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. Out of Afrika - Chapter 12

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Curt Bruch, Apr 11, 2018.

. Out of Afrika - Chapter 12 4.8 5 4votes
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  1. Curt Bruch

    Curt Bruch Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Out of Afrika

    A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


    Chapter 12

    Following the return of his wives back to their South African homeland Oskar had accepted the invitation from Simone that he should come and lodge in with them. It made perfect sense for Oskar, despite all his many skills, was not the domesticated kind, indeed, he came from a culture where women provided every need and he would have struggled if he had to live on his own. As Simone had pointed out, the Whites had plenty of room in their two storey house and they would be honoured if he would bless them with his presence.

    Simone was delighted when he had accepted the proposal as she had many reasons of her own that having him close by would satisfy. What she didn't realise was that idea wasn't her's; the suggestion had been planted in her mind by her Rhino mobile some days before she asked him.

    He settled in to his new residence without drama and it took but a few days for a new routine to be established within the household. It was agreed – albeit there had been no discussion – that he would occupy the master bedroom and share the marital bed with Simone. There had been no need to consult Ian as the arrangement had been similarly planted in his brain by his phone and therefore he made no comment when he was told by Simone of the new understanding, that in future he would be sleeping in the adjacent guest room; nor did he complain that he would only be invited back to his old bedroom whenever Oskar was travelling away from Hawksville on his frequent business trips. Indeed, that invite was a hollow one for recently Simone had been accompanying Oskar on some trips as his ‘admin support’ and that seemed to be working very well and setting the trend for the future

    Ian’s acceptance of these new rules was just another example of how conditioned and compliant he had become over the past year or so since Rhino had cemented its presence in Hawksville and, at a personal level, into every aspect of their lives. No facet seemed to have been left untouched and in his conditioned frame of mind he was quite happy to go along with anything and everything he was told. He loved it.

    It was the end of Oskar’s first week under this new regime and he was very content how things were working out. The ‘grand plan’ was coming together very well and he reflected that Hawksville had now reached the point of being a perfect model for the society that was envisaged for the future. Blacks were very much accepted as being superior in every way; the white population unquestionably regarded them as being their betters; women of all colors craved Black cock and dismissed any other sort as being inferior; Employment and prosperity was on the rise; crime was down to unknown levels; everyone who lived in the area was happy and content and it was all due to Rhino. “What’s not to like?” he thought.

    Simone had long reached the point of being totally under the ‘Rhino Influence’ and it was no surprise when after they had eaten their evening meal that she invited Oskar to join her in bed. If Ian had heard her make the suggestion he made no reaction for he was totally focused on his own plans for the evening. He had already served them the dinner he had spent some time preparing and satisfied that he had served them well he told them that he would deal with the dirty dishes later when he returned from his night out. Making sure that their drinks were topped up he made his apologies but he said that he really did need to get away to visit his friend Herb and he didn’t want to miss the start of the College Basketball game that was being televised.

    Simone smiled to herself as she watched him scuttling around knowing full well why he was so keen to get away. “Friday Night, also known as the night you and Herb get to play your little games and jerk each other off,” she thought. Still, she didn’t begrudge him his fun for he had earned a little time off what with the all running around after her she made him do. Anyway, she certainly didn’t need the distraction of him being around when she had ideas of fun of her own and so she was glad to see him go.

    The front door clicked shut and she took Oskar’s hand and led him up the stairs.


    Chloe had never felt such excitement. After years of training, patience and practice she had finally achieved her goal of becoming a properly accredited Cheerleader with a prestigious troupe and here she was going on her first event to the quarter-finals of the State College Basketball Cup to ‘strut her stuff’. The game was between Hawksville High and another school from upstate (she couldn’t remember their name) and ‘The Rhinos’. The team was sponsored by Hawksville’s major employer and with their support had made it through to this stage without too much trouble having brushed aside lesser opposition on the way.

    Their previous games had been well attended with a significant proportion of the spectators being women and girls who just could not get enough of seeing these muscular, tall black boys who seemed to glide effortlessly through any white opposition to dunk basket after basket. (Many of the female audience would later confess to their TVs that they became so wet just thinking about what was hidden beneath those silky shorts; the confession came as they blatantly masturbated in front of the unblinking eye of the TV’s camera while they were lost in the fantasy of being fucked by these young men.)

    A privilege that was granted to a few of the girls was to travel with the team on the bus to the game. This time they were playing in the state capitol and Chloe was one of those who had been selected and given the honour to ride along with three other new recruits to the troupe. The remainder of the Cheerleader troupe had to make their own arrangements and it was usually parents who provided. The selection of both the team and the girls riding the bus had been made by the team coach, Coach Spenser, a large black man with whom nobody messed around and whose word was law. What he said goes, and heaven help anyone who questioned his judgment and decisions. In the matter of choosing girls it was to him a simple equation; they had to be white, pretty and compliant. Nobody queried his choice.

