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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 17

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika

    A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


    Chapter 17

    Gerald stood at the kitchen sink and looked out of the window but did not really see anything as he daydreamed his way through the task of washing-up and cleaning after yet another very satisfactory Sunday afternoon ‘garden party’. The guests had all departed leaving him alone, just as he liked it, and he knew everyone had fun (some at his expense, he chuckled) but now with the chill of the evening having set in they had things to do elsewhere that didn’t include him which was fine; he loved to be left alone with his thoughts.

    He took a scouring pad in his rubber gloved hand and focused his attention on dislodging the charred meat that was stubbornly adhered to the grill. It was a task that didn’t require much concentration which is why once again his mind drifted and he was soon lost in the reverie of reliving the past year and Sally and his return to Hawksville. There were some aspects that he was a little hazy about but in general he thought it to have been a comforting journey that had begun with the rescue of his life from a dead-end job to where he was now, an executive with a prestigious company which was clearly destined to become even more successful. He had been told by his bosses that their success was entirely due to having good people such as himself who made such a significant contribution. He felt very good knowing about that and he convinced himself that is why he was getting all these benefits.

    It was Sally’s sister Janice who last year had gotten in touch and mentioned that her company, Rhino Industries, was recruiting and needed people with Gerald’s financial skills and experience. He followed up on her suggestion and sent in his CV and he and Sally were both extremely excited to hear back that his application had been accepted.

    He mused that at the time he really didn’t know too much about the black owned South African firm which had opened up in his old hometown. He had done a little research which revealed that they had an assembly plant and distribution center for a growing line of highly popular electronics products which, at the time, was focused on their flagship product, an innovative cell phone. There were other products in the pipeline such as flat screen TVs and sound systems and it was rumored they were looking to branch out into several other markets, hence their need for additional workers and staff to help oversee everything. What stood out about the firm was the fact that they favoured hiring local black residents as opposed to whites; a policy well received both locally and by the state which was desperate to cut the rate of minority unemployment which had arisen after the closing of so many textile and furniture firms. However, when ‘needs must’ and the skills they required were not present they had no qualms in recruiting qualified whites especially when they were of the married kind!

    As he scrubbed and scrapped at the obstinate crust on the grill he could hear the unmistakable sounds of bedsprings squeaking drifting down the hallway from one of the bedrooms. He smiled to himself thinking that it was most probably Sally ‘entertaining’ Able, their neighbour; they just couldn’t get enough of each other was his thought as he turned his attention back to his soapy task and his daydreams.

    Rhino’s offer was a ‘no brainer’ and he immediately handed in his notice and together with Sally they’d driven back to Hawksville to begin the process of re-establishing themselves back in the town where they had both been born and had grown up.

    He remembered that on arrival at the firm’s offices they were directed by the receptionist to take a seat in the modern looking lobby where they saw a display of the firm’s products. Their attention had been drawn to a huge flat screen TV, which was showing an ever changing display of ads touting the firm’s various products. As they watched the ever changing display they had failed to notice the low frequency hum coming through the speakers. It wasn’t an unpleasant sounding noise, in fact it had a rather soothing effect, so soothing in fact that the couple both soon found themselves fixated on a rapidly swirling, multi-colored rainbow. They later confessed to each other that with the comfort of the armchairs and the warmth of the foyer that they may have nodded off into a shallow sleep.

    Gerald’s musing as he stood at the sink would have taken longer had he known what had occurred next for in reality the ‘shallow sleep’ was a deep trance of which he had no conscious recollection. To them the swirling pattern continued for what seemed to be just a few seconds but in fact it continued for several minutes. In that time the light pattern of lights had completed a process of hypnotizing them both and under the trance was programming their brains, flooding them with an array of new thoughts and images which completely transformed the way their minds saw things. Old ideas and beliefs were quickly erased and replaced by a new set of values in keeping with Rhino’s owners long term goals of removing racial prejudices; opening their minds to a new set of religious beliefs and, most central, the belief that whites were inferior to blacks in all regards but most importantly when it came to all things sexual.

    After what seemed a few seconds the screen reverted to displaying the same swirling light show pattern as before and the accompanying faint humming sounds faded to be replaced once again by the constantly changing series of product ads.

