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. Sex On The Road

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Sex on The Road


    by EroticWriter

    Jennifer now was ready for Juann to fuck her, and at that moment she would
    have done anything just to get that cock in her pussy! Finally he pulled out
    of Jennifer's mouth and told her to lay down and spread her legs.

    Jennifer quickly was on her back with her legs as far apart as they would go.
    Juann laughed and yelled up to Lamar, "Hey bro, this little bitch is ready now!"

    Two days before

    Jennifer placed a piece of pie before a male customer and carefully arranged a
    knife, fork and spoon, wrapped tightly together with a napkin, beside the plate.
    She gave the customer her biggest smile and lingered long enough to ask him if
    there would be anything else he needed, perhaps a refill?

    As Jennifer walked back to the kitchen her mind was on other things. In a few
    hours she would finally be on her way to Hollywood! Jennifer had been saving
    and calculating for a long time. One more paycheck and she would have enough.

    When the customer left, Jennifer pocketed the two dollar tip he had left. Nice!
    A two dollar tip for an order of pie and coffee. Sarah, the woman who had taught
    her how to wait on tables had been right.

    All you had to do was wear a sexy top, do a lot of bending over when you waited
    on men, give them a big smile, and flirt. The payoff, good tips. The downside,
    you had to keep from upsetting them when you turned down their offers of a
    date, and more.

    Well, the day had finally arrived and as she loaded suitcases into the trunk
    of her car, Jennifer couldn't wait to get on the road. If there was anything
    Jennifer wanted, it was to get out of the small Kansas town where she had
    spent her entire lifetime. Boring.

    That was all she could say about her hometown of Liberal. Nothing to do but
    cruise the street and make out with her boyfriend in his car or hers. There
    was another problem, the boyfriend was just like Liberal, boring.

    Jennifer was just 19, going on 20, and going to Hollywood was something
    Jennifer had wanted to do since she had been in the fifth grade and landed
    the lead in a school play. Everyone said that Jennifer was good enough as an
    actress to be in the movies. She was also probably the prettiest girl in her
    high school so Jennifer had made the decision to go to California while in
    her senior year.

    It took several months of working in a restaurant to save enough money to
    make her move, especially since she had purchased a car to get around with
    in Los Angeles. Jennifer could only afford a used car. Not knowing that
    Jennifer was planning to use the car at a future time to leave town, her
    boyfriend had helped her some, and daddy had kicked in with a few dollars.

    Jennifer had searched for weeks, and finally had found a really neat 1994
    Mustang convertible. It was bright red, and Jennifer was looking forward to
    cruising the famous "Sunset Strip" in it. One good thing, the Mustang was
    paid for, and Jennifer would not be saddled with car payments to make while
    looking for work.

    Heading west on US 54, Jennifer crossed the corners of Oklahoma and Texas
    in no time and joined Interstate 40 at Tucumcari. She went across New Mexico
    and just before the Arizona line got a motel in Gallup. It was well past
    sunset, and she slept like a log.

    In the morning, now seeing the country around Gallup for the first time, she
    was amazed at how red and beautiful the formations were. She headed into
    Arizona with the top down and the wind in her long red hair, Jennifer felt
    like she was on her way to a new and exotic land.

    When she had passed through Flagstaff, the elevation was high and the air
    felt fresh and alive. Jennifer was amazed at how the terrain changed so
    rapidly as she crossed Arizona on Interstate 40. Another motel, and Jennifer
    saw more of her money reserve dwindle.

    The next morning it was so nice that she even turned off and traveled
    Arizona 66, renamed by Arizona after the government had decommissioned
    the famous US 66. Jennifer rejoined the interstate when she passed through
    Kingman. Jennifer felt a thrill when she saw a sign giving the mileage to Needles.

    Needles! Jennifer had studied her maps and knew that Needles was just across
    the Colorado River in California. Before long she would be in California and
    there was one more desert to cross.

