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. Raped and Violated, Some Guy's Wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Jun 5, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Raped and Violated, Some Guy's Wife


    After her second demonstration of how she can squirt, during which I pulled back from her a few inches to let it spray, I saw her look towards her husband with what looks like embarrassment or maybe shock at what I am making her do, and in front of her husband.

    I took my own look at her husband, and I could see what looks like disbelief at what he is seeing. His wife is squirting, something I am sure, he has never seen her do. I had this sense of power, knowing that I can predict the future and in that future he will be trying to get his wife to squirt.

    Written by "Neighbor", 2010 with some additions by EroticWriter

    Found this on another site years ago readers under the title Rape a Guy's Wife. Had it stored on my PC and decided to add a good bit of erotica and post it. I also added how the rapist happens to see her and learns where she lives. The squirting is my add on, as well as what the rapist is saying to the cuckolded husband and giving his choices at the end.

    The way 'Neighbor' has the rapist subdue and control the husband is kind of far-fetched, but it works for this story. EW

    Raped and Violated, Some Guy's Wife

    I assumed they had lain on the bed, maybe drunk, or maybe tired. Why else would they be asleep on the bed this early in the evening, she still in dress and high heels? Legs shiny from her pantyhose? Her breasts were covered, but I could plainly see that they would, when exposed, be at least a C cup. In any case, big enough to fill my hands.

    He was dressed, not for a party but rather seemingly just home from work.

    I like physical, and I had a couple new toys to try out. The air conditioner fan had muffled the sound of my quietly screwing the "C" clamps to the top of the bedroom door. A modified garage door opener motor would work as a hoist, with a quarter inch metal cable that would reach to the bed. Firmly connected to a self-locking ring big enough to go around his neck.

    The idea was for him to panic, as I locked the ring below his chin, and the hoist motor began dragging him out of bed. He would claw at the ring, but would be unable to find a way to open it, as the cable dragged him out of the bed, and the 8 feet to the bedroom doorway.

    The cable would quit pulling when he was standing in the doorway, but his hands would find no purchase upon the ring, the cable that held him, nor the makeshift hoist, or even the "C" clamps with their turn-handles removed. As his panic melted, realizing that he was not being hanged or strangled, he would find himself a helpless onlooker as I violated the lady who had lain down in her pantyhose.

    I had stood over them for an instant, savoring the sight of a real woman's body, with the delicious legs shiny and smooth, both their faces relaxed in a light sleep. His eyes had instantly opened the moment I had stabbed the neck ring towards his adam's apple, and it clicked shut behind his neck. His surprised yells as the cable began dragging him chin-first towards the edge of the bed. I knew no neighbors were home, near enough to hear his outraged yells.

    I studied her, about 28, maybe 30. Beautiful face and hair, fantastic bod. I had spotted her in the local mall, then followed her out to her car and then home. Watching from a discreet distance over time, I had learned that she has a husband, and knew both their hours.

    This was a Friday night. He had taken her out to eat, then home. I had followed at a disceet distance, hoping he didn't take her to a movie or something.

    He didn't. A couple hours out, and then home. Perfect for me and perhaps them as with no need to get up early and go to work, they just might decide to lay in on Saturday morning. I figured they might need it after what I have planned.

    With her husband now secured, I pounced on her, she on the bed on her back, my face close to hers. As she bucked and screamed, spat and tried to bite and scratch, my black running clothes, and my wool ski mask helped me to fend off her attack, and my weight kept her from rising, or rolling to her side.

    With my right elbow to her chin, and grabbing her wrist with my left hand, I began tying a sheet to her wrist. I shook the rest of the sheet loose, and threaded it through four of the upright bars of the bed's headboard.

    My left elbow replaced my right on her chin, as I tugged on the sheet, pulling her tied wrist to the bar of the headboard, and now with both hands I concentrated on pinning her other wrist near the headboard, and tying the sheet around her other wrist. Her arms were now tied to the top of the bed, as she continued cursing and bucking, trying to twist to the right and to the left, spitting and trying to bite.

