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. Rachels Corruption - Ch. 05

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Atip, Jun 25, 2018.

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  1. Atip

    Atip Member Member

    I looked over at Rachel’s pert behind. Poking through the hole in the wall and resting in between her white cheeks was a fat ebony cock head. I turned and hissed a Dave “What the hell?”

    Dave had turned pale. “I forgot to lock the door” He pulled up his trousers and dashed out of the cubicle.

    I turned back to Rachel, who was still rocking back and forth on the dildo, rubbing her clit furiously. The black cock still visible against her peach behind. “What should I do?” she whispered.

    “What do you want to do?”

    She licked her lips and smiled. “I can choose?”

    “Rach, if I told you to stop and go home, could you?”

    She looked at me in the eye and without blinking said. “If you want me to”

    I loved her more than I could ever say at that point. I bent down and kissed her, not caring she’d been sucking another guy not a minute ago. I breathed into her ear “Get him off you little slut”

    Rachel reached up and stroked my face with her free hand. She then pushed me away as she slid off the dildo with a loud slurp. She turned around and squatted in front of the black cock. Now it was clear from her behind, I could see it was huge, easily twice the size again of mine, almost the size of her first dildo she’d used. It had a slight sheen from the juices that coated her pussy and ass. A small dribble of pre cum was visible on the purple tip. Rachel took the slab of meat in her dainty hands, weighing it and gentle stroking it. Even with both hands on it, she barely held half. She then guided the head to her lips and licked the head. A rough sigh came from the wall. Rachel licked the head lovingly, running her tongue around crown, flicking in and out of her mouth like a snakes. She moaned at me.

    “Bobby, could you lick my pussy while I work this cock?”

    I immediately obeyed, getting on the floor and sliding underneath her. She lifted herself up so I could get into position, my knees bent up high and my feet on the wall opposite to get down for her. I got my first good look at her cunt for the first time after the battering it had received that evening from the toys she’d helped herself to. It gaped wide open, red and glistening. I could see up inside her and it wasn’t closing up. I rubbed her swollen clit with a finger, a gentle moan coming from above around a mouthful of ebony meat. She lowered herself towards my lips, me holding her thighs to take some of her weight. I flicked my tongue into her sloppy snatch. In the past, my tongue would have touched both sides, but I could wiggle it from side to side. The remaining lube tasted minty, but more of her juices remained. I worked her clit, sucking it into my lips and nibbling lightly with my teeth. I could feel her pussy lips draping themselves on my chin, the heat coming off her almost feverish. A worked at her sex, my tongue darting in and out, flicking over her until I could feel her starting to quiver. She then pulled up away from me, off my lips and hers off the cock.

    “Bobby, give me a condom”

    I paused, not sure if I’d heard right. She looked at me. No sly smile on her face, just a look of expectation on her face.

    “Are you sure?”

    Her hands went to her hips and a grin reappeared.


    I reached into my wallet and handed her a condom. She took it and unrolled it onto the massive monster poking through the wall. It filled the condom, no real room left. Rachel turned and looked at me, then slowly backed her wet pussy over the strangers cock, burying its length in her snatch until her cheeks mashed up against the wall and she could go no further. She looked up at me.

    “It’s so deep its hitting my cervix. It hurts but it also feels fucking great Bobby!”

    She slowly pulled off the cock, then began her return journey, one hand on the wall opposite to support herself while she got the right angle. She began to speed up, working 6 inches of cock back and forth into her sloppy pussy, a wet slurping noise coming from her cunt and the slap of her ass against the wall. She was getting hot and sweaty from her exertions. She suddenly came, barely holding herself up and tremors shock her petite frame, her howls filling the small space.

    As she came down we heard a frustrated “Dammit” come through the wall. Rachel looked quizzically at me. “He’s pulled out?”

    The door to our booth opened and a massive shape filled the door. He had to be nearly 7 ft tall and weigh 200 lbs plus. His slacks were open and a billy club hung from his crotch gripped in his massive fist.

    “Shit bitch, you are some fine ass white girl!”

    Rachel squeezed past me and up to the big man. She ran her hands over his t-shirt, which was tight to show off his muscular physique. “Fuck me” was all she said. Quick as a flash, the black guy pulled her close, his big hands cupping her ass to him. She looked tiny in comparison to him. He pulled her back, stepping out of the booth. I quickly followed. Outside he put his hands around her waist, his massive paws almost linking. He lifted her up and held her over his cock, then left he drop, impaling her on his shaft, then pulled her up again and repeated the process. A screech came from Rachel’s mouth each time and I almost stopped it, until she wrapped her legs around his frame, spreading herself wider to enjoy the full penetration.