    The elevation had been dropping all the way from Flagstaff to Kingman, and
    dropped even further from Kingman to the Colorado River. The temperature
    steadily rose. When Jennifer crossed the Colorado River, she knew she only
    had about two hundred fifty miles left to L.A..

    So far the trip had been uneventful. It was hot, even for July, and the
    temperature hovered around the 100 degree mark in the shade. The sun was
    blasting down at her and Jennifer pulled up the convertible top and started
    using her air conditioner.

    When she pulled into Needles, the last stop on the eastern edge of the
    Mojave Desert, Jennifer stopped at a Carl's restaurant and ate lunch.
    Jennifer read the back of the menu while she waited for her food. "It all
    began in 1947 when Carl sold fried bologna from a street cart in Los

    Bologna? Well, if Carl had started out by selling bologna in Los Angeles,
    and now owned a chain of restaurants like this, Jennifer was sure that
    she could do even better.

    She observed the young girl who had waited on her and was now waiting
    on a male customer at a nearby table. The chubby brunette didn't know
    how to flirt with men, that was obvious. With the big set of tits that waitress
    had, that guy would be good for a 25% tip, at least. The way that girl was
    acting, she would be lucky to get 10.

    Jennifer needed to use the restroom, but when she headed for it after paying her
    check, two women walked into the restroom just ahead of her. One had a baby
    in her arms. Rather then have to wait, Jennifer decided to go when she got

    Jennifer drove down the street and pulled into a gas station. Jennifer was
    wearing a short sleeved blouse, pulled up and tied around her ribcage just
    below her breasts. She was wearing no bra and her breasts jiggled a little
    with each move she made. She was wearing very short shorts that fit tightly
    up into her crack both front and back.

    The station attendant spotted Jennifer and came out to pump the gas for her.
    Normally he would not do that at the self-serve pump, but he wanted to get
    a better look.

    "You're waiting on me? Cool, fill it with regular please."

    He admired her lush body when Jennifer headed out to use the rest room.
    Because of the summer heat, business was really slow, and the attendant
    wanted to keep Jennifer around for a while.

    She was good to look at, and who knows, maybe he could get her to put out.
    He would be off work in an hour and could invite her home with him.
    After all, why would a young woman that looked as good as this travel alone
    in the first place?

    Figuring that she would get bored after a while and then he could get her to
    go home with him, the attendant recommended she stick around his
    air-conditioned station and wait until nightfall to make her desert crossing,
    because the temperature can get up to 120 degrees out there during
    the day.

    He told her that it would be a lot easier on her car if she made the crossing
    at night, when the temperature could drop by as much as 30 or more

    "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." She had heard that ditty before, and out
    here it was true. With very low humidity, the hot desert air could become cool
    very quickly.

    Jennifer was getting antsy, she was in California, and Hollywood was calling.
    She should have listened to him but she didn't want to wait several hours till

    When the attendant saw that she wouldn't listen to reason, he suggested that
    she should wait while he checked under her hood for any weak water hoses or
    frayed fan belts, things that could strand her.

    The attendant hoped mentioning potential problems would be enough to cause
    her to stick around till the air cooled down but Jennifer told him to go ahead
    and check with a wave of her head and a bright smile.

    After he had checked under the hood, the attendant announced that everything
    was shipshape and closed the hood. He came around to her window and
    recommended that Jennifer take the turnoff at the top of the hill and go off
    onto old US 66 because the road was more level and it would be easier on
    her car in the heat.

    Jennifer thanked him for his kindness and the advice and wheeled the Mustang
    out onto the highway and headed west. In her rear view mirror she saw the
    attendant watching her drive away.

    'That's right young man. Another pussy you can only dream about has
    passed you by.'

    Across the Mojave.

    Interstate 40 made a steady climb for miles as it headed west out of
    Needles and the valley the Colorado River passed through. At the top of a
    long grade Jennifer saw the turnoff that the attendant had recommended and
    took it. The road started to drop and level off right away, just like the
    attendant had said.