    Gerald recalled that at this point they had both felt a jolt as they emerged from their slumber and that a tall, good looking black man was standing before them. He introduced himself as Mark Brown, the firm’s Personnel Manager, and laughing at their surprise awakening commented that, yes, the office was rather warm but brushing their embarrassment to one side invited them to follow him to his office as he had some important paperwork they’d both needed to complete.

    Once in his office the first thing Mark told them after congratulating Gerald on accepting the job offer was that as part of his employment package the firm wanted to provide them one of the newly remodeled homes in a racially integrated subdivision, a benefit provided to their favoured new employees. The particular house being offered had three bedrooms, two full baths, a large backyard complete with in-ground swimming pool.

    Sally and Gerald had looked at each other in disbelief at their good fortune. “Say no more, where do I sign?” said Gerald with as much dignity as he could muster. Such an offer, even if it might be conditional and come with strings attached, they didn’t need to discuss much for it would have been crazy to turn down a chance to work for this firm.

    Of course, the programming that they had just undergone gave them no choice in the matter.

    Mark pushed a contractual document across his desk and without any hesitation or bothering to read the small print Gerald signed his name with flourish.

    “What a significant moment that was,” thought Gerald as he re-tied the strings of his frilly apron before going out to the patio to collect dirty plates and glasses. “It seemed as if everything changed from that point onwards.”

    Mark took back the contract and giving it a cursory glance placed it inside a file folder. He then tapped some details into his computer before reaching into the desk drawer to withdraw two packages each containing one of Rhino’s newest cell-phones. He passed them over the desk with a smile and after briefly explaining how to activate their new phones they both switched them on.

    They both immediate heard the same reassuring humming sounds they vaguely recalled hearing earlier back in the lobby. As Gerald looked at the phone’s screen he again saw the familiar swirling rainbow of colors but the sounds in his head as he held the phone to his ear told him something totally different. He listened intently to a totally new set of programming instructions which convinced him that he was an inferior being; that he was subservient towards his wife in all things but, most importantly, he was to be deferential to all members of the black race.

    Sally’s phone also briefly displayed the same rainbow of colors pattern but she heard a totally different set of programming instructions. She listened with equal concentration to orders that she must adopt a more dominating nature, especially towards her husband; she was told she should act on her secret desire to serve the sexual needs of others, especially other black men and women. Her programming also mentioned her long suppressed wish to return to attending church and casually advised that she could find satisfaction in embracing the teachings of the Church of the Black Staff.

    The brief user programming updates took several minutes but neither seemed to have noticed the time pass as they both accepted a multi-paged questionnaire Mr. Brown slid across the desk towards them. Expressionless they read through the questions on their forms which were extremely personal and sexual in nature but due to their earlier pre-conditioning in the lobby neither raised any objections about answering even the most sensitive question. He gave a cursory smile when he read what Sally had written.

    “Time to test,” he thought and he got up and went around to their side of the desk and stood between them. Sally looked at him with dreamy eyes and without being told reached out to touch the obvious swelling that was straining at his trouser front. Mark batted her hands away. “Let him do it.”

    Gerald needed no further instruction and he scrambled to kneel before his new ‘master’ to undo the belt and deftly unzip Mark’s tailored trousers. He tugged at the waistband and pulled them down. Sally’s eyes went from dreamy to wide open when she saw the fat black cock that sprung free. If she could have articulated her thoughts it would have been to confess that her long-suppressed dreams had come true. She joined her husband to kneel before Mark.

    “Stand up and stand there,” he commanded Gerald, “ .. and take off your pants.” Gerald did as he was told and with his pants around his ankles he watched his wife move closer to the black cock that was visibly getting stiffer, fatter and longer. He was both confused and excited when he saw her wrap her hands around the magnificent penis and felt a little intimidated to think of his own stubby little cock in comparison.

    Sally murmured her appreciation as she grasped the black shaft. She gripped a little harder and smiled when she succeeded to pull the loose skin of his foreskin over the glistening purple knob it was protecting. Mark patted and stroked her hair and drew her closer toward him. “Come on, you know what to do.” She did know what to do and she opened her mouth, put out her tongue and licked at the shiny knob that was leaking clear sticky juice. He groaned his approval, “Good Girl.”

