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. Rebooting his angst

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    If my affair was private, it wouldn't be like this. I wouldn't know what David was thinking or feeling about the fact that I was going with Carl. The intimacy wouldn't be there, between my husband and I. There would be no hope of augmented or improved sensuality between us, only the prospect of cold betrayal and hurt when the affair became public. I truly loathed the idea of sneaking about cheating. I hated the prospect of public humiliation for us both when the affair 'broke'. So when Carl really did show interest in me, commenting appreciatively on the way that I wear boots, I decided that I had to admit to David that I was also attracted to Carl. I wanted him to do something....something much more than compliment me. It was odd really because both men had a interest in my boots. For David they were a symbol of my dominance. My husband polished my boots until they shone and sometimes, yes, sometimes, I had him lick them when worn. It was kind of sexy watching him kneel to lick my boots after I had been out shopping with the girls. With Carl though the boots meant something different. They were a provocation. He wanted to fuck me.

    I said to David one Friday night, that I would be spending the Saturday with Carl. Of course he had seen the guy, registered just how confident and masculine he was. He saw Carl as a man. But I insisted that what we were really doing was quite legitimate, search for Lalique glass at a huge antiques fair. David seemed to accept the explanation nicely enough and come the Saturday morning I dressed in very tight denim jeans with a pair of calf leather high heeled boots worn one the top. They were polished like a pair of guards officer's boots and I felt very chic for Carl.

    'Do you need to lick them?' I asked David curtly.

    He blushed. His red face said that he did, so I set my booted foot up on the bed and he started to lick. I never allow him just to lick the uppers, he always has to lick the soles too, taking his own risk if there is dog shit or something down there. He licked the first boot diligently all over and I watched him. It was a disturbingly pleasurable watch this time. I wasn't disgusted this time. His little peccadillo habit had a purpose. In my head this obsequious act represented a capitulation to Carl if I wanted the man. I put my other boot ip for the same attention and he set too, licking like a dog does when it cleans its own bollocks.

    'I'll probably have dinner with Carl afterwards, you can get yourself something can't you?' I said airily.

    David looked up at me, his tongue travelling over my high heels. He blinked what I took to be a yes.

    'I think that Carl is going to fuck me' I said, pausing to let the news slip deep into David's consciousness. I said it just like that, as a fact. I didn't say I wanted him to fuck me. I didn't ask for permission to have an affair. Then I stuck the knife in, 'would you fight him if he does?'

    I knew the answer. He wouldn't. He isn't strong enough, physically, but mentally too. There, already....

    David shook his head. There is shame in his face. He is ashamed. It reached across his face and made him look pathetic.

    'I thought not' I said. 'I asked because it is best he know these things. If he takes me, it will be good for him to know that you won't cause hassle.'

    I couldn't believe that I said that. It was so cruel. But watching David lick my boots I felt cruel. I felt very cruel indeed.

    'You think I'm too good for you don't you? You think I'm too fine, too posh, to superior for you...that's why you do all this stuff with my boots.'

    He didn't answer. He wouldn't answer, but it was true. He knew it was. So I pushed him away with my boot, the sole of it in his face and he fell back on his bottom. I took up a bracelet and held it for him to fix around my wrist. He did so, and moment, by moment, as he got the catch of the bracelet something immense had happened between us. David wasn't just bending his knees to me as his mistress, he was also accepting that a mistress might well chose to take a lover. The frisson of that was huge, absolutely huge. The thought of submitting to such a masculine man, Carl, whilst dominating one like David, well, it shot sex through with the hottest thoughts as well as the dirty acts of an intimate life.

    I wanted to tell David that I would sleep with Carl. I wanted him to know that I wanted that. But there was something bigger than a taunt in my soul. I wanted David to wonder, to chew himself inside out, wondering what I would choose to do. So I told him nothing. He would have to sit at home and wait and wonder. He would have to stay at home and fret. I imagined him waiting when I returned, looking quickly, anxiously, at the crotch of my jeans to see whether Carl had petted me, may be even fucked me. I wanted him to sit perspiring, awaiting his fate, waiting to see whether because he licked my boots, like a dog, whether I would accept a better man into my bed. Thinking like that, watching David kneel on the floor, it really sexed me up to go out with Carl. Fuck Lalique glass. I was able to flirt with the dishy man all day long, knowing that if he took it to the extreme, then there wouldn't be a peep out of my husband.

