeff, David and I were very happy when we came upon a small spring fed fresh water stream. We shared a big three way hug. We found a couple of other things that had washed up on shore from somewhere that we might be able to use. We planned to get them on our way back.

    We had been walking about two hours when we spotted people coming toward us on the beach. We yelled and waved and ran toward them till we got close enough to see that it was the skipper and mate. We had walked halfway around the island and met them coming the other way. We compared notes and headed back to where we had come from. It was a deserted island but did have the essentials that we needed to live. We were discouraged that we did not find Brenda but we assured David that she could be on another island and ok.

    Skipper spent the rest of the afternoon fishing out along a rocky area. He caught ten small fish but they would make another good meal. He kept the cleanings for bait to be able to catch more and better fish. We sat around the fire and talked and told each other more about our lives. About mid-afternoon I whispered to Jeff that I had to take a crap and asked if there had been toilet paper in the survival kit. He told me no. He said that I would have to go out into the bushes and use leaves when I was done. I asked him to come with me as I was still concerned about animals.

    Over the next couple of weeks we started getting into a routine. We built hammocks out of vines. We built a giant SOS on the beach out of rocks and kept a fire going at night in hope that someone would see it and come rescue us. We learned where the things that were good to eat were and how to catch good fish. David and I kept our sleeping area away from the others and made love every night. I think the others probably heard us a few times when I got especially noisy. We got rained on a couple of times and took our clothes off to dry them. None of us felt uneasy about seeing the others nude any more although I did notice that sometimes I would cause the other guys to sprout erections and I could see that they were looking at my body longingly. We started to build a lean-to that all of us could use as shelter when it rained.

    One night while David and I were laying together, down the beach from the others, my husband asked if he could talk to me about something. I said sure. “Honey, I love you very much. I can see that the others are really getting in a bad way with you being the only woman here and them not thinking of having any hope with you sexually. Over the years we have done a little swinging with other couples so I know that you are Ok with being with another guy. I wanted to let you know that I would not have a problem if you wanted to share your beautiful body with them. I think it would take a lot of stress out of our situation.”

    I told him that the same thought had gone thru my head and that if he was sure that he was Ok with it, I might be willing to help the guys out. The following day the skipper had waded out chest deep in the cove to fish. So he would not get his clothes wet, he has taken them off. I took mine off and waded out to stand next to him. “Having any luck?” “Not yet.” I watched him stare at my breasts as my nipples hardened. “I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you are doing to keep us safe and get us rescued.” As I was saying that, I reached out and found his erect cock under the water. “I sure hope a hungry shark doesn’t come along”, I giggled. I ducked under the water and slid my mouth over his manhood.

    When I came up he was stammering. “What about your husband? “ I told him that we had talked about how we could tell how much I was causing the guys problems and that we decided that it would be OK if I helped all of them out a little. “Would you like to come back into the trees where I can show you just what I mean?” The skipper followed me out of the water and back into the tree cover.

    As soon as we were out of sight of the others, I turned facing him and dropped to my knees. His erection was hard as a rock and pointing straight at my face. I reached out and wrapped my hand around the base, leaned forward and took the head between my lips. I licked around the head and sucked. When I pulled off there was an audible pop from the broken suction. The captain’s knees went weak and he almost collapsed. I took my hand away and slid him into my mouth till I had his prick was at the top of my throat. I gagged just slightly and started bobbing up and down on his shaft getting my lips well past half way. He gently put his hands behind my head and encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing.

    After only a couple of minutes, I could feel his ball sack tighten and his cock start to expand. About the same time, he warned me that he was ready to come. Rather than stopping, I doubled my efforts till I was sucking a big load of his spunk down my throat while he was moaning and groaning and jerking his hips. When he finished and calmed down, I pulled off of his prick and swallowed the last of his load. I looked up at him and smiled, “I told you that I wanted to thank you.” I kissed the tip of his manhood and stood up.

    Everyone else watched us come out from the woods naked and they looked at each other. We put our clothes back on and everybody sat around the fire.

