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. Sensuous Encounters-2: A Worried Husband

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, May 8, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Sensuous Encounters-2: A Worried Husband:

    Earl and Joyce:

    When Paula and I first started swinging, we placed and answered ads. That was the way we met Alice and Harold Bascome. However, once we had developed a circle of intimate friends, we mostly met new couples by recommendations from the friends we already had. It was such a recommendation that led us to give Earl and Joyce Bregman a phone call. At first, I spoke with Earl and then with Joyce. After that initial contact, Joyce called while I was at work and spoke with Paula. She got Earl on the phone, and he spent 15 minutes talking with my wife.

    Naturally, we exchanged photos sending both conventional and more revealing pics as that is the standard practice among the swinging set. We sent one photo of me nude and one of Paula dressed in a teddy with both tits fully exposed and her stocking legs steepled and wide open. The photo showed her spreading her pussy.

    A couple of days after we had send our photos, we received similar ones from Earl and Joyce. Like me, Earl was nude and his cock was fully erect. After staring at Earl’s photo for awhile, Paula licked her lips. Her only comment was, "Yum-Yum!"

    "Yum-Yum? That's all you have to say?

    "Ok. That's a sexy-looking stud. I'm gonna love riding that big sex spike of his... Is that better, Darling?"

    There were a pic of Joyce. The sexy brunette was wearing a brown dress with black panties and black heels. In the photo, her dress was hiked to her waist and the top had been pulled down below both huge tits, which were even larger than Paula’s. Her fingers were pulling her panties aside to fully expose her cunt. On the back of the pic, she had written, "They're 38DD." I believed it. I got hard just staring at her photo. When I looked over at my wife, she was grinning.

    "Well? What do you think?" she asked.

    All I said was, "YUM YUM!"

    "I thought you'd like her. Tell me, when you spoke with her on the phone, did you think to ask Joyce if she has any dogs... particularly Dobermans?"

    I opened my mouth to reply, but no sound came out as I couldn't think of a clever response. Paula started laughing again as she always did any time she thought about Alice and her Dobermans.

    Joyce and Paula were both blazingly sexy.

    We set up our first meeting on a Saturday. The plan was for Paula and me to drive the 75 miles to their city, arriving around 6 PM. We would switch to their car, and drive to a restaurant and club they liked about 30 miles further. Later, we would return to their house for "fun and games", as they put it.

    For the five days before Saturday, I kept wondering what was going to go wrong this time. One thing was certain, Joyce knew the score because I had spoken at length with her over the phone. Nevertheless, I was still worried that some thing would go wrong.

    During the 90 minute drive to the Bergman's place, I asked Paula how she thought the evening would go. "Stop worrying, Honey. Joyce doesn't have any Dobermans." My wife started laughing again.


    A Drive to the Club:

    I was still worried when we arrived, but when Joyce came out of her bedroom wearing the same hot, brown dress she was wearing in her photos and smiled at me, my worries were immediately replaced with visions of getting her big tits out of that dress and her panties off.

    My wife looked equally stunning and sexy in her very short, white dress that exposed a lot of her big tits. When we had first come into the house, Earl was devouring her with his eyes. So much so, that I was wondering if he planned to fuck her before we even left the house. However, when Joyce entered and I began leering at her equally sexy body, I noticed that Earl seemed to be paying more attention to me than to Paula. I was puzzled but finally decided that he must get off seeing other men admiring his wife.

    After the introductions, we all got into Earl's Buick and headed out for the club. I got into the back seat expecting Paula to join me, but Joyce beat her to the seat. My wife grinned and slid into the passenger seat beside Earl. Before Earl had driven a mile, Joyce moved over, turned her body to face mine, and pressed one of her large tits into my shoulder.

    "MMMmmm," she cooed in my ear. "You're even sexier than your photo. I love the way you look." She nipped my ear lobe with her teeth to emphasize her comment. A moment later, I felt her hand exploring the crotch of my pants. "Your cock looked really long and thick in the photo. How big does it get?"

    "About eight inches," I replied. I felt her body shudder when I said it.

    "Ooohhhh god. I've never had one that big. Is it really that big?"

    "It is, but with you, it will be even bigger."

    "Oh jezz... UUmmmmmm... what a nice thing to say. Can I feel it?"

    "Of course... it will fuck you, but it won't bite."

    Joyce's hands captured my bulge... hefted it and then stroked it. Using both hands, she stretched my pants around my now very hard cock so that she could estimate its length and girth. "Gawd damn! You are huge. Just feeling this thing has my pussy dripping." Joyce cooed as she snuggled even closer against me and continued stroking my cock... almost jacking me off through my pants.

    "Now is it my turn to ask some questions?" I asked, licking her earlobe as I whispered my question.

    "OOOohhhh... that feels so erotic. Go ahead... ask me," she sighed, her hips squirming on the seat

    "You wrote on the back of your photo that your breasts are 38DD. Are they really that big?"

    "Yesss," she hissed. "but with you, they'll get even bigger, especially when you suck my nipples and make them hard."

    "What if I suck them right now?"

    "Oh god, yes, Honey. Suck them... suck my nipples. Make them hard. MMmmmmmmm."

