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. Rachels Corruption Ch. 06

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Atip, Jul 5, 2018.

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  1. Atip

    Atip Member Member

    The two of us walked up an unfamiliar drive. It was still barmy, the summer night still hot and heavy. Rachel held my hand, trembling. I pulled her close. “Are you cold?”

    “No. I'm excited.”

    I rung the bell. We heard a dog back inside. The door swung open. A tall blond guy with his shirt open, beer in hand stood looking us up and down.

    Clarence looked over the guys shoulder and nodded at us.

    The blond guy looked Rachel up and down, the tilted his head back, nodding that we should go in. “Down in the den”. Clarence led the way in and led us to the kitchen to grab drinks. Clarence made me grab a crate of beer and handed Rachel a bottle of jack and a load of shot glasses. We then went down some stairs to the den. There were 5 guys in the room, round a table with cards set up for what looked like poker. Dave from the shop the night before was one of them The room was silent.

    “Clarence, who are these two?” rumbled one of the guys, bigger than Clarence and jet black. Bold as brass Rachel spoke up.

    “This is Bobby” she smiled at me, I nodded to the room. None of them paid me any attention, drinking in Rachel. I could have been invisible for all they noticed me.

    Another guy frowned at Rachel “And who might you be?”

    Rachel blushed heavily, clearly aware of the eyes watching her with the less than welcoming expression. She fidgeted and I heard a thunk. We looked down and saw a butt plug had dropped out to the floor, slick with her juices. We looked up.

    The big guy laughed hard. “Fuck me Clarence, when you said you'd met some awesome piece of ass, i didn’t think you’d bring us a whore!”. Rachel stepped to him, leant forward and grabbed his crotch tightly. He yelped but she had him pinned in his chair.

    “Be a little more respectful of a woman who might suck your cock!” snarled Rachel.

    You could have heard a pin drop. I'm not sure if it was Rachel’s actions or words that had stunned us. Clarence reached over and gentle touched her on the shoulder. “Ignore BD beautiful, he’s got no tact when dealing with a lady”

    Rachel let go of BD’s crotch, but gave it a strange look as she did. She turned and kissed Clarence on the cheek. “Well you've already treated me well before Clarence” she flicked her coat off and knelt in front of him, pulling his slacks down and reached for his cock, holding it tenderly. “Maybe a lady should show you her gratitude”. She guided the head of his stiffening cock into her mouth and started sucking him off.

    “Damn” murmured another guy at the table, “This beauty is hot”.

    With a slurp Rachel pulled off Clarence’s meat, drool on her chin. “She’s hot for more cock, bring it over.”

    The guy who’d met us at the door and two other guys, one white and one black needed no further encouragement dropping their trousers and surrounding Rachel. Dave wanted in on the action too, joining the circle. Rachel reached for me, unbuttoned my flies and pulled out my stiff cock out and into her waiting mouth. She slurped on my cock, then grabbed the next available one, gradually working her way around the circle, giving each hardening equal attention. Once they were hard, she started jerking one cock while sucking another. Between each cock, she looked at BD, smirked, then moved onto the next cock. He’d moved over to the couch and looked pissed at being left out. Rachel did this for a good ten minutes until she pulled off again and left the ring of cocks, undressing herself, her precum covered top and skirt thrown, showing she had no underwear on, but left on her heels. She then stood before BD, who was still sitting on the couch, scowling at the sight of his friends getting attention while he was left on the side-lines.

    “So, have anything to say to the lady?” She asked, hands on her hips.

    BD’s scowl could have melted steel. “Sorry I insulted you. Didn't have to crush my balls though.”

    “Poor baby. How about I kiss them better?”

    Rachel knelt in front of him and began to unbuckle his trousers. Clarence nudged me “Now you gonna see something bro!”

