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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 9

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Mar 5, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika

    A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


    Chapter 9 (written by Wunderboi)

    Clarissa slipped behind the wheel of her pearl white Mercedes. She had insisted on the most expensive paint option and the car glowed in the early morning sunshine. She smiled to herself, remembering her father's advice many years prior, which was to marry a much older very rich white man of the controlling class of Americans so that she would have a full life of ease and importance. She had pleased her father when she married such a man when she was just 22.

    Maxwell, her husband, had indeed provided her with everything a girl could ever want, a lovely mansion on the outskirts of Hawksville, a huge pool, a lovely guesthouse which even had a small kitchen, and freedom to live her life as she wished. Maxwell was a good deal older than she was, and in the early years of their marriage had provided her with decent sex which had resulted in her falling pregnant and producing a son and heir, Herbert. She doted on him although she finally had to admit to herself that as he grew older he tended to be more than a little effeminate. It was one of a number of small aggravations in her perfect life, that her son was quite unmanly; others were that nobody gave him the respect that was due to him as the scion of her noble family. Indeed, she regarded it as a great disrespect that everyone referred to him as Herb and not by his proper name.

    Such was her life at Hawksville and she often reflected that her home town was indeed very small-minded and insular and how she longed to live in Los Angeles or New York, cosmopolitan cities that would better reflect her status and self-importance. However, over the years those thoughts had receded completely as she became more and more involved at the Country Club and with her other charitable interests.

    As an only child, she had been doted on constantly, bought the best clothes and attended the top private school for girls. She was no dummy and had graduated at the top of her class which qualified her to go to an equally prestigious college where over the following four years she repeated her high school success. Her people skills, however, had never developed to match her academic ones and with her self-centered sense of superiority she struggled to make true friends or forge relationships outside of her close circle of like-minded associates. Thus it had been a major upset and jolt to her equilibrium when Herbert announced that he was to marry Janice, a girl he had met from outside of their social circle. Even before she had been introduced Clarissa had made up her mind that Janice was the wrong choice and from the start of the relationship she had set her mind against the one who was to become her daughter-in-law.

    If she ever regretted the sour relationship with her daughter-in-law then in her mind it was a justified reaction for as time passed it became clear that Janice has no intention of doing her duty and producing any children to maintain the family line for another generation. Clearly it was no fault of her dear Herbert and could only be due to a conscious decision by Janice. (Had Clarissa enquired she would have learned that her dear Herbert had an abnormally low sperm count). Also, Janice, it seemed to Clarissa, had completely dominated Herbert, so that he no longer kept in touch with his mother, or cared enough to try. To Clarissa, this was short-sighted of him, as her enormous estate someday would be his unless she changed her will, which she was contemplating.

    Thinking of Janice had Clarissa upset, and yet in a perverse way also content. She had noticed that Janice dressed more provocatively since she joined that new company in town, Rhino IMEX. What was she trying to do? The progressive company seemed to have been receiving a lot of favourable press recently reporting quite astonishing sales. At the same time, Clarissa was proud that Janice had been promoted to Infrastructure Expansion Manager with Rhino, and she told all her friends at the Confederacy Country Club how important it was for them all to support their own local industry. Janice had never bothered to give her mother-in-law gifts over the years, so it came as a huge surprise when she gave Clarissa a fancy new, very expensive Rhino phone for her birthday. Clarissa had not yet opened the lovely package. But she had instructed her Investment Manager to obtain shares in the company for her retirement portfolio. The fact that Rhino was owned by a South African group was of little importance to her.

    Clarissa loved the CCC as most of the women called it. After all the 'Confederacy' part of the name was somewhat dated. On her father's insistence, Janice had joined the club as a junior member, had taken lessons from a handsome golf pro, and was quite a good player, with a low handicap by the time of her eighteenth birthday.

