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. Rachels Corruption - pt4

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Atip, Jun 20, 2018.

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  1. Atip

    Atip Member Member

    Friday came quickly that week as work and the evenings sped by. Laurence had cornered me Friday lunch time while I was grabbing a coffee with Rachel in the staff restaurant.

    “Bobby! Fancy tapping that club up that we hit a few weeks ago?”

    “Probably not big man. It’s been a long week and I’ve not been sleeping to well, so we were going to have a night in”

    Which was the truth, I’d been fucking my girlfriend with giant dildos until three in the morning most nights.

    “Aw shit Bobby, it’s Friday and that clubs gonna be full of hot chicks!”

    Rachel raised an eyebrow at Laurence. “So why is Bobby going to need to be there?”

    Laurence had the good sense to look abashed in front of her.

    “Didn’t mean so he could hit on girls Gorgeous” he explained to her, “just that he’s good entertainment, but off the market, so they all then turn to me!”

    Rachel turned a questioning eye to me. I shrugged my shoulders at her. “Laurence thinks I draw the girls in because I don’t go trying to chat them up like pretty much all the other guys in the club, then he can swoop in when they realise I’m not available”

    “Yeah, he’s so besotted with you, that all that turned down disappointed candy turns to your grade A beef here!”

    Rachel smirked at Laurence “So you get his cast offs?”

    Laurence didn’t even bat an eyelid. “Nah, he’s the bait and I reel them in afterwards. Ladies don’t complain after they get my package!”

    We laughed. “You are a monster Laurence!” He turned a sly grin on Rachel

    “You wouldn’t believe how much! So tonight a no Bobby?”

    “He’ll come if I can come” We both turned to Rachel. “Are you sure?”

    “Well it seems I need to fight off a lot of ‘candy’,” she exclaimed, “Besides, I haven’t been dancing in a while”

    “Works for me.” Laurence turned and walked away, “You can be my spy in the ladies restroom and tell them what an amazing guy I am!”

    I turned back to Rachel. “Having a night off from our recent activities then?”

    She squeezed my hand. “Don’t be silly” a wicked grin rose on her face. “I’ve been holding dildos in my pussy all week, I’m sure a little bit of dancing will be no problem!”

    We got home and got ready to go out. Rachel went and took a shower first while I finished eating. She shouted when she was done and I took my turn after cleaning up the dishes. By the time I was showered and shaved, she was almost ready. She took my breath away.


    She turned and grinned at me. “Like it?”

    Rachel was wearing a short dress that only just covered her ass. It was light, almost like a negligee but a deep scarlet. Her auburn hair was piled up on her head, held in place by two chopsticks. Finally, she completed her outfit with high heels with straps that wrapped up around her calves.

    “Looks like I’ll be the one fighting off the ‘candy’ from you!”

    She slid over to me and kissed me fiercely. “No matter what happens Bobby, I’ll always belong to you”

    We met Laurence just outside the club at 8. He had two other guys with him. Both, if possible, were even bigger than Laurence, both massive slabs of meat.

    “Hey Laurence”

    Laurence turned round and his eyes drank in Rachel. It’s rare for him to be lost for words. One of his friends nudged him and laughed. “You said your buddy had a good looking girlfriend, but I think you undersold her!” He leaned round Laurence and offered his hand to me to shake. “Hey, I’m Ted, and my friend also gawking at your lovely lady is Meat, otherwise known as Clarence” ‘Meat’ grinned over at me, then turned his attention back to Rachel, who squeezed my hand, then took Ted’s proffered meaty hand, her own dwarfed by his.

    “This is Rachel, as Laurence isn’t going to introduce us. I’m Bobby”

    “Are you going to stare at me all night Laurence, or are you going to say hello?”

    Laurence shook his head “Sorry Rachel, but you look positively stunning”

    Rachel colored nicely.

    Ted chuckled “We gonna get some drinks or not? I fancy trying to get a girl who’s even half as attractive as this beautiful woman”

    Laurence did his usual and got us straight in, knowing the guys on the door. We got a few drinks in and chatted amiably, his two buddies proper gentlemen to Rachel, complimenting her often. She flirted a little back, but sat next to me in the booth we’d grabbed, squeezing my hand or leg regularly to let me know she was all mine. She had a bottle of wine and it was going down quickly.

    “Right, I need to go and get me some ass” Meat announced, pulling his near 7ft frame out of the booth and cracking his knuckles. He looked like a black henchman from just about every Hollywood cliché you could think of.

    Ted rose to join him. “You coming Brick?”

    Laurence shook his head. “Happy drinking for now, maybe in a bit”

    Rachel looked at me, I smiled and nodded. She slid out of the booth, looking tiny between them.

    “You guys need a hand spotting? A girl can see those that are interested better than a guy”

    “Hell yeah” Meat offered his hand. Her tiny white hand engulfed by his and then headed to the dance floor.

