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. Release: A Sexual Awakening

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Dean Cassady, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. Dean Cassady

    Dean Cassady Member Member


    Author's note: This is an excerpted chapter of a longer novella titled, Release: A Sexual Awakening, which can be found on Amazon and Smashwords under that title. It tells the story of the young and beautiful Aylar, who is unexpectedly reconnected with her old flame, Javier. Through a series of events that she is unable to control, Aylar finds herself swept up into a seven person orgy, and when Ken, Javier's friend, introduces her to his big black cock, her world is changed forever. If you enjoy this short excerpt, please consider buying the full length version, as the story gets much juicier.

    A slight rustling aroused Aylar from her peaceful slumber. Her orgasm was so intense that she had drifted off for a moment, basking in its afterglow. Still highly aroused, her body trembled. She blinked open her eyes in anticipation of the sight of her beautiful lover. To her shock, instead of Javier’s frame, a dark, hulking figure hovered in front of her. She impulsively slammed her legs shut, but he was already in between her knees, and her legs thumped against his hips.

    Ken was startled by her reaction, but he made no attempt to disengage. He remained lodged in between her, allowing her time to recover from the initial shock. He placed his large hands on the outsides of her shuddering thighs, and his eyes sought hers. When her gaze caught his kind and unthreatening glance, she momentarily relaxed, but she was still confused beyond comprehension. “What’s going on?” She thought.

    She scanned the room, looking for Javier. She found him walking toward Gaby, his cock dangled pendulously from side to side as he made his way to her. Gaby sat positioned on all fours, her face pressed into a couch cushion, her ass high in the air and legs apart, revealing her glistening, well-fucked pussy, slightly agape yet enchanting Javier like a moth to light.

    He quickly yanked the condom off and casually tossed it aside before saddling behind her. Without pausing for her acknowledgement, he grabbed her hips and ferociously thrust into her. Gaby let out a deep moan but almost instantly realized that it was not Ken who had penetrated her. She looked over her shoulder as he pumped into her, and when she recognized Javier, she reached down and grabbed his balls from underneath.

    “You naughty boys—one pussy isn’t enough? Okay, cabrón, come take this bad Boricua pussy? Gimme that hard Spanish cock—Dame la polla, papi!”

    Javier groaned when she gave his balls a loving squeeze. He ran a hand through her lustrous, curly black hair and pulled roughly as he thrust against her thick ass. With his other hand, he slapped her, eliciting a sensual moan.

    “¿Quieres la polla, puta? Dime que quieres la polla,” he growled in Spanish.

    Sí, papi. Give me that fat dick. Oh shit, that feels so fucking good, papi. You fuck me so good.

    Aylar opened her mouth to scream for him, but her voice was choked by a sob. A rush of jealousy flooded through her. She was furious. He was hers. What was going on? How could this be happening? Was her pussy not good enough? Was he not satisfied? The questions triggered her deepest insecurities—thoughts she had worked for years to suppress into the furthest recesses of her mind. Things were happening too quickly. The stale air and the alcohol in her system made the room spin. She grasped at the cushions underneath her for some semblance of support.

    She took a few deep breaths and tried to regain control of her emotions. Clearly the two men had colluded to switch partners without informing the women. After all, Gaby had been surprised as well. But then why did she so willingly submit?

    Aylar needed to reorient herself; she returned her gaze to Ken, trying to escape the flurry of confusion. His body silhouetted against the fire, but she could see the small beads of sweat that collected along his smooth scalp and rippling forearms. She let her eyes roam his naked body. He had broad shoulders and a strong, barrel chest. Aylar had never been into black men, but Ken’s ebony skin made his muscles look more pronounced, making him even more intimidating.

    Aylar attempted a weak smile. He smiled back. This comforted her, alleviating the feeling of being exposed to this strange man. She let her gaze roam south, down his broad chest to his washboard abs. She ran her fingers along the length of his stomach, letting them graze each muscle in silent admiration. Thinking back to the conversation from earlier in the night, she began to wonder what the rest of him looked like.

    She let her gaze wander even further now, curious whether the hype was real. When she caught focus of the object dangling in front of him, an involuntary gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes darted to his, seeking assurance that her sight did not deceive her. He held her gaze calmly, a subtle curl of his lips providing the confirmation she sought.

    She was dumbfounded. It was incomparable to anything she had ever seen. Even in the faint light—and standing at only half-mast—it looked to be a foot long, encrusted by a thin layer of Gaby’s drying juices. Its knobby, golf ball sized head pulsated as blood coursed through it, twitching up and down, utterly hypnotizing her.

    “Oh no, no, no,” she protested, backing onto the couch and away from the ebony monster. “That thing is massive. It won’t fit inside of me. No way.” And yet, she could not look away. It was obsidian black, battle-tested, ready for more.

