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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 6

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


    Chapter 6

    The weeks following the CEO’s visit saw frenetic energy being expended at Rhino as the business expansion measures that had been agreed to during the various meetings and presentations were implemented. Oskar had the proud duty to tell both Simone and Janice that in recognition of their contributions (both at work and socially) to the success of the visit of Jacob Haasbroek they were being promoted.

    In truth, they were being awarded small raises in their pay which went along with a lot of extra responsibilities. Simone was appointed to be head of recruitment whilst Janice had the grand title of Infrastructure Expansion Manager displayed on her desk. When Simone excitedly told Ian about her change in status he didn’t like to point out that this seemed less a promotion, more them being taken advantage of by a conniving boss. He kept his opinion to himself of course knowing exactly what her sniffy response to that would be if he made such a suggestion.

    As recruitment manager Simone’s brief was to advertise and interview candidates for the numerous posts that were being created as a consequence of Rhino’s expansion plans. However, the process came with conditions for whilst it could not be openly admitted - as it would contravene employment laws – the policy was laid down that whenever possible she was to ensure preference was given to Black candidates; Whites would only be hired if there was no alternative. The manner in which this was explained to her by Oskar made it sound perfectly reasonable to adopt such a policy. Indeed, as he pointed out, the town had a historical problem of rising black unemployment since the demise of the auto assembly plant a few years back, coupled with the on-going mechanization of the local farming industry which required less and less manual labour, that to favour blacks was actually an act of humanity. She needed no further explanation as she set about her task.

    Janice for her part knew that any requests she made for additional Aerial/Transmitter Erectors in her Infrastructure Division would be met by Simone with the induction of more admirable Black males. Comfortable with their new responsibilities they already shared their ‘in joke’ that you couldn’t have too many ‘Black Steel Erections’.

    However, whilst most of the expansion plan was related to Engineering and Software development there was another sector which was being introduced, a retail division. It had been decided at the strategy meeting that the time was now right to provide an outlet to market the many devices Rhino produced in their South African homeland. The new business was envisaged to be initially a Web-based mail order service with an on-line catalogue providing TVs; audio systems and some domestic appliances.

    However, the catalogue would also have a link with an ‘Over 18s only’ warning that would take anyone browsing the site to an appendix which would list the products of Rhino’s new acquisition, a local company they had purchased that produced Adult Toys. Janice and Simone as an addition to their new responsibilities were invited to manage this part of the catalogue, a task they accepted and took very seriously. A ‘perk’ of the job was they were encouraged to ‘test drive’ the products so that reviews could be added to the catalogue description.


    Simone drove home after another very satisfying day at work. She had begun with the usual ‘morning prayers’ behind the closed door of Oskar’s office. She lost count of the number of times she had orgasmed on his beautiful big black cock; perhaps it had been just one long orgasm she mused later when she was in the ladies restroom changing into yet another pair of fresh panties. She smiled to herself, “God, the amount of laundry this job is causing!”

    The remainder of her day once she had finished being briefed (or was it debriefed?) by Oskar was spent sifting through job applications and conducting interviews. It was stimulating task she much enjoyed when meeting the expectant applicants. She always sat them on a sofa across from her chair and from her higher viewpoint they always seemed to be so muscular; so confident and, with their forced posture of having to spread their legs, so well-endowed, she speculated. The downside of the job was that she found it to be very difficult making a job offer when every Black male candidate she met with seemed to be so right. She assured the disappointed ones that they would be kept on file and whenever a suitable post came up that they would be the first to be contacted.

    It was still quite early when she arrived home and she decided that as part of her keep-fit regime she would take advantage of the late sunshine and go out for a jog. Chloe was in her room doing her homework, yet another boring subject, and she needed no second invitation when Simone asked if she might like to accompany her on her run. Within a few minutes they were both clad in their running shorts and tee-shirts and pulling on their training shoes.

