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. Riding Another Mouth

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Dec 20, 2017.

. Riding Another Mouth 2.5 5 2votes
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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I went to the party early, to set up the bar and help cook the food. That is how it is done. The cucks go ahead and create the party scene and then the alpha black males and their short skirted bitches arrive to enjoy themselves. You prep things with images in your head. Imogen getting dressed. The seamed stockings and the ridiculously provocative little black leather skirt. It zips straight up the front, the whole length, so it's easy for her man Carl, or a bro to give her a good fucking. I'm never allowed to talk to Imogen about the way that she dresses for him. I'm never allowed to question her choices. You just accept that sex rules things. Her need to climax on his fucking cock rules everything. So I work on the party set up, with my dick stiff thinking about those things. I think about the perfume she put on her wrists, the way she fixed that pearl choker tight about her throat. I think about the way she does her make up, the lippy going onto those lush lips of hers. My dick is still stiff after the music starts and the guests start to arrive.

    It's easy to spot the cucks at these parties, we all wear black, shirt and slacks. We all wear black bow ties too. It's like we are dandified for the evening. There are may be 12 or 14 of us, all pasty white faced men with worn expressions and a vacant need gnawing at their souls, portrayed in their eyes. I'm in my forties, but I'm not the oldest. There is a cuck here in his sixties. Jim over there, his mistress has been going with Saul for nearly two years. Jim tends his allotment when Nadia doesn't want her wet cunt licked out. He's not guaranteed a play time role, no matter how much the poor old fucker craves it. But there are younger guys too. Several are in their twenties. I've noticed a trend. Younger women are cucking white men now. They're cucking them earlier. They have less patience for the shortfalls of white men in bed, their dick size, their attitude, you name it. This place is Estelle's, a shapely auburn haired alpha bitch in her late thirties. She must hate her husband the way that she treats him. Because it is Estelle's party, she superintends the cucks for the evening. I'm told curtly to stop staring into space and tidy the cushions on the sofa. Everything must be just so. You have to look busy. You have to look attentive. This isn't a fucking peep show for us lot, watching the mistresses take cock. No, we're here to work.

    In Carl's company Imogen is a different woman. She glows. It's as if she has anointed herself with some magic powder. She looks so easy, so vivacious, so chic. You're not supposed to stare at your mistress in such parties. She is simply part of the elite and you are part of the dross. She told me that. Black guys don't like you to do it. It seems like insolence, a challenge even. Then you might get taken out the back and receive a few fists to your belly. You might get bent over something and fucked rough. The point is, that Imogen, like the others, she is alpha. And she looks alpha. She looks so alpha with him. I watch Estelle greet them. I watch Carl kiss Imogen slowly in front of their hostess and my cock jerks in my pants. She looks perfect. She looks perfect. I murmur the words and plump up another cushion. I'm trying not to look, at least not overtly. Jim, my friend Jim brings them champagne in expensive looking flutes. He doesn't eyeball them. His gaze is to their feet and they take the drinks like he is a robot or something. He doesn't deserve a thank you, not even a glance. He is just there, useful, functional, little else.

    One of he things that happen pretty soon when the mistresses arrive at such parties, is that they pull cuck's mouth. The convention is that your husband is pulled over, pushed down and made to lick cunt. There are no pleases or thank yous, no instructions, your hair is simply tugged in the required direction and you are pushed down to your knees. Nonchalantly she pushes up the hem of her skirt and your mouth is pulled onto pussy. You start to lap, lush with a full wet tongue, wetting her nice, helping to engorge her sex lips so that they suck and grip on thick black cock as nice as you please. So I hover. I hover around the sofa near where my mistress and Carl have stood. I try not to look up. Like other cucks, I am waiting. I haven't noticed it this evening but there is this young guy. May be he is 25/26? Anyhow, he is white, pasty faced and he looks awkward in the black shirt and bow tie. When I think on it, I haven't seen him here before. I start to wonder about who his mistress is? Fresh meat. He has the residue of a black eye. He has been brought to heel quick and quite rough. He has been make to lick and suck the ruthless way.

    Shit. Oh fucking shit! Imogen has beckoned him to her with a perfunctory movement of her finger. She glances up at Carl and he nods. She raises the hem of her little leather skirt, pushing the zip upwards and glances at the young guy. I seem the fucker shudder. I see him shudder! It is like her look has electrified him. Yet, and I can't tell you how, it doesn't seem a first look. It just doesn't. I mean....I mean, she hasn't grabbed his hair or anything. She hasn't forced him down. He just drops to his knees, bends his face to her bushed sex and she starts to smear her pussy against his mouth, his nose his face. There, fuck, oh there, the fucker is licking her. He is licking her up for Carl. He is readying her for Carl. My hands are shaking. They are shaking. I dig my finger nails into the sofa. I have never seen this before. NEVER! Etiquette, the husband cucks, they're brought to pussy first. Sometimes, afterwards, after the alpha females have coupled, after they are dripping, they will use a stranger cuck's mouth, just like a wet wipe, but not this. Please God, not this!

    'You're being pushed out' Estelle said softly beside me.

