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. On Hunks, BBC, and Getting Tenure

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    On Hunks, BBC, and Getting Tenure

    by RLM

    Paula had worked as general substitute teacher in the high school for a number of years. With a degree in chemistry with a math minor along with numerous elective courses in the humanities, she could pretty well do an excellent job teaching any of a wide variety of subjects. She was, therefore, the ideal substitute teacher. Unfortunately, substitute teachers were not paid at the same rate as full-time teachers and did not have either tenure or the same measure of prestige and respect enjoyed by tenured teachers.

    On numerous occasions, she had requested pay raises along with tenure, but had always been turned down by Lennard Johnson, the school principal, who effectively made the decision although formally that power rested with the School Board. It didn't seem to matter how well she did her job or how important her function was to the school, Johnson said "no", and Johnson was a hard ass who never changed his mind... so even after several years of excellent work at the school, Paula was still underpaid and without tenure.

    But nothing remains constant, and things were about to change.

    The Plan:

    During lunch one afternoon with my husband at our home, I informed Gordon that Lennard Johnson had retired as principal. He immediately smiled as he was well aware that I had little use for Johnson, either as an administrator or as a man.

    "Who's taking his place?" my husband asked between bites of his cobb salad.

    "It's a relatively young man, David Havermeyer. He just started on Monday. He's also brought an assistant principal on board."

    "Who's that? Anyone I know? Anyone you know?"

    "I know his name, Smith Jackson. That's about it except he's even younger... maybe early thirties and black. That's about all the information I have at the moment."

    "How old is Havermeyer?"

    "About 35 to 40, I'd say. And... eh... well... he's ... mmmm... well... different."

    My sexy husband stopped eating and looked up from his salad. "Different huh?" he said thoughtfully.

    "Yeah... different."

    "Let's see... Havermeyer is a Principal... but not the usual principal. But you don't know anything about him ... at least not yet. Nevertheless, you say he's different without any information other than the information you can get just from looking at him. So the difference must be in the way he looks. If he looked like even more of a nerd than most principals, you wouldn't bother to comment on it... so he doesn't look like a nerd... he's the opposite... Havermeyer is a hunk... a hot, sexy-looking hunk who has my wife's pussy wet. How am I doing, Honey?"

    "And they say women are sharp and perceptive! You don't miss a damn thing, Gordon. Do you have any idea how hard that makes it for me to cheat on you?"

    "It just makes it challenging for you, Paula. You always find a way, and that what's keeps me hard all the time."

    "MMMmmmmm... that's the best way for a husband to be, Darling... hard all the time for his wife."

    "So, Havermeyer is a hunk. What about Jackson?"

    "He's also a hunk... a black hunk. He looks powerful and really hung. Very sexy."

    "Well, you never had any luck with Johnson in getting a pay raise or tenure. Think you'll fare any better with Hunk Havermeyer and Really hung Jackson?"

    "I think it's probably a lost cause. I've been trying for years to get tenure or even a pay raise without any luck."

    "You didn't think that I could seduce Joan Davidson either, Paula, but you were wrong. You could be wrong about your chances with Havermeyer and Jackson as well."

    "You got into Joan's panties because you're a sexy stud, Honey. I'm trying to get a pay raise and/or tenure. That requires something different."

    "I seriously doubt that, Paula. Unless Havermeyer and Jackson are both gay, I think you could persuade them that tenure with a pay raise would be a good idea... for them, for the school, for you, for me, for everyone."

    "You know, Darling, it sounds to me like you're suggesting I use something else other than my talents as a teacher and at administrative tasks."

    "I'm not suggesting anything. I think the effort will be an interesting challenge for you. Are you up to it? Or do you intend to wimp out and allow arrogant male chauvinists to control every thing?"

    A felt a devious, wicked grin spread over my face. "Thank you, Darling. I needed that. You're not only an incredibly smart stud, you're also a fantastically supportive husband and a wildly sexy man. 'Hunk' doesn't even begin to do you justice, Lover. Do you have to get back to work by 1 PM or could you be late?"

    It was Gordon's turn to grin wickedly. "I'm the boss remember. That's one of the perks of being in charge. I can be late whenever the situation demands it."

    "Well, I have a very demanding situation between my thighs right now, Gordon. Somebody is going to have to take care of that. Should I give Art a call?" I asked, as an even more wicked smile spread across my face when I recalled Art’s very thick cock.

    "Do you want the "B" team or the "A" team?"

    "The "A" team, Lover. Always.

    It was 2:30 PM before Gordon made it back to his office.

    On Monday of the following week, I had an appointment to meet with Havermeyer and Jackson. I had dressed for the occasion, but not in the manner I dressed when I was going to teach a class. I now wanted the full attention of men... not school boys.

    When I arrived for my 2 PM appointment, they were busy discussing some kind of business. Havermeyer invited me to take a seat inside his office and apologized for having to ask me to wait until he and Jackson finished their business.

    I didn't mind in the least. After taking a seat in one of the desk chairs, I turned the chair so that my profile was turned in their direction. I crossed my legs making certain that my short dress rode high on my thighs. If they weren't gay, I was certain that they would enjoy the view. At least, I had never been around a man who hadn't.

    It didn't take me more than a few minutes to find out that neither Havermeyer or Jackson was gay. They continued to discuss business, but both men took every opportunity to look over in my direction. I rewarded their attention by shifting in my chair so that my dress rode even higher on my thighs. I also turned the swivel chair so that I was more nearly facing the two men.

    None of this surprised me in the least. I had long since become accustomed to men staring at my legs, butt, and tits. What did surprise me was that neither man looked away when I caught them staring at my legs. Instead, Havermeyer just returned my smile. Jackson did likewise, but he also ran his tongue over his lips to show his appreciation of my display. It excited me to have them look at my legs and thighs. When they did it openly and even licked their lips, it made my pussy wet.

    I think Havermeyer and Jackson had finished their business about five minutes after I entered their office, but they continued to talk for almost 15 minutes. I was virtually certain they were just extending things to have more time to check out my legs, thighs, and cleavage because they spent more time looking at me than they did in anything resembling a serious discussion. I didn't mind in the slightest.

    Finally, Havermeyer looked and said, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Mrs. Baxter. Smith and I needed to settle some matters of school business. What did you want to see me about?"

    "My employment status mainly," I replied.

    "Oh. Ok. In that case, would you mind printing out the file that's on the computer screen on the desk beside you. The file has all the data on school personnel. Just hit "control P"."

    "Sure. No problem," I said with a smile as I turned, bent over the desk at the waist, and studied the computer screen for a few moments as if I were trying to figure out what to do. Of course the job was trivial, but bent over as I was, both men got a very good view of my short dress pulled tightly over my ass. They were also treated to a wide expanse of my legs and thighs as the dress pulled higher when I bent over. In the background, I heard Jackson whisper, “Oh shit! Look at the ass on that hot bitch!"

    When I thought that the two men had had a good look, I hit "control P" and printed out the file. I carried it with me as Havermeyer motioned for me to sit in a chair in front of his desk. I was pleased when Jackson elected to pull up a chair and continue looking at my tits and legs.

    "What can I do for you, Mrs. Baxter?" Havermeyer asked as I took my seat, crossing my legs in the process. Although he was speaking to me, his eyes were locked onto my exposed thighs.


    I was certain that I had Havermeyer’s and Jackson’s full attention.

    "Well, Mr. Havermeyer," I began, "I've been employed as a substitute teacher by the school for almost 10 years now. For the first couple of years, it was on a part-time basis as the need arose. But as the school grew larger and the full-time faculty expanded, there was almost always some teacher sick or out of town on school business. It became cheaper for the school to employ me full time as a substitute teacher rather than pay me on an individual job basis. That's been the situation for the last eight years."

    "Yes, I see that in you personnel file. So, what is the problem?"

    Before answering, I uncrossed my legs without being too careful about the fact that my panties were on display, scooted forward to the edge of my chair, and then recrossed my legs in the opposite direction exposing my right thigh almost all the way up to my hip. Havermeyer couldn't tear his eyes away from my legs, and Jackson was now looking at me with obvious, naked lust.

    "The problem is that my raises have not been on a par with the other faculty and I have not received the tenure that other teachers obtain after six years. That is not, in my judgment, equitable and fair treatment. I would submit this is particularly true in that there is no other teacher in the entire system who can do what I do... I regularly teach classes in the sciences, in mathematics, in the social sciences, and in the humanities. I hold a M.S. degree in chemistry, with a minor in mathematics along with well over two dozen courses in the social sciences and the humanities. Other teachers instruct only in their own discipline or in ones that are closely related. I, on the other hand, teach courses across the entire curriculum. I would challenge you to name one teacher in the humanities who can teach science or mathematics... or vice versa." I stopped talking when I noticed both men were now staring up my dress.