    It took no time at all before Sally got into some kind of rhythm of stroking the stiff cock with one hand whilst sucking as much as she was able into her mouth and to heft and fondle the hairy balls with her other hand. Mark leaned back against the edge of the desk for support and turning his attention away momentarily from the delicious treatment being meted out by his new ‘employee’ he looked to see that her husband was totally transfixed and had his hand wrapped around his little white cock and a smile of approval on his face.

    He let Sally continue for a little while and then he felt the familiar stirrings begin to swell as her warm wet mouth sucked with increasing pressure. To her disappointment and confusion he pushed her away but it was only a short pause. “Take off your blouse and show me your tits,” he demanded.

    With his cock bobbing obscenely in front of her gasping mouth she did as ordered and quickly plucked at the buttons of her white blouse. She slipped the cotton shirt from her shoulders and her large breasts supported by her sensible bra were exposed. As the garment fell to the floor so did a large glob of juice dribble from his cock to coat her cleavage. She smiled to see it and undid the clasp of her bra.

    Mark was equally impressed at the sight and he told her, “Show me how you play with yourself.”

    She wasn’t quite sure what he was asking but nevertheless she cupped her breasts in her hands and rubbed her thumbs over the stiff nipples that were prominently displayed. “Yeah, just like that,” he said as he began to wank.

    Gerald was also stroking himself but hoping that his wife hadn’t noticed and certainly, if she had given him any attention, wouldn’t be making any comparisons. He need have no fears for Sally was totally focused on the massive black penis that was in front of her face being expertly masturbated by her black master. She heard him growl and without hesitation she opened her mouth knowing that the moment had come. Mark gave a grunt and a fountain of thick white spunk erupted from his thick black cock as he climaxed to shoot spurt after spurt into her waiting mouth which filled her and splattered over her face. She was incapable of swallowing it all and as she gagged and spluttered in surprise the cum flowed over her chin to drip and dribble down over her breasts. She sat back on her heels and giggled as she smoothed and massaged the creamy balm over her heaving breasts. Gerald meantime was examining his fingers unsure of just when he had had his own very satisfying climax.

    Mark tucked his softening cock back into his trousers and returned to his side of the desk. He sat down and resumed his position as a responsible Personnel Manager and told them to tidy themselves up. He watched as they did so in a robotic fashion and when he was satisfied that once again they looked presentable he snapped his fingers.

    Sally and Gerald resumed their seats and looked on contentedly as Mark slipped the forms into a folder. He satisfied himself that all formalities had been completed and then without any further ceremony he handed over the keys to their new house along with a security sticker for their car’s windshield and, finally, a map showing them where to find their house.


    As he gathered the dishes and dirty glasses Gerald recalled his feelings of elation that day as they left the Rhino office building. He remembered it mainly as being the first time he felt like something fundamental had changed for when he had just about to climb back into the car Sally had sharply admonished him with a glare, “Do you mind; what do you think you are doing? Come and get my door and be a gentleman for a change!”

    He had been taken aback by her rebuke but nevertheless scurried around and with a mumbled apology he held open her door for her as she instructed. As she got in she handed him the security sticker and told him in precise words as if she was talking to a naughty child exactly where on the windscreen it needed to be placed. Gerald did as he was told feeling like he’d let her and himself down and wasn’t following through with even these simple tasks she’d given him.

    From his office window Mr. Brown observed the little tableau pleased to see the initial conditioning was working as planned. He tapped at his keyboard and initiated the schedule that would over the next few days send frequent cell phone programming updates when Rhino technicians would be making fine adjustments to their programming.

    Gerald followed Sally’s instructions as he drove to their new home and they were both clearly impressed as they pulled into their driveway. (They were at the same time a little confused as to how they had gotten the messy stains on their clothes but neither mentioned it.) Gerald had noted that the home looked to be in almost new condition, which meant that he’d have an easy time keeping the place looking that way. Sally was more impressed by the fact that as they drove she had noted a number of very fit looking young black men she assumed to be neighbours working on other homes in the neighborhood. However contrary to her assumption not all those black males were fellow home owners. Their true purpose would reveal itself over the course of the next few weeks, once her phone had completed her re-programming process.

