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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 26

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Feb 7, 2019.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika

    A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


    Chapter 26

    Professor Steeves lay back on his cot in the guest house feeling extremely satisfied at what he considered to be the success of the visit to Lerotica and the academic study into racial attitudes and differences between cultures. His satisfaction came not only from the amount of data that had been collected by his team but also from his personal experiences from having been allocated devoted and attentive villagers to serve him during his stay. As an invited guest of the King, he had been accorded the privilege of having his separate quarters and female helpers who were dedicated to taking care of his needs.

    The visit by his team was rapidly approaching its end. They had been in Lerotica for almost three months and most of his objectives had been achieved. Lucy. Ingrid and Chloe (the ‘Rhino Girls’ as they had come to be known) had completely immersed themselves in the ways of the Leroticans and had reported back to the Professor with so many encounters and experiences that it would take him many months to analyze the consequences and conclusions; Ian and Herb, the two ‘wimpy gays’ as he liked to think of them, had after a shaky start settled down to a pattern of providing hard evidence of how an inbred denial of homosexuality by a different race could be overcome. Then there was Tyrone, the Rhino Tech, who had almost by stealth had installed a network of solar-powered, satellite-linked devices around the village which beamed video and data straight back to the servers in the service center in Hawksville.

    Yes, all-in-all it had exceeded his expectations and as he felt the towel that covered his thighs being pulled away from him by one ‘his’ two young girls he settled back to enjoy the massage that he knew was to follow.

    They all knew the drill and as the cool air wafted over he rolled his nakedness onto his front and murmured his consent as he felt the warm oil being dribbled onto his back. His contentment increased as he then felt the small hands kneading and stroking the slick essence into the taunt muscles of his back and legs. He had taught them well during his stay and massage was just one of the skills that they were now accomplished at providing.

    He closed his eyes and let them continue working on his knotted muscles for just as long as they wanted. It was bliss indeed to feel the busy hands working up and down his back, across his shoulders and arms, up and down his legs and to hear the giggles as a hand would slip between his slightly open thighs and touch his balls; bliss indeed.

    The girl’s mother looked on approvingly at what her daughters were doing. She too had enjoyed serving this educated man who had come to the village from a strange land far away. She had no idea for what purpose he and his fellows had come but she was proud to have been chosen by the King to be the provider of domestic comfort for the duration of the guest’s stay. Her duties were simple: to clean and to cook; to involve her daughters in her activities so that the professor could observe life and customs at first hand in their land; to ensure that every night before sleeping that their guest was satisfied with their day’s provision and that every morning he was awoken by .their special greeting.

    The professor was very satisfied with every aspect and he believed that his team was of a similar mind even though they hadn’t been provided with quite the same privileges that he had enjoyed. Such were his thoughts as he heard a whisper in his ear, “Rol oor”.

    He opened his eyes at the sound and reacted to the command given by the elder girl who stood obediently by the side of the bed. She smiled as he rolled over and saw that, as expected, his cock was already stiffening and was beginning to proudly stand clear of his groin. He glanced to each side of the bed in turn to see his two dusky attendants waiting for him to settle, their young breasts heaving softly as they viewed his nakedness and the focus of their curiosity. Their semi-naked bodies were enhanced by the necklaces and beads that adorned their slender necks and arms and the narrow skirts around their waists were of no consequence given that their smooth pussies were plainly in view beneath the short hem. His cock gave a twitch and became even stiffer; their mother standing at the foot of the bed nodded her approval.

    The girls poured more of the warm oil on his chest and he relaxed and let them provide their magic. They continued to smooth and knead and he sighed with contentment as they moved their hands up and down his body pushing, prodding, caressing each and every muscle until they were satisfied that they had even applied the balm to every aching muscle. The signal to them that they had done a good job was to see that his cock had become completely erect and it was then that they would look to their mother who, if satisfied, would nod and the container of oil would be given a final tilt as they slathered their hands in the sweet smelling unguent before each taking hold of his stiff black cock and to slowly masturbate him.

