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. Reluctant Wife Trap

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, May 13, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Reluctant Wife Trap


    by someone named sport venture with erotic editing and additions updated mostly near the end on 13 May 2018 by EroticWriter.

    Look at that photo readers, the look on a faithfully married woman's face as she looks up at a virile and handsome man whom she has only met minutes before. Until now, she has never been naked and alone with anyone other than her husband.

    Imagine her to be your wife, and you are not there to 'protect' her. He is supposed to just be giving her a massage, but will it end there?

    Found the following story on another site readers. Good story, so I kept the title and added to and enhanced it to suit my tastes, and I hope most of you. This is one of my favorite stories I have found on the net. Like it almost as much as my own, hee hee.

    I was lucky to find a photo to use with this story and I stuck in text to go along with what we see in the photo. I feel this photo fits in perfectly with the story and the woman shown is much as I might have imagined her to look like.

    My credit to the original writer. Sport venture went on to do a second and third chapter I found out later, but since the same strange man was involved, they are not as exciting in my opinion, but you can probably find them on the net. EW.

    Reluctant Wife Trap

    Like many other husbands, I have a fantasy of seeing my wife with another man. While some wives readily agree to this fantasy, I wasn't so lucky. Over the last few years I had mentioned this to my wife a few times, her first response was "no way", and the second time she accused me of using this to get her approval to fool around with other women

    Both times she used her stern voice that told me there was no room for negotiation. I have always enjoyed a challenge, and this situation called for a superbly planned, cunning trap for my beautiful wife.

    I should tell you my wife Carol is 38, but could easily pass for 30. She has long brunette hair, great legs, 36 D cup that at times tends to overflow her bra, and a sexy, sultry smile. In the summer when she gets a tan and I can talk her into wearing a short skirt she will turn heads in any room. I work as a technician for a security company, which as you will see gave me some extra equipment for my plan.

    Carol, I am sure, has never had another man besides me. She did some necking in high school, and some petting, and she said she even jacked two boys off in their cars, but they never got so far as to get a hand inside her panties. Her tits yes, they had touched them, but not her pussy.

    I wanted to ask her so bad, but I waited, and before long, after we had been intimate twice, she told me that the two boys she had jacked to orgasm had been smaller than me. One way smaller, and the other a little bit smaller. I am using her wording here.

    So now, after years of marriage, I have been asking her if she ever wonders about having a bigger man, bigger down there I had to explain to her. “Not interested,' she claimed. 'Have all I want and need right here at home.'

    But still, I wondered, what if? I wanted to find out, see it for myself.

    First I had to find the right guy with all the right tools; well endowed, handsome, patient, and willing to go along with my plan. After a couple of months of discreet emails and screenings on various swinger magazines & websites, I met Steve on an adult website. Steve is 25, muscular, 6 ft 1", bronze skin, dark hair, brown eyes, very handsome, just the type I knew Carol would like.

    The photos he provided also gave testimony to what he would be using on my wife if given the chance. Steve had the kind of cock I had always dreamed of having. Uncut of course because I wanted to see, given the chance, my wife jacking a cock with foreskin. He also needed to be long but not hurt a woman long, and thick, almost she can't take it thick.

    Steve matched all those fantasies I had of a man and his cock knowing my wife. Intimately. Perhaps best of all, Steve lived close to us, but not too close as he lived in the next town, just thirty miles away.

    In our meeting I told Steve this plan might not work, but we would give it our best shot. I made sure Steve knew I wanted Carol to go along willingly, not by force. Since he had to buy some equipment for the plan I gave him $100 up front to cover expenses. Steve is single, but recently broke up with his fiance, and was more than willing to go along with my plan.

    It had been more than a year since I last mentioned to Carol about screwing another man, so I'm sure she had no suspicions I was planning anything. I made up a business trip to Detroit, where we had some large contracts with automotive companies.

    Acting like I just thought of it spur of the moment, I asked Carol if she wanted to come with me on a short overnight business trip. The kids could stay with friends, and it would be a nice break. Carol liked the idea, and I booked a room at an upscale 5 star hotel, and put my plan into action.

    We checked in about 1:00, and I told her "I have a short customer service call, but we will have a great evening after my customer visit." She was already horny when we got in the room, and she started to nibble on my neck and ears and wanted a quickie before my meeting.

    Part of my plan was to keep her horny, and I had used every excuse in the world to avoid having sex with her over the last two weeks. Usually we screw a few times every week, and she was almost desperate trying to get me in bed. I kissed her and tweaked her nipples, sliding a finger between her legs, and she was wet and hot! I broke away and told her to relax and get ready for a great night.

    What Carol didn't know was that I had booked two adjoining hotel rooms as part of my master plan. My customer service call was actually to the hotel room next door. When we had checked in to our room, after Carol went to the bathroom to shower I quickly set up 3 hidden wireless cameras and a microphone in our room.

    My "customer service call" was taking place in the room next door, setting up video equipment, checking on the wireless connections to the hidden cameras, calibrating the cameras for the light conditions, and making sure I was ready to get the big event on tape.

    I watched my wife on camera while she was alone for almost three hours. She almost started to play with herself, I think. She was walking about the room in just panties and bra, and at one point she had the TV on and was watching some soap opera, one of those lovey dovey everyone has problems shows, and I saw her sort of rubbing her crotch at one point, but her hand stayed outside the panties.