    “Look guys, we know that we are making the best of a bad situation and that I am the only woman here with four healthy men. David and I talked and decided that it was putting too much stress on everybody to be in such a restricted sexual situation. I want to tell you that until we are rescued, I am making myself sexually available to each of you. You do have to be nice to me and if I say no to anything, that means no. Understood?”

    The skipper and his young black mate / deck hand quickly said yes. Jeff sat with his head in his hands. We knew that he was thinking about his wife.

    Frank, the nineteen year old six foot tall lean, athletically built black mate / deck hand stood and took me by the hand and started to take me back into the trees. I stopped him and told him that there was no need to hide what we were going to do and I lead him over to one of the leaf mats on the sand, stripped off my clothes that I had put on and laid down.

    Frank looked at the other guys. My husband gave him thumbs up and Frank quickly stripped. He jumped between my legs. I watched his very thick nine inches of black uncircumcised rock hard cock that was pointing to the sky as he re-aimed it to put the huge tip between my labia. It was a good thing that I was already dripping wet down there with anticipation (he was my first ever black man) because he was not interested in any foreplay and he was the biggest cock I'd ever seen let alone had in me.

    With just one fast hard push from his athletic torso, he was buried balls deep in my quim and he started frantically pounding away at my pussy like a teen having his first fuck. Considering how long we had already been on the island and how fast and hard he was pouring it to me, I was amazed at how long he lasted. I wrapped my legs around his waist and matched his strokes with hip thrusts of my own.

    His size was stretching me beyond anything I'd ever experienced causing me both wonderful pain and pleasure. I think I was excited about the three others watching me fuck a big black man with a cock much larger than theirs and who was almost ten years younger than me. I could feel my fluids freely flowing -- the perfect antidote to the huge black spear stabbing deeper into my cunt and even into my cervix going where no man had ever been before..

    Frank must have lasted at full speed for more than ten minutes and he brought me to three hard and loud orgasms before filling me with what felt like a gallon of his hot spunk. We were both breathing hard when he finally slowed and pulled out of my very well used and well satisfied cunt. I quickly spun around and devoured his penis, sucking and swallowing the remaining combination of his and my fluids.

    I could tell that if I had continued much longer, he would have regained his erection. It was tempting but I decided against it. My ravaged cunt was still smarting from his hugeness and adjusting to his deep and broad probing..

    For the next several days my husband, the captain and the deck hand used me almost non-stop, sometimes one at a time and sometimes two of more of them would share my body, but Jeff stayed to himself and did not join the action even though sometimes we could tell that he was watching. After a week of getting fucked and sucking cocks more than I had in my whole life before, I was bouncing up and down on David’s pecker when he pulled me down so my tits were pressed against his chest and I felt someone get in position behind me and press his cock against my ass hole. I looked beck and it was Jeff.

    Jeff roughly pushed his small white cock past my stretched sphincter muscles and buried himself in my butt. He held my hips and rapidly pounded balls deep into my bum like he was mad at the world and was taking it out on my ass. It wasn’t long before he was spewing his seed deep in my rectum. He collapsed and rolled off of me, crying. He sobbed and apologised over and over to both us and to his Brenda. We assured him that it was alright but I think it might have been the first time he had ever cheated on his wife.

    Everyone was now settling down and we no longer fucked non-stop like rabbits. I still had sex with all four of the men but it was not like it had been when we first started. After the dam had burst and most of the dammed up water had flowed out, all that remained was the steady flow of the natural stream, to turn a phrase.

    However, being on a deserted island make everyone bored and soon I found out that David started to get obsessed with pushing the envelop when it came to sex with me. It seems like dam was building and threatening to overflow...

    David found that he really enjoyed watching me have sex with other men and he encouraged me to do it in numerous perverted ways including double vaginal penetration. That was not one of my favourite things to do but I was game for anything my four men felt like doing to me. Frank's big black cock was much bigger than everyone else's and double penetration with him another partner was always the most challenging. Fortunately Jeff's small cock was a good one to pair with Frank's big black cock.