    It wasn't really their fault. I had become so agitated during my presentation that I had unconsciously uncrossed my legs and let them separate as I leaned forward. When I did lean back, I had steepled one knee raising my leg enough to expose my thigh all the way up to my red panties.

    After a bit, Jackson and Havermeyer realized that I had stopped talking, but they were both still peering up my dress. Clearing his throat, Havermeyer tried to recover by asking, "I understand, Mrs. Baxter, and I would certainly agree that you have made several valid points in your favor. Why did my predecessor allow this to occur, if I may ask?"

    "Because he could. He had the administrative power, and he enjoyed using it."

    "You could have sued. Gone to court. The tenure issue and biased pay raises are essentially unjustifiable."

    "True, but I kept hoping to avoid doing that. I like teaching here. I like the school. I don't want to sue my employer."

    "That's very considerate," Jackson volunteered.

    "All right, what is it that you would like by way of recompense, Mrs. Baxter?" Havermeyer inquired.

    "Simple. I want tenure and a pay raise sufficient to make up the ground I've lost over the years."

    "HHmmmmm... I will certainly recommend immediately tenure to the School Board if Mr. Jackson agrees. Smith?"

    "Absolutely! No question." he said smiling at me.

    "With our joint recommendation, I have no doubt that the Board will concur."

    "And the pay raise?" I asked.

    "That's more of a problem. We do not any funds to raise salaries at this time of the year, and I doubt that the Board will appropriate money for that for one individual. But... but..."


    "But we do have a position available for a part time Executive Assistant to Smith and myself. If we combined the salary available for that part time, administration position with your current salary, you would be making significantly more than if we just provided a pay raise to bring you to equity with your peers.... substantially more, I might add. How would you feel about being our Executive Assistant part time, Mrs. Baxter?"

    Both men were now checking out my 32DD tits, which, on my small frame, looked like they were even larger than 32DD... more like 34DD. "What would my administrative responsibilities be?" I asked. Jackson answered without even taking his eyes off my tits.

    "Mainly to assist us in whatever we need."

    I had a pretty good idea of what these two horny men would need. Aloud, I said simply, "I see. Are you offering me tenure and this position with the additional salary?"

    "If you agree to accept the position if the Board approves it, then, we'll recommend it to the Board. I think they will approve, maybe before Friday. "Will you accept the position?"

    "You say my administrative responsibilities would be to take care of whatever ... eh.... whatever needs the two of you have?"

    "Basically... that's right," Havermeyer confirmed as Jackson nodded. He couldn't keep the grin off his face nor conceal the sizeable erection now tenting his pants.

    "And would my responsibilities very often require after hours work?"

    "Most likely," Jackson answered. "Administrators don't work the same hours as teachers. Our jobs are often 24/7... around the clock."

    I suppressed the urge to say "Bull Shit!" and simply said, "Don't your wives object to all the work and the late hours you have to put in?"

    "Well, Mr. Jackson is unmarried, and my wife, Darlene, has many evening activities herself. So that's not a problem for us. But you're married. Will it be a problem for you, Mrs. Baxter?"

    "I have a very understanding husband, Gentlemen. I think I would enjoy the job... and its responsibilities."

    "Excellent! I'll call you as soon as I know, Mrs. Baxter."

    "Don't you think you should start addressing me as Paula?"

    "I think we would like that, Paula, and when we're alone, please feel free to use our first names. I'm David and this handsome black gentleman is Smith."

    "All right, David... Smith. I'm really looking forward to working under both of you. Give me a call when the Board makes its decision." Both men now had significant erections, which I examined as frankly as they had examined my legs and tits.

    At this point, Jackson interrupted. "I think it's a little premature for David and I to commit to taking your case to the Board, Paula, considering that we have no real evidence that you would be able and willing to take care of our needs.

    "That's a good point," I conceded. "Perhaps if I took care of the present problem you both have that would be sufficient evidence?"

    "I sure it would be," Jackson said. His pants were now moving as his hard cock throbbed.

    Dropping to my knees in front of the two men, they both slid forward toward the edge of their chairs in eager anticipation. I didn't keep them waiting. Running my left hand over Smith's huge bulge, I couldn’t suppress a soft moan. His dick jerked hard in my hand when he heard it. I hadn't intended to moan, but when I wrap my hand around a cock that big, it's hard not to moan and sigh.

    As my left hand moved slowly up and down Jackson's cock, my right on closed about Havermeyer's. David's hips arched up off his chair when I squeezed his shaft. He didn't feel quite as big as Smith, but he was big... really big. I always rate cock size relative to Gordon's big sex spike. When fully hard, he's about 8 and half inches and I can just barely get my hand around his prick it's so thick. Smith's cock felt a little longer but not as thick whereas David's wasn't as long as Gordon, but he felt almost as thick... maybe a little thicker. I would know in a moment.

    "You Gentlemen seem to have an even harder problem than I thought, but I'm sure I can handle them. With one smooth motion with each hand, I unzipped both men. "Now let's take a look and see just how much a problem of each of you have."

    Smith interrupted me. "Not yet, Paula. Problems like the one David and I have are best handled when our Executive Assistant is naked... except for her heels, of course."

    "Of course. Whatever you say, Gentlemen. After all, you're the bosses... and my job is to service your needs." Standing in front of my chair, I unzipped my dress, shrugged it off my shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Both men groaned with the saw my bra and tight black panties.

    David gasped, "Oh My! You look delicious, Paula."

    Smith's response was much more graphic. "Yeah.. wet, hot, and ready to eat. Lose the panties and bra, Paula.."

    I hesitated, and Jackson said, "What's the matter, Paula. Losing your nerve or what?"

    "Not at all, Smith. But I don't have the job, the salary, or tenure yet. I'm just providing you a little evidence that I can do the job if I get it. And the evidence I chose to provide is to take care of your hard cocks, but no more... at least not until I get what I came for. Ok?"

    Smith nodded, smiled, and replied, "Point well taken, Paula. We're ready to evaluate the evidence you chose to provide."

    I returned his smile. "But, I'm not a completely heartless, business woman. I know you two would like to see my breasts and my vagina, and since you're going both going to strip naked right now, I guess that it's only fair that you see what I have too. Get naked, Gentlemen."

    It only took the two of them a minute or so until they were both naked except for their socks. Their cocks were about the size I had estimated. Smith's was nearly nine inches but not as thick as Gordon. David was not quite 8 inches but thicker. Both cocks were iron hard with big, swollen, purple heads that were engorged with blood and pulsing.

    "Oh Fuck! Both of you are really big! Hard to believe that you've managed to stay single with that gorgeous dick, Smith." He beamed with masculine pleasure. "And your wife has to be half crazy to spend her evenings out when she has this thick pussy pleaser at home, David."

    "She doesn't like sex much," he replied.

    "I love it... but enough talk. I know you two want to see my breasts and vagina, right?"

    Smith surprised me. "No. We don't want to see your breasts and vagina, Paula. But we're both hot as hell to see your luscious tits and hot married cunt. Show them to us."

    Sitting back down in my chair, I pulled my panties up tight against my pussy so that they could both easily see the outline of my slit beneath the stretched material. After they had both gotten a good look, I unhooked my bra and tossed it aside. Cupping my 32DD tits, I held them and out and then let them drop. There was very little sag as both tits jiggled. "Think these will help lighten your burden of work?"

    Now it was David's turn to respond as I had when I had seen their dicks. "Oh Fuck! Those tits are huge! How big are they? 38DD?"

    I laughed. "I'm sorry, David. My tits are rather small. They're only 32DDs."

    "If those things are small," Smith groaned, "my dick's just a rather large clit. Come on, Paula. We're both dying to see your hot cunt."

    Standing up, I turned my back to the two men, bent over and slowly lowered my panties over my ass and then down my thighs. When they were pooled about my feet, I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. "Are you gentlemen checking out my ass to see if it qualifies me for the job?"

    "Oh god!" David moaned.

    Smith just chuckled and said, "I told you she had a hot ass, David."

    At this point, I mounted the desk and spread my knees apart to give them an even better view of my ass and also a perfect view of my cunt. I didn't wait for either of the men to tell me to spread wider. I just reached back with my left hand and spread my pussy wide open. The position completely exposed the full swollen lips and the wet hole of my cunt. I held the position for almost a minute. When I turned around, both men were jacking off.


    My erotic strip show had the cocks of both men iron hard.

    "Stop! How am I going to provide you with the evidence you wanted, if you two guys are going to solve your own problem." They both released their rigid cocks obviously embarrassed to be caught jacking off by a woman.

    "Since David is the boss being the Principal, I should help him with his problem first and then I'll help the second-in-command, the Assistant Principal."

    Grinning, David said, "I'm delighted that you have just an excellent grasp of the significance of the chain of command, Paula."

    Smith just shrugged and commented, "She's just saving the best until last, David."

    Standing in front of David, I husked, "Come here, Baby. Scoot forward and let your hot-mouthed, future Executive Assistant take care of that hard problem for you."