    The stadium was packed and the yells and cheers of the spectators was deafening both during the plays (mainly women shouting) and during the time-outs when the Cheerleaders came out on to the court to go through their intricate routines. It was mainly men doing the yelling during these times (and why wouldn’t they when presented with such a delightful display.) The Cheerleaders uniform was a short skirt and a halter top both black with golden trim. Under the skirt was worn a pair of golden tight, figure hugging panties and to finish off the ensemble a pair of golden knee-high boots. They held and waved the obligatory Pom Poms in their hands and the spectacle as they cavorted, kicked, jumped and tumbled was mesmerizing. The skirt hid nothing; the panties were tight enough to create a camel toe as the gusset pressed against the young pussy beneath; the halter top had a deep cleavage that nicely exposed the bouncing breasts and the boots emphasized the long legs to best advantage. The TV cameras just didn’t know on what feature to focus!


    Back in Herb’s basement Ian was in his own kind of heaven. He and Herb had done the weekly ritual of shower and shave. Herb had paid particular attention to Ian’s cock and balls as he was concerned that any stray hairs that might have been missed would be seized upon by Simone as evidence that they were just wasting time and not doing as they had been told. Ian really appreciated his friend’s concern and was quite content to allow him to take as long as he needed for the feeling of Herb’s soapy hands caressing, squeezing and smoothing as he carefully applied the razor was bliss indeed. His cock had remained in a high state of erection throughout and there had been a couple of occasions when he had to bat Herb’s hands away as he felt the rising of a premature ejaculation. He apologized to his dutiful friend that he really needed to keep himself close to the edge for when they sat down in front of the TV. Herb understood and would back off.

    It was at a time-out just before the second quarter that Ian realized that one of the girls he had been lusting after was his own daughter. Either he hadn’t been paying too much attention to faces or perhaps the cameras hadn’t closed in on her previously but, Yep, there was no doubt, it was Chloe. He didn’t falter in stroking his stiff cock and when she gave a high kick to the camera the sight of her golden pussy was enough for him to spurt and shoot his spunk over his naked belly and hand. Herb hadn’t made the connection for, as always, he had little attention for the TV, his focus was on Ian and he chuckled as once again he witnessed his friend enjoying the climax of a satisfying wank. He leaned back against the sofa in anticipation of Ian doing the same to him for they had their own set of rules and conventions to follow and, thankfully Janice, his wife, had kindly unlocked his cock cage earlier when Ian had arrived.

    Their next couple of hours passed in a haze of orgasmic bliss as they sat alongside each other; Ian wanking his fantasies as he watched the TV; Herb attending to his friend’s needs in between stroking his own little stubby cock. How they both loved their Friday evenings together. They were sports fans for all the wrong reasons.


    Meantime Simone and Oskar were settling down to playing a few games of their own having had both slipped off their clothes en route to the bedroom. She had straightaway taken up position on the bed while he in his fastidious fashion was folding his trousers and hanging them over the back of a chair. He turned and gave a mock growl when he looked upon her naked form lying on the bed; she, in turn, licked her lips when she saw his cock beginning to stiffen as he moved towards her. He wasted no time on preliminaries such as gentle foreplay and she did not expect him to for he had been away for more than his customary few days and it was clear that he was in desperate need for relief. He knelt between her legs and she obligingly spread her legs and taking hold of his stiff fat cock guided it toward her wet warm cavern. The puffy lips parted as the purple knob of his now fully erect penis slipped inside her. She gave an involuntary gasp of delight as the familiar invasion began; she was as horny as he was and she was grateful that he understood she had needs too. It took but a few pushes of his hips before his cock was nicely coated with a mixture of her juices and his pre-cum and soon they were into a well-lubricated fuck. There was no ceremony and they were soon moaning and squealing as they met each other thrust for thrust. Simone had no difficulty accommodating his 10 inch cock and she delighted in feeling his balls slapping against her butt as he bottomed out on each stroke.

    She had one, then two climaxes before she felt the familiar signs that he was also approaching his first climax. His cock began to feel even harder and somehow to her fatter as he began to fuck her even faster. The giveaway was when he grunted, “I’m cumming,” and with a final shove into her he let go with a torrent of spunk that must have filled her womb. She grabbed his cheeks and wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him to her as tightly as she was able, “Oh thank you, thank you. I really needed that. Welcome home.”

    He rolled off her and gasping for breath he lay alongside her as she dipped her fingers into her cunt. She slid her hand up and down her sopping slit and delighted in the feel of his hot slimy cum that had coated and filled her so completely. She touched her erect clit and almost bought herself to yet another orgasm as she rubbed the nectar around the shiny button.

    She looked across to him laying there and saw that his cock was just as saturated with their combined juices as it lay obscenely on his thigh. She never tired of looking at that powerful tool that even as it began to soften after having been used so effectively gave her shivers when she thought of the countless times she had been ravaged by him. He gave her the look she knew so well and without being asked she leaned across and began to lick and clean him all the while keeping her hand between her thighs caressing her pussy. No surprises that the softening cock had a change of mind and began to stiffen once more.

    Oskar despite the agreeable circumstances that he now found himself was beginning to have doubts as to whether he was doing the right thing by embedding himself in more ways than one into the White’s household. As he lay there with Simone’s mouth and tongue giving him the most delightful attention his thoughts were firmly on ‘the grand plan’ and he was unsure that committing himself so to the present situation was sensible. He had so many other options to explore that he didn’t want to be backing himself into a corner from which might prove difficult to escape.

    He pondered on that point and reached for the TV remote. With his now rampant cock filling Simone’s mouth he switched on the wall mounted flat-screen.

