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. Passed around

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 10, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Viv told me firmly, 'you will go with the brothers that I tell you to bitch'. I remember the moment so vividly. We were at a party. My husband John was stood nearby, just in case we had need of another drink. His face fell. One minute John was holding it together, watching Viv flaunt me at his party and the next minute his little lip was trembling and his eyes had that fixed by oncoming headlights look. To be fair to John we had only recently come to the full realisation that Viv owned us morning noon and night. We'd been out to Viv's villa in Seville and for a month Viv had brutalised John. He fucked his ass for him. He fucked his mouth. John even started to spunk when Viv used his bottom. It was a major head changing period for us both. Now though, and without prior warning to me, we were moving into new territory. I would go with other handsome and successful black business men, the better to further Viv's empire. Much of that world was shady. It was certainly about tax avoidance, but it was probably more. Some commodities shall we say, well, they weren't available in the supermarket.

    At the party I looked across at the guy that Viv was directing me to. Lewis was a few years older than my master, but he was dressed in the same impeccable way. His tuxedo fitted him perfectly, covering his big chest and his muscular looking arms. I took him in, my eyes sweeping up and down his physique. He did much the same assessment of me. Blonde, slim, leggy with dreamy aloof robin's egg blue eyes. He liked the look of me, he liked the slender black leather pencil shirt and the high heels. He liked the waspish black basque that I wore on top of that. It accented my perfectly formed, pale breasts. I was terrified. Absolutely, completely, terrified! What might this smiling, arrogant black male do with me? What if he was into strange stuff? I was used to being fucked up the rear and in my mouth, Viv had acquainted me with the expectations of black masculinity, but there could have been stranger stuff. I wondered whether the man had a disease? No black guy that I had ever been with used a sheath. Still, I was Viv's bitch. I was his to direct. So with the briefest glances in John's direction I went to Lewis and stroked the lapel of his tuxedo jacket saying how impeccable his dress style was. He smiled, first at me and then at John. He liked it that I was being gifted in front of him. He liked it that my husband couldn't do a thing about it. Lewis kissed me casually. His mouth came to mine, his eyes locked my gaze indicating that I was to submit nicely now and I opened my mouth to his tongue in response. He started to enjoy me, his tongue exploring within, his big lips clamping authoritatively against mine. I closed my eyes, as though this was ecstasy. Viv had taught me that. Even though ecstasy came on a proud black cock a bitch was meant signal her submission, her eagerness, her enthralled state by closing her eyes and trembling at first touch. I felt Viv watching us, amused, pleased, that his bitch was so well behaved. I felt John's eyes watching us, in despair.

    For this first 'trick' Viv was intent on joining Lewis and I when we stepped aside from the party and made our way to a bedroom. I was meant to fuck nicely, hard, to climax on Lewis. It didn't matter that he was a stranger, that I believed that you could only climax with a man you loved or at least desired. I was to have the proper climax and abandon myself to his master prick. I was to climax hard on the man. That was what bitches did, Viv had once assured me. A bitch was a woman who fucking well did as she was told and who creamed greedily on the black man's cock. I took Lewis's big hand and walked with him to the bedroom, glancing shyly at him. To my horror, Viv insisted that John was brought along to attend us. He was talking darkly to John as they followed us. It was as if he was reading John the rules. He was to get used to me lying with the black guys that Viv chose. Sometimes, on some party nights, my cunt would be constantly dripping. John was to lick me up anyway. He was to lick up whatever poured from my sex. Lewis paused en route and took another kiss, a lingering, sensuous one. I responded again, this time intrigued, this time a little turned on by Viv's words. I adored the way he put John down. I adored it that he used me to shame my husband. The commentary to my husband continued as we proceeded on. I was to become the black man's plaything. Rich black men. Rich black guys who fucked bitches and then adorned them with nice things, to look the way that they liked them to look. If I was to be Viv's whore, then I would certainly be an expensive looking little whore.

    The bedroom was immaculate, in ivory white with barely another colour showing. Viv had immaculate interior decor taste. The bed was large, very large. Viv smiled at his guest and asked whether he wanted to direct things to which Lewis smiled. He gestured John forward, signalling that he was to undress me for my new lover. John hates this, doing it for Viv let alone another male. I could sense his trepidation. But he knows how to do it properly. You undress your mistress bitch from behind her, so that the alpha black male can see her body as it is revealed. As John's hands worked on my basque, I could feel his caged cock sliding against my buttocks. It was squirming to get out. He needed an erection. He needed to ejaculate. Black guys like their bitches with a little jewellery left in place after the clothes get dropped and Lewis was no exception. He wanted my choker of pearls left about my throat. The high rows of pearls made my neck look even more slender, my demeanour more haughty than usual. A choker can make a bitch look very bitch. Meekly, naked, I stepped away from John's useless hands and into the embrace of the man who would fuck me. His fingers went straight to my sex. I felt them run down through the curling blonde hair of my pubes and up into my crease. His fingers pushed inside me and started to work me there. I was already wet, but now....now...God I was going to realise that I wanted this guy to fuck me.

    'You like that little bitch?' Lewis asked, his face so close to mine.

    John stared.

    I nodded.

    'You worship black cock bitch?'

    'Yes' I breathed. It was true.

    'How you feel about the pasty guy behind you?' Lewis wanted to know. I could feel his erection going massively I his trousers against me.

    'I despise him' I said, without hesitation, without a formed thought. The answer came instantly.

    John was ordered to lift me onto the bed and to arrange me there. We didn't know that first time exactly what that meant, but Viv instructed.