    About five miles further along Jennifer could feel her car becoming sluggish.
    She checked the gauges and was startled to see that the temperature needle
    was running close to the red zone.


    Within a matter of minutes the car was steaming. Jennifer didn't notice at first
    because the steam was pouring out under the car. Then she could smell it in
    the the passenger compartment. There was a pull off just ahead. There were
    a few crumbled walls and it looked like a place where a gas station had once

    Pulling off the road Jennifer turned off the engine and waited. She had been
    taught by daddy never to raise the hood if the engine was steaming until the
    steam dissipated. Daddy had been scalded that way once and had driven the
    dangers home to her.

    After a few minutes, she raised the hood. The steam had dissipated but
    Jennifer knew that her coolant was gone. She felt a sinking feeling in her
    stomach. What to do now?

    As Jennifer looked up and down the highway in both directions, she knew
    that she was in real trouble. It had been over an hour since she left the
    service station and she had not met or been passed by another car ever
    since she had turned off onto old US 66.

    Although Jennifer thought she had an adequate supply of drinking water
    she was unprepared for a busted radiator! The realization that she was
    stranded alone in the desert with no way to contact anyone for help left
    her feeling more than a little afraid!

    Thirty minutes later and still not one solitary soul, and the heat was
    becoming unbearable! Now her water supply had dwindled drastically as
    Jennier poured a bunch of it into the radiator, only to watch it drain out
    onto the ground.

    She also had drank too much of it when she had first parked the car.
    She now was seriously thinking about dying in the desert! All alone!

    Fantasies went through her head, fantasies of standing, then sitting, and
    finally, lying here until her life just ebbed away in the heat. They would find
    her someday, her bones, and wonder how this had come to be. They would
    tow away the Mustang to be fixed up, and toss her bones into the sand.

    Just when it looked the bleakest, out of the east Jennifer heard the
    definite sound of an engine! She stood up and craned her neck hoping to get
    a first glimpse of the oncoming vehicle. It was a jeep, the kind that had a
    hard top and was jacked way up in the air.

    The white Jeep turned into the pull out before Jennifer even had a chance to wave
    it down. It came to a stop, brakes squealing, and Jennifer's face became one
    big smile when she recognized the attendant from the station.

    "Hi! What are you doing out here? I broke down and you're the first car I've
    seen in almost an hour."

    The attendant slowly stepped down from the Jeep. He had changed out of his
    uniform and was wearing tight blue jeans and a white T shirt. He had a pack
    of cigarettes rolled up into the sleeve of the shirt, and Jennifer remembered
    her dad saying that he had carried his cigarettes that way "way back when."

    "I know," said the attendant. "That's why I told you to come this way."

    Jennifer felt a sudden chill, despite the heat. She frowned and began to ask
    him, "That's why you told me to come this..."

    He cut Jennifer off by grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her back
    against the Mustang. Jennifer struggled to get free, but he was much
    stronger and twisted one arm and then the other behind her. He only needed
    one hand to lock them together at the wrist and hold her there.

    Jennifer kept trying to get loose, but his grip was like a vice. Finally, she
    ceased resisting because his grip was hurting her wrists. He eased up on his
    vice-like grip and Jennifer sighed as her pain eased.

    Then, all of a sudden, Jennifer had a new worry to contend with. His hand
    was sliding under her blouse. Once he had slipped two fingers under her
    blouse, he flipped his hand skyward, and her blouse slid up over her breasts
    and stayed there.

    Now her lovely B cups were bare and available for him to fondle and
    squeeze as he so desired. He did just that, cupping her left tit in his right
    hand. He fondled her for a few seconds, and then began teasing her nipple,
    which instantly became fully erect, despite the heat.

    When he tried to kiss her, Jennifer turned her head away. "Please don't."
    She tried to distract him from his mission by talking. "How...how did you
    know I would be here, anyhow?