    I shook a pillowcase loose from a pillow, and pulling it diagonally, I knotted it 3 times in the center, making a makeshift ballgag, and pushed the large knot between her teeth, stretching her mouth to it's limit, her muffled cries continued unabated.

    I rolled down her body, my full weight on the top of her knees, and I pulled the letter-opener from my pocket. It looked a bit like a plastic pocket-comb, with a narrow slit containing a razor blade. I used it to hook her pantyhose just below her navel, and in one smooth slice it opened the front of her pantyhose from her stomach to near her asshole, without even a scratch on her.

    I momentarily considered tying her legs spreadeagled to the foot of the bed, but I wanted see those shiny legs flailing in the air as I took her. Her husband, who had gone strangely quiet, would also get to see those legs kick the air, perhaps even wrap themselves willingly around me.

    Climbing off the mattress for a moment, I reached down to unzip my pants, leaving my belt on, but freeing my rigid member. I saw her eyes widen when she saw my mass, and I figured, based on percentages, that it was quite a bit more than she was used to getting.

    I turned my body so that her husband could also see, and his eyes widened. I gave it one stroke for his benefit, pulling the thick foreskin all the way to the rear, revealing the thick knob, and making sure that he had fully absorbed in his mind what his wife was about to receive. Then, smiling inwardly, I dropped my trousers and leaving them lying on the floor, I climbed onto the bed and walking on my knees, came up between her legs.

    She must have known what was coming, as her muffled screams renewed, and she began trying to buck my weight off her, as I moved my hips and began positioning the head of my dick on those soft lips below her waist. I was feeling impatient, and reached down and grabbed my cock, and rubbed it's tip up and down, searching for any moisture. I rubbed my way between those lips, and as expected began to feel the first bit of lubrication.

    My entire mouth could show through the ski mask. Smiling down at her, I continued to rub my fat tip up and down through her slit. She grew wetter, and as I smiled down at her, she turned red in the face because she knew that I knew it was feeling good to her. Her new wetness was a sure sign.

    Behind me, I knew, her husband was watching. And from his angle directly behind us, at the foot of the bed, he would be able to see every inch of the penetration of his wife if I kept my body up on my knees as I fucked her. That I planned to do.

    Knowing that her husband was watching, seeing all detail as I took his wife was part, a big part of the excitement and pleasure I would be enjoying today.

    While her gagged cursing continued, her body seemed to pause, and her motions subtly changed to a token rocking back and forth, as if she wanted to convince herself she was still trying to buck me off, but suddenly as if her heart wasn't really in it.

    She let out almost a groan as I eased only just the head of my dick between her cunt lips and felt her stretch around me. Enjoying the feel of her tightness, I reached into my pocket and pulled the handheld vibrator cuff, and strapped it around my right palm.

    I reached between us, and found her clit, and lightly pressed my first two fingers on either side of it, not really against the clit, but pressing the flesh around it. Her look of surprise was accompanied with a lull in her bucking motion, and I could see that the fear and anger was accompanied by a curiosity.

    I wanted to make the penetration last, and before I would insert myself fully, she would be making the moves to take me fully. Gently rocking my dickhead in and out by a quarter of an inch, I gently pressed the vibrations to the sides of her clit. "Close your eyes", I ordered.

    She went silent, and her body went still, and her eyes closed. Then we began our contest of wills, mine to stimulate her body, her "will" to ignore my efforts, and not let the excitement of the vibrations penetrate her defense.

    I could tell that she was finding it hard to breathe with that gag in her mouth, and feelilng pretty sure that now she would not make sounds of protest, I reached between her lips and pulled it out. I was right in my assessment as she took in a big gulp of air, and then as I placed my lips against hers, she did not resist. We kissed, but for now I didn't take a chance on sticking my tongue in her mouth. No, not yet.

    Keeping the tip of my cock just slightly into her, we both lay perfectly still for a couple minutes, then I began to nibble the top of her shoulder, at the base of the side of her neck. My lips and tongue rubbed the side of her neck, small gentle bites went from shouldertop to base of jawbone, and back. I felt her shiver, all the way down her body it felt like.