    After being constantly double vaginally penetrated my pussy became looser to the point that a single white cock could not get enough friction in my cunt to get off.
    (Franks big black cock was still big enough to get great friction but he and I kept that our little secret).

    My husband David seemed pleased that he and the guys had re-sized my cunt. He told me when he was fucking me in front of the other 3 guys that his cock could hardly touch the sides when he was fucking me in the pussy it was so loose. The other guys laughed and give him high fives after that comment.

    When the other guys were not looking Frank and I shared a knowing smile...'Yes size matters' - I thought to myself and Frank knows he's got it and you white boys don't.

    Soon the white men began to almost exclusively fuck me in the butt using only using my cunt for extra lubrication. Before long my butt-hole also began to get looser as well and there was a constant gape in both my ass-hole and cunt from the white men’s desire for great friction by double penetrating my holes.

    Frank continued to fuck my pussy with his big black cock in private to my intense pleasure and his.

    My husband and now surprisingly Jeff seemed to take a perverse pleasure in fitting as much cock into my holes as possible.

    With David's encouragement the men were now obsessed with resizing my vagina and anus.

    The even managed with the skipper to get 3 cocks into my poor cunt despite my protests. Once they were in that once tight hole, they kept working away until I got used to it.... and soon they were pounding my loose cunt with all their might.

    Soon even when fucking Franks big black cock I was feeling less friction... my pussy now could greedily and easily swallow his large black cock in one big gulp so Frank could easily go balls deep in a single stroke just like the other men.

    Frank announced that he was hardly feeling the friction in my loose pussy now.

    He smirked and laughed that he and the white men had turned my once tight white married white pussy into, ''a loose cunt that even the most seasoned long term whore who had been hooking for a decade on the docks would be proud of.''

    Once my vagina got loose enough they worked mercilessly on my butt-hole trying to fit more cocks into me. After a dozen or so sessions they were able with the skipper to get 3 of their cocks up my butt-hole.

    During that first 3 cock butt-fuck which Frank was not part of -- he was watching intently licking his lips and muttering obscenely that I was a dirty white married whore while furiously jerking off his huge thick black cock...

    He loved seeing me squirm, squeal like a pig and pant with pleasure and pain. I guess it reminded him of our first fuck when I took his huge black cock hard and fast...

    Seeing that first triple anal session seemed to ignite an insatiable desire in Frank to get the rest of the guys together to stretch my butt-hole to it's limits. Jeff's passions also seemed to be ignited during this time and he joined Frank -- seemingly to take out his upset that he had lost his wife with furious merciless poundings of my abused butt-hole.

    David ensured that Frank and Jeff's furious re-sizing passions did not go too far by causing me injury.

    David and the Skipper were able to stop things going too far -- forcing them to use plenty of spit, pussy juice and semen as lube before they tried to double and triple penetrate my butt-hole or vagina with their cocks.

    It was painful at start and soon they were banging my holes until I could readily take any combination of 3 of any one of their cocks (even Frank's big black cock as part of the team) in my anus and pussy as if it was a normal fuck session.

    My ass-hole like my cunt soon grew hungry for more cock, more friction and the lovely hot sperm from the four cocks... It soon became a normal part of our deserted island lifestyle...

    We had been on the island for almost three months and things were taking on a feeling of long term normalcy when one day about mid-day we spotted a boat on the horizon. We put green leaves on the fire and made a lot of smoke. Soon we could tell that the boat was headed toward us. We put our clothing on and stood at the shore waiving as the boat came closer.

    Finally it got close enough that we could see a person standing on the bow waiving energetically.

    It was Brenda, Jeff’s wife....

    Given Jeff and Frank's new passion for re-sizing white women's holes I wondered what Brenda's reunion with her husband and his new gang of best friends would bring.

    I could not help but bite my lip as I felt the deep gaping hunger in my pussy as it slobbered in anticipation of the next chapter of Brenda and Jeff's marriage and our lovely gang of friends....
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