    The running route encompassed a few blocks of their residential estate which Simone estimated to be a round route of a couple of miles. It wasn’t too taxing but just enough for the girls to work up a bit of a sweat as they chatted as they jogged along. Indeed, they were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t notice Ian overtake them as he drove home. He had seen them in the distance and had admired the view before he recognized them. He then had the perverse thought that he would park on the street away from the house and give them a surprise by letting himself into the house before they finished their run. He managed to slip into the spare bedroom in time to hear the front door open a few minutes later.

    Simone and Chloe panting from their exertions came up the stairs and with no hesitation went straight through to the master bedroom with its en-suite bathroom and wet-room shower. Like a pair of giggling schoolgirls they kicked off their running shoes, stripped off their sweaty clothes and went straight under the cascading shower heads. Chloe felt a little self-conscious being so blatantly naked with her mother but Simone had no such inhibitions as she took the shower gel bottle and squirted soap over her daughter’s back. Smoothing the suds over her soft skin she sensed the young girl’s awkwardness and smiled as she said, “Don’t be silly; don’t be shy. We’re just two girls together with nothing to be embarrassed about. Now turn around and let me help you wash your front.”

    Chloe shyly turned around and let her mother run her foamy hands over her chest, her pert young breasts, causing her nipples to stiffen, before allowing her to run her hands down her body to wash her tummy and her pubic mound. There was nothing to sexual in her attentions but, nevertheless, Chloe felt a certain excitement course through her body as her mother attended to her in such an intimate manner. However, her rising excitement was nothing when compared to Ian’s who had tiptoed from his hiding place and was peeking around the doorway to the bathroom. “Oh my God,” he thought, “whatever is going on here?”

    As if in answer to the unspoken question Simone wrapped her arms around Chloe’s wet sudsy body and gave her a loving hug. With her hands squeezing her daughter’s young butt cheeks she said, “Chloe babe, I love you so much” and with that she pulled her daughter even closer and leaned in an gave her a kiss, a very intimate kiss which cause the young girl to shudder as only her girlfriend had while the two of them had played on her bed a few days before.

    “I love you too Mum,” was the instant response.

    “Hmm, but there’s something we need to talk about, you naughty girl,” said Simone giving her daughter a playful pat on her butt. “Why did you think it was a good idea to go through my things when you had Megan over to stay?”

    Initially Chloe was speechless but her confusion was quickly replaced by a feeling of horror when she realized what her mother was talking about; she had thought that it had not been noticed that she had ‘borrowed’ her mother’s toys but clearly it had been. Her face coloured, her eyes teared up and she hung her head, mortified at being found out. Suddenly she didn’t feel quite so at ease with her mother and her tears began to flow.

    “Don’t be daft, it’s OK. I just hope you cleaned them after you’d done you silly girl. I’m not mad but you should have asked; I would have let you have them to play with. Now stop crying.”

    Chloe couldn’t believe her ears; neither could Ian who still stood at the doorway, his cock already stiff within his trousers.

    “Come on, let’s get dried off. I’ve got a treat for you.”

    They stepped from the shower and each took a fluffy towel from the heated rail and wrapped themselves before walking into the bedroom. Ian slipped away and retreated to the landing to take up position where he could continue to act the Peeping Tom without them being aware that they were being observed.

    They dried off and Simone fumbled in the drawer of her nightstand. Chloe thought that she must be looking for the dildoes but she was disappointed when Simone produced a tube of her favourite body lotion. She laid her towel on the bed and gestured to Chloe to come and sit alongside her. Squirting a palmful of the delicately scented balm on her hand she proceeded to smooth the cream over her daughter’s body. She paid particular attention to her young tits before getting her to lay on her front so that she could massage the lotion into her back, her delightful cheeks and her thighs. Chloe sighed with delight as her mother’s hands urged her to spread her legs apart before applying a fresh gob of the softly scented balm to her most intimate and sensitive area. Ian groaned as he observed this and quickly unzipped his trousers and freed and began stroking his rapidly stiffening cock.