    That was good, I needed her to be horny and not satisifed.

    I came back from my "service call" at about 4:00, and Carol greeted me in those panties and bra and immediately gave me a kiss and wanted to play. I opened a bottle of her favorite wine and told her I had a surprise for her, and we had to wait until later to get in bed.

    She was really horny I think because at one point she had my cock ouf of my pants and was holding it. I was almost completely hard, but I needed to keep her horny. “Later baby, after the surprise I'll take care of things. Oh, and you had probably get dressed now. Wear something sexy.'

    She looked a little suspicious, but we had a few glasses of wine and I had Carol wearing a tight and sexy one piece dress, low cut showing her cleavage and mid thigh length. She looked hot!

    “So when are we leaving, and what do you have in mind,” my wife asked at about 4:20?

    “Funny you should ask,” I responded. “It's almost time.” She frowned, but let it lie there. Whatever it was I had in mind, she had to wait.

    At exactly 4:30 there was a knock at the door, and I told her the surprise was here. I had arranged a massage for her with the hotel masseur. Of course the 'hotel masseur' was my man. Steve came in, carrying a portable massage table, dressed in a nice polo shirt and khaki pants and carrying a bag of needed essentials. Carol was immediately nervous and a little suspicious, but Steve was very professional and immediately began to set up the massage table as I introduced them to one another.

    Suddenly Steve stopped and wriggling his table and looking down at it, he said, "I'm sorry, one of the legs on the massage table is broken." He was relating it, and the 'broken' leg was according to our plan.

    I pretended to be concerned and asked "Can you do the massage on the bed?"

    Steve said "It's not my first choice, but it will have to do." He looked at the king bed and said, “It's best if she stays in one place, in the center of the bed. I'll have to get on my knees on the mattress sometimes in order to work around her, but I guess that will work.”

    Carol didn't know what to do, but with some encouragement she started toward the bed. Steve said, laughing, “I can see Carol, that you have never been massaged before. Most of my client's prefer to get undressed, or you can wrap yourself in a towel. You don't want to get massage oil on that nice dress."

    Carol came over to me and whispered "I'm not getting undressed in front of another man."

    I laughed and said "Come on dear, he is from the hotel and this is a professional massage. He sees and massages people every day. Relax and go change in the bathroom." With a little more encouragement Carol reluctantly went to the bathroom and removed her dress, and came out wrapped in a towel

    She had pulled the large bath towel together and twisted it into a knot just off to the side of her breasts, but even so, the rise of her chest and the crack between was plainly visible. Steve pretended not to notice, but inside I am sure his cock tingled just as mine was.

    “On my back or...?”

    Steve smiled and pointed at the bed. “I usually start with my clients on their stomach, and then later they turn over.”

    As Carol climbed on to lay down on the bed, she had to undo the towel in order to place it over herself and we saw she still had on her bra and panties. Both Steve and I stared at that ass, so visible through panties that were basically see through.

    Realizing what Steve was now seeing, her face turned read as she immediately covered her butt and midsection with the towel. I refilled her wine glass, sat on the bed, and told her to relax; I was going to be right here.

    As Carol raised her body in order to take a drink, she had to rise up, and we had clear shots of her brassiere covered tit from the side. Carol handed me the glass and laid down. Steve started to rub oil on her shoulders, and as he moved down her back he intentionally kept catching his fingers on her bra strap.

    Steve said, "I think you will enjoy this more if I unstrap your bra, and most ladies also take off their underwear so the oil doesn't stain the panties.”

    “I'll take care of it,” I said, and immediately moved to unstrap her bra, and despite her mild protests I pulled her underwear off. I saw Steve move around behind me for a better view as my wife had to raise her hips for the panties to come off.

    There it was, her naked ass cheeks coming into view and both I and Steve were provided with a brief glance at her pubes from behind as her ass came up off the bed. I saw, and I know Steve did too, her lips open briefly as she raised herself high enough for me to pull the panties out from under her hips.

    Then she had to squirm around slightly as I brought them down under her thighs and the rest of the way under her legs. Her knees bent backwards, and the panties were off.

    Carol immediately reached and pulled the towel over her bare ass, and whispered "Honey, I don't want to be naked!"

    I laughed and whispered in her ear "Relax baby, I will be right here. This is a professional massage. Just think of Steve as being like your doctor. Besides, he's already seen your naked butt."

    Steve began to work on her neck and shoulders, talking professionally, and gradually Carol began to relax. When Steve stood up to pour more oil on his hands, he "accidentally" poured a lot of oil on his pants and shirt.

    Steve made a big deal about this, and I was laughing and teasing him about not wanting to ruin my wife's underwear and now he had ruined his clothes. Steve continued with our plan, and told me to take over while he washed the oil off his clothes.

    I continued to rub Carols back while Steve was in the bathroom washing his clothes. I whispered in Carol's ear how sexy she looked, and told her we were going to have great sex after the massage. She said, “After he is gone, right?”

    I laughed, “Of course baby, after he is gone.” But I carried it a bit further. “Perhaps you have already thought of it, but I thought that having an attactive man massaging your body would be a good warm up for you and me after he leaves. What do you think?”