    Slouching down in his chair, Havermeyer moved his ass to the edge of the seat and thrust his cock upward toward my open mouth as I bent over at the waist and slowly moved closer to his rampant, jerking prick. Precum coated the swollen head. I began by extending my tongue and licking all of it up.

    "OOohhhh shit! That's feels fantastic," David moaned.

    Jackson was kneeling just to the side of me watching my big tits swinging back and forth as my head began to bob up and down on David's rigid shaft.

    "God damn! What a pair!" Smith growled.

    "What... what?" David gasped as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth hole.

    "Her tits! Her big fucking tits! They swing like crazy when she sucks you."

    As I continued to suck Havermeyer's dick, Jackson moved behind me. With my ass arched high in the air, I could feel his hot lust as his eyes devoured my cunt. Then his hands were on my hips maneuvering me into position for his cock.

    "Stop!" I commanded in a no-nonsense voice. "Not until I get the job, tenure, and the pay increase. If I so much as feel your dick against my cunt before then, you won't see me in this office again." Smith backed off instantly, and I went back to sucking David's now wildly throbbing shaft.

    Abruptly, I stood up and released his cock. "Ohhh don't! Please... Keep sucking me," he begged. "I'm about to cum. Please."

    "I'm just changing positions, David, so I can deep throat your problem. Have you had this big rod deep throated before?"

    "No. No woman's ever been able to take all of it."

    "Well, Mr. Havermeyer, your days as a deep throat virgin are about to end. Ready?"

    "Oh Fuck... Oh fuck... ooohhh fuck... yesss... yesss... YES!!"

    Standing just to his side, I grasped his cock around the base and slapped his belly with the six inches of cock that extended beyond my hand. "You've got a gorgeous dick, David. I love it. I'm going to suck all of it now, Honey. Tap my back when you're about to shoot. I'll pull back, and you can either shoot your load into my mouth or all over my tits. Your choice, Mr. Havermeyer."

    He was groaning and hunching his dick upward when I took it inside my mouth again. I sucked the big head and let my tongue circle around and around his cock ridge while I held his balls and squeezed gently. Saliva poured from my mouth. After running down the shaft, it coated his balls and ran between his thighs and into the crack of his ass.

    I lowered my head further down his shaft... this time taking four inches of cock into my mouth. The throbbing head now pressed right against my throat. I stopped and sucked the four inches of man meat inside my mouth while my hand jacked off the three plus inches still awaiting entry into my mouth. David's hips were humping wildly in an effort to sink his cock into my throat.

    In a lot of ways, men and women are exactly alike. Mount a woman and give her four inches of a seven-inch dick up her cunt, and she will begin hunching and humping her ass upward in a desperate effort to get the rest of the cock into her cock-hungry cunt. Suck four inches of a man's seven-inch dick, and he will begin hunching and humping his ass upward frantically trying to get the rest of his cock inside the mouth.

    I could tell that David was close to cumming. Without any further teasing, I rammed my mouth all the way down his cock. Seven inches of dick surged into my mouth and throat. The bulge of the big head expanding my neck three inches down my throat. With my lips locked firmly about the base of his rapidly pulsing cock, I thrust two fingers into his ass and applied hard suction to his dick.

    Even more blood surged into the organ. I could feel it swelling inside my throat. David's body began to shudder as he approached the point of no return. Suddenly, he rapidly tapped my back. I pulled my mouth off his dick and leaned back with my mouth open if he wanted to shoot his load there.

    That's exactly where he did shoot it. Putting the head of his hard dick an inch away from my wide open mouth, he jerked his cock once and fired in a thick stream of cum. I kept my mouth wide open waiting for his second stream. He jacked again and a second gush just as large as the first one pumped into my mouth. Again and again, he fired cum into my mouth until it was more than full.

    When David moved away, I quickly swallowed his copious, accumulated load and then scrambled over to where Smith was waiting for me. His ass was already at the edge of his chair, and his black cock was iron-hard and ready. It was a full nine-inches but not as thick as Gordon.

    "I'm a deep throat virgin too, Paula. Can you deflower me?"

    "Easily, Honey. Easily! And you have the same option I gave David. Tap my back when you're ready to unload, and I'll back off.. you can shoot your load all over my belly and tits or you can shoot it into my mouth and over my face. Ready?"

    "Suck me, you hot Bitch. Suck my black cock all the way into your white throat, Paula."

    I started the same way I started with David. Holding his balls, I covered the head of his cock and one more inch and began to suck. As I applied suction to the head, my tongue was making circles around his cock ridge. Smith was moaning and humping his ass exactly as David had done.

    But he wasn't content to let me tease him. Putting his hand on the back of my head, he forced it downward so that five inches of black meat pushed into my mouth with the head entering my throat. I sucked harder and pushed a finger into his ass. Saliva was running down his shaft and coating his balls.

    "Oohhhh god... you must drive your husband crazy with your mouth, Paula. Never seen a woman who could suck dick like you... aaaahhhhhhhhhhh shit... suck more, Honey... Suck in more cock!"

    I took two more inches of dick into my throat as Jackson howled. David leaned over me and whispered in my ear, "Can I rub your clit while you finish him, Paula? I would like for you to cum too,"

    With my mouth full of hard dick, there was no way I could answer, and I wasn't about to take Smith's luscious shaft out of my mouth. I just nodded a couple of times, and to be certain David got my message, I grabbed his hand and shoved it between my thighs. An instant later, he had my clit sandwiched between two fingers and was sliding them up and down the shaft like he was jacking me off. At the same time, he rubbed hard just above my clit putting hot pressure onto my organ. My cunt gushed juices all over his hand, and I rammed the last inch of black cock into my throat.

    Smith howled a deep, guttural, masculine groan of pleasure just as my clitoris and vagina erupted in and series of hard contractions. His hand tapped my back, and I pulled my mouth off his dick. Sitting back, I awaiting his pleasure.

    Smith quickly stood up and aimed his dick right at my mouth. I opened it wide as he jerked out his load. The first two thick streams fired straight into my open mouth. The third gush hit my top lip and slid onto my extended tongue. The next four or five cum shots splattered all over my face until I was totally drenched with semen.

    PaulasucksHavermeyer. PaulasucksSmith.

    I deep throated both men until they pumped
    their loads into my waiting mouth.

    When I left the Principal's office, neither man had a trace of a hard problem.

    Executive Assistant to the Principals:

    "Did you ever get around to speaking with your new principal about getting tenure and a pay raise, Paula?" my husband asked during dinner on Wednesday evening.

    "I spoke with both him and Mr. Jackson on Monday afternoon."


    "And they were impressed by my arguments and the logic of my position. The bottom line is that they agreed to present my case to the School Board. But there is one problem."

    "Which is?"

    "They don't have money for pay raises at this time of year, but they do have a part-time position for an Executive Assistant. Havermeyer suggested that I take the position and, if the Board approves, they would combine the salary for that position with my present salary, which would give me a lot more than I asked for. In fact, I'd be the highest paid teacher in the system... not counting the administration, of course."

    "So what's the problem? That sounds great to me."

    "The problem is that with both teaching and administrative duties, I'll have to work longer hours... even some evening hours. Is that Ok?"

    "I have to work evenings some times. It goes with advancement. Get used to it, Honey. Frankly, I'm amazed at the response of your two new principals. Most of the time, administrations are much slower to act and most are afraid to do much of anything new. You're very lucky, and I'm delighted for you."

    "Thank you, Darling. You're a prince, but then you already know that. How do you feel about going to bed with an administrator every night?"

    "Well, I've always told people to be careful around administrators. They can really fuck you over. I guess I'm going to be getting vivid demonstrations of that for a long time to come."

    "For a long, long time to come, you sexy stud. Starting tonight."

    "No... you're not an administrator yet. Besides, I was thinking about taking my hot wife to bed tonight. She's a dynamite fuck!"

    As I was clearing the dinner dishes off the table, I wondered if I should tell Gordon about giving Havermeyer and Jackson head in order to get the pay increase and tenure. I knew I would tell him eventually. The question was should I tell him now or later. With our open marriage, I didn't have any worry that he would fly into a rage or even be angry. My guess was that he would get hard as iron and drag me into the bedroom. In the end, I decided to save that sexy bit of information until later.


    It was Friday afternoon on a day when I had no substitute classes that I got a call from Havermeyer.

    "Hi, Paula. It's David. I just got word back from the School Board about your situation."


    "And I want to have dinner with you tonight and discuss it in detail. How about it?"

    "Sure. Where? I'll meet you."

    "How about the Hilton Inn West at 8 PM? That's out of the way and very dimly lit. It should be sufficiently discreet."

    I started to tell David that it wasn't necessary to go to such lengths... that my husband didn't mind my having dinner with another man, but just before I told him, I realized that it was probably his wife Darlene that he was worried about, not Gordon. So, I just said, "I'll see you 8 PM. What should I wear?"