    In truth, the oil wasn’t required to provide lubrication for the final moments of their massaging of his body and the knowledge of knowing what was to come had invariably caused his pre-cum to start flowing profusely but he made no objection as he felt the soft oily hands wrap around him. The girls had by now become very practiced at what they did at the end of every day and they alternated between slowly wanking his cock, softly caressing his balls and occasionally taking turns to kiss and lick the bulbous smooth knob that was his glans. They would have dearly loved to have sucked him but he was too big for their young mouths to allow that to happen and, anyway, it was forbidden at their age to do such things, or so their mother had told them.

    As always time stood still and the professor drifted in and out of the dream and fantasies that were playing through his mind as the small hands did their work. He was never sure which one it was who would trigger the inevitable consequence of their attentions, he didn’t care who it was, they were equally welcome to bring him to his climax. He felt the sensations begin to build as the slippery hands gained pace and they, at the same time, felt the pulsing beneath their grip as they then both positioned themselves so that the fountain of cum would hit them full in the face. How they laughed to hear him bellow his satisfaction; how they smiled to see the result of their hard work as the cum dribbled and dripped off their faces; how the mother took that as the signal for her to provide the final comfort of the day.

    The girls reluctantly loosened their grip knowing that his erection would not soften due to the steady intake of the special herbs that had been an integral part of his diet and they stepped aside to allow their mother climb onto the bed. She straddled his prone form and shuffled her way up until his stiff cock was positioned just right. With one deft movement she lifted herself up on her knees and impaled her pussy on the still rigid erection. They both exhaled a gasp of pleasure as she sunk down so that he became fully buried inside her cavernous cunt.

    Her daughters were once again thrilled to witness what would soon be theirs to experience. To hear their mother cry out with joy as she steadily fucked their honoured guest served only to intensify their anticipation of receiving the same ecstasies that would follow their initiation at next week’s ceremony, the annual Parade of the King’s Virgins


    The Church of the Black Staff under the spiritual guidance of Pastor, now Bishop, Erasmus had gone from strength to strength in tune with the spread of Rhino’s influence throughout the state. The Sunday services were filled to capacity with adoring, devoted congregations and, after the main service, the special benedictions and confirmation ceremonies which followed the service in the basement complex were much sought after by the female supplicants. Their husbands and partners were encouraged to attend the special sacraments when, with the assistance of the background humming and instructions from the Rhino sound system, they would observe with much satisfaction their partner in one way or another willingly being ravaged by the black cock of one of the religious brothers. Sometimes, if their partner had been specially selected, they would be honored to see her being anointed by two or more brothers at the same time.

    The faith of Bishop Erasmus didn’t allow him to commit the sin of pride but occasionally he did feel a twinge of such satisfaction as he mentally reviewed his success of spreading the gospel. He would justify the lapse in his behavior as being his God’s way of spurring him to seek other areas and ways of gathering converts to the faith.

    God moves in mysterious ways, he thought, as he felt his cock being bought to yet another climax by, this time, one of the more mature ladies of the congregation. For his sins he hadn’t given the elderly much thought but as the first dribble of sperm appeared the idea struck him that there were communities who through circumstance or disability were unable to attend the church. As his ecstasy overwhelmed him he glanced down to witness his cum spurting over the face of the elderly widow who had been fervently and expertly sucking him. She looked up at him with adoration and cum covering her face and as she licked her lips she said the prayer thanking him for his blessing. He placed his hand on her head and intoned his response to the blessing with a smile. He also gave silent thanks to a higher being for the realization that had just struck him of the retirement homes and gated communities in Hawksville which had to date not been subject to the church’s attention. If the expert attention he had just received was anything to go by then they would provide a fertile field in which to sow black seed and the culture of supremacy of the Black man.

    The widow remained kneeling in front of him and continued to cleanse him using her tongue until all ‘her sins had been washed away’ just as she had been taught with the prompting from the Rhino sound system. By the time she had completed her devotions the Bishop had already decided that a special support group was needed to provide to the old and housebound. It should be led by someone with empathy toward the lonely and isolated. He knew of just the person.


