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. Rachels Corruption - pt3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Atip, May 14, 2018.

. Rachels Corruption - pt3 4.5 5 2votes
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  1. Atip

    Atip Member Member

    Rachel slept like the dead that night, completely exhausted from the massive dildo she'd taken. By the morning her pussy was still stretched out and sore. I got her some ice from the freezer which seemed to help her. Most of Saturday was spent relaxing. Rachel threw on a vest top which I love, as he breast always jiggle beautifully as she doesn't wear a bra with them. She left her bottom bare bar a pair of tube socks. Whenever Rachel moved around, she walked gingerly, still saddle sore. By the evening the redness had faded but her muscles still ached. We decided to have a night in front of the TV. As the evening wore on Rachel decided she'd like some beer. When we are being lazy, we just grab a cooler and some ice and fill it with bottles by the sofa. We'd both had a few and were getting a happy buzz on.

    "How's your beautiful pussy baby?" I asked.

    She rubbed her hand down over her stretched labia, still gaping open. "Better, but after last night and last week it feels a little empty"

    "Well, I can get your normal dildo but aren't you still a little sore?"

    "Yeah" she sighed taking a swig from her bottle and finishing it up "should have stuck in the freezer, then I could have had it cooling me while it’s in my pussy"

    The way she stated it matter of fact had my cock to attention in milliseconds.

    "I can go put it in the freezer if you want?"

    She smiled at me "that's sweet but it’s a bit late.

    You could get me some more ice though?"

    "Sure Rach"

    I got up and went into the kitchen. Opening the freezer I realised I'd used it all for the cooler in the lounge.

    "Sorry baby, out of ice! Do you want anything else?"

    No reply. I waited for a minute.

    "Rach, no ice baby, want anything else while I'm up?"

    "Mm, no I'm ok"

    It was an odd reply, almost as if she wasn't really paying attention. I wandered back to the lounge.

    Rachel had her legs spread on the sofa. She had a sealed cold bottle of beer and had it against her cunt.

    "Found an alternative" she grinned at me.

    I laughed "Your insatiable Rachel! Next you'll be shoving it into you pussy!"

    She looked at me, the quick as a flash spun the bottle round and slid the neck into her stretched cunt. A gentle sigh came from her lips.

    "Oh year that's the stuff!"

    She worked it back and forth, the neck going all the way in and out. I could see the beer bottle slickening from her juices. I was again going to encourage her.

    "If you are going to fuck yourself with a beer bottle, at least try the proper end!"

    A lewd grin crossed her face. She pulled the bottle out, spun it in her hand and pressed the fat end against her pussy. Her stretched cunt swallowed it with no real resistance. She fucked slowly in and out, her other hand stroking her clit.

    "I think I like my new pussy Bobby"

    I leant down and kissed her hard on the mouth. "I think I do too"

    We spent the rest of the weekend lazing, cuddled on the couch or lazing in bed. I'd often catch Rachel playing with herself when she thought I wasn't looking. I found it exciting that she seemed to be on a constant edge, needing release. Sunday morning she put the medium dildo back in her stretched pussy with no problem, pulling her knickers up to hold it in. It was clear she loved the feeling. We went shopping again as she wanted to pick up some new clothes, more fitting or revealing then her current wardrobe. Short skirts, hot pants, sheer tops that left little to the imagination. One skimpy top she left on, more pale skin on display than actual clothing. Walking through the mall I clocked loads of guys eyeing her up. We stopped for a coffee and I pointed it out to her.

    "Really? I honestly didn't notice!” a blush on her cheeks.

    "Seriously? How could you not notice all the attention?"

    "Well I don't usually get much."

    I laughed "Baby, you've always been beautiful but now you are showing it off to the world! You were always going to get more attention!"

    The rosiness of her cheeks grew even more but I could see she like my comments.

    "You don't mind guys leering at me?"

    "Rach, you are all mine, they can leer all they want!"

    She laid her hand on mine "Of course I am"

    I took her hand a squeezed it. "If they want anything more they'd have to ask me"

    Her jaw dropped "Bobby!"

    I laughed at her expression "I'm joking!"

    We sat enjoying each other’s company in the coffee shop. A young waiter came over and cleared our empty cups. I asked for the bill which he went to get.

    Rachel nodded at his back "What about him"

    "What about him?"

    She looked down at the table. "What if he asked?"

    It dawned on me what she was asking.

    "You mean if another man actual came on to you, what would I do?"

    She looked up and nodded shyly.

    "Would you want him to come on to you?"

    "I'd never thought about it, but then I never considered I'd wear a dildo all day long!"

