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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 7

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


    Chapter 7

    6 months had passed since the expansion plans had been initiated and for Oskar and Rhino time seemed to have flown by in an instant such was the smooth progress that had been made in developing their product and the spreading of their sphere of influence. He reflected that there was not one aspect of life around Hawksville and the surrounding county that had not been impacted in some way by the presence of his entrepreneurial company and everyone, whether a giver or a taker, was extremely content with how their lives had been changed for the better. He smiled to himself thinking none more so than some of the farming families that populated the rural countryside for it was farms that had been identified as being prime sites for the installation of transmitter masts that would extend the coverage of the Rhino mobile network.

    He was much impressed by the performance of Janice and Simone who had been intimately engaged in developing this side of the business and he expressed to them his satisfaction at how their endeavours had borne fruit.

    It had been Janice’s task to research and identify the best sites and options which she then followed up with some very convincing negotiating skills with the farmers and landowners. An integral part of her negotiations was to ‘gift’ the now ubiquitous mobile phone in gratitude to the farmer. It was usually the clincher as far as gaining an agreeable solution and once her target had been instructed on its use the path toward signing a contract became plain sailing.

    Parallel to Janice’s work was Simone whose task had been to recruit the best candidates from the Black community. Technical qualifications, whilst important, were considered secondary to physical requirements and Simone had become adept at identifying those whom she believed had the potential to become valuable productive members of the engineering division’s construction crews to install and maintain the masts.

    As with the farmers, once a candidate had been identified as being suitable, a phone was presented as a ‘thank you’ for attending the interview. The final stage of the interview was for a physical examination to be conducted to assess if they possessed the required attributes and stamina for the task ahead. The prospect of working for Rhino and enjoying the benefits that were now legend amongst the Blacks of Hawksville meant there was never an objection to such an outrageous suggestion; bemusement maybe, but refusal, never.

    Janice assisted with this aspect of the interview and always looked forward to being invited into Simone’s office whenever interviews were being carried out.

    Tyrone Brewer sat across from Simone’s desk feeling quietly confident that, so far, the interview had gone well. He looked on as Simone spoke into the intercom box on the desk top, “Hi Janice, we’re ready for you if you would care to come in.” She took her hand away from the box and smiled at Tyrone and said, “My colleague will be in shortly. Will you please strip down to your underwear so that we can carry out the final examination? Perhaps while we wait for her I can show you some of the features of your new phone.”

    Tyrone had been anticipating the request for friends who had been through the process had told him what to expect. With no hesitation he stood up, kicked off his shoes and quickly pulled off his shirt and trousers and resumed his seat. Simone came around and sat beside him on the sofa and together they looked at the swirling screen.

    The door opened and Janice entered and gave a murmur of approval when she saw yet another black toned body sitting there with the suggestion of a large cock ineffectively covered by a pair of boxer shorts.

    “Hi Janice; this is Tyrone who is hoping to be joining us.”

    Tyrone stood up and juggled his humming phone with one hand whilst shaking her outstretched hand with the other. Janice smiled at him and licked her lips. “Nice to meet you; this won’t hurt,” she joked.

    “Now if you could just slowly turn around so that we can get a good look at you and will also allow us to take a few measurements. It’s just so that we can arrange for the right sizes of work clothes and footwear. It won’t take long,” she said smiling broadly.

    The girls then went through a charade of feeling biceps; touching his thighs and butt; smoothing their hands over his warm chest all in the pretence of ‘checking’ for blemishes or defects. Janice welded a tape measure and made show of measuring arm length, shoe size, collar and leg measurements. In truth their actions were just a preamble whilst they awaited the phone to do its work and to completely put him under its spell.

    It took hardly any time at all for Tyrone to slip into a trance and he offered no resistance when Simone and Janice both knelt and pulled his boxer shorts down. He stared straight-ahead and heard them both giggle at the sight of his thickening black penis springing free from the restraint of the final piece of clothing. Janice said nothing but thought once again Simone had chosen well.

    It was Simone who reached out first and with a tentative grasp encircled his veiny black penis with her soft white hand. She purred as she hefted the swelling cock as if testing its weight. Tyrone looked down with a detached dreamy expression but if his face didn’t show any reaction then his cock did for it instantly jerked at her touch and visibly became stiffer and lengthened. “Mmm, very good response,” said Janice licking her lips once more.