    I had left her horny for days, and now she had this going. Of course my wife was horny, and she didn't know it yet, but she was also being prepared to take some strange cock.

    Her face was red, but she admitted to me that yes, this was kind of exciting, but she was still embarrassed over the whole thing.

    She was up on her elbows and I was tweaking her nipples, kissing her neck, and I slipped a finger into her pussy, which was already soaking wet. I gave her one stroke, two, and whispered, 'My wife, so hot, so anxious for me to fuck her, and she has to wait.”

    I gave her another full finger slow stroke, and my wife answered, “You bastard.” I kept stroking.
    “Take your finger out,” I heard my wife quickly gasp out as we heard the bathroom door open, and Steve came out wearing nothing but a towel.

    Her face still red, I saw my wife staying up on her elbows the better to to look, and I must say that Steve looked really hot with his bare chest, rippled abs and a noticeable bulge that was viible under that towel. It was down, not up, but definitely showing.

    The interesting thing was, my wife was up on her elbows, her naked breasts hanging under her, and she did not immediately lie down to hide them. Steve could see then I knew as he approached the bed, and she was perhaps unthinkingly allowing him to see them.

    Seeing my chance while my wife had her upper body raised, I held the glass for her and she took another sip of wine, a large one.

    "Sorry about the delay. I washed the oil off my clothes the best I could, and they are drip drying in the shower," Steve said. My wife immediately got nervous over a near naked man being close, but she was afraid to move since she was naked under the towel.

    I knew she was thinking it, and I voiced it. “Very interesting, this massage. Both of you are now naked under a towel. I'll bet this is a first for Steve.” I turned to Steve, who was smiling big time. “How about it Steve? Ever give a massage to some wife while you were wearing just a towel?

    Steve was clever and gave an answer that would sound authentibally like he had been gving massages for years. “No, not in a towel, but I've done a few where we were both naked.”

    I laughed, and I noticed, Carol smiled. I wanted to suggest it now, both of them be naked, but decided against it. As things were going now, according to plan, it was better not to push things too fast.

    I again told Carol to relax, reminding her I was still here. Steve resumed rubbing her shoulders and neck. This continued for about 10 minutes while Steve progressively worked his way lower on her back. I must say, he was making this massage seem legititimate as he seemed to be in no hurry to get to the 'good' parts.

    I filled her wine glass again, held it while she took another long swig, and winked at Steve. Then I said, "I have to go to the bathroom." Inside the bathroom I took out a borrowed cell phone from a friend at work, and made a call to my regular cell phone.

    I pressed the send button as I left the bathroom and quickly put the borrowed phone in my pocket. A moment later as I was sitting on the edge of the bed my cell phone rang, and after saying “Shit!” I answered "Hi, this is Jim," pretending to talk to a customer. I listened for a while and asked, "Did you reset the power?" "Did you reboot the computer?" "It might be the main frame. What error messages are you getting?"

    In order to make the call sound more authentic, I was sometimes putting my hand over the receiver and muttering 'Damn it, not now,” you know, things like that. To my wife it was appearing like the call was one I wished I was not getting. That way, when I took the next step, it would seem more believable when I left my wife alone with Steve.

    I continued this imaginary call for a few minutes and said, "OK, I can be there in 30 minutes." I hung up and said, "I'm sorry honey but I have an emergency service call. The customer is getting false alarms and they are really pissed off, and you know how important this project is. I have to go there right away."

    I looked at my watch. “Crap. It's quitting time, so I guess they are really concerned about this.”

    Carol got a scared look in her eyes that I was leaving and started to protest but I continued, "You will be fine, I will be back in about 2 hours. Steve can finish his massage and I will be back about...” I checked my watch, “7:00, just in time for a romantic dinner."

    Carol didn't want to get up without any clothes on, so she stayed on her stomach and protested again about me leaving. She was protesting, putting on a show for Steve I suspect, because she knew that if a client had called, I needed to take care of it.

    Wanting to see if she would do it, I said, 'Give me a little kiss baby till I get back.” I walked towards her but did not bring my head way down. She had to rise up about a foot to kiss me and did so, and in the process allowing Steve a sideways glance at her naked breasts.

    I am not sure if she was aware that she had done it, but it happened. “Hurry back,” she said with a sad look.”

    I wanted to make sure Steve had plenty of time for his mission, and I wanted my wife to feel that she would be safe from discovery. “It'll take about two hours, but I'll try to hurry.” I again insisted she would be fine and quickly walked out the door.

    My hear rate up, I quietly slipped into the room next store and thankfully all my security cameras were still working perfectly. Now it was time to record, and I hit the button. As I undid my pants I could hear and see everything as Steve continued his massage, telling her to relax.

    My wife nervously asked how long the massage lasted, and Steve said "Your husband booked me for an hour, but you are my last appointment of the day, so if we run a little late that will be fine."

    Finally all my planning was paying off. My beautiful Carol was naked, hadn't had sex for almost a month so I knew she was extra horny. She was a little tipsy from maybe the equivalent of 4 full glasses of wine, and she was alone in a hotel room and being massaged by a handsome hunk wearing only a towel with the single goal of seducing her! The trap was set perfectly, the only question is, would she take the bait?

