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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 20

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Aug 5, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika

    A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


    Chapter 20

    Melanie Baker’s life had completely changed over the past few years and she suspected that the catalyst for change had been the arrival in Hawksville of Rhino the electronics company. Personally she hadn’t had that much to do with the company other than buying some of their products but such was their pernicious influence and their steady expansion throughout the town and region that it was difficult not to be influenced in some way or another. Like so many of her friends and neighbours she was now involved in things that she never would have contemplated in her past and, indeed, her ‘old self’ would not recognize the person she had now become.

    Prior to the advent of Rhino she had just been the text book conservative spinster, a teacher in a small town high school who was feared by her pupils and loved only by her cat. If there was one characteristic that singled her out for attention it was that she was possessed a large pair of breasts. The schoolgirls under Melanie’s care mockingly referred to her as ‘Big Melons’; the boys had no such cruel thoughts, they just stored the image of her big tits in mind so they could masturbate later at the fantasy of her offering herself to play with them while they were being chastised and disciplined.

    Melanie smiled at the thoughts of the person she once had been in comparison to how she was now, a confident lover, devotee and seeker of (well, there was no other way to put it) Black cock. It had been a relatively swift conversion and could be traced back to the day when she first came into contact with a Rhino mobile phone. Not that she had any recollection of the actual event but certainly her life had begun the change to the better from that day on. Yes, it had been a day of liberation and she cursed herself for not having taken a prior interest.

    However, that was then and now is now and her life could not be any better. She had job satisfaction; she had the respect of those whom she worked with; she had a comfortable living and, best of all, a social life within the Church of the Black Staff that included having as much Black cock available as she was prepared to handle.

    Not that she thought herself to be some promiscuous slut. No, Melanie for all her devotion and obsession to being satisfactorily penetrated by another fat Black penis had a social conscience that extended to helping those less fortunate than herself in whatever way she could. Circumstances and situations that had developed in Hawksville over the past couple of years had given her the perfect opportunity and scenario to do just that.

    Rhino Industries was equally aware of its responsibilities which were required as a result of its success as the major employer for the region. Indeed, although it was unwritten, their ‘duty of care’ was part of the fabric of their constitution and measures were gradually introduced throughout the agencies which made up the Rhino organization to become part of local governance. So it was the establishment of the Rhino Business College and its success in attracting predominantly black students from all over the country to its faculty.

    Whilst it advertised itself as a business college it was in point of fact a front for educating and training its carefully selected students in all matters to do with the Rhino way of conducting business. It had a department for economics, sales and retail; a technical department where the unique systems and software were revealed; it had ‘Classics’ faculty that trained potential councilors and leaders in spreading the Rhino philosophy. What it didn’t have was an effective network to support the emotional needs of the young men who came to Hawksville; young men who were away from home for the first time in their lives and needed comfort and support to keep them focused on their education.

    As an integral part of the extended Rhino organization, The Church of the Black Staff provided such comfort and support and the young men were welcomed and indeed encouraged to enroll in the church so their needs could be served.

    It was Melanie that suggested the concept of a support group. She had plenty of experience of providing such care for her students when she had been a full-time teacher. Although she had been outwardly regarded as a formidable disciplinarian by her grade students she was in fact quite the sympathetic sounding board for the problems that her girls and boys bought to her in confidence. At the next Church Council meeting she presented her vision and proposal of introducing a multi-step programme that would provide the much needed support for not only these boys but also another sector of the Hawksville community, the young wives.

    Melanie’s proposal was received with much respect for not only was her experience in counseling matters recognized but she was revered in the Church community as being the original ‘Rhino Mother’ for the conception and birth of her daughter was seen as living proof of the first successful blessing by Pastor Erasmus. The child was born into a community of love where the ways and blessings of a new society would be instilled into her.

    The first sessions of the support group were ad hoc affairs and initially took the form of a ‘drop-in centre’ where troubled freshmen could visit and discuss their problems with Melanie or one of her co-workers. They would be taken to one of the many rooms in the basement where once they had been made to feel comfortable helped by the soft humming emanating from sound system the counseling would begin with them sitting opposite each other on padded chairs.