    Simone leaned forward and dribbled a mouthful of saliva onto her hand which provided a slick coating as she began to softly wank the stiff erection. He responded to her treatment by becoming even harder and his cock seemingly grew in her hand. She moved her grip to attend to the bulbous end and with each stroke pulled back the foreskin that was now threatening to strangle the poor boy. She took a firm hold and with a jerk pulled the sheath of skin fully back to reward them with the sight of a beautiful shiny purple plum which was dribbling pre-cum from the winking hole. Janice put out a finger and allowed a little of the syrupy trickle to cover her digit before taking the nectar to her mouth. She sucked it just like a lollipop and declared it tasted very nice.

    Simone continued to wank his rigid cock but now had to apply both hands in order to encircle the thickness of the ebony shaft. Tyrone now had his eyes shut but he was far from being asleep for he began to rhythmically thrust his hips back and forth in sync to her soft stroking. The pre-cum was in danger of becoming a stream and she took advantage and spread the slick juice adding to her saliva so that he felt he was fucking a tight pussy. Janice once again reached forward and cupped her hand under his swaying balls. It pleased her to feel the soft hairs brushing against her palm as she fondled him so intimately but she wanted more.

    Simone sensed her frustration and said, “here, you take over and let me watch you for a change. I did the last one.” So saying, she released her grip, retreated to the sofa and pulled her skirt up around her waist before sitting down. She spread her legs and if Janice had cared to look she would have seen her friend wasn’t wearing any panties.

    Janice shuffled forward to take her place and with no hesitation took hold of Tyrone’s bobbing cock and licked the dripping purple plum. He groaned on feeling the touch of her tongue but still didn’t open his eyes. Janice glanced upward and smiling, knowing that he was completely under the control of the phone, opened her mouth wide and leaned closer toward him to engulf his cock as far as she could manage. He jerked as she drew him into her mouth and then reacted robotically to slowly get into a rhythm and began to fuck her face.

    Simone leaned her head back against the sofa and took in the erotic sight through her half hooded eyes. Her hand dropped to her pussy and she began to stroke and pleasure herself as she witnessed her friend strongly sucking in time to his thrusts. Janice’s free hand had also dropped to her cunt and there was no question that everyone was being satisfied in their own delightful way.

    Janice continued to suck and wank at the massive cock that was so effectively invading her mouth and it took but a little while before she felt him begin to pulse. She didn’t pause but rather she sucked all the harder and was rewarded by a torrent of spunk that issued from his cock. Never had a plum tasted so fine she thought as she gasped and attempted to swallow the cum that seemed to endlessly spurt from the magnificent ebony toy she held in her trembling hand.

    On the sofa Simone was having an agreeable orgasm of her own as her fingers plunged in and out of her sopping pussy. She so loved to watch Janice in action and she knew that the sentiment was reciprocated given they had shared their thoughts on many occasions.

    Janice pulled away and with cum dribbling down her chin she used her fingers to scoop up what she could and licked her fingers clean. She then returned her attention to Tyrone who was still standing mute as statue with his cock beginning to show signs of losing some of its impressive stiffness. Still kneeling she took him in hand once more and licked him so thoroughly that within seconds there was no sign of him having ejaculated just minutes before. Satisfied that the evidence was gone she stood up and smoothed her skirt before turning to Simone and saying, “I think he’ll do very well, don’t you?”

    Simone eased herself from the sofa and returned to her desk as her friend exited the office. She caught her breath and said to Tyrone who was still standing, “Pull up your pants and get dressed Tyrone.” He did as commanded.

    Simone then swiped the screen of the phone which was on the desk top and almost instantly he opened his eyes and looked around in some confusion as if he was unaware of his surroundings. Simone recognized the reaction but said nothing other than, “Well Tyrone, that all seems fine. Get yourself dressed and I’m pleased to tell you that everything checks out and we’ll be looking forward to you becoming the latest member of the Rhino family. I’ll prepare the paperwork and we’ll get the contract to you by the next post.”

    Tyrone shook his head and blinked his eyes as he tried to absorb what he was hearing but through the fog of his mind he came to the conclusion that the interview had been a success and that the intense feeling of wellbeing that he was experiencing must be related to what he understood this nice lady was telling him.

    Still in a state of confusion he held out his hand to shake hers as a farewell and turned to stumble toward the door. Simone called him back, “Don’t forget your phone.” He gratefully took his gift and continued out of the office.

    Janice was outside in the hallway. She smiled at him as he passed by and once again licked her lips.


    Fields of Soybeans and Corn seemingly covered the surrounding landscape through which the Rhino flatbed truck was traversing. It was Tyrone’s first day on the job and he felt very content and proud to be wearing the coveralls that identified him as one of Rhino’s construction crews. He sat in the cab of the utility vehicle alongside his designated supervisor, Don, who was going to be providing on-the-job training for the next couple of weeks; a kind of apprenticeship in the skills of erecting and maintaining the new transmitter masts which were steadily being rolled out across the county. They both looked the part of being engineers with their hard hats, boots, tool belts and, clipped to the lapels of their coveralls, Rhino mobile phones.