    "Wrap your legs around me", I command quietly. She lay unresponsive. My left hand grabbed a small bit of hair and rudely jerked. "How would you like to be slapped?", I snarled. Her legs widened, her knees out, her ankles tentatively sought the back of my calves and rested there. Her eyes had opened, and I told her to shut them again, and that I would tell her when to open them.

    “My cock is waiting for you to invite it in. I'm just holding it there, waiting for you.” I had whispered it into her ear, the rest was up to her. I kept nibbling on her ears, her neck, and sometimes, I would kiss her, but only briefly.

    Then I took it further as I whispered. “Come on baby. I know your husband can see my cock partway into your pussy. He is probably watching and waiting to see me penetrate you with my big cock. You don't want to keep him waiting, do you?”

    I was laughing inside. I knew that I had said something to her that would probably make her try to resist for a longer time, but it was inevitable, time was on my side, she was going to get fucked.

    We lay for another couple minutes, then suddenly her heels involuntarily pressed against the back of my legs. At the same time, her hips had thrust forward, and momentarily the mouth of her pussy had gripped my dickhead. I was pretty sure that it would have been obvious to her watching husband that it was she who was now inviting me in.

    She had made the thrust upwards and I had won the battle of the wills.

    Inwardly I smiled. That was what I had been waiting for. She had seen my cock, she was feeling the contact, and now, finally, regardless of her husband seeing, she wanted to enjoy the feel of it inside. I increased my slow strokes in and out of her, now penetrating a couple of inches, stretching her wide with my fat head and feeling her tremble as I let my vibrating fingers begin to touch her clit.

    A moment later, another hip-thrust upward from her, and with it came an exasperated "huh", as her emotions and anger battled her awakening body. With that thrust she had taken fully half my length, and I knew that now, she wanted to feel it all. Her husband would also know that his wife was getting something that she might have only dreamed about before this night.

    Her eyes tightly shut, her body rigidly still, I could hear the breathing change, and I could feel her heartbeat begin to accelerate. The body heat between us was increasing now. Her dress was pulled partway up, allowing our skin to be touching, and I could feel a wetness from the sweat forming between the area where my lower abdomen was in contact with hers.

    Again I placed my lips against hers, and before I could experimentally penetrate her with my tongue, she had her tongue in my mouth. I knew now, she was mine. I owned her, both mentally and physically, at least for a while.

    Then the serious fucking began. I would move forward, going easy, and she would push against me to deepen my strokes. Now she was taking me all, and for an instant, her eyes looked into mine as if she wanted to tell me how good it was feeling. Just for an instant she had looked at me, and her face had reddened as she looked away.

    I was into some married pussy, deeply into some married pussy, and the man that had married that pussy was back there and watching. I sensed that now that I had started, that her husband would not be wanting it to end quickly. I intended to give him a show as I thoroughly enjoyed his wife.

    I fucked, slowly and gently, and despite her wetness, the tightness between us continued as I worked on modifying her pussy to fit a cock that I suspected she had long been craving. It was not long before the orgasms began. Her orgasms.

    “He can see and hear you coming baby,” I whispered into her ear. “You can't hide it any longer. He knows that you are feeling pleasure, extreme pleasure, and he is already wondering if your cums are better than the cums you have with him.”

    I knew that she was trying to suppress her sounds, but they were coming out, and I wondered how loud she could be if her husband was not back there. Behind me, I could sense her husband watching, making not a sound, and I wondered if he had an erection.

    "You know," I whispered in her ear, I'll bet your husband's cock is hard seeing this." I saw her take a quick glance toward her husband, then back at me.

    I remembered that I had not as yet gotten a feel or seen those breasts of hers that looked so good outlined within her tight dress. I could not get under it on top, so finally, I paused for a moment and lifting my lower half, I pulled her dress all the way up past her chest. Now I could see her breasts, the brown nipples so erect as they reached out and up for my fingers.

    It would take about half an hour until her final whimpering and quivering climax, with her eyes open and looking into mine. Knowing that I had ample length with which to work, I had fucked her multiple ways. I had used rapid in and out strokes, and I had also moved my hips sideways, hitting the walls of her vagina in ways a smaller cock could not.