    Simone sat up and clapped and rubbed her hands together in a gesture that suggested to Chloe that her massage was over. “Oh thank you Mum, that was a lovely treat.”

    Simone laughed, “No, you silly, that wasn’t the treat. I’ve got you something from work.” With that she reached under the bed and produced a paper bag and gave it to her daughter. Chloe opened the bag and giggled with a mixture of delight and embarrassment when she tore open the packaging and revealed a very realistic looking black rubber penis.

    “Now you won’t have to borrow mine,” said Simone with a smile to her somewhat confused daughter, “and it should be a better fit. You really can’t have had much fun with the one you took from my drawer; I can hardly take it myself it’s so big.” The pair of them convulsed in conspirital laughter.

    Ian couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. The two women in his life acting like a couple of lesbians and both without a shade of shame or embarrassment or so it seemed to him.

    “Come and sit by me and show me what you and Megan got up to.” Chloe sat alongside her mother and taking a tentative hold of her new toy she found and pushed the little button that turned the mute object into a vibrating black tool of delight. She touched the realistic knob and giggled as she felt the tickling sensation it gave her fingertips. With a shy look towards her mother she spread her legs apart to reveal the puffy lips of her pink pussy and then lowered the toy so that it brushed against her downy covered mound. She shuddered at the touch and then responding to her mother’s softly spoken encouragement she let it drift down so that it parted her moist lips. She let it rest a few moments and then began to move it up and down spreading her labia even further apart. The movements became easier the more time passed for as Ian could see from his shadowy position Chloe’s juices had begun to flow and the rubber penis was rapidly becoming increasingly shiny as it was steadily covered by her nectar.

    She concentrated on making sure that the rubbery cock was in contact with her budding clitoris and was rewarded to feel agreeable spasms beginning to build. She began to moan and whimper out her delight and slowly leaned back. Simone caught her with one arm and drew her towards her so that they were sitting side by side. Chloe lifted her head and caught her mother’s loving gaze; she parted her lips and they shared a long kiss. The young girl didn’t pause with applying her new toy in its slipping and sliding mission of parting her pussy lips as she enjoyed her mother’s love. Simone reached down and placed her hand on top of her daughters, and noting no resistance helped press the vibrating toy into her daughter’s tight love tunnel.

    Simone looked on with pride and admiration as she witnessed her daughter pleasuring herself so expertly. Ian looked on with quite a different emotion; his thoughts were elsewhere as he pulled and jerked his stiff little cock with his sweaty hand.

    Chloe spread her legs a little wider and slid down the bed to half lie across her mother’s lap. Simone held her as if she was a babe-in-arms and stroked her hair. Chloe murmured her delight at the touch and then without pause turned her buzzing toy to slide it deeper into her wet cunt and slowly moved it in and out. Her mother looked on approvingly and turned her attention from smoothing her hair and moved her hand to cover her daughter’s. From Ian’s viewpoint it looked for all the world that she was assisting Chloe to fuck herself with her new toy; he was not wrong, it was exactly what she was doing. Simon was pleased as well as increasingly aroused to see her daughter welcoming her help.

    It began as a slight tremble in her legs and then the spasms began to move up over her body as her orgasm began to wash over her. Together they continued to embrace the humming toy and with it inserted deep into her young body Chloe suddenly felt the climax overwhelm her. She cried out with ecstasy as her mother continued to hold her and tossed her head from side to side absorbing the waves of deep pleasure coursing over her. As the rapture began to fade she turned her head once more to her mother and then without any hesitation began to suckle at the stiff nipple her mother was offering to her. Simone almost cried with delight as she resumed stroking her daughter’s hair. She felt she had achieved an ultimate act of bonding with the one she loved most.