    Laurence shook his head as they headed off. “You are going to have to watch her tonight buddy”

    I turned to him “With those guys?”

    He smiled. “Nah, Ted and Meat are safe as houses. You have nothing to fear. We shared women in college, but it was always agreed upon. I had a girlfriend for a year who I was smitten with and they didn’t go near her. She’ll be fine. It’s the other guys man, you girlfriend is the hottest piece of ass in here.”

    We joined them later, dancing the night away. Rachel had a few more drinks and let herself go. She did as promised and steered the guys to the most interested girls. It was a hot night and as it wore on, the club got sticky. I’d dressed with a light black shirt but could still feel myself getting hot. It was probably due to Rachel grinding against me for most of the night. At one point she was rubbing herself against me and I could feel the sweat slicking her back and as ran my hands down her shoulders to her hips, she leant back into me, turning her head to kiss me. As she did, she spread her legs. She pulled away, continuing to writhe, running her hands up and down her body, massaging her breasts then to her hips. She was in heat, but looking at the floor

    “What’s wrong?”

    “My dildo, it slid out. I’m too slick and it didn’t stay in”

    “Whoops,” I grinned “you are a horny dirty girl!”

    Rachel looked up and pouted at me. She slid in close, tucking herself around me and beginning to grind against me. I could feel her heat throbbing against me. “I feel all empty now baby. Its being keeping me entertained all night, but now I need something else” She licked my ear. I led her off the dance floor, spying Laurence on the way looking over at us from the bar. I made a bee line for him, Rachel tucked behind me. As I stopped to talk to him she rubbed up against me, clearly in a haze of desire. Laurence turned a shit eating grin at me. “All ok Bobby?”

    “Yeah, I’m feeling a bit wiped out so we were going to head off”

    Laurence looked over my shoulder, Rachel clearly unaware of his scrutiny as clearly in her own lust filled haze, rubbing herself against me. “Yeah, sure, you are going to get some sleep tonight”

    I led Rachel out of the club and like before there were no taxis near due to the part of town we were in. Luckily it was a hot night, the air thick due to the humidity, so I wasn’t worried about Rachel catching a cold. We started walking, Rachel grabbing my butt and trying to nibble my ear, whispering filthy things. I wished that a taxi was nearby as I needed to get her home and fuck her brains out. We’d gone a block when I spotted it. The store I’d bought Rachel’s toys from a few weeks earlier.

    “Rachel, you know you lost your toy?”

    She was nuzzling my neck, all I got was a muffled “mmhmm”

    “How much would you like a replacement?”

    She lifted her head, her eyes bright with desire “I’d fucking love a replacement”

    I steered her towards the store, though once she’d seen where I was heading, she practically pulled me in.

    “Hey man!” the clerk was a big guy with a goatee.


    He grinned at me “Thought you’d be back for a refund after last time, didn’t think you’d bring your girlfriend!”

    “Er, well…”

    “Where are your toys?” Rachel interrupted, her hands gripping the counter enough that her knuckles turned white. She was like a bitch in heat.

    “Aisle 5 beautiful” She turned and strode off at a pace. I turned back to the clerk and shrugged.

    “She liked the toys last time”

    He laughed. “Man you were wasted so I felt bad about selling them to you, but unlike most assholes I get in here, you insisted on buying something for using the can! “ He leant forward conspiratorially “It seems it worked out well!”

    “You have no idea”

    I turned to find Rachel. The aisles were staggered, so you couldn’t see straight down them, clearly for privacy. I walked past some handcuffs and other bondage gear. Maybe next week.

    “Rach?” I called, trying to find where she’d gone. A gentle moan was all I heard. I hurried towards the noise, worried she was ok. I rounded the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. Rachel was bent over, her dress hitched up to her waist, her milky ass backing onto a massive rubber cock, suctioned to the wall, a bottle of lube in her hand, but half of its contents now glistening down her legs where she’d squirted a ton into her waiting folds and it was being forced out by the massive invader. She turned glassy eyes towards me.

    “I couldn’t wait.”

    “Jesus Christ Rachel!” I’d encouraged her slutty side, but didn’t realise she’d go this far, “you’re fucking a dildo in public!”

    “It feels so fucking good Bobby! My pussy felt so empty!” she was almost whining, as if I’d held her back from it because she’d misbehaved.

    I was lost for words. How do you respond to that? My cock however was responding, painfully hard against my jeans. Her moans growing and the slurping noise of her cunt clearly audible, sopping with her juices and lube as she began to speed up on the dildo.

    “Bobby, I think I’m going to come!”

    I dashed close to her as her moans started to escalate in volume and clamped my hand over her mouth. I didn’t want her to stop, but didn’t want the whole store to know!