    Each councilor had their own particular methods; Melanie’s preferred way began with her removing her blouse and bra to expose her magnificent breasts. She would then take the troubled young man’s hand and encourage him to talk through his concerns and identify what would make him feel better about himself. As he talked his anxieties seem to melt away as he focused his gaze on her gorgeous tits. Indeed, his problems of integrating into his new situation became inconsequential as she stroked his hand and he watched his councilor’s nipples harden into stiff buttons as he talked. His change of focus was just as she expected and as a ‘reward’ she would then take the hand she was holding and making him stand in front of her she would let him feel just how pleased she was with him for sharing his problems.

    With her hand covering his she would encourage him to stroke and feel the fullness of her breast and then when she judged the time was right she would release her hold on his hand knowing he would need no further prompt for him to use both hands to give her a welcome tit-massage. She just loved to feel the touches she would get from these young men as their black hands would explore her milky white globes and stiff nipples. To see the look of wonder on their faces was proof indeed to her that she was providing such an important service.

    As her ‘patient’ massaged her tits the front of his pants would begin to tent and this was the part of the session to which Melanie really looked forward for it was a positive sign that the therapy was going well and soon another black cock would be revealed to her hungry gaze. With his attention fully focused on stroking her breasts he often didn’t notice that she was unbuckling his belt so she could gently pull down the restrictive garment. Their attention would, however, be caught when she had to give a sharp tug to release the erect penis that was ensnared by restrictive underwear. The revelation of a stiff black cock invariably caused them both to smile.

    At this point of the proceedings Melanie would change her topic of conversation away from the worries and concerns of the young man and as he stood there with his pants around his ankles her conversation turned to one of admiration of his manhood that now bobbed and jerked in front of her face. She would tell him how much nicer a black man’s penis looked in comparison to white man’s; how big and strong and stiff it appeared when compared to the silly stubby cocks of white boys; how white women loved to be fucked by such a beautiful tool; how black boys grew up to become such perfect lovers of white women; how white women loved to be dominated by their black ‘bulls’.

    Her softly spoken words of encouragement were peppered with additional instructions telling him to continue to enjoy stroking her tits and not to be concerned about what they were doing. The sense of calm was enhanced by the continual hypnotic hum in the air and when she was positive that her message had been properly assimilated she would cease talking, lean forward and with her white hand wrapped around the young black cock open her lips and let him push himself into her warm wet mouth.

    The majority of her patients had never in their lives received such treatment but with the handy assistance of their mentor coupled to the subliminal messages being heard beneath the hum from the speakers any lack of experience quickly turned into instinct as they began to face-fuck her mouth. Melanie loved this part of the counseling for the feel of a fat black cock filling her mouth was evidence that she had truly gained the young man’s confidence and that she had his complete attention. To ensure that his worries were completely put aside she would then begin to use her tongue to lick and swirl around the bulbous knob as he moved back and forth. She would hold his bare buttocks to ensure he didn’t accidently slip out and to complete the attention her mouth could give she would close her lips and suck on the black tool. Once assured he was comfortable with the rhythm and was not likely to withdraw she would then take her hands from his butt and transfer her attention to his swaying testicles as he thrust back and forth.

    Although she was very methodical in the application of her counseling and maintained records of these sessions and details of her ‘clients’ she never actually bothered with running the clock to see how long it took before a successful result was achieved. She had a few measures of success but invariably it was to feel the cock in her mouth begin to pulse and swell. This was usually accompanied by the rising sound of her patient begin to groan or whimper in response to her soft administrations to his balls, her sucking, her stroking. As a professional she tried not to show her own emotions but it was very difficult not to squeal out her own cry of pleasure as she felt the first pulse of young cum hit the back of her throat. These young men all seemed to possess endless capacity for ejaculation and she reveled in the sensation of spurt after spurt of thick creamy semen filling her mouth. She knew it was a lost cause to swallow all they could provide and when she reached the point where she needed to properly breath she would reluctantly pulled her head away and the cock she was holding would slip out and a flood of his beautiful gift would spill out down her chin and dribble and drip down onto her breasts … which he might still be caressing.