    Ian wasn’t aware of exactly when his own climax had occurred as he stood in the shadows with his hand and trouser front covered in his spunk. His heart was racing as he couldn’t recall having ever observed a scene of such depravity. Little did he realize that this was just the start of witnessing such scenes. The only difference was that the phone hadn’t controlled him this time.

    Then again, perhaps it had for Simone was well aware of what she was doing. Indeed, the event had been pre-planned and it had all worked out perfectly as intended. The run; the time away from the house so that Ian could get home (she had seen him pass by them in the car and where he had parked); the inevitable ‘Peeping Tom’ and him wanking. Oh yes, it had all worked out perfectly.

    The girls extracted themselves from their awkward embrace and Chloe withdrew the black cock from her wet folds before sitting up alongside her mother once more. Her face was still flushed and her pulse in her temple was visibly pumping. She set the toy aside on the bed, only to see her mom pick it back up and insert it into her mouth so that she could savor the wetness still clinging to the familiar shaped love toy.

    “That was lovely, wasn’t it and I really don’t need to ask if you enjoyed that. I’m guessing that you’re not quite the virgin you were before. Now go and give your new black friend a wash and put it away somewhere safe.”

    Chloe blushed even more and gave her mother another hug, “Thank you Mummy. I don’t know how to thank you for being so kind and understanding.”

    “You don’t have to thank me,” she said with a smile, “You learned a few valuable lessons today one of which is that Black cocks are best and don’t let you down when it matters most! Not like the other, White, kind.”

    They both convulsed once more with laughter before getting up off the bed and returning to the shower. Ian with his wife’s final words still ringing in his ears slunk away in humiliation down the hall way to find something with which to clean himself up.


    Oskar and Zaire as the principals of Rhino in the US had been given free-rein by the South African parent company to conduct business in a manner which would not offend the sensibilities of their hosts or be contrary to tenets of their own cultural upbringing.

    Both of them were descendents of Zulus and in the hierarchy of the tribe were considered to be Inkosi, Tribal Chiefs. They held very strong beliefs regarding the tribe, the family, and their view was that the male of the species was superior whilst women were required to be subservient in every way. They subscribed to the concept of Polygamy not just from the aspect of having a harem of compliant women but more from the traditional view that the higher a man’s social standing the more wives a man must have; ergo, Polygamy was right and proper.

    However, if Rhino’s plans were to be fulfilled it was essential that the contrary opinions of the white majority in the area were pandered to and nurtured, at least till they could effect a change in those attitudes.. They had no concerns about the seeming contradictions for already Rhino had demonstrated to themselves how easily it was to manipulate and to control behavior with their technology. Even more significant was that it had been proven that the more often a target was subjected to having their mind controlled that less effort was subsequently required to induce an equal state of compliance. Indeed, some of the first subjects were now so compliant that they required but a word to make them seemingly oblivious to what they were being told to do. Simone and Janice were amongst a number of women in that category.

    A meeting had been convened between Rhino and the Mayor of Hawksville and other local government departments including the Sheriff’s office. As with a lot of small towns there was a certain amount of patrimony in the appointment of these posts and even though elections were held every four years it was a foregone conclusion the same names would be appointed. So it was that the Mayor and the Sheriff were brothers having taken over the posts from their father and an uncle; just as it had been for decades. Along with the cozy arrangement was the recognition that to do any business with the local establishment there would be a fair deal of corruption involved. This, coupled to the inherent prejudice endemic in the South, made Rhino very aware that they, as a black-run company, would have their work cut out getting the permissions they required for the building and installation of new transmitter masts in the surrounding area. The meeting was to be held at Rhino’s out-of-town site and it had been decreed it would be a relaxed affair using the recreational area for Oskar had a plan.

    The meeting was held in a large room which featured floor to ceiling glass along the wall which overlooked the swimming pool and with a typical gesture of Rhino’s generosity a gift of the latest model of a smart Rhino phone was made to each of the visiting delegates. Simone and Janice were in attendance as representatives for their departments along with Oskar and Zaire. The mayor and his brother, the Sheriff, and a couple of representatives from the local chamber of commerce made up the rest of the places at the conference table. The guests all shared the same physical characteristics of being overweight, out of shape and white.