    Ken lingered, neither pressing forward nor retreating. Mrs. Thomas, the bewitching and intoxicating sexual savant to whom he owed so much, had taught him that with patience, reluctance transformed to curiosity, and curiosity bred lust. She had introduced him to the art of seduction, and in the years since, he had become a virtuoso of the art form.

    Ken held firmly to the back of Aylar’s legs, keeping her close. “Ken, I jus—I just can’t.” She stammered, her gaze still locked intently on his tool. Despite her reticence, she already longed to touch it, to validate its existence. It bobbed with anticipation, mesmerizing her.

    “That’s okay,” Ken said with genuine sincerity. “I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Do you want me to go back to Gaby?” He made a half-hearted attempt to pull back, but Aylar maintained pressure around his midsection with her thighs.

    “I didn’t know they made them that big,” she said feebly. Her attempt at humor increased her heart rate. She felt a shiver run through her body.

    Ken reached out and took her by the wrist. He guided her hand to his shaft, and she wrapped her fingers around it. His cock instantly responded to her touch, rising quickly. She pulled at it delicately, massaging it with her fingertips.

    She edged closer to him, stroking him gently, sensing him trying to suppress his desire. Ken moved to follow her lead; he pressed his thumb against her clit and rubbed softly, gently working it to maximize her pleasure. “Wow,” she uttered. “That feels nice.” Aylar’s fingers tightened around his dick until it rested in her palm. She felt its thickness, its sheer weight of presence.

    Almost unconsciously, Aylar pushed her hips against Ken’s thumb, her mental and physical capacities overrun by the hormones flowing through her. Ken knew that he had her. He swept his arm under her, and in a single powerful motion, he lifted Aylar and brought her buttocks back to the edge of the couch. His balls throbbed with anticipation as she ran her fingertips along the shaft of his tool one final time. Aylar did not resist him, but she did not volunteer anything either. She was content to let him take her.

    He parted her thighs further, taking a full view of her pussy. Her slightly protruding labia already glistened from her previous orgasm and her legs quivered slightly with anticipation. She gripped the cushions and nudged her hips forward, edging closer to his now throbbing cock.

    Ken held the base between his thumb and forefinger and shifted his weight forward until the head pressed against her wet lips. Their bodies connected. Heat emanated from inside her. With a slight movement of the wrist, he rubbed against her clit, up and down against her labia, parting her lips, signaling his entry.

    Then, with the most delicate of motions, he nudged his hips forward until her vaginal lips parted, allowing the head into her. As the ridge pushed in, Aylar’s eyes bulged, her knuckles white as she gripped firmly against the cushion underneath. He patiently let the head sit inside of her for a moment, until she settled and was ready for more.

    Unwittingly, a barely audible moan escaped from her lips.

    “Ready for more?”

    “I don’t know,” she said, looking to him for guidance.

    “Take a deep breath, baby. Does it feel good?”

    “I—I don’t’ normally do stuff like this,” she stammered.

    “That’s okay. We’ll go at your pace. This is all about you right now.”

    “I’ve never had anything so big. It feels like you’re splitting me in half!” she said breathlessly.

    “Your pussy’s tight,” Ken said. “I’ll take it slow.” He reached down and fingered her clit with his thumb.

    “Be gentle,” she pleaded. “It really hurts.”

    “Do you want me to pull out?” he asked, already doing so.

    “NO!” she cried in an almost panicked voice. Despite the pain, the region around her pussy craved more. But Ken was already out of her. Aylar watched intently as he wrapped his hand around the base of his shaft, still leaving about eight inches of his black cock—the head now glistening with her juices—protruding from beyond his grip.

    “Please put it back in,” she begged.

    “Are you sure?” he asked, stroking his cock.

    “Yes, baby, it hurts but it feels good at the same time.”

    Ken pressed against her opening, but instead of pushing in, he pushed up, running the length of the shaft against her outer labia and clit, racing up her torso until it finally came to rest near her belly button. “How is that fucking monster going to fit inside of me?” she thought to herself. Nevertheless, her pussy was aching for it. She tried to assure him that she was ready.

    “That feels so good baby. I need it inside of me,” she said aloud.

    “Beg for it,” he demanded.

    “Please baby, I’m begging you,” she repeated obediently. Rather than grant her wish, Ken took his dick in hand and smacked heavily against her pussy a few times, only serving to excite Aylar more.

    “Oooh,” she squealed. “Please baby. I need you inside me. I won’t cry anymore. I’ll do anything.”

    “Call me ‘Daddy,’” he ordered.

    “Yes, Daddy. Anything for you, Daddy,” said Aylar. His teasing was building her up even more.