    Angela was on her knees giving prayer and amongst other mercies was silently celebrating her first year of being back in the world of work. Her thoughts as she mouthed the words of the final benediction were a little jumbled for she had so much for which to be grateful.

    Images flashed through her mind as she thought over the years since her abusive husband had perished in ‘that accident’ in the Gulf War back in the 90s. She wondered if fate had played a hand given his treatment of her before he ran away from his responsibilities and went off and joined the army but, whatever the circumstances, it meant that ever since she had spent a lonely existence as a single Mum bringing up her daughter Megan. Life hadn’t been easy but through series of events over the past couple of years things had taken a definite upturn and she was now a totally different person to the introverted shy little ‘mouse’ who had preferred just to stay at home behind her front door rather than be part of the world outside.

    It was Megan who had bought her out of her shell and it was Megan’s ‘fault’ that now she liked nothing more than to be pleasured by the abundance of black cock that she discovered was outside of the front door that had been previously been so firmly closed.

    She thought back to the times after she had discovered Megan’s secret stash of toys, especially the big black one, and the hours she used to spend when her daughter was at school in her bedroom playing with them and rediscovering the ecstasies of masturbation. She smiled as she recalled when Megan had surprised her by coming home early that day when she was in the throes of yet another climax and that she had no defense when being caught so blatantly with that black toy deep within her pussy; guilty as charged. From that day on it was to their mutual relief and pleasure they had become even closer as they shared their innermost thoughts and desires and for Megan to surprise her mother with the extent of her sexual knowledge and experience; of the things that she had done with her friends and how there was no shame. Angela loved how her daughter had shown her so openly the things she had done together with her friends and that now she was herself just as uninhibited.

    However, the best thing of all and for what she was most grateful was how Megan had almost bullied her into applying for the job at Rhino and how her life had changed forever since she had been accepted for the role of customer service agent. Who would have thought that a job could have bought so much pleasure?

    Then there was Megan’s suggestion that they should consider attending church each Sunday. She had never been a particularly religious person and had no firm views of there being a higher being to be worshipped but Megan had been particularly enthusiastic about the reputation and of what she had heard from her friends about the Church of the Black Staff. She thought that they should go and see what all the fuss was about. What a blessed day that was and how now she could hardly contain her excitement at the prospect of attending the Sunday service.

    She got to her feet and looked around at the other supplicants who had joined her for the special service in the basement chapel. Everyone, including the brothers who had been leading the litany, were adjusting and smoothing their clothes and nobody appeared to think it strange that towels were being passed around to dab and cleanse the stains that had somehow soiled them.

    To the dulcet sound of the humming emanating from the wall-mounted speakers Angela licking her lips followed the other worshippers to the coffee room. She really looked forward to this part of the day. There were always so many people to chat with and one never knew just what one might hear.

    Bishop Erasmus looked up to see her coming through the door. He waved her over, “Ah Angela, good to see you once more. Have you got a minute? There’s something I would like to discuss with you. I have an idea about extending the church’s ministry and I think you are just the person who can help me to head up and lead a group I’m thinking of forming.”


    Seydou carefully removed the Nikon camera from the tripod and just as carefully extracted the SD memory card from the slot. He was so looking forward to downloading the images that had been captured during the ‘portrait session’ which had just been completed.

    His customers were adjusting and smoothing down their clothes prior to leaving the studio and Seydou waited until they were satisfied with their appearance before leading them through the foyer of the building to the front door. He assured the Mother and her daughter that the pictures that had been taken would be ready for collection the following week. They had come to the studio for a set of portraits of the 18 year old to be taken, pictures that would be used in School Yearbooks and the like … some of them, that is. There were other pictures that were taken later in the session that had been captured for quite another purpose.

    He watched and waved as they drove away and reflected that yet another contract had been successfully fulfilled.

