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Really Bad News - Sex bill is already passed !!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xxxeccentric, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. xxxeccentric

    xxxeccentric Supporting Completely Divided Perineums Author!

    There are all kinds of new limitations on your freedoms in this bill that has already been passed. All sites must now shy away from any sex topic that might, in the most silly way, be interpreted as trafficking.

    I am sure that your favorite young woman, (or young guy) in a video or photo can be labeled "Sex Trafficking". This is a done deal and will be signed by Trump.

    Sex Trafficking Bill Heads to Trump, Over Silicon Valley Concerns
  2. xxxeccentric

    xxxeccentric Supporting Completely Divided Perineums Author!

    I find myself very cynical about the interpretation of sex trafficking. That was the concern of Silicon Valley and net professionals, that photos, videos, all images, can become interpreted as trafficking by ANY local DA. I remember, in the 70s, local DAs hunting swingers, shutting down parties, arresting and professionally ruining locals. NOW, with this new law, the local DAs are free to witch hunt and follow their extreme evangelical leadership. When you think more critically, you can see that even amateur productions, that are used for the survival of a site, can be thought of as trafficking.

    Actually, anything supporting a site like this one, the gallery, the stories, et al, are up for grabs by some insane local DA.

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