    Finally, Ken obliged. He placed the head of his back to her outer lips and pushed forward. This time, her pussy complied with relative ease, taking him in with no problem. He took a few shallow strokes, allowing the ridge of his cock to stretch the outer ring of her pussy.

    Aylar could feel the head, now nestled tightly in her body, twitching reflexively. She sensed her vagina relaxing to accommodate his girth, but she was still conscious of the fact that he had not even pushed halfway in. Just then, his hands grabbed against her hips, and he guided himself forward. In the final moment, before he thrust all the way, she remembered, “No, wait… a condom.”

    Before she could protest, a burning sensation engulfed her pussy as the full force of his cock ran up her vaginal canal. “Fuuuck,” she moaned. “Uhhh!”

    She felt her body succumb to him—a sublime pain turned pleasure, confounding her senses. She threw her head back in ecstasy and let her pussy absorb him. He thrust in and out slowly, each time pushing further in, stimulating nerve endings that she did not know existed. Her pussy was being cruelly wedged apart, clamping tightly around him, twitching, begging him deeper, until suddenly she felt the battering ram of a head press against the front of her womb. It was a strange feeling—not painful, but unlike anything she had ever felt. She simply did not know whether her body registered pain or pleasure. She extended an arm to his stomach, subtly motioning that she could take no more.

    She looked down to take in the sight. His large, broad fingers pressed tightly into the flesh of her waist, recreating the striking tonal contrast that she had admired when he and Gaby were intertwined. Her eyes wandered from his hands to forearms, which strained with exertion.

    She shifted her gaze to between her legs, the epicenter of her pleasure. His cock—the ominous ebony nightstick that incited terror moments ago—now pumped into her with a steady rhythm, its black shaft glistening with a thin lather of her body’s lubricant. The last two inches were conspicuously dry, indicating the precise point where Aylar’s body had reached capacity.

    With the initial pain subsiding and her mind no longer preoccupied, Aylar’s focus turned inward. Her pussy tingled with the excitement of a building orgasm. She gripped his arms and bucked against his him, taking in the picture of this gorgeous black marauder rapturing her body.

    Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh—” she grunted with each thrust.

    Ken knew that if he didn’t control his carnal desire he could hurt her. He used a slow and deliberate rhythm, angling his thrusts so as to maximize the pressure against her G-spot, amplifying her physical pleasure. Her breathless panting interspersed by ravenous moans confirmed that his pace was just right.

    He gradually increased the depth of his strokes until he was pulling out almost entirely and then pushing deep into her cervix. From his vantage, her pussy stretched taut around his pole, its labia distending outward each time he pulled out. It struck him that this gentle creature had likely never been with a black man before, let alone one as endowed as he. The thought excited him further, swelling his member further.

    Aylar tried desperately to resist the build-up of her impending orgasm, trying to prolong the moment. But as the physical and psychological melded together, a sensation welled from deep inside, steadily building inertia until she could no longer control it. She shut her eyes and screamed out in pleasure, falling back against the couch, letting the spasms run through her like targeted electrical shocks.

    As Aylar writhed over his cock, Ken slowed his pace, again using short, shallow strokes to extend the orgasm. Watching her lurch in ecstasy brought him close to the edge as well. He desperately wanted to cum inside of her, but the night was young, and there was much enjoyment to be had. Gradually, he slowed his pace entirely, pulling out slowly until just the head sat snugly inside the outer muscles of her pussy.

    “Oh my God,” uttered Aylar in between breaths. “That was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had.”

    Ken leaned in and for the first time, kissed her gently on the lips. He then pulled back and pulled out of her completely, letting his dick flop heavily onto her pubis mound. As he did so, Aylar’s vaginal walls collapsed into the void he left behind, her pussy remaining slightly agape. The whole area ached with a dull, pulsating pain, but the tingling from her orgasm provided the perfect ointment.

    Aylar looked down at the phallus resting above her pussy. A thin white coat of her cum enveloped most of it, accentuating its masculine energy. In a gesture of affection, she reached below and wrapped her fingers around the wet tool, gently guiding its black head back to rest snugly inside her a moment longer. When he was safely back inside of her, Aylar absentmindedly stroked her clit, her mind drifting over thoughts of what just transpired.

    She could not describe it, but in that moment, she felt a sense of exhilaration sweep over her that she had not felt for many years. She felt liberated—as if the years of anxiety over Javier simply dissipated. So many unanswered questions no longer seemed relevant. She had never truly attempted to understand Javier’s motives before, but in that moment of clarity, she understood why he could say that he loved her with all his heart and still want more.

    Love is a complicated thing, and sex is but one part. For the first time in her life, Aylar suddenly recognized that she too could love Javier, but sex with him—him alone—would never again be enough.

    As she mulled this nascent worldview, a mischievous smile curled her lips. The night was young, and she was just getting warmed up.
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