    Joyce leaned forward to allow me to pull the dress straps off her shoulders. Once I had them off, the only resistance to my pulling the dress down below her big tits was provided by the sheer size of her tits. As in her photo, she wore no bra.

    "You have to-die-for tits," I whispered in her ear as I hefted first one large globe and then the other. She sighed with pleasure.

    After exploring every inch of the tits, I lowered my head, extended my tongue, and went to work on her nipples. They hardened immediately.



    As soon as we were a couple of miles from the house, Earl adjusted his rear view mirror not so he could see the traffic better, but so he could watch what Gordon and his wife were doing in the back seat.

    "You really get turned on watching your wife, don't you?" I questioned while allowing my fingers to trail sensuously over Earl's now very prominent bulge.

    "It's not that," he replied in a voice low enough that neither Joyce nor Gordon could hear him.

    "What then?" I asked not believing him for a moment.

    "We've had sex with other people at several parties, but this is the first time we've been with another couple. I'm worried about Joyce's reaction. I'm afraid she might freak out."

    "Relax, Honey. The only way your wife is going to 'freak out', as you say, is if she freaks out over the number of times Gordon makes her cum."

    "How do you know that?"

    "Easy. I'm a woman. Your wife is a woman. Women can always tell when another woman is hot and ready. And right now, Honey, Joyce is more than just ready... she's wild to be laid."

    I could see that Earl's eyes were locked on his wife's image in the mirror. Suddenly, the car swerved, and Earl almost missed a curve in the road putting the car into a ditch.

    "Watch the road, Earl! And fix your rear view mirror so you can see the traffic. I'll watch your wife and Gordon for you. We want to end up in bed tonight, not in a hospital or worse."

    Reluctantly, he adjusted his mirror as I had instructed. Leaning closer, he whispered, "Tell me what's happening."

    "Your wife just asked my husband if his cock was as big as it looked in his photo. He told her yes and she's busy right now checking it out."

    "How? What's she doing? Has she got his cock out?"

    "No, but she's got both hands wrapped around it. .... And she likes what she's feeling."

    “How big is he?”

    “Eight inches normally, but when he’s with a hot woman, maybe eight and a half inches.”

    “I don’t think my wife can take a cock that big,” Earl groaned.

    “Stop worrying, Earl. She’ll love every inch he gives her.”

    We drove in silence for several miles before Earl said, "Take my cock out, Paula."

    "No way, Lover! Not while you're driving. Later."

    We drove another couple of miles before I saw my randy husband pulling Joyce's dress down. Her tits were really big... even bigger than mine, but not as firm. "He has your wife's tits out now, Honey," I said softly to Earl and immediately felt his cock lurch and throb beneath my fingers. A moment later, I thought I heard him moan.

    "Gordon's sucking her nipples now, Earl. She's loving it. No sign of freaking out at all if you don't count the fact that I think your wife is about to have an orgasm." This time, I did hear Earl moan.


    The Club:

    The club Earl and Joyce had selected had a spacious dance floor with a high-fidelity sound system, subdued lighting, superb ambiance, and good food. "This is really a nice place," I commented. "Absolutely worth the extra drive."

    "We were hoping you would like it," Joyce said with a smile as she scooted her chair close to mine. Not to be outdone by the sexy brunette, my wife did the same. When the waitress came to take our orders, Paula was pressed against Earl and Joyce against me. The feeling of her large breast against my shoulder was erotic and cock hardening. The fact that my wife also had her tits mashed against Earl was not lost on me. I wondered if his cock was as hard as mine was.

    As luck would have it, our waitress was a young, sexy blonde. Her name tag said "Louise". As she took our orders, I noticed that her eyes were taking in every nuance of the erotic tableau taking place at our table. At first, I'm sure she thought Earl and I were with a couple of high-priced call girls, but then I saw her staring at the wedding rings on the fingers of both women. The puzzled expression on her face was obvious. I could almost read her mind... Since the possibility that we were all newlyweds was remote, why were we all so hot for each other? Then, almost like a light bulb turning on, she smiled as she figured out what was going on. When she looked at me, I winked. She blushed, but recovered and winked back.

    The food was delicious, and all the way through the meal, the women sat close. Since they had to turn their bodies toward the table to eat, their tits were no longer pressing into our shoulders, but beneath the table, Joyce's thigh moved sensuously back and forth over mine. It was more than enough to keep me hard. I was sure Paula was doing the same thing to Earl.

    When no one was watching, I removed my pen from my jacket pocket and wrote a short message on the paper coaster beneath my drink. Pushing it toward Joyce, she read the message: "Take off your panties... right here... right now."

    As soon as she read the message, her face flushed almost to the point that it was color coordinated with the red décor of the room. She stopped eating and laid her fork down on her plate. With her thigh pressed against mine, I could feel her trembling.

    Slowly, she pressed her hands down on her chair and lifted her ass off the seat enough to permit her to pull her dress up to her hips. Earl was busy working on his filet mignon and noticed nothing, but women are far, far more sensitive to subtle cues. When Paula heard the "clink" of Joyce's fork being laid on her plate, I saw her eyes lift and focus on Joyce.