    If what I hoped for didn't come about, it would have been an expensive over night trip because I was paying for two five star rooms, and I was giving Steve $200 for 'expenses' because he too had came up to Detroit from my hometown area for this adventure.

    Steve was a really cool guy and I had made sure to have a face to face with him first to be sure that I would feel secure in allowing him to fuck Carol. We had met up at a Wendy's believe it or not and I had taken an instant liking to him. Now, I was looking forward to seeing my wife being fucked not just because I wanted to see her in action, but also because I wanted Steve to be fully able to enjoy her.

    Steve had, in a short time, became almost like a brother to me. We had shared some stories, made some plans together, and hopefully, he was about to be close to the woman I loved, very close.

    His pleasure would be my pleasure as I watched them. I knew what Steve would be feeling, the wonderful wet warmth and tightness as he penetrated my lovely wife's pussy, yet at the same time I knew she would be feeling different to him than me because he would be stretching her more, and eventually, I had told him to enter slow, he would be deeper.

    Also, because of his proximity to her face as he went deep and remained, their heads would be close, so close that they might be kissing, and hopefully, a lot. Again, I was hoping that Steve would be able to completely enjoy my wife, and that included the possible mental aspects of what a kiss might mean when given in passion.

    Steve had insisted that no 'pay' was necessary since the plan was for him to be seeing, touching and then fucking my wife, but I had reminded him that the plan might not work and I wanted him to be compensated in that case..

    He had grudgingly taken the money but said again that just having the chance to see and touch my wife would be pay enough. His only concern was that my wife not be mad or unhappy. He seemed to be concerned about Carol's feelings even though they had yet to meet.

    See what I mean? A cool guy. For some reason, Steve's campaign became mine as well. It would not be him that was seducing my wife, but both of us.

    I was next door naked with a six-inch hard-on rooting for Steve as I saw him slowly work his hands down Carol's legs. He slowly massaged her calves, telling her how beautiful her legs were. I could see my wife's face as she laid her head on her arms. She was smiling.

    Working ever lower, and closer, he moved his hands up and down the backs of her lower thighs and knees, and I could see her legs trembling when Steve touched her thighs.

    “I hope you don't mind me complimenting you on your figure,” Steve said softly. “If your husband was here I wouldn't be saying it because some men are very jealous of their wives and might not understand.”

    “It's alright,” my wife said with a giggle. “I like hearing it from a man who sees so many naked bodies.”

    It was appearing that my wife was begininng to loosen up and relax with this man she had just met and almost instantly been left alone with. My cock was rigid as I just held it. Any more than just holding it and it would be blasting a load.

    I was switching the cams back and forth. The camera on Carol's face showed her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and her lips were starting to quiver. I could hear soft moans and gasps from my hidden microphone. Steve worked his hands further up the back of her thighs, and I saw a very slight, but distinct movement as Carol's thighs opened a little bit.

    Steve "slipped" and spilled a little more oil on the edge of her towel and upper thighs, just near the bottom of her ass. He moved the towel up a little more, and began to rub the oil in, and then gradually moved his hands up and firmly squeezed her ass cheeks.

    He spent some time there, on her ass cheeks, perhaps more time then a real masseur might do. His fingers were digging deep into her butt cheeks as he dug deep enough to work the muscles deep down. In the process, each time he dug deep, her ass crack opened and he could see everything.

    That stupid towel was still over her ass, blocking the view some but not hiding anything from Steve as his hands moved all over her, with the towel now on top of his hands. But that towel was blocking my view some, and I wanted it gone.

    Then, having had some really good feels of her ass and in the process having spread her cheeks and seeing her anus looking so pink in color, his hands slowly moved down between her legs.

    This was the moment as Steve went for the gold. Instead of resistance her legs opened a little more. Success! I knew immediately, my wife was going to allow him to get more intimate with her.

    When she opened her legs, Steve reached and moved the towel, laying it beside her on the bed. My wife did not seem to notice or maybe care that the towel was no longer covering her ass. Now Steve could see all of it at the same time, firm curvy and beautiful.

    As he continued to glide his hands between her thighs, massaging yes but also getting his feels, I knew he was getting close to her forbidden fruit. I was so hot watching her at this point that I barely touched my cock and it exploded like I was 18 years old, shooting almost to the ceiling.

    Steve kept slowly moving his hands deeper and deeper, and Carol's moans were getting a little louder and her breathing was fast. He was doing both of her inner thighs, just an inch from touching her pussy. Steve asked "Does this feel good?"

    Carol just moaned softly, "Oooooh yes, yes."

    I saw Steve run his tongue over his lips in anticipation as he reached deeper between her thighs, and I knew he was touching her pussy. Carol began to moan louder, and her legs moved apart as she lifted her hips up to allow Steve better access. Steve's hands changed into a forward and backward movement, and I knew his fingers had penetrated the target and he was finger fucking her.

    I knew it was probably just one finger, because had he tried two, he would have felt her tightness and maybe she might have resisted.

    Far as I knew, I would have bet on it, this was the first time any man other than myself had touched her there.

    Almost immediately Carol began lifting her hips higher, spreading her legs to allow better access for Steve, and her moans were faster and louder.

    She had raised so far off the bed that she was almost up into the doggy position. I could now hear her through the hotel wall without the microphone. She exploded into a huge orgasm in less than a minute, crying out as she ground her pelvis down on Steve's fingers.