    Most of the while I had remained high on her so that her husband could better see the action. But there was one position I used where her husband had not been able to see anything other than my dangling balls as I fucked his wife, because I was down low and not fully up on my knees. .

    I had laid lower on her and fucked up and into the top center of her vagina, and in the process, using my fat head to directly assault her G spot. She had been having orgasms before, but this attack on her G spot, maybe her first ever, was the move that would make her squirt.

    Even over her loud groan you could hear the hiss as she sprayed up and all over my lower abdomen, and I knew that behind us her husband could see the clear liquid as it dripped down and off my balls.

    She had hit me with quite a bit of pressure during that spray, and I wondered how far into the air she could have gone had my body not been in the way. I kept fucking her G spot, testing her to see how many of those orgasms many women never get to feel she could produce.

    In one way maybe I should have left her gag on, because now she was being pretty noisy. Her pussy was sopping wet from having squirted a couple of times, and her hip thrusts were direct and unabated, her heels crossed and her knees pressing in to the sides of my legs.

    After her second demonstration of how she could squirt, during which I had pulled back from her a few inches to let it spray, I saw her look towards her husband with what looked like embarrassment or maybe shock at what I was making her do, and in front of her husband.

    I took my own look at her husband, and I could see what looked like disbelief at what he was seeing. His wife was squirting, something I am sure, he had never seen her do. I had this sense of power, knowing that I could predict the future and in that future he would be trying to get his wife to squirt.

    Feeling really ornery, I climbed off of her and walked towards him, my hard cock jutting way out forward towards him as I walked. I didn't even glance back at her, knowing full well that she would continue to lie right there in bed and wait for me. Actually, she couldn't do otherwise with her arms tied to the bedposts.

    Laughing, almost giggling I was feeling so ornery, I undid his belt and unzipping him quickly, I yanked his trousers down. I saw his face express shock and horror at what he knew his wife would be seeing.

    Sure enough, out it sprang. Not very far, but it sprang out. His circumcised cock, hard as a rock and somewhere between five and six inches long, and slim in appearance. There was no doubt, her husband was thoroughly aroused at seeing his wife being fucked. The drip of pre-cum dangling from the tip added to the show.

    I'm not gay but I wanted to add to the sense of eroticism or perhaps his humiliation as I wrapped my fingers around his cock and gave him a stroke. I stood off to the side so that his wife could also see his cock as I gave him just one stroke, teasing him because I knew that he wanted to cum. His hands were free to do so if he wanted to jack it, but so far he had been holding off.

    That drip of pre-cum on the tip increased in length with that one stroke as more fluid came out some of it fell to the floor. But more remained, dangling off the tip.

    Now that his cock was out in the open, I wondered if he would feel free to masturbate. His wife could see, and if he did so, he would be silently admitting to her that he was aroused and enjoying seeing his wife being raped with a big cock.

    I gave him still another stroke and I knew that he thought I might be getting ready to make him cum, but instead I held out the palm of my other hand and caught the fresh string as it poured out.

    I left him hanging there and came back to her. She was staring back and forth from her husband and his erection, and mine. I knew she was having mixed emotions at both seeing her husband obviously aroused, and also being able to make a direct comparison between his penis and mine.

    A difference of about three inches in length and a thickness almost twice as wide was the comparison she was making, and I wished that I could hear her thoughts, but of course she could say nothing.

    “Here baby” I said to her. “Here's some lube juice, compliments of your husband.” And with that I rubbed my pre-cum filled palm over her pussy, adding her husband's juices to those from his wife and me.

    As I rubbed her husband's juice all over her juicy pussy, I saw her looking up into my eyes and I knew that she was wondering what kind of man could be doing such a perverse thing, something she both hated and loved.

    Then, wanting to show her husband how his wife had adapted to my size, I climbed over her and slid in to the hilt with one smooth stroke, and her moan was obviously one of pleasure and welcome. Those legs I had talked about? Oh, they were wrapping around me now, and her heels would sometimes dig into my back. We really fucked then, I mean fast and furious at times and slow and loving at other times.