    This was the typical end to the first counseling session. Melanie would congratulate her new comer and tell him how well he had performed and how much she had enjoyed his company and to hear how much better he now felt about himself. She would promise that in the future they would progress to the next level; that he would be able to bolster his self-confidence in the knowledge that she would allow him to bury that delightful black cock into her welcoming white pussy, a pussy to be revealed next time he came to call. With that she would share the box of tissues and they would both clean up, adjust their clothing before she shook hands and gave a peck on his cheek.

    “You really are a remarkable young man,” she would say in her school teacher manner as if congratulating a student, “and you must have no concerns about fitting in and being so far away from home. The white ladies around here are so keen to meet you and I will be telling them just how special you are.” This was said to the continual background hum of the ‘Rhino Soundtrack’ and the student would leave the church basement with Melanie’s words ringing in his ears that renewed in him a sense of his own superiority and a conviction that there was a whole population of white pussy awaiting him. All his insecurities of leaving home were already forgotten.


    The Youngsters Support Group was not the only care organization run by the Church. Under the heading of ‘Outreach’ other segments of Hawksville society had similarly been identified as being vulnerable to possible negative impacts of Rhino’s influence and expansion. So it was that young wives, care home residents, even the regional prison, were given special consideration as being groups requiring counseling to ensure the mental wellbeing of individuals was supported.

    In truth, these support groups were all part of Rhino’s ‘Grand Plan’ of changing society to the new order of Black dominance and supremacy. The Church of the Black Staff in collaboration with the company was giving support to the ‘conversion’ of all residents to venerate Black Cock and this was a neat way to capture those who might otherwise struggle with the concept.

    The Young Wives group was run by Maggie and Loretta, both in their own way, already devotees to the demands of the Church and both of them bi-sexual coupled with a love of pussy. It was Loretta, a stunning black beauty, who first suggested the ‘special interests’ group and the idea was enthusiastically adopted by the church who made provision for their weekly meetings in the crypt where they could conduct themselves without disturbance. Loretta was especially pleased to see the various benches and Queening chairs that she had suggested as being essential furnishings had been installed.

    It had been a deliberate policy of Rhino that most white male employees would only be paid a minimum wage; a measure to encourage these workers to put in hours of overtime in order to boost their take home pay. There was never any protest at the policy for once they were in the employ and subjected to the influence of the humming background noise at their workplace, well, it all seemed quite reasonable. The intended consequence was that their wives were frequently ‘home alone’ and this gave Rhino, in its many forms, the opportunities to manipulate these frustrated females. Hence, with the active co-operation of the church, the support groups were established.

    Whilst Melanie’s young man sessions were usually conducted on a one-on-one basis, Loretta’s method was to hold group meetings along the lines of a ‘wives coffee ‘n chat’ with the added attraction of doing yoga as a form of exercising.

    So it was that each Wednesday afternoon in the large basement room the young white wives would gather and be welcomed by Loretta who, with the assistance of the comforting tone emanating from the sound system, instantly put them at ease. Given they were all spouses or partners of Rhino employees they each enjoyed the perk of a Rhino mobile which once the coffee had been poured Loretta would instruct them to check for the latest updates to the ‘yoga App’. It was a simple ploy and none of the wives who were attending this week thought anything of following the request and tapping the icon which told them to listen to ‘exciting news’.

    The effect was instant. As soon as the phone was held to the ear an expression of total calm and peace would ensue and, as instructed, the phone would be carefully placed to one side, coffee cups would be put down and the disrobing would begin.

