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. Out of Afrika - Prologue and Chapter One

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Oct 31, 2017.

. Out of Afrika - Prologue and Chapter One 4.7 5 11votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B



    The Rhino Electronics’ negotiating team from emerged from the Ministry of Trade after yet another marathon meeting. This time however they had satisfied smiles on their faces for they had finally achieved their objective of reaching an international trade agreement.

    The trade agreement was the first step of a grand plan but this wasn’t revealed or part of any agenda or discussions. To the team the pact was merely a means to an end and certainly the end was not something that was spoken of during any meetings.


    It took months for Rhino Electronics of South Africa to be granted the necessary permits and permissions under World Trade Organisation rules to export their products beyond their nation state of South Africa. In their homeland they dominated the market selling their innovative products to a captive clientele but they had ambitions far beyond their borders. Negotiations at Governmental levels had proven tough with the major stumbling blocks related to the acceptance that their products were both superior and cheaper when compared to the same goods produced in most overseas markets at which they aimed. As a consequence large tariffs on imports were proposed by the nervous nations in Rhino’s sights to hike the price tags to be similar to their own produced products. The import taxes proposed during negotiations were such that it made no commercial sense to proceed with the idea of a straight export/import deal such were the penalties.

    However, it didn’t take long before a loophole in WTO international trading arrangements was identified. It was recognized that if assembly of the product from components was conducted in the country to which it was being exported then no tariffs could be applied for the product would be deemed to be ‘locally produced’. Indeed, some countries encouraged such an approach so that local economies would benefit from having committed employers in areas where perhaps job prospects were scarce. Rhino clinched their deal when they committed to not only relocating assembly but also contracted to bring along design, R&D and manufacturing to wherever they settled. In addition, and in recognition of their Black Roots, they also pledged to locate in areas which had a significant Black population who would benefit most from having a benevolent employer.

    In short, they were promising employment, commitment and prosperity to the community. “What’s not to like?” said the mayor of Hawksville when he learned that Rhino Electronics had decided to build their first overseas plant on the outskirts of his town. Since the demise of the auto assembly industry in these parts life had been tough, especially for those at the lower part of the social spectrum.

    At the same time back in South Africa within the executive of Rhino there were similar expressions of joy and satisfaction at the decision to go to Hawksville. They had been quite meticulous in the search to identify a suitable place; Hawksville had met all the criteria and shown there were many suitable and susceptible people living there who would become part of the grand plan.

    Indeed, their excitement was such that a celebration was organised to commemorate the success of the hard work by the negotiating team in getting a foothold in an overseas market for their innovative product, a mobile phone that unknown to the user was actually a portal to transmit subliminal messages and commands; A device that could impose mind control.


    The conference room was filled with rutting couples; women giving blow-jobs to their rampant partners; females acting in the most depraved manners possible mostly with the demeanour of having been freshly fucked. The only common theme was that all the women were White and all the men were Black; a symbolic gesture to emphasise the supremacy of one over the other.

    “Like that Black Cock, do you Bitch?” said Oskar as he pulled his spurting penis from the gaping cunt of the white hooker who was spread below him. He looked across to another of his team who was engaged in a similar act of fucking another prostitute who had been bought in for their entertainment, “We’ll be getting plenty of this if all goes to plan.”

    Rhino Electronics was not quite as it seemed and Hawksville had no idea their arrival was just the beginning.


    Chapter 1

    Simone and Ian watched as their daughter fumbled with the small tightly wrapped package looking for an edge where she might get a finger nail to tear at the gift-wrap. They looked on amusedly as the box was rotated and then, at last, Chloe found a weak spot and with a small cry of triumph the paper was ripped off to reveal the last of her gifts; an anonymous plain white box.

    It was the morning of her 16th birthday and a school day; not a holiday but birthdays in the White’s household were special and, no matter what, it was a tradition for the family that anniversaries such as these always began with getting up early for the ‘card and present ceremony’ whatever the day of the week it might be.

    The box was opened and the contents revealed. “An iPhone!” she shrieked. “Oh Mummy; Daddy, it’s just what I wanted. Oh My God; all the girls want one and now I’ve got my very own. Oh thank you, thank you. They are all going to be so jealous when I show them. Can I take it to school?”

    “Erm, I think not Darling, it might be best if you leave it here,” said her Mother before hastily, adding, “ ... just for today at least. It will need charging and setting up and there’s no time to do it now. Anyway, we must get on; look at the time.”

    Chloe’s face fell for a moment and then brightened as she leaned across to give each of her parents in turn a kiss. “Oh thank you so much,” she repeated with tears of joy filling her blue eyes. She stood up and handed over the phone to her Mother then gathered the collection of gifts and cards, returned to her bedroom and to properly begin her day. They watched with a sense of pride and satisfaction as the pyjama clad teenager retreated and disappeared up the staircase.