    He returned to his office, inserted the card into his computer and began the process of transferring the files. While he waited for the photo editing application to load he unzipped his pants and once again gave his cock space to ‘develop’.

    The first few pictures were quite respectable; they showed off a blonde young girl, bright-eyed and looking very pleased with herself as she sat wearing her school uniform smiling at the camera. Her soft wavy hair tumbled down over her shoulders almost covering the collar of the crisp white blouse she was wearing. The blouse was tucked into the school-approved plaid skirt which almost reached her knees and on her feet white ankle socks and a pair of designer training shoes. The uniform just about complied with the school’s code but she being of the senior year liked to take liberties and, anyway, she was soon leaving for college and really couldn’t care less.

    Seydou liked that attitude and he determined to capture that sassiness and for it to be reflected in the ensuing photographs.

    She was sat on a stool and he directed her to cross her ankles, place her hands in her lap, sit up straight, “hold your head up; look at me and … smile”. Click … and the first image was taken.

    Her mother looked on approvingly at her beautiful girl as Seydou directed his subject to look this way, that way, turn slightly to the right, now turn the other way and so on. She sipped her tea that had been supplied by Seydou’s assistant and subconsciously listened to the soothing sounds that were coming from the sound system that equipped the high tech studio. She was amused to hear him suggest to her daughter that she would look more attractive if she undid the buttons of her blouse to reveal more of her breasts that were so tantalizingly hidden by the white cotton garment. Her mother smiled as she watched her daughter firstly reach for her own cup of tea, take a sip and then after replacing the cup to be looking him in the eye as she slowly picked at the buttons and pulled apart the shirt so that her magnificent cleavage was fully exposed.

    He took more shots and with every click of the camera he made a suggestion that she adjust something or other to reveal more of her teenage charms. Her mother almost purred as she watched on and her heart swelled with maternal pride as she witnessed her ‘little girl’, her own flesh and blood, being displayed so effectively. She didn’t like to admit to herself that it was also very stimulating to be seeing her daughter’s alabaster skin being touched by the black hands of Seydou as he coaxed her to adopt yet another pose or position.

    The humming continued to weave its siren song and Seydou sensed that both his subject and her mother had slipped into the zone whereby they would be more compliant and agreeable to further suggestions. He invited the older lady to come up and stand behind her seated daughter, “… so that we can begin to capture some nice family shots to add to your portfolio,” he helpfully explained. She needed no further prompting and did as she was told.

    She stood as he directed behind her daughter and put her hands lightly on the young girl’s shoulders. So began the string of instructions.

    “Look directly at the camera,” ‘Click’.

    “Now slip her blouse off her shoulders,” ‘Click’.

    “Ah, lovely; now unclip her bra and let us see her tits; nice,” ‘Click’.

    “Reach down and cup them for me will you please; good,” ‘Click’.

    “OK, now you’re looking over-dressed. Let’s have you take off that delightful sundress and let me see where your daughter gets her lovely looks from,” he said as if it was the most natural request one would make of a lady who he had known for less than an hour.

    She didn’t hesitate; why would she for the combination of the subliminal messages within the humming that had been ‘instructing’ her and the special herbs in the tea had ensured she would do anything he asked without question.

    She stepped back from her daughter, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. Seydou heard his assistant give a low growl as they both took in the sight of the mature lady standing there in just her underwear and hold-up nylons. He felt his cock begin to stiffen in his pants as he peered through the viewfinder of the Nikon focusing on the delicious sight of Mother and daughter both in a state of disarray but both quite oblivious to the erotic scene they presented.

    “Lovely; OK now I want you to lean over her and make out you are assisting her to take off the rest of her clothes. Don’t rush, I want to get as many shots as possible so please do things in a kind of slow-motion.” ‘Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    Both Seydou and his assistant busied themselves moving cameras from one viewpoint to another whilst all the while firing the shutters to capture the different poses that the females adopted as they both divested themselves and each other of their clothes.