    I smiled, reading her easily "Does the thought of being with other men turn you on"

    She glanced down again


    "Rachel, maybe it's something we can try if you want"

    She looked into my eyes, trying to see if I was hurt by her question

    "As long as I am involved"

    My girlfriend had taken dildos all week, now she was talking about another guy too!

    "Of course Bobby, always with you. You'd make the call."

    I seized on this. "So I'm in charge?"

    She smiled at me. "Yes"

    I looked around. The coffee shop was nearly empty. Only two older ladies enjoying a drink and chatting away at the other side of the cafe in another booth.

    "Prove it. Take off your knickers and jeans in the toilet and put on a new skirt. Keep the dildo in."

    She looked at me, realised I was serious and nodded. She got up and grabbed a shopping bag, heading to the toilets. I paid the bill and sat waiting for her return. She was only a few minutes but walked back slowly to our booth, a mid thigh length skirt now on. She had switched to a pair of heels from too. She gingerly sat back down.

    "Gorgeous little slut"

    Beads of sweat were at her temples "I feel so wet"

    "Enjoying this are you?"

    A nod “I have to squeeze the dildo to keep it in. It feels great but it might drop out at any minute!"

    "So you might get caught"

    She bit her lip

    "The waiter might see a big dildo slide from your pussy?"

    She gripped the table, her knuckles white.

    "All your juices sliding down your legs while your stretched pussy gapes at him?"

    She closed her eyes, a soft moan from her lips, barely audible.

    "Will there be anything else?"

    The waiter looked at me, then turned to Rachel, a puzzled look forming on his face. Rachel startled, she'd been lost in her own world of debauchery.

    "I don't know, do we need anything Rach?"

    She looked at me, then turned to the waiter “I think, I think, err, we are, err, fine thank you"

    The waiter looked perplexed and looked back at me. I shrugged my shoulders

    Rachel's face went beetroot red and a little squeak came from her. The waiter nodded and backed away slowly, obviously wishing he hadn't asked.

    After a minute I grabbed the bags and stood up, blocking Rachel from view. "Let's go"

    "I can't!"

    "Just slide it out and put it in a bag"

    She nodded and reached down. I couldn't see but heard a sucking noise as she pulled the dildo out.


    She came there in the coffee shop. I looked over the cafe. The waiter was nowhere to be seen, the two ladies gave me an odd look, but couldn't see Rachel in the booth. I turned back to Rachel. She was shaking. I put a bag down, reached and took the dildo from her clenched fist and slid it into the nearest bag. Rachel stood a few moments later, still trembling. I took her arm in mine and she leant on me as I slowly walked her out.

    We walked back through the mall and out to the car park in silence but for Rachel's heavy breathing.

    We got back in the car. I turned to her. He head was back against the headrest with her eyes closed.

    "Are you ok"

    She didn't open her eyes or move head but a grin appeared on her face. Her hands wandered down to her skirt, pulled it up and began playing with her sopping cunt.

    "We should shop like this more often."

    I just grinned. “You enjoyed getting off in public didn’t you?”

    Rachel groaned as she started working her clit faster. I reached over and whispered in her ear. “You liked the thought of getting caught.”

    Rachel turned and looked at me, her brown eyes with a feverish look in them. She nodded slightly. I leant back across and turned the ignition on, then dropped all the windows. The sounds of a sunday afternoon came through. We’d arrived a bit later so we were away from the main bulk of people, but there was the noise of people going past. Rachel looked at me shocked.

    “What are you doing???”

    I leant back and fished in the bags I’d dumped there. I pulled out the dildo, sticky with her juices and passed it to her.

    “Don’t you need this back to get yourself off?”

    Rachel looked at it longingly, then quickly looked around the car. Nobody was near. She grabbed the thick toy and slid it into her waiting pussy, her head back resting on the head rest, legs akimbo with the skirt pulled right up, everything on display.

    “Dirty girl. Anyone could walk past and see what you are up to!”

    Rachel just smirked, too lost in her own enjoyment. I gave it ten minutes, then hit the road.

    After a busy weekend, we were both exhausted by Monday morning and both were bleary eyed getting up and ready. Rachel was sore from our escapades, so she put a ton of cream on herself, rubbing moisturiser into her thighs and around the outside of her vagina. Even doing that seemed to have her gasping, her folds still sensitive even after the punishment she'd delivered. I suggested she take the moisturiser to work, so she could nip off during the day and keep her self lubricated. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "I don't think I'm ready to get myself off at work. You know what happened to Jen at her last job" Jenny was Rachel's elder sister. She'd been caught getting slightly over familiar with another girl in her team one evening at the pet store and both had been fired. I held my hands up in surrender

    "That's not what I meant! I just thought if you want to try the bigger dildo again, maybe by moisturising often you'll be more supple."