    Ian stood up and gave his wife a hug, “Well, didn’t she do well? An iPhone; you didn’t let on that’s what you were getting her. What a lucky girl.”

    She returned the caress dispassionately, “Hmm, actually, you silly boy, let’s be clear about a couple of things, firstly it’s a present from both of us and, secondly, it’s not actually an iPhone. It looks like one but it’s from some other maker I hadn’t heard of before; or, rather, hadn’t heard of before I got mine last year.”

    He turned to the dining table and picked up the discarded packaging and envelopes and deposited them in the trash can. The mobile phone and the box remained on the counter. Simone stole a glance and smiled as she inwardly congratulated herself on her choice of gift. Certainly her husband couldn’t be trusted to come up with any original ideas; he might be good at earning money but amongst her list of his inadequacies making suggestions for presents was not one of his assets. Anyway, in matters relating to their daughter it was a case of ‘Mother knew best’ and with her Chloe growing into a fine young lady she reckoned her darling deserved to be spoiled in an adult fashion.

    She chose not to share that thought with him; not for the moment anyway. “Right, we can’t sit here all day. We must get on. I’m in the shower first,” she said.

    The next half an hour passed with the usual mayhem of the three of them trying not to get in each other’s way as showering; dressing; breakfasting and all the other things required to prepare them for the day were conducted. Chloe was already in the kitchen spooning cereal when her father joined her; both of them dressed and ready to go.

    The doorbell rang and the birthday girl jumped up and wiping her mouth ran to the door and opened it to see a trio of her school friends standing there. From the kitchen Ian heard a chorus of squealed ‘Happy Birthdays’ as the excited teenagers greeted her. Chloe dashed back to the kitchen and grabbed her backpack and music case. Burdened with ‘luggage’ she gave a longing glance at her new phone before giving a goodbye kiss to her Father and a shout up the stairs to her Mother. Her father not wishing to have her departure marked by the slamming of the door followed her to the front door, held it open and then she was gone to begin giggling gossip with her friends all clad in short plaid skirts and white blouses.

    He watched their progress as they walked away up the street, “Phew, why do they always have to be so noisy? Why can’t girls talk softly?” he muttered to himself as the sound of the youngsters’ conversation receded down the street. Other, less savoury thoughts passed through his mind as he focussed on their strong young legs and the white ankle socks they all seemed to favour these days. If there was something he consistently yearned for, it was a quiet life, and sights such as these didn’t help.

    His rhetorical musings were interrupted when Simone called down, “Honey, Janice is picking me up this morning. I’ve just got to do something upstairs. Tell her I’ll be right there if I’m not done and, be nice!”

    He raised his eyes at the sound of her ‘command’. It seemed to him that more and more these days she was telling him, not asking, to do things. Increasingly there was a lack of empathy, almost an edge, to their exchanges. He wasn’t aware that he had done anything that might have upset her but there was obviously something going on that had affected the dynamic between them. He really ought to summons up the courage to tackle her about it .... or maybe hope it was just a passing phase; a hormone imbalance; something troubling her at work. Whatever it may be he just hoped this off-handedness wasn’t to be their future.

    Although he had plenty of time in hand Ian prepared himself for work and began to gather his own collection of briefcase, wallet, phone and, “damn, where have I left my car keys?” He was doing a tour of the likely places when he heard the sound of a car parking on the drive quickly followed by a door slam which was shortly followed by the doorbell once again being rung. His heart gave a little jump, “that’ll be Janice,” he thought.

    He really didn’t care for Janice at all; so bossy with a superior attitude and the way she treats her husband is a disgrace, he thought. He sighed and shouted up the stairs, “I’ve got it,” as he simultaneously opened the door. As expected, it was his wife’s co-worker. He gave a smile and said, “Hi Janice, she’s upstairs powdering her nose or something. Come inside, she’ll be down shortly.”

    Janice stepped inside the hallway and he observed she was dressed in her usual provocative fashion. Today it was a short skirt, low cut white blouse and a pair of high heels that didn’t seem quite right for the office job where she and Simone were employed but what did he know?. So many things these days seemed to be out of kilter with his views.

    “Hi Ian,” she said and then blanked him out as she looked down at her mobile phone which had just bleeped at the same time he had opened the door. She focussed on the texted message and smiled then without any more acknowledgement of his presence she wandered the well trodden route to the kitchen and sat down. Ian followed and wondered what he might say to get her attention back but his dilemma was averted when he heard Simone coming down the stairs. Janice lifted her head at the sound of footsteps on the wooden floor and smiled her greeting as his wife appeared at the door looking somewhat flushed in the face, he thought.

    Janice stood and shared air-kisses with her and as they did Ian reflected that the pair of them looked almost like twins for she was dressed very similar to her co-worker.

