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. On the Back of his Bike

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Aug 4, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I bought the caravans (four of them) for Kerry my wife, a little side line business whilst i ran the farm. The idea was that we took guests, she cooked a few breakfasts as value added and she met people. Living on a small borders farm is isolating and my 36 year old wife has sometimes felt lonely. It went well. We're a good touring base. Then last summer, things changed. At the start of the season two German bikers booked one of the vans for two weeks. Softly spoken, with immaculate English, they were very tall, athletic looking blokes riding a pair of BMW tourers. They weren't boy racers, you know. They weren't speed freaks. They sounded, well, they sounded sophisticated and worldly too. They'd ridden their bikes down to India once and half way across Russia. They talked easily about the wider world, beyond our tiny farm. I realised that both Kerry and our 18 year old daughter Yvette were mesmerised. The guys, they were pleasant, complimentary, interested in our lives. One of the guys, Jurgen, he showed Yvette how to improve her guitar playing. Then on the Wednesday evening, when I'd been over to the feed suppliers, he kissed and fucked our daughter. I came home and Kerry was being assiduously busy, but excited looking. I came into the kitchen, listened and there it was, the unmistakable sound of a young woman being fucked upstairs. I could hear Yvette gasping, moaning and the old bed that she had up there creaking and banging against the wall. It freaked me! It fucking well freaked me! I started to blurt my concerns to Kerry and to my surprise, she said to stop it! Her face was really serious. She told me that if I wanted to lose our daughter then I should make a fuss about this. If I wanted Yvette to despise me, then I should go up there and turf Jurgen out. Yvette was a grown woman, she insisted. I shouted, 'she 's eighteen!'. Kerry tutted and reached for Yvette's handbag. I was asked to look inside. What did I note. Fuck, there was a box of condoms and of the pack of five two were already missing. 'Yvette wants him and he's a really nice, mature feller' Kerry said witheringly, 'make some coffee'. When the coffee finished brewing I heard something. Male grunts, deep male grunts, as Jurgen ejaculated into my daughter. Fucking hell, it didn't seem right. She was eighteen and he was may be ten years older. Kerry took the coffee and guessed my thoughts, 'he will teach her to be a woman' she said calmly. 'Get over it' she added.

    Jurgen made Yvette different. He bloody well did. The next day she looked, well, she looked older, wiser, something. Kerry said that i wasn't to refer to Jurgen, i wasn't to ask, i was to accept that she was exploring. I remember feeling frustrated, dumbfounded. My daughter, so young. The very idea of a casual acquaintance becoming sex so quickly! Fucking hell, i'd courted Kerry for a month and more before I was allowed to pet her let alone fuck her.

    'I'm driving Yvette into town and we're going to buy some biking leathers and helmets OK?' Kerry said.

    'Helmets….as in plural?' I responded. I must have stared at her like a fucking idiot.

    Kerry drew a slow breath.

    'yes' she said firmly.

    I gave her my best quizzical look.

    'Andreas has asked me to tour with Yvette, Jurgen and himself, for the rest of their stay. They want us to show them the border country.'

    I gawped.

    'Close your mouth' said my wife. 'We'll tour out each day and come back at night. You'll have to cook some evening meals because Andreas and Jurgen are going to stay in the house. Their van is still a bit musty, so I want you to sort that out. '

    I gawped again. Kerry had never been on a motorbike. Kerry had never shown an inclination for adventure. The leathers, the helmets, they would cost a fortune. Why? The guys were only here for a few more days?

    Kerry blushed. My wife is slim, brunette, pretty with freckles across her face. She looks a little elfin even. Now she was embarrassed.

    'Andreas kissed me' she said breaking eye contact and looking out of the window down at the van beside which the big bikes were parked. From that window we could see the big framed men, unpacking stuff from the bike panniers. Periodically they looked towards the house as if listening for something.

    'He kissed you?' I repeated incredulous. This was fucking stupid. It was bloody stupid. The guys had been around the place just a couple of days. What did they use, magic dust or something?

    'Sorry, ' said Kerry, shaking her head, 'Andreas took me to bed, in the van. '

    'He fucked you?!'

    I wanted to hit her. But i couldn't. I couldn't hit my wife. i loved her, I still love her.

    'We made love, don't make it sound crude, don't you dare make it sound crude Ian!' she snapped.

    'For fuck's sake!' i protested.

    She slapped me. She slapped me across the face hard!

    'Do you realise what a sad little world i live in? Do you realise what I gave up to come and live in the back of beyond?!' She was furious.

    I blushed then. Deep down, i knew. it wasn't much. The farm wasn't much. May be, shit, may be, I wasn't much? I shuddered thinking about it. I started to rehearse all that this meant. Yvette must know! Christ! Yvette must know that the other bugger was fucking her mother? Shit! I felt my face colour a deeper red still.

    'I want you to go across there, I want you to tell Andreas things are fine. You want them back for a week next month. No charge' Kerry said calmly.

    'So he can fuck you again?' I asked coldly.

    Another slap, this time to the other cheek.

    'Go and ask them to come back. If you don't, I am leaving' Kerry insisted.

    I walked across the field to the van and the two bikers looked at me. You could see them waiting. They didn't look smug, they didn't look aggressive, they didn't looked arrogant. They looked curious. It was only after i started into my little speech I realised that Yvette was inside the van. She was watching and listening from inside there.

    'It's been good having you guys here, the guitar help for Yvette, ' i began. ' Now Jurgen smiled, the bastard. He'd probably just finished poking my daughter in the van. 'so I've been thinking. It's early season, the van is still musty, may be you guys would like to stay in the house for the rest of the vacation. '

    Andreas nodded. 'Good. OK…' he said, almost lazily.

