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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Nov 4, 2017.

. Out of Afrika - Chapter 2 4.5 5 2votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


    Chapter 2

    Simone and Janice drove their regular route to the premises of Rhino IMEX to begin another day of - what to them was laughingly called - work. In truth they both could not believe their good fortune in being recruited and then employed by this dynamic fast-growing foreign company. Neither of them considered the fact they possessed any specialist skills relative to the high-tech enterprise that was Rhino IMEX but having been approached and then hired they both agreed that for a number of reasons it was an absolute pleasure to be counted as company employees or, as their employers put it, ambassadors.

    Rhino, as it was generally called, came to town a couple of years ago to set up a subsidiary to the specialist electronics manufacturer which was headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Janice had answered an ad for the post of an office administrator and when she attended an interview was instantly hired to become one of the firm’s first local employees.

    The company was run by black South Africans and it was their policy to encourage their employees to identify and recruit others who might enjoy working in this exciting rapidly expanding company. She had been with them for almost a year when she was asked by her manager if she knew anyone suitable for a newly created position. She straightaway thought of her oldest friend Simone who having seen and heard of the prospects (and the fun) to be had at Rhino needed little convincing to make a career change. Just as Janice had done before her she attended an interview and following Janice’s advice and experience had been sure to dress both very business-like and at the same time in a revealing outfit that displayed her charms. Clearly the advice worked for she was likewise offered the position before the interview had even come to an end.

    For the past 6 months they had both shared the same open-office at the company headquarters and both occupied desks which were located just outside the closed offices of their respective managers. Simone’s job description was to actively and in an imaginative way promote the sale of the flagship product, the Rhino Mobile, a technologically superior smart phone which boasted many features that other manufacturers could not match or provide. That she didn’t fully understand all its features or its hidden potential was of no consequence. It was enough that once she was absorbed into the company culture that her bosses could show her off as proof that the phone was an essential and indispensable part of a modern life style. And show her off they did!

    The company premises were a purpose built facility set in parkland on the bank of the wide river that passed through their pleasant town. Given the need to guard against any intrusion that might threaten the integrity of their product it was a gated site with robust security measures in place. The compound contained a number of buildings, there was a main office block; another substantial building where the imported components of the phones were assembled, tested and shipped. This building also housed an R&D department and it had even greater security measures surrounding the laboratories within where innovative applications were developed prior to being incorporated into firmware updates. Away from the administrative buildings was an accommodation block, constructed in the style of a Motel which was provided for the ex-pat South Africans who frequently visited the site and finally down by the riverside there was a recreational facility complete with swimming pool, hot tubs and saunas. All-in-all it was a self-contained ‘village’ where anything (and everything) could be conducted away from prying eyes.

    Janice’s car was recognised by the gate guard who raised the barrier and waved them in to park up in their usual spot close by to the steps leading into the modern building. They slid out of the car and both smoothed their short skirts and picked up their purses before tripping elegantly into the office block on their high heels. Simone could hardly contain her excitement as she had already spotted her boss looking out of his office window and she knew just how her day was to begin.

    Her boss, Oskar Botha, smiled to himself as he watched his protégée enter the building. He glanced at the expensive gold watch on his wrist and estimated that it would take her less than half a minute to traverse the short route from reception through the short corridor that led to the open-plan office and to be outside his door. His smile grew a little wider when exactly 23 seconds later there was a soft tapping.

    “Come in.”

    Simone entered the office and inhaled the now familiar aroma of something she couldn’t properly define but her mind sensed it was the smell of authority, the scent of supremacy. As ever it also made her feel a little giddy but at the same time gave her a warm sensation of comfort and security. She just loved to be here in his company.

    “Good morning Mr. Botha, how are you today?” she said. “Am I too early for my instructions?”

    It was really a rhetorical question for each day began in the same way with her going to his office to be briefed on what his expectations were and if there were any special requirements to be added to her portfolio of developing sale strategies and campaigns. However, she asked nonetheless for she knew he expected politeness and respect and she was more than willing to comply with such niceties such was her admiration for him. She closed the door behind her and stood in front of his desk.

