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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 3

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Nov 13, 2017.

. Out of Afrika - Chapter 3 4.7 5 7votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


    Chapter 3

    Ian parked up on the drive and carefully stepped out of the car holding the Birthday cake that Simone had ordered from the local bakers. She had called him at his office (despite knowing that he didn’t like to be disturbed by domestic matters when he was so busy) and given implicit instructions for him to do so after finishing work. He had taken the call and attempted to remind her he might have more important things to do. She ignored his protest and reminded him in turn that there was nothing more important than their daughter’s happiness. “So that’ll be a ‘No’ then,” he thought with a sigh as he replaced the receiver.

    He entered the house balancing his precious cargo and put his keys on the hall table. Straightaway he noticed the trail of Chloe’s clothing strewn up the staircase. He called out in the direction of the trail, “Hi Chloe, I’m home.”

    There was no answer so he continued and went through to the kitchen and deposited the cake on the worktop alongside the phone charger which was still plugged into the wall socket, a reminder to him of Chloe’s ‘best ever’ present. He wondered how she was getting along with it given she had only just received it and it, to his simple mind, was a complicated bit of kit and maybe she would need a bit of help, instruction, to get conversant with using it. Perhaps later they would have the opportunity to work it out together. Later he thought but, for the moment, it was a sticky warm day and right now he really needed to take a shower and freshen up.

    He climbed the stairs picking up Chloe’s clothing as he went, her blouse, her skirt and, with trembling fingers, her new bra that Simone had recently bought her to help support those lovely peach sized tits that were developing so nicely. He approached her bedroom door which was slightly ajar and thinking he was all alone in the house and that Chloe was elsewhere went to push open the door so that he could drop off her clothing. However, a noise within told him that he wasn’t quite alone after all. He peeked through the crack of the door and there on the bed lay Chloe and her friend – Megan was it? – both naked, slowly untangling themselves from what had clearly been an intimate moment.

    The pair of them looked flushed and glowing with perspiration. Ian immediately froze and holding his breath watched them swing their legs over the bedside and stand on wobbly legs facing him. His heart gave a jump as they displayed their exposed pussies; Chloe’s blonde fuzz and Megan’s dark thatch made a perfect contrast in deliciousness. They then embraced each other and shared a long passionate kiss before looking around to pick up their discarded clothing. Chloe bent down to pick up a sock and her breasts tipped with pink puffy nipples swayed in a delightful fashion. Ian was entranced by the show but then as she appeared to be making tracks toward the door and, shaking his head from its trance, he dropped her clothes, quickly turned and fled along the landing to his bedroom.

    Chloe opened the door and was puzzled to see all her missing clothes laying on the floor by her door. As she picked them up she heard the sound of the shower running in the en-suite of her parent’s room and realised that someone was at home. She blushed at the naughty thought that she and Megan might have been discovered but dismissed the idea as unlikely.

    In the shower Ian was having his own pleasure as he replayed in slow motion the erotic scene of his young daughter and her school friend he had just witnessed whilst stroking his rigid cock with a soapy hand to a satisfying climax. Reaching down he cupped some of his cum and for some unexplained reason brought the warm cream to his lips and licked his fingers clean.


    Rhino IMEX was a well-organized and structured company, adhering to international quality standards especially with regard to governance and formal meetings. Each Friday a meeting was convened to review the status of sales; production targets; technical development projects and other major topics and confirmation that benchmarks were being reached. The meeting was regarded as end-of-business of the working week and for the attendees it was a signal that the weekend was about to begin. It was held in the main conference room, always with the same principals as attendees and always with Oskar chairing the proceedings.

    Grouped around the oval table were the principals from each department, some with their personal secretaries, others alone. Oskar had Simone by his side and she like most others present on this warm day was willing the meeting to conclude as quickly as possible so that she could leave for home. She sat there trying to focus by writing an occasional note on the legal pad which filled her space on the table top. The pad was accompanied by her phone and a dreamy expression written across her face. The dreamy expression came from the delightful sensations she was feeling from having Oskar’s fingers tracing up and down the warm wet slit of her pussy. Had the people facing her looked under the table they would have seen that not only was she sitting there with her legs spread apart and skirt hitched up to give Oskar maximum access but that she also had her own free hand rubbing and squeezing his swollen cock through the fabric of his expensive suit trousers. She looked across the mahogany surface and wondered if any of the other personal secretaries who were present weren’t also getting the same sort of treatment from their black bosses.