    Don explained that their task this day was to revisit a site where a mast had previously been fitted. It was to be the weekly maintenance check and an update of software that was scheduled for masts that had been installed throughout the county. He assured Tyrone that the day would be an easy introduction to the job and he was confident that he would learn a lot about what to expect at other sites that they had on their schedule.

    Sugar Creek Farm was typical for the area, a collection of buildings in the midst of endless fields of tall maize and not so tall Soybeans. Mechanization meant that once the seeds had been planted that the crop more or less took care of itself and Stan McGrew, the tenant farmer, struggled to find enough things to fill his day once he had made his tour of his fields to check on progress. But Stan was not an imaginative man so when Rhino paid him a visit and made the proposal of erecting a mast, although he was initially bemused and a little reluctant, he agreed not least because it gave him something different to think about when he was sitting on his veranda where he was to be found most days.

    His agreeing to their proposal was a seismic shift for him as his upbringing and traditional attitudes meant he had little time for coloured folks (negroes, as he called them) and here was a bunch of them daring to venture on to his land wanting to put up one of those darn transmitter things in his backyard. However, they were both persistent and charming when they called and the rent proposed was very generous. The clincher was when they insisted on presenting him and his wife one of them new mobile phones each as a ‘thank you’. He recalled they even took time to explain and demonstrate how the phone worked. “What’s not to like?” he said to his wife afterwards as he put his prejudices to one side where they soon faded away

    Stan was standing at the sink of the farmhouse when he looked through the window and saw the dust cloud that announced they had visitors coming to call. He smiled when he recognized the vehicle and called to Becky, his wife, “Honey, the guys are here.”

    Becky had been taking a spell of sharing her knowledge of mathematics with her daughter (they had chosen to home-school their only child; Stan provided expertise in more practical subjects) and on hearing Stan’s voice went out onto the porch to greet them. Sandy, their daughter, quickly put her pen down and joined her; she loved any excuse to take a break from her home-schooling. ‘God, learning from books was so boring and she never got to see anyone’, was her constant mantra.

    The truck pulled up in front of the farmhouse and Don climbed out and beckoned Tyrone to follow him. He walked up the couple of stairs to the stoop and without any hesitation went over to Becky, put his arms around her waist and roughly pulling her towards him gave her a kiss. Tyrone stopped in his tracks and looked on aghast for she not only didn’t offer no resistance to his advances but seemingly welcomed his attention as she melted in his arms. More confusingly to him was that her husband was standing behind her and appeared to be beaming his approval at Don’s method of saying hello.

    Don released his grip and turned to Tyrone who was still staring at the group on the veranda, “Come on up here and meet the folks,” he commanded.

    He stumbled forward. “Becky, Stan, this is my new workmate Tyrone. He’s going to be with me for a few weeks and I’m going to show him the ropes.”

    “Hi Tyrone, pleased to meet you. I’m Becky, this is Stan and that’s my daughter Sandy.” Tyrone put out his hand and shook each in turn.

    Don continued, “We’re just going to be running a few checks on the equipment and doing some software updates. It shouldn’t take too long and we sure would appreciate a cold drink after we are done.” It wasn’t said as much as a request; it was more of an order. “Oh, before you get the drinks I have to ask, how’s it going with the phones? We’ve got a free upgrade for you that we can apply whilst we’re here. Where are they? I can do that while Tyrone gets our tools from the truck.”

    He switched them both on, made a few changes to the settings and then made a call. He nodded his head in response to whoever he was calling and after he was done he handed them back and told them to keep them switched on and close at hand for the next hour. “Make sure you have your phones with you when we get back for the drinks.”

    He left them and joined Tyrone gave him a wink and beckoned him to follow him to the mast which was located over the opposite of the front yard. “This will take a few minutes and then we can get back to the house and get the real work done,” he said enigmatically.

    They reached the mast and Don opened an access panel in the base. Inside was a control panel with a number of switches and sockets. He opened up the laptop he was carrying and hooked up a cable to one of the sockets on the panel, tapped a couple of keys and placed the laptop on the ground. “OK, we’ll let the download get on; we don’t need to stand here to watch it. Let’s get back to the house; they should be ready.”

    “What’s the upgrade about?” said Tyrone.