    Rachel pulled BD’s slacks down and gasped. “I thought something was strange when I grabbed it”

    BD had a massive cock dangling out of his boxers, bigger than I had ever seen even in porn. She pulled his boxers free and it was coupled with orange sized balls. It look massive even on his well built frame and he wasn't fully hard, no doubt from the ball squeezing she’d given him. Rachel turned and looked at me, that wild eyed look on her face. I nodded. She turned and took his massive tool in her dainty white hand. She couldn't quite close her hand around its girth! Rachel leaned forward and began licking the head of the beast, pulling the foreskin back and circling her tongue around the crown. As it slowly started to harden, she ran her tongue up and down the shaft, giving a sheen to BD’s cock. Every so often she’d return to the head and lick the precum appearing at the tip. Rachel made her way to the base of his cock, gently stroking his balls whilst working the shaft as best she could as it outgrew her grip. The thing was as big as any of the toys we'd played with. The guy was a freak of nature.

    “Damn girl, you the nastiest lady I ever met” sighed BD. Rachel gently tugged on his cock to encourage him to stand over her, then sucked and licked at his massive balls, unable to fit them in her mouth. She turned to the group.

    “How nasty do you want me to be?” She asked in a little girl lost voice.

    “As nasty as you can be.” The words came unbidden to me. I wanted to see how far she had come.

    Rachel smiled at me, turned back to BD, hefted his balls and stuck her tongue in his ass.

    I was stunned! My beautiful girlfriend had reached a new level of sexual deviancy. BD’s cock and balls was resting on her forehead while her hands held his ass cheeks open. As I and the other guys scooted round we could see her tongue darting in and out of his ass. He lifted up to give her easier access.

    “Man this girl is filthy!”
    “Don't care, as long as I'm next!”

    BD’s cock was at full attention, a massive black monolith of meat, dripping pre cum onto Rachel as she worked his ass. Rachel pulled her tongue out of his ass and looked up at him.
    “Fuck me with that monster”

    Rachel stood and put her hands on BD’s chest and pushed him back on the couch. She straddled his lap, his cock resting against her belly, the tip just below her breasts.

    “It’ll never fit” murmured someone. I wasn't sure, but I wanted to see if my sweet girl would manage it. You would have thought I'd be aghast at the situation but my lust had taken over and after everything that had happened up to this night and the previous few weeks. I just wanted to see how far I could watch her go.

    Rachel had to almost stand up on the couch over BD to position the beast at her pussy entrance. Her thighs glistened with a sheen and the head of the cock was shiny with her spittle and pre cum. BD’s big black hands held her waist, the contrast stark with her blemish free soft pale skin. With her dainty hand she positioned the head at the mouth of her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it. Without the weeks of stretching and the fucking she’d had, it would have never of fit, but the head slowly popped in with a squelch, causing a groan of pleasure from Rachel.

    “Ain't never seen a girl who can get it in that easy BD! Maybe you found someone who can take more than half your cock!” The guys chuckled around me. Rachel was slowly sliding down the pole, her thighs quivering as she went. She took 4 inches before sliding back up, then began the return journey, taking a little bit more. She repeated this until they hit 8 inches. She looked over her shoulder “Does anyone have some lube? I've gone dry.”

    The guys all turned to look at the guy who'd let us in, he nodded and went out for a few secs and came back with a pot of lube. “Helps to keep some handy for the ladies!” he smirked.

    Rachel lifted herself off BD, pouting as the cock popped out. Her pussy was red and hanging open again. She unscrewed the pot and plunged her fingers in, pulling a literal handful of the watery gel onto her hand, the unceremoniously shoved most of her hand into her pussy, shoving the lube almost wrist deep into her splayed sex, rubbing around her pussy and thighs, wiping the remains of the lube on herself.

    Rachel re straddled BD and pushed the monster back in, sliding down to the balls in one slow stroke. You could see her stomach bulge slightly from the invader. Rachel began to shudder, an orgasm triggered by BD’s cock. BD began lifting Rachel up and down his shaft easily, his hands almost meeting around her tiny waist. Her pussy was stretched so far it almost met her tiny little asshole, the tiny puckered hole barely noticeable compared to the jet black tower sliding in and out of her pussy. BD began to speed up and the slurping noises coming from Rachel's pussy got louder as the speed increased. Rachel was like a little rag doll flopping on a post.