    "Something hot and sexy... if you can manage it with your husband."


    I had Gordon's dinner ready when he came home. Naturally, when I sat down with him at the table with no food in front of me, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's going on? A new fasting diet?"

    I smiled at his little joke and told him that David Havermeyer had asked me to have dinner with him tonight so he could discuss the new position at the school.

    "That's sounds like good news, Paula. Is it? Do you think you got the position?"

    "I'm pretty certain I did. Otherwise, why ask me out to dinner to tell me bad news that he could just tell me over the phone."

    "Yeah. You're right. Congratulations! Well deserved but long overdue. I'm delighted."

    "You don't mind my going out to dinner with him?"

    "How many times have I had to take candidates, clients, etc. out to dinner, Honey? Now that you have an administrative, full-time position, it's going to happen more and more frequently. I think it's great."

    "Wow! What a husband I've got. Thank you, Honey."

    I knew Gordon wouldn't pry any further even if he was dying of curiosity, but I couldn't just leave it like this. "You remember that I told you that David was a hunk. I wasn't exaggerating. There's a good chance that after we have dinner and discuss the position, he's going to hit on me."

    "A good chance? I would have said it's a near certainty. What do you plan to wear?"

    "I was thinking about that yellow dress I bought on our last trip to Las Vegas."

    "Change my last comment to it's an absolute certainty. Should I bother to wait up for you?"

    "Hell yes! When I get home, I want you awake and hard!"

    "That's another absolute certainty, Paula. I'm already hard."

    At 6:30 PM, I was looking at my reflection in my full length mirror in our bedroom. The yellow dress I had on consisted of two panels that covered the lower half of my tits and a golden-brown strap from the top of the panels up around my neck to hold the dress up. Below my breasts, the dress hung loosely just barely covering my ass. The pair of matching yellow panties just barely concealed beneath the dress was the only thing that even remotely preserved my modesty. Most women own a pair of come-fuck-me (CFM) heels. This was a CFM dress if there ever was one.

    I knew, and I also knew that my husband would know, that there wasn't a chance in hell that David Havermeyer wasn't going to fuck me if I showed up wearing this outfit. The thought of having to walk out in front of my husband wearing this dress when I had a dinner date with another man was just too much.

    Slipping out of the dress, I hung it back in the closet and put on a pair of slacks with nice looking blouse that buttoned up so that only a slight hint of cleavage was visible. The CFM heels were replaced on my shoe rack in the closet. The heels I selected had two-inch heels, not as sexy, but a lot more comfortable. At 7 PM, I came into the den and asked Gordon if he would like for me to fix him an after-dinner cordial.

    He didn't reply to my question about the cordial. Instead, he shook his head and asked, "What happened to the yellow dress? You aren't going to wear that outfit for your first meeting with Havermeyer, are you?"

    "What's wrong with this outfit?" I asked.

    "Not a thing if you're trying to send the message that he can forget about any after hours fun with his new Executive Assistant. During dinner you were really excited over the dinner date with David. What happened?"

    "I looked at myself in the mirror when I had that yellow dress on. I looked hot and slutty, and I didn't think I should wear something like that in front of you when I have a date with another man... that's what happened."

    Without saying a word, my husband took my hand and led me back into our bedroom. "Get out of that Mother Hubbard outfit. Right now! Strip!"

    I was grinning as I shed the blouse, dropped the full bra onto the bed, unzipped the slacks and let them fall to the floor. After I had stepped out of the slacks and put them on the bed, I kicked off my shoes and pulled my white cotton panties down my thighs.

    "God! You're gorgeous! A lot of women are beautiful when they dress up in something sexy. You're beautiful stark naked."

    "Let's go to bed and fuck, Honey. I'll call David and cancel."

    "Why should I settle for hot fuck now? If I wait until you get back from your date, I'll have an absolutely insatiable, wild woman in bed with me. I think I'll take the insatiable, wild, slut later on, but thanks for the offer."

    My cunt was rapidly becoming soaked. As my husband went to my closet and returned holding my yellow dress and 4-inch heels, I felt like I was close to an orgasm.

    "Put this on. You need to hurry if you don't want to be late."

    At 7:20 PM, I was standing in the den in front of my husband who was checking out my legs, tits, and ass. "Now that's much better."

    "I can't find the panties that go with the dress. I thought I put them on the hangar with the dress when I took it off."

    "You did. But I took them. No panties for you tonight, Paula. You'll be just that much hotter when you get home."

    "You hot stud... making me go out without any panties on... Oohhhh Fuck!"

    "You need to hurry. You just have time to make it by 8 PM."

    My cunt was on fire when I was backing my car out of the driveway, but David Havermeyer didn't have anything to do with it. It was my husband who had me boiling hot and here I was on my way to meet the "C" team when the all-American "A" team was right inside my house. I would have felt like an idiot except for the fact that I knew my "A" team would be waiting for me with an 8-inch, thick, hard as stone cock when I got home. The thought sent shivers up and down my spine and caused my pussy to shudder.


    When I pulled up at the valet parking area at the Hilton, a uniformed, young attendant promptly opened the door for me. His eyes went wide as he stared at my half exposed tits, When I swung my legs out of the car, I couldn't possibly keep my dress from sliding further up my thighs. Before I could get out of the car, the guy was staring at my naked cunt. I held the position for him and watched his cock getting hard inside his tight pants.

    When I got out of the car and handed him my keys, he said, "Please ask for Marvin when you're ready to leave. I'll get your car for you."

    "It might be quite late."

    "I'm on duty until 3 AM. I get a 15 minute break at 1:30 AM," he said hopefully.

    David was waiting for me in the lobby. When I entered, his eyes along with those of every other male in the place scanned my tits, legs, and ass. I was standing beside him before his eyes ever rose to my face. "Hi, David. I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long."

    "Not at all. In fact, you're right on time. I just got here early. Shall we?" he asked.

    I slipped my arm in his, pressed my breasts against him, and whispered, "Absolutely."

    When the waiter showed us to our reserved table near the back of the restaurant, David pulled out my chair for me and then took the seat beside me rather than on the other side of the table.

    "You look ravishingly beautiful," he whispered in my ear. "Every man here wants to fuck you."

    "I know... they're supposed to want to fuck me. That's why I wore this outrageously slutty dress. Let's get the business part of this dinner over with, David. Did I get the position? The salary? Tenure?"

    "All of it. It was a unanimous vote by the Board. You start on Monday as my Executive Assistant at exactly the salary I mentioned. Jackson and I want our Executive Assistant to look attractive. So wear something appropriate."

    "Do you prefer "attractive" or "sexy", or "slutty"?"

    "Sexy… or maybe somewhere between sexy and slutty."

    "I can do that," I whispered in his ear.

    David’s hand moved to my knee. "UUmmmmmm," I cooed. His hand move up my thigh. "OOOohhhh... so hot and sexy... Right here in the restaurant too. That man at the next table is watching you playing with my thigh."

    "Good. I hope his cock is hard." The hand moved to mid-thigh. "Spread wider, Paula."

    "He's hard, very hard, David," I hissed as his hand was getting very close now. "He's looking between my legs now that I have them open. Should I stop?"

    "No. Spread wider. How do you know he's hard?"

    "I can see his pants tented, and he's squeezing his cock."

    I moved my hand to David's crotch and squeezed his prick. "He's not the only guy here whose cock is hard as stone. That's an impressive hard-on, David."

    "I'm going to stroke your cunt through your panties, Paula," he said softly, his mouth close to my ear.

    "No you're not. No way."

    "I think I am." His hand moved higher. I spread wider. It was only an inch away now. The man at the next table had his eyes locked onto my naked cunt. He was now stroking his dick under the table.

    "I don't think so, David. In fact, I'm sure of it."

    "I'm going to prove you're wrong... Right now. HOLY SHIT!"

    "See... I told you. You have to learn to pay more attention to women, David. When I tell... aaahhhhhhhhh... uunnggghhhh... ooohhhh fuck!" I couldn't keep my ass on the chair seat as two of David's fingers plunged into my wet cunt while his thumb worked over my erect and now throbbing clitoris.

    "Stop... David. Not here. We'll be arrested and that will spoil the entire evening. Please... be patient."

    "You really want me to stop?" His fingers moved to my G-spot and worked back and forth.

    "Stop... stop, or I'll cum."

    "All right. Whatever you say, Darling." The fingers pulled out of my throbbing channel and left my clitoris slowly pulsing and wanting more. I closed my legs but not before the man at the next table groaned and pressed his thighs together. A moment later, he was hurrying toward the men's room.

    "What happened?" David asked.

    "He came in his pants. And if you don't behave, I'll jack you off and make you shoot in your pants. Then you can be the guy running to the restroom."

    "Ok. You win. No more playing around until we finish dinner."

    "And then what?"

    "I've reserved us a room in the hotel."

    "MMMmmmm... Principals think of every thing."


