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. Put Honey On Your Honey

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Put Honey on Your Honey

    by EroticWriter with updating on Sunday 18 February 2018.

    Veronica was having her most intense orgasm ever. For the first time, her pussy was shooting liquid out, all around the doctor's thrusting shaft. It was flowing and it was soaking her ass cheeks and the table under her.

    James had never seen his wife do this before. "Hey, what the hell is happening?"

    Two recent newlyweds, a young husband and his lovely wife were alone and nude sunbathing on a quiet strip of beach. The wife already had a nice tan, golden in color, and she was hoping to be able to eliminate or at least tone down her bathing suit marks.

    While lying on her back, the sun was really feeling good, so she opened her legs wide to let the rays hit her intimate womanhood. She lay there for several minutes as the sun bathed her feminine parts. She was almost asleep, but unfortunately, a wasp chose that moment to buzz into her vagina.

    The wife was terrified and afraid to move her legs so the husband covered her with a coat, pulled on his shorts, and gathered her into his arms. Fortunately she was little, only 5 feet tall when standing and she weighed just 101 pounds so he managed to carry her to the car and from there they made a dash to the small town hospital.

    The Doctor on call had just finished his shift and was about to leave. As he was heading for the exit he could not believe his eyes when the husband walked in with this lovely little gal in his arms. What a cutie she is!

    The Doctor decided to stick around for a little while longer. He glanced into the waiting room and saw that his replacement and the receptionist was busy with a patient, so the doctor knew that he would be uninterrupted.

    The Doctor ascertained immediately that whatever it was, it did not appear to be life threatening. Without asking what the problem was because the husband appeared tired and about to drop her, the doctor directed the husband into the cubicle furthest from the nurse's station.

    No one had seen them enter. Feeling confident about privacy, he followed them in and pulled the curtain shut. As the man laid his wife upon the examination table, her coat fell open, revealing her lovely breasts.

    The Doctor had not expected her to be nude under the coat, and he was getting an eyeful with those tits on display. The Doctor directed the husband to remove her coat and she raised her hips as he pulled it from under her. The Doctor's eyes grew wide when he saw her beautiful little vagina covered with a soft thatch of blonde pubic hair.

    The hair was so thin, so blonde, that at first glance her pussy looked to be shaved.

    Nice. Her pubic hair matches the hair on her head. Of course, the Doctor was thinking, sometimes they dye their pubic hair too.

    The Doctor was used to seeing a woman's body revealed, but usually only one-half at a time with the other half covered by a gown, and usually, but not always with a nurse present. He was used to female nudity, but this gal was a standout from top to bottom.

    The innocent young wife was blushing with embarrassment at being revealed in total nudity to a stranger, but after all, this was a Doctor. Surely he can help. As her husband excitedly explained what had happened, the Doctor shook his head, saying this was a first, and added that the wasp needed to be removed for sure.

    It was a quiet Sunday morning and the Doctor decided to have some fun with this situation. He knew that the wasp, if it was still in the vagina, had to be dead by now, but this would be a good way to liven up his day. First the doctor had to get the woman warmed up.

    The Doctor had a plan. This young husband did not appear to be very bright, so who knows how far the doctor could take this. Normally he would have required the husband to sit in the waiting room, but he needed to keep the husband busy here and not wandering around and drawing attention.

    He pointed to a chair and directed the husband to sit there. Seated near his wife's head, the husband would be able to see the doctor and his wife, but not what the Doctor is doing at the other end.

    The Doctor lifted the metal stirrups at the corners of the table and told the young lady to place her feet into them. Normally, he never watched a woman as she made this move, but this time he watched, and watched closely. Yes, that was nice to look at.

    When women place their feet up in those stirrups, their pussy can't help but open up a little bit. He got to watch as she pulled her legs back and raised them. Her vagina almost seemed to smile at him as she adjusted her legs. What a lovely set of lips!

    Keeping his smile inside, the Doctor sat upon a stool between her legs and slid forward. Despite his years of training at being strictly professional in situations like this, the Doctor felt his penis tingling.

    Figuring the husband wouldn't know any better and besides he couldn't see anyhow, the Doctor did not bother to slip on some rubber gloves. This pussy he wanted to feel with his bare fingers. After delicately opening her tight little vagina with the fingers of two hands he peered inside.

    It was all so pink and pretty, and the Doctor could see the dead wasp just a little ways in. He could have scooped it out with a finger, but instead, he reached for a small flashlight. He made sure that both the wife and the husband saw that he is using a light.

    Holding her pussy open with one hand, he made a show of examining her with the light, but in actuality he was admiring her lovely womanhood. She was quite tight and his fingers could only hold her open about the width of a quarter, at most.

    "Hmmm. Young lady, as I am seeing your vagina, it looks almost like you are still a virgin. Your maidenhead, some of it, is still in place and has not been fully torn. Your husband said that you just got married, so maybe you were a virgin on your wedding night. Is that right?

    The husband answered for her, and you could hear the pride in his voice. "Yes doctor, she was a virgin. All those boys, so many of them after her, and she chose me and it was a delight to find out for sure that she had waited for me. I am very proud of her."

    "Well, you should be," answered the doctor. "It is rare nowadays for a women to still be a virgin on her wedding night." He turned his head from the husband and his wife and again peered down at her innermost secrets. "Now we need to see if we can get the wasp out, that is, if it is still in here." He used his fingers to again stretch her wide, that is, as wide as her little snatch would allow.