    "Hell, baby. That was easy. All I had to do was cut a little slit in your
    lower water hose. My only worry was that you might not take the turnoff.
    There's always some kind of traffic out on the interstate, no matter how
    much heat. On 66 I knew we would have it all to ourself during this part of
    the day in the summer."

    Jennifer had been screwed. He had tricked her, and now she was going to get
    screwed again. Rather than risk trying to fight him off and possibly being
    injured, Jennifer decided to let him have his way. "Will you fix my car,
    after, if I let you have what you want?"

    He laughed, an evil sounding laugh that made Jennifer shiver. "Sure baby.
    You give me what I want and enjoy it, and I'll not only fix up your car for
    you, I'll even follow you a ways until you can get back up onto the
    interstate where you'll feel safer."

    "Will you check my car first to make sure you can fix it? It was shooting
    steam all over the place."

    He grinned at her. "Sure babe. I brought the proper hose for your car and
    a couple of cans of Anti-freeze mix. Just sit tight. I'll look her over right
    now and then we can get to fucking."

    "What he planned to do was fuck her first, before fixing the car, and then,
    his cock recharged, fuck her again before she drives off.

    "Are you sure you can fix it."

    He was looking under her hood. "Shit!”

    "What is it. What's the matter?" Jennifer suddenly had a sinking feeling in
    the pit of her stomach.

    "Your block is cracked. I never thought it would do that. You must have kept
    driving after it started steaming. It ran hot too long."

    "Well, what can you do? Can you fix it?"

    "Not unless you let me tow you back to town. I can get a used block out of
    the wrecking yard. The owner of the yard is a friend of mine. Since it's a
    V6 it won't cost much. It will take me a day or so to fix it, but you can stay at
    my place in the meantime."

    The attendant looked at Jennifer, figuring that he would get to have her at
    his place all night, and if he delayed the work, using the excuse that he
    had to put in some hours at the station, he would get to fuck her another
    night or even two before the car was ready.

    Shit, by then maybe he could get her to fall in love, and he'd have himself
    one fine redheaded woman.

    Jennifer did not want to stay in Needles. She had her heart set on getting
    to LA, and she had her doubts that the boy could or would fix her car. "I
    just want you to give me a ride to the next station where I can maybe hitch
    a ride to LA. Can you do that?"

    Disappointed, he frowned, "You don't want your car fixed?"

    Jennifer had a thought. "If I let you fuck me, will you take me to where I
    can get a ride, and then take my car back to Needles and fix it? If you fix
    it, you can sell it for me and keep some of the money. I'll settle for..."$1500
    as my share. How's that?"

    He grinned. "Well, look. Your car is worth a lot more than $1500 when it's
    fixed, but if that's what you want, I won't argue. I'll have to leave it
    here until I can get a buddy to steer it while I tow it, but I'll have it
    back in Needles by nightfall. That is, if you and I can get it on right

    His eyes took on a wild look as he anticipated getting to fuck Jennifer.

    "O.K. You fix the car, and when you send me the $1500, I'll send you the
    title, fair enough?"

    "You got it baby. Let's fuck." He pointed toward his Jeep.

    "Let's do it in my convertible where there's more room," Jennifer said.
    Actually, this guy was kind of good looking. She might have actually screwed
    him on an honest date, but here, in the heat and unwilling, Jennifer just
    wanted to get it over with and be on her way.

    They crawled into the back seat, which in the convertible was not all that
    big, but it would have to do. He disrobed her, which took no longer than the
    amount of time it took her to raise her hips while he tugged her tight
    shorts down and off. His eyes got big when he saw that her pubic hair was
    golden blonde.

    "Damn, you’re a real redhead. I ain't never seen one of them before between
    the legs."