    'Show Lewis your mistress's cunt' said Viv. John was required to splay my legs and then my labia, showing Lewis my peachy pink interior, my bulging clitoris and the drilled out spasming hole in the midst of it all. I was goods to be inspected and having my husband show my wares was a means of humiliating him. I felt John's fingers move delicately down there. He was so reverential. But when he did open my lips wide for Lewis he still gulped. I was so drilled out that his own little cock was useless now. I would never have felt him inside me.

    'A gifted bitch has to be a clean bitch' Viv told my husband, like he was my toilette now as well as my slave. 'you will keep her clean for her men, you will take the regular swabs for the lab I use and you will have results ready for when a new master asks.'

    For a second I felt humiliated then. But it was momentary. Of course I had to be clean. You don't give a dirty or a dangerous gift.

    'Now me' said Lewis and John was drawn away from me. Viv signalled that I was to touch myself. I was to add to my own submission, my own terrible abandonment to the rule of black cock. I started to masturbate. I started to pull and tease my clitty so that its hood slid back and the full fleshy bud popped forward. John was being made to undress my suitor, taking off his things like an officer's bat man. I watched the clothes come away and then there was a massive black cock. Lewis had big hands and he had a cock to match. It was circumcised and proud. I watched my husband being pushed down onto his knees and made to envelope that bulging glans with his mouth.

    'You smell it, taste it, make sure you feel no sores and such,' said Viv carefully, 'if you find anything untoward you little bastard, you object and take the beating. Better that than have my bitch infected.'

    When you are passed around you are still owned. You are still the black master's bitch. He will want to fuck you too. He isn't about to have his property spoiled.

    The brief clinical interlude dealt with, John set to sucking. He's been taught to admire that packed by his betters. He's been trained to worship a cock, sucking and licking without restraint. Watching him gobble Lewis so humbly, so submissively, I wanted my new black lover. I wanted Lewis's handsome, brutal looking black cock deep inside me. Going with the black man, dismissing the white one, there comes an intimate moment, a moment of smells, of sensuous images, of anticipated stretching that makes you want to fuck.

    'Sucks nice' said Lewis to his host.

    'Sucks like I taught him. Sucks like a guy who knows that his wife is way too good to even consider his useless fucking prick.' Viv smiled as he summarised. He was watching me grimace as I tweaked my clitty hard. I was rubbing my cunt lips back and forth vigorously now, longing to be serviced.

    Now, John cast aside, kneeling on the deep pile carpet, Lewis stepped forward, took my legs up onto his broad shoulders and addressed his cock head to my cunt. He looked down at my flushed breasts, my erect nipples an then my anxious face. He took me anyway. He simply drove his cock straight into me and there was that squelching, that sucking sound as he took up station. I gripped the sheets. Yo never know how deep a black man will drive first time. You don't really know that you can take his girth without splitting. Your nails dig into the sheet and you gasp involuntarily as he occupies you. Lewis is like Viv, he feels very big. He feels like he is filling my belly, as though his glans expands outwards, with a thick fleshy flange and hooks inside you once he is up there. He felt as though he was never coming out, as though I was locked on him like a dog in the street.

    'Fucking nice and tight man' Lewis snarled, working his cock back and forth. Every slide of his member there ran against my clit. It made my heart race. It made my lungs struggle, sucking down the breathes.

    'God! Oh God!!' I gasped.

    'Just fucking take it bitch, just fucking suck it in'.

    I couldn't! I couldn't adequately grip him. His cock had swollen so much. It was all I could do to admit him, his cock docking and redocking with rhythmic force.

    My tits were moving now, moving back and forth with the greedy brutal thrusts. My legs moved too, strung up over his shoulders, my toes curling with the sensations that he generated deep inside me.

    'Nice how her neck flushes eh man?' Viv chuckled.

    My neck was puce. I could feel the heat of it. I could feel my tits burning. I was feeling.....Christ.....I was feeling delirious. I didn't chose to speak, I simply groaned, grunted, yelped beneath the man.

    'There!' he said at last, his voice growling from somewhere down in the small of his back. I felt his thighs tensing. I felt the pressure of his spunk surging inside me. I felt the splurge of his semen, and his balls moving against my skin.

    'See man...look at her....so his huh? See how she gives herself to the black feller?' Viv was sneering. He was sneering at my husband.

    But I climaxed. I climaxed so that I thought I would have a heart attack. My hands stroked the neck, the shoulders of the big man who was filling me. 'Thank you! Thank you! Oh God!'

    We lay hooked together then. We stayed hooked on. John watched us. He watched the tension in Lewis's muscles subside, his face ease into pleasure, his brain filling with the hormone rush, the rush of having me, the pleasure of seeing my husband slumped beside us, capitulated.

    'I adored that....god....' my voice was husky as I thanked him for taking me. 'I was so frightened....a first time....' I shouldn't have confided the latter. A bitch is meant to be hard on, easy, ready to fuck, crazed with cunt needs. But this first time, it was such a relief. So Viv let the relief pass, he let me admit my fears. Lewis grinned and he pulled out. I felt his cock dragging out of me and then the gloop, bubble, gloop of his spunk as it filled the gap that he had left. I felt the first of it start to trickle down to my buttocks.

    Viv smiled across at John. It was time to lick me up. Another time, we wouldn't be supervised. John would drive me over some place. I'd fuck with my black bull. John would be summoned. He'd lick me out. I would stay the night with my stud and John would try to sleep in the car. A few days later, an expensive trinket, something for me to wear, to show Viv what a good bitch I could be, something to cripple John.

    [Also from Lutheran Maid, 'The intimacy of Three' a full length cuckolding novel from Amazon, print and electronic download].
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