    The elevator doors had no sooner closed than Havermeyer was behind me with his hands covering both of my tits. His hands squeezed them at the same time as his fingers moved over my hard nipples.

    "Oh fuck! Your tits are amazing, Paula. They're big... firm... with hot, hard nipples... just gorgeous. His hands worked their way into my bodice where they now caressed, cupped, and squeezed my bare flesh.

    At the mezzanine, the elevator doors opened, and a couple in their 30's got on the elevator. Havermeyer continued to play with my tits as they watched. The woman was the first to speak.

    "Looks you've got your hands full in more ways than one, Honey. How big are her tits?"

    "She said that they're 32DD."

    "Ohhh... I see." Looking at me, the woman grinned knowingly. "You just told him huh? Then, I guess he's not the guy who gave you that wedding ring on your finger. Naughty... naughty... but oh so delicious, right?"

    "HHmmmmm... very," I moaned as David twisted my nipples.

    The woman reached down and felt of her husband's cock. "Wow! He's hard as stone. You've really turned my randy stud on. Do you mind if I show him your big tits, Honey. I know he's dying to see them."

    "OOoohhhhh gawd," I groaned. Havermeyer's hands and fingers were slowly turning me on, but the woman was making my pussy gush with excitement.

    "All we have to do is just unhook this strap around her neck..." The woman did just that. As soon as the strap was undone, she pulled my dress down to my waist baring both of my tits. Her husband began stroking his hard dick as he watched Havermeyer playing with them. Unable to resist even though his wife was right beside us, he moved closer and began licking and sucking one of my nipples.

    Turning her attention back to Havermeyer, the woman asked, "Have you fucked her much?"

    "No... this will be our first time," David gasped as he pushed his erection into the crease of my ass thrusting my body forward. I couldn't keep from humping my butt up and down his shaft, which made my tits bounce. The woman's husband unzipped and slipped his hand inside his pants so he could stroke his bare penis.

    "Looks like you've got her primed and ready," she said as she watched me thrusting my ass against David's cock.

    "She came to dinner pretty much primed and ready... no bra... no panties," Havermeyer grunted as he thrust his erection against my ass even harder.

    "No panties!? In that short dress? No panties!! I hope you've got a strong heart and lots of staying power, Honey. I think you're going to need it."

    The woman's husband spoke for the first time. "Oh Shit! No panties! God! Show us... take off her fucking dress and show us!"

    "Darling," his wife admonished. "Can't you see the gentleman's hands are full. He doesn't have a third hand to use to pull off her dress. Want me to take it off so you can see her cunt?'

    "DO IT! DO IT!!"

    With the top of my dress already down around my waist, all the woman had to do was unzip it in back and pull it over my hips. After that, it fell uselessly about my ankles. Bending down, she looked up at me and said, "Step out of it, Honey. You have an absolutely lovely body."

    Her husband seemed to agree as his eyes darted back and forth between my tits and my pussy. When he finally made up his mind and chose my pussy, I opened my legs for him. His hand was moving faster on his dick, when his wife hissed, "Don't waste it. I want that cock shooting in my pussy when we get to the room... understand!" Reluctantly, her husband pulled his hand out of his pants, but his erection was obviously huge and throbbing.


    The two men and the woman had me wildly excited
    by the time our elevator reached the 12th floor.

    When we reached the 12th floor, Havermeyer said, "This is our floor, put your dress back on."

    It only took a moment as all I had to do was step into it and pull it over my hips. David zipped me up while I hooked the strap back around my neck. As we exited the elevator, the woman pressed a business card into my hand and whispered in my ear, "Call me. We can spend the afternoon pleasuring each other and then go out in the evening with a couple of guys I know... they've both got huge cocks.... call me."

    As soon as the doors opened, David hustled me off the elevator and led me down the long hallway to our room.


    "Get on the bed, Paula. Spread your legs, I've got to get into you before I cum in my pants!"

    "Not so fast, Darling. First, I want to see the formal paper work confirming my full-time appointment with tenure and my new salary." I sat down on the large couch with my legs crossed high so that most of my thighs were exposed. Havermeyer hurriedly extracted a folder from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to me. I took my time examining the contents while he was sitting beside me squeezing his cock unable to tear his eyes away from my naked thighs and what he already knew was my naked cunt just a couple of inches underneath my dress.. It was so hot, I took much longer than necessary. Havermeyer's cock was making a huge tent in his pants before I laid the folder to one side.

    "Thank you, David. Now what was it you wanted to do?" I said with a wicked smile.

    "This!" he growled as his hand closed over one of my tits.

    "Why don't you get rid of those clothes, Honey, while I get my tits out for you?" Havermeyer stripped naked in record time. When his cock came into view, it was larger than I remembered it being when I had sucked him off in his office. In particular, it seemed to be much thicker… much more powerful.

    "MMmmmmm... that's a big cock, Lover. Bring that thing over here and let me suck the first load out of your balls."

    When he pushed his throbbing dick into my mouth, I couldn't get my hand all the way around his shaft. He was really thick! God! Feeling that thing throbbing inside my mouth had my pussy open, wet, and ready.

    His cock pumped in and out of my mouth. Holding my head, he forced his prick deeper... stretching my jaw as wide as I could open it. When his hips snapped forward with masculine authority, the big head pushed into my throat. Once he had the cock into my throat, David wrapped his fingers in my hair for leverage and rammed my head up and down on his cock pumping the thick rod into my throat on every stroke.

    Abruptly, Havermeyer pulled his cock out and growled, "Get on the bed. Spread your legs, Baby. Eating time!"

    "Lying down on the bed, I spread yanked my dress up around my hips and spread my legs. Havermeyer never took his eyes off my gaping, wet cunt as he lowered his face into my sex saddle. In moments, he was probing my hole with his tongue, pursing his lips and holding it straight, he was actually fucking me with it. The sensation was so intense, I was biting my lips. My eyes clenched shut as one spastic ripple of pleasure after another surged through my now contracting cunt.

    Havermeyer moved faster, his tongue pushing in and out of my vagina, his lips kissing the moist pink inner flesh of my cunt each time he thrust his tongue inside me. Suddenly, I knew I was going to cum! My body tensed... my hands balled into fists that twisted in the bed covers. My ass rose off the bed.

    "OOOHHHH... suck me, you hot Bastard. SUCK MY CUNT! MAKE ME CUM!!"

    My vagina and clit were exploding in hard, repeated contractions, but he didn't let up for a moment. I was beating on his back with my fists trying to get him to ease up, but it was hopeless. He easily pinned my body onto the bed and thrust his tongue back and forth in my convulsing hole. His tongue twisted and curled as he tongue fucked me. Hard spastic contractions continued to shoot through my cunt.

    When my first orgasm subsided, Havermeyer shoved two fingers into my cunt and began working on my G-spot as his tongue and lips concentrated on my clitoris. My juices spurted uncontrollably as my howls of intense female pleasure filled the room and probably the hallway. I realized with a shock that I was thrashing wildly from side to side. My fists closed in a death grip on the bed covers.


    The next day I concluded that I must have passed out momentarily from the intensity of the orgasm that Havermeyer had given me with his fingers and tongue working feverishly on my G-spot and my clitoris. I came to that conclusion because the next thing I knew following my orgasm was Havermeyer's weight on my body.

    "Fucking time, Paula," he said in my ear, his voice thick with masculine lust for my cunt.

    I heard myself moan when he lifted one of my legs and put my foot up on his shoulder. At that point, he looked down at me saying, "Gonna spread you wide open, Honey... Open up that hot cunt hole of yours for my big cock." After giving me that warning, he shoved my other leg out to the side and pressed it down onto the bed's surface. He never took his eyes off my throbbing cunt. I was shocked to realize that I was thrusting my pelvis upward... essentially begging him to stick his big prick into me.

    "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" I didn't even recognize my own voice when the thick shaft stretched my lips wide exposing my hole and then entered my vagina. He wasn't more than an inch inside my pussy when I felt my pussy beginning to tremble and pulse around his thick shaft.


    "MMmmmm... hot, wet fuck hole... love it. Squeeze my cock, Baby."

    "OOoohhhh... Gawd! AAAaaahhh...."

    When I felt two more inches of rampant, jerking cock push into my sex hole, I couldn't keep from ramming my pussy against him... trying to force more dick into my cunt. "MORE... MORE... MORE COCK! FUCK MEEEEEE!!"

    The bastard pulled all the way out of me, leaving my vagina a huge, gaping, seeping hole. I could feel my pussy contracting and throbbing.

    "Please... put it back into me," I heard myself begging. "UUGGHHHHH... Yes... YES! Like that... LIKE THAT! OOOHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEE!"

    Havermeyer pushed five inches of cock into my wildly pulsing cunt and began fucking me with those five inches. The friction on my clitoris as that huge shaft moved back and forth inside my cunt was intense... no more than when Gordon fucked me, but this was a new cock... a new thrill, and I was wailing uncontrollably.