    "Oh," Rach put the bottle in her hand bag, "that's not a bad idea."

    A few months ago she would have probably flipped, how things had changed. Rachel dressed in her new clothes, the smart yet very short skirt, her sheer blouse and a little jacket, cut to accentuate her figure. She caught me staring as she fixed her makeup in the mirror. She smirked and gave me a twirl.

    "How do I look?"

    "Fuckable" I answered truthfully "So beautiful I could take you now"

    She laughed "After work tiger!"

    We didn't however that night, as Rachel was sore still but she still gave me a long and sensual blow job. It was the same for the next few nights. It was mid-week before I realised she was sleeping with the dildo still buried in her pussy.

    "I love feeling full Bobby" she admitted "I miss it when it's not in"

    We found her pussy lips, when she did take the dildo out when she showered every day, no longer closed up completely. They hung looser, her cunt always slightly gaping. By Wednesday, her pussy wasn't as sore, so we fucked. My dick barely touched the sides so I found myself turning her onto her front and fucking her from behind, where I could grind my cock against the inside of her pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them we fucked. Rachel loved it, as I could keep hitting her G-spot in that position. She slid a hand under herself and worked her clit hard.

    "Fuck me," she moaned "fuck me hard!"

    I began slamming my hips into hers, a muffled groan from her lips, her body mashed into the bed. Her free hand gripped the sheets, scrunching them.

    "Feels so fucking good!"

    Her pussy was sopping again, my dick slick with her juices. It slipped out in my mad humping and slid up her ass cheeks, a trail of lubricant across her ass crack and her puckered hole. She groaned harder as I slid across it. We'd never really broached the subject of anal, we had enough other fun. I let go of one cheek and grabbed my cock and fed it back into her pussy and began my rhythm again, hard and steady. I grabbed her ass cheek again, but this time grabbed closer to her sphincter, the flesh close to it under my thumb. Her moans definitely intensified.

    "You like that Rach?"

    "Urgh hu"

    She could even answer me straight, so lost was she in sensation. Her ass was still wet from her juices. I rubbed my thumb over the wetness the pushed it over her asshole, just enough pressure so she knew it was there.

    Her hand came round from the bed clothes and laid across mine. I was ready for her to pull it away.

    She pushed.

    My thumb popped just into her ass. She came, hard. I could feel her pussy quiver and her juices flooded around my cock. I stayed buried in her dripping pussy until her orgasm started to ease, then started a slow Rhythm again.


    "Yes Rach?"

    "Put your dick in my ass"

    I slowly drew my cock from her pussy, dripping with her juices. I grabbed some lube that Rachel had bought for her toys and squirted a dollop onto her puckered hole. I then rubbed my cock head around it. I began pushing the head in, Rachel working her clit beneath me. I slowly pushed in, an inch, two inches, three inches, slowly working in and out.

    "More" Rachel began to pant at me “More!”

    I increased the pace, the lube making it easier until I was buried to the hilt in her tight ass. The pressure was too much as I bellowed and came quickly.

    "Sorry Rachel, it was just too good"

    She turned her head towards the nightstand and nodded.

    "Put a dildo in my ass"

    I reached over and took the smaller dildo from the nightstand, then dipped it in her still soaking cunt. There was little resistance, just like my cock. I positioned it against her ass, still tight after my fucking but a dribble of cum just around the edges. I slowly worked it into her, the lubrication from her pussy and my cum still in her ass made it relatively easy, sliding in and out as I worked it in until only an inch of the base was still sticking out. Rachel rolled over when I was finished. She reached over to the nightstand and took the other dildo in her fist. I raised an eyebrow at her.


    She gave me a toothy grin


    Rachel fed the larger dildo into her pussy, again with little resistance and a grunt as she shoved the last inch in. I could see she was getting hot again. She now had a six inch dildo in her ass and an eight inch dildo in her cunt.

    "Mm mm, feels good"

    I looked at her face, a sheen of sweat messing her hair again, a slightly glazed look in her eyes.

    "I can tell"

    She leant forward towards my cock, which was back to attention, one hand holding the dildos in as she leant on her knees, then forward onto her side. She grabbed my cock, still slick from the ass fucking, and swallowed it, not caring it had been in her bowels five minutes before.

    "Rachel, you're so nasty!"

    She gurgled around my cock. It sounded like "just you wait"
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