    Loretta loved to see this part and she licked her lips with anticipation as she scanned the room mentally checking off the names of the 8 ladies present this week. There was young Sarah, new to Hawksville, unbuttoning her pretty blouse with fumbling fingers and revealing the bra which held her pert little breasts; to her side was Nadine the wife whose husband was always away on business already peeling her jeans down over her long slim legs and showing off her ‘sensible’ knickers; Amy, another newcomer to the town (an older Englishwoman who had joined Rhino as a finance manager and as a declared devotee to yoga was paying her first visit) had already pulled off her t-shirt and Loretta gave an involuntary shudder as she saw the evidence of stiffening nipples through the white cotton cups of Amy’s bra. The others, some of whose names she had yet to remember, were soon in a similar state of undress. She was looking forward to learning their names and giving them all the attention they deserved.

    Once everyone had completely undressed they followed instructions and laid a Yoga mat on the floor in a circular pattern around a similarly naked Loretta who was standing in the middle of the room. Without being told they took up their places and lay on their backs with their feet facing her. Loretta looked around and surveyed the choice of pussy and she tingled with anticipation as she noted that some of ‘her’ young ladies had trimmed their pubic hair into neat styles; others had left a small strip or tuft of downy hair above the delicious-looking slits; a few had shaven completely so they were as smooth as little girls and a couple had not bothered with any embellishment at all and were proudly displaying a full bush that did little to cover the pouting lips of their vaginas. As she slowly turned around and took in the sight she felt her own cunt becoming wet and distinctly warm.

    The session began with relaxation exercises and trying to maintain a sense of calm an excited Loretta told her class to place their feet apart, to put their arms down by their sides with palms up-turned, to close their eyes and to begin to deep-breathing whilst thinking of something ‘nice’. She never enquired of what they might be thinking, it wasn’t important; what was important to her was that their chests would be rising and falling and without any embarrassment she could observe unseen a menu of breasts that a little later she would be tasting and fondling. She made special note of some of the newcomers who had yet to be shared and by the time she completed her survey her pussy was almost dripping at the thought.

    When she judged that all had entered a state of complete relaxation she instructed them to stand up and face her with feet place slightly apart. With their attention upon her she began to demonstrate the yoga positions she wanted them to follow. None of them thought it was the slightest bit incongruous that they were all standing there naked taking instructions from a statuesque black lady who was likewise without a stitch of clothing on her voluptuous body. All of them had it in their minds that they would like the opportunity to be able to get more intimate with the perfectly formed Loretta; they would not be disappointed.

    She began by showing them the Mountain pose which required the arms to be stretched above the head with eyes focused on the ceiling. They followed suit and she delighted to see their tits seemingly being thrust out for her to view; an array of light and dark aureoles some tipped by stiffening nipples; some full breasted with soft globes rising and falling in time with their breathing; others more pert but, nevertheless, just as inviting. She made them maintain this pose for as long as it took her to circle the mats and to attend to each one of her pupils making sure that they were correctly positioned. She made a fuss of each and every one of them by running her hands over their bodies and making a play of moving legs apart, of grasping arms so that she had to stand close and rub herself against them. All of them enjoyed the attention just as much as she.

    She led them through a series of poses which required them to stand, kneel, lie on their backs, to lay on their fronts. Cat pose; up dog; down dog; Chaturanga; forward bend; cow pose, every one of the positions caused them to expose themselves in the most revealing way and Loretta became more and more excited as she prowled around the room and looked upon pouting cunts between rounded butt cheeks, at breasts which couldn’t defy gravity as they hung down, at the flushed faces of her pupils who knew that following this yoga session they would be moving on to the second part of the meeting. Their phones had already told them what to expect and all of them were looking forward to what they knew would be a most satisfying experience.

    Loretta clapped her hands and everyone stopped and relaxed from whatever pose they had adopted and turned their attention toward her standing in the centre of the circle of mats. “OK ladies; now let us get ourselves into the correct mindset for some really intense exercise. We are going to move into our special version of Tantric Yoga, the Church of the Black Staff version. Please pay attention.”

    She didn’t need to have told them to concentrate on what she had to share for most of the group had previously attended class and knew exactly what was to follow. If there was any confusion then it was only newcomer Amy who wasn’t aware of what was in store but she hid any signs of ignorance very well and along with all the others she knelt back on her mat and looked upon the naked form of her teacher.