    Don smiled, “Well, if all goes well, it means that we can operate our system through any phone; not just Rhino’s. Any make of phone in range of the mast will be vulnerable to a degree.”

    Tyrone still wasn’t sure exactly what he was referring to but realized it would be a significant development as far as Rhino and its plans were concerned.

    They returned to the house and entered through the open front door. “We’re in here,” called Becky from the kitchen. They kicked off their boots and padded through the hallway to the kitchen to see Stan sitting on a chair with his young daughter Sandy on his lap and over by the counter Becky pouring lemonade from a pitcher into glasses. A charming family domestic scene other than Becky was completely naked with two phones which were humming a hypnotic tone on the counter alongside her.

    “Here’s your drink Sir,” she said in a voice that sounded slightly robotic. Don moved towards her and as he did so began to pull at the Velcro fastening of his coveralls. Within a couple of paces he had torn open the front and was pulling out his penis. Becky gave a sigh as she looked at his fat black cock and without moving her focus passed him a glass of lemonade. Tyrone wasn’t quite sure what to do but Becky still looking at Don’s developing erection held out another glass and that made up his mind and he joined them. Stan and Sandy remained seated with faint smiles on their faces as they surveyed the scene on the opposite side of the kitchen.

    “Thank you Becky. What are you going to give me now?”

    “I’m going to give you my pussy Sir.”

    “Why would you do that Becky?”

    “Because you are a better man than my husband and I love to feel your big black cock inside me.”

    “Why do you think I’m better than your husband?” asked Don as he stole a glance to Stan who was now visibly squirming in his seat albeit restricted by having his daughter on his lap who, in turn, was sucking her thumb and looking on in a blank fashion.

    “You’re kind and considerate in ways that my husband has never been. You are smarter and you last longer when you are fucking me.”

    Don smiled as she went through what was almost like an automatic ‘question and answer’ session which in truth it was for the phone had her completely under its spell and was subconsciously prompting what her responses should be; the reality was that these weekly sessions had subtlety implanted the philosophy in her mind and she now firmly believed it to be true.

    Tyrone took a swig of his drink and was aware that his own cock was reacting to the sight of this naked petite white woman standing compliantly while she awaited whatever instruction Don cared to suggest. She was not a great beauty but she had firm breasts tipped with stiff nipples and peeking through a bush of pubic hair the suggestion of a thick-lipped cunt that despite its hirsute covering displayed a pink wet slit. The extremities of her arms and legs, face and chest were tanned in contrast to the stark whiteness of her body marking her role as a farmer’s wife who would not willing reveal her nakedness to anyone but her husband. Even for him it had been a rare treat for she usually undressed with the lights out and he had never been allowed into the bathroom whenever she was doing her daily ablutions. So, one way or another, all the men in the kitchen were being treated to something special thought Stan as his own swelling cock began to press against the butt of his daughter.

    Don put his glass down on the counter and said, “Becky, turn around and lean over the stool.” She did as commanded. “Becky, would you like to suck Tyrone’s cock? He’s got a very nice one just like all black men.” Becky nodded her head.

    “Tyrone get yourself over there and let Becky see what a nice cock you’ve got.” He didn’t hesitate, after all Don was the boss and he didn’t want to offend him. He tore at his own clothing and his thick stiff black penis flopped out of the gaping coverall d bobbed as he walked around to the waiting Becky. She gave a sigh of approval as he positioned himself in front of her so that she could reach out and take a firm grasp of his conveniently placed erect cock. She licked her lips, opened her mouth wide and pulled him towards her. Don was gratified to see as he stood behind her that as she spread her legs to improve her balance her hairy pussy and ass were fully exposed to his view. He needed no invitation to move closer and plunge his thick, fat black cock into her gaping wet cunt.

    Becky gave a gasp or, rather, a grunt (she would have gasped but for the fact her mouth was full of Tyrone’s cock) and her eyes rolled upward as she felt the delicious sensation that she had been anticipating. Her Mondays were keenly anticipated and here it had come around again and she was getting what she so looked forward to doing. She thrust backwards to meet the pounding she was receiving from Don and, in turn, she sucked and gagged as Tyrone face-fucked her accommodating mouth. She squealed out her orgasms which seemed to be continuous and Don was content to pace himself so as to allow her the maximum pleasure.

    Not so Tyrone who had never been in this situation before of having a woman, a white woman at that, sucking and wanking his cock whilst she was being thoroughly fucked by another man. He didn’t have the self-control of Don and soon he felt his climax approaching. No sooner had the stirrings begun that he lost it completely and his spunk began to pump and flood into Becky’s grateful mouth. He staggered back and his cock pulled out of her but continued to spurt and shoot over her face. Don could see that his apprentice had let loose and decided that he would do likewise. He let himself go and with Becky hanging her head and Tyrone’s cum dripping from her face and mouth onto the floor beneath her he gave a grunt and pulsed and filled her with his own hot seed. She gave a final squeal of gratitude as she felt her insides being filled with his gift.