    Gerald rushed around and opened Sally’s door before handing the keys to the house to her. As he followed her up to the door he noted that a truck parked in the next driveway also had a Rhino security sticker on its windshield. Another fellow worker he mused and possibly someone who wouldn’t mind carpooling whenever his Sally needed to use their car.

    As they were about to enter their front door they heard a call behind them. They both turned to see from the house next door a colored woman coming over to greet them. “Hi, I’m Loretta. My husband Able and my daughter June are your new neighbors. Welcome to the Rhino neighborhood.”

    Before Gerald could say anything Sally put out her hand and warmly replied, “Hi Loretta, I’m Sally and this is my husband Gerald. He’s just been hired by Rhino as part of their new expansion. I guess either you or your husband also works for Rhino?”

    Gerald was pretty much sidelined as the two women held hands and looked at each other. Loretta liked what she saw as did Sally. “Yes, my husband Able works in their phone programming department. He’s helping them develop new user applications.”

    Loretta paused realizing that the time was not right to be promoting her husband’s credentials, “Well I’m sorry, I better let you fine folks check out your home, but please feel free to drop over any time, even if it’s just to relax and gossip over a cup of coffee.” With that the shapely looking black woman turned and returned to her own home. As she did so Gerald couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was and how nicely the shorts and tube top she was wearing clung to her. Sally noted pretty much the same things about her new neighbor but she also felt a strange new attraction that was rather odd because typically she didn’t find herself attracted to other women, especially to other black women.

    After allowing Sally to unlock the front door Gerald obediently followed her from room to room, making mental notes of everything Sally said she wanted to have him do. “Paint the living room a pale peach color; move those closets from that side to the other; replace the vanity in the bathroom; get a different rug in here,” and so on.

    They slid open the sliding doors which led to the pool and their new back yard. The yard was larger than they’d imagined and over in one corner they noted what appeared to be a small more private tree shaded area. Gerald was thrilled and moved up behind Sally and put his arms around her waist, turning her so that he could kiss her. He felt crushed when she spun around and admonish him, “No time for that.” She wasn’t having anything to do with his sexual advances. If he could have read her mind he would have learned that instead of him she was already thinking about how much fun she might have with her new neighbors, Loretta and Able, as if these strange thoughts had been unleashed from some hidden recesses of her mind.

    As she mused her phone vibrated, indicating that it was updating its programming. She didn’t need to pull it from her pocket to be told to drop over and chat with Loretta as soon as they got settled in. “Yes , I definitely want to get much better acquainted with both of my new neighbors just as soon as possible,” she thought as they took their cases from the trunk of the car.

    Next door Loretta was standing behind Able in their bedroom, stroking his massive cock through his boxer shorts as they both peeked through their blinds. They watched their new neighbors as they moved through the house; saw them opening doors and closets; moving items from one place to another until eventually they came out of the patio doors to check out their yard.

    Loretta whispered in Able’s ear and reminded him of the countless times they’d taken the previous resident’s white wife out to that small shady area in the far corner of the yard. She recalled to him how much she’d enjoyed having the woman service and lick her pussy, nibbling on her clit till she flooded her white slave’s face with cum. She also reminded Able of those times he’d taken the woman over there and how she’d stood by watching as his black cock fill the woman’s pussy and ass and of how her cuckold husband had stood by smiling as Able ravaged his wife. Yes, she told Able, Rhino had handed them yet another opportunity to add another white family to their growing list of submissive neighbors.


    That was then and now was now as Gerald returned to the kitchen with his laden tray and once again filled the sink with hot sudsy water. He pulled on his rubber gloves and as he dipped the dirty dishes into the water he heard the padding of feet. He turned to see a naked Able emerge from the hallway his massive cock dangling down and swinging as he walked, dripping drops of cum to mark his path. He walked by Gerald and went to the fridge. “Wow, thirsty work,” he said to himself as he pulled out a two bottles of soda. He cracked open the caps and as he walked back toward the bedroom he turned to acknowledge Gerald’s presence and said, “Sally says that when you’ve finished out here that you’ve got some cleaning up to do in the bedroom.”