    With one quick, smooth motion, Joyce ever so slightly lifted her ass off the seat a second time and pulled her panties down to her knees. Earl continue to eat without the slightest break. Paula, on the other hand, knew exactly what was happening. Her eyes fell on the coaster and the message written on it. She smiled at me and sensuously licked her lips.

    With her panties now around her knees, Joyce picked up her fork and resumed eating. I leaned over and whispered, "Take them all the way off... now."

    I felt Joyce's body squirming as she moved her legs back and forth gradually working her panties down to her ankles. The motion of her body finally caught Earl's attention, and he looked at his wife curiously, clearly not realizing what was happening. He continued to watch, puzzled, as I felt Joyce's legs lift. A moment later, she stepped out of her panties. She looked over at me and nodded to confirm that her panties were off and lying on the floor beneath our table.

    When we had finished eating, Earl asked my wife if she would like to dance. She grinned, saying, "I thought you'd never ask, Honey."

    As they walked toward the dance floor, I took the opportunity to retrieve Joyce's panties. After inhaling the musky aroma of Joyce's cunt, I put the flimsy garment in my inner coat pocket.

    “You’re gonna keep my panties aren’t you?”

    “Of course,” I whispered.

    “Do you like they smell?”

    “My cock feels like a steel rod, Joyce. Feel it.”

    Her hand dropped to my crotch. “Ooohh fuck! You’re really HARD! And big. Is that just from the aroma of my panties?”

    “The aroma of your cunt would get any man hard, Joyce.”

    “Oh my gawd! You’ve got me so hot.”

    At that moment Louise brought our after-dinner drinks to the table. Joyce was having a very difficult time sitting still with my hand working between her wide-open thighs. Louise watched her squirming helplessly and winked at me. As she placed my brandy in front of me, she pressed a note into my hand.

    When she moved away, Joyce leaned over and gasped, "Please, Gordon. You're about to make me cum right here. Let's head home. I can't remember ever being this hot."

    "Does it turn you on to take off your panties in a public restaurant and sit there with your legs wide open with my fingers on your clit?"

    As soon as I asked the question, I felt her clitoris contract in a hard spasm under my fingers. The hard, erect organ throbbed again and again... pulsing and dancing. Joyce's thighs slammed together trapping my hand against her exploding cunt. Her head tilted back; her eyes clenched shut as her mouth opened to allow her tongue to flick repeatedly over her top lip. Somehow, she managed to keep from crying out in her climax. I saw Louise watching from the side of the room... her hand pressed against her pussy and moving in slow circles.

    With Earl and my wife dancing and Joyce in the throes of her first orgasm of the evening, I took the opportunity to open and read Louise's note:

    "Watching you make her take off her panties and keep her legs open while you masturbate her is the hottest thing I've ever seen. I'm about to cum. Call me and do me like you're doing her... Louise... 389-4152"


    As soon as I moved into Earl's arms, I felt his throbbing, iron-hard erection jamming into my mound.

    "Oh Baby. You are HARD! I mean like iron."

    "How could I not be... you've been rubbing and stroking my cock all through dinner. I had to ask you dance... just a little more, and you were going to make me cum in my pants."

    "Ooohhh... I wish you hadn't stopped me. That would have been wild."

    "Wouldn't you rather have my load in your pussy rather inside my pants?"

    "Sure... but both places would be even better."

    "True, but that's easier said than done."

    That seemed like a weird thing to say, but before I could ask him about it, Earl changed the subject. "Did you see my wife squirming around at the table?"

    "It would have been hard not to see it. She had been doing it for awhile before you noticed."


    "It's hard for a woman not to squirm around when she's taking off her panties and doesn't want anyone to know she's doing it."

    "Taking off her panties?! Here?! Right here in the restaurant?!"

    "Yes... yes... and yes."

    "That's why she was squirming around so much?"

    "That and the fact that my husband was finger fucking her once she had taken off her panties."

    "How do you know that?"

    "Women know these things, Honey. Women always know when another woman is getting it and about to cum."

    "Maybe... but I'm not so sure."

    "Ok. Can you see them at the table?"

    "Yeah. But I can't tell if Joyce has her panties off or not. The table's in the way."

    "I'm going to drop an earring onto the floor. You will be a gentleman and retrieve it for me. When your head is close to the floor looking for it, look beneath the table. Got it?"

    Earl nodded, and I removed an earring. "Ok. I'm going to drop it. Get it for me, Darling."

    Earl stayed close to the floor far longer than was necessary. He just couldn't stop staring under the table. Finally, I pulled on his shirt to let him know it was time to get up. When he did, his pants were tented, and I knew he was about to cum."

    "You were right. Her panties are off and he's got his hand on her cunt finger fucking her... right here in the restaurant. I can't believe it. Why would my wife do something so hot and dirty as that?"

    "Because Darling, your wife is with a hot stud who told her to take off her panties... then he told her keep her legs open... and later tonight, he's going to tell her to suck his cock and then fuck herself on it. Exactly what you plan to have me doing. Your right on the brink, Baby. Want me to make you shoot? One or two strokes will do the job, I think."

    "I don't want to cum in my pants," Earl wailed. "Let's head back to the house."