    BD lifted Rachel off his cock with a lewd slurping, his cock glistening with lube. He carried her to the poker table and laid her down on the table. Rachel spread her legs wide and we could almost see inside her, her pussy gaping open from the huge invader. BD shoved his cock back in and began fucking Rachel with more speed, his thighs slapping into hers. Rachel began grunting with each thrust, her eyes on BD and her mouth open in pleasure. Stacks of poker chips tumbled and rolled off the table.

    “BD, my turn before you ruin that pussy man.”

    BD pulled out of Rachel again, scooped her up and head to the door. “Let's take her up to the bedroom.”

    We all followed them upstairs and into a large bedroom. One of the guys laid onto the bed, holding his dick up. Rachel straddled him and lowered herself onto the cock, starting to fuck the guy.

    “Damn BD, I can barely feel the sides!”

    One of the other guys clambered on the bed and gently pushed Rachel down onto the first guys chest, then fed his cock into her pussy too without any resistance. Rachel groaned in pleasure as the two guys got their Rhythm. You could hear thighs slapping and lewd slurping noises from the two cocks sawing in and out of her sloppy pussy. Rachel started to moan loudly from the attention.

    “Need to find another use for her mouth” Dave clambered on the bed as well and presented his cock to Rachel, who turned her head and started licking the tool.

    This continued for a few minutes until the guy on the top groaned and pushed into Rachel as deep as he could. From where I was stood I could see his balls almost lift as his ass tensed. He was shooting his load. The other guy groaned too and stopped his motion. After a minute the top guy slid his slick cock out of Rachel. She slid herself of the other guy and rolled onto her back, legs akimbo in the air. Her pussy gaped and cum started to gently leak from her battered red pussy, dribbling down onto her puckered ass hole and into the crease of her behind. Rachel rubbed her clip, slick with juices.

    “I still need fucking” she demanded.

    Dave knelt in front of her. “How about I fuck that tight little ass?”

    Rachel leant forward and grabbed his cock, pulling him toward her by it. She rubbed the thick meat up and down her loose pussy, coating it in cum still leaking from her.. “Give me some cock in my ass Dave”

    Dave needed no encouragement, shoving his hips forward, but his cock slid up and into Rachel's gaping cunt. Easing back out, Rachel gripped his cock and pushed it against her ass. Dave slowly eased forward as Rachel fed the cock into her asshole, a slight grimace on her face as more and more cock disappeared into her. Once a few inches had slid in, she took her hand away, letting Dave do more of the work. Dave slid in and out, gaining depth until his balls rested against her butt cheeks, then began quickening the pace. He'd only be going for a few minutes he tensed up and groaned, dropping his load into Rachel’s ass. He pulled out and Rachel's butt hole shut tight behind him, trapping his sperm in her.

    BD laughed “look at Rachel's face boys! Look how disappointed she is with that!”

    Rachel was indeed pouting, clearly wanting more of a fucking. One of the other guys laid on the bed, his cock held up in his fist. “Your ass can ride this baby”

    Rachel sunk her ass onto his cock the quickly to the hilt in the cowgirl position, the cum in her asshole lubricating the stick in her. She worked herself up and down then after a few minutes, twirled into the reverse position.

    “BD, can you fit that cock in my pussy while my ass is full?”

    The guy who let us in chuckled “You might need to have your internal organs rearranged first!” BD shot the guy a look “She's taken it already Tom. I've learned not to doubt this lady tonight”

    “He’ll just need some more lube”

    The group turned and looked at me. Rachel smiled at my comment.

    Tom went to the bedside unit and rummage through the drawer. He tossed out a few items, love beads, condoms and a few other things until he grabbed a bottle a passed it to BD. “Go for it”

    BD upended the bottle and squeezed a healthy dollop onto his massive meat, then a second squeeze onto Rachel's still open cunt. He must have used half the bottle. He rubbed his cock a few times, coating the whole length. Rachel just smeared her hand in the goop and then eased three fingers into her pussy. Her smile turned in a frown as she pulled then back out and added a fourth with a lewd slurp. Still frowning, she added a fifth, a little resistance as she added it. Pulling her hand back out, she curled her fingers into a fist.