    Carl took my hand that morning and found it again and again after we had looked at items on the stalls. He kept glancing down at my legs. I imagined his thoughts, my boot covered feet up over his burly shoulders as he ploughed into me. I imagined his cock lancing me. I smiled shyly at him and he just took the kiss. To the gentle mirth of a stall holder who didn't want him to drop the glass, he kissed me on the mouth and it became a lingering snog. Carl handed the woman back her glass, and slid his hands down onto my bottom. His mouth covered mine and we kissed casually, comfortably.

    'David won't be a problem, he will never fight you' I whispered as we looked into each others eyes.

    'Good' Carl said. It must have looked so sexy. A slim blonde woman in the arms of a handsome black guy in the market. Other shoppers smiled fleetingly at us as they passed. It was as if they all knew, they all knew that I was his conquest and that this was the moment it began.

    'I'd hit the fucker if he did,' Carl said taking another kiss.

    I nodded. 'You won't need to. I have him to heel.' I smiled, it seemed silly, but I said it then, 'he licks my boots for me.'

    The kinky act didn't seem to phase Carl. It was as if he guessed it. May be my boots were so highly polished, fetish polished.

    'You bitch the guy?' he asked as we started to walk on. My heart was racing. His hand felt so big and so strong. I wasn't sure what he meant by 'bitch' but I guessed that it was dominate...did I dominate David? Was I cruel to him?

    'I will if you want me to' I whispered, my eyes begging for a further kiss.

    'Yes' he answered.

    We fucked at his place. By mid afternoon the antiques market had lost ur interest completely! The first fuck was urgent, after all the teasing. Carl pulled off my boots, peeled my jeans down, threw me on the bed and then took his dick out to me. I had never seen such a thick, throbbing tool! I didn't know that this variety of man existed. His cock was bulbous, circumcised, brutal.

    'Show me your cunt' he ordered.

    Black guys did this it seemed. You were to lean back, open your legs and then your sex lips so the moist, trembling interior was open to view. It was a submissive act, a bitch act. Carl felt me, discovered how good and wet I was for him, and so he slotted his cock into me. I screamed, just once as the thickness of that thing forced my labia apart and occupied my cunt.

    'Shut the fuck up woman!' he snapped at me.

    So I whimpered instead and took the shafting. I took it his big member sliding up me and making me gasp. I learn to breath in rhythm to his shafting as it was the only way to cope. Despite the act pain of his occupation I climaxed on him. I writhed and wriggled against him as he ejaculated, looking like a doll out of control on his member. Feeling his cock explode, feeling his handsome balls dragging sharply upwards against my skin as he administered the ownership load, made my head fizz. It was as if it was full of sherbet!!

    'You let that little shit fuck you and I'll give you both a hiding' he growled.

    I nodded. There would be no pussy for David, no humping about.

    Carl pulled out of me and it was like a cave fuck. I felt as though the tribe had just watched the alpha take me. I felt his semen pouring out of me and imagined David seeing that. I imagined him amongst the rest of the beta males, watching the act, smelling the scent of coupling. Frankly, my sex looked a mess! My cunt was spasming in a way that made me feel utterly out of control. It just belched and drained semen, seemingly endlessly. It was so swollen and pulled about, pink, engorged with blood, trembling.

    Carl went and fetched a razor and trimmed my pubes the way he liked them. A neat inverted triangle pointing down to a cunt that now looked like a fleshy cabbage, prized open and filled with the thick semen of his balls. Letting him shave me was so sexy! He said that David was to keep me trimmed this way for him. Shaving was to become a ritual, just like the boot licking. I watched Carl smear his excess semen on the crotch of my jeans. I was to smell of conquest.

    'I want him licking your crotch when you get home understood. Leave your panties here' he ordered.

    'Yes' I answered obediently.

    'Send me a video clip bitch, him licking your crotch'

    'Yes' I said reverently. Thinking about that, picturing it, the confirmation of dominance for Carl, I nearly creamed myself again. It was so cruel.

    Before driving me home, Carl gave me his mobile number. If David ever proved awkward, then one call would bring retribution.

    'I'd film you hit him, ' I said hypnotised by the idea, 'so that he could see what happens, in the future, if he doesn't do as he's told'.

    Carl grinned. His bitch would have to be cruel. That would be part of the sex soup, the terrible heightening of the pleasure.

    When I put my jeans and boots back on I really did smell fucked. I smelled of Carl, his masculine smell. I smelled of his semen and I felt 'marked'. A woman shouldn't thrill at being someone's property, but I did then. I wanted Carl to own me. I wanted David to know that I was owned now, by the black man. Carl parked the car on the drive in front of the house and we kissed for a while. David's car was there, so he was home. He was home and I guessed that he was watching us quietly from a window. Carl though, wanted it understood that he was moving into the territory. There would be trouble if David developed a spine.