    Havermeyer rammed all seven plus inches of dick into me and began fucking me like an out-of-control bull. His thrusts pounded my ass into the mattress and made my tits jerk back and forth on my chest until I grabbed them with my hands and squeezed my hard, throbbing nipples between my fingers as the stud fucked me like a hot whore.


    Havermeyer continued ramming into me until my orgasm finally began to ebb. By this time, the bed beneath me was soaked with my cuntal secretions. The sensuous squishing sounds his thick shaft made as it plunged in and out of my gushing sex cylinder was exciting me again and making his cock throb even harder inside my hole.

    I moaned when I felt him pull his dick out of my still throbbing pussy. Lying back on the bed, his shaft a rigid, vertical spike, he growled, "Mount it, Paula. Reverse cowgirl. Get on me! Get my cock back inside that hot cunt of yours. NOW! MOUNT!"

    I scrambled onto his body. Spreading my thighs, I raised my butt so that it was higher than his shaft and used my hand to position the big head at my opening. Slowly, I pushed my ass downward letting his slide into me... one inch... two inches... three... four. Then I stopped and lifted off his cock. He groaned just as I had when he pulled his dick out of my pussy earlier.

    When I pushed my cunt back down on his dick and again took four inches inside my pussy, he was thrusting upward trying desperately to get all of his dick into me.... exactly as I had rammed my cunt upward trying to get him to fuck it into me. I pulled off of him again, and he began to beg me to put his cock all the way inside... just as I had begged him to fuck me. Again, I thought how much alike men and women are. Finally, I gave David what he wanted... just as he had done for me. We both groaned loudly when I rammed my pussy all the way down his shaft burying it deep inside me.

    Once he was fully seated in my cunt, Havermeyer pulled my legs back with his hands beneath my knees and began ramming in and out of my vagina like a battering ram. Again and again, he jack hammered his cock into my helplessly waiting cunt. I came with a loud scream. The contractions of my vagina were too much for him. His orgasm exploded inside me drenching my vagina with his sperm-filled semen.

    We both collapsed onto the bed and lay there panting for several minutes. When my gasping stopped, I reached between my thighs and felt the thick cum load slowly seeping from my widely stretched vagina. That feeling always arouses me... it arouses any woman. After enjoying the sensation for a moment, I moved my fingers higher to my now very sensitive and swollen clitoris and began slowly stroking myself as I waited for my hot lover to recover and mount me again.

    It wasn't long before I felt the bed shift as Havermeyer got off the bed and went to the bathroom. A moment later, I heard water running. When the water stopped, I slipped into my CFM heels and got into doggie position with my knees spread and my hips arched so I would be in perfect position to be mounted by an eager male. When Havermeyer came out of the bathroom, I spread my knees even wider to give him a sensuous and erotic view of my freshly fucked and very available cunt as well as my tempting asshole.

    "That was fantastic, Paula. I hope you enjoyed it just half as much as I did," Havermeyer said as he began putting on his clothes. To say I was amazed would be an gross understatement. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I saw that it was now just after 10 PM. We had been in the room for less than an hour! Havermeyer had shot off once, and he was obviously done. The one time was very good, but I wasn't even close to being satisfied.


    I wasn’t close to being satisfied, but David’s
    single-shot sex gun was out of ammo.

    With my lover and his single-shot sex gun finished for the night, there was nothing else to do but get ready to leave. With no panties or bra and only my skimpy yellow dress, it only took a moment to get "dressed". I was waiting at the door when Havermeyer finished putting on his shoes.

    "I'll go first so as not to attract attention, and then you can follow in a few minutes, Paula," he said as he gave me perfunctory kiss on the lips before disappearing out the door. I took a look at the card the woman in the elevator had given me and gave a moment's thought to calling her on the cell phone number written on her card. I was just about to pick up the phone and call when I thought, "What the hell am I doing? The "A" team is waiting for me at home and by this time, his 10-shot automatic sex gun is going to be hot, hard, and ready."

    As I walked out of the Hilton attracting the lustful stares of every male and a mixture of envious and hateful glances from the women, I got the young valet to bring my car around. When he brought my car to a stop and got out, the throbbing bulge in his pants let me know just how hard and hot he was. His eyes were filled with desire and lust... his face wore a pleading smile.

    Swinging my legs back out of the car, I gave him a sultry look as I spread my legs wide. He was staring at my spermy, naked cunt when I said, "Just stand beside the car and pretend you're talking to me, Honey."

    He moved closer, his legs between my thighs. When I unzipped him and pulled his briefs down, his throbbing cock almost flew out of his pants. Leaning over, I took his rigid shaft completely into my mouth and throat and locked my lips about the base of his penis. I didn't have to give him any instructions as to what to do next. For several minutes he held my head and fucked my mouth and throat.

    "Ooohhh... god! I'm about to cum," he groaned. "Should I pull out?"

    I shook my head vigorously and sucked him even harder... faster. I felt his body shudder as his cock jerked spastically inside my mouth. He slammed his meat in deep, his buttocks contracted as he began fucking my mouth with short, hard strokes. On each stroke, another gush of his thick cum load would fire into my mouth and throat. I kept my mouth locked onto his shooting dick until his balls were empty and although his rod continued to pulse and throb, he was shooting blanks.

    When he finally pulled his semi-hard prick out of my mouth, he gasped, "Oh shit... that was fantastic!"

    "Glad you liked it, Honey. So did I," I whispered as my tongue licked the last drops of semen off my lips. "What to kiss me and taste your own load?"

    He didn't even hesitate. In a flash, he had his lips crushed against mine and his hands inside my dress playing with my tits. As we kissed, I used my tongue to push some of the cum load that was still inside my mouth into his mouth. When he sucked my tongue clean, I knew I had a real stud in this young man.

    As we broke the kiss, he took another look between my thighs with his hands still holding my naked tits. "Your pussy is covered with cum... you just got fucked, didn't you?"


    "God! I wish it had been me. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

    "Another time, Lover. My husband's waiting for me at home now. But I know where you work. By the way, my name's Paula... and who's the stud who just put that monster cum load into my belly and who still has my tits in his hands?"

    "I'm Lance... Lance Talbert."

    "Well, Lance... you have some lance in your pants. I bet it will feel even better when I get it up my pussy. Can I have my tits back now. I need to get home to my husband?"

    Lance grinned. "You're not only drop-dead gorgeous and sexy... you're a lot of fun too. Hope to see you again, Paula."


    When I opened my front door and entered our home, Gordon was clearly shocked. "My god! It's only 10:30. I didn't expect you until well after midnight or maybe not at all this evening. Are you all right? Is anything wrong?" he asked me.

    "I'm fine, but you've got one horny wife on your hands, Honey. Havermeyer's sex gun turned out to be a single-shot weapon."

    "Well, it's late, Paula, and I've had a pretty tough day. Sort of tired and worn out. If I had known that you'd be home by 10:30, I wouldn't have jacked off five times thinking about all the sexy things you and Havermeyer were doing."

    "Oh shit! You'd didn't. Please tell me you didn't do that."

    My sexy husband scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the master bedroom. "You're teasing me aren't you? Please tell me you're just teasing your slutty wife."

    "Why don't you feel my cock and find out for yourself."

    I took his advice and felt his crotch. I didn't have to search for his cock... it was a rigid, iron-hard shaft that was even thicker than Havermeyer's and more than an inch longer. Best of all, it was writhing and jerking like a wild python on my hand. "MMMmmmmm... hurry, Darling. I want this huge fuck stick up my cunt."

    I got it....oh god... did I ever get it! As soon as Gordon entered our bedroom, he got me naked and tossed me onto the bed on my back. I was shaking with anticipation as he stripped and moved between my wide open thighs.

    "Oh Yes! Fuck me, Honey. Fuck your slutty wife!" Gordon shoved my knees back against my tits and slammed his thick, 8 and a half inch cock into my wet, cum-filled cunt.

    "GGGHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YESSSS!! RAM MEEEEEEEEE!" I howled as I felt the huge dick stretch me open and pound into my cervix. Gordon fucked me hard... fast... deep. I just pulled my legs back even further to make my pussy a perfect target for his cock. Gordon had been so hard and hot after having to wait for hours for me to come home from my date, I had expected him to shoot off very quickly. Oh fuck, was I ever wrong.

    Gordon pounded my pussy for over 15 minutes making me cum twice before he pressed his mouth close to my ear and growled, "Gonna cum, Honey... GONNA CUM!"

    "YES! Shoot it into me!" I hissed as I felt his cock jerking and spurting inside my cunt.

    It didn't take Gordon more than a few minutes before he was hard again. He put his second cum load into me while I was riding his cock reverse cowgirl... the same position I was in when Havermeyer came in me.

    After his second orgasm, I went down on my randy husband and sucked him hard again. Once he was hard, I continued to suck him so he could cum in my mouth if he wanted to. But he wanted my ass. I spent the next half hour with his cock fucking my ass. At first, he did me while I was on my hands and knees... ass high in the air. After I had cum, he made me ride him again in reverse position, but this time his cock was pounding my ass.

