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. Privilege

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    By the time that Victoria returned from her hack out across the beach on her hunter Marshall, her boots were covered in salt water and her sex was wet. It had always been this way. Feeling the athletic horse moving beneath her, against her sex, through the tightly stretched pair of jodphurs that she wore, made her feel horny. Men masturbated and women rode wild horses, imagining that they were lusty men. It wasn't an embarrassment to her either that when she returned to the stables and dismounted, that the crotch of her cream jodphurs were so obviously wet. An aristocratic young woman, who knew how to handle a spirited horse didn't shy away from the small matter of appetite. Victoria liked fucking and riding horses only made it worse. Would though that all of this had been in a past time. She imagined the very large country estate that her husband Percival should own and the stately home that went with it. Instead, they had only the large farm house, the block of stables and three or four farm hands who worked in a desultory way for her husband. In the past times, in the privileged times, there would have been three times as many workers and they would have jumped too when she spoke to them. There would have been a proper servitude. Progress, well, the sort of progress that government talked about these days, she doubted. What had been so terribly wrong with class, with privilege and quite honestly the labourers knowing their place?

    She and her lover David had written out to the woods on the uplands above the beach by separate routes and there he had fucked her. Percival was all very well, all very proper, but he didn't know how to fuck. He didn't know how to make her writhe and beg like David did. Her beau had attitude. He had a certain arrogance and well, he was doing well too, in the city. There would soon come a day when ambitious David amassed a wealth far in excess of Percival's and she would abandon the less successful male. They had found a mossy spot beneath the wind blown stunted trees and David had bent her forward over a bough, ripped down the top of her jodphurs and without ceremony taken out his cock and plunged it inside her. He rammed greedily, relentlessly, making her young and pert breasts swing, her legs kicked wide as he serviced her in front of the tethered horses. This was a 'good seeing to'. She was a haughty little bitch that needed her cunt filling to the brim. She had begged for it and admitted that she needed bringing to heel. She needed a man such as he, one who frankly didn't give a fuck if he left her pregnant and her husband to pick up the pieces.

    Now, she patted Marshall, stroked down his mane and slid from the saddle. Her crotch was wet not only with the arousal of riding, but the seed of David's fucking. He had made a complete and utter mess of her young cunt, so that it hadn't stop draining spunk for the whole of the ride home!

    'Take the rein would you' she said curtly to the farm hand who had come out of the barn to receive her horse upon her return. He wasn't a stable boy. He wasn't accustomed to horses, but Percival insisted that they must make do. Farm hands could be taught to cover a range of duties. It wasn't all milking and hedging. The man's name was Jacob. What was he, may be thirty five. Brighter than the others he had been to agricultural college because he actually wanted farming as a career. He was brighter than the other weak minded so and so's that Percival had hired. Still, still, he had a surly look about him. Jacob wanted to learn farming not stable work. Jacob had wanted to share some arable ideas with her husband. Jacob had ideas above his station. Much as she would never say it to her husband, she thought that Jacob, the enthusiast, Jacob the clever clogs, needed to be brought down a peg or two.

    As she slid from the saddle the older man's eyes followed her. She was only 23. Percival was well into his thirties. May be he wondered whether the match was good? May be he had an opinion, damn him. She watched his direction of gaze as he steadied Marshall and rubbed his sweating neck. The fellow was staring at her wet crotch. He was staring at the residue of what David had been doing to her. Impertinence, she thought. Wait until David gets here. I will ask him to take you aside and teach you some manners! Bugger Percival and what he might think. People should respect their betters.

    'What are you staring at?' she demanded icily.

    The farm hand froze. His face reddened. Instead of looking into her pale blue eyes now, he cast his gaze down onto the straw strewn floor.

    Mr bright ideas Jacob struggled for words. The little bastard had dared to look at her crotch. He had dared to judge her! Rank has its privilege and one of them is that people like this didn't presume to judge their betters. He was taller than she, bigger, but she fixed him with her stare and watched him squirm.


    'sorry Miss' he said at last, gulping.

    Miss! Not Victoria. Not Mrs Percival with a sarcastic grin. Caught off guard the fellow was reverting to his origins. What had his farmer been, ah yes, a lorry driver. Your father was a lorry driver. You are a nothing! However smart you are, however handsome you are, you have made nothing of your life. She didn't utter the words, but he knew what she thought. She knew that he was shrinking inside. She liked it too. At last. Miss, that was better.

    'you were staring' she continued waspishly. He wriggled uncomfortably. He wouldn't offer up eye contact. His gaze never left the ground. Good!

    'I'm really sorry Miss' he repeated. Yes. A dirty little thought in an unworthy head. What do you earn? Not even twenty grand a year! You are nothing she thought. But then that was it. She liked that he earned so little, she liked that he put all that enthusiasm into his work just still to be a farm hand. In the end, breeding would out. That was what David said. Don't be embarrassed about being arrogant.

    'Tie up Marshall' she said sharply and watched him do her bidding. A biggish man, it was pleasant to see him comply so quickly. She followed him into the stables. David would arrive soon. David a spur of the moment visit. How lovely it would be to show him what a smart and assertive young woman she was.

    Victoria placed a booted foot up on a bale of hay next to where Jacob tied the hunter.

    She looked at him, critically, her eyes measuring his every reaction.

    She looked down at her sea water marked riding boot and back at Jacob.

    'I won't have farm hands leering, do you understand?' she said firmly. As if to seal the point she tapped her riding crop against her other boot.

    She watched him nod. His face was bright red. His curly brown hair fell in ringlets over his face. He was quite handsome for all his low station.

    She glanced at her boot again and then once more at him. Well? The look crippled him. Did she really need to mention that she could have a word with Percival about his ugly, pretentious little looks? Did she have to arrange for his dismissal and a report back to the college about 'attitude problems' in their graduates?