    “Ladies, I want you to pair off with a partner and adopt the boat pose.”

    Most knew exactly what to do and there was a brief moment of shuffling around as the young women did as commanded and sat to face their partner and to hold hands. They then each went into a series of movements as directed by Loretta which involved touching their feet together and raising their legs toward the ceiling. Amy soon got the hang of it and felt liberated by the sensation of exposing her most intimate parts to anyone who cared to watch.

    And watch they did for the meeting was being faithfully recorded by the cameras in the room and transmitted to the Rhino data centre where the duty technician was monitoring the scene as he stroked his stiff black cock as a measure of his appreciation of what he was viewing.

    Loretta continued with her softly spoken instructions and led the females through ‘Yab Yum’ and ‘Hands on Heart’ and other exercises which involved intimate touching. As she expected, the girls became more and more heated as time went by and soon all pretence of it being a formal class was abandoned as touches became more intimate and the couples began exploring each other with hands and fingers that smoothed and stroked breasts and slippery slits. Sighs and murmurs that reflected the joy being felt soon overwhelmed the background hum in the background. Indeed, so involved were all the females in their Sapphic pleasure seeking that they no longer paid any attention to anything other than the rising warm glow that was welling up inside their compliant bodies.

    The floor was deserted by most in favour of the comfortable seats and couches that were arrayed around the room. Amy took the hand of her ‘new friend’, the shy Nadine who had found confidence she never knew she had in the touch of the Englishwoman. They sat on the couch and began a passionate embrace their tits brushing against each other as they drew themselves ever closer. Amy softly raked her fingers over the length of her companions back which literally caused Nadine to have shivers run down her spine; Nadine reacted by dropping a hand between Amy’s open thighs and brushing the fuzz of the neatly trimmed hair with her fingers.

    Soon all the seats ‘were taken’ and Loretta positioned herself on the Queening chair and viewed the scene around her with satisfaction. The combination of the hypnotic hum; the instructions from the phones; the explicit suggestions that she had made throughout the so-called yoga session had done the trick; all of her charges were now involved in the most intimate exchanges of lesbian love. She looked at girls stretched out on the couches with legs spread and their companion licking and lapping at their wet cunts. Other couples had already adopted the 69 position so that they both could revel in the taste of each other’s nectar. Loretta delighted to see that two of her regular attendees were tribbing and almost seesawing back and forth as their very wet pussies rubbed against each other. Yes, it was all going rather well she thought as she mimicked some of the action by softly masturbating her own cunt with her long fingers, the red nail-polish making a perfect contrast to the black of her skin and the pink wetness of her open slit. She watched the action for a little while and then as she felt the familiar stirring of her own pleasure begin to well inside self-discipline overcame her and she stopped her intimate touches.

    She stood and went to a small closet and withdrew a basket. Without disturbing or interrupting the activities she returned to her chair and setting the basket to one side took from it a black vibrator, the popular and renowned ‘Oskar’ model. She switched it on and with her legs spread she resumed her spectating of the ladies around her and proceeded to rub the buzzing toy up and down her very wet pussy. She paid particular attention to her clit which was characteristically protruding just like a little cock and she shuddered as she felt the vibrations being applied by a somewhat bigger cock. With her free hand she reached up and cupped a breast and her thumb rubbed and rolled over the stiff nipple. It took no time at all for her to succumb to a wailing orgasm as her juices squirted over the hand that held the fat toy buried in her cunt. So violent was her squealing that inevitably heads were raised and turned in her direction. Loretta came down from her high and opening her eyes saw with satisfaction that she had gained most people’s attention.

    She held up the wet and shiny toy and gestured for volunteers to come and take it from her saying, “Ladies, this is what a Black man can give you. A Black man will always be hard and big and satisfy you in ways that no white boy can ever do. A Black man will always be there for you and you will find when you let him in that he will not let you down. The Black man is superior in every way. Now come here and take one of these and find out for yourselves what a Black man feels like inside you.” With that she drew aside the hand towel that was covering the basket and revealed a whole collection of ‘Oskars’ and other toys.