    The glow of the screen and the trademark low frequency hum caused Simone to pause and lift her head. She focused on the display and saw the familiar channel that was exclusive to Rhino subscribers fill the screen. It was their ‘adult’ channel and Oskar made no apologies to her for the disturbance. Had she queried the reason he would have told her he was ‘working’ and checking what new content had been added over the past week by the technicians in the service centre when he had been out of town.

    The stream of short videos began to run and Simone felt excitement grow as she witnessed a procession of Black men; white women; threesomes; gangbangs; masturbating Lesbians; Cumshots and every other combination of sexual activities that she come to enjoy viewing. To the background of the quiet hum of the TV and the frequent soundtrack of orgasming couples she resumed giving Oskar oral attention as she gently masturbated herself. Once again she had entered that trance-like state and she had no recognition that many of the white women who featured in the videos were her friends, neighbours and their daughters.

    It would have been pointless to ask how long she lay there sucking and stroking Oskar’s magnificent black penis for she was in a place where time had no meaning. However, all good things must come to an end and her reverie was disturbed when Chloe popped her head around the door and said, “Hi Mum, I’m home … oh, hi Oskar.”

    Chloe was completely non-plussed to find her mother and Oskar together in such a compromising situation for the conditioning that she had received over the past few months told her this was entirely normal behavior. Indeed, she was so pleased to find them so for it gave her the encouragement she needed to tell them about her wonderful and exciting evening.

    She went and sat on the edge of the bed hoping that her damp Cheerleaders uniform wasn't going to make a mark on the bed covers. If her mother had asked why it was damp she was ready to tell her to wait, that she would explain.

    Usually Chloe was not the most articulate of girls (she suffered from the teenager affliction of a limited vocabulary coupled to a butterfly mind) consequently her account of the evening could have been open to misinterpretation. Not so in this instance for the events were so firmly fixed in her mind from start to finish that she had no trouble recalling every detail. She related the following (in so many words) to her interested audience:

    Earlier in the evening the Basketball game had come to an end with the Rhino team inflicting a crushing victory over their white opponents. The stadium had been in a frenzied uproar having witnessed the show of superiority of Black over White. They had seen a display of muscular black young men in silken shorts who did little to hide their large cocks outlined beneath the shiny material and had captivated the minds of the women (and some of the men). They had thrilled to the overt sexually charged performances by the Cheerleaders. It was a triumph of a night’s entertainment that left the female half of the audience lusting after some of the action that had been planted in their minds by the many Rhino phones that were in purses or pockets. The men in the stands were similarly enthused by the visions of the young Cheerleaders and everyone was itching to get home and in one way or another to follow through on those desires.

    The game ended and the Rhinos did a circuit of the court waving their appreciation to their adoring fans. The Cheerleaders joined in the merriment and everyone (other than the losing team) reveled in the attention. The Rhinos left the court and went back to the changing rooms. With no attention being paid to segregation of the sexes Chloe tagged along with some of the other girls into the men's room where some of the players had already stripped off and were heading for the showers. She didn't hesitate and followed her particular favourite, Joshua, and took up position by the open shower stall.

    She had been keeping her eye on him ever since she had joined the team and something inside had told her he was the one to whom she should be especially nice. He smiled at her as he stepped under the steaming spray and with the water streaming down he beckoned her to come closer. She needed no encouragement but in her enthusiasm forgot she was still dressed. She stepped forward and then sprang back as she realized her error. Reluctant to get her uniform any wetter so she quickly pulled off her halter top, boots and skirt before returning to join him in an embrace. She was gratified to feel that he was already hard as his stiff cock pressed against her belly and pantie-covered pussy. He was excited to feel her stiff nipples pressing against his chest and he reached down and slipped a hand between her open thighs, teased her panties aside and was even more excited when his fingers felt inside her hot pussy that she was as wet as the hot water that was splashing over them both.

    Chloe melted against his muscular frame and held him tightly to save herself from falling such was the weakness that suddenly affected her legs. She wiggled as his fingers probed inside her most private place and sighed as he began to tenderly finger fuck her. Her sighs turned to moans of passion as she felt the familiar stirrings of an approaching climax that usually resulted from her games using her collection of sex toys but this time the sensations took on a different slant for it was the very first time she had allowed a boy, and a stranger at that, to get inside her panties and it was glorious. She humped against his hand urging him to probe deeper and then she felt his other hand caress and squeeze her bare tit that was enough to tip her over the climatic edge. She came and came hard.

    Josh was a little taken aback at how quickly this had happened, this beautiful white girl whom he had never before met following him into the shower and virtually throwing herself at him and letting him have his way and to do what he wished. If this was the result of being a part of a winning team then so be it. He liked being the victor and his rampant cock told him to take this to the next level. He pushed her out of the stall and led her to a nearby bench where she understanding his intentions obediently lay on her back. She slipped off her soaking wet panties and spread her legs. He was so excited as he positioned himself between her thighs for he, like her, had never actually fucked before. He grasped his cock which was already dripping pre-cum and lined it up with the winking cunt that was inviting him in. Just as he was about to slip the purple plum that was his glans into her a rough hand on his shoulder pulled him back, “What the hell are you doing?” It was Coach Spenser.