    Her thoughts went back to the eighteenth birthday party which her parents had hosted in the elegant clubhouse. She vividly remembered sitting beside her father's best friend whom she called 'Uncle' Tom. He had been around their home and spoiled her with many expensive gifts as she was growing up. 'Uncle' Tom made a point of expressing how beautiful Clarissa was. He presented her with a magnificent diamond necklace which he insisted on putting around her neck, she blushed as his hands caressed her neck and then brushed against her full breasts which were straining at the material of her "little girl" dress that her mother insisted she wear. She felt her nipples harden and dampness appear in her love canal. She was confused by her sudden attraction to a man who was nearly three times her age. He kept her wine glass topped up and he stroked her arm. She felt all grown up as surely this must be the way all women felt. As his hands wandered, Tom's wife Pamela turned to her dinner companion and ignored her husband. His act was growing old on Pamela, she was tired of his philandering ways, always with pretty young women and girls. It was new to Clarissa, however, and she shifted in her seat as his hand 'accidentally' landed on her leg. She was conflicted as she wanted him to stop, and when he lifted his hand off her leg, she wanted it to return, which his hand invariably did, higher underneath her short flared little girl skirt each time. Her heart was pounding with excitement, and her face was flushed.

    The musicians started playing and the lights dimmed. Her father asked her to dance and he proudly whisked her onto the dance floor in the club that his grandfather had been one of the founding members. He recommended to her that she should be 'very friendly' to Uncle Tom, as he was the incoming President of the Club, and he would be a key member of the committee that reviewed applications for senior memberships. Just then, Uncle Tom cut in on her father, who proudly turned his daughter over to his best friend. All three of them smiled as Tom put his arms around her. He pulled her to him, whispering in her ear that he would like to give her a special birthday kiss out on the vacant balcony, which was closed to members to keep the evening chill out where it belonged.

    The incoming President had arranged with one of the custodians to leave one door to the lovely balcony unlocked, and he led his gorgeous young eighteen-year-old 'niece' down the hall, and they disappeared outside. Her father watched, apparently very pleased with himself. Tom had arranged for heaters to be turned on and they glowed in the darkness. An open bottle of champagne awaited the teenage girl and her fifty-year-old 'uncle'. Tom took her in his arms and they kissed. Her mouth opened to his insistent efforts and her head swirled with sexual excitement. Her new diamond necklace glittered in the low light as he ran his tongue across the lovely necklace around her neck. She shivered with arousal. His hands were on her gorgeous ass under her flared little girlie skirt, and his strong fingers probed along the thong in the crack of her ass approaching her dampness. She was aroused beyond belief.

    A loud knock came on the door. It was time to cut her birthday cake.

    That night Clarissa had learned an important lesson on how to control powerful men. She would get her own way in future years by offering and providing sexual favours to older men. Flirting came as second nature to her. Uncle Tom would be the first of several lovers she took before and after her magnificent wedding celebration.

    She snapped back to the present - she was late for her tee time and hurried to the Club.

    The impeccable white Mercedes pulled up to the gate of the Club and she slowed to allow the sensor installed under the hood to automatically open it. However, the gate did not open, and instead, a very large black man approached her car. He must be a new employee she thought. He was very tall and handsome and dressed in the Club's dark blue uniform with a crisp white shirt and dark tie sporting the Club's logo. His white shirt emphasised his blackness. He crouched beside the car and she could see 'Head of Security' embroidered on his jacket. Her left arm was lying along the open driver side window and he took her hand in his left hand and covered her wedding rings with his right hand, his black hands contrasting her dainty white one as he took notice of her full breasts, She felt her face flush, as he introduced himself. He stated that as the new Head of Security he thought it a good idea to meet as many members as he could, and this was a good way to meet them. She felt lightheaded and she hurriedly withdrew her hand. His eyes had seemed to undress her. His face was a mask of lust as he stood up and she noticed the Rhino phone in a special holster on his belt. She could not help but notice his big cock bulging his pants which was right at her eye level. The cheek of him, she thought. She was late and he pressed a button to allow her to enter the property.

    As she drove up the winding driveway the lightheadedness disappeared, and she took notice of the outside workers who seemingly were all black men. The driveway intersected the two eighteen hole courses, and she never failed to take great pride in the fact that it was her father who had the Club purchase hundreds of acres around the original eighteen holes. The club, as a result, not only owned the property for thirty-six holes but many hundreds of acres of unused farmland in addition.

    Clarissa was on the Greens Committee of the Board of Directors and she did not remember approval being given to hiring more black employees. Not that she minded, after all, in this day and age skin colour did not really matter, and she did have a deep, dark secret which she would never divulge, talk about with anyone, or even permit herself to think about too much.