    There was a flurry of interest and the women came to where Loretta was sitting to make a choice and pick out an impressive toy from the basket. However, once the selection had been made they were surprised that they were not allowed to straightaway return to their partner for the domineering Loretta demanded that they show their gratitude by giving her a kiss but not a kiss on the mouth but, rather, the pouting lips of her dripping pussy between her thighs. With the toy of choice in their hand they knelt before her and paid attention to her pussy that was so conveniently presented by the gap in the seat of the Queening chair on which she sat. Loretta murmured with delight as one-by-one her acolytes buried their faces and gave her all the attention she craved.

    Once all the toys had been distributed she sat back satisfied that the session was going well and watched the women as they applied the toys to themselves or helped their partner to get greater pleasures from the softly buzzing vibrators. Most had elected to take an ‘Oskar’ and Loretta shared in their excitement of being invaded by the fat tool as they fucked themselves to ecstasy time and time again with their heads full of how it must be to be have such a real cock of this size violating them. They were so intent on their pursuit of pleasure that no-one in the room noticed her get up to delve into the bottom of the basket and extract a strap-on cock that similarly looked just like the penis on which it was modeled.

    It was noticed however by the data centre technician who was peering intently at his monitor. How he loved the responsibility of having to record these weekly yoga sessions. His hand that stroked his rigid cock was already sticky with his streaming pre-cum and he was beside himself with excitement as he watched Loretta adjust the straps of the strap-on and for her to be standing there with this obscene phallus protruding from her heaving groin. He smiled to himself as he looked upon the black fat object and thought that the church should be renamed from Black Staff to Black Shaft!

    Loretta was spoilt for choice as she toured the room for most couples had elected to be coupling in a 69 position or to be kneeling before their prone partner with their head buried between their thighs. Whatever, whichever way she looked there were upturned butts with wet pink slits inviting her to attend them with her reliable erection. She wasn’t sure of whom or in what order she attended her girls but each and every one of them sighed with the greatest pleasure as they felt the warmth of that monstrous cock slid into them and to be fucked in the most effective fashion. All of them as they enjoyed climax after climax had it implanted in their minds that they must seek the real thing as soon as possible and that the alternative of having intercourse with their white husband or partner was to be avoided. However, that was the whole purpose of these support groups, to convince and set in mind that the Black man was superior and there to be served.

    The session came to a very satisfactory end and the sound system changed its tone. Without any definable moment the ladies gathered their things together and after cleaning themselves with the conveniently provided towels and washcloths got dressed. Within a few minutes the scene in the room was transformed from one of a Sapphic Orgy to one of a demure coffee meeting as the ladies resumed their seats and chatted about nothing in particular. Whilst the women had been making the transformation from sex-crazed lesbians to modest housewives Loretta had been collecting the various aids that were now abandoned and scattered around the room. She discretely put them back into the basket and told herself not to forget to wash and clean them in preparation for the next session. She mused that it had been a most satisfactory afternoon …

    … as did the technician who was reviewing the recording he had successfully captured as he began to have another wank of his still erect ‘Black Shaft’. He knew from long experience that he still had yet another load to spurt and another visit to the the sight of naked Loretta pushing that black strap-on cock into a willing white pussy was just the trigger he needed.

    Once calm and ‘normality’ had returned to the meeting Loretta bought proceedings to a close by thanking everyone who had attended and, as always, she invited her ladies that, “next week you might like to bring a friend or someone you know who might like to join our fun.”

    That was the signal for all in the room to gather their bags and rolled up yoga mats and to make their way out to the stairs which led up away from the basement. Goodbyes and farewells were exchanged and the room rapidly emptied. Amy was amongst the last to leave and just before she made it to the door Loretta called her back.

    “Hey Amy, it was lovely that you could find time to meet with us today; did you enjoy yourself?”

    Amy smiled at the acknowledgement and also at the vague memories that surfaced in her head as she struggled to think back to what exactly had she been doing for the last couple of hours. “Mmm, yes it was lovely to meet so many new people. They really seemed nice and welcoming,” she answered vaguely.