    Jacob cleared his throat. You understand don't you? she thought. You understand what you must be. If you want me then the best you can hope for is to serve me. I would never fuck you. That is way too vulgar. She watched him wince as he realised that his life was changing now. No amount of clever ideas with Percival would make up for what she could do to him. If necessary, his career had to be ruined. Rank has its privilege.

    At last the farm hand knelt. He knelt in the straw beside her boot on the bale of hay. His fingers were placed there and she pressed her foot upon them. No, I don't want you to fetch a brush to clean my boots. You know what is expected.

    'sorry Miss' he repeated for the third time. He sounded like a scolded school boy. He did. But then he started to lick her boot. He licked up the salt and the sand from off the black leather and she watched him silently. The sight was delicious. She couldn't believe how thrilling it was. A terrible, a compelling tingle moved inside her sex and she realised that the sight of him licking her boots aroused her. it wasn't just that he licked nicely, it was that he licked open mouthed. After a hesitant start, he now abased himself completely in front of her.

    'What were you thinking about when you looked at my crotch?' she whispered breathlessly.

    Say it! Say it! Say that you fantasised about fucking me! I will hit you with the crop when you do farm hand.

    Jacob shuddered. The very recollection of that thought made him blush again. It was terrible. She was so beautiful. She was so arrogant. Shit! Percival never deserved her.

    'You're beautiful' he stammered.

    She looked down at him, her face full of contempt. But her mind sang. Her mind sang with the acceptance of it all. This worthless piece of shit worshipped her. Well I would never, ever, not in a year of Sunday's lie with the likes of you…the words spat around her mind.

    'You will lick my boots when i tell you too, do you understand?' she said calmly, coldly.

    'Yes Miss' he said humbly and continued on.

    It made her smile. Good. Little upstart. You WILL learn your place. I will rule you even if my husband doesn't. She placed her other salty boot up onto the bale and Jacob proceeded to lick that one clean too. God, that was nice. Her pussy felt hot. She felt aroused again. She felt wet inside her jodphurs. From her jacket pocket she took out her mobile phone and filmed a short video clip of the farm hand licking her boot.

    'If you don't do as I say, everything I say, I will show this to Percival and have you dismissed do you understand? I will tell him you begged to do it.'

    Jacob jolted. The words, the words, it was as though she had kicked him. It was as though she had made him take out his dirty little working class cock, all erect and trembling, and that she had then kicked him sharply there. Pretentious little so and so. He squinted up at her, the afternoon sun behind her head like a rural halo.

    'yes Miss' he said quietly.

    She nodded crisply.

    'No more clever farming suggestions to my husband, do you understand? You know your place.'

    That hurt him. It hurt his horrible little upstart ego. It hurt him where it should hurt, his self esteem.

    'No Miss' he confirmed.

    'You will call me Miss and David and Percival sir, do you understand?' she continued earnestly.

    The farm hand shook. It shamed him. it shamed him properly, but he simple had to lean.She knew that. No, she wanted that. She wanted it with all of her heart.

    Jacob nodded. Just as David stepped into the stables the farm hand nodded. There, down on his knees, do you see? She glanced the question across at her lover.

    'Darling, you have him to heel!' he chuckled.

    She giggled. Yes. Yes, she did. it was nice. It was right. It was proper. It was how things should have been. He wanted to kiss her. She could tell. She could always tell. But he was hesitant. The farm hand. There was the farm hand.

    'Don't worry about him, he does as he is told' she whispered and beckoned to David. He came and kissed her. He kissed her with his mouth open.

    'Jacob wants to keep his job, doesn't he?' she said calmly. 'He wants to keep his job and licking out mistress and sucking her lover's cock will ensure that he is a very very obedient boy'.

    Jacob shuddered again. Her boot was still in his face. With a kick she could take his teeth out. it would be too easy.

    'Yes Miss' he murmured.

    Victoria looked at her lover. Yes, why not. There was an idea. It was just so sexy. If you had an estate, if you were lord and lady of the manor, then why not.Her smile was playful and then wicked. She giggled once more.

    'Let me show you' she whispered to her man.

    He watched. He watched quietly. There, Victoria pulled down her judphurs. She pulled them down to reveal her cum wet sex. There, naked at her sex, in the warm and dusty stable. David looked at the farm hand. Seeing what a bitch Victoria was being, well. It stirred him. it stirred him below.

    'Here' Victoria ordered the farm hand and patted the bale of hay. He was to sit on the floor and rest his head back on the bale. When he had down so, doe sidled to him and pulled his head through, above her pulled down jodphurs and up against her mistress sex. She knelt on the bale and pushed her of so wet, oh so superior and well fucked cunt against the older man's mouth.

    'Lick it' she ordered and glanced at David.

    Jacob licked.

    She felt his wet tongue on her cunt.

    She felt the tip of it slide up her crease and onto the bulbous bud of her clitoris. He was gasping. She held his face full on against her sex.

    'Lick it hard' she insisted, even though he was doing his best to comply.

    She felt the submission of his mouth. She heard his heavy breathing, every inhalation struggled for against her pretty curling pubic hair. God, this was lovely. Impudent little shit. Lick it. lick it you nasty worthless shit!

    'Like it darling…..you using him' David gasped huskily.

    Yes, yes, using him. That was what Jacob was really for. Not all those clever ideas above his station. Not those little ruses that would save Percival from ruin. Percival had to fail so that she could go to David. That was what mattered.

    'He needs it….' David said with a smirk.

    'What he needs and what I allow are two different things…' she hissed, but it was difficult. it really was darling, because she was climaxing. She was climaxing very hard indeed.
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