    My wife laid flat on the mattress, gasping and trying to catch her breath. Steve in the meantime was acting as if nothing had happened as he continued to massage her, but gently and not right on her pussy. I watched my wife, knowing that Steve was waiting for just the right moment. Finally, she seemed calm, almost asleep.

    Acting like nothing had happened, Steve calmly told her to roll over, and she flipped on her back without any thought of covering up again with the towel. As he took in the loveliness of her fully exposed breasts for the first time, Steve's cock made a huge tent under his towel, but he stayed covered up.

    Carol spread her legs wide and with a sigh while looking up at Steve, she placed her hands behind her head and allowed Steve to rub oil over her her breasts, and as time went by, all over her pussy.

    Look at that photo readers, the look on a faithfully married woman's face as she looks up at a virile and handsome man whom she has only met minutes before. Until now, she has never been naked and alone with anyone other than her husband.

    Imagine her to be your wife, and you are not there to 'protect' her. No, instead, you have set this up and have your cock in your hand as you watch via hidden cam. He is supposed to just be giving her a massage, but is it going to be more?

    And then his hand went to her exposed and opened vagina...


    There was no doubt now that my wife was ready and I thought that he might try getting between her legs, but instead he moved his head between her legs and began to dip his tongue into her still quivering pussy.

    I know that Carol is capable of multiple orgasms, but I was stunned at how fast she was moving into her second cum as she held her hands on the back of Steve's head. "Ooooh this feels soooo good" she cried. He was reaching up now, and cupping those lovely globes that he had been craving.

    Suddenly Steve stopped and moved up to kiss her on the lips. I was surprised because I think that if Steve had chosen to come up between her legs, she would have taken him then and there, but instead, he had came up beside her.

    I held my breath because this was a biggie for me. 'Will my faithful wife allow him to kiss her? This to me was in some ways more intimate than her allowing Steve to finger or eat her pussy. As his face drew near, her arms immediately went around his neck in a passionate embrace.

    Now, for a little while, Steve 'owned my wife.' She was giving her lips to him, and to me, that meant that she was his to be had mentally as well as physically for the time they were to be together.

    Steve broke the passionate kiss, dropped his towel and stood at the side of the bed, with his huge cock just inches from Carol's mouth. "You can touch it, please, go ahead Carol," Steve said, as he resumed rubbing her slippery slit with his middle finger.

    Oh readers, I wish you could see how my wife's face looked as she stared at that cock looking so huge, so firm, and so wet on the tip. Carol was tentative as first, but slowly grabbed his cock and then began to lightly kiss and suck the tip. She sort of milked his shaft, and a huge blob of pre-cum poured out of the tip.

    Carol moved fast and caught it within her mouth before it fell to the mattress.

    Yes, Steve was dripping, pouring out actually on the tip, and my wife was now taking his juices within her mouth, in effect accepting another man into her digestive system before taking him into her reproductive system.

    Testing the fit, Steve buried two fingers in her dripping cunt, and Carol groaned and began to take more of him in her mouth. I was stunned because she rarely if ever likes to suck my cock, but now she was sucking Steve like it was her last meal.

    Steve pulled out of her mouth and quickly opened and slipped on a condom while Carol stared with wide eyes. Until now, my wife had been so shy, so timid, so reluctant to go along. Now, she changed right before Steve and my eyes as she sat up and watched with a smile as Steve rolled on that rubber while having a hard time getting it over his cock since the fit was so tight. .

    Carol smiled as she reached for and tested the feel of his cock as she slid her hand back and forth along the shaft and causing the rubber to fold under at the head as his foreskin rolled up within.

    She sighed and said "I've never had a rubber used on me. The condom's not necessary but since you have it on, hurry up, I want you inside of me." It was a complete surrender of my wife's inhibitions, and she was begging to be fucked.

    Then she made the move, a most intimate move as she opened her legs wide and allowed a man not her husband to get between. He was invading her personal space, and soon he would be even further into it with his body.

    “I'll need to get this rubber wet and slippery first.” Steve teased her just rubbing the head of his prick against her pussy lips, and she was grabbing his ass and begging him to put it in.

    Finally Steve slowly entered her as Carol gasped, and as his head popped through into her inner channel Carol actually said, “Oh Steve, I've never been stretched like this before.” Then as Steve went deeper she let out a groan that I could again hear through the walls.

    My wife actually used the F word. “Fuck you feel good! So deep, so much of you.”

    Steve again kissed her, slowly grinding their hips together without any pumping motion. I could see my wife's eyes as she sort of stared past his head and up at the ceiling as she gasped it out. “Is this the way you massage your women on the inside? God what a cock!”

    I could not believe the things my wife was actually saying to this man, the man I had selected to be the first ever to fuck my wife. In my imagination, my fantasies she had always taken a big cock, enjoyed it, but being shy and reserved, kept her feelings to herself.

    In all my fantasies, my wife had never openly been telling the other man, whoever he might be, that his cock is bigger and better than mine.

    But this was reality, the way my wife actually is I was finding out, and I was glad now that I had managed to find a way to supposedly leave my wife alone with Steve because I am sure that had I still been there, my wife would have felt too inhibited to be talking this way.