    “Now, Mom, I want you to act as if you are showing your daughter how to pleasure herself.” (His upbringing didn’t allow himself to use the words ‘masturbate’ or ‘wank’ or ‘Jill’; he considered himself far too refined to use such language which was strange given the situation he was directing!)

    The older woman sat on the couch and proceeded to demonstrate that she knew very well how to ‘pleasure herself’. She lay back, spread her legs and smiled at her daughter as she used one hand to stroke and part the lips of her hair-covered cunt whilst with the other she fondled and squeezed her ample breasts. .” ‘Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    “Ah, that’s lovely; just right. Now my dear I want you to go and sit by your mother’s side and ‘help’ her. You know what I mean. I want you to act as if it’s the first time you’ve seen such a thing and that you want to try it for yourself.”

    She moved in and did as he directed. Without any more prompting she looked on as her mother stroked her fingers in and out of what was now a very wet pussy. She followed suit and the only difference between them was she had that morning carefully shaved off every hint of pubic hair so that her fingers were sliding over a perfectly smooth pussy whilst her mother presented a generous covering of curly hairs over her’s. ‘Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    The two women moved closer and began to touch each other rather than just themselves. Seydou could contain himself no longer and he unbuckled his belt and unceremoniously stepped out of his pants as they fell to the floor. His cock was already tenting his boxer shorts as he replaced the camera back onto the strategically placed tripod and set the shutter to fire at regular intervals of a few seconds. The assistant had likewise divested himself of his pants and underwear but, under orders from his boss, he held onto his camera so that he was free to roam and take pictures from whatever angle he chose. The women were totally oblivious to all this activity going on around them; their attention was concentrated on each other.

    Seydou moved over to the couch and positioned himself so that he was standing with his ever-so obvious erection was in sight of the mother who was now touching her daughter’s dripping pussy as she masturbated her own. To the background sound of the shutter of the camera automatically firing off every few seconds she turned her head and with a smile took her hands away from their task and reached and pulled down Seydou’s boxer shorts. She exhaled a squeal of delight as his stiff cock sprung out and bobbed in front of her face. Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    Her daughter sat back on her heels and looked on with amazement, or was it envy, showing in her eyes as her mother wrapped her hands around the offered gift. She murmured sounds of encouragement as she watched her Mom open her mouth and in one deft move suck in Seydou’s stiff black penis. Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    She spread her legs and as her mother expertly fellated the cock of the photographer she dipped her fingers in and out of her pussy in phase with her movements. She was so engrossed in watching that she hadn’t noticed that the assistant had put his camera to one side and was standing alongside her … that is until she felt him stroking his cock against her cheek. Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    She tore her gaze away from her mother and focused on an altogether more pressing interest. Like her mother she took hold of the cock that was being offered and following her mother’s example tentatively opened her mouth, darted out her pink tongue and swirled it around the bulbous shiny head of the assistant’s cock and lapped up the pre-cum that was oozing from the piss hole. It tasted delicious she decided and, just like her mother, she opened wide and took him in. Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    It took but a few moments for both black men to begin properly face-fucking their enthusiastic companions; both women continued to caress themselves as they noisily slurped wet mouths around stiff dicks to the background sounds of the Nikon’s shutter regularly firing and the seductive hum from the speakers.

    The assistant had less control than his boss and as the young girl continued to so effectively suck at his throbbing cock and caress his swinging balls he felt the rising of his impending climax. He was unsure of whether to just let her keep on sucking or if he should pull out. The decision was made for him as she pulled away from him gasping for breath and his throbbing cock was released to instantly spurt and splash his ejaculation over her face. Her look of surprise and joy at having provided such an agreeable result to ‘her black master’ (as advised by the messages she had been hearing) was plain to see. The Nikon captured it all. Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.

    Seydou, along with Nikon, had witnessed his assistant’s performance. He himself was in no hurry to bring to the agreeable treatment he was receiving to its inevitable conclusion but, ever the artist, he was mindful of how the picture series that was being compiled would be enhanced by the next move. He gesticulated and nodded at the young man to use his still stiff cock to properly impale the willing girl.