    He could end it now, just by scooping out the wasp. To have some fun it couldn't be that easy, so the Doctor turned to the husband and explained that the wasp appears to be alive and is too far in to be reached with forceps.

    He suggested the husband try to entice it out by putting honey on his penis, penetrating his wife and withdrawing as soon as he felt the wasp. Will the husband fall for this? And if the husband does agree to this silly suggestion, what about the wife? If she seemed mad and questioned his suggestion, he could just smile and say that he was joking.

    The Doctor glanced up, past her pussy and between her breasts in order to see the wife's face. She was looking down at the doctor with an amused look. She seemed to be a little brighter than her husband, and the Doctor suspected that she knew he was fooling around with this whole incident. If the husband went for it, and the wife did not protest, the Doctor will get to see this little lovely taking a peter into her cute little snatch.

    The young husband fell for it. He nervously agreed to try after the Doctor assured him that the wasp was semi-asleep from her body warmth and would not sting him on the end of his shaft. The husband dropped his drawers, exposing a thin penis that was circumcised. After two minutes of jacking he was having trouble gaining an erection and made apologetic excuses.

    Finally, at the Doctor's suggestion the husband went to the side of the table. His wife leaned off the table and played with her husband until he reached a semi-hard and not very impressive size. Now ready, the husband climbed onto the table with his wife.

    She held his penis and rubbed it over her lips a few times, after which he achieved what looked like a full erection. The head of his penis and the shaft was thin, and the entire organ looked to be no more than 5 inches in length. His penis was still nothing to brag about, but better than before.

    "It looks like you are ready now. Let me take just a minute here and place some honey on the glans of your penis," said the doctor.

    Holding the husband's penis with the fingers of his left hand around the shaft, the doctor used his right hand to rub some honey onto the glans. He made a production of it, rubbing the honey all around the head and pressing inwards with a little pressure on the shaft with his fingers.

    Surprisingly, the Doctor felt the penis in his hand stiffen just a little. It grew perhaps another half-inch in length, but seemed no thicker than before. The Doctor knew that the husband is probably feeling erotic sensations from being touched in this manner by another man. That was what the doctor wanted, for the husband to be aroused to some degree.

    After dabbing honey on the head, he said, "Perhaps I should guide it for you. We need to make sure that none of the honey rubs off on the sides of her walls before you enter her."

    The husband paused for just a second, looking down at the strange hand that was holding his manhood. The Doctor pushed down on his shaft so that the head was pointing directly at the entrance to his wife's vagina. Then, as the Doctor held his penis in place, the husband slowly moved forward until he was about to touch his wife.

    "Miss..what is your name?”


    “Veronica, open yourself wide for your husband so that he can go straight in and not rub the honey off along the sides."

    Trying to hide her excitement over having her husband entering her with this handsome man helping, she used both hands to open herself. As the husband slowly moved his hips forward, the Doctor guided the head of his penis dead center into her tiny twat.

    This was especially exciting for the Doctor. 'First time for everything?' he thought to himself. He was not gay, but aiming the husband's penis into this little cutie's pussy was very erotic. He suspected that the wife felt the same way, because she was staring into the Doctor's face.

    Despite the fact that her husband had a penis that was on the lower side of average and he was lubricated with honey, Veronica was so little that she still gave out a soft gasp as her husband started opening her.

    For her little twat, her husband possibly had all she needed, and the Doctor watched closely as her lips expanded, not a lot, but enough to accept her husband's most intimate flesh within. He slid smoothly in with only a couple of strokes.

    “Now wait a while and if the wasp moves onto you, you should feel it. Let me know and we'll have you pull out.“

    The husband could feel his heart pounding. After completely penetrating his wife and waiting for a couple of minutes, nothing happened.

    Finally the husband asked the Doctor why it is not working. The Doctor, in the meantime, had been enjoying this tremendously. This was all unreeling like some kind of pornographic movie. First seeing this lovely little woman on her back with her legs opened wide and then getting to touch her without gloves, and then the sight of her playing with her husband's limp penis.

    Then he had sat on his stool and watched from behind and underneath as she was pulling herself open and being penetrated by her husband while he aimed it for them. As small as her husband is, her lips still exhibited some evidence of stretching as they clung snugly to the shaft.

    But there was something more. Most interesting about all this was the fact that Veronica had been staring at the Doctor while her husband was inserting his penis and had continued to look at the doctor as her husband lay quietly upon her. Is she possibly interested in me? The Doctor wanted to find out.

    Her face and body was out of this world. Even on her back Veronica's breasts continued to point skyward. And that pussy was so lovely as it seemed to be wrapped tightly around her husband's slim shaft. The husband had created an opening by asking why it was not working, and the Doctor had a suggestion.

    "Pull it out once, and lets take a look. Come out slow. It might be on your penis and you just can't feel it."

    The husband slowly withdrew and exposed his shiny head. The wasp, thankfully for the Doctor, was not stuck to the dick.

    "Hmmm. He's not stuck to you. Go in one more time. Maybe he'll latch onto you this time."

    The husband penetrated his wife and immediately went all the way as deep as he could go. They waited, and then the husband said, "Doctor, I don't feel anything happening."