    Clarissa was thrilled when her dalliances with 'Uncle' Tom had led her to be invited to join the Board of the CCC. As President of the Club, he had access to private rooms where he could entertain the young bride. She was a willing participant in satisfying his kinky desires and he confided in her that his wife had banned him from their marital bed. He was an expert in oral sex and kissed and licked her pussy and even sometimes her anal ring when he was really excited. Clarissa's jewellery collection increased exponentially, which her husband either did not notice or chose not to. After one particularly hot session, she had mentioned to Tom that it was time for a woman to be included on the all-white male Board and she had been a senior member for many years. She suggested that she might tell her father and husband about his interest in her if she was not elected to the Board. It happened the next month.

    Years passed and she smiled to herself that Tom at seventy-years-old still gave her expensive jewellery and sought her special company, which she willingly looked after at least once a month, though what that meant was usually a hand job and occasional blowjob when he could get his cock hard. Maxwell, her husband, was not far behind Tom in age and she was looking at age fifty herself, though she looked and felt thirty-five.

    She met her three playing companions. They had had the same foursome for several years and enjoyed each other’s company. The three other women were quite a bit younger than Clarissa, had all married well, and were fun to be with. Sex was often discussed in hushed tones but Clarissa did more listening rather than offering up any of her own secrets. Anything she could learn about anyone could be used against them at some point and Clarissa was a master of that tactic. After the golf game, she hurriedly showered and put on a sundress for the regular Greens Committee meeting. It showed her womanly figure off beautifully, her full bust with a hint of cleavage would engage the all-male members of the committee, David who was the Chairman, as well as Bill, the General Manager of the Club. Bill was around her age and he was a most efficient manager, The Club had drifted a bit under the Presidency of her uncle as it always seemed Tom was distracted and his mind was other places rather than on CCC business. She made sure she sat right next to Bill who would be a key to her future plans to get promoted within the Board.

    She wanted to be the next CCC President, and she would do anything to achieve that goal.

    Chair of the Greens Committee was an important role. She had served on the committee and done a lot of the inspections, the research on turf management at other clubs and other myriad responsible projects. The committee was also responsible for the huge expenditure of maintenance on the property and buildings, and as such special rental events also were approved by the group on the recommendation of the General Manager. The position of Chair of the Greens Committee was a key position to obtain so Clarissa hoped to meet with David when the meeting concluded so she could express her interest in taking over from him, as David was rumoured to be throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Tom as Club President. She would also work on Bill to give her that responsibility. When Bill came over to sit beside her she flashed a huge smile and hugged him pressing her breasts into his chest. She loved the all-male makeup of the committee and she turned her considerable charms on each man to do her bidding. Her people skills were vastly improved. She was in full flirt mode and she would get what she wanted.

    Bill sat beside her and put his business materials on the Boardroom table. On the top was a new Rhino phone. She admired it and asked him sweetly if he would help her set her new phone up. They moved quickly through the agenda. His phone was making a low whirring sound. They discussed special event requests to be held in the clubhouse or elsewhere on the property. They quickly approved renting rooms for the Annual meeting of Rhino Enterprises which would require space for 100 or more people and would be held in a few weeks time. Clarissa asked about the new black employees, as there were no black members as far as she knew. Bill reported that Oskar Botha, Head of Rhino Enterprises had applied for membership for himself and a number of his executives who were all black.

    Clarissa was feeling a bit light headed and poured herself a cool glass of lemonade. All of the discussions about black men had set her mind to wandering about her deep dark secret.

    She was on several other boards, one of which was an orphanage which she had convinced Maxwell to support financially while she gave her time and expertise. A few years earlier each board member was requested to hire a teenager from the orphanage to mow their lawns and do yard work as a way of getting some spending money in their pockets. She was surprised when Igoro, an African immigrant, had appeared at her front door. He was tall for his age and, as she would learn, very smart as he stood first in his high school class. As she got to know him she found that he was very handy with machinery and loved to take things apart and fix them, including her computer. She was delighted to have him around for a couple of days a week. Fixing things was not in Maxwell's DNA, and anyway, her husband was always either working late or away on one of his many business trips, She enjoyed Igoro's company. He was wise beyond his years and very mature in every way, and she admired his muscular upper body as he worked around her mansion usually with his shirt off. He had turned 18 a few months before. A few days prior after cutting the grass, she offered him a glass of water. In the kitchen, he mentioned his birthday, and uncharacteristically Clarissa gave him a hug. He put his arms around her and held her while he told her how much he loved being at her house and how much he appreciated everything she did for him. Clarissa had not had sex for months. Igoro's words, his arms around her, his handsome face just inches from hers all led to her kissing him passionately, then she felt his hard cock pressing against her midsection. She could not hold back. She was on fire.