    "I think that's a great idea, Earl!"


    An Evening at the Bergman's

    Once more, Joyce and I were in the back seat of Earl's Buick as Earl drove home with Paula sitting close to his side. The orgasm Joyce had had at the club had just whetted her appetite. Her panties were still in my jacket pocket, and I had gotten her dress off before Earl had cleared the club's parking lot. She was now lying across my lap wearing only her heels with her arms about my neck and her tongue deep inside my mouth.

    "Oh fuck! Your cock feels huge, Honey. You've been playing with my pussy for the last hour... it's my turn."

    I pulled my pants zipper down and whispered, "Take it out... hurry!"

    She didn't hesitate a second. Her hand moved inside my pants and over my rigid, pulsing cock. She squeezed the shaft and felt my rod jerk hard in her hand. "Oh my god... it feels like a huge, writhing snake... ooohhhhhh, Honey... you weren't kidding. You're got a fabulous fuck stick."

    Her hand pushed inside the waistband of my briefs and wrapped around my shaft. I got even harder, if that was possible. I could feel the precum seeping from the tip as I throbbed again and again in her hand. She squeezed the head with two fingers and her thumb. My cock surged and my hips lifted off the seat began thrusting against her hand. Joyce moaned, "Oh god... I want this."

    We weren't even out of the city, but Joyce couldn't wait. After unhitching my belt, she got on the floorboard and pulled my pants down my legs. I was so hard that my briefs weren't sufficient to contain my erection, which protruded more than two inches above the waistband. She squeezed me causing my hips to rise six inches off the seat... then she ripped my briefs down my legs. Eight inches of throbbing man meat surged upward.

    "OH MY GOD!" she gasped. Joyce thrust her body between my legs, her hand cupping my balls and her mouth capturing my swollen cock.

    My hips thrust upward instinctively as her mouth descended causing five inches of cock to fill Joyce's mouth hole. She didn't even flinch. Her mouth pulled back four inches and then rammed downward again... this time taking in six inches of cock, one inch entering her throat. She grunted and moaned but continued to suck in more and more of my cock.

    "MMMmmm... OOMMPPPFFF... AAAaaahhhh... OOMMPPFFF!"

    Finally, Joyce had all eight inches of my cock buried in her mouth and throat. As she sucked, her fingers alternated between working her G-spot and stroking her clit.

    “Joyce… get on your back, head against the back seat, legs up. I’m going to fuck your mouth and fill your belly with a cum load. Do It!”

    It only took Joyce a moment to get into position. A moment after that, she gagged a little, then began to grunt as I fucked her mouth like it was her pussy. She just groaned when my cock exploded. Before I finished my orgasm, her clit was convulsing on her fingers.

    Joyce first deep throated me and then got on her back so I could fuck her mouth.
    She came on her fingers as I ejaculated down her throat.


    Earl's was driving with one hand with his other hand between my thighs, rubbing sensuously over my panty-covered cunt. He had already jerked my dress down and bared both of my breasts before our car left the parking lot. After listening and watching my husband pleasure Earl's wife for almost two hours, my pussy was a swamp.

    "Your panties are soaked, Paula."

    "OOOOooohhhh yessss.... go underneath my panties, Earl. Feel my cunt... get into me," I moaned.

    Abruptly, Earl drove into the parking lot of a closed filling station and killed the engine. With his hands now freed of the task of driving, he was all over me.

    My head was now below the top of the seat, and my legs were wide open. Earl’s fingers slipped inside my panties and into my sex trench. When his fingers began sliding up and down my slit and around the opening to my vagina, my moans mixed with Joyce's coming from the back seat. My ass was now at the edge of the seat elevated almost a foot into the air. I humped frantically against the fingers that now were pumping in and out of my cunt.

    "Oohhhh yessss... fuck me, Earl. Make me cum!" I begged. He rammed his fingers in to the hilt while his thumb worked my clitoris bringing a shriek of hot pleasure from my lips. Earl had me at his mercy and the hot stud knew it. Three fingers drove into my vagina, pressed against my G-spot, and began to slide erotically in and out of my throbbing cunt. Desperate to cum, my hips hunched wildly against his hand as a series of garbled gasps and howls burst from my lungs.


    Suddenly, Earl pulled his fingers from my gushing vagina causing me to beg him to put them back into me. Instead, he slid to the floorboard of the car and engulfed my cunt with his mouth. When his tongue lashed my throbbing clit, hot female shrieks filled the car.

    "I'M CUMMING!" I screeched as my ass arched high in the air and hung there throbbing around Earl's mouth. He didn’t let up. The tongue worked even faster over my convulsing clit as three fingers again plunged into my depths and stroked my hot spot.

    A series of intense spasms ripped through my causing the muscles of my belly to knot and my pussy to shoot jet after jet drenching Earl’s face.


    After my body had shuddered through several intense orgasms, Earl finally got back behind the wheel and started the drive home. I was sprawled out over the front seat, my body still quivering, my pussy still slowly pulsing.

    “Oh Lover! Have you ever got a talented tongue!” I groaned passionately.

    When I started looking for my panties and dress, Earl stopped me. “Don’t put anything back on!”