    It was almost 3 AM before I had finally managed to drain my husband completely. We cuddled up and fell into a deep sleep. Havermeyer had fucked me one time. My hot husband had banged me five times. As I said, he's the "A" team.


    My randy stud husband fucked me for
    hours filling me with five cum loads.

    Hitting on Paula:

    It started on Monday of the next week. Havermeyer was hitting on me constantly. On Monday, he wanted to take me to a motel during the lunch hour. I turned him down as I had classes that afternoon. On Tuesday, it was the same thing. So, he asked me to meet him at the Hilton again that night. Once again, I turned him down.

    On Wednesday, as I worked at my desk just outside Havermeyer's office, my computer beeped telling me that I had an e-mail. When I opened the message, it was from David.

    "Go to your filing cabinet, bend over at the waist, and pull your skirt up over your ass. Stay bent over until you find the personnel records of Miss Julia Bascomb. Then bring them to my desk, Mrs. Baxter." What could I do? He was the boss, wasn't he?

    I grinned at Havermeyer when I stood up. Naturally, he was watching me closely. Turning my back to him, I moved over to the filing cabinet beside my desk and bent over, as ordered. I could feel my skirt pulling up high on my ass, but it was still partially covered. I jerked it up over my ass so that only my red thong concealed anything.

    I looked through all the files for Miss Bascomb's personnel records without any success. When I had searched the last file, I looked back at Havermeyer who was now rubbing his cock through his pants as he stared at my naked ass and legs. I shrugged indicating that I couldn't find the records. He just pointed at the file cabinet indicating that I should keep looking.

    I had just started going through the files for a second time when Jackson came in. He talked with Havermeyer for a moment and then looked over at my totally exposed ass and legs as I continued to examine the files. Both men moved closer. I spread my legs enough to give them a better view.

    After spending nearly 15 minutes bent over with my legs and ass on display, Smith came over and stood beside me. I stayed bent over letting him enjoy the view. Smith pulled my desk chair behind me and sat down. I stayed bent over and even moved my feet further apart. I could feel his hot gaze centering on my ass and between my cheeks on my cunt. I had an urge to pull the thong aside so he could see my pussy, but I was afraid someone else would come into the office and see what I was doing.

    "You can stop looking for Miss Bascomb's files, Paula. I have them in my office. David just wanted to see your sexy ass and legs. Can't say that I blame him a bit."

    Standing up, I turned to face him. "You sexy bastards... tricking me like that. You should be ashamed," I said with a smile.

    "Probably. Listen, Paula. Is there any chance we could get together this weekend? Actually, I intended to wait for you to suggest something, but with David hitting on you constantly, I thought I had better put in a bid... so to speak. But it's up to you. You now have tenure, a proper and fair salary, and a full-time appointment. You don't need me or David any longer, but I really would like to spend an evening with you if you're interested. Let me know, and don't worry, I take rejection very well."

    "How does Saturday night sound? Does that work for you, Smith?"

    "Oh hell yes! That or any other night."

    "What time? Where? I should probably meet you."

    "Understand. I'm not much on hotels and motels. How about a nice dinner around 8 PM at Luigi's, if you like Italian food, and then a sexy night in my condo?"

    "I love Italian food, and your condo sounds sensuous and hot."

    "I'm sure you know that my cock is hard as stone right now... both from staring at your gorgeous ass and legs and also thinking about Saturday night."

    "I know you're hard. I can see your pants tented by that big cock of yours. It does men good to stay hard and hot for extended periods... so when Saturday night comes, you'll be a wild bull in bed."

    "You like wild bulls in bed, Paula?"

    "MMmmmmm... love them... particularly black wild bulls."


    On Thursday, it was more of the same from Havermeyer. In the morning, he called me into his office and asked me to bend over his desk so he could fuck me. He added that fucking his secretary or his assistant when she's bent over his desk had always been a huge fantasy for him. I kindly informed him that it was going to remain a fantasy forever, if I was to be the woman bent over his desk.

    At lunch, he again asked me if I would like to find a nice motel for some hot sex. Once more, I declined again telling him that some flirting was acceptable, but sex was only going to be once every month or two... not a regular thing.

    At 2 PM, my computer announced a new e-mail. I opened it and again, it was from Havermeyer.

    "I saw your hot ass and legs when you bent over the filing cabinet yesterday. I'd like to see your panties today. Turn your chair toward me and put your leg up over the chair arm. Spread wide open for me, Paula."

    I had to smile at how hot I had Havermeyer. Turning my chair toward him, I did as he had instructed. First, I spread my legs. He leaned closer, squeezing his dick as he did so. When I hiked my leg up and draped it over the chair arm to completely expose the small triangle of my thong, which just barely covered my cunt, his hand began stroking his cock.

    I joined his masturbation by sliding my finger up and down the crotch of my panties right over my wet slit. At that point, he came over and stood right in front of my chair... his eyes locked onto my panty-covered pussy.

    "Oh god. You're gorgeous. Show me your cunt."

    Reaching between my legs, I pulled my thong aside and let him stare at my naked pussy. He stroked his cock through his pants even faster... harder. I pulled my pussy open for him.

    At that point, David walked over to his office door and locked it. Returning to my chair where I was still spread wide with my pussy exposed, he pulled me to my feet and in one quick motion, pulled my panties down around my ankles. Spinning me around he grunted, "Bend over, you teasing Bitch. Bend over and grab your ankles. NOW!"

    At that point, I had no doubt that Havermeyer was going to fuck me. I had teased him beyond a reasonable limit. Part of me was mad that he hadn't honored my decision when I had told him "no". But the other part was wildly excited that this hot stud was going to take me... that he was going to ram his cock into me whether I said no or not. My excitement won out, and I bent over grasping my ankles.

    I assumed that he would start fucking me right then... right there, but he had other plans. Kneeling behind me, David pressed his face between the cheeks of my ass and attacked both my pussy and my asshole at the same time. I couldn't suppress a grunt of female pleasure... nor could I keep from spreading my feet further apart to give him more room.

    As soon as I did so, his hand thrust between my thighs and moved up to my clitoris. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... UUNNGGHHH.... MMMMMMMMM... YES... YES... OOOHHH ... DO IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE!" I hissed as his fingers worked my erect clitoris while his tongue alternated between fucking my cunt and my ass holes.

    He kept working on me for several minutes as my excitement rose higher and higher... suddenly, I knew I was going to cum. I was right on the edge. "Ohhhh shit... I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum... do meeeeeeeee... finish meeeeeee!" David worked my clit even harder using both his tongue and his fingers. It only took him a few more seconds to make me cum. I squirted hard and uncontrollably coating both of my thighs and the floor.

    He kept working on my clit until my orgasm ebbed. Pulling me upright, he growled, "Now bend over my desk and don't even think about saying no." His voice was so masculine and authoritative that he had me close to a second orgasm before his cock even touched my pussy. Hurrying over to his desk, I bent over it with my tits pressed against the top. Even though I still had on my heels, I'm only 5' 2" and David wanted my ass higher.

    "Arch your ass, Paula. Get it up in the air. Higher!"

    I rose up on my tip toes and bowed my back to get my ass even higher. "That's better," he said with satisfaction. I waited impatiently as he removed his clothes. Before he finished, I was on the verge of begging him to hurry. Moving up to my raised butt, he rubbed his stiff, blood-engorged cock up and down my exposed pussy slit gradually wedging the big head between my lips.

    "ooohhhhhhh god! Do it, David. Fuck me!" His dick rammed into my hole bringing a hot moan of pleasure from my lips. Holding my hips, he fucked me like a randy stallion mounted on a mare in heat. As hard as he was giving it to me, it only took a few minutes before my pussy was erupting in another intense orgasm.

    I was still throbbing in the midst of my climax when Havermeyer pulled his cock out of my pussy and began working his fingers in and out of my ass pausing occasionally to insert his fingers into my still gushing cunt for more lubrication. After five minutes of this, he had my butt stretched enough for his thick cock. Fortunately, he had some astroglide in his desk which he squirted into my ass before pressing his cock against my opening.

    With all the lubrication and his fingering beforehand, his cock head easily entered my ass. I moaned as he pushed five inches of dick into my waiting colon. Then, he pulled it back and drove into me again... this time sinking in six inches of his hard dick. On the third stroke, he seated his entire cock and began giving me a fierce ass fucking. I was groaning louder as he fucked me. Finally, he stopped and whispered, "Not so loud, Paula. I know you're about to have a mind-blowing climax, but you've got to hold it down or the whole school will know I'm fucking you."

    I did manage to hold it down, but I was whimpering and gasping in the midst of an intense climax when David shot the first spurt of semen into my ass. After that, he pulled out and creamed my ass with the rest of his big load. Before he finished, my entire ass was drenched with it. The sexy stud even made me continue to lie over desk with my ass arched while he took several photos of my cum-covered ass and cunt.