    As the husband continued to lie on his wife, the Doctor looked directly at her as he answered the husband. "It may be because you are not going deep enough" the Doctor said. "When I looked with the light, I could see that it was quite a ways inside. Perhaps, if neither of you objects, I could give it a try. My penis is a bit longer."

    As he was speaking, the Doctor looked intensely into the wife's eyes. The husband was shocked. Let another man penetrate my wife? As far as the husband knew, he was the only man ever to have been in his wife's pussy.

    The husband looked at his wife with a quizzical frown. Veronica, in turn looked back at her husband with a look that she hoped would pass for worry. She figured that the wasp was probably dead by now, but this could be interesting.

    Yes, interesting, and possibly very exciting. The Doctor was nice looking, and he had caught her eye. Veronica had never been physically involved with another man, and this one already knew what she looked like, intimately. Not only that, but he had been touching her. In addition, despite someone watching, the penetration by her husband had turned her on. As a matter of fact, the person watching had been most of the reason why she was now aroused.

    Veronica wrinkled her brow and adopted her best look of concern. "Honey, please. I do so want to get this wasp out."

    She was a good little actress, and even managed to produce what looked like shiny tears at the corners of her eyes. Under the circumstances, the husband reluctantly agreed. As he withdrew from his wife's pussy and climbed off the table, the Doctor quickly undressed under his robe. All the while while he was pulling things off, his eyes were on Veronica, with her legs up in those stirrups.

    His pants came off, revealing an already erect tool that went well beyond the Doctor's description of being a "bit longer." It not only was more than a 'bit" longer than the husband's penis, but in addition the Doctor's tool was quite thick, with a knob on the end that was the color and size of a plum.

    As the Doctor laid his trousers on a chair, his penis waved from side-to-side, and on the end, a shiny drip of pre-cum was visible, just hanging there on the tip.

    The husband saw the way his wife was staring at it, and his erect penis began to dwindle. Is that desire or fear on her face? He couldn't tell, but the husband wanted to protest at this entire procedure after seeing the huge penis on display.

    "Wait. Doctor, I...I don't know about this."

    The Doctor picked up the jar of honey and stood there with his penis pointing out and almost nine inches away from his body.

    "Well? What do you say? Do you want to get that wasp out?"

    Veronica added her own question, using just one word as she looked at her husband with a look of worry. “Honey?”

    This was a no win situation for the husband. If he lets the Doctor stick that penis into his sweet little wife, she will experience a penis much larger than his own. It might hurt her, but then again, she might enjoy it, and his fear was that she might enjoy it to a level she has never known before.

    There was that, and on the other hand, if he did not let the Doctor stick that big thing in her, he would seem uncaring about getting his wife's problem handled. Still, he had to say something.

    "Doctor, as you can see she's a little gal so just put it in until you get to the point where you think the wasp is."

    The Doctor came off as being strictly business.

    "No problem. The wasp is about seven inches inside, so I'll only go that deep. This is a simple medical procedure."

    "Do it slow too," the worried husband continued. He spoke softly as he stared at the throbbing member on display, and it sounded like he was in awe of the Doctor's penis. "You're pretty big around."

    "No problem there," said the Doctor as he slipped a couple of fingers into the jar. He was already planning on taking this slow, very slow, as in making it last as long as possible.

    "Your penis is only about five inches long, and though we tried, it just wasn't deep enough. But, you've already opened her up some for me, and this honey will lubricate her real good. A woman's vagina is very elastic and capable of stretching quite wide.

    Your wife shouldn't have any problem taking me inside, and once that wasp senses the honey is there, he should jump onto my penis and come on out."

    “You can see that I have a rather large landing pad for him to jump on.” As the Doctor spoke, he sort of waved his cock around with one hand and pointed at the head of his cock with a finger of the other, and as he did so, he was looking into the little wife's eyes.

    Veronica and her husband watched with wide eyes as the Doctor slathered honey over the thick head of his impressive tool. The husband had his worries, but she was thinking different thoughts, and Veronica hoped that wasp, if it actually was alive, wasn't too quick about coming out.

    That thing the Doctor was holding in his hands was intimidating for sure, but curiosity had the better of her. This was her chance, a chance to try a strange man with no accusations of cheating. And then, besides his good looks, he has that cock.

    The Doctor took his time layering his penis with the golden honey. He put on a show, pushing his hips out a little and holding the thick shaft upwards with his left hand while applying the honey with his right.

    He deliberately lathered on more honey than needed, going down the shaft a little past halfway to show them how far he planned to penetrate her. Once the honey was covering his head and half the shaft, the Doctor proceeded to mount the patient.

    As he climbed onto the table and positioned himself between her legs, his body dwarfed Veronica's..Her husband was several inches taller than she, but this Doctor had a build somewhere between a football player and a basketball player.

    Both the doctor and the woman shivered noticeably when he placed the head of his penis against her vaginal lips and made first contact. His eyes met hers and then and there they knew, this is going to be fun.

    Suspicious of this whole thing, the husband moved behind them and got closer in order to see all and keep the handsome Doctor from penetrating his lovely wife too deeply.

    "I will take it slowly so that you can adapt."

    “Yes Doctor, do that.” Veronica groaned softly and bit her lip as the doctor slowly eased his hips forward. His penis bent slightly as he stretched and started to enter her. Failing to push through her tight lips on the first attempt, he asked her to open herself with her fingers.