    The ebony invader slamming into my petite girlfriend would break some guy’s hearts, but I found it incredibly erotic. Her ruby red pussy and thighs taking a pounding from this huge stranger. I then spotted the condom was on the floor outside the booth. She was bare backing him. I needed to fuck her now, even if her pussy was already taken, I could wait no more. I pulled out my cock, sticky and slick from the precum of the last hour of viewing my previously saintly girlfriend’s continuous debauchery. I caught the guy’s eye and he nodded. I moved up behind Rachel and aimed my cock at her asshole as the guy lifted her up. I got into position. He lowered Rachel again. I was too close and she sunk down on both our cocks, her slick and wet pussy enveloping both dicks.

    Rachel’s head tipped back, her mouth wide open.

    I was paralysed, my cock to the hilt in my girlfriends pussy, while a black cock slid in and out, rubbing itself up my shaft and slamming into the deeper regions of her sloppy cunt, whilst Rachel quivered, her head thrown back and mouth open wide. The black guy looked over Rachel at me, still pounding into her. “You going to do anything man or shall I just keep doing the work?

    He had a commanding presence and what was left of my faculties engaged my hips and I started sawing into her, a slurping coming from the combined meat slapping into her. Oddly, it wasn’t tight with even two cocks in her, it felt looser in fact then when I fucked her before after the other dildos.

    “Shit!” said the black guy as he rammed home hard a final time. I could feel his cock stiffen and see his knuckles tighten as he gripped Rachel hard as he came. Feeling the warm cum spreading into her pussy set me off and I came too, adding to the load already being deposited in Rachels unprotected cunt.

    As we both finished spraying our loads inside Rachel’s pussy, the black stranger lifted Rachel off both our cocks and lowered her to the floor. She was barely coherent and continuing to spasm as he sat her against the wall of the booths. Her legs were spread and her pussy splayed wide open, gasping like a fish out of water. A froth of cum marked her thighs and a small puddle of cum formed under her. All she was wearing was the heels. She looked like a 20 dollar whore.

    “Man she is one good fuck” Said the black guy, stepping back to admire his handywork. “Not many bitches can take my meat”

    I stared at her ruined pussy. “She likes big dildos. Guess she’s stretched out a bit”

    “She your piece of ass? Lucky fuck!” He chortled, engulfing my hand with his meaty paw and pumping it up and down.

    “Yeah, I am” I agreed, unsure of what else to say to a guy standing in front of me with his cock still dripping with my girlfriends juices.

    “I tell you, when I get back to my buddies they ain’t going to believe this. Just went out to grab some beer and some porn vids and shit! I got to fuck a hot bitch! They’ll be so fucked they didn’t ride along!”

    I thought of Rachel getting fucked by more than me and this guy and my dick twitched in response. However looking at Rach, I wasn’t sure she could take much more tonight. “Yeah, maybe another time man”

    The guy turned to Rachel, who was now looking at us. She looked drugged, her eyes pupils wide as she looked at me, but her hands were playing with her loose and sloppy pussy.

    Dave the shop owner appeared at my shoulder. “Fuck man, she's insatiable.” He looked over at the black stranger, “Hey Clarence, not my usual clientele eh?”

    “Nah man, this bitch is smoking, wait until the boys see her.”

    By now Rachel had scooped and licked as much cum as she could find from her pussy. She pushed herself up the wall, standing a little bow legged. Her red pussy still hung open. She took a deep breath, straighted up and swayed to Clarence, pressing herself against him. She looked back at me.

    “Can I see him again Bobby?”

    I just shrugged. It should have bothered me, but it didn’t. I loved watching her get fucked like she had. “Sure babe, I’ll get his number.”

    The big guy gave me a massive toothy grin. He held out his hand. “Name’s Clarence”

    I’d finally got a well fucked Rachel home. She’d cleaned up in the bathroom and got dressed at the sex shop. Dave the owner had given her the toys she’d used for free, plus some other toys. He told me we were welcome anytime.

    She slept like the dead until mid afternoon, then got up and joined me for a late lunch. She was very sheepish, barely saying a word and not making eye contact. After I’d cleared the lunch items away, i sat next to her on the couch.

    “I’m sorry Bobby” I looked at her quizzically. “Why?” Now she looked confused. “I sucked off a guy we’d just met, then got fucked by a stranger. Bareback!”

    I nodded. “You did.” I let the pause hang. “Are you still on birth control?” She nodded. “Then we are fine”.

    She squeezed my hand. “Are you sure??” I grinned. “Babe, that was super hot and i loved every minute. So much so, I’ve been talking to the dude and he’s desperate to see you again.”

    Rachel blushed and bit her bottom lip. “I did enjoy being double fucked.”

    My phone chose that moment to chime. I had another message from Clarence. I showed it to Rachel. “Fancy getting fucked again later?”
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