    Steve knew about the camera setup of course, so I am sure that he was holding back on his responses to her comments and was not saying things I wanted to hear, like: “It's better than your husband's cock, isn't it?”

    But then, as I was thinking it, my wife said it. “My fool husband. I love him, but he is too trusting. He actually left me alone with you and now I'm getting something so good, so much better than his, and hopefully he will never know.”

    “You have nothing to fear from me Carol. I am strictly professional in these matters. Your secret is my secret.”

    And my secret too, but my wife would never know that I had heard that coming from her, how his cock is feeling so much better than mine.

    I am sure that inwardly, Steve was feeling proud, maybe smug because he knew I was watching and listening. I hoped, deep down really hoped, that my feeling of closeness to Steve was in fact, being shared by him.

    I felt close to Steve, I had sensed that Steve felt close to me, therefore I wanted him to share the closeness of my wife, this one time, today. I wanted him to know, to feel, that he is doing this in the knowledge that his pleasure is my pleasure, and that he is not in fact, putting me down.

    After all, he couldn't really be putting me down, the size of my cock if I had made it a point to choose him partially based upon the size of his cock now, could he?

    My wife was reacting to him with passion and In response, he began to put more feeling, more force into his fucking, and my wife seemed to come alive, even more than before.

    Carol began to buck her hips violently, and she screamed that she was cumming again as her legs went up high and wrapped around him.

    Steve kept pumping in and out, varying the pace and strokes while kissing her neck and ears. I couldn't believe his control, he was fucking my wife and loving it, but still showing no signs of climax. I was wondering what all Steve might be saying to my wife if he didn't know I am watching on camera.

    My Carol was getting the fuck of her life. As Steve got on his knees and began fast and deep thrusts, I could hear the headboard pounding against the well and the bedsprings bouncing.

    “Take it baby, take all of me.”

    “Yes yes,” my wife moaned. “Talk dirty to me Steve, please. I want to hear it.”

    Well, I must say, that one surprised me. But Steve responded with some dirty as requested.

    “You're getting a big cock Carol, bigger and proven to be better than your husband's cock because you said so. Take my fat cock deep into your twat, stretching you so good, so wide, and giving you perhaps the first real fuck you've ever had!”

    Wow. I couldn't believe this. Not her best fuck he had said, but her first real fuck. I held my breath waiting for Carol's response.

    She didn't disappoint.

    “Yes, yes! My first real fuck. You got that right Steve. I never knew what I have been missing all these years. Give it to me good because this is probably my one and only chance.” And then she began approaching another orgasm.

    I think that Carol, perhaps without her being aware, had bottled her passions up inside in her desire and efforts to be a faithful and loving wife. Now I had popped her cork so to speak, and all her desires, perhaps her cravings, were coming out.

    I shot another load watching, as Carol turned her head toward the camera. Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened, she was grunting and moaning with every breath. Carol raised her knees higher and wrapped her legs around Steve's waist as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rippled through her quivering body
    Again she came out with the dirty talk, a side of my wife I had never known existed.

    “You fucker. You're so good with that cock of yours. I've never cum like this before, over and over. You've obviously had lots of practice you dirty man. If my husband was here I'd be telling him to give you a big fat tip as a reward for the way you are giving me your big, fat, tip!”

    It was unbelievable to me the way my wife was talking. That line about getting and giving a tip was like she had became someone else, and I was seeing a new side of her, or maybe a side that until now, had never came out.

    Finally, he gets my wife bareback.

    Then Carol asked Steve to remove that rubber so that they can enjoy each other skin-to-skin. As I wondered where the heck she had heard the phrase skin-to-skin, both Carol and I watched excitedly as Steve struggled to get that already stretched rubber off his cock. He tossed it onto the floor and climbed on.

    My wife got the biggest smile on her face as he slid smoothly in. "That's better Steve, so much better."

    I still don't know how he was able to keep going this long but finally, after another two minutes and another orgasm from my wife, Steve began to grunt and I knew he was getting ready to blow, and he finally let out a scream that once again came through the hotel walls as he pumped his jism deep inside my wife's drenched pussy.

    "Steve! I feel it, feel you..." Her words were cut off as Steve jammed his lips onto hers. Carol was struggling, even in her passion, to raise her ass and legs as high as she could get them up and around him in order to better receive his load.

    In the afterglow of their torrid passion, they lay together sweating from their workout, gently kissing and holding each other. I think an entire two or three minutes passed before I heard my wife giggle and ask, “Is this a regular service the hotel provides?”

    Steve smiled and said, “Only for the most special of my customers.” In response, my wife said “Thank you,” and again kissed him, and passionately. It sounded, the way my wife had thanked him, that it was now to be over.

    Steve suggested they move to the shower. I watched, fascinated, as my wife and this so much more man held her hand and walked with her and out of sight. I also noticed that just for a second, Carol looked down as they were walking to see how Steve's cock looked naked and standing, and she wasn't disappointed, I am sure, to see it hanging maybe six inches down and swing side-to-side as he moved.

    I have to admit, they looked good walking naked together, more a match than she and me.

    My cameras couldn't see in the bathroom, but I could hear plenty of giggling and laughing as they played and cleaned up in the shower.Now, maybe for the first time I felt, sensed resentment and jealousy that Steve was enjoying my wife while I could not see.