    He returned her greeting with a nod but rather than exchange pleasantries chose to cut to the chase, “So did you do as we discussed yesterday?” he asked in that deep Afrikaans accented voice she so adored.

    “To the letter sir,” she responded. “I took the new phone home and it was gift-wrapped and given to Chloe for her birthday present. She received it this morning and was more than delighted. I can’t thank you enough for being so generous.”

    He waved his hand dismissively, “Good but what about the other thing; how did that go?”

    She gave a shy smile, “I’m thinking it will have worked out quite well. This morning after breakfast and after Chloe had left for school I went into our bedroom and got out that other lovely gift you gave me. I deliberately hadn’t put on my panties and I pulled up my skirt to my waist before laying back on the bed and opened my legs and then I gave myself the most wonderful seeing to. I did as you suggested and closed my eyes and just thought of that black vibrator being you and that it was you that was fucking me. It was so lovely and I can’t remember the last time – if ever – that I had cum so hard, so quickly or had been so wet.” She said all this without the slightest tinge of embarrassment for over the past few months more and more she had become quite relaxed when it came to discussing even the most taboo of sexual matters with him.

    “Good, good and then did you do as I also requested?”

    “Yes, I deliberately didn’t clean it off but left it lying in the open drawer so that he would find it. Then I came downstairs and Janice and I left for work.”

    “And will he find it?”

    “Oh without a doubt, he’s always poking around and I had purposely left his car keys in the bedroom so that he would have go there. I know that he often takes a sneaky look in my underwear drawer and I am sure that this morning with him having a late start he would be doing just that,” she said knowingly.

    “Excellent; and the phone?”

    “Oh yes, I made sure he knew to plug it in before he did anything else and I expect it would have had its usual effect on its new users.”

    “Good work,” he said as he gestured to her to come around to his side of the desk. “Now I’ll let you into a company secret.” As she walked around the desk knowing full well what was expected he unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zip of his trousers.

    She knelt down between his spread legs and eased his swelling cock from the confines of his boxer shorts, “And what secret would that be, kind sir?” she said in a mock servile manner.

    “You know what to do and I’ll tell you soon enough.”

    She batted her eyes at him and leaned forward to commence licking the bulbous end of his black penis. One hand slipped below to cup his balls and the other ineffectively tried to encircle the swelling member. She began to softly stroke him and the more she touched, the larger it became until soon it was like a hard rod of ebony in her soft white hand. She gave a sigh of satisfaction that her gentle administrations had resulted so quickly in bringing his magnificent cock to such a state. She dipped her head once more and as she continued to lick the shiny knob it began to exude the nectar of pre-cum she so loved to taste. She parted her lips wider and with no hesitation pushed down and took him completely into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. He groaned his approval as she began to swirl her tongue under the bulbous ridge. With her hand still wrapped around him and stroking softly up and down its length, her tongue and mouth combining to lick and suck and with her other hand softly scratching his hanging balls it was little wonder that he felt his orgasm beginning to build. She continued applying her newly learned skills for a few moments more and then, as expected, she felt him beginning to jerk and contract signalling that he was about to shoot his load. He gave a low growl and pushed himself upwards to completely fill her mouth and to touch the back of her throat as a stream of his thick warm spunk shot like a torrent from his jerking orgasming cock. Simone gagged as she felt his cum gushing, almost choking her. She gasped for breath filled with not only his spunk but also by a feeling of deep sexual satisfaction that she had provided him, yet again, with an expression of her devotion to him.

    He sank back in his chair and his cum-covered cock slipped out of her mouth which allowed a flood of his thick cream to dribble out and to drip down her chin. Simone giggled as she quickly leaned back on her heels in a successful attempt to direct the flow so that it dripped between her breasts and not stain her crisp new white blouse. “Oh my Mr. Botha, you cum so quickly and cum so much; how do you manage to do that?”

    He didn’t respond but just contented himself with taking in the sight of her kneeling in front of him with her chin still dribbling his potent spunk to coat her tits and pool within her cleavage. He thought she looked a perfect picture of servitude of a white female slut in thrall of the black man. His still rigid cock gave an involuntary twitch as if that was an answer enough to her question.