    He had a weird way of expressing himself, but Jennifer felt a little twinge
    of excitement when he pulled his jeans down and prepared to lie between her
    legs. He had a nice one, not super big, but big enough, and it was hard as a

    "Suck it first. Then, when I get ready to put it in, it'll be good and wet."

    Jennifer was already creating some wetness of her own when she lowered her
    head over his dick. Her mouth enveloped his knob before her hand wrapped
    around his shaft. She began stroking as she tongued him, and he moaned.

    "Fuck yeah baby." She had half his dick down her throat without choking.
    In no more than a minute, he said, "Whoa momma. That's enough. Keep
    that up and I'll be wasting it down your throat. I've got a better place to
    dump my load."

    He pushed Jennifer down onto the back seat and climbed over her. as she
    laid sideways across the seat. "Open those legs." Jennifer did as she was
    told and he shuffled his hips forward and lodged his knob in the middle of
    her wet pussy.

    His entry was smooth because Jennifer was so wet.

    "Daaaaammm baby, you're soaking wet. It feels really good. To be that wet
    you must have already been hot for me before we started."

    Well, Jennifer had not been hot for him until she had seen his penis.
    Jennifer had not been laid in the three weeks since she had broken it off
    with her boyfriend.

    Her boyfriend had been a lousy fuck anyway, so for a while it had not
    bothered her to do without something not worth having. Lately though,
    Jennifer had been feeling that old tingle between her legs again.

    Seeing a nice hard cock staring at her had aroused Jennifer. Jennifer
    had fucked only two guys before today but she had jacked off several more.
    This was not the largest penis Jennifer had felt entering her pussy, but
    close. Close enough that she didn't think there would be a difference in the
    way it feels.

    That is, until he began fucking her. He seemed to sense what Jennifer needed
    and wanted, because every time she began to think that something felt good,
    he did it better. When she became used to something he was doing, he
    switched his technique and renewed her arousal.

    Jennifer came once, having one of her better orgasms, and a little later he
    shot a load into her. He stayed hard and kept going, and pretty soon Jennifer
    came once again. When he finally moved his lips to hers, she willingly kissed him.

    "You know something? You're the littlest gal with the tightest pussy I've ever
    fucked. How tall are you anyway, about five feet?"

    Jennifer needed to catch her breath, "Four feet eleven, 96 pounds."

    "Really? I just know that I love fuckin' you. You're so small it makes me
    feel like I'm six feet tall instead of five foot seven."

    "You're plenty big enough for me," said Jennifer. "I didn't want to fuck you
    at first, I just wanted to get it over with. I must say though, so far you're the
    best fuck I've had."

    "Really?" The kid was beginning to hope that maybe he could convince
    Jennifer to return to Needles with him. Hell, if he can keep her happy for
    a couple of nights, maybe he can convince her to stay, and maybe even
    marry him. It gets pretty lonely in Needles, California.

    Just then, as Jennifer was starting to moan when he began fucking her
    harder, they heard a sound. A fast-moving vehicle was pulling off the road
    and the rocks under its wheels were hitting the underside of whatever it was.

    "Fuck!" The boy on top of Jennifer suddenly raised his body to look. At the
    same time, Jennifer used her elbows to raise her upper body and look over
    the window sill. But her legs, her legs she kept around his ass, were holding
    him, and his nice penis, inside.

    It was a van! A dark blue Dodge Ram conversion van. the kind that even had a
    raised roof in the middle so you could stand up inside! 'God, I hope they don't
    just jump out and see me laying here naked,' Jennifer thought!

    The big van pulled over just behind Jennifer's Mustang and a tall good
    looking young black man of about twenty five got out and walked up to her

    Smiling, he looked into the back seat and saw them. His face barely changed
    expression when he saw the boy's naked ass and one of Jennifer's breasts. He
    still had just the slightest hint of a smile on his face.

    ”Car trouble?” he asked? "I can see anti-freeze all over the ground under
    your car."