    “You like me naked in my high heels, huh?” I teased.

    His answer was another order: “Get on your knees and spread them. Keep that hot ass arched so I can reach your cunt on the drive home.”

    As soon as I had assumed the obscene position, I felt Earl’s fingers exploring the folds of my pussy, my vagina, and my clit. Reaching over, I felt Earl's cock. It was iron-hard as I expected it to be after making me cum so hard and so many times.

    Earl got my tits out and finger fucked me. When he went down on me, I exploded in multiple hard orgasms.
    Finally, he had me kneeling on the seat, cunt elevated, so he could finger fuck me on the drive home.

    "Listen to them grunting in the back seat," he whispered. "God. What are they doing?"

    After glancing into the back seat, I gave Earl's his report. "Your wife's sucking Gordon's cock. From watching, I'd say she's sucking all eight inches into her throat and my husband's about to shoot off in her mouth."

    A moment later, we heard the loud, masculine grunts of a man about to pump cum into a hot woman. "Oh god! He's about to cum in her now, isn't he?" Earl moaned. "Jezzz... it's going to be a huge load... listen to the way my wife is gulping and howling."

    Beneath my stroking fingers, Earl's cock had suddenly gone completely flaccid! I was surprised... no, actually shocked. I had expected him to get so hot listening to his wife sucking Gordon's cock that he would cum in his pants. Instead, he had lost his erection completely even though I was stroking him and he had his fingers inside my vagina.

    From the back seat, we heard, "I can't wait any longer, Honey. Please! Stick your cock in my cunt... PLEASE!"

    "Mount me, you hot Slut. Get on me and fuck yourself on my big cock, Joyce."

    Again, Earl whispered to me. "I'm not sure my wife can take a cock as big as his. He's going to tear her pussy apart."

    "A woman's pussy stretches, Earl. Don't worry. Your wife's gonna take every inch and love it. Just listen."


    "Damn! Your cunt is really tight! Amazing! Feels fantastic! Pump your ass, Joyce."

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming on your big cock... pump it to meeeeeeeeeee!"


    The musky aroma of sex filled the car as Joyce wailed in an intense climax. Gordon was holding her hips and slamming his cock in and out of her with hard, determined strokes... each one driving all eight inches of prick into the woman's exploding pussy. Just watching that huge shaft sinking in and out of Joyce's hole had my pussy gushing again. Earl, however, was now not only flaccid, his cock seemed to have shrunk.

    He seemed to shrink even more when he heard his wife gasping, "Ooooohhhhhh... you're cumming in me... I can feel your big cock throbbing and shooting.... aaaahhhh... fuck! Pump me full, Stud! Give it to me!"


    Before we reached The Bergman's home, Joyce had had several orgasms, and I had cum twice, once when she was riding my cock and a second time when she was sucking me. When we were entering their driveway, I had Joyce spread out on the back seat, one leg on the floorboard, the second one up in the back window, eating her juicy pussy. Her vagina was already beginning to pulse as her clitoris expanded and contracted with increasing frequency as her orgasm approached.

    "Ok. We're home. Get dressed. Everybody out," Earl announced.

    "Oh god... not yet! Don't stop, Honey. I'm about to cum," Joyce wailed.

    Leaning closer, I said, "I want to do you in a bed. I'm make you cum even harder once I get you in the bedroom. Come on. Forget the clothes." Joyce giggled and a moment later, the two of us were running into the house naked except for Joyce's heels.

    As we raced for one of the bedrooms, Earl was yelling at us. "For god's sake, Joyce. What if the neighbors saw you running around naked like that?"

    "Forget them, Earl. Let's find another bedroom so you can get me naked," Paula suggested.

    Once inside the master bedroom, I pushed Joyce onto the bed where she instantly spread her legs and raised her knees. "Finish me, Honey. Please. I'm on fire!"

    I didn't make her wait. She squeezed her big tits as I worked my tongue up and down her pulsing sex trench. Every time I pushed into her vagina, she moaned and bucked. When I finally moved up to her swollen and throbbing clit, her hips went into a frenzy of motion... thrusting high in the air and humping wildly.


    Suddenly her juices spurted and drenched my face, but I didn't let up on her convulsing clitoris. Spasm after spasm ripped through her cunt. Both her vagina and ass opened and closed repeatedly as each hard contraction erupted deep inside her pussy.

    She was still throbbing when I pulled away. "Get your legs up in the air, Joyce. I'm going to fuck you."

    Her legs literally flew up. She grabbed herself behind her knees and pulled them all the way back until they mashed against her tits. Lowering myself over her body, she spread wider to let my chest press against her tits. A moment later her mouth opened wide as mine covered hers. As we kissed, her pussy moved sensuously over my swollen cock.

    "Put my cock inside your cunt, Joyce," I whispered in her ear. She moaned rapturously as her hand closed around my shaft. I was so hard and full, her hand wasn't able to completely circle my cock. She pressed the head against her opening and hunched upward. Her cunt captured the head easily, and I sank my full length into her depths. We both groaned with the delicious sensation.