    Gerald nodded, licked his lips but said nothing. “I wonder if that includes getting my mouth around that?” he thought as he focused once more on the black dripping cock he could see swaying beneath the butt of his well hung neighbour. His own little stiff nubbin gave a twitch at the prospect.


    Dawn break and Hawksville was slowly waking up as Tyrone dressed in his signature bright blue coveralls left the neat suburban house and climbed into his work van and fired it up. It wasn’t his house but as so often happened circumstances had changed his plans for the previous evening.

    It hadn’t been his intention to stay over at this customer’s house but upon arriving to make his monthly courtesy call he found that the homeowner’s wife was being visited by her twin sister and from his briefing notes he knew that the subject of twins presented a situation that the developers at Rhino had long been keen to explore. They had an interest in whether twins might have some instinctive telepathic ability that could be used in the promotion of the ‘Rhino Way’. He checked his phone once more to see if he could get any more information on the sister and discovered that her name was Angela; she was divorced and she had an 18 year old daughter Megan who was a great friend of that other girl, Chloe. His notes advised him that Chloe was the daughter of Janice, Oskar’s PA, so obviously there was strong Rhino connection running through the whole situation. His notes didn’t confirm if there was a firm link with the daughter who lived in this house but he felt that it was quite likely and that such information would be forthcoming.

    He was invited in by Donald, the husband, who was genuinely pleased to see him as these monthly visits always left him with feelings of satisfaction and contentment that stayed with him for days afterwards. Donald could never remember or put his finger on what is was to cause him to feel so happy but, well, there it was.

    As per the usual procedure Donald handed over his and his wife’s phones for Tyrone to apply the latest software updates. Tyrone quickly dealt with Donald’s and handed it back to him with the instruction to check out the new application that had just been downloaded and also suggested he might like to get him a coffee while he worked. “Take your time; there’s no rush.”

    Donald listened to his phone and made his way to the kitchen; once his back was turned he lost total interest in anything going on anywhere else in the house

    Seeing that the wife’s husband was properly distracted by the fresh Rhino phone update message Tyrone turned and went into the couple’s living room where he quickly switched on the Rhino flat screen TV on the pretext of being there to reset the system so they could receive several new premium channels.

    Back at Rhino central the technician monitoring Tyrone’s visit noted the light on his control panel illuminate which indicated the connection had been made. He began the standard programming application initiation process and at the same time as he tapped at his keyboard coincidently back at the house two women entered the sitting room.

    Tyrone gave a nod to Donna as she walked through the door. She recognized him instantly shooting him a smile and wave but she didn’t have time to make any introduction to her twin sister Angela for a now familiar buzzing sound caused her to freeze in place, to be followed just a few seconds later by her sister. They both turned their attention to the captivating swirling light show being displayed on the large screen and stood spellbound. Tyrone grunted his approval at seeing their reaction and with them both totally absorbed in by the TV he left them standing and did a quick inspection of the rest of the house. This was normal operating procedure; especially in homes where it was known to be the residence of 18 year old daughters.

    He completed his tour and ascertaining that the daughter wasn’t at home he used his phone to initiate a tracking request. The Tech Center responded in less than thirty seconds with a text message to indicate that the younger female was presently working at her part time job over in Rhino’s newest venture, the Rhino Plaza Hotel. The message further advised that the girl had been picked up by one of the club’s patrons and would be spending at least the next hour or so in the guest’s suite. Tyrone smiled as he read it; she was going to discover what all her girlfriends had told her about the size of black cocks was true.

    A little disappointed that he wouldn’t have the pleasure of her company on this service visit while he ‘serviced’ her mother, he wasn’t the least bit upset because of the unexpected bonus and presence of the wife’s sister.

    He passed by the bathroom on his way back to the living room and noted with satisfaction that Donald had already installed his cock restraint and was applying garish red lipstick to his pouting lips. Set on the vanity were the frilly panties he’d suggested to Donna that she should buy for her cuckold during his last visit.