    I'd not heard her come my way. I'd not seen her move this way. Now, with my breath coming shallow, urgent, uncertain, her words lance me. She looked at me. Her expression is indifferent.

    'He's prettier than you....Carl took him away when his mistress got pregnant by Ambrose. Ambrose doesn't want him around when his bitch is carrying. May be he doesn't want him around ever again. So Luke, the sweet guy, he is being put to Imogen's pussy.'

    I thought I would feint. My legs start to buckle. I feel, hear the sharp intake of breath I suck down. I feel my arms shaking. They're fucking shaking. Estelle seems amused. The bitch seems amused by my disquiet.

    'Carl's been training him on Imogen's cunt for a couple of weeks now' my companion observed, 'you didn't know?'

    I shake my head. I shake it feeling the blood drain from my face. Across the room, I can see Luke gobbling at Imogen's cunt. His mouth is full on, working rhythmically against her pushing crotch, moving with her movement as she kisses Carl.

    'I gather he licks nice, really nice' Estelle continued, twisting the knife.

    Estelle smiles.

    'Are you jealous?' she wonders.

    I can't speak. I cannot fucking speak. My mouth moves but no words come out. Not a fucking single word.

    'Nothing is promised is it?' she reminds me. Nothing is. This isn't a contract. Its a capitulation. When the black guy takes her off you, he decides whether you still have a role. But custom, fucking hell, custom, you hope. You hope that he will let you lick her, and when he does, well, you hope, you hope that he will go on doing that...

    'Imogen's very classy, she has every right to pick and chose you licks her out don't you think?' Estelle wonders. It is as if she has tipped the fucking knife with poison. I feel eviscerated, my guts torn out.

    'Yes Miss' I concede. First words. They are stammered out. They are stammered out of my dry and quivering lips. His lips, fucking Luke's lips, they are wet. I watch my mistress place a manicured hand behind Luke's head, steadying it as she pushed and ground her cunt against his face. Her eyes close, her perfect lipstick mouth opens. The fucker is licking her, licking her perfectly.

    'How old are you?' Estelle wants to know.

    'Forty eight Miss' I answer, my heart racing, pounding in my chest.

    Imogen is still in her thirties. She has not reached her prime years as a bitch. I shudder.

    'Jim was kept on, ' Estelle told me pointing to my friend, ' but some ladies bin their husbands around their forties. If their man wants them to use someone else. If that seems a frisson thing........you know'.

    I look sharply into Estelle's face. It is forbidden and she slaps me. Imogen has noticed. But she doesn't care. SHE DOESN"T CARE!!!!! She has directed Luke to unzip Carl's trouser fly and there, there, he is getting the cock out that I usually suck.

    'Don't you dare be insolent!' snapped Estelle, 'you know that Carl decides this. If he wants another cuck brought in, then you pray that there is still an understudy place for you. You pray, you don't say, you don't complain. Is that perfectly understood?!'

    I wince. Another slap, it's coming. I fear it and my face stings like mad. Others are watching. The alphas are smiling. The cucks, well some of them, they look drawn.

    'Yes Miss' I concede.

    Imogen didn't tell me. She didn't tell me. There was another about this other cuck, no mention of a Luke. I watch him start to suck on Carl's cock. Its a greedy, a freely submissive sucking. Carl has bent him to his will and Imogen seems pleased to see him so nicely broken in.

    I am told by Estelle to seat myself on the sofa. She stands before me and pulls the hem of her skirt up too. Her cunt is bare. Fully shaven her cunt lips look huge. I need to suckle. I need to lick. I need a solace.

    'We rule people like you with this' Estelle sneered.
    'Yes Miss.'

    Luke is gobbling cock and Imogen wants it. She wants his cock, so Luke is pushed aside. I watch my mistress's fingers guide thick wet cock where she wants it.

    'Sniff it' ordered Estelle.

    I inhale the intoxicant. The scent is different, muskier, but unmistakably alpha. I can smell the black man's semen inside her.

    There, Carl is fucking my mistress. As she leans against the bookshelf he jags his big member up her and starts to ram her, making her gasp.

    Luke got her ready. Luke got her ready.

    'Go and kneel beside Luke' Estelle ordered.

    More alpha smirking. More smiles. I do as I'm told.

    Carl is grinding up my mistress. She adores this, public fucking, showing people how he makes her groan.

    'Fucking hell Carl....fucking hell.....please.....please darling' my mistress moans, her breasts bouncing in rhythm with the posting.

    At last she can't stop it. She can't delay the climax. I watch her cunt clenching, spasming on his cock. It grips his shaft, locking him into her. Hooking, grasping, begging with her body. His balls jolt up. You know. They jolt up sharply. The loading.

    Please God me. Give it me. I want the licks. I want the licks and nudge Luke further left.

    Carl notices. He notices.

    A second after he drags his glistening glans out of her, he tightens his fist and it comes straight into my face. Presumption, no presumption, I should know, I should know. Fuck that hurts. It hurts. It hurts all the more, look, fucking look, Luke's mouth is being directed back onto her dripping, well exercised cunt.
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