    Oskar’s deep voice boomed out, “And finally I can tell you that next week we have the CEO Jacob Haasbroek paying us a visit.” Everyone jerked out of their reverie and took notice as he continued. “As you are aware our Smart Phone is nearing the end of its development phase and we need to consider the features and design of its successor. We have done some preliminary work in-house and have identified some key deliverables but our ideas are going to need an large injection of funds to finance the next phase and I know that Mr. Haasbroek will need some convincing before he will give his financial approval.”

    Simone continued to doodle on her pad with her right hand whilst her left hand managed to pull down Oskar’s zip and free his now fully erect cock. She gave an almost inaudible moan as she grasped and felt the warmth of the engorged penis in her palm. Oskar made no reaction to her intrusion and continued with his statement, “In order to achieve that approval we must give him a demonstration that his money will not be wasted.”

    The assembled company executives all nodded their heads in a semblance of deep thought and concentration, but not Simone who was concentrating on the instructions her phone had given her, ‘Wank your Boss’s cock until he cums – but don’t allow anyone to see what you are doing’.

    “I propose then that we go away and over the weekend come up with some ideas of just what we might do in order to achieve the aim of getting Mr Haasbroek to open his chequebook and releasing what we need.”

    He leaned forward and with his elbows on the table rested his chin on his linked fingers and looked around the table. He inhaled deeply and smelt the moisture that was Simone’s juices on his hand and with a smile on his face said, “Right then, if there’s no other business I close the meeting and wish you all a pleasant weekend.”

    There was a scraping of chairs as the meeting broke up and people gathered their things and headed towards the door, but not Oskar or Simone.. Once all the rest had exited the room he pushed his chair away from the table and glanced down to see Simone’s white hand tightly wrapped around his fat Black cock. The bulbous head was already pushed free of his foreskin and pleasingly streaming pre-cum down its length to coat her fingers. She leaned down and gave the purple plum a lingering lick all the while continuing to slowly stroking the throbbing shaft. She reached down to her soaked panties with her other hand and inserted two fingers into the gaping maw and began to masturbate herself. She felt her climax approaching and gave him a firmer grip with her slippery fist and lapped her tongue around the leaking hole of his glans. He gave no visible reaction as he watched her administer to him. She felt him pulse and then emit a slight deep groan. As he felt himself about to explode he reached over and placed a hand behind Simone’s head and pushed her face downward. That initial pulse suddenly turned into a spasm and with no further pause he fountained his hot spunk to strike Simone full on the face. She was momentarily shocked by the force as the stream splashing against her face but quickly recovered and opened her mouth as she felt him easing her warm lips down over the tip of his swollen member. Feeling it slipping into the back of her mouth, she eagerly began to eagerly swallow the following jets of his hot cum as her own orgasm overtook her.

    “I think that is all for today, Mrs. White,” he said matter-of-factly as he pushed his chair back from the table and her grasp. He stood and adjusted his stance and somehow managed to put his massive semi hard cock back where it belonged inside his trousers. Simone blinked and reached for her purse to find a tissue which she dabbed around her mouth and chin then, standing, smoothed her skirt and straightened her blouse before collecting her collection of pad, pen and mobile phone from the table.

    Her mobile phone quietly hummed a subliminal whisper of ‘well done’ to her as she devotedly followed her Boss out of the room.


    Ian waited in his bedroom for what he estimated an appropriate period before he emerged following his invigorating shower. His thought was to allow the girls’ sufficient time to get themselves dressed and for them to go downstairs without having the embarrassment of bumping into them whilst they might still be in a state of undress. Which, had he admitted it, was a ridiculous idea given that’s just what he often fantasised about and, indeed, was all he had in mind when he was wanking in the shower.

    He eventually came down and went into the kitchen where Chloe and Megan were admiring the cake he had bought home.

    “Don’t you dare,” he said as Chloe made to stick an extended finger into the Buttercream icing. The girls spun around and giggled at being caught in the act. They were both dressed in shorts and cropped tops; Ian suspected that both outfits were Chloe’s as they said they had both come home straight from school. Once again his mind started to wander as he viewed their ripe young curvy bodies being somewhat ineffectively clad in these revealing outfits.