    Veronica trembled as she reached down and tenderly parted her lips. Again their eyes met. He pushed once again, and her pussy resisted, causing his tool to bend again despite his stiffness.

    The Doctor knew that all he has to do is to press forward with more substantial force and he will be in, but this was too much like fun.

    "Open it a little wider if you can please." When she tugged her lips open as far as they would go, the Doctor pulled back and slowly eased forward again. She groaned a little louder as his penis went still deeper and then met resistance from her tightness a third time.

    He could have used more strength and gone on in, but the doctor wanted to make a production of this and delay the proceedings.

    "What's wrong Doctor? It won't go in?" The husband sounded quite nervous.

    The Doctor had an interesting thought. 'How far can I get the husband to go?'

    “What's your name, young man?”

    “Jim. I mean James, sir, James Stevens.”

    "James, why don't you help out by reaching under and tugging your wife's lips open for us?" He looked down at the lovely woman under him. “Veronica, you'd like to have your husband helping out, wouldn't you?”

    “Absolutely Doctor!.” And with that, she looked into the Doctor's eyes and gave him a big smile.

    Surprisingly, the husband did not hesitate. He wanted to get this over with. Reaching with both hands, James used his fingers to tug on the lower half of her lips, opening Veronica slightly wider.

    The Doctor's left testicle was now sitting on James's left wrist rather than dangling. The husband was taking in everything possible as he stared at his wife's lovely pussy and the penis that is now knocking on her entrance.

    The Doctor's balls were big, and the one now sitting on his wrist felt heavy. James studied the outer edges of his wife's vagina, with inner lips that were now stretched out and around the tip of the Doctor's fat penis. Those lips already looked like they were stretched to the breaking point, and the rest of that fat head, the part that had not yet entered, was so much wider.

    With four hands opening her as wide as possible, the Doctor brought his penis away from her to take in the view. He looked down. Despite the tugging with four hands, her little hole still looked to be no larger around than a quarter.

    Laughing inwardly, he eased forward again and penetrated her slightly with the first half of his head, going slightly further in than before and opening Veronica to a new, never before achieved width. She gasped.

    The Doctor looked down into her face, and gave her a little frown and pursed his lips at her and with a slight shake of his head left to right, told her silently to be quiet about this, when possible, so that her husband will not get wise.

    "I'm going to have to work it back and forth a bit to get it in."

    The Doctor began pumping as she let out little Oohs and Aaaahs. each stroke going a little deeper as the honey was being spread around. He could have entered her completely at this point, but he wanted to delay his entry. His head had opened her lips now, and with her fingers no longer needed, Veronica slowly raised her arms and placed them on the doctor's shoulders.

    She felt very connected to this Doctor now, and he wasn't even in yet. Her eyes were opened wide along with her mouth as he went in maybe two full inches and stretched her with the widest part of his thick knob. Veronica was trembling. She wanted him to keep it there, she wanted him inside. She was excited to a level that both shocked and excited her.

    When his head finally broke completely through her lips and entered her vagina, she gasped. The Doctor was now four inches into her, with more than four to go.

    "Are you alright Veronica?" asked her husband.

    When that fat head had gone within, her lips had moved inward slightly, and James had almost lost his grip on her lips. He still continued to hold onto them, trying to keep her open and make it easier for his wife. He could see her body trembling as the Doctor held still after getting his head in.

    “I...I'm O.K.”

    "Is it hurting you? If so, maybe we can find some other way."

    Despite the fact that she was stretched wide and it was a mite uncomfortable, there was no way Veronica was going to call this to a halt now, not after having gone this far. She badly wanted to feel the Doctor all the way inside.

    Also, she was experiencing an intense desire to wrap her arms and legs around the doctor and kiss him while feeling his body pressed completely against hers.

    “Ooh is that ever intense!” In her excitement, she had said something that perhaps her husband should not have heard. the wasp was forgotten as far as the wife was concerned, but still, Veronica had to play the role.

    Trying to hide her feelings, Veronica assumed the most worried and concerned look she could muster on her face as she looked down between the Doctor's arms and met her husband's eyes.

    He was still at the end of the table and looking up at her vagina and how it was being stretched by the good Doctor. Veronica felt that she needed to say something.

    "It hurts a little James, but we have to get that wasp out. I am sure this will work, honey. Just trust the good Doctor. I think he knows what he is doing."

    After the Doctor had paused a moment in order for Veronica to have time to adjust, he started easing deeper into her. His pre-coital fluid was flowing freely into her now, and in addition, she was now lubricating naturally. They should not have done so, but her feet slowly came up off the stirrups and her legs went around his hips.

    James had been hanging onto her lips all this time. Now he released them as he saw his wife raising her legs. 'She must be getting used to it,' he thought. But another thought hit him. With Veronica taking her legs out of those metal stirrups and placing them around the Doctor, this surgical procedure seemed to have taken on a more personal note.

    Moving slowly as he continued to pump, the Doctor had gone past the halfway point into the trembling woman when the jealous husband nervously said, "That's five inches or more. Maybe that will be deep enough. Just stop there and see."

    "Well James, remember that I said the wasp is about seven inches inside. Right now I figure that I'm about the same distance into your wife as you were when you were all the way in, so perhaps I should go just a bit further since the wasp did not climb onto your dick when you were in this far."

