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. Overpowered by a Girl

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by gmason, Nov 17, 2016.

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  1. gmason

    gmason Member Member


    This is a story about a severe and ultimate submission to strong women.

    Alex is enslaved by the beautiful intern working in his office. He is subjected to intense verbal and physical humiliations.
    Feet and body worship, fisting, chastity, and public nudity are parts of his training.
    New Mistress even invites her friends and lends her slave to others.
    Alex’s degradation increases when he is required to endure gold shower and ass worship.
    Finally, he is sold to Melinda, another dominatrix eager to widen Alex’s limits.

    Melinda quickly transforms Alex into her house maid. He is expected to quit his job and to become a full time slave.
    In addition, his new Mistress introduces pegging, and girl’s clothes. Melinda takes Alex with her to the business trip.
    His misfortunes continue when he is ordered around by the airport security and hotel’s staff.
    The story ends when Alex realizes how much all the recent events have changed him, and finds his life’s mission.


    Being a mid – level manager in IT company is not easy these days.
    With everything outsourced, you quickly find yourself working late evening and nights in order to manage your team abroad.
    In addition, you are always afraid about your position, so you work as hard as you can.
    Spending most of the time at work, I wasn’t surprised when my girlfriend left me four months ago.
    Ever since it happened, I wasn’t able to find anyone else willing to go out with me.
    My girlfriend also took with her all our mutual friends, so my singleness was very profound.

    Being lonely, I was trying to find my luck online.
    Browsing through different love sites, I found myself mostly interested in BDSM style.
    To look for someone who will humiliate and control me began my obsession and an absolute desire.

    At that time, we hired a new intern. Her name was Cindy.
    She was a handsome college senior.
    I was attracted by her look, her perfect body was driving me crazy.
    Her blonde hair and beautiful face were captivating.
    I fantasizing about being ordered around by her.
    Unnoticed, I have been checking her out every time she was around.

    One day she entered my office in order to ask me something.
    Instead of answering, I had collected all my courage and asked her for a date.
    Her answer came as a total surprise to me:

    “Alex, I have been watching you for a few days.
    Apparently, you have a crush on me. I want to propose you once in a lifetime offer.”

    “I believe you are a truly submissive which awaits to be controlled.
    I can make you a better person by providing you that you need.
    I will dominate you, will decide for you, and will give you orders.
    In return, I will require a total obedience.
    Any misbehavior will be severely punished. Is that what you truly want, Alex?”

    I was speechless.
    She knew my secret aspirations, and just gave me an opportunity to fulfill them.
    I had dreamed a lot about it, but never realized it can so real.
    “It’s now, or never,” I told myself.

    “Yes, Cindy, this is indeed my true wish.”

    Pleased with my answer she continued: “Alex, do you agree to obey my every command, and to be my slave?”

    “Yes, I do,” was my instant answer.

    “Alex, please come closer and kneel before me.”

    After I had obeyed, she put her hand on my head and announced:

    “Alex, I am taking you as my slave. I pledge to take care about you.
    From now on, your body and soul solely belong to me.”

    Still trying to grasp what just happened, I heard her leaving.

    “I am going to shopping. I have to buy something. Be ready at 6,” she told me, and left the room.

    For the rest of the day, I was all pins and needles. I had no idea what to expect.
    All kinds of thoughts visited my mind.
    I was asking continuously myself: “Was I right when I agreed to be her slave?”

    Precisely at 6 my door was opened, and I saw Cindy.
    She was carrying a large backpack.
    Notably, her face was beaming with anticipation.

    “Take off your clothes and climb up on the table,” she commanded.

    At first, I was very hesitant to undress before Cindy.
    However, her stern look didn’t let any place for any uncertainty.
    Obediently, I stripped and stood on all fours on my table.
    She grabbed the pile of my clothes, pulled out from there my underwear and tossed it away.

    “Slaves can’t wear any underwear,” she said sternly.

    Next, she took from her bag a black collar and closed it around my neck. My member had started to stiffen.

    “I see you like how the things are going so far.
    Don’t worry, I will tend to your prick later,” she assured me.

    After that, she took a lubricant from her bag, and facing me started to moisturize her hands.
    I was in shock, as I had a good idea what it’s for.
    Then, she moved behind me, put her hands on my buttocks, and said mockingly:

    “Don’t tell me you are still a virgin. With such a nice ass, this situation is inexplicable.
    Don’t worry, tough, I will fix that. You will become a proud slut.”

    She started to push her finger into my crack. I felt like my rear is ripped apart, and started to scream.

    “A little bit tight there. Need to work harder,” she sighted.

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