    “Girls gonna fist herself” someone said.

    Oh no you don't” stated BD, cottoning on to Rachel's motives. “Before you go to town on that pussy, I’ve got a cock that needs to go in first”. He pushed her back onto the cock, whilst lining up his glistening beast with her spread lips, splayed wide from the punishment inflicted.

    BD lunged forward, his cock a missile into Rachel's depths. All the lube and stretching she’d endured meant he buried to the hilt in one go, even with a cock in her ass as well. My gorgeous girlfriend had her ass and pussy stuffed with black meat. The contrast of skin was stunning. Jet black cock in her juice red pussy, dark meaty hands gripping her pale toned legs.

    BD and the other guy began sawing in and out of Rachel, the lube making lewd slurping noises as they picked up speed. Rachel, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she was pounded, her mouth open and her tongue lolling, panting like a dog. Her lithe little body ravaged by these two guys.

    Dave clambered back on the bed, holding his hard cock out to Rachel's face. “Suck my cock clean beautiful?” Rachel's eyes popped open and she took Dave’s cock in her mouth, dried cum from the ass fucking still visible on the stick. She was so nasty I almost came again.

    After a few minutes, the guy in Rachel's ass moaned. “Can't last much longer.”

    BD nodded “Want a load in your ass and pussy girl?”. Rachel just gurgled around Dave’s cock, saliva drooling down her chin.

    BD bellowed as he slammed his cock as deep as he could, his balls visibly tightening as he sprayed cum into my girlfriends cunt. They guy underneath groaned too, unloading into her ass. After 30 seconds both pulled out with a wet slurp, the guy underneath lifting her off him as he slid out. Rachel's asshole and pussy gaped lewdly, cum dribbling out of her holes onto the sheets, a damp pool appearing beneath her. Her holes didn't close up, both pulsing with her heaving chest and quickened heartbeat.

    BD smacked Dave on the arm so he'd move back. The guys offered their cocks to Rachel and she cleaned them both, slobbering over both cocks with gusto.

    I glanced around the room. The other guys were spent too from watching this show. I could see dawn breaking out the window.

    Tom caught my eye. “I'll phone you a taxi. I need to clear this place up and get some sleep before my wife gets home tonight.”

    I could only nod dumbly, wondering how the hell I was going to get Rachel in a cab in the state she was in.

    The guys all headed out of the room while Rachel continued to slobber over the two cocks that had unloaded into her ass and pussy not a few minutes ago. The two guys then stepped back and left, leaving me with Rachel. She laid back on the bed with her eyes closed, legs splayed wide, her two holes dripping cum. I could see inside her, both her ass and pussy red and wide open.

    “Rachel, we've got to go”.

    Her hands slid over her thighs and she started to play with her sloppy pussy. She dipped two fingers in her pussy, working them back and forth in the frothy mess slowly leaking out.

    “just give me a minute” she sighed.

    I stood there, not sure what to do. My gorgeous girlfriend was laying in a pool of her and several mens fluids, still horny, still working her clit to get herself off.

    Tom re entered the room and handed a dildo to Rachel. She slid it into her wet pussy.

    “It's too small” she whined.

    Tom went to a drawer and pulled out a box and passed it to her. “This should sort you out”

    Rachel opened the box. It was a black dildo with an inflatable pump hanging from it. Pulling the other dildo from her pussy with a slurp, she inserted the dildo and immediately started pumping.

    We headed home in the taxi, not saying anything. Rachel closed her eyes and leant back in the seat, clearly exhausted. I couldn’t think of anything to say. The driver looked at me in his mirror and I saw his eyebrow lift in query. I wasn’t sure how to handle that conversation, so just looked out the window. I felt Rachel take my hand and I turned to her. She had a light smile on her face and mouthed ‘Love you’ at me. I squeezed her hand in return.
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