    Still laughing Chloe said, “Oh Daddy, I wouldn’t have dared. I was just curious, that’s all. Anyway, we were waiting for you so that you could help me get my new phone set up.” She proffered the mobile phone that was softly humming in her hand.

    “OK, let’s get the instruction booklet. Your Mum will be home soon; let’s hope we can get something done to show her before she gets here. Maybe even give her a call beforehand.” With that the two of them sat side by side with Megan looking on and began to pore over the booklet.

    It was half an hour later after following instructions to, press this; tap that; enter these details; touch this area of the screen, that the pair of them sat back with satisfied smiles that they had followed the commands to the letter and that Chloe’s new phone would now allow her to communicate with the rest of the world and they, in turn, could converse with her. Little did she realise the significance of this step and who would be doing the communicating.

    “Right, that seems to be all set-up then Chloe. Give your Mum a call.”

    Chloe tapped out the number and was excited when after a couple of rings her call was picked up. “Hi Mum, guess what? I’m talking on my new phone. Isn’t that great?”

    “Hi Sweety. Wow, so clear and, yes, it’s great! I’m so pleased you like it, is Daddy there; Can I have a word with him please?”

    Chloe passed the phone to dad and holding it to his ear he was momentarily taken aback by a soft low humming in the background that accompanied the sound of Simone’s voice. “Hi Honey, did you get the cake?”

    He confirmed that he had.

    She continued, “Good, I think there might be a couple more of her friends coming by so make sure we have enough plates and glasses set out.”


    “Yes, we shall have champagne. I’m bringing a bottle home with me; Oskar gave it for a toast. He said he may drop by later to also add his good wishes.”

    Hmm, Ian didn’t know what to think about this news but he held his tongue and said instead, “Great, hurry home. We’re all waiting.”

    “I’ll be leaving shortly; oh, what does Chloe think about the phone?”

    “She loves it. We both do. It’s so easy to use and, funny thing, it seems as if it wants to help you use it. Maybe I’ll even get one for myself.”

    Simone gave a laugh at that and said her goodbyes.

    At the same time in the depths of the R&D department profiles of two new users were being entered into the interactive database by the on-duty controller. He tapped their names out on the keyboard which would initiate the programme mouthing as he did so, “Chloe and Ian White.” The data was added to the DNA samples that had already been collected from their breath when they had first spoken into the microphone.


    Janice dropped Simone off outside her house with wishes for her and Chloe to have a great party. Simone smiled at the wish, “Hey, it’s not a party; it’s just a piece of cake and a drink of fizz with her friends. You’re welcome to come and join in.”

    “Thanks but I’ve gotta run. Things to do at home .. oh heck, I almost forgot. I’m having a little dinner party next week at my place. It promises to be a proper party and a lot of fun. I’m inviting all the girls who started with me at Rhino a year back to celebrate. I’ve also invited some of the bosses we work with. I know you haven’t been there so long but it would be great if you and Ian can come and join us.”

    “That sounds nice. I’ll check with Ian – although he pretty much does what he’s told these days – and let you know on Monday. Bye.”

    Janice drove off and Simone let herself in to a house that seemed filled with four giggling girls. The giggles turned to a collective cheer when they saw her and, more importantly, the bottle she was holding. “Oooh,” went the cheer, “Champagne.” Simone decided to keep the secret it wasn’t actually Champagne but rather a bottle of Prosecco, “no point in wasting good money,” was her thinking as she joined the throng in the kitchen. She quickly noted with silent approval that Ian had followed her instructions to the letter and set about opening the bottle. More cheers and squeals from the quartet of lovelies as the cork popped and Simone silenced them by pouring out equal amounts in the half dozen flutes arraigned on the counter.

    “Here’s to the Birthday girl,” said Ian as they raised their glasses and sang out ‘Happy Birthdays’ to Chloe. He looked on approvingly as there was more giggles as the bubbles fizzed up against their innocent faces. He hoped that nobody had noticed that since they had been in the house that his cock had been steadily swelling to make his trousers appear to be containing an interesting lump. His imagination was working overtime as he looked upon the young bodies around him.