    “I think it's a cracked block,” Jennifer replied. “I'm on my way to Los
    Angeles,” she added, talking to the black man as if there were no naked boy
    lying on top of her.

    “My name's Juann. That's Lamar over there driving the van,” the black man

    “I'm Jennifer,” she said as the boy pulled his soft cock out of her, sort of spun
    his body around, and sat up. When he did, Juann was provided with a glimpse
    of the white boy's semi-hard cock, looking shiny from their juices, and a full
    view of her naked body, including the cum oozing out of her snatch.

    “Could you guys give me a lift to L.A.? I'll pay you,” asked Jennifer.

    This broke the station attendant's heart. Just like that she was going to go
    off with two blackies. He had just got done fucking her, well, actually, he
    wasn't done, he was going for one more orgasm, which would have been his
    second, and it had apparently meant nothing to her.

    Not even after she had kissed him back so passionately.

    “Let's ask Lamar, it's his van,” answered Juann. Lamar stepped out of the
    van and listened to the story Jennifer had told Juann. He was several feet
    away, but he could see her sitting up, naked in the convertible.

    His eyes kept looking her over. The way he looked at her was not strange.
    It reminded Jennifer of the men at the bar she went to on occasion in her
    home town.

    Juann came back to Jennifer, who had put her blouse on and pulled her shorts
    up and over her ass. The boy from the station had pulled his jeans up and
    stepped out of the convertible.

    The attendant seemed ill at ease, and Jennifer figured he may be worried
    at having two large black men around out here in the middle of nowhere.

    "Sure, we'll be glad to give you a ride. Are you ready to go? We want to get

    Jennifer looked over at the gas attendant. He looked down at the ground and
    kicked some sand. "I"d better be heading back to town to get someone to help
    me with your car. Looks like you don't need me to get you somewhere now."

    Jennifer smiled. She reached into the front seat of her car and took out a
    pen. After he had written his name, address and phone number, Jennifer told
    the kid that she would be in touch to see about the Mustang as soon as she
    had an address.

    A couple of minutes later, with the keys to the Mustang in his pocket, the kid
    was gone, the Jeep fading into the distance.

    It was then that Juann made the proposition! If Jennifer wanted a ride to
    L.A. she would have to be more than a little friendly to both he and Lamar!
    Otherwise she could sit here and hope for someone else to come along.

    Jennifer couldn't believe it! Here she was trapped in the desert with two
    men who were willing to leave her to die if she did not have sex with both
    of them! She kicked herself for not taking the attendant up on his offer of
    repairs and a place to stay. Yeah, a place to fuck, and that didn't sound so
    bad now.

    Worse, she was now locked out of her own car. No place to sit or take
    shelter from the blazing sun.

    She was jarred back to reality when Juann snapped, "Take it or leave it, it
    makes no difference to me! Get in or don't, but we gotta go!”

    Jennifer thought for a quick moment and asked Juann if she could grab her
    suitcases, which fortunately she had had the foresight to remove from the
    trunk before giving the kid the keys. “Get them,” he said.

    He didn't even bother to help her carry them. As of now, she had become
    their slut.

    The next thing Jennifer knew she was in the back of the van riding with
    two strange men who most certainly were going to want her to have sex
    with them. Jennifer was prepared to do it, but hoped that something could be
    worked out short of going through with it.

    Lamar had taken the wheel and Juann had slid into the back of the van with
    Jennifer. “Ever suck a black dick,” asked Juann? They weren't wasting any
    time. No more than three or four minutes and it begins.

    Jennifer shook her head 'No' and dreaded the thought that she may have to
    give this black man head. Juann's long black fingers slowly unfastened the
    button of his pants and pulled the zipper down.

    Jennifer gasped. He had pulled out the biggest cock Jennifer had ever seen!
    She stopped thinking about sucking him, her only thought was when he
    finally gets around to fucking me how is it ever going to fit in my little

    Although Jennifer wasn't exactly a virgin, her previous two, no, now it was three
    lovers had been on on the smallish side dick wise compared to this cock. Her
    pussy was far from being stretched out, and that might be about to change!