    Right then and there the Doctor had drawn more attention to how much larger his penis is compared to the one on her husband.

    At that point Veronica chimed in in support of the doctor. "Yes, he needs to go a little deeper honey, to be sure."

    James was not about to argue with his wife in front of the doctor. "I guess you'll need to do that, then, let him go a little deeper."

    Just then the curtain opened, and a nurse stuck her head in. "I saw this curtain drawn.... Oh, sorry Doctor, I see you're busy with a patient."

    Hearing a nurse's voice, the doctor immediately turned in her direction, and in the process, as his body turned toward the nurse, his penis was fully exposed, that it the part that was not yet inserted.

    "Yes, she came in as I was coming off shift and needed immediate attention."

    The doctor, knowing what she could see, slowly withdrew his penis until it was almost but not quite all the way out. Now he knew, the nurse can see about six or more inches of cock, even with his head buried.

    All three faces were staring at her, and the nurse, despite the fact that she is the innocent one, blushed. Her face red, she again took a look at the Doctor's big penis, several inches of it visible to her, and then she said, "I'll leave you three to finish your procedures."

    "Nurse, wait!"

    She paused, "Yes, Doctor?"

    "It looks like the orderly failed to leave some fresh towels in this cubicle. Would you get some for me please?"

    The nurse looked about the room to be sure. The delay enabled the nurse to take in more of the scene as her eyes moved about. The husband, if that's who he is, is naked on the lower half, and he's holding his penis, not a very large one, in one hand.

    She looked again at the large looking penis inserted into the patient and thought, 'Lucky woman.'

    But she had to come back with a quick answer in order to be sounding strictly professional over this.

    "Yes Doctor, I can see that there are no towels here. This cubicle isn't used all that much, maybe that's why. I have a couple of patients to take care of, and then I'll be back."

    Then she was gone, and the Doctor smiled inside. He knew that little nurse of course, and knew that he can trust her to be discrete. And something had occurred that he had always wanted to do, show her his cock. Now she has seen it and maybe, sometime soon, he can get into her pants.

    That nurse had been acting cool toward him in the past, since she knows he is married. Now that she knows he will play, maybe she might be willing to open those legs for him. Hmm, now back to this cutie wrapped around my cock.

    The husband, having had his concentration interrupted by the nurse, was again staring in awe at the sight before him. With that big head and part of the shaft, the Doctor was already into his wife at least five inches or so, was going to go still deeper, and he had so much left after that.

    The Doctor, of course, could have just eased steadily forward now that he had opened her, but pumping would increase the pleasure and prolong things.

    "She's tight, so I need to work my way in slowly. as her vagina adapts."

    The Doctor slowly pumped in and out, easing a little deeper after every fifth stroke or so. He took his time rather than just pushing forward with force. Getting some strokes in was better for him, and he could tell that the woman under him was enjoying this as well.

    At this point, this was much more of a fuck than the simple act of penetration. After a couple of minutes the Doctor had a substantial amount of his dick into her, lacking maybe two inches to go before he would be giving her the full length.

    Yes, this might do it," said the Doctor, "but because of the delays I suspect that he has gone even deeper than this. That wasp may be sitting back and watching my penis jumping towards him, you might say. I'll just hold it here for a minute or two and see if the wasp takes the bait."

    "This might work. It feels like you are pretty deep now," she replied, her voice trembling.

    Veronica's body was trembling, but she did all she could to conceal it. She wanted this so bad, and wished that her husband would go to the bathroom or something. A minute passed while the Doctor and the little housewife stared discreetly into each other's eyes. She could feel his thickness, keeping her stretched amazingly wide. 'If only we could kiss,' she was thinking.

    His thickness, her tightness, the connection between them.

    The Doctor could feel her tightness, clutching his penis and never wanting to let go. Both of them were halfway to orgasm. His dick was as stiff as it had ever been. He couldn't keep pumping because of the husband watching but there was still a way to keep things going.

    Sending her a silent signal, the Doctor flicked his penis within her. Her husband could not see the action going on inside her, but she could feel it.

    When she felt the doctor's penis flicking within her, Veronica looked over and down at her husband. James was watching her pussy and not her face. Free now to smile, she grinned up at the Doctor and lightly squeezed him with her hands. He returned her smile. It was their little secret.

    Another minute passed while the doctor continued flicking his penis within her. This was a new sensation for her. Each time he flicked it, the penis seemed to move upwards within her snugness. Also, it felt like it was expanding in width each time.

    Veronica was close to cumming and had to mentally keep it from happening. If she came now, there was no way that she would be able to hide her pleasure. James would know instantly that this had become more than just a medical procedure for her.

    Finally the doctor winked at her and said, "I think I feel him at the tip of my penis. I'll just back out very s-l-o-w-l-y and see what happens."

    "Oh, O.K. Doctor, If you think he's on there,” she said reluctantly.

    The last thing Veronica wanted now was for the Doctor to withdraw, and she hoped that he would find an excuse to penetrate her again. She squeezed his arms, trying to send him a silent signal that she wants him.

    'Oh please nice little wasp, don't be stuck to his cock.'

    The Doctor slowly pulled back with his shaft until only the thick head was still inside the young woman, who had now broken out into a sweat. He paused at the point where the prominent ridge at the bottom of his head was starting to tug outward on her lips.