    He reached the living room and confirmed that the initial programming had run its course. The screen was now displaying the next phase of the process, a preliminary series of short videos showing pairs of women kissing, fondling breasts and fingering one another’s cunts. As expected the actions appearing on screen were eagerly being copied by Donna and Angela and it was no surprise to see them now stretched out on the couch locked into the 69 position, their heads buried between each other’s thighs. He looked at Donna writhing in passion and thought that it was clear evidence that these regular visits designed to keep her sex drive at its peak was properly working.

    As the pair moaned and licked away Tyrone called up the stairs and summoned the husband to come down. He directed him to start preparing his wife, “You know what to do.”

    The husband stood by the couch not feeling the slightest embarrassment at standing there naked except for his frilly French knickers which gaped to show the plastic cock restraint beneath. He offered no objection to Tyrone’s command; in fact the smile that creased his crudely applied made-up face looked as if he was exceptionally eager to comply. He leaned over the couch and gently separated his wife from her sister’s embrace led her off to the bedroom, leaving Angela, her legs spread apart, staring at the screen.

    The TV had now transitioned into a new pattern of explicit clips, each of which showed a series of moaning and squealing white females in the process of being fucked and ravaged by one and sometimes two black males. Tyrone pulled off his overalls, licked his lips and moved so that he stood between the screen and the couch.

    Angela initially tried to looked around him so that she could continue to follow the action on the screen but her eyes dropped and the video was instantly dismissed from her mind as her attention was taken by his massive black cock swaying and slowly jerking in anticipation of what was to follow. She sat up and immediately reached out and without any hesitation took his cock in both hands and guided it to her waiting lips.

    Tyrone looked down and was surprised by just how much of his exceptionally large cock the prim and proper lady was able to cram into her mouth as she eagerly sucked his cock and licked his balls. He murmured words of encouragement compelling her to try and stuff still more of his slowly swelling organ down her throat. Reaching down he slid one hand behind the woman’s head and thrust forward and was gratified to feel her throat accept his full length. She gagged but he held it there for a couple seconds before pulling it out again, just long enough for her to catch her breath, before cramming it once more back into her. His thrusts grew ever faster but knowing he’d have to pace himself he finally pulled back, only to for her to cry out in anguish at having him leave her mouth free of him.

    He took a moment and entered a few notes into his phone before he reached down and helped Angela to her feet. He put his arms around her and kissed her while allowing his hands the pleasure of fondling and playing with her nipples. He let one hand slide down till he felt the now extremely moist opening to her pussy. He wasn’t at all surprised given how she’d enthusiastically taken to orally pleasuring his cock but decided it wasn’t necessary to add this fact to the report he was compiling on his phone.

    With one arm around her he led her to her sister’s bedroom, a room he’d become quite familiar with over the past few months during his weekly service calls. As they entered he was pleased to see Donald busily licking his wife’s cunt, preparing her by bringing her almost to the edge, then backing away, only to repeat the process, each time driving the women even higher and closer to that ultimate goal which Tyrone would provide when he filled her with his load of cum.

    Angela stood beside the bed, her eyes now glazed over with lust as she watched her brother-in-law, dressed in his girly outfit and red lipstick pleasuring her sister. Moving beside her Tyrone whispered in her ear that soon she was about to experience the same loving attention in the hands of her sister’s husband and she could look while he proceeded to deliver a load of black baby seed deep inside her sister.

    Tyrone tapped Donald on the shoulder and beckoned him to stand up and move out of the way. He made for a ludicrous sight standing there on shaking legs, the front of his frilly panties soaked in pre-cum that had leaked from the constraint of his cock cage; his face a smeared mess of lipstick and cunt juice. He smiled dreamily at the black man and awaited his next instruction which was quickly given when Tyrone directed him to administer the same service to Angela and told her to take him to the other side of the king sized bed.

    Angela took her brother-in-law’s hand and did as instructed almost dragging him such was her eagerness to comply. She lay back on the cavernous bed and looked at her sister’s husband as he spread her legs before kneeling between them and then eagerly lowering his bright red lips towards her pussy. She closed her eyes as she felt his tongue begin to open her love canal, licking up some of the creamy nectar which all the previous attention by the black stranger had unleashed. Donald slipped his arms under her butt and she moved both her legs over his back and pulled his pleasure giving mouth even tighter toward her.