    After the initial introductions had been made Oskar reiterated the purpose of the meeting, which was to gain approvals to allow the installation of mobile masts/transmitters in the region. Janice was then invited to give a presentation that showed where and when they wanted to build. As she concluded her talk Oskar could see the expressions on the faces of the visitors had hardened into that of skepticism and that her audience had not been won over. He was not surprised when the mayor responded and said that given the present financial climate that there was little chance of permission being granted. He gave no reasons but Oskar interpreted that as meaning that some financial or other incentive might be required.

    Unfazed by their reaction he suggested that they may like to take a break from discussions and to go out to the poolside where refreshments had been laid out. He also said it would be a good opportunity for them to get acquainted with their new Rhino phones. They looked outside and saw four slim and very well endowed young black ladies laying out a buffet of foods, finger foods; sea foods; salads and all manner of delicious delicacies. The ladies were dressed as traditional Zulu women each with a brightly coloured patterned wrapped skirt, an elaborate necklace of beads which enhanced their large bare and oiled breasts. As they went about their tasks the unspoken opinion was that it all looked very inviting.

    The brothers accepted the invitation with little hesitation for the sight of the women and from the way Oskar had spoken they sensed that there might be an improved offer in the suggestion. Such was their haste to get to the laden table they didn’t notice when Oskar momentarily excused himself from the company and made a couple of calls of his own.

    Once outside the visiting foursome sat as directed on the sun loungers by the poolside. Oskar joined them and after waiting for them to be served plates of food from the buffet and for their glasses to be filled several times with the sweet native potion it was suggested that they might like to switch on their new phones so that he could talk them through some of their new phones unique features. They all did as directed and were mildly surprised when the devices each held in their hands gave a low hum and the screen displayed a psychedelic swirling pattern. To a man they each experienced the same strange sensation of being overcome with a enveloping sense of calm bordering on tiredness.

    Oskar began to talk in his persuasive manner and extolled the benefits to the community of Rhino’s contribution to the local economy. He mentioned to the Sheriff that it was a recognized fact that crime figures for the county had plunged since Rhino came to town and prioritized hiring Blacks; the Sheriff nodded sagely. He pointed out to the Mayor that since Rhino had become a major sponsor of the High School Sport teams that sporting success in football and Basketball had soared due in no small fashion because of priotising the recruitment of black boys onto the teams; the mayor had no answer. To the Chamber of Commerce representatives he shared the known fact that local businesses had benefited hugely directly and indirectly due to Rhino’s presence and the increased spending power of its employees; they both grudgingly concurred.

    Oskar’s monologue in praise of black superiority began to take root and became very persuasive and all the while the phones kept humming out their subliminal messages. His audience began to sink into a trance and Oskar nodded to the ‘waitresses’ who actually were no such thing, they were in fact some of his and Zaire’s wives who had been bought to accompany them in their new home. Being good Zulu wives they would do exactly what they were told .

    The wives each selected one of the visitors and no objections were made when they each sat alongside their target on their loungers. In unison they leaned over their selected companion and in their own way set about unbuckling belts and pulling down zippers. There was much laughing at the bold moves but to the continued background hum being emitted by the phones there was no resistance either.

    The Mayor made the first move and took advantage of the black tits that were swaying in front of his sweating face. He reached up and cupping the ebony globes in his hands he pressed his nose between the softness and began to kiss and lick. His new companion giggled and squirmed with delight and while he enjoyed the taste of her breasts he felt her hands pulling at the gap in his pants.

    The others followed his example and soon all four of them were pawing, kissing, licking and caressing the dusky delights which were being so blatantly presented to them for their pleasure. The food and the discussions were quickly forgotten as swelling cocks were pulled from the confines of their underwear.