    She tugged at his shorts and pulled them down, her dainty white hands encircling his big black cock. She had only been with white men; she had only had six inches of lover's cocks in her lifetime. This was different. His athletic prowess, his strength and youthful exuberance had her pussy flooding. She could not stop even if Maxwell walked in on them. She sank to her knees and worshipped his massive cock, kissing, licking and sucking it like a woman possessed. She had years earlier found Maxwell's porn collection when he was not home which featured black men fucking white girls, and now she knew it to be true, black men had the biggest and best cocks in the world. She took the African to her bed and he entered her and took her in every position. He only required the slightest lessons from the older woman. He came deep in her pussy in torrents and then was hard again in minutes. She lost count of her multiple orgasms.

    After he left, she called the orphanage and asked the woman in charge whether it would be possible to rent him living space on her property. She was told that after age 16 the youngsters were permitted to leave any time they liked. Without even asking Maxwell, she called Igoro and offered him free room and board in her Guest House on the huge property. He would soon be leaving for University. She wanted him close. She would pay for his university. Maxwell would not even notice the expenditure. Igoro was moving himself in while she was in the meeting.

    She willed herself to return to the subject the men were discussing.

    They were still droning on about whether to admit black men. Clarissa simply said, "Do you people want to go to court and defend your actions? We do not have an alternative in this day and age in the United States."

    They passed the motion to admit full membership to the Rhino executives, and in so doing, to any men or women of any nationality who could meet their requirements, especially paying the initiation and affording the expensive fee structure.

    Clarissa wrote a note to the Chairman, David, and got up to use the ladies room. Every male eye in the room followed her, she thrust her breasts out to give them all something special to look at. She delivered the note and was pleased to see David was also ogling her. In the note, she asked to meet him privately after the meeting in the Chapel just down the hall. She was amused by the fact that the club had a Chapel behind an unmarked door. She had seen it on her first tour of the facilities when she joined the Board.

    Few, if any, regular members knew of its existence. It was perfect for what she wanted and that was complete privacy behind a locked door. She entered the ladies and put on new lipstick and added gloss, she looked stunning.

    The meeting lasted another half an hour and then broke up. Most of the men repaired to the bar area for a well-deserved break and a drink or two before their wives joined them for dinner. At that moment a Rhino tech caught the meeting on the General Manager's phone, and he was curious about what had occurred. Oskar had insisted they get a phone on the Country Club premises so one of the salespeople gave one to the GM when he requested space for the Annual General Meeting. The techie quickly restarted the recording and then scrolled through until he heard the discussion about black membership applicants. It was exactly what Oskar had wanted, so he sent a trainee to get their boss. The black girl, barely out of high school, barged into the executive suite, and not seeing Mr Botha's assistant, Simone, she walked right into his office. Simone was on her knees sucking Oskar's impressive big black cock, her white open mouth was stretched as her saliva ran down her hands over her wedding rings. The girl stammered about the techie needing Oskar and fled the office. Oskar roared with laughter. Simone did not skip a beat but sucked for all she was worth, she wanted his cock badly, she had not been black fucked for several days and she needed it, now.

    Oskar gently pushed her head away and stood up to follow the girl. The techie had done his job very well. Oskar learned everything that had been discussed, and, as well, had seen the lovely older woman amongst all the useless white men. She must be something he deduced. He noted that she wore a nameplate on her impressive front as did all of the directors. He asked the techie to get the name, it was Mrs Clarissa Johnson. Oskar wrote the name down and proceeded back to his office. He added the name to the file he was building on the Confederacy Country Club. He closed and locked his door. Simone still knelt, and she had opened her blouse to expose her beautiful breasts. He was hard again in an instant, picked her up from the floor and bent the married white woman at the waist over the couch. He entered her doggy style and she took his full erection with ease, pushing back as he twisted to get the right angle to drive her over the edge to a crushing orgasm.

    Greens Committee Chairman David led Clarissa quietly down the deserted hallway. He sat on a couch in the empty Chapel as she locked the door and then she sat beside him, her pretty sundress rode up high on her thighs exposing her wonderful legs. David was envious of Maxwell. His own wife was disinterested in sex, but it did not prevent her from not even allowing him to glance sideways at another woman. He was drinking in the lovely Clarissa whom he surmised may have been forty but was probably younger. He felt his cock twitch as she started to talk to him-

    "My dear David" she flirted.