    She snapped back again when Juann said, “Get your clothes off!” Jennifer
    slowly removed her clothing as Juann watched with hungry eyes! His eyes
    settled on her tits. He reached out and roughly pinched her nipples, and
    although it hurt, it also exited her.

    Naked now and feeling a little more into it, she leaned over and took Juann's
    big penis into her mouth. She could barely get the head in! His dick tasted
    funny, sort of like a 'burned" flavor.

    The taste and texture of this huge dick began to make Jennifer's pussy really
    wet, and she couldn't believe the fact that she was becoming extremely
    turned on by this black man!

    Jennifer had heard stories, jokes mostly, but now she was starting to see
    why so many white women wanted to be with black men! They became
    addicted to the huge penises these men have hanging between their legs.

    Jennifer now was ready for Juann to fuck her, and at that moment she would
    have done anything just to get that cock in her pussy! Finally he pulled out
    of Jennifer's mouth and told her to lay down and spread her legs.

    This van was so much nicer than fucking in the back seat of a Mustang convertible.
    The seat was almost like an actual bed.

    Jennifer quickly was on her back with her legs as far apart as they would go. Juann
    laughed and yelled up to Lamar, "Hey bro, this little bitch is ready now! Got herself
    a tight looking pussy with red hair."

    He crawled between her legs and raised himself onto his knees. “You want it in
    you, cunt?” All Jennifer could do was timidly nod as Juann rubbed the head of the
    monster up and down her dripping crack. When it would hit her clit Jennifer's
    body would give an involuntary jerk.

    “Please go ahead,” she whimpered.

    With that, Juann started pushing. He entered her with half the head,
    stopping at the widest part, which was stretching her lips further than they
    had ever been designed to go. Jennifer groaned loudly as he held it there
    and looked down at how her lips had thinned out from being stretched so far.

    "You sure got some tight pussy bitch,” Juann said. He pulled back, and
    Jennifer sighed as the pressure was released. Then, without warning he
    pushed again, shoving over half his cock into her. He was tearing her apart.

    Juann laughed at te sounds she was making and said, "Like that bitch? I
    got more for you." He pulled it almost all the way out and moved forward
    again, this time shoving all of almost ten inches deep into Jennifer's
    quivering little body!

    When he felt his dangling balls hit her ass he immediately lifted, pulling
    his cock all the way back until the ridge on his knob tugged her lips outward.

    "Damn, bitch. You done took it all. You're a black man's dream. Little body,
    pretty face, red hair and a pussy that can take a real dick!"

    His coarse language, which had scared her at first, was now turning her on.
    His "compliment" excited and raised her level of arousal. He eased forward and
    pulled almost out again, and before he reached the bottom of his next stroke
    Jennifer was already in the midst of a massive orgasm like none she had ever
    had before!

    “Oh Juann, I love that!” With every plunge it seemed she was cumming! God
    she loved this big black cock! She threw her arms around his neck and wrapped
    her legs around his ass in an attempt to pull him in even farther!

    It was too far, and Jennifer yipped when Juann bottomed out, hurting her.
    She quickly lowered her legs and put them back around the back of his thighs
    just below his ass. That is where she had them before, and she could handle
    his length from there.

    Fucking, fucking, fucking each other. As Juann neared orgasm he increased
    the already rapid pace of his fucking, and his nuts tightened and it seemed to
    Jennifer that he even got harder as a gusher of cum was shot like a volcano into
    Jennifer's now very stretched out pussy!

    'Aaaaah." All she could do was hang on for dear life!

    Jennifer stayed naked in the back of Juann's van for the next five hours
    while fucking and sucking the two black studs. Lamar wasn't as large as
    Juann. As a matter of fact he was a little smaller than the station attendant
    had been. Maybe all black guys aren't huge, like she had thought.