    She did as bidden and lay back on the couch and spread her legs. She had no need to guide him and his fat penis unerringly found its mark and the bulbous knob slid straight into her welcoming wet cunt. She gave a squeal of delight as she felt him fill her which caused her mother to open her eyes and look toward her. Even though the older woman was fully under the influence of Rhino’s mind-controlling messages it was still a shock for her to see her young daughter’s virginity to be taken so easily … albeit she was quite unaware that her daughter had long ceased to be a virgin and had for many years been a very popular girl at school with both fellow students and staff. (It was little wonder she was a straight-A student.)

    She looked on with bleary half-hooded eyes at her daughter’s smooth white pussy being enthusiastically ravaged by the impressive-looking black cock and decided she had done enough sucking; she wanted some of what her daughter was receiving. She lay down alongside her, took her hand and gave her a squeeze and a smile of encouragement. Still holding her hand she looked up at Seydou and in her clipped, refined voice said, “Fuck me”.

    Seydou stepped between her nylon-clad legs and did as he was told. Click’; ‘Click’; ‘Click’.


    The picture set was an unqualified success. He scrolled through the images and mentally added captions that would tell a complete story of the seduction of a young white girl by black men at the bidding of her mother. It didn’t matter that the story line which would be published wasn’t quite a reflection of the actual circumstances of the women being fucked by both of them; the important thing was that another quality publication was about to be added to growing library of erotic books for sale at the Rhino Adult store.

    He was giving the compiled set of pictures a final review when his phone rang. With a sigh he took his hand of his excited stiff cock and picked up the receiver to hear Oskar’s familiar voice.

    “Seydou, my man, how are we doing?” It was his standard greeting but he knew that Rhino’s top boss wasn’t calling just to ask after his health.

    “Yeah, looking good Oskar; and you, what do I owe the honour?”

    “Ah, I’ve got a little job in mind for you. How are you fixed for a trip back to our homeland at the end of the month?”

    Seydou contained his excitement at the idea of ‘going home’. He knew that Oskar wouldn’t be just offering him a vacation; there had to be something specific in mind for him to be making such a suggestion. “What have you got in mind?”

    “Well, I’ve got a team out in Lerotica who have been conducting a survey amongst the local tribe’s people and they are soon to be wrapping up and coming home. I’ve been told that there is going to be a farewell celebration being held to mark their departure and I also hear it is to be incorporated into some annual traditional ‘coming of age’ event that the King puts on. I’ve been invited to attend and I figure it will be a great photo opportunity. I’d like you to come with me and take some quality pictures. What do you say?”

    Seydou knew he wasn’t so much as being asked but, rather, that Oskar expected him to comply with the request. Oskar was a very forceful personality once he had something like this in mind.

    “Huh, erm, let me have a few details; dates; route; for how long and I’ll see if I can fit it in,” he responded knowing that as far as Oskar was concerned it was already a ‘done deal’. The last thing he heard before the line went dead was, “Good.”


    Oskar replaced the receiver and ticked 'invite Seydou to Lerotica' off of his 'to-do' list. Next up was to do the same with a call to Bishop Erasmus. He scanned further down and was reminded that later in the day he had what he hoped was going to be a very significant meeting that would result in the expansion of the media division, 'Rhino Multi Media', the means by which the Rhino message was distributed.

    To date, the division had a publishing arm producing books and magazines; another branch that was responsible for Video and DVD production and these in turn were supported by the associate company headed up by Seydou producing the high-quality graphics used throughout Rhino. Oskar had long ago decided that the missing piece in this jigsaw of companies was that of broadcast television. He was clear in his mind that the establishment of a dedicated TV Channel, which could be syndicated, would be a major step forward in spreading Rhino's message and influence throughout the land. To this end, he was excited at the prospect of meeting with a lady who had established herself as a Weather Presenter on an out-of-state local TV channel and who had expressed an interest in spreading her wings to become a network news anchor. She certainly had provided an impressive CV, which provided details of her background and, intriguingly, hinted of sexual traumas suffered along the way. Most impressive was the attached portfolio of pictures which showed a very attractive young lady who, from the way she dressed, clearly was very keen to display her charms.