    "I have been thinking that you would make a perfect Club President, and I am willing to support you in any way I can to make that happen."

    As she spoke she quietly put her hand halfway up his muscular thigh.

    He was flabbergasted. Her hand on his leg had caused his cock to throb. It had been so long, he needed relief in the worst way.

    "Yes, Clarissa, I am indeed hoping for that eventuality when Tom retires"

    Her hand went higher on his leg, her beautiful manicured fingernails making the slightest of scratching sounds. His heart was pounding. He had wanted this woman for years and she had never seemed the slightest bit interested.

    "Well, sweet David, I am sure that I can convince Tom to retire whenever you think it would be to your advantage. After all, he has been President for a very long time."

    She knew exactly how long it was, as Tom had come to her parent's house the first night he was Club President. He had a bottle of champagne with him to celebrate, only to find her parents were out at a dinner party, and she was home alone. How could she forget him taking her virginity that night? A girl never forgets her first time. He had taught her a lot that night, especially about oral sex.

    She continued, "But there is one slight favour I want in return, and that would be naming me Chair of the Greens Committee."

    Her hand was inches from his erect cock. She slid it up further, rubbing his hard cock through his pants.

    He moaned loudly.

    She unzipped his pants and spit on and licked her hand as she took his hard cock into her dainty hand.

    She stroked him hard. He had not had sex in a very long time.

    She talked dirty to him, "I want you to wake up tomorrow morning and push your hard cock into your wife's back, you will say you love her, while you think of me. You will think of the next time we meet with my ruby red lips on your cock, and my big breasts in your mouth, you will push it into her and work on her to cum, you know she needs an orgasm badly."

    He could not hold back and he came in her hand, she quickly brought her left hand up to deal with his strong ejaculation and watched as his cum coated her wedding rings. She knew exactly how long to stroke and she stopped at the very instant he finished his orgasm. He was panting and had started to sweat profusely. She got up and walked over to the small baptismal font and washed her hands. She thought about the chapel. When she was President what would she do with this place?

    She returned to the matter at hand and sat down pushing her breasts into David's chest while her knee made contact with his crotch. He was pinned in place. Moving her mouth close to his ear, she whispered conspiratorially, "And now, my dear David, we must plan next steps: -

    “I will meet with Tom and have him meet with Bill alone to review the Constitution of the Club regarding the proper changing of the guard procedure. They are not to speak of this until Tom resigns at a Board meeting.

    “Probably the Executive Committee of the Board makes the decision, so you will have lunch with each member alone. Find out their soft spot, see what they want. Offer them what they want, or suggest they resign. You can always deny them what you offer, just like our politicians do every day. But don't do that until you are safely on the job.

    “Then you will meet with Bill, and TELL him, not ask him, that you will be the new President.

    “You know as well as I do that the Board needs new ideas and new members. I will not be the token woman member anymore. There are some great young women members, let's involve more of them, perhaps some of them would look after the new President like I am now doing.

    “Did you know the President has private rooms where he can hold one-on-one meetings? You and I will be able to meet there intimately whenever we want.

    “Finally, before you go home, go to the locker room, shower and change, you do not want to go home smelling of my perfume.

    “Are you in agreement with ALL of what I have just said?"

    David said, "Yes that sounds like a very good plan. I will do as you suggest."

    She moved his head and deep French kissed him, hard, long and passionately. She had him right where she wanted him.

    He left the Chapel leaving Clarissa to tidy up the room before she then left for the parking lot. She noted Tom's car was in the space reserved for the Club President. Not for long, she thought.

    Her phone vibrated with an incoming text - it was Igoro. He told her he had stopped in at the market, bought steaks and a tossed salad and a French stick. He would cook and clean up. He asked her to select the wine as he was not familiar with matching wine and food. She smiled. At eighteen he was more mature than most thirty-year-old men she knew. A lovely candlelit dinner with her new black lover would make her day perfect.

    As she approached the gate, the Head of Security saluted her. She gave him a friendly wave.

    She could get used to the respect very quickly.

    She gunned the Mercedes down the country road, she loved the guttural roar of its powerful engine.

    She would be home soon, she could not wait.

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