    I fucked her slowly at first... pulling 7 of my 8 inches out and then steadily pushing back into her until the head pressed against her womb. Once buried in her, I rotated my hips and ground myself against her sensitive clit bringing added bursts of pleasurable grunts from the impaled woman.

    As our excitement rose higher and higher and our moans became more and more desperate, I fucked her faster. Her heels were now pointed straight at the ceiling where they jerked back and forth each time the thick shaft plunged into her throbbing hole.

    Abruptly, I pulled out and moved my tongue back to her engorged clitoris. Her moans instantly changed to wails of ecstasy. Her clit contracted in a series of hard spasms. Again her juices spurted. Joyce's hissed with intense female pleasure as the orgasm engulfed her.

    When she was at the acme of her spasms, I mounted her again and rammed my cock deep inside her erupting vagina. Her eyes flew open... her mouth stretched wide with the intensity of the sensations flooding through her body.

    "I'm going to cum in you again, Joyce. Are you ready?"

    "Shoot it in. I'm still cumming... FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" she wailed.

    After I had emptied myself into the hot cauldron of her cunt, she wrapped her legs around my hips and hugged me tightly against her body. Our organs throbbed together in the aftermath of our mutual orgasms.

    "Where in hell did you ever learn to fuck a woman like that?" she gasped as her legs gripped me even more tightly.

    "Paula taught me."

    "WOW! I've never... ever... been fucked like that."

    "Are you too tired to go again?"

    "You're joking?"

    "No. Not at all. I was just hoping that you weren't too worn out. I understand if you need to stop." My hips once more began to grind against her mound.

    "Oh fuck... I don't believe this. You're getting hard again?! You're going to fuck me again... OH MY GAWD!"


    Earl followed me into the guest bedroom while looking over his shoulder at the open doorway to the master bedroom. I quickly undid his belt and pulled his shorts and pants to this ankles. He kicked off his shoes, raised his feet, one after the other, and I tossed his pants and shorts to the side.

    "Sit on the bed, Stud and take off your shirt." I got rid of his socks while he was pulling off his shirt. "MMMMmmmm... nice cock, Honey. Nice and hard. Very suckable." I knelt in front of him and slowly slid his cock into my mouth.

    Earl moaned and fell back onto the bed. I followed with my mouth never leaving his prick. As I sucked him, I used one hand to cup his balls and the other to jack off the shaft.

    "Ooohhh... suck me, Paula. Suck me!"

    He had a nice 7-inch dick, which I promptly pushed all the way into my throat and began deep throating him. Earl's hips bucked upward fucking my mouth. It didn't take long before I felt his rod beginning to throb and jerk. Another minute or so and he would empty his load into my belly. But I wanted his cum inside my pussy.

    Backing off, I stood right in front of him, naked except for my heels, and let him enjoy the swell and thrust of my 36DD tits and the sight of my shaved pussy. My tits weren't as big as his wife's, but they were big enough to make his cock jerk with lust. I took a seat on the desk beside the bed, spread my legs, and hissed, “Do you see anything you’d like to fuck, Honey?”

    For an answer, he squeezed his cock. I could see it throb when I opened my pussy lips. Leaning back, I spread my legs even wider. "Like my cunt, Lover? I want you to fuck it. Fuck it hard!"

    I got on the bed beside him, gave his rigid organ another quick suck, and then rolled onto my back with my legs up and back. "Stick that gorgeous dick in me, Stud. Fuck me good."

    Earl rolled over on top of me and moved his hips into my sex saddle. I spread wider to give him room and at the same time, arched my hips to make my pussy a perfect target. Earl snapped his hips forward with masculine authority! His cock powered into me like a pounding piston.

    "UUNNGGHH! Fuck meeeeeeeee.... you hot, big-cocked bastard! OOooohhh gawd! That feels fantastic!" I howled. I howled even louder when Earl pulled back and hammered his iron-hard cock back into my waiting cunt. It surged all the way to the bottom of my throbbing hole where it thudded into my womb. I hissed with female pleasure.

    Earl got hard as steel when I sucked him. When I spread wide open and let him see my wet, wide open cunt,
    he was wild to fuck me. He hammered his hard cock into me making me scream with hot pleasure.

    Then, from the master bedroom, we heard, "Shoot it in. I'm still cumming... FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

    Earl stopped in mid-stroke bringing a moan of loss from my lips. "Don't stop... please. Fuck me. DON'T STOP!" I could feel his cock softening inside my vagina.

    He pushed his cock back to the bottom of my pussy and pumped my pussy two more times before we heard Joyce gasping, ""Where in hell did you ever learn to fuck a woman like that?" Earl's stopped his fuck motions again... this time his prick went from being a steel-hard fuck shaft to a flexible, semi-hard rod.

    "Forget them, Lover. Fuck my hot cunt, Baby," I pleaded.

    Earl nodded but before he could drive his cock back into my depths, he heard his wife's voice again. "Oh fuck... I don't believe this. You're getting hard again?! You're going to fuck me again... OH MY GAWD!"

    Earl's penis went completely soft and a moment later it slipped out of my still throbbing pussy. "He's killing her. She can't stand being screwed that much... that hard. I need to go help her," he groaned.