    Oskar looked once more at the pictures and felt his cock swelling in his pants. Yes, he was charmed; he was already looking forward to meeting with Mrs. Suzi Recreant.


    Bishop Erasmus stole a glance at his watch and realized that he had only a few minutes to get to his office before his next appointment was due. “A great pity,” he thought, for he was really enjoying officiating at this special service in the basement chapel and now he would have to leave prematurely and hand over to one of the senior Brothers. Sighing, he stood up, wiped his wet cock with a towel before fastening his cassock around his waist with the leather belt. Such a nuisance to have to leave before the blessing had reached its conclusion.

    He leaned and spoke into the ear of the Brother to explain he would have to hand over the responsibility for the conclusion of the ‘White Bride Blessing’. The Brother who at that moment had his stiff erection buried deep in the cunt of a mewling young bride understood perfectly. He nodded his acceptance of taking on the task and as the Bishop left the room he turned his full attention back to giving the newly-wed novice the anointment she was begging to receive.

    The ‘White Bride Blessing’ was a relatively recent innovation that Pastor Eramus had devised and been enthusiastically welcomed by the congregation as a way of, as he put it, to seal a special bond between newlyweds and the black-led church. Since its introduction it had become standard practice that the blessing be held in the basement chapel prior to the bride-to-be being ceremoniously led back up the stairs to the main church where the actual marriage ceremony would be conducted.

    The service was quite straightforward and usually restricted to just the females of the wedding party. The bride-to-be, her maid-of-honour, bridesmaids and close female relatives on arrival at the church would be escorted by their respective partners to the stairway down to the basement chapel where they would be symbolically handed over to the black brothers who would then guide them down the steps. Once down in the basement they would each be given a communion cup containing holy wine which had been specially prepared for the purpose. It was necessary for each of the participants to drain their cup dry before the anointment could continue. As the drafts were being consumed specially composed music was played over the sound system and, as with all musical productions heard within the church, there was a soothing undulating background humming that caused all the attendees to feel so relaxed and compliant to any suggestion.

    Bishop Erasmus smiled and nodded benignly as he witnessed the sensory stimulants do their work and when satisfied that all present were now under the spell he invited everyone line up in a semi-circle around him and to fall to their knees and to lower their heads.

    He stood in front of the kneeling bride-to-be, placed his hand on her and intoned the prayer, “Lord, bless this innocent lamb as she embarks on a life of devotion to her soon-to-be husband and let her know the wisdom of the church and superiority of the black man; let her be guided by his desires and make herself available to his demands; let her understand that this is God’s will and she will be blessed forever more in his service. Amen.”

    The group of ladies all responded with an Amen of their own before he continued with the litany. “Oh, Lord let this sweet child accept your wisdom is beyond all understanding; let her signify her acceptance of your wishes by embracing the symbol of your love.” With that he undid the belt that secured his cassock and letting the robe slip to the floor his magnificent erect cock bobbed in front of the young bride’s face.

    She opened her eyes and just as the sound system had told her she opened her mouth and using both hands she grasped the stiff penis and did as best she could to take him into her mouth. The other ladies looked at her and made appropriate sounds of approval as she slurped her tongue around the fleshy rod.

    The Bishop let her suck at him for a few minutes before gently pushing her head away. He helped her to her feet and gestured to the bridesmaids who stood either side of her to begin their allotted task of taking off the bride’s dress. Soon she was left standing in her wedding lingerie and as was nearly always the case it would be virginal white from the lacy half-cup bra, maybe a bustier or corset, down to the silky satin French knickers, white nylons held by a white suspender belt and on the feet white shoes with a heel. Indeed, it was a stipulation by the church that any bride intending to be married there would be so attired.