    Simone was unsure what she should do next; some days he would continue with his carnal demands and on other days she would be dismissed without further ceremony. She was a little disappointed that today was to be one of those days when he said matter-of-factly as he handed her a wad of tissue, “Thank you Mrs. White that will be all for the moment. We have both have work to do; get yourself cleaned up and then get me those figures for last month’s sales.”

    Simone took the proffered tissue and dabbed and wiped the cum from her chin and breasts before getting back onto her feet. She smoothed her clothing and then as she made her way toward the door she remembered that he had yet to share the secret. “Oh Mr Botha, you said you had something to tell me; a secret to share?”

    “Ha, yeah,” he said with a smirk. “That dildo, the vibrator, I gave you. It is a beta version of a new line of sex toys we shall be marketing soon and, just so you know, it was modelled on my dick.”

    “Oh that’s not a secret to me,” she smiled back, “I recognised it as soon as I open the box. Mmm, I was very aware of where I had seen it before.” With that she exited his office and made for the ladies restroom where she still had business to attend to, very personal business.

    As she passed by the adjacent office which Janice and her manager occupied she heard the distinct sounds of fucking. She peeped through the gap of the partially open door and her suspicions were confirmed when she saw Janice bent over a desk with her dress bunched up around her waist with her boss fucking her doggy fashion with great enthusiasm.

    Another regular day at the office, she thought to herself as juices from her wet pussy began to seep down her legs.


    Mid-afternoon and Chloe was willing the bell to ring signalling school was out and that she could get home and properly begin her birthday celebrations. Although there was no great party planned or any other grand treats in store she was still thrilled to think that waiting for her at home was her new smart phone. She had already boasted about it to her all friends and they were all more than a little envious but, girls being girls, wouldn’t admit it to her face.

    At last 3:00pm came around and the bell sounded their release. Chloe leapt from her desk with a squeal of joy and gathering her books joined the throng streaming out of the classroom. Home was only a few blocks away and she literally flew the distance with her friend Megan in tow. Megan was her special life-long friend and had asked if she could come with her to see for herself what was so special about the gift that Chloe had been going on about all day. “Of course you can,” said Chloe for she really didn’t want to upset her and, anyway, they had always done things together since forever.

    They let themselves into the empty house and dropping their bags in the hallway went straight into the kitchen where humming softly was the phone indicating it was fully charged. Chloe picked it up, unplugged the charging cable and the screen instantly gave a glow as if to thank her for the attention.

    “Oh Wow, that looks really cool,” said Megan as Chloe rotated the phone to examine and identify where the various buttons and slides were located. She tentatively pressed one then another but not sensing anything happening other than the screen giving bursts of colour at each touch. It really didn’t make any sense to either of them but they giggled and admitted that each time the screen flashed something like a warm feeling of pleasure washed over them.

    “Let’s take it up to my bedroom and check it out up there. Anyway, that run home made me sweaty and I really need a shower,” said Chloe. “What about you?” she added as an afterthought.

    “Sounds good,” Megan replied and with that the pair of them trooped up the stairs with the softly pulsing phone firmly in Chloe’s grip.

    Chloe was undressing even before she had made it to her bedroom door and her clothes were being left scattered in a trail behind her. She was tall for her age but as her Father would attest she was filling out nicely and already had a delightful pair of breasts and a perfectly formed vagina crested by a fine fuzz of golden hair. (He would never admit to anyone that he had often taken sneaky peeks at her when she wasn’t aware he was looking and, more to the point, would never admit that the sight of her naked form made his little penis stiffen.)

    Megan followed her example and soon the two school friends were standing in the wet-room shower with the soft gentle stream of warm water cascading over them. They squirted shower gel at each other and giggled as they compared the way their young bodies were developing in an agreeable fashion on the path of them becoming young women. Megan loved how Chloe’s breasts had become large enough for her to now have a B-cup bra and she told her so. She demonstrated her admiration by weighing them in her hands and rubbing the rose coloured nipples that stiffened in response to the touch of her thumbs.