    Oskar and Zaire looked on with satisfaction as they saw that, once again, that the persuasive power of their phones was having the desired effect. Simone and Janice stood respectfully to one side by the food table but their observations were less scientifically based and they just felt themselves getting a little hot and flustered at the sight of the erotic scene that was being played out before them. They smiled their approval to each other knowing that things were developing just as they had been advised and then in an attempt to divert their attention and to quell their own passions they turned and concentrated on the buffet instead.

    Before long all four guests had been divested of their trousers and there was the bizarre sight of four white pudgy men with their puny penises being held and stroked by four black hands. It was not a pretty sight but to Oskar it was just what he wanted to see as he continued to quietly give out commands.

    One by one the wives stood and slipped the knot that was securing their skirt so that the brightly coloured wrap fell to the floor. None of them wore underwear and all of them were shaven; it was the Zulu way. They resumed their seats and over the next few minutes the poolside regressed into becoming some kind of a Bacchanalian orgy as the women began to masturbate and fellate their charges. One had assumed a 69-position; another had slid down the bed to kneel and then suck and kiss the white cock held in her hand; another had straddled her choice and was tantalizingly offering her breasts to be fondled and enjoyed; the other was likewise straddling her white companion and deliberately moving back and forth so that his cock slid against the wet lips of her cunt but she was not allowing him to penetrate her. Why? Because it was the Zulu way; uku-hlobonga - sex without penetration was good and an acceptable way in their culture of entertaining one’s guests. To go beyond the boundary and actually fuck before or outside marriage was bad. The white guests in this instance were oblivious to any such distinctions as they lay back and enjoyed the sweet administrations of their hostesses for that was exactly as they were being commanded to do. It didn’t take long before the air was filled with grunts and groans as one by one the delegates in their own fashion spurted; shot; sprayed; dribbled their spunk as they were bought to a satisfactory climax by their black attendants.

    Spent, they all sank back on their loungers as the black wives quietly withdrew. In their reverie they had a sub-conscious sense of having done a good job and were totally relaxed. Oskar was similarly pleased for he had amassed a collection of the most explicit and revealing pictures of each and every one of them. If need be they would prove very useful.

    A few words from Oskar and the disheveled guests sat up and rearranged their clothes so that after a few moments the scene on the patio had reverted to being one of a group of people enjoying lunch whilst sat around a swimming pool in the sunshine. The Mayor and his team felt a little confused as to the events of the past hour; there seemed to be a gap in their memory but, hey, it didn’t matter and they agreed amongst themselves that these Rhino fellows and their enterprise really needed to be encouraged. Reluctantly they left the sunshine and went back inside to find that documents had been prepared and laid on the conference table for their consideration. A few moments were spent perusing the details but in reality it was just a show of carrying out due diligence for when a pen was offered the Mayor signed the contract without hesitation.

    Oskar walked his guests to their parked cars and made a great show of shaking hands and saying his farewells. Then in one final show of generosity Oskar handed each of them a second phone, which he suggested their wives might also find useful. They then drove off thinking what fine and generous fellows their hosts were and what a splendid time they had enjoyed. They couldn’t recall any of the details but they, to a man, had concluded that the way Rhino conducted business was to show a certain superiority in relationships and now, as such, they were quite content to go along with assuming a minor role.

    Oskar spun on his heel and returned to the conference room where Zaire, Simone and Janice were waiting to celebrate the success of gaining the licenses in such a comprehensive fashion. He entered the room a smile beaming across his face.

    “Well done team,” he said, “it’s time to relax and celebrate.”

    Outside through the patio windows the Zulu wives could be seen tidying away the remains of the buffet; Inside both Simone and Janice were on their knees in front of their superior black bosses already pulling on zippers and easing the swelling black cocks from the confines of their clothing. The girls looked forward to being comprehensively fucked for they had no such concept or understanding of uku-hlobonga; whatever else they might be, they were certainly not Zulus.

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