    Carl got the car door for me and I stepped out running my fingers down the jeans, feeling the sticky patches where I had been marked up. He wanted to kiss me again and although that seemed ultra cruel, such a fucking terrible taunt to my watching husband, I responded willingly. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth, his hands run down and around my buttocks pulling my crotch against his.

    'I own you now' he said firmly.

    'Yes' I whispered.

    'Don't explain a thing to him, lead him by the nose. Let him learn through his fucking nose' Carl whispered.

    'Yes' I responded submissively.

    By the time that I let myself into the house, David had retired to the kitchen. He busied himself checking the casserole that he had made us. Ever hopeful I thought, that I would come home sometime.

    'I told you that I might dine out' I reprimanded.

    He looked so shocked. I spoke so sharply to him.

    'Throw it away, I don't want it' I said curtly.

    He looked again at me, his eyes wide. It was as if a stranger had strode back into the house.

    'I told you to throw it away' I repeated imperiously.

    I watched him pour it into the food caddy. The fact that he hadn't eaten didn't signify. It was just instinctively necessary to establish my rule. I felt the need to do it. He showed me the empty casserole dish like a boy might show his mum that his dish was good and empty. He looked so nervous, so caught unawares.

    'Fetch me a glass of cold white wine' I ordered next. It was so strange, he looked mesmerised. He wanted to ask. He wanted to know, that was so obvious. When he came to me, to hand me the wine, he smelled what I had done. He smelled that I had been filled. He smelled that I had been taken. I saw his nose flare and then his eyes glaze over, defeat written across each.

    His bottom lip was trembling like he was about to get the cane! But we looked into each other's eyes and my look said, 'no...you may not know.' He broke the stare first. His head went down. Later, much later, I would understand this as a submission. This is how men capitulate to the bitch's will.

    'Please.....please...I need to....' he murmured in a little incantation.

    'Lick my boots' I said calmly.

    He looked pathetic. He looked pathetic as he nodded.

    'My arse first, the arse of my jeans' I ordered. I had never ordered before, only grudgingly granted him access to my leather boots. Now I wanted to play with him, to humiliate him. I wanted to film him licking my arse.

    He dropped to his knees and I turned about so that my denim stretched rear was in his face. I angled my mobile phone back to capture the moment.

    'Lick it!' I ordered him crisply.

    David licked my arse.

    He addressed his lips to the denim and he licked the arse of my jeans. I giggled. It felt so powerful and so sexy. I swivelled around and pushed the crotch of my jeans in his face. The sticky, smeary patches, they reeked of coupling. David's face contorted. He didn't want this. He didn't want to lick up my lover's congealed spunk. But he WOULD do as he was told.

    'If you're not going to learn to obey, you can fuck off' I told him waspishly.

    he denim was wet from my draining. I really did smell like a little whore. Then there were the smears. So I slipped my boot covered foot up around the back of his head, the smell of leather and spunk mingling and drew him to what he must worship.

    'Lick my crotch' I ordered him smoothly.

    My phone running, there, then, David licked my crotch. He licked my crotch, tasted Carl's semen, pulled a face and I whispered,

    'swallow it down'.

    I watched his Adam's Apple covert. The first slug of smear had been consumed.

    'Lick my boot' I ordered, a coaxing reward.

    David licked leather.

    'Now my crotch again' I instructed.

    He ran his tongue over my wet and smelly crotch, his nostrils, flaring, flaring.

    Another lick at boot, then crotch, and then boot.

    I unbuttoned the fly of my jeans, revealing my pale skin and the sticky smears of more mastering there. I watched his face as he realised that my lush bush was gone, my sex trimmed to requirements. I saw his eyes widen as he looked down and saw how my cunt was pulled open, like a monster had been taking me. beads of thick, rich, masterful semen stood out on my lush, stretched, peach coloured labia.

    'Understand?' I asked.

    I felt him shake against my leg. Even through the leather f my boot I felt him. He was shamed.

    'yes' he murmured.

    'You'll get a hiding unless you worship it' I said coldly.

    'yes' he answered, his face a picture of defeat.

    I pushed him a little away. I didn't want him licking me out just then. I wanted to feel marked a while yet. I presented the sole of my boot to his pathetic little mouth. There had been pigeon mess on the path as I walked to the front door. Well, David would feed the damned birds.

    'Lick' I ordered.

    As he did so, I touched myself. I touched myself softly and I thought of Carl.

    [Lutheran Maid has written a cuckolding novel, 'The Intimacy of Three' available as print and download through Amazon].
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