    Chloe admitted that she was a little jealous that Megan’s pussy was already covered by a generous thatch of dark hair which was in contrast to her own sparse covering but she consoled herself that the lips of her pussy were quite well defined and not hidden from view. She reached down and tentatively slid her fingers between her friend’s legs so as to confirm she really did have a slit. They both convulsed in a flood of laughter at the foolish thought.

    They stepped from the shower and each found a large white, fluffy bath towel. They dried off and helped each other find the difficult-to-reach damp spots before returning to Chloe’s bedroom and, clad in their towels, they both sat on her bed to lay against the pillows positioned against the headboard. Chloe picked up the phone once more and the pair of them heads together intently and innocently looked at the screen as it flashed its hidden subliminal messages; not that they were even faintly aware that they were being messaged.

    The subtle flashes and glowing continued and they became almost hypnotised by the display. It was Megan who first began to fidget and without taking her eyes from the phone being held by her friend she pulled the loose knot holding her towel around her. The towel slipped away to expose her young breasts and without any forethought or a word she put her hand to her tit and began to softly stroke and massage herself. Chloe tore her eyes away from the phone and drew in a breath when she saw her friend’s nipples becoming quite stiff as Megan continued with her soft administrations. In an almost drugged like state she turned her attention back to the phone and then subconsciously slipped off her own towel so that the pair of them were now lying side-by-side completely naked. She followed her friend’s example and began to stroke her own tits.

    “Oh my, this is so lovely,” she murmured. “I’ve never done this with another girl before; we are being so naughty.”

    Megan whispered back, “I think we can even naughtier .. if you want.” With that she spread her legs and looping one over Chloe she dropped her other hand to her tummy and began to trace a path downwards through the brush of her pubic bush. She slowly moved her hand back and forth and, once again, Chloe looked away from the phone to watch Megan part the lips of her young cunt and to dip her fingers into the obvious wetness.

    “Mmm, that looks nice,” she said. With that she carefully placed the phone on the shelf alongside the bed where they both could see it and then she spread her own legs and followed her friend’s example. It was but a few moments before the pair of them was mutually masturbating; busy fingers flicking across stiff little clits; hands squeezing and massaging their own and each other’s tits; gasping mouths kissing each other; licking and sucking on the stiff little button-like nipples. All the while keeping their attention focussed on the phone which was glowing its approval of the performance spread out before it.

    The girls continued to pleasure each other and with Megan leaning over to give Chloe a passionate kiss they both slid their wet fingers into each other’s even wetter cunts and finger-fucked one another until with a simultaneous gasp they each exploded into a shattering climax.

    They lay entwined and gasped like landed fishes out of water as they fought to regain their breaths, their young bodies bathed in sweat and juices from their orgasms. “Oh my,” said Chloe, “What the ... , what happened; where did that come from? Oh my God, you won’t tell anyone what we did, will you?”

    Megan said nothing but just lay prone, her chest still heaving. Eventually she summonsed the energy to say, “Wow, that was brilliant. I’ve always like you, like forever, but I never thought we’d ever do something like that together. I mean, I never knew you diddled with yourself; I thought it was only bad girls like me that did such stuff.” They both went into a fit of giggles at the realisation that it wasn’t only bad girls who enjoyed wanking as they explored their bodies. With that they embraced and kissed each other deeply.

    When they had finally calmed down they both agreed they must do it again sometime soon.

    They weren’t the only ones to express satisfaction at how her birthday afternoon had developed for back in Rhino IMEX R&D department a software developer who was seated at a computer terminal and who had witnessed as well as recorded the whole thing. He hadn’t actually expected to view the girl’s games in such clear detail; it was a bonus that his message telling Chloe had chosen to prop her phone on the shelf so that the internal camera had been able to cover the action. No, his satisfaction came from knowing the hypnotic commands that he had transmitted in ultra-low frequencies had been followed to the letter. This was a giant step and the process he had devised had great potential for the future of the product. He decided his cleverness deserved a reward.

    He slipped his shorts down and took out his stiffening black cock and then re-running the video of the girls he had just recorded he treated himself to a leisurely wank.

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