    Finally they came out and back into view of my cameras. Steve got dressed, and as his long dangling cock disappeared within his pants my wife actually looked wistfully at it and said 'Bye bye beautiful cock' as Steve zipped up.

    Yeah, she actually said that. Unbelievable. Yet, maybe very believable because this trap I had set up for my wife had turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime for her, apparently.

    I would have thought that to be modest again, she might have put something on, but Carol still stood naked and threw her arms around him in a deep kiss. Steve took out a hundred dollar bill and left it on the dresser and said, "I can't expect you to pay for this massage, here is a partial rebate on the massage fee service your husband ordered."

    "No Steve, please keep it. You more than earned it."

    "No baby. If you want, don't tell your husband I gave it to you and buy yourself a nice meal somewhere, on me."

    She giggled. "If I do, it will be the most enjoyable meal I ever ate."

    Steve kissed her again and remembering to pick up his gear, he left with a huge smile on his face, glad that my plan had worked to perfection.

    I kept watching the screen to be sure that my wife did not keep the door cracked in order to see Steve going down the hall. I couldn't see the door with my cameras but I could see her in the room. She was nowhere near the door so as Steve passed by, I opened my door and waved him in.

    My Turn With The Man Who Fucked My Wife

    Grinning, we immediately shook hands. Two conspirators, flush with success. But who had achieved the best success, me or Steve? The reader must decide,

    “Fuck, your wife was fantastic. Did you see it all on video?” Steve's eyes were bright with joy. The F word seemed to be appropriate so I too, used it.

    “Fuck yes. Got it all and jerked off twice.”

    Steve seemed surprised to hear my admission but smiled. “I can understand that. "

    Before he could go on, I just had to tell him., "Steve, I didn't know she had shaved her pussy. She's never done that before and must have done it to surprise me on this trip. So you got to see, touch and fuck it before me."

    "No shit? Fuck, that's fantastic. Your wife has a great bod with fantastic tits, but what I want most to talk about is her pussy," he giggled, "her shaved pussy. It is really tight. When I first went into her, I wasn't sure I could get it in.”

    I made a joke. “Did you say IS tight, or WAS?”

    Steve caught my meaning. “Well, in time, maybe a year,” he joked in laughter, “she'll be back to normal.” He saw that I was taking it well and went on. “I want to thank you. Carol is one of the best fucks I've ever had, and the way we went about it was a real turn on.”

    I had to tell him. "Well, I was a bit disappointed when you put that rubber on at first, but it probably worked out for the best cause when she asked you to take it off my excitement level went up, big time."

    He laughed. "Mine too. I really wanted to have her skin-to-skin, and it felt like I was fucking her new all over again."

    There was something I wanted to ask. “When you were finally into my wife and going at it, and she started kissing you, it looked like she was really being passionate. Do you think that my wife was in love at that time?”

    Steve frowned. “With me? In love?” Hell, I don't know, she might have been, but you don't need to worry, I won't be trying to take her away. I don't even know your real name or address, remember?”

    “Steve, I'd like to set this up again. But we have a problem. Now you are officially the hotel masseur, so it can't be done unless we use this hotel again. Next time, same setup, it would be pretty hard to make it happen, her being alone with you.”

    Steve sighed. “Yeah, we made a careful plan, but it doesn't leave any room for round two.”

    I was thinking about asking Steve if he wanted to watch some of the video since I had to kill some time, and in the process, I was thinking, maybe Steve would whip out his cock and I could feel it with my hand, just to experience what Carol must have been thinking.

    I'm not gay, but had I been in the room with them, I would have found a way to be feeling his cock, I'm sure of that.

    So I asked. "Steve, I don't have a lot of time because I'll have to check out of this room with my gear and get it onto the car and then be getting back to Carol, but would you like to see a little bit of what I have filmed?"

    "Hell yes. Let's see it. Fast forward it till it gets to where she first turns over and shows her shaved pussy!"

    "Exactly what I was thinking Steve."

    So I did, fast forwarding, stopping a couple of times to be sure where I was on the video, and then there it was her pussy, shaved and open for Steve's touch.

    As we stood there, yes stood side-by-side, Steve looked over at me and smiled. "I know you want to, so go ahead and feel it."

    I looked down, and sure enough, Steve had it out, already erect.

    As I eagerly wrapped my hand around his thick shaft, my heart pounded. It felt so warm, and soft yet completely firm at the same time. My heart began to pound. "Fuck Steve, my wife must have gone wild feeling this inside her."

    "You have the video for proof."

    In another minute we both had our hands on a hard cock.

    We watched some more while Steve also stroked my hard cock, and finally, when Steve was inside my wife on the video, he asked, yes, asked. "Want this inside you?"

    He knows! How the fuck does he know that?

    "Yes. Yes I do. I've never done that, but I'm curious as to what my wife was feeling."

    "I have some K-Y right here."

    As I dropped my pants, Steve rubbed some K-Y on his rigid rod and stepped behind me. He began by running his hand over my ass cheeks and feeling the curve. "Nice ass man, this is going to feel soooo good."

    'Yes," I answered excitedly, "but maybe just as good for me as it feels for you."

    "Just keep watching your wife taking my cock and pretend it's you, and this will feel...so...much....better."