    "I think he is on the end of my dick."

    "Oh Doctor, that will great if he comes out, " she lied.

    The Doctor decided to have some fun with this. He looked over at the husband. "James, he's still on the end of my dick, so get ready to catch him when I pull all the way out."

    "Do you want me to actually put my hand on the end of your dick when it comes out?" the husband asked, hardly believing his ears.

    "Yes, you can do it quicker than I can. I'm busy holding myself up."

    The husband moved closer and placed his hand close to the penis that was still inside and stretching his wife. He was ready to reach and grab as the Doctor pulled outwards. As James stood and waited, both he and the Doctor stared in fascination at the way her lips clung tightly to the thick shaft as if not wanting it to leave.

    It looked like her vagina was about to be turned inside out. The Doctor eased his hips backwards, and as he did, his head pulled out, in the process causing her pussy lips to make a popping sound.

    "Grab it!" the Doctor said as the husband quickly wrapped his fingers around the slippery head that had been inside his wife.

    "I've got it!" said the husband as he held his hand around the huge head, which had now turned a darker purple in color. He gave it a gentle squeeze. 'Damn this thing is thick. It feels almost like I have wrapped my fingers around a tennis ball or something.'

    Yes,it was big. With heat that felt like hotter than body temperature hot, it filled his entire hand and then some. It was hard to believe that this big thing had actually been in his wife.

    James looked down at his wife's stretched vagina, which now looked shiny with wetness and had some clear fluid oozing out. Her hole looked larger than it had ever looked after he had pulled his own penis out.

    "Where's the wasp?" asked the husband after slowly unwinding his fingers and seeing none. The Doctor was looking at her as he spoke. There was humor in his eyes. She could see it from her angle, but the husband could not.

    "Just what I was afraid of. The wasp didn't follow me. It felt like he left just as I began pulling the head out. I tried to be slow and sneaky, but he got wise."

    At that point the little wife, who wanted more, chimed in. "Oh doctor. I felt him crawl further up inside when you pulled out. We better try again." Veronica sure knew how to play the game. The Doctor nodded his head in agreement.

    "The little bugger probably likes that warm place. I'm going to have to go back in after I apply some more honey."

    Rubbing on of the honey was just a show. It certainly wasn't needed to lubricate her pussy. The honey, supposedly, was to catch the wasp. Once again the husband and wife watched with wide eyes as the Doctor lathered honey onto his throbbing shaft, which seemed to buck up and down and side to side whenever he was not touching it.

    The Doctor's penis was dripping with pre-coital fluid as well, but the doctor managed to hide this by spreading the honey around.

    "I might have to go even further in this time."

    "Honey?" asked James. "Are you still alright with this? Was he, his thing I mean, hurting you or anything? Your... your pussy really made a noise when he pulled it out."

    The wife was now totally into this. Veronica was halfway to an orgasm and the good Doctor was no longer inside her. This she wanted to finish. "N...no...it's alright James. It was a little uncomfortable but I want to get this done."

    In actuality the discomfort had passed and turned to pleasure, but she wisely sensed that would not be the right thing to say to her husband.

    "O.K. Doctor," said the husband. "Go ahead, she's ready."

    Despite his jealousy over seeing another man getting to sample his wife's wares, James was beginning to feel a strange form of excitement over what was happening. His penis had gone through several stages in the past five minutes. It had gone from mostly soft because of jealousy in the beginning to totally rigid after seeing how his wife had struggled to take that thing inside.

    Veronica happened to see that her husband's penis was rigid, and inwardly felt encouraged to push this experience to the limit. The doctor again climbed over the beautiful woman. With her cooperation the DDctor felt almost in total control of the situation and the husband.

    "James, you can aim if for me if you like while I hold myself up," he said to the husband.

    Talk about nerve, the doctor was showing it, but the husband did not hesitate as he grasped the penis around the shaft. Now it was his turn to feel a penis, and he had always wondered what a big one would feel like.

    Again the thought struck him as to how thick and long this thing is. James trembled as he aimed the head dead center on his wife's vaginal entrance while the Doctor slowly eased his hips forward.

    Meanwhile, without being asked, Veronica was using her fingers to open her pussy in preparation for the pleasure to come. Upon feeling the touch of the Doctor against her, the little wife opened herself wider and held it open until his knob had lodged between her lips. That done, she placed her hands on the Doctor's shoulders in excited preparation for his assault.

    The Doctor had enjoyed "using" her husband to help him with this procedure. He decided to have some more fun and slowly eased his hips forward. His peter might have gone in, but he pretended to meet resistance and stopped. With her hands occupied the Doctor pushed his luck even further. The husband was still holding his dick, supposedly to aim it.

    "O. K..James. We need you again. Use your other hand to open her lips for me."

    Being careful not to come into contact with the big dangling testicles, the husband quickly reached around the doctor's ass and opened his wife's pussy lips with the fingers of his left hand. As he did, the Doctor eased forward once again. Again, Veronica gasped.

    "Thank you James," said the Doctor when his penis was safely lodged deeper between her lips.

    Then it almost reached the point of absurdity when Veronica added her bit. “Yes. Thank you James.”

    Imagine that, the Doctor not only was getting to fuck this little lovely, he even got the husband to open her up and aim his penis for him. As a matter of fact, the husband was still holding onto his tool after the "aiming" was done.