    Whilst she was being disrobed the Brothers who were in attendance also loosened their own robes and undressed so that they were naked save for the gold chain and pendant around their necks and the gold bracelet that encircled the base of their erect cocks. They all made for a stunning sight.

    “Lord, grant this child the gift of your seed so that she may carry within her the warmth of your love and knowledge that she is as one with you and any black brother who is the bearer of your message.”

    Erasmus nodded to the attendant bridesmaids and they gently took hold of her and led her to the one of the richly appointed leather breeding benches which had been specially decorated with white flowers and ribbons. They helped her get comfortable as she lay down on her back and then stepped back to look at her with envy in their eyes for they knew what was soon to follow. The bride’s mother was also feeling pangs of emotion but of a different kind for she was immensely proud of her daughter being initiated into the church’s blessed family. She had herself been made so welcome a few years back and as she looked upon the stiff black cocks the memories of that event caused her to become distinctly wet between her legs. “What a lucky girl,” she thought as she hugged the discarded wedding dress to her bosom.

    The appointed brother stepped forward and the bridesmaids helpfully pulled the young bride’s legs apart to allow him to stand between her. She lifted her head and looked down at the monstrous cock that was now being grasped by one of her attendants. He leaned forward and allowed his cock to be carefully aligned with the pink gash that was so prettily framed by fuzzy downy hair and the white suspender belt. He closed his eyes and intoned a silent prayer as he felt the tip of his cock being rubbed up and down the ever-widening pussy lips then, hearing the pleas of his ‘servant’, he thrust forward and buried himself in the welcoming cunt.

    She gave a moan not of pain but one of pure pleasure as she felt herself being filled with this blessed gift. With half-hooded eyes she looked upon the cock sliding in and out of her and felt herself most blessed each time the cool gold band made contact with her hot labia.

    The others in the room looked on with a mixture of approval and envy as she moaned and mewled her way to a shattering climax. Taking the ceremonious fucking as a signal each female turned to the nearest brother and took their chosen partner to another of the red leather benches where they emulated the glorious actions of the blessed bride. Soon the room was filled with sounds of half-clad white women being rigorously fucked by black cocks.

    Erasmus looked on with a sense of satisfaction, one way and another, another initiation ceremony was coming to a successful climax. It was at that point that he looked at his watch and realised with some regret that he had to leave for his appointment in his office with the governor of the local penitentiary. With as much discretion as possible he went to the brother who was fucking the bride and made his excuses and left.

    He got to his office and saw with relief that the governor had not yet arrived which meant that he would have a few minutes to gain his breath and composure. He was uncertain as to how the meeting would go for what he was going to propose was somewhat radical and had attendant dangers and possible complications for those who might be involved. It was while he was musing and running these thoughts that the telephone rang. He picked up.

    “Bishop, my man, how are we doing?” It was the irreverent greeting of Oskar.

    Erasmus ignoring the lack of respect said, “Good morning Oskar. Nice to hear from you; we don’t see you in church too often these days. What can I do for you?”

    Oskar likewise ignored the reprimand and shared with him the news that he was shortly going to Lerotica and he would like the Bishop to be part of the party, to give the visitors a degree of respectability.

    Erasmus pondered the proposal. Heaven knows, there was so much going on with the life of the church and the impending meeting with the prison governor was just one example of how busy he was these days; how could he afford to be away for the couple of weeks at such a crucial time?

    Oskar added that he fully expected that they would have every opportunity to be fucking the local young native girls.

    Erasmus looked at his diary and decided that maybe after all he could make the trip. “Thank you Oskar, I will be delighted to join you.”

    There was a knock at the door and the governor entered the office.

    “Oskar, I’ve got to go; I’ll be in touch.”

    He put down the receiver and welcomed his guest. “Governor, good of you to come, please sit down. I want to discuss extending the church’s ministry to your prison and to explore having some of our ladies visiting you so that they may council your inmates.”

    The governor smiled as he absorbed the proposal. “Hmm, an interesting idea; yes, I think we might all benefit from such a service. When shall we begin?”

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