    Tyrone looked at the couple who were by now oblivious to anything else but each other and climbed onto the bed himself to kneel between Donna’s spread legs. She looked down and immediately recognized the familiar sight of his massive cock which was now glistening with pre-cum. She smiled and reached out to welcome him as he settled into place, helping to guide the purplish head of his cock between her lips. No sooner had she guided him to her opening then she felt him drive himself deep inside. It now only took him two or three quick thrusts to fill her (a little different to when he first began making his courtesy visits and had to gently stretch her opening.) She could feel the tip of his cock nudging against her cervix with each thrust and began to buck wildly in anticipation of what he would soon deliver.

    Conscious of what still lay ahead during his visit Tyrone began to drive his cock in and out faster and faster. He felt her legs wrap around his waist and the tightening of her opening, making it almost impossible for him to withdraw even if he wanted to. Her body was responding as nature intended; breeding was instinctive and, unsaid, this female was egging him on to breed her; to give her that dose of potent black seed which would hopefully combine with her precious egg.

    Looking over he noted the glazed expression on the other woman’s face as she watched her sister being bred. She was drooling a small trickle of saliva down her cheek as her brother-in-law continued to lap at her cunt, preparing her for what she was seeing her sister receiving.

    Tyrone felt his balls tightening as he felt the woman under him begin to shudder and shake uncontrollably. Familiar with the condition he pressed himself back against her cervix one final time before he felt that pleasurable release. The sudden swelling of his organ and the release of his black seed was all it took to drive Donna over the final cliff. Her arms stretched around his broad back, her fingernails dug in and she screamed out loudly as the pleasure of the mating washed over her just before she passed out.

    Past breeding experiences with this particular customer reassured Tyrone that Donna would soon come back around and had he not had more breeding work to do he would have stayed tied with her to ensure his seed had every chance to unite with her egg. However, with her sister laying there beside her awaiting her turn to be bred, he slowly withdrew.

    He felt the bulbous head of his cock pop free and turned to her cuckold of a husband and directed him to switch places so he could better service her leaking pussy. Donald eagerly complied and quickly moved over and began using his tongue to probe his wife’s opening as deeply as possible knowing that, even in spite of his best efforts, the chances of him removing all evidence of Tyrone’s black seed were slim at best. It was that knowledge coupled with an intense feeling of humiliation which finally brought out the cuck he sought to be and his caged cock spurted a dribble of cum.

    Tyrone positioned himself atop the wife’s sister but other than letting her feel his wet fat black cock lay on her heaving stomach at first he did nothing to disturb her concentration of the sight of her sister being licked clean by her husband. (In point of fact he was still trying to get his own breath and strength back after the strenuous fucking he had just given her and he was grateful for an excuse to pause!) Donna continued to softly masturbate herself as she watched her sister through half-hooded eyes.

    However, after a few minutes of rest he turned his attention back to the simpering female beneath him and he pushed her hands to one side and replaced them with one of his own. It took but a few moments of his gentle finger-fucking to bring her to her second orgasm of the night and then another .. and another. He fingered her to several more climaxes before he felt his strength return. Revived enough to continue with his service call he guided the tip of his now re-invigorated cock into her waiting opening.

    Angela had never had the pleasure of a male of his size and girth. Indeed, she hadn’t had much experience at all since her husband had left her a few years back. Tyrone knew this for Angela had a sizable file on record back in the data center. He was careful not to violate her too quickly for he knew that it would still take some time before he could stretch her enough to take all of his massive cock. He pushed slowly at first to allow her to adjust to his intrusion but as he pumped his stiffening cock back and forth he reveled in the silky smoothness of her opening as her juices began to flow and coat him.

    Like her twin sister, Angela was also a screamer and it wasn’t any surprise when Tyrone heard her similarly cry out in lust, calling for him to fuck her, to take her and use her as she’d seen him using her sister. Egged on by her cries and verbal demands he began to pick up his pace, pressing himself deeper and deeper, spreading her open as she’d never been spread before. His balls, now ready to deliver a fresh load of seed slapped against her. The bed shook with each stroke and yet he held himself back, knowing that she would soon crest that peak and when she did he’d be ready to deliver what she now craved most.