    “I told you guys in training that if we won the game tonight there was to be no fucking and I meant, no fucking. I wasn’t talking about fucking about; I meant no fucking. What part of no fucking did you not get? We’ve got the semis in two days time and I don’t want any fucking excuses. Get it?”

    Josh was mortified and felt more than a little foolish kneeling there with his cock shrinking rapidly and a willing but disappointed girl spread beneath him. Chloe didn’t quite know what to do given she was pinned to the bench and unable to move.

    “When we’ve won the final you do what you fucking well like,” continued the harangue, “but until that happens you are not to wear yourselves out and lose your focus by using up energy that’s needed to win games. If you must use that dick of yours,” he said gesturing to the now weeping Chloe, “get her to give you a blowjob on the bus going home. Now get dressed the pair of you and let’s get going.”

    Josh scampered away with as much dignity as he could muster leaving Chloe under the watchful eye of Coach Spenser to retrieve her discarded and somewhat wet and disheveled uniform from the floor. She pulled up the short skirt, slipped the halter top around her neck and tucked it in to the waistband of the skirt before finally stepping into her boots. Coach Spenser didn’t say a word but he was thinking as he looked at the lithe squirming form of the teenager that he had chosen well, very well.

    The bus ride back to Hawksville was only some 40 miles but given the traffic that filled the roads following the exodus from the stadium by the jubilant fans it took over an hour to make the journey. Nobody on the bus was concerned for to the soundtrack of passing cars sounding their horns as they recognized the bus carrying ‘their’ team and also, curiously, the invasive hum emitting from the on-board sound system, the four girls were doing the rounds and giving, as Coach Spenser had advised, congratulatory blow jobs to the boys of the team. They had all willing dropped their pants and the bus driver had the pleasure of seeing in his rear view mirror erect black cocks being attended to by the quartet of Cheerleaders who were, without favouring anyone in particular, going from one to the other and sucking them off until they had generated another fountain of spunk. He drove slower than was really necessary but he didn’t want to miss any of the action as he lusted after the sight of upturned butts, swinging pert tits and, yes, erect cocks.

    In the front seat Coach Spenser chuckled to himself as he listened to the sounds of the orgy going on behind him. His boys deserved their pleasure and he congratulated himself that his control over the team and the girls had provided a solution that would satisfy both their animal instincts and at the same time preserve their energies for the next important game. He was also pleased with himself for he had decided that before they reached Hawksville he would get that girl who he had disturbed in the showers to give him a blowjob before he would allow her to get off the bus.

    Chloe was quite out of breath by the time she had related all this to her mother and Oskar who had been listening with bemused interest to what sounded like a thoroughly amazing evening. Throughout the account Simone had continued to slowly and softly caress Oskar’s cock as she gazed upon her daughter who was seated on the opposite side of the bed alongside him. “Honey, that sounds as if you’ve had a lovely time. I’m so proud of you.”

    She leaned across Oskar’s prone form to give Chloe a loving kiss. Chloe responded to meet her halfway and to stop herself from falling she put her hand to join her mother’s which was holding his magnificent stiff black penis. As they kissed Simone tasted the distinct flavor of cum on her daughter’s tongue and knew there had been no exaggeration in her tale. They parted and as she focused on Chloe’s glowing face she saw the smears and stains of semen coating her cheeks and strings of it drying in her hair. She looked an adorable mess.

    Oskar gave a quiet cough to gain their attention. They both looked at him with that trance-like expression on their faces before dipping their heads and simultaneously and instinctively started to lick and kiss the ebony penis that was streaming pre-cum from the piss hole. Chloe felt uncomfortable in this odd position so she moved off the bed and knelt on the floor alongside. She licked her lips and opened her mouth as wide as she could and attempted to engulf the head in her wet warmth repeating what she had so effectively learned to do on the bus. Simone smiled her approval at her daughter’s effort and following her example lowered her head so that she could suck and lick at his balls.

    Unknown to the girls (but not to Oskar) there was a witness to their carnal efforts for Ian was standing in the open doorway to the guest room. He had arrived home as the team bus pulled away from their house and he just glimpsed his daughter as she turned the key in the front door to let herself in. He killed the engine and drifted silently to the kerb and crept to the garage to let himself in through the back door. As he slipped into the hallway he heard Chloe going up the stairs. He waited a moment and then confident he hadn’t been noticed he silently climbed the stairs in time to see her disappear into the master bedroom. He tip-toed his way past the door and let himself into the guest room and, as he suspected (hoped!), there was the muted sound of conversation between his wife and his daughter and his lodger. He carefully pushed open the connecting door and as his eyes became accustomed to the darkness the scene before him made his heart almost jump out of his mouth. There on the bed was Oskar naked with his stiff cock pointing at the ceiling; Simone on the far side of him lying alongside and absentmindedly toying with him and there sitting on this side of the bed, his dear little Chloe looking delectable in her disheveled Black and Gold Cheerleaders uniform. He could see that although she was animatedly talking that her total attention was on the fat black penis that her mother was stroking.