    “Glad to hear that you liked us,” Loretta retorted. “Um, I called you back because I was wondering if you might consider helping us, the Church,” she hastily added, “in another of our help groups.”

    Amy cocked her head and said nothing.

    “As you heard today we are dedicated to helping the less fortunate and today’s group was all about assisting the younger wives in our community to integrate more fully with society and move away from their ‘comfort zone’,” the Black woman said disingenuously. “Well we have other parishioners in our neighborhood that might benefit from our special ministry and we are looking for volunteers to provide that help and bolster the service.”

    Amy remained mute but her expression indicated she was not disinterested. Loretta, encouraged, continued, “There are quite a few town-folks who are housebound or are living in gated communities and for one reason or another find it difficult to attend church and we are looking for experienced ladies, such as yourself, to become visitors and provide special classes in their homes.”

    As Loretta continued to explain to her what would be involved Amy’s understanding became more complete especially after she felt her recently provided Rhino phone vibrate in her pocket. Loretta heard the distinctive buzz and said, “You better answer that.”

    Amy took the phone out and held it to her ear. She listened to the dulcet tone of someone talking and after a few moments returned the phone to her pocket. Turning her attention back to Loretta she said, “Of course I will. What exactly do you want me to do?”


    Amy left the church and feeling totally relaxed returned back to her suite in Rhino Tower. She had been allocated one of the superior apartments on the upper level as a reflection of her status as a senior finance manager in the Rhino organization. She had recently arrived in the US on a temporary work visa given the purpose of her visit was to learn the intricacies of how the dynamic electronics company operated and how their methodology could be applied to the UK.

    Oskar as part of Rhino’s ‘Grand Plan’ continued to visit countries beyond the main US hub that were considered to be ripe candidates for the establishment of Rhino and its philosophies. The UK had always been of prime interest and he had a special interest in subverting their society to the Rhino way given their past history as one of the colonizing powers that had inflicted so much pain on ‘his people’. Inroads had been made into Germany and Scandinavia; UK should be a cinch.

    It was at an International Recruitment Fair that Oskar made Amy’s acquaintance. He was looking for a qualified finance director; she was looking to make a career change from her stagnant job in London’s financial centre, the City. It was a match made in heaven for not only were there specific job opportunities to be pursued and explored but in her off-duty moments Amy was a devotee to Black cock and meeting with this handsome Black man gave her all manner of fantasies that he signaled he would be willing to make a reality.

    Oskar was in town for only a few days but in that time he quickly educated Amy as to what her potential role and duties would be back in Hawksville and beyond if she so chose to accept the position he was offering.

    In truth he had got her from the moment they shook hands at their first meeting but Amy, being a canny girl, decided to play him along and they spent the remainder of his free hours being entertained around the high class restaurants, clubs and night spots that London provides in abundance. Not too much time though for the majority of his free time was spent in his hotel room and providing entertainment of the kind she so often craved, being ravaged by his fat black cock that never seemed to be anything but stiff and awaiting her attention and pleasure.

    It had been a glorious few days in his company and she knew that the decision she had taken in accepting his job offer was one from which she would benefit hugely in every sense of the word. There was so much that she need to get her head around and her visit to the Yoga class had been just what was needed to calm her down.

    She lay on her bed and kicked off her shoes and from her purse she pulled out the vibrator she had taken from the church. It was naughty of her to take it, she knew, but she had been intrigued by the familiarity and the shape and form of the phallic object. She slipped out of her clothes and laid back once more on the bed and switched it on and was comforted by the soft vibrations of the cock she held in her hand. She spread her legs and as she lowered the buzzing dildo to her wet pussy she took another glance at the wondrous object. Then, in a flash, it came to her, she recognized exactly whose cock she was holding for she had seen so much of it when Oskar had been in town.

    She sank back on the bed and as the cock slid up and down her slippery slit she thought that if this is a taste of things to come then she was really looking forward to her new career with Rhino Industries.

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