    The head had penetrated his wife far enough that it was almost completely inside her, and the husband was still hanging on. Who would ever believe it? The Doctor looked into her eyes and saw that she certainly could not believe it.

    "I want you to know, miss, that your husband is being very helpful. He is still holding my penis for me."

    Another secret smile was exchanged between them. As far as she was concerned, the good Doctor could hold this position as long as he wanted. His penis was inside her at the exact point where he was stretching her to the widest possible, and it was feeling good.

    He eased forward, the head popped inside, her vagina clamped down around the shaft, and the husband still held onto his tool.

    With a big sigh of relief and acceptance of pleasure to come, Veronica relaxed.

    The Doctor began to pump, and as the husband reluctantly removed his hand, the doctor winked at the wife. This time he was going all the way in, and she knew it. Having been previously stretched, he penetrated her depths easier this time. ' Wow does she ever feel good, maybe the best I have ever had.'

    The little blonde wife groaned softly and opened her legs even wider as his head once again broke through. Her pink nipples were rigidly pointing at the ceiling. The Doctor glanced over his right shoulder and saw that the husband was watching their genitals in action and not their faces. It was safe to do something he had been wanting, and the doctor took advantage of it now.

    He reached out with his left hand and felt Veronica's breasts. He cupped them and then teased her firm pink nipples, causing her to smile up at him. She groaned again when the doctor pulled back at the end of his first short stroke and his head almost came out, stretching her lips wide once again.

    He started forward, going until he was about halfway in. This time, she hoped, the Doctor over her would get to go all the way without her husband stopping the action. Veronica wasn't sure that she could take all of his length, but she wanted to try.

    Encouraged now because she had seen her husband standing there with a full erection, the wife boldly made a suggestion. "I think we need to go all the way in to be sure we can grab that little guy."

    He waited. When her husband did not protest, the doctor continued on, going deeper until finally he reached the end of his shaft and his large balls were lying on her ass cheeks. Yes, yes, this was what he wanted.

    He had her now, and the husband had not stopped him. The good Doctor pushed firmly forward with his hips so that his pubic mound was in firm contact with hers so that she would know for certain that he had penetrated all the way.

    All the way in, yes! He was penetrating as deeply as possible and held his shaft there. It was the Doctor's way of subtly letting Veronica know that yes, she had somehow managed to take all of him, and he was far deeper into her than her husband could ever hope to go.

    The Doctor could feel her trembling under him. Her fingers were digging tightly into his biceps. It was time for some movement here. Somehow he had to bring them both to the point of total ecstasy. He turned his head to look at James, and saw that her hubby was sitting on the stool behind them and staring intently up at his wife's stretched vagina.

    "Almost had him that time James. I think I felt him move away just as I got there. I'll try teasing him and see if he comes along."

    With that, the Doctor began thrusting back and forth with his hips. The young women felt her heart begin to pound. This was the most intense feeling she had ever felt as the Doctor's thick shaft began dragging her lips inward and outward with each stroke he made. This continued for two to three long minutes.

    "I'm back with the towels."

    Then the nurse, seeing what is ongoing, closed her mouth and moving inside, closed the curtain and began to watch. It was obvious to her, the good Doctor is having intercourse with the patient, and that appears to be maybe her husband watching.

    I don't know what this is all about, but maybe I will learn if I wait, and possibly learn a new medical procedure.

    For some reason, perhaps because he was enjoying what he was seeing or maybe not believing, her husband made no protest. James was thinking, this procedure the Doctor is using must be legitimate because the nurse seems to think it is O.K.

    The Doctor thought to himself; It must be obvious to James now that his wife is being fucked and fucking back, plain and simple.

    The Doctor, encouraged by the fact that his favorite young nurse is watching, renewed his efforts.

    The young nurse, her first year as a fully fledged RN, saw that the husband has his face only a foot of so away from those thrusting genitals, and he is stroking his penis, just big enough to fill his four fingers and no more.

    Standing behind the husband so he would not see what she is doing, she reached under her skirt and began caressing her vagina through her soaked panties.

    “Ooooh fuck!” The dam had broke as Veronica forgot about her husband and concentrated on what is happening to her body. Her eyes closed and her mouth flopped open. It was almost too much to take, this strange and wonderful penis within her and the sensations it is creating.

    Also, this Doctor is tall and handsome, and is the only man besides her husband to ever know her in this intimate manner. She was being fucked outside of marriage, and yet it had an air of legality from medical necessity.

    James still had not fully caught on yet as to what was going on, but he was watching with increasing alarm. Is the Doctor still trying to capture the wasp? His lovely little wife seemed to be growing ever more excited in response to the Doctor's thrusts.

    Her legs slowly climbed higher, at first wrapping around the Doctor's buttocks, and then slowly going higher towards his waist. Not knowing if her husband would see or not, she tugged downward on the Doctor with her arms. The Doctor glanced back over his shoulder. Yes, the husband is still behind and under us, he will not see.

    The Doctor also saw, gleefully, his nurse behind James and with her hand down inside her panties. His eyes met hers, and she smiled. Now back to my patient.

    The Doctor leaned down, and their tongues met. It was just a touch, and as the Doctor lifted his head, she pulled him down again. Their tongues touched again, and then their lips met. The kiss was short, but intense. Not daring to continue, the Doctor lifted his head. Her eyes were looking into his, and the deep desire was plain to see.