    He stood in the shadows and strained to hear what was being said and heard a very graphic account of her adventures of the night. He slipped his sweat pants down and they fell to his ankles allowing him to release his stiffening cock. Chloe finished her tale and he saw her lean over Oskar’s prone form and give her mother a passionate kiss. They broke apart and she slipped off the bed to kneel on the floor and he was presented with the mouth-watering sight of her bare butt beneath the hem of her short skirt. More delicious was to see the swollen lips of her pussy between her legs as she leaned forward to begin fellating the monster cock. Simultaneously she dropped her free hand and he thought he had gone to heaven as he saw her dipping and slipping and sliding her fingers into what was obviously a very wet cunt. He wasn’t sure exactly sure what Simone was doing as his view was spoiled by Chloe’s bobbing head but he was sure she must be kissing and sucking on his balls. What he could see for certain was two small white hands one above the other grasping the veiny black cock and two heads giving it the most intimate attention. He held and stroked his own stiff little dick and was lost in ecstasy as he observed what was to him a fantasy made real.

    Oskar, who had noticed Ian’s appearance from the start, turned his head way from the amusing sight and gave himself up to the attention he was receiving from his two acolytes. He tried to prolong the pleasure but their combined efforts were just too intense for him to hold back any longer. With a buck of his hips and a groan he felt his climax come upon him and without any other warning he began to spurt and fountain a stream of cum over both Chloe and Simone’s faces.

    They squealed their approval at the evidence of their hard work; Ian moaned as he likewise dribbled out his own ejaculation over his grasping hand.


    Simone and Janice both turned into work an hour earlier than their usual schedule. Oskar had requested (no, told) them to do so as he wanted to ensure that everything had been covered and all arrangements were in place for the visit by the Governor to Rhino’s headquarters later in the morning. They both had checklists to work through that detailed every aspect of the timetable and the events that would be taking place but Janice was extremely vexed. For her it was a case of being made to deal with this tedious task rather than having her ‘start-of-the-working-day-fuck’ with Zaire, her manager. She grumbled constantly as she walked around the route checking and ticking off items on her clipboard trying to keep her mind off thinking about her itching pussy. Simone had no such frustrations; she had already had a leisurely fuck with Oskar before she left for work.

    Janice came to the item of checking that the restrooms were clean and tidy. “Damn this,” she muttered to herself as she pushed open the door of the Men’s room to enter the first stall. She put down both her clipboard and the toilet seat, hitched up her skirt and sat. She leaned back against the cistern and with little ceremony dipped her hand to her cunt and pulled the gusset of her panties aside. She knew she would be wet, she was always wet, and her fingers slipped inside her warmth. Closing her eyes and thinking about her boss’s fat cock inside her rather than her fingers she quickly fucked herself to an intense climax; it didn’t take long when she set her mind to it.

    She continued to flick and rub her thumb over her clitoris, as she came down from her high, it felt lovely and with her heart still beating hard from the exertions she opened her eyes to see a janitor standing and looking in at her. Nonplussed she stood, smoothed her skirt and picked up her clipboard. “All seems in order here,” she said briskly making a show of making another tick on her list. She stepped past him as he stood mute leaning on his mop and left him to his thoughts.

    The purpose of the visit was for the Governor to put pen to paper and to officially authorise Rhino as a preferred business partner and exclusive supplier of the State’s communications and computer infrastructure. It was to be the culmination of a series of meetings that Oskar had been conducting with the Governor’s office over the past few months and this final get-together was really just window dressing as everything had already been set in place. In other words, the collaboration with Rhino was already a ‘done deal’ and really what was being held this day was purely a Public Relations exercise with local press and TV being present to report on the official announcement.

    Oskar had come to know the Governor very well through his frequent meetings but only in a business context. There was no question of considering him as having become a friend for the man was just not the kind of person who would allow his vanities to be compromised by anything as shallow as a friendship with anybody outside his close circle. No, he was vain, egotistical man, dismissive of any opinion but his own and clearly had little respect for the advice and experience of others. He had been elected to the governorship under dubious circumstances but now established as the State’s legislative head he was determined to have things done his way even if it was clear to everyone else that it was not the right way. He had ambitions to take his brand of politics all the way to Washington and knew he was on the right path for the present incumbent of the White House had shown that telling the truth and doing the right thing was the last thing voters needed to see in order to win the nomination.

    Oskar had lost count of the number of times the Governor in meetings had dismissed adverse comment or things he didn’t agree with as being ‘fake news’; he smiled to himself as he witnessed him accepting the word of the last person he spoke to despite the advice being contrary to that of the previous person he had spoken to; he despaired of his inability to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes; he cringed at the nonsense and mangled English he spouted when he thought he had a point to make. The man was an inarticulate bully and oaf but Oskar loved him because over the months during their meetings the Governor and his entourage had sunk deeper and deeper under the spell of the mobile phones that they had all been presented at their first get-together. In short, the governor had proved himself to be a perfect specimen for the application of Rhino’s thought-control and Oskar had never doubted that he would get his way.

    The convoy of SUVs with tinted windows swept through the gates and came to a halt before the steps leading up to Rhino’s prestigious headquarter office block. (The Governor did like to travel in style and in his mind the sight of such an impressive arrival to watchers could only enhance his reputation as being a very important person.) Oskar who was standing at the top of the steps thought otherwise, “What a pompous Prat.”