    "What's the matter with you? You wife is loving it! So was I until you stopped pumping my cunt with your beautiful cock. Don't worry about Joyce, Honey. She's fine. Fuck me. Please!"

    It was useless. Earl was already scrambling off the bed and heading toward the master bedroom leaving me lying on the bed with my legs still up in the air, my knees pressed against my tits, and my pussy throbbing. I briefly thought about finishing myself with my fingers, but that seemed just too ridiculous to consider. I got off the bed and went to see what was about to happen in the master bedroom.


    Joyce was riding my cock like she was mounted on a wild stallion. Her long, black hair was flying, her big tits were bouncing high, and my thick shaft was making erotic squishing noises as Joyce repeatedly drove all eight inches into her convulsing pussy on each trip of her ass up and down my cock. She was moaning continuously.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh! so fucking good! UUuummmmm... Un-huh... un-huh... oh pump me, Honey. Pump me good."

    "Are you all right, Joyce!!" Earl yelled from the doorway. "Are you in pain? Is he hurting you?"

    Joyce's hips stopped moving just at the moment when my cock had thudded into the bottom of her pussy. Snapping her head in Earl's direction with her eyes blazing, she screamed, "What the hell's the matter with you? Of course I'm all right. Why are you here? Go back to Paula."

    Unfortunately, Earl didn't have enough sense to retreat. Instead he plowed on. "But you were screaming and yelling? I thought you were in pain... being hurt."

    "I'm not in pain, you idiot! I'm being fucked... hard... by a fantastic cock and I'm about to cum. Now get out of here. Go make Paula cum." I began fucking Joyce again.


    "GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

    Earl now beat a hasty retreat as his wife beat her cunt up and down on my stone-hard shaft.

    "Ooohhh give it to me, you hot stud. I'm gonna cum again."


    When Earl came back into the guest bedroom, he looked dazed. His cock was now totally flaccid and hanging limply between his thighs. "I thought she was being hurt," he moaned.

    "I told you that she was having a great time. Now come over here and let me get that sexy cock of yours back into working order. My pussy is a swamp. I need you to finish me... more than once."

    Earl got onto the bed on his back. Kneeling over him, I put his limp organ back into my mouth and began sucking him hard while letting my lips slide up and down the full length of his prick. After several minutes, I had managed to take his mind off the sharp rebuke he had received from Joyce, and his cock was beginning to show some sign of life.

    After five more minutes of sucking, cupping his balls, and sliding my finger in and out of his ass, I had him almost hard enough to fuck me.

    Pulling off his rod, I whispered, "Want to fuck Gordon's wife, Honey. Want to stick your cock in his wife's cunt and fuck her like a hot slut... make her scream ... and pump her pussy full of your big cum load?" His cock lurched in my hand at my words, and I devoured it again.


    Fifteen minutes of work was instantly shot to hell as Earl almost immediately lost his erection. "I know he's hurting her now. She's not having orgasms... she's in pain."

    "Relax, Honey. She's not being hurt... she's being ass fucked. Gordon's knows exactly how to do it so a woman loves it. Just listen for a moment and you'll see."

    Earl pulled away from me and once more ran to the master bedroom. As he entered, I heard him screaming, "You're hurting her, Gordon. STOP!" I didn't have to listen to Joyce's reply. I knew what was coming.

    "SHUT UP, EARL. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Unless you'd like to stay and watch Gordon ass fuck me and make me cum."

    Joyce was insatiable. I fucked her missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie, and in her ass.
    She had multiple orgasms in every position as well as when I gave her oral sex.


    When Earl came back into the guest bedroom, he found me fully dressed and retouching my makeup at the dresser. He just stared at me quietly. There wasn't much else he could do as his cock was as limp as fully cooked spaghetti. "Come on. Let's see what we can find in the kitchen. Got any beer?"

    Earl followed me like a puppy dog into the kitchen where I found beer, crackers, cheese, and some French onion dip. After spreading out the food, I smiled and said, "Have a seat, Earl. Have a beer and relax." I was already fixing myself some cheese and crackers and sipping a Bud when he sat down.

    Earl poked at his food and drank some beer without speaking for 10 minutes or so. The sound of squeaking bed springs, female cries, and masculine grunts continued unabated.

    "They should be finishing soon, don't you think?"

    "No. No chance of that," I replied as I fixed some more crackers and cheese.

    Fifteen minutes later, Earl asked if I would like for him to get me off with his tongue. "I don't think so. You'd just get me right on the verge of cumming... Joyce would start screaming in another orgasm, and you'd run away again leaving me high and dry."

    "I'm sorry."

    "Yes. You are."

    We had been in the kitchen for an hour when Earl got to his feet and said, "They must be done by now. They been screwing for almost two hours. I'm going to go check."

    "Sit down, Earl. Unless you want to be sleeping on the couch for the next month or so."

    I was amazed when he enough to sense to sit back down. But his good sense only lasted 10 minutes. "I'm going to check. They have to be done." This time, he didn't wait for a reply as he hurried down the hallway to the master bedroom.


    Joyce and I had wrestled playfully on the bed for awhile until I finally tried to mount her. "I didn't say you could fuck me again, you insatiable stud," she said giggling and rolling away from me to the other side of the bed.