    Steve was slowly easing his cock in as he talked, and yes, it did feel so much better. The fact that he again had his hand on my cock helped.

    "Fuck man this is hot. First I fuck the beautiful, unsuspecting wife, and then I fuck the horny husband. Your ass feels good man, almost as good as the wifey."

    I was honest with him. "It feels good Steve. Do your best to hold back so we both cum at the same time my wife is cumming in the video."

    He had it buried in me now and began pumping. My cock stiffened.

    "Tell me when to cum and I'll let you feel me throbbing into your tight ass just like your wife felt me throbbing into her tight pussy."

    I was really aroused now and not sure if what I was saying to Steve was making sense.

    "Yes. I've changed my mind now. I want to cum with you, in the video. You cum too, same time. Wait. Wait till you cum in her, that's when I want to feel you."

    We watched all during the time Steve fucked Carol with a rubber, and then pulled it off, Steve pumped and stroked, I put my hand over his at times to stop his stroking so I wouldn't cum too soon, and we waited until that moment when Steve groaned and blasted his load into Carol's pussy.

    My wife was saying it. "Steve! I feel it, feel you..."

    I was feeling him too.

    Oh fuck I came. Never so hard, so intensely, so completely in my entire life. I was feeling Steve, feeling what my wife had felt, at the same time I was seeing it on screen. I think that I would have came just as easily and hard had Steve not been stroking my cock at the same time.

    Then it was over. Steve seemed to move his body, his upper part closer to me like he wanted to hug me, and for a moment I thought he was going to try and kiss me. I guess my imagination was going a bit overboard at that moment.

    Then he let go of my dripping cock and pulled out, his cock already having gone mostly soft.

    It was embarrassing after. I felt self-conscious about what had happened as Steve went into the bathroom and washed his cock. It was strange then, our not speaking to each other, like a wife and husband who had fucked but fucked after having had an argument and still were not on speaking terms.

    Then I took my turn as Steve put his cock away. My turn though did not consist of washing my cock, it was sitting on the commode.

    Fortunately, Steve left the bathroom and waited. I was out in two or three minutes, though my ass still felt like it was draining cum. Steve had dressed, and he saw my soft dick for the first time, looking all of three inches dangling.

    He seemed to be studying my cock, as if really seeing how small it is compared to his for the first time, and I acknowledged it. "Now Steve, you can see why my wife's eyes got so big when she first saw your cock and probably compared it to mine in her mind."

    He nodded, and I think, tried to build me up a little bit, my ego. "Yeah, you do look pretty small when soft, but your cock grows pretty big from that starting point."

    We again shook hands, and I asked Steve if he wanted that $100 back and he gave me an emphatic 'No' saying that he should be paying me. We shook hands still again, and he left.

    I wondered, immediately after Steve had gone, how does he feel about me? Does he feel that he cuckolded me with my wife, and then also got to fuck me as well? Me letting him fuck me, does that make more more the cuckold? Or does he think of this as something we shared, two buddies with a common goal?

    I thought of my video, paused now on screen. 'Too bad, might have been nice to have that in the film, Steve fucking me while we watch my wife on screen.'

    I immediately went to my screen and rolled the recording back to where Steve had left my wife to see how she had reacted after he had gone down the hall.

    I know he must have dumped a huge load into Carol because as I waited and watched the screen after Steve had left my wife alone, fifteen minutes later she reached down and felt herself and again went into the bathroom.

    I fast forwarded and apparently It took a long time for her to re-appear on screen after she had gone into the bathroom and I knew that she had been draining any residual.

    The thought occurred to me. What about that rubber? I had not seen Carol pick it up, and if it is still lying on the floor when I come in, I will either have to pretend not to see it, or discover it. Hmmm, if I did that, then Carol would not be able to deny what had happened and that could start a new conversation between her and I.

    I might even act shocked, maybe disappointed, and enjoy having her begging forgiveness, and trying to explain what had gone on in her head, and even see if I can get her to tell me some details and because I had seen all, see how truthful she might be.

    But she found it. I saw her pick it up on camera and holding it delicately between two fingers, she held it up and studied it, then took it out of sight from my cameras and into the bathroom. I hoped she knew enough not to try and flush it and instead would wrap it in tissue and put it in the trash. Later, I figured, I could pull it out and look at it, maybe even sniff it.

    There again, I could 'find' it in the trash, but that might be kind of hard to do since why would I be checking the trash can?

    I checked my watch. It was forty past six. I would have to wait almost another 20 minutes to get back, and then I would have to make a decision, fuck my wife so soon after Steve had stretched her so good, or wait.

    If we fuck, she would be able to make an instant comparison in her mind, after the fact, as to how my cock feels to her. She had already done it the other way, compared Steve after having had me for years.

    My wife would probably make that decision for me, I knew. I would come into the room, and she would either rush towards me with open arms and legs ready to open, or she would play it cool and wait for me to make the first move.

    If she doesn't immediately try to fuck me, I will take her out first, in that hot dress, and get her after dinner when I've had time to recharge.

    I used a few minutes of the time I had left to again vacate my ass and then vacate that other room and take my gear with me. I put it in the car trunk and headed back to my room, the room my wife was waiting for me in.

    I could feel more cum maybe, around my anus. Using my card key, I took a deep breath and opened the door.

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