    The lead car came to a halt and two bodyguards leapt out and were in position to open the doors of the Governor’s car as it stopped at the foot of the stairs. He stepped out and waited for his wife to join him before striking what he considered to be a regal pose for the benefit of the press photographers and TV cameras. Oskar looked on as he waited for his guest to finish his photo-call and for him and his wife to climb the steps to join him.

    The Governor was of average height but carried an extra few pounds around the waist. His wife, Natasha, was taller, a slim beauty who hailed from Eastern Europe (as did his previous two wives who had each been discarded when he decided that their beauty was beginning to fade .. or was it that they had made the decision when they tired of having to deal with his vanity and philandering ways?) “.. but that’s no business of mine,” Oskar thought as he extended his hand, “.... but aren’t you the guy who is forever banging on about immigration and how it’s damaging the country and the economy?”

    Warm greetings were exchanged and introductions made but Oskar distinctly saw in Natasha’s eyes something that suggested she, like her predecessors, didn’t share her husband’s high opinion of himself. The cameras had followed and more pictures were taken, much to the delight of the Governor. Once satisfied that every aspect of his features had been captured the Governor turned to make the suggestion that they cease and go inside. He was not pleased when he saw Oskar was already leading his wife through the door.

    Inside the foyer had been rearranged with a large desk behind which were two chairs. On the desk precisely positioned in the centre was a leather-bound folder containing a vellum document and either side were pen holders each holding an expensive fountain pen. Two elaborate floral displays completed the scene. These were all measures that the Governor had insisted upon for in his mind he was enacting the signing of an international treaty and, as such, his sense of self-importance deserved the appropriate setting.

    He and Oskar took their places and with great flourish the Governor took a pen and signed the agreement that had been placed before him. He pushed the folder toward Oskar to do the same whilst giving a crooked smile to the cameras which he assumed would be front page news in the morning.

    The inevitable speeches were made and the Governor with his wife and entourage standing behind him emphasized that what was happening today was an example of his tireless efforts to bring employment to the state, to bolster the economy with real jobs favouring real people producing home-grown products and services without any outside help and, most importantly, without recourse to immigrant labour. There were a few eyebrows raised as he said that for the irony was that he had just signed an agreement that was based totally on the import of a foreign product that was being managed entirely by non-Americans. (Had anyone been brave enough to carefully explain the reality they would have been dismissed by him as bearing another example of ‘Fake news’.)

    Oskar gauged that ‘his useful idiot’ had wrung every last PR opportunity out of the ‘ceremony’ and stood and made the welcomed suggestion that with the official part of the proceedings completed that they retreat to the conference room to enjoy a luncheon where they could celebrate the event in a less formal setting. The Governor dismissed his less important staff and taking his wife’s hand followed Oskar and his close team to the room where a sumptuous spread has been laid out. They entered the room and as soon as the door had been closed on the noisy world outside they were immersed in the soft hum being emitted from the hidden speakers in the ceiling. The Governor instantly became less voluble as he and his team was overwhelmed with a feeling of calm that was quite unlike anything any of them had known.

    Simone and Janice took orders and served drinks from the impromptu bar that had been set up. Simone was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to take refreshment for the combination of all the dashing about she had done through the morning and the humid weather had made for a powerful thirst. She quickly gulped down a tumbler of juice before doing the rounds with the tray and then had another when she returned to the bar. The laden table was attended to by a few girls who had just graduated from school and had been employed by Rhino as part of a ‘work experience’ programme. They were very proud of their appearance and to be identified with the company with their signature Golf shirts emblazoned with the Rhino logo and short pleated skirts. The girls had been drafted into the room to perform ‘support duties’ one of which was to tend and serve from the buffet. There was other things that they had been instructed might be required but that would depend on how the meeting developed.

    The atmosphere in the warm room soon turned into one of complete harmony and everyone present became completely relaxed. The drinks flowed and tongues and clothing began to be loosened. The men took off their jackets and ties; the women undid a button or two. Oskar focused his attention on Natasha and within a few minutes she had let her Slavic decorum slip and began to confide in him. He wasn’t surprised for the Rhino hum was clearly doing its work but nevertheless he took great interest in some of her revelations about her relationship with her husband. She whispered that she was losing patience with him with his continuing affairs, one-night stands and other stormy relationships. Oskar nodded his understanding at her predicament all the while conscious that her wrap-round dress was becoming looser as she animatedly moved and in the process was exposing to his gaze her deepening cleavage.

    The Governor himself was settled into an armchair mainly concentrating his attention on his plate while stuffing food into his mouth. He looked up and through dreamy eyes thought it was quite acceptable that his host had placed his hand on his wife’s waist. He was even less bothered when he saw Oskar’s personal assistant move behind her and whisper something in her ear before slipping lose the belt that was holding her dress together. Simone moved away and the dress fell open revealing that Natasha was wearing the most delightful lingerie. Oskar smiled his approval and helped her slip out of the dress. He took hold of the designer garment as she shuck her shoulders and bundled it up before tossing it toward the Governor who watched it fall on the floor beside him. The others in the room saw the dress billowing in mid-flight and that seemed to be the signal for the company to abandon both their food and their inhibitions.

    One of the girls scuttled forward and scooped the dress from the floor and took it to a closet where she carefully hung it on a dress hanger. Clothing retrieval was another of the tasks they were there to perform.

