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. Patsy's Monster Bite

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

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    It all started when my wife Patsy and I had been out for a meal one evening, and as usual we both had too much to drink. Drink always makes my wife horny. She even had my cock out under the table in the restaurant... and that was after only one glass of wine! She never wears any knickers when we go out to dinner, so it makes it easy for me to shove my fingers up her crutch, between her stocking tops, it is generally sopping wet.

    On one occasion she nearly had an orgasm when I was rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers. but that's another story.

    When we got home I opened the door, and within seconds of it closing, she was down on her hands and knees sucking my tool for all it was worth. I love it when she' s like this, she is as kinky as hell.

    After sucking the juice out of me, we went upstairs. Patsy bent over the end of the bed, skirt up around her waist, showing a gorgeous pair ot legs draped in dark silky stockings, leading up to the white cheeks of her bottom, with a juiced up hairy love hole between them. I rammed my stiff cock straight up her, hearing her groan as it slid right in. She caressed my balls in her soft hands while I was screwing her, and she said, "I wish you had two cocks, so I could suck one at the front while the other one was fucking me from behind."

    I had actually thought of the idea some months ago, but didn't think she would be interested so I never mentioned it, but now it was her idea. I said, "We could advertise for another cock," and she said, "That's a brilliant idea."

    I knew it was just the drink talking and in the morning, on sobering up, she would deny all those dirty thoughts. Sure enough I was right.

    A few months later, I went into a gents toilet and noticed there was a hole in the wall of the cubicle. I decided to take a peep, and on doing so I saw a guy with what I thought was a thick piece of rope. I then realised it was his cock and he was wanking himself silly looking at a porn magazine.It made me feel quite horny just watching him.

    He caught me looking at him through the hole, so I turned away. The next thing I knew was a piece of paper coming through the hole. I thought he was blocking up the hole so I couldn't watch, but it came right through and I noticed it was a note with a message on it asking what I was into. So I scribbled on the piece of paper that I liked poking females, and pushed it back through. It came back with another message saying, 'So do I, do you know where there is a female I can poke?', and I thought, yes, my wife!

    I said I would meet him outside the cubicle and discuss the matter further. We set out a plan which I thought would benefit us both, and the first part of the plan was for him to telephone me at home on Friday evening at eight.

    I was feeling more horny than usual waiting for Friday, and for that call. Then came the big day. I finished work early, got home and showered. Patsy and I had tea and settled down to watch TV. Bang on 8pm the telephone rang, Patsy answered it, and shouted, "Mark it's for you, it's Jonathan."

    I had forgotten to ask his name, so I hoped this was him, and went to the telephone. Sure enough it was, and we arranged to meet at our local at 9.30pm. I told Patsy that Jonathan was an old work mate who lived in Manchester and was in Coventry on business. and asked if he could stay the night. It wasn't unusual for people to stay over. but it was normally couples who were friends we had been out with the same evening.

    Patsy said she would make up the spare bed. We went to the local at about 9.15 pm. Jonathan was already there, sitting in a corner of the lounge. We went over and I introduced Patsy to Jonathan, and then walked over to the bar to get us all a drink, making it a double brandy and Babycham for Patsy, which made her very happy!

    She was getting on very well with Jonathan. After about an hour. we decided to make tracks for home, which was only a short walk away. When we arrived home, Patsy showed Jonathan his room and they came back down into the lounge, where I had poured us all another drink. I noticed Jonathan couldn't take his eyes off Patsy's legs and cleavage, which she was showing quite a lot of. She even gave him a flash of her knickers. giving Jonathan's cock something to think about I'm sure, judging by the bulge which was starting to appear in his trousers.

    After a couple of drinks and general chatting it was nearly midnight, so I said we had better turn in. Patsy and I got undressed, and I got into bed, while Patsy went to the loo, me saying I would go later. A few minutes passed, and Patsy came to bed, telling me she had just walked into the loo and had seen Jonathan having a pee. She said to me, a little sheepishly, "He's got a massive cock; it looks like a snake."

    Jokingly I said, "Did you suck it?" She replied, "No but I would have liked to." She got into bed and switched the light off. Before I knew what was happening, she was down on me sucking me like a vacuum cleaner, with her big, black, hairy cunt dripping with juice. I knew she was wanting a real good shagging, and that's what she was going to get.

    I turned her on her back and shoved my tongue up her cunt hole, slowly licking her clit. I knew she was ready for coming, but I made an excuse to go to the loo. She wasn't very happy. I said I would only be a few seconds. I went and got Jonathan, whose cock was standing up like a flag pole, and was just as thick and long. We went back to the bedroom, which was quite dark, and I laid on the floor hiding while Jonathan went between Patsy's legs. She thought it was me, until he got on top of her and forced his meat up her slit.

    I heard her scream out with pleasure, and said, "Oh Mark you are feeling very, very, big tonight, darling!" And, as Jonathan took every stroke, Patsy shouted and moaned. "Harder. fuck me harder!" When she said that, it juiced my cock up so much, I nearly came.

    Then Jonathan said, "Here you are Patsy, here' s the full length," and Patsy groaned even more as Jonathan's arse went like a fiddler's elbow. Patsy was shouting, "Harder, harder! " She was panting as this man screwed her into the bed. I realised, by this time, that she waS having one hell of an orgasm.

    After she had regained her senses, Jonathan removed his weapon from Patsy's dripping wet pussy. Patsy's croaking voice said, "Please fuck me from both ends, now, but switch the lights on so I can watch."

    I turned the lights on, and Patsy said. "What a size. no wonder it took my breath away."

    Patsy turned on all fours; she wanted it doggy style with Jonathan at the front in her mouth, while I shafted her from behind, slopping in and out of the juice. I could see Patsy trying to devour Jonathan's cock, which must have been all of 12 inches. It didn't matter how hard she tried she couldn't get it all in her mouth.

    She was biting it, sucking it, wanking it, and eating his balls. What a feast she was having. She was getting what she had requested many times before.

    Then I heard Jonathan start to groan, and I saw Patsy's mouth fill up. The cream was running down her chin onto her tits... it was a wonderful sight to watch my own wife still sucking his cock trying not to waste any of the spunk.

    At the sight of that I started to come myself, Patsy's head was bobbing up and down like a cork on Jonathan's cock, and her arse was going ten to the dozen, with my balls banging against the cheeks of her milky white buttocks. I lost my breath as the spunk surged out, and I felt my stomach twist. I shouted for Patsy to stop, but would she hell, she was draining my cock while still hanging on to Jonathan's cock helmet.

    After all the bonking we all slumped together, both Jonathan and myself cuddling into Patsy. Jonathan was behind her and his shaft was still up Patsy's cunt. We all fell off to sleep. The following morning, Patsy and I woke up at 10.15am to the smell of sex and juice. Jonathan, though, was gone!

    He had left a note to say that it was the best night he had ever had, and hoped we could do the same again sometime in the future. After Patsy had read his note, she said to me, "I always wanted two men at the same time, but I wanted you to make the first move in case you thought I didn't love you. Now it makes me love you even more, to think you will do anything to please and surprise me. I wished we had done it sooner!""So do I," I said. I will be getting in touch with Jonathan again shortly, as Patsy's birthday will be in three weeks time. and I want to give her a big present she will never forget.
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