    The watching nurse frowned. 'He's kissing the patient? I've never heard of that being any kind of prescribed medical procedure.'

    Finally, after his wife had wrapped her arms around the Doctor's waist and raised her ass in order to get her legs around the Doctor's buttocks, James dimly began to understand that catching the wasp is no longer the intended mission.

    The Doctor had laid his body full upon hers and was grinding his hips sideways. The husband could see pussy juice and pre-coital fluid running out of her pussy and down into the crack of her ass. It was even soaking the sheet under her.

    As he pumped, the Doctor's body was shaking. This gal was a real sport and he wanted to please her in a way that he suspected she had never experienced before. He was using every fiber of his being to hold back, at least until she got there.

    She was gasping now. Her body was trembling and shiny with sweat. Veronica, up until now a faithful wife, was going to cum, and it was going to be a mighty one. Despite her desire not to reveal her pleasure in front of her husband, the little gal could not help it as the words came out.

    "Oooh Oooh Doctor. I can't believe what you are doing to me."

    'Yes, Doctor,' the nurse was thinking. 'What are you doing to her?' The nurse though, now had her hand inside her panties.

    Suddenly Veronica's hips began thrusting back at the doctor as she met his thrusts with equal force. When she began having an orgasm that was obvious in its intensity by the way she groaned and dug her fingers into the Doctor, the naive husband moved his head closer between the doctor's legs in order to see the penetration.

    Dismayed, James felt that perhaps he should say something. It didn't matter that he too, had a raging hard on. He moved in still closer, until his face was only inches away from the joined and thrusting genitals.

    The nurse saw it, she saw it at the same time her orgasm began, her husband is cumming all over his hand!

    With his mouth opened wide with surprise, the husband stared at his wife's pussy. Most of it had turned bright pink, and her lips at the inside edges had enlarged and turned almost red from the blood that was engorging them.

    'What a sight! I never knew Veronica's pussy could look like that.' Her lips were clinging tightly to the thick shaft as it worked in and out. Veronica was having her most intense orgasm ever.

    For the first time ever, her pussy was shooting liquid out, all around the Doctor's thrusting shaft. It was flowing and it was soaking her ass cheeks and the table under her.

    James had never seen his wife do this before. "Hey, what the hell is happening?" Again he began stroking his wilted cock.

    The nurse knew. She had heard of women having a G spot orgasm and then ejaculating fluid, and now she is seeing it first hand. 'It must be the Doctor's cock making her do that!'

    James had asked,. but no immediate answer was forthcoming because the wildly fucking couple was engaged in a passionate kiss, their tongues hungrily thrusting around one another. Fortunately from his angle the husband could not see them kissing. He was still in close, with his face actually under the Doctor's ass.

    James eyes were focused intently on his wife's pussy and what is happening to it. As his wife wound down and slowly relaxed, the husband watched in disbelief as the Doctor's testicles began slamming against the cheeks of her lovely ass.

    The physician's penis was amazingly growing even thicker and becoming hard as steel. She felt it and began meeting his thrusts once again.

    Again her husband dumbly asked, "Doctor. What's happening? What about the wasp?"

    'Wasp?' The nurse slowly began to understand, and watching this with her panties soaking wet, she smiled. At the same time she offered one of the towels to James. He realized that the nurse had seen him masturbating to orgasm, and his face turned red. Taking the towel, he began wiping his fingers.

    There was no stopping the inevitable and the Doctor fucked Veronica with every inch of his being. The cum that he had been holding back, tons of it, was starting its rush up his shaft.

    "Change of plans James," the trembling physician panted. "I'm going to drown the little bastard!"

    His voice sounded strained and he began climaxing as he spoke. Veronica felt it too and the husband watched in disbelief as he saw his wife dig her fingers into the ass of the Doctor.

    Feeling the Doctor cumming and shooting huge globs of liquid into her, Veronica moaned loudly as she came a second time, again ejaculating fluid, and this orgasm matching the doctor's in length and intensity. Her entire body, indeed her very being, was totally involved with the man above her.

    The nurse was still holding those remaining towels in her hands, and she understood now, why the good Doctor has requested them.

    With a final powerful thrust forward, the Doctor's penis at last, finished throbbing. Slowly, very slowly, Veronica wound down and finally relaxed as her legs started to lower, and then, as her feet came down and only touched air, she realized that she could not place them on a bed since she was on a table,.

    With a deep and satisfied sigh, Veronica looked over the Doctor's shoulders and one at a time, fixed her feet carefully into those metal stirrups.

    The Doctor laid upon the wife for almost 30 seconds until he had caught his breath. Then he remembered his "position" and that the nurse is watching and slowly pulled out.

    The little wife looked up at him with a slight smile and as he returned her smile, Veronica puckered up slightly and flicked her chin as if throwing him a kiss. Yes, it was over.

    "I'm pretty sure that took care of the wasp." the Doctor began weakly, attempting to make some kind of a believable explanation to the young husband and also, his nurse, who was staring hungrily at his softening penis that still exceeded eight inches in length..

    James saved the day when he said: "Hey Doctor, drowning the wasp worked. When you pulled your dick out, the wasp came out with all that juice. Good job!" [​IMG]
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