    “Gosh, are you two wearing some kind of uniform?” he joked and instantly regretted making any reference to their appearance as they both gave him the same withering look.

    “They’ve got high standards,” Simone said prissily, referring to their employers, “and one thing they require is a certain dress code and this is it. You ought to know better than to mention it. I can assure you that Janice and me are quite happy to conform to the requirement and certainly don’t need any smart Alec remarks from you, thank you very much.”

    He mumbled an apology that he wasn’t trying to be anything but amusing but it went unheard for they had already both dismissed him from their conversation and had moved on to chat about what the schedule for their day would be bringing. They both worked in the main office of Rhino IMEX, a South African Import/Export company, that had come to this country a couple of years ago and by all accounts was doing very well with ambitious plans for expansion. Ian wasn’t too sure exactly what their main line of business was other than something to do with the import of African made electronic devices. Presently the mainstay seemed to be a home-grown mobile phone which, if one believed the advertising propaganda, was a serious rival to the more well-known Apple and Android devices. Simone had told him that they had plans for shipping more mainstay products such as Flat-screen TVs and other domestic devices but for the present the campaign to introduce their mobile phone was going very well and her bosses were in no hurry to overstretch the business and appeared to have a very relaxed attitude about the sales performance and forecast. It was something that puzzled Ian for whenever he had visited the company premises to collect Simone at the end of her day and met the few African bosses, they seemed to be very aggressive in their attitude towards him.

    However, the job paid very well and in addition there seemed to be many perks and benefits which were given to the, mainly, female work force. Certainly that’s where Simone’s present mobile phone had come from and now he realised, that is why Chloe had become the latest owner for there was a generous discount offered to employees who might wish to purchase one for their friends or family.

    Simone picked up her handbag from the kitchen counter and slipped her own Phone into the side pocket. He reflected that it never seemed to leave her side these days. Indeed, just like Janice for it would seem whenever he was in her company she was exactly the same; her phone seemed to be surgically joined to her hand!

    “Shall we be off then?” said Simone brightly and without waiting for a response they both left the kitchen and made their way to the front door. “See you later .. ” she called back over her shoulder, “ ... and don’t be late tonight; we’re having a birthday party, remember ... and don’t forget to put Chloe’s phone on charge.” The door slammed shut and all was quiet once more.

    With nothing to distract him Ian revelled in the relative silence and it was then he thought he may have left his car keys on the night stand in the bedroom when he had emptied his trouser pockets when getting undressed the night before. He made to go upstairs but with Simone’s ‘command’ still ringing in his ears he decided that before doing so he ought to get the mobile phone task out of the way.

    He delved into the box and finding the charger connected it to the socket in the wall. He then located the hole in the phone where the power cable could be inserted and pushed the adapter into the phone. Instantly it did that curious thing that he had noted Simone’s phone always did whenever she charged her’s, it gave a low frequency hum and the screen began to very subtly glow and give an occasional flash and display a status message. It was nothing too obtrusive but, none the less, it seemed a little odd he thought. He watched the display for a moment or two to confirm that the device was charging and almost lapsed into a daydream as the screen continued to glow and pulse out its silent message.

    He gave a start and put the device to one side and continued with his original task. He climbed the stairs and went into their bedroom and there, on the nightstand, were the keys. He felt a warm sense of satisfaction that his memory wasn’t deserting him after all and walked around the bed to pick them up. It was then that he noticed that Simone’s bedside cabinet top drawer was open. He diverted his path and as he went to close it glanced inside and saw that on top of the other items in the drawer was a large black vibrator, all shiny and looking wet. He was both shocked and intrigued at the sight of this obscene phallic object; he never knew she possessed such a thing. He gingerly picked the slick and glistening black rubber cock up between thumb and forefinger and turned it so he could inspect it more closely. It was 9” long; quite fat and with an impossibly large bulbous head. He held it to his nose and, yes, it smelt of her juices; more to the point, it was obvious that it had just been used. “So that was what she was busy with when Janice arrived,” he surmised.

    He sniffed more deeply and inhaled the erotic scent of his wife’s cunt and as he imagined the sight of this massive black penis slipping in and out of her wet pussy he felt his own cock begin to swell. Without any further thought he went trance-like into the bathroom, slipped down his trousers and underwear and sat on the toilet. He leaned back and closed his eyes and as he sniffed and then licked the wet dildo. As he savored the taste of his wife's cum he visualized her laying naked on their bed, her legs spread apart, with a look of pure lust on her face as she repeatedly plunged the black cock in and out of her pussy. The erotic scene playing out in his mind as he stroked himself ended in the most glorious fashion, with him spurting his spunk all over the floor.

    He sat back against the cistern gasping to regain his breath. “Where the hell did that come from?” he thought, “I’ve never acted like that before.”

    If only he knew what was awaiting him.

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