    'May be you guys would take Kerry and Yvette out on the bikes…they want to get some leathers if you will. ' I gulped as I spoke. Shit.

    Jurgen grinned and Andreas nodded.

    'You are easy about this huh?' Andreas interrogated me with his slate blue eyes.

    'Yes' i said with a flush of embarrassment. Fuck. Yvette was listening. I saw the curtain move on the window of the van behind them. Andreas unbuckled his chronometer watch.

    'Kerry wears this, ' he said passing it to me, 'understood?'

    I shuddered. Bloody Yvette saw that too.

    'Yes' i conceded. I was about to turn and go. I wanted to go as fast as possible! But then I remembered the instruction from my wife. i was to invite them back again, for free. I made the invite feeling sick in the pit of my stomach.

    'Of course' said Andreas calmly.

    Jurgen chuckled. I shot him a angry glance. He stood it down, hardening his expression in return.

    'The women get what they need, whatever they want, no silly arguments Ian…..huh?' he threatened.

    The bastard was tightening his hands. Jurgen's fists looked big.

    'No arguments' i conceded.

    The bikers went with Yvette and Kerry into town, to help chose the leathers. Fucking hell. Fuck, fuck, fuck. When they got back, Kerr was already wearing Andreas's watch. It hung chic on her slim wrist. The girls were going to change into their biking gear and go out 'with the guys' immediately. I waited whilst they changed. Kerry came down. Dear God, the black leather clung to her. Her boots were tight and protective, her biking jacket figure hugging too. She had a little white silk scarf around her throat, like Andreas wore. No jeans, no wellies, no rough check skirt, no grubby gloves. Christ, she looked different. I stared at her.

    'Kiss me' she demanded.

    I wasn't able to speak. I wasn't able to admire her verbally.

    'Kiss me' she repeated, her voice hardening.

    When i touched the leather, my fingers went on edge. It was like touching something from another world, something exotic and more, always more than what we had, what we did. She waited, her expression inquisitorial. She wanted to see if I would bend. She wanted to know that there would be no hassle. I kissed her. She didn't kiss me back. i simply kissed her open mouth.

    'When Andreas gets home I want you to thank him for taking me out, understood?'

    She waited again.

    'yes' I submitted.

    She kissed me this time. It was slow and sensuous, her tongue running leisurely against mine. She felt so fucking sexy, in the leather, so tight bound, his fucking watch on her wrist.

    'Don't fight this Ian, don't fight it….let it happen, be good eh?' she kissed me again.

    I got an erection. She felt it in my pants. She could feel it there.

    She kissed me slowly again.

    'You may masturbate' she said calmly.

    I blushed.

    'Don't be ashamed, he's younger, bigger, fitter than you. It's natural, masturbate….' She kissed me teasingly again.

    'I want to….'

    'No, ' she interrupted, 'he won't let you fuck me. You will have to lick me….you will have to lick me out instead, OK?'

    Her looks, her touch, the smell of the leather, the way her hand glanced against my crotch, it emasculated me. 'Understood?' she added as Yvette came down the stairs.

    'Yes' i conceded with a quick bow of the head.

    Yvette was in burgundy leather, equally tight, equally expensive looking and yes, equally haughty. She watched us intently, her parents. She watched what was after all a changing of the guard. Now the farm didn't come first. Kerry's whims did. Now my vocation wasn't solely to tend the land, it was to tend my wife's pussy, with my tongue. Youth isn't phased by cruel and brash things. Youth is cruel. You are bullet proof when you're young.

    'Cook dinner for nine, a hot pot and leave it in the oven. When Andreas comes in thank him as you've been told to and say how good Jurgen looks with Yvette, and then go and sleep in the van, understood?' Kerry instructed with a short kiss on my lips. I glanced at Yvette. It was humiliating. A woman taking control because of her cunt and its needs. My face reddened all over again.

    'Do you understand?' Kerry repeated slowly like I was an idiot or something. Yvette watched and waited. Sometimes you found someone better, that was all. her expression wrote the accusation in capitals. She taunted me with the judgement. As if to break the deadlock Kerry said,

    'Yvette has already learned to judge men. That is what women do. Do you understand what I have just instructed?'

    'Yes' I said and then watched them go out. I watched them walk the short distance across the field and then greet the men with a kiss. I saw them climb onto the back of the big touring bikes. I saw the bikes process out of the field and up the lane. The women's figures, fucking hell. Oh fucking hell. I shook myself as if to unleash this fucking dream. I shook myself and they had still gone. There was still the guttural sound of the big BMWs progressing up towards the road and a ride through the night to some pub or other.

    I looked down and my hands were shaking. They were shaking, almost flapping. I gritted my teeth together and the tears well up in my eyes. Down in my pants my erection wouldn't go away. it fucking well wouldn't. I couldn't get the image of Kerry in those leathers out of my mind? I couldn't stop picturing Andreas drilling his cock up her as she gasped beneath him. Fucking hell. Oh fucking hell.

    I touched myself, just against the cloth of my trousers.

    Kerry screaming and writhing beneath his big frame, his fucking prick up her, bareback, no sheath. There would be no sheath, I just knew it. Up in the other bedroom Jurgen would lay my daughter. The women taking it, getting what they craved. Begging for it.

    I unzipped my cock and started to stroke. I started to stroke and with each touch I saw Andreas kissing Kerry's bare throat, the silk scare undone.

    God, oh god, my balls were pulling. Oh God, you know, you know, you know…..you do.
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