    She came hard, leaning into me as her knees threatened to give way. Her skin had turned pink from the flush spreading up her chest and face and she felt clammy to my touch. She shook for a good minute from her orgasm, all the while trying to keep the rhythm with the dildo still buried in her cunt.

    As her muffled screams reduce to moans, then grunts as she came down, I took my hand away from her. Her eyes, still glassy, looked up at me as she continued to work the dildo in her pussy. I didn’t know how deep it was, but her cheeks were slapping against the wall each time she worked the dildo back in.

    “Rachel, I suppose we really ought to go”

    Her eyes looked deep into mine and stated firmly, ass cheeks slapping the wall “I’m not sure my cunt will let me”

    I didn’t want to argue, caught up in her lewd display, but as I prepared to tell her to stop, the store clerk came round the corner. “What the fuck?”

    Rachel didn’t stop working the dildo in and out of her pussy. She turned to the clerk. “I’m sorry, needed to borrow a dildo.”

    There was a stunned silence. The only sound was the slurping of Rachel’s sloppy sex and the slap of her ass as she continued to fuck the dildo in and out. I thought we were about to get the cops called on us.

    He laughed. A proper big belly laugh. “Fuck me girl!” He wiped a tear from his eye “You could have asked!”

    Rachel grinned at him, still fucking back and forth on the dildo. He turned to me. “So she really liked your gifts!”

    “Yeah, seems it awoke something in her. She likes being stretched out and feeling full” I was going with it. He could have the police here in a heartbeat, he didn’t seem to mind and Rachel will still in full swing. My cock was still like a rock and who was I to spoil the fun?

    He came closer to us and bent down near Rachel. She had started working her clit again, one hand still using me for support while the other worked her pussy. She’d started to groan a little again.

    “Tell you what, we’ll keep this between us” he looked at me and winked “But that dildo is pretty tiny compared to some of the others this store carries…”

    Rachel moaned hard “Can I try them Bobby?” she tightened her grip on my arm “I really need a bigger dildo”

    “Well it’s not overly private and I’m sure..” I looked at the clerk. “Dave” he said, “I’m sure Dave would want to watch too?”

    “No worries man, we’ve got some private booths in the back” He stood up. “Need to get some keys to get the stock and open the booths up as they usually take tokens to enter. I’ll lock up the front door as well”

    I looked down at Rachel who pulled herself off the dildo with an audible squelch and a sigh as she straightened up. Her pussy was sopping and juices and lube coated the inside of her shapely thighs, almost down to her knees, her white knickers pulled to one side equally soaking. The rubber cock stuck to the wall was dripping. It was at least 7 inches long and 3 inches in circumference. “Where are the booths Dave?”

    “Follow the aisle down and take a left. You can’t miss them.” He hurried off

    Rachel turned and kissed me hard. “Thank you”

    I was confused “What for?”

    She smiled her dazzling smile at me. If possible my cock got even harder. She grabbed it through my jeans. “For being cool about this. I’m so horny and I really want to try the bigger dildos in front of an audience!”

    My girlfriend had become a slutty exhibitionist. I almost came there on the spot. We walked round to the booths. Dave was already waiting looking a little flushed. He must have ran. The door to several booths were open and in his arms were some large boxes. “I opened a couple of booths up to see which was the cleanest” He indicated one in the middle, “This one is the best”

    Rachel gave my hand a squeeze then walked over to Dave. She pulled her dress over her head and tossed it to one side. She pulled out the chopsticks holding her hair up, allowing it to spill over her shoulders. In her skimpy red lacy underwear and high heels, she was a vision of wanton sexuality. It oozed of her. She rubbed up against Dave, tipped toed to just about kiss him on the cheek and took the boxes from him, then turned and walked into the booth.

    “You boys coming?” she called over her shoulder.

    We followed Rachel into the booth. It was pretty thin, just wide enough for the two chairs on one side to be squeezed past. There was a tv up on the wall and music being pumped in from somewhere, an R & B beat. However my attention was quickly pulled to my gorgeous girlfriend. She pulled her knickers down over her heels and tossed them onto one of the chairs. I heard Dave gasp as he came into the booth behind me. Rachel had a sultry grin on her face at his response. She began to gyrate with the music, her pale skin glistening as she twisted slowly in front of us, her wet cunt gapping open from the fucking she’d given it moments before with the dildo. “Aren’t you going to get comfortable?” she asked. Dave and I sat down on the chairs. I could see from Dave’s tented crotch that Rachel’s display was turning him on. I had a hard on too that could rival it.