    She was now beyond caring, beyond worrying about what might happen as he pumped her full of his seed; all that mattered to her now was to mate with this beast and as that thought passed through her mind she felt herself tensing, tightening her grip on his beautiful black cock. Then it happened, the floodgates opened and her body pumped out its own stream of cum, which was met and pushed back by his own flood of spunk. She felt the wetness the merging of her cum with his and just like her sister she momentarily lost all control and fainted.

    Once she recovered enough to begin to think even half way clearly she realized that this black stranger still had his manhood locked inside her. She turned her head and saw her brother-in-law with red lipstick now smeared all over his face was smiling at her; just like her sister for she too had a smile on her face.

    Tyrone rolled off her and picked up his phone and ignoring the trio on the bed he started to complete his report by tapping at the screen. He observed that twins did indeed have some kind of telepathic empathy and that they could transmit their own subliminal emotions to each other. The operator at the control center nodded sagely as he read the text. The report was added to the video file that had just been recorded.

    Angela had no such analytical thoughts. Still under the influence of the swirling display on the TV she had very few coherent opinions other than the good idea her sister had suggested before the stranger arrived; that she should go to the Rhino store where she could purchase a new Rhino smart phone and flat screen TV.

    Donald he was also preoccupied with his thoughts and without any delay he left his wife and moved back between the legs of his sister-in-law and began to lap at the cum that was beginning to seep from between her red puffy lips. He knew his place and he was delighted to be there.

    It never occurred to him that it was an incongruous situation. Him, the senior Finance Manager being subservient to one of the workers in the same company; him, the so-called executive doing the bidding of one of his employees; him, the devoted husband of his white wife being cuckolded by a dominant black male. Subconsciously he would have answered any criticism of his behavior and attitude as being the way and an example of how a white man should behave in this day and age.

    Since his return to Hawksville he had ‘seen the light’ and was inwardly grateful for his re-education that allowed him to clean up various cunts as he was now doing. Anyway, he had recently been given another bonus at work for Oskar had approved the appointment of a young and very attractive Black secretary and from her first day she had left it in no doubt that she was there to provide to him more than just administrative services.

    Yes, life was very good for Donald and he would have it no other way.

    After everyone regained their composure and had taken showers and freshened up Tyrone directed Donald to fix everyone dinner while he and the women enjoyed a bottle of wine as the pair viewed more of the lesbian conditioning films.. While they were busy pleasuring one another once more he took time before dinner was served to complete his report and to alert the dispatcher that he would be spending the evening with this pair of subjects, helping to insure the sisters newly discovered lesbian tendencies were more firmly established. Staying the evening would also provide him with an opportunity to breed with each them both at least once more, at a more leisurely pace


    “Stow your tray table away; put your seat in the upright position and ensure that your seat belt is properly fastened.”

    Oskar jerked awake at hearing the instruction. He rubbed his eyes and looked out of the window of the Boeing 777 which had taken him from JFK New York on an overnight flight and was now lining up to land at London Heathrow. Familiar landmarks in the dawn light below confirmed they had indeed crossed the Atlantic and he turned to share the fact with Ingrid and Pastor Erasmus who were dosing in the seats next to him.

    As they shared smiles Oskar mused that with a stopover in London for a few days that a new chapter in the development of Rhino as a global product was about to begin. Scandinavia was the first area to be targeted but, for the moment, a few days rest in the UK before they continued to Sweden wouldn’t come amiss he thought.

    His thoughts were disturbed when one of the cabin crew came fussing her way along the gangway checking that the passengers had reacted to the broadcast instructions for landing. Ingrid gave a frustrated sigh as the stewardess curtly told her that the blanket that was draped over her and the pastor’s laps had to be folded away.

    She took her hand off of the fat cock that she had been softly massaging for the past hour and wiped her sticky fingers on the blanket. “Never mind,” she thought, “there’ll be plenty of time to continue when we get to the hotel.”

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