    It was Oskar who made the first move; he undid the clasp of his belt and let his trousers slip to the floor. He stepped out of them and taking his lovely companion by the hand led her to the sofa at the side of the room. Behind him a girl picked his trousers up, dusted and smoothed them before taking them to the closet.

    The Governor’s wife had an expression of quiet serenity on her face as he held her hand assisting her to sit down. He then stood in front of her so that she could see the bulge that was tenting his boxer shorts. She smiled then without any hesitation grabbed at the waistband and pulled the pants down. Her smile turned to a look of admiration when his stiff black cock sprang out. She looked up at him and muttered something in her native language that he interpreted as being approval, or maybe it was a request, whatever, she waited for no answer but instead took him in hand and leaned forward to begin licking the head of his erect penis. “Perfect,” he thought as the soft humming continued to pervade the air, “is there nothing that we can’t do?”

    The others in the room were taking an amused interest as they watched Natasha begin to get into properly sucking at their boss’s cock. Janice’s manager, Zaire, had similarly divested himself of his clothes and stood naked waiting for Janice and Simone to do the same. The Governor made no move other than to slip lower in his armchair and loosen his trousers and slip them down to his ankles. He looked an incongruous sight sitting there in his shirt sleeves and the hint of an erection poking at his underwear. He made no sign that he saw the girls scuttling around picking up everyone’s discarded clothing.

    The Governor’s security detail were two bull-headed men who despite the low lighting in the room still had on their mirrored sunglasses as they stood guard by the door. They had impassive expressions on their faces but this was not due to any requirement for their role rather it was because they were completely under Rhino’s spell. The curly cables that were plugged into their ears had since their arrival on-site been carrying instructions that overrode any messages that may have been transmitted from their own control centre and those instructions had told them that they needed to be blind to anything happening in the room and to be compliant to anything that might be directed their way.

    The quartet of serving girls were delighted at seeing what was unfolding before their eyes. They had been told that to be employed by Rhino was an honour and a special place at which to work and that a job there provided many benefits. However, their induction training had placed heavy emphasis on this being a two-way thing; they would get the benefits in return for their willingness to provide special services of their own. The invasive hum was now telling them they were doing a good job and that when the time was right they could in a small way join in the grown-up fun they were witnessing.

    The Governor’s wife had succeeded in taking Oskar’s thick cock into her mouth and was slurping and gagging as he shoved to rub against the back of her throat. Any claims of her being a sophisticated highly intelligent college graduate were rendered suspect as she acted out the part of being a two-bit whore. She had one hand wrapped around his fat penis and to his delight was softly wanking him; the other hand had pulled down her lacy bra and she was caressing and squeezing her luscious tits which had caused her nipples stand out like two little hard nubbins. The leather seat beneath her pantie covered pussy was already shiny with the juices leaking from her.

    On the opposite sofa Zaire had been pushed by Simone to lie on his back so that his erect cock was pointing upward. Janice who was still feeling emotional from her earlier denial of her favourite start to the day needed no further invite and she straightaway straddled him and positioned him to engage with her wet slit. She groaned her approval as his length speared into her and then moaned with each thrust as she began to fuck him. Simone slipped off her panties and carefully climbed onto the sofa and placed herself so that Zaire could lick and tongue her cunt whilst allowing her to face her friend and kiss Janice and fondle her bouncing tits.

    Oskar looked on approvingly as Natasha continued to suck his rampant cock. She had dropped her hands so that as he continued to fuck her face she could masturbate. Above the quiet hum from the speakers could be heard a combination of sounds of her slurping and sucking mouth and a squelching from her fingers as they rubbed and stroked between her spread legs. The Governor also looked on with approval at the scene before him. He began to softly wank his stiff little cock and turning his sleepy gaze he gestured to the girls still standing by the table to come and join him. Initially there was a little hesitation on their part but ‘something’ told them to comply and two of them, the black girls, did as he bid and came over to stand either side of him. The other two went over toward the doorway and shyly smiled at the unsmiling bodyguards who had made no move the whole time they had entered the room.

    Natasha was squealing as she masturbated herself to a shattering climax, in her passion she jerked her head back and Oskar’s cock popped out and slapped against her face. She was still simpering when he dropped to his knees and grabbing her wrists held her against the back of the sofa and without any finesse rammed his rigid cock which was dripping her saliva into her gaping cunt. He thrust into her and her squeal turned into a grunt as she felt his thick girth fill her completely. He paused to let her get used to being so roughly invaded and then on hearing her hiss, “Oh yes …” began to fuck her to their mutual delight.

    On the other sofa Simone was having her own delight. Straddled across Zaire’s face with his long stiff tongue probing and licking her folds she was feeling the most satisfactory sensations as she caressed her friend’s breasts. Janice had her eyes closed as she bounced up and down and the combination of feeling her tits being so lovingly massaged with the more solid feeling of a fat cock slipping in and out of her sopping pussy was enough to bring on what she had been seeking the whole morning. Soon the orgasm that was threatening to overwhelm her did just that and she cried out in ecstasy as Zaire’s hot spunk spurted into her.