    Rachel turned around to the pile of boxes behind her, bending over and sticking her peachy backside into the air, her asshole winking at us while the sheen of her juices was clearly showing on the inside of her thighs. She turned back to look at us. “What do you recommend Dave?” “Try the silver looking one” he croaked “It’s the biggest we stock” Rachel reached over and grabbed the box he’d indicated, pulling out a massive chunk of rubber. It was similar to the big black dildo I’d bought her before but was a good 3 inches longer. She couldn’t get her hand around it and that was only a third of the way down. It had a rubber sucker on the base which Rachel proceeded to lick provocatively. Dave started rubbing his crotch through his slacks. I was resisting doing that, but my knuckles were white as I gripped the chairs arms. Rachel slammed the base of the giant monster against the floor in the middle of the booth. She then turned and grabbed a bottle of lube that Dave had brought with him and squeezed almost half the bottle onto the dildo, working her hand up and down the shaft. I could feel my pulse quicken at her action. Rachel straddled the now slick rubber cock, its tip pointed at her slippery pussy like a harpoon. She looked at me, a question in her eyes as she was waiting for permission to bury the thing in her waiting cunt. I nodded lightly at her, my eyes not leaving hers as she began her descent. Her pussy lips spread slowly as she lowered herself down, the lubricant and her recent workout making the first couple of inches slide with no real resistance.

    Rachel continued to work the rubber missile into her awaiting folds, three inches now inside her. I could see she was getting really turned on, a red flush on her chest and cheeks. She reached four inches before she stopped and slowly rose up again, the head just being mouthed by her red folds before she began the downwards journey again. She sunk down to five inches this time, the width starting to rub her pussy walls, but still little resistance. She’d taken not quite half with no effort. A few weeks ago, my beautiful girlfriend hadn’t even tried a dildo, now she was intent on taking the biggest thing in the store. She lowered herself further, now no longer rising off as far, keeping 4 inches in her cunt while she worked down to 6, it really starting to rub at the sides of her cunt, beginning to stretch her out how she liked it. A gentle moan escaped her ruby red lips, her eyes taking misty half open glaze as she savoured the monster. I had no idea how wide the dildo was, but as she passed the 6 inch mark, I would guess she would soon reach her limit.

    “Fuck” I turned to look at Dave. He had opened up his slacks and had his cock in a meaty fist. It was a sizeable piece, bigger than mine. Rachel had noticed too. She leant forward, resting on her knees while the big dildo bent over in her pussy. She again looked at me, waiting for my ok. My fogged brain just told me to nod so she continued the slutty display. She smiled at me, then to Dave and beckoned him to her. He needed no encouragement as he stood and took a step towards her. Still working her hips back and forth she reached up with one dainty hand and took his cock. Without fanfare, she opened her mouth and took this strangers cock into her mouth. She sucked his length down, all the while looking up at his face while working the dildo in her pussy deeper and deeper. I couldn’t tell how much she’d taken now but I could tell she was getting resistance as she had started working her clit with her other hand. One hand frigging herself at speed whilst the other gripped the base of Dave’s cock while she took more and more meat into her throat, a gluck gluck noise as she took him to the back of her throat, drool forming a sheen on his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. You’d have thought that I might have stopped her as she sucked of a strangers cock, but her lewd display was too good to watch.

    The dildo in her cunt was starting to stretch her wider than she’d gone before but she couldn’t work it as well while sucking on Dave’s cock. She needed two hands to push it further or balance herself so she could get her weight on it. She took his cock out of her mouth and gasped “I can’t get it any deeper like this” Dave held his hand out for her and lifted her up off the dildo. He reached down and picked up the dildo, spat on the sucker and then stuck it to the wall, right next to a hole. Rachel grinned, still frigging her clit madly. “Hold on Rach” I said, reaching for the lube. I poured a good dollop over my hand and reached to her cunt. I pointed my fingers, making my hand into a spear point and pushed 4 fingers, covered in massive amounts of lube straight into her loose pussy just down to the thumb. Rachel groaned and worked her pussy around my hand. If I’d put more pressure I could pushed in, but I wanted her to take the dildo and suck off the stranger. I smiled, slid my hand out of her sloppy red cunt, her pussy lips red and hanging open. I kissed her on the forehead while I backed her onto the dildo on the wall, its length sliding into her until she grunted, where I knew she’d reached her limit. I then dropped my trousers, grabbed her head and shoved her mouth down onto my rock hard cock. “Work that dildo you little slut” She groaned and began working her hips back and forth, while her hand took my dick and started working it in and out of her mouth. I turned to Dave “Come on man, she can work us both with two hands free”

    Dave walked stepped over and Rachel took his cock in her free hand, then pulled it close, both Dave and I standing shoulder to shoulder as she alternated between us, sucking us both down as far as she could and started gagging as our cocks reached the back of her mouth and started to be pulled into her throat. She’d began deep throating, tears making her makeup run. She suddenly pulled off Dave’s cock and looked up at me, eyes wide.

    “Bobby, someone’s trying to fuck my ass”
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