    It lasted another 15 minutes, and she squirted some more but was running dry I think as each time she put out a little less. Regardless, I had to move her over on the sheet more than once since it was so soaked. But with each move I made sure to keep our feet turned to her husband so he could see the action. I was wondering if he had as yet done some squirting of his own.

    Feeling proud that I had been able to hold back and last for so long, I gave her what might have been my biggest load ever. I laid on her for several minutes after, just kissing her, and I could feel more cum draining into her as I softened.

    It was then that I said something into her ear, wanting to hear some verbal acknowledgment from her as to how much she has enjoyed me.

    This is maybe the most enjoyable part of raping a wife in front of her husband, getting them to talk about it after.

    “Going to thank me,” I whispered?

    She hesitated. Then, when she felt sure that her husband can not hear, had not heard, she whispered back. “Yes, thank you.” And at the same time she gave my ass a squeeze with her legs. Finally, almost but not quite completely soft, I pulled out and after giving her a moment to stare, I allowed her husband a look at my wet and shiny cock, with the cum still dripping from the tip.

    That is when my cock probably looks the most impressive. It appears to be completely soft and hanging, but most of the size is still there. Almost eight inches soft, and still thick. And when my foreskin again covers the head, it hangs past about half an inch and adds to the appearance of soft length.

    That's the way my cock looks for a while after blasting my load. Eventually it would return to its normal hang of almost seven inches. I knew what her husband must be thinking as he stared at my cock until I had put it away.

    She just laid there, making no comment as she watched me zip up, and then I heard her sigh, as if she wished I could stay longer. Interestingly enough, she continued to lie with her legs opened rather than trying to close them and cover up.

    There she was on her back. Her dress pulled up above her exposed tits. Her body sweaty, from the forehead down, and her legs still spread wide with the cum starting to seep out, and all over her legs and the bed under her and off to her right side, big wet spots on the sheets from where she had previously been lying.

    If a woman had ever looked fucked, or what is that expression, 'ridden and put up wet,' she did. I was surprised that she was not closing her legs, acting embarrassed, trying to hide herself now. Either she is letting me know that she is completely satisfied and worn out, or she is telling her husband that this is what she has secretly been craving.

    Whatever the message, she was giving it out by not moving from her position on the bed. Maybe it was because she was letting her husband know that she was waiting for him, because his cock was still sticking out and erect.

    The best part, talking to the cuckold husband like a fuck buddy.

    It was then that wrapped the fingers of one hand around his dick and spoke to him. “There she is man, your wife, all spread opened and posing for you. After I leave, you have a decision to make. Do you call the cops and lose this opportunity, or do you want to jack off now while she lies there like that and letting you see, or do you want to wait and save it for when you are inside her?”

    There, I had put it out for them both to hear. He hesitated, looked at his wife who was still lying with her legs spread, and finally, with a sigh, he said, “I'll wait.”

    Then I moved closer to him and whispered so she can not hear. "You might want to leave her arms tied to the bed and fuck her that way, and while you are feeling her stretched out cunt and all my cum soaking this hard dick of yours, you can be thinking and wondering what she is feeling.

    Will you feel small to her? Probably. But I think you will find it exciting to be following behind me as you enjoy your newly awakened wife."

    He looked funny at me, and then nodded his head slightly. I gave his hard cock one more squeeze and moved away. You know, I don't think he minded one bit that I had fondled his dick while teasing him about his hot wife.

    My exit was uneventful, as I had told her husband that the hoist will relax in about 5 to 10 minutes, and he will be able to reach the keys to unscrew the "C" clamps that keeps the hoist fixed to doorway top. As I walked into the darkness, I curiously wondered why he had been so silent as I had violated his wife

    In a few minutes he will be free, his rigid cock visible to his wife. She will be lying there, all filled with my cum and with her arms still tied. Will he take her then, before undoing her arms?

    I figured that rather than calling the cops, he will probably end up on top of his wife as he takes what used to belong exclusively to him, and she will be lying there, lying to him as she tells him that he still feels good to her.

    But mostly, I remember her juicy core, and those shiny-smooth legs wrapped hungrily around my own, as her quivering body delivered a piece of her that would forever belong only to me. I had owned another man's wife not only physically, but I knew for a while, mentally.
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