    The Governor nodded his head in appreciation as he surveyed the carnal scenes surrounding him. The two black girls had pulled of their Golf shirts and with their bare budding breasts exposed for his greater admiration they stood either side of him and giggled as he waved his stiff stubby dick as an invite for them to examine him a little closer. They stepped forward and as they dipped their heads and blew hot breath over his dribbling cock he slid his hands up their bare legs to discover that the little minxes had already removed their panties. They made no objection as he began to gently masturbate them with his extended thumbs beneath their short pleated skirts; they returned the compliment by each taking hold of him and did their very best to jerk their first white cock.

    Oskar looked across to them as he continued to rut the smooth white pussy spread below him. His balls slapped against her as he bottomed out and she babbled her pleasure the harder he thrust. He felt her tense her muscles and the friction between them began to increase to the point where he felt he must be fucking a virgin. She knew exactly what she was doing for she had become so wet that he was slipping in and out with such ease that she likewise needed to feel something extra. She clenched a bit harder and that did the trick, his cock felt as if it was being grasped by a slippery vice and the sensation sent him over the edge and he followed Zaire’s example and with a moan blasted his load into her womb. She answered him a cry of joy of her own as she responded to the feeling of his cum being let loose inside her. He collapsed on top of her and she thought that never had she been so well fucked either here in America or back in her own Slovakia.

    The two girls squirmed with delight as they felt the Governor’s thumbs probing inside their soft folds and as they softly stroked him they hoped that they were doing a good job and doing what was expected of them. Certainly they were enjoying very much their introduction to Corporate Hospitality and hoped that this experience was going to be the shape of things to come. Their concentration was suddenly to be disturbed and they were quite unprepared for the next development.

    Simone had bought herself off with her fingers and with her juices still dripping onto Zaire’s face she carefully extracted herself from her precarious perch. She got unsteadily to her feet and glanced at Oskar who gave her a slight nod. She padded over to the armchair where the Governor had slumped to become almost horizontal. The girls were uncertain what to do but Simone gestured that they should stay in place and to continue to enjoy the pleasure they were receiving. She straddled the prone figure beneath her and making certain of her aim she spread her pussy lips and let loose with a stream of piss that splashed onto the surprised and grinning face looking up at her.

    The Governor didn’t quite know what to do first, whether to open his mouth, whether to lift his head so that he could get closer to the source of this Golden Shower, whether to wank his cock a little harder. In the event he did all three and he was in some kind of perverted heaven as Simone’s piss continued to flow and splash and cover his face and chest. (Not for nothing had she been drinking as much as she could manage beforehand for it had been Oskar’s plan that the celebrations would be marked in this fashion given what he knew of his guest’s history.) Eventually she could pee no more and as she dripped the last of her urine he gave a cry of pleasure as his cock erupted with a stream of its own. The girls giggled again as his cum spurted and dribbled over their hands. They had never seen anything like it before and they liked it.

    Simone stepped away and picked up a napkin from the table and wiped. The girls held up their hands and looked incredulously at the cum stringing between their fingers. They looked at each other and giggled again as Simone handed them the tissue she had finished using.

    The Governor laid his head back and breathed deeply in an attempt to calm down his racing pulse. “What an incredible morning,” he thought to himself. He recalled the last time that he had received such a golden gift when he had been a delegate on an overseas trade mission. That time he had to pay for the service; this time it had come free and that had to trump anything he had experienced before.

    Everyone in the room other than Oskar and Zaire moved around as if they were still in a daze. The girls who were lesser affected directed their more disheveled guests toward the adjacent restrooms and the showers where they would find their clothes neatly hung alongside towels and toiletries.

    The two security guards shook their heads and tapped at their earpieces in some confusion for although they would not admit it (even to each other) they could not for the life of them recall where the past hour had gone or what had occurred during their watch. They were even more embarrassed when they looked down to see that their zips were open. They had no idea how this could be and both surreptiously pulled them up hoping that nobody in the room had noticed. It had been noticed, of course, by the two girls who had walked back to the table to return to their other task of clearing away the food and dirty plates. As they worked both were licking their lips and wiping their mouths with the backs of their hands.

    At the appointed time everyone assembled once more in the conference room which had been thoroughly tidied and returned back to its normal state. Coffee had been laid out and both the Governor and his wife gladly accepted the offer if only to clear their mouths of the strange tastes that seemed to be lingering after their lunch. The Governor expressed his gratitude for the wonderful hospitality and said that he hoped there would be an opportunity in the future to do something similar. Oskar warmly shook his hand and told him that he hoped so too. His wife concurred and as she likewise shook his hand she had the strangest feelings inside that told her that she would be making arrangements to return in a private capacity regardless of whatever else her husband might be doing.

    As the SUV convoy swept away through the gates Oskar concluded it has been a very successful visit indeed and had in a sense been a landmark for he could now consider that the complete state was under Rhino control. Plans needed to be set for the next leap forward but he decided that, for the moment, a period of consolidation was required before making any moves beyond the state lines.

    He returned to his office and with his usual detached efficiency he put the events of the morning aside and called for Simone to bring in the report she had previously prepared detailing the financials of the ever-expanding Adult services side of Rhino’s business. Exciting developments had taken place and he was determined to keep a close eye on the new venture of the ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ that had recently opened in a quiet part of town. It was proving to be a money earner beyond expectations and could be the model for branches to be opened elsewhere.

    Indeed, there were quite a few people who had an interest and all for different reasons.

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