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. Random poetry.

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by CumSlurpingCuckold, Apr 6, 2018.

. Random poetry. 5 5 2votes
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  1. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    Power: Black fucking shaft.
    God cock: African Phallus.

    Like many of you, I'm a Beta white boy.
    But I know my place. I lost the race.
    Jerome, the Black Alpha, he breeds in my place.
    He gives her the Grace. in between those thighs
    and inside her womb. He takes my place.
    He fucks my face. Black man won the race.

    My wife's fat cunt lips give him the love.

    Fat bouncing ass cheeks,
    whats inside get fucked like a glove.

    Brutal. Primal. Natural. Loving.
    He pumps us full, we yearn for the sperm.

    My limp fucking dick couldn't do it,
    so she dates and flirts and takes what can.

    I feel the burning, embarrassment and shame.
    She winks and sucks and loves a real man.
    I'm weak in my knees; elbows up,
    she's aiming to please

    and he's fucked us.
    I love them. That cream. Its new life.

    I'm a white beta faggot husband, useless in bed.
    I yearn to get fed.

    African Creampie has Blessed our bed.

    That frothy Communion. God's spewage.
    I lick and drink it up. It goes in my gut and makes me better.

    Drinking that nut is an improvement upon my lot.
    I'm so thankful, her womb soaks up what he shot.

    I tear up, I give up my snot.
    Bobbing up and down on her man.

    Big black dick in my hand.
    Beta bitch white boy, I know where to put it.

    In the love of my life, she was born to consume it.

    Meaty clit when she sees him.
    Flooded cunt, her lips act as a damn.

    He's an Afrodisiac.
    The Superior Man.
    But also a God.

    So we give Jerome the Glory.
    We worship on his cock.
    We're both in love with him,
    and he's breeding our story.

    You know Black is better.
    Guys get over it. Ladies, take a ride.
    There's a Black Bull somewhere, in all of your lives.

    I'm here to spread the good word,
    and suck on Black cock.
    I'm a faggot, but I love my wife.
    Our faith in him is like a rock.

    Frothy Creampie pumped into spread,
    welcoming, spent and sweaty thighs.

    Into those hairy folds, and a foot inside.
    Sperm flowing at her cervix, my pride.
    Marinated cunt, oozing my surprise.

    I take delight. Her asshole blinks so bright.
    And drinking Jerome's used sperm, well,
    it feels so fucking right.

    Breeding her is his right. I've tasted the light.
    Receiving His insight....

    An African fucked Eve in the Garden,
    and my destiny is the same as Adam's.
    Oozing fertility is my Communion.
    I love them like no other.
    I drink his potency from her, that used sperm.
    He's made her a mother.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  2. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    As a Beta White boy, I've obviously had to cum to terms with the superiority of Black masculinity. In doing so, I've found the need to suck and drink Creampie. These are just a few of the words that have cum to my mind while I masturbate to BBC.

    I would love for others to share their own poetic vision of Black Glory. BBC Worship cums from the heart, and its only natural that we give it praise in this way.
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