    The cake was cut and passed around and everyone agreed that they were having a lovely time as they reminisced about the new 16 year old and all the things that they had done together over the years and all the things that they could look forward to now they were getting that little bit older. Chloe and Megan exchanged guilty glances when that was mentioned for they had already agreed that they would indeed be doing ‘something special’ the following day.

    The last few crumbs of the cake were being fought over by Ian and Chloe when the doorbell rang. Simone answered and there on the doorstep was Oskar holding a bunch of flowers and another bottle. “Oh my goodness. What a nice surprise,” she said as she beckoned him in he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. She made to take the flowers but he pulled them away saying, “Not for you; they’re for the birthday girl but you can have this.” And he handed her the bottle of proper champagne.

    Chloe was overwhelmed at his generosity and thoughtfulness at being given such a grown-up gesture and she understood even more so why her Mother so much admired and enjoyed working for this charming, handsome Black man. She thought that he really was a hunk and exuded a heady combination of confidence and power ... a little bit of a contrast to her Father.

    The second bottle was opened and with seven of them to share it didn’t take long before another empty bottle went in the trash. The school-friends were all becoming a little tipsy and saying mildly outrageous things to each other, mostly things of a sexual nature. Ian overheard some of the comments and the whispered wishes that mainly centred on the Black guest and what they would like to do with him given the chance. He was inwardly shocked to realise they might not be such ‘little girls’ after all but was secretly thrilled at having his fantasies being seeded with new scenarios that hadn’t previously occurred to him.

    The party began to break up and the girls made their excuses and apologies for leaving so soon. Sally, one of the friends, thanked Simone for the invite and the lovely time and expressed regret for having to leave so soon, “but we have a big test coming up at school next week and I really do have to get some revision done over the weekend,” she said by way of explaining.

    Eventually it was only Oskar remaining and as Ian came back to the kitchen the Black man said, “Oh, by the way, I have something for you Mr White.” He held out a small plastic bag and passed it to him.

    “A little bird told me that you liked our phone and I like to acknowledge loyalty amongst our employees,” he said giving a knowing look towards Simone.

    Ian took the package and extracted a shiny new handset. “Wow, thank you. That’s very generous.”

    “It’s already been charged and set up. Your wife was able to provide us with all the necessary details so you’re good to go.”

    “I really don’t know what to say; how to thank you enough.”

    “No thanks required. It’s the latest model. Even newer than Chloe’s and your wife’s,” he said matter-of-factly. “I’m sure you’ll get great satisfaction from it just as they have.”

    Ian, all smiles, looked for the on button and switched it on. As with Chloe’s it gave a low hum and the screen lit up with a subtle swirling colour display. He held it to his ear and listened to the dialling tone – or something like it he assumed. Still smiling he put it down and shook Oskar’s hand, “Thanks again.”

    “My pleasure,” said Oskar, “but now, with regret, I must go.” With that he stood up and Simone followed him to the front door leaving Chloe and Ian in the kitchen, both of them handling their new phones as they compared notes.

    The sound of laughter caused them both to look up and Ian glanced down the hallway to see that his wife was locked in an embrace with Oskar, their mouths pressed together in a passionate kiss. As he looked on open-mouthed he saw her drop her hand from his waist and move to the front of his trousers where she gave him an obvious squeeze on the long bulge beneath his zip. They stayed that way for a few moments before they broke apart and the front door was opened and he was gone.

    Ian looked at Chloe and knew that she had seen the little performance. He knew that he should have been shocked beyond words but strangely he was feeling quite a different emotion. He actually felt warm and contented from seeing his wife act in such an inappropriate manner. His imagination began to work and he became almost disappointed that they hadn’t gone beyond just embracing with him being a voyeur to witness something more intimate. Indeed, his imagination had made him feel extremely horny and he knew he would have to do something soon to help satisfy his longings.

    Simone returned to the kitchen and found herself the focus of attention, “Well, that was lovely party, wasn’t it? All your friends at once and the pair of you now with new phones. How lucky are we?” she said cheerily.

    Chloe gave a smile and held her Mother in a warm embrace of thanks.

    Ian said, “I need to go to the bathroom. I won’t be long then I’ll come back and tidy these things away.”

    Simone didn’t react but she knew exactly where he was going, as well as what he’d be doing. Her phone had told her earlier.

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