    Even so, Lamar felt pretty good to her. Nearing Victorville, they had pulled
    of into a wide spot in the road, and both men had gone at her. At one point
    she had been riding Lamar while sucking Juann.

    It was the first time she had ever "swallowed," when Juann got so excited
    that he lost control.

    During the trip, they each had fucked her three times. Finally, as they drove
    down Cajon pass and through San Bernardino, they let her sleep.

    Jennifer's dreams were a jumble of cocks, all kinds of cocks, white ones
    mixed with black ones until the black dicks shot out a huge load, knocking
    the white dicks out of the way and then entering her pussy.

    No matter how many times the black dicks entered her, it was like she was
    a virgin, being broken in for the first time. Jennifer woke up at one point, and
    she was sweating, despite the fact that the van was cool from the air conditioning.

    When they finally reached Los Angeles Jennifer was at a loss for words. She
    wanted to chase her dream of stardom, but she didn't know where to start!

    As they drove into town Juann asked her where she wanted to be dropped off.
    Jennifer just looked at him and said, “Give me a place to stay for a few days
    till I get the money from the Mustang, and I'll keep you happy.”

    Gleefully, Juann nodded to Lamar and said, “Let?s take the bitch home.”

    Jennifer spent several days in Inglewood with Juann and Lamar. In addition to
    some wild sex, she even prepared some meals for them. When she received
    her $1500 for the Mustang, Jennifer had Juann drive her to Hollywood. Jennifer
    had an additional couple of hundred that Juann and Lamar had come up with to
    help her out.

    All told, from what she had saved before her trip, the cost of gas and two motels,
    Jennifer still had $600 to go with the $1700 newly added.

    Apartments in the area cost more than she expected as she laid out over $600
    including a security deposit for one month's rent on an efficiency unit. It didn't
    even have a separate bedroom it was so small, but Jennifer had to preserve her
    limited funds.

    The apartment had one interesting feature. It had a ladder you could
    climb up to get onto the roof, and the view of Hollywood was pretty good.
    It wasn't private enough for sun-bathing though. Jennifer wasn't too worried
    about the money. If she couldn't land work in the movies right away, Juann
    and Lamar had some friends that would help support her, for "favors."

    Sure enough, before another month had gone by, Jennifer found herself
    running low enough on money that she began to get worried. A call to Juann
    was all it took. That night Juann drove up from Inglewood and brought a
    buddy along.

    This time she had two huge dicks to contend with, and Jennifer wondered
    if Juann had gone out of his way to find another black guy with a big cock.

    After an hour of sweaty sex with the two men Juann asked Jennifer if she
    could handle one more. Jennifer said, “give me 30 minutes to rest and
    have him come over." Well, it took him closer to an hour to get there, but
    he brought lots of cash and some white powder.

    As they showed her how to "make a line" and sniff the cocaine, the new guy
    dropped his pants. His dick was average sized, but she was smart enough not
    to comment.

    Jennifer didn't remember a whole lot of what happened after that, but there
    had been some picture taking. The man with the cocaine and money had also
    brought his camera. He had mentioned something about putting this on '
    Slutwives, and 'Dark Wanderer.'

    The next morning, Jennifer woke up to find herself with a sore ass and richer
    by $600. And all for just a couple of hours work. She thought it had been a couple
    of hours, but being under the spell, five hours had passed.

    Juann had written a note on the outside of the envelope. "Nice going baby. I got
    more for you. Just let me know when you are ready."

    Jennifer smiled. Hell, this paid more than flirting for tips in Kansas, and it was
    more fun too! She opened a drawer in the bed stand, was pleased to see that
    her 'stash of cash was still there and pulled out a business card.

    It belonged to some guy who had told Jennifer that he could get her into 'adult'
    pictures. Jennifer didn't know exactly what adult movies were, but she had an idea.

    She started dialing the number. [​IMG]
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