    "I didn't get off the last time I screwed you. I'm still hard and need to cum. Come over here and take care of your lover."

    "No. You'll get the idea that I'm easy... just a hot piece of ass that you can fuck anytime you need to cum."

    I laughed at her wit and responded, "We've already established that your one hot piece of ass, Honey. Now come over here."


    I scrambled after her and she ran around the bed. I followed with Joyce giggling continuously. She crawled back over the bed to the opposite side to elude me, and we played sex tag for several minutes. Of course, she didn't want to win the game so after several minutes, she allowed me catch her.

    "Unhand me, you monster. Don't you dare put that big cock in my pussy... I'll cry rape!"

    I picked her easily as she squirmed in my grasp making certain that she rubbed her big tits over my chest and her wet, open pussy against my cock as she was "fighting to get away". I carried the delighted female over to the couch and deposited her on her back.

    "Oh please, Sir... don't."

    "Don't what?"

    "Don't stop... what the hell else do you think I meant?" she hissed hotly. "Fuck me. Pump me full of cum. I've never had a man cum in me six times in one evening."

    "Then we're about to set a record." Shoving her legs apart, I held her right leg high in the air. Joyce arched her hips for me, and I nailed six inches into her cum-filled cunt. The second stroke buried all eight inches. I began to grunt, and she started moaning.

    I fucked her steadily with forceful strokes for several minutes until I could feel her vagina beginning to throb.

    "Oh screw me, you dirty bastard. I'm going to cum when you do."

    Just as I could feel the sperm and semen rising from my balls, we heard Earl's voice once more. "Are you guys about done? It's probably time to call it an evening."

    "Gawd Damn you Earl! You miserable, insecure, little shit! Can't you see Gordon's fucking me? And we're both about to cum. Sit down and watch how a real stud fucks me. Or you can stand there and jack off."

    Turning back to me, Joyce growled, "Fuck me hard, Gordon. Fuck the shit out of me! Shoot my married cunt full of hot cum, baby. GIVE IT TO ME!"


    On the drive home later that night, Paula was quiet for the first 20 miles or so. Finally, she turned toward me. "I need to apologize to you, Darling."

    "Why? I was about to apologize to you."

    "Because of the way I have been laughing and making fun of your predicament with Alice and her Dobermans. You had to sit there in the bar alone for five hours while I was having a great time in bed with Harold. Tonight, I had to do the same thing while you balled Joyce. It was awful."

    "I know it was, and I'm really sorry. I should have realized and cut the evening short."

    "No. That's not true. You had no way of knowing that Earl had never made it with me."

    When we were about 15 miles from home, Paula scooted up close to me and pressed her breast against my shoulder. Nipping my ear lobe with her teeth, she whispered, "I know you're too drained and exhausted to get it up again and fuck me, but I would really appreciate it if you would get me off with your hot tongue a couple of times so I can get to sleep. Would you mind?"

    "I have a counter proposal."

    "Yes?" my wife asked nervously.

    "You strip naked except for your heels and lie down on the seat. Put one foot up on the dashboard and the other on over the seat, and I'll finger fuck you to as many orgasms as you can have until we get home. After we get home, I'll lead you to our bedroom with my fingers in your cunt, spread you out on the bed and make you cum again on my tongue. Then, I'll fuck you until you ask me to stop."

    "Oh god! Can you really do that?"

    "Of course, but I warn you, I won't stop... at least not until I've cum in your deliciously hot pussy."

    Things happened exactly as I described. When I finally ejaculated in my wife's cunt after fucking her to several orgasms, we both fell into an exhausted sleep with my shaft still encased snuggly inside her very satisfied pussy.



    Joyce called me several times after that first meeting asking me to meet her somewhere. I politely declined each time, and each time, I later told Paula about Joyce's invitations.

    "Why don't you go ahead and meet her. Didn't you think she was a good fuck?"

    "Yes, but you're better, and I don't want to start meeting other women without you."

    "Why not? I met with Harold a couple of times after that first evening with Alice and her Dobermans."

    "Yes, and you had to be my sex slave for a week afterwards as your penalty."

    "Penalty? You really think being your sex slave for a week was a penalty? Honey, that was more fun than being with Harold... by a long ways."

    About two months later, while we were having dinner, Paula said, "Earl called me today."

    "Really?" I was shocked. "What did he say?"

    "First, he apologized for his behavior when we met them. He told me that they been with two other couples since then, and he's gotten over his nervousness and insecurity. He asked me to give him a second chance to prove he can please me in bed."


    "And you've been a real prince about refusing to meet Joyce, and I think Earl must have developed a lot more confidence to get up the nerve to call me. I'm pretty sure he won't have any trouble getting me off several times if we meet them again, and you can enjoy his hot wife. Let's invite them over here this time."

    A week later, the Bergmans came over. We had a drink and were ready to leave for dinner and dancing at Richard's Club, but Earl had other ideas.

    "You and Joyce have another drink while Paula and I have a quickie. I want her to know that tonight's going to be very different than last time. I also want her cunt full of my load while we're at Richards."

    I called Richard's and moved our reservations up an hour. We were still 10 minutes late.


    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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