    Stan and Sandy hadn’t moved from their chair or said a word but the expressions on their faces reflected the reality that they were much impressed by what they had witnessed. Sandy had spread her legs to make herself more comfortable on her dad’s lap and without looking she knew that her father’s stiff little cock would be peeking up between her open thighs. She reached down and firmly squeezed and pressed him against her pantie covered pussy while keeping her focus on her mother. In her trancelike reverie she was content to know that once the men from Rhino had left that her father would be helping her with home-schooling once more.

    Don and Tyrone extracted themselves from Becky and wiped themselves on kitchen towels close by. Fastening his coveralls he declared to her that their visit was over for another week. “When you hear our truck start up I want you to pick up your phone and give the screen a swipe, do you understand?” She nodded dumbly.

    Tyrone collected the laptop from the mast and loaded it together with the toolbox into the cab. Don gunned the engine and within seconds they were making a dusty retreat down the track back toward the main road. Inside the farmhouse Becky swiped the screen as she had been told and straightaway she felt a jolt and it was as if a shade had been stripped from her eyes. She looked around in confusion and wondered why her clothes were scattered on the floor. She picked them up and dressed herself. As she did so Stan and Sandy were already making their way up the stairs to her bedroom.


    Oskar was driving along the Interstate that would take him back to Hawksville which he now regarded as his home. He had plenty to think about not least of which was that he had just deposited his wives at the airport and seen them to the check-in desk to begin their long journey back to their homeland. He had to concede that it had been a mistake to bring them to America and any doubts that he had prior had become manifested when the differences in their traditional South African upbringing to the way of life in the US became untenable. There were so many things that they had been unable to cope with and he reluctantly agreed that they should return home and let him get on with his life work here unaccompanied.

    However, the new dynamic was not to be as bleak as it could have been for Simone as his close confidant at work had been following the emotional ups and downs that had led to this situation and had proposed a solution. “We have a spare room at home. Why don’t you lodge with us? It just makes so much sense on every level,” she said with a knowing smirk.

    Oskar didn’t need to be asked twice. He certainly didn’t relish the prospect of living in a hotel or in a rented apartment on his own and, anyway, they both knew the underlying reason for the suggestion was that they could both spend more time in each other’s company and cement even further the bond between them. Ian was seen as presenting no problem given he had been firmly conditioned over the months to be the compliant cuckold. Indeed, he seemed to have developed interests elsewhere and might even welcome the diversion that Oskar’s presence would provide. He hadn’t given much thought to the interaction with Chloe; that would have to be tackled later.

    He drove on and his mind wandered to review the other developments that had been going on over the past year for Rhino had become embedded in so many aspects of the local community. Oskar had identified the necessity of becoming involved with schools, in particular with school sports. His philosophy was ‘the earlier, the better’ and the recognition of black boys excelling at Football and Basketball and attracting the admiration of white girls it was obvious to him that with a bit of encouragement from Rhino that this relationship was ripe to be elevated to the next level. So it was that professional levels of funding was provided as sponsorship and with little effort the likes of Hawksville High found themselves topping their respective leagues whenever they competed. To encourage the teams in their endeavours was a troupe of Cheerleaders, membership of which was keenly fought by the prettiest girls in the county.

    Yes, things were going extremely well he mused as he drove past the city limits. He hadn’t even thought through the text that he had recently received from the Pastor of the newly revived church. He had asked Oskar to call as soon as convenient; he had some wonderful news to share.

    ‘The Pentecostal Church of the Holy Black Staff’ proclaimed the board outside the neat building with its tall spire. He smiled as he passed by on his route towards his new home. Services there were keenly attended by the townsfolk and the sermons by the Pastor were listened to with great intensity by the mainly female congregation and his word was usually acted upon. Oskar had no doubt that the installation of an integrated communication network provided by Rhino within the building helped hugely.

    Melanie Baker (Chloe’s teacher) was one of the regular attendees at the church and her devotion bordered upon her being a disciple such was her conviction of the word as told by Pastor Erasmus. The news that he wanted to share with Oskar concerned Melanie, her condition and her declared commitment to the new order.

    However, all that would have to wait until the following day for Oskar was focused on getting safely to the Baldwin’s house and beginning what he knew was going to be a new chapter in the grand scheme.

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