    David fucked to three intense orgasms before he
    pumped his load all over my ass.


    After dinner Thursday evening, Gordon could tell I was distracted. Finally, he said, "Are you going to tell me what the problem is or do I have to play Twenty Questions?"

    "You know, it's really hard to hide anything from you, Darling. You know me too well."

    "I hope to get to know you much, much better in the next 30 or 40 years."

    "Jezz... you always know exactly what to say to make me feel fantastic. I have two problems... well, one problem and one thing that embarrasses me."

    "So pick one and tell me."

    "Ok. The problem is that Havermeyer won't stop hitting on me. I've told him that I'm not his mistress... I just had sex with him to return the favor he did for me by getting me what previous administrators had withheld. I've even told him that some sexy flirting at work was Ok and that we could still have sex once every couple of months or so if I wasn't busy with my husband. But nothing works. He just keeps hitting on me, and you know me... I like sex... a lot... and ... well... oh shit!"

    "Let me see if I can help you with this, Honey. You had a fun evening with Havermeyer at the Hilton last Saturday. After that, he kept hitting on you... wanting more. You kept saying no. He didn't give up and today or at some point, you let him fuck you again. Is that it? Is that the problem?"

    "Yeah... that's it. I'm sorry. I thought I could handle it, but obviously, I'm not doing it."

    "I'll take care of it. Not a problem. Piece of cake, actually."

    "You're not going to hurt him are you? He's a nice guy even if he is pushy. And he didn't rape me or force me today. He just got me hot, and I let him fuck me again."

    "When have you ever seen me physically hurt anyone? That sort of stuff is for the intellectually challenged... that's the politically correct way of saying ... for dunderheaded morons. I'll take care of your problem without harming a hair on Havermeyer's head... Promise."


    "I'll tell you later. What's the other problem?"

    "It's not a problem... I'm just embarrassed to have to tell you... I mean really embarrassed. I wanted tenure... full-time employment... and a fair salary, and I got it, the way women always get things from men, as you put it. But, I didn't think about how embarrassed I was going to be."

    "Are you going to tell me or not?"

    "All right. I can't think of any clever way to put this so I'm just going to tell you. Last weekend I was repaying Havermeyer for his help. And then today, he got me so hot, I let him fuck me again. I didn't plan that... it just happened. But I planned this coming Saturday night."

    "Planned what on Saturday?"

    "On Saturday night, I'll be repaying Jackson, and I'm very certain that, unlike Havermeyer, Jackson's sex gun is far from being a single-shot weapon. I doubt that I'll be home until sometime on Sunday... maybe not even until Monday. There! I've said it."

    "Ok. You'll be having fun with Jackson Saturday evening, but probably not nearly as much as I had a couple of months ago with Ellen Davidson and her daughter Joan. So, are you going to tell me what the problem is? I don't see one. Is Jackson into rough sex or something? Are you afraid he'll hurt you?"

    "No... he's just going to fuck me, Darling... over and over... and probably make your wife cum a dozen times or more."

    "MMmmmm... sounds hotter than fire. Wish I could watch. When you come home, I want all the hot details while you ride my cock. Deal?"

    For an answer, I raised my skirt, pulled off my thong, and then straddled my husband's legs. "It's a deal on one condition, Lover."

    "What's that?"

    "You take out that huge cock and let me ride it while you fuck my brains out."

    Gordon Takes Charge:

    As soon as I arrived at work Friday morning, I told the Associate Director that I would be busy all day taking care of some personal business.

    "No problem, Gordon. I'll take care of every thing. Don't worry."

    "I never worry when you're in charge, George. Thanks."


    At 10:30 AM, I was at the country club watching a very attractive brunette finishing her tennis lesson. As she moved about the court, her breasts bounced enticingly. They got in the way of her tennis stroke, but who gives a damn about a woman's tennis stroke when she has luscious 34D tits above a sexy ass and a very pretty face.

    When Darlene Havermeyer left the court at the end of her lesson, I strolled up to her and said, "Hi. I'm Gordon Baxter. One of the other members told me that you're Darlene Havermeyer. Is that correct?" I asked with my best smile.

    "That's right. Do I know you?" she asked as her eyes scanned my 6' 1", 185 lbs, muscular, tanned body that had virtually no fat with dark wavy hair and just a hint of a beard. I also saw Mrs. Havermeyer discreetly checking out my package inside the tight slacks I wore.

    "No. We've never met, but since your husband and my wife are now ... eh.... very good friends, I wanted to meet you. I hope that doesn't offend you."

    "No... no... not at all. You say your wife and my husband are good friends?"

    "Yes. They are. My wife is your husband's new Executive Assistant at the high school where he's the principal. She tells me he's by far the best administrator the school's ever had. And she also has other nice things to say about him. May I ask you to have lunch with me?" Darlene accepted as I was certain that she would.

    After telling Darlene about my position as Director of Engineering and Chief Project Engineer, she finally got around to asking me about my wife and her husband's "friendship".

    "You said your wife had some other nice things to say about my husband. I like to know what they were, if you don't mind."

    "Not at all. She said he was an excellent administrator and real people person, as she put it."

    "He's that, all right. Anything else?"

    "Well, she said he was a nice looking man... actually, she described him as a "hunk" to use her words. She meant it as a complement."

    "When was she hired? I don't think David even mentioned hiring a new Executive Assistant to me."

    "It was about 10 days ago. She had dinner with him last Saturday night at Gardener's in the Hilton Inn. During dinner, he told her that the School Board had approved her appointment. She was elated when she came home that later that evening."

    "Did you say last Saturday night?"

    "Yeah. Saturday night. He gave her the contracts and appointment papers and spent a long time explaining in detail what her job responsibilities would be. Paula has been excited ever since. Of course, I'm delighted that she enjoys her new position so much even though the frequent late, after hours work have cut into our time together. But I suppose that goes with any responsible position."

    Darlene was silent for a few minutes. Finally, she asked, "Do you happen to remember what time your wife returned?

    "I'm not sure exactly. I think it was around 11:00 PM or so. Why?"

    "Because David told me he would be at a meeting of the new principals at the state capitol last Saturday night. He got home around 11 PM. When he came in, I asked him how the meeting went. He said it was boring, but he had to go."

    Now it was my turn to remain silent for several minutes. Darlene waited for me to speak as I had waited for her. "Actually, Darlene, I haven't been completely truthful with you. The reason I came to see you today was to find out what your husband told you about where he was last Saturday night. Thank you for telling me. I'm sorry I wasn't more forthright with you, but I was afraid if I came on too strongly, you wouldn't speak with me."

    "I understand. Now that you know what my husband told me, what do you make of it?"

    "When my wife told me that she was having dinner with your husband to find out about the Board's decision on her appointment and tenure and that she would be late because he had to explain all the position's responsibilities, it didn't sound right. I wondered if he had told you the same thing. Now that it turns out he told you something totally different, I think your husband and my wife are... well... very good friends."

    Darlene laughed softly. When she saw the curiosity on my face, she said, "Men pride themselves on being objective, direct, and to the point, but quite often all you can do is talk all around a subject without saying what you really mean. My husband and your wife are ... how did you put it.... very good friends. Bull shit, Gordon. I think it's obvious that my husband is fucking your wife. I don't know how long it has been going on, but I'm certain that he fucked her last Saturday night when he was supposed to be at a meeting at the Capitol. What did Paula tell you about the evening?"

    "She said David told her that her appointment had been approved, they had dinner, and then he spent three hours explaining the job responsibilities."

    "Doesn't it strike you as odd that he would explain her job responsibilities over dinner rather than at work. Tell me, when she came home, did you have sex with her? I mean with a new job, tenure, and all that, it would be natural."

    "I was interested and suggested that we celebrate her new appointment in bed, but she said she was really tired after trying to digest all the instructions your husband had given her during the evening. She went right to bed."

    "I'm sure she was tired, but not from instructions. Do you have a photograph of your wife?"

    "Yes. I have one in my wallet." I took out the photo and gave it to Darlene.

    "God! No wonder my husband hired your wife. Do you have any clues as to how long they've been fucking?"

    "No... none. But would you like to have dinner with me Saturday night... at Gardener's in the Hilton Inn, Darlene?"

    "That's where you say David took your wife for sex last Saturday night, isn't it?"


    Darlene gave me a half curious - half seductive smile. "And that's where you want me to have dinner with you on Saturday night?"


    "And after dinner?"

    "You're a very beautiful woman, Darlene. I love my wife and really don't want a messy divorce, but I don't see us sitting at home watching TV while they have all the fun. It's just a suggestion... one I would really enjoy."

    Again Darlene laughed. "For a brilliant Director of Engineering and Chief Project Engineer, you certainly have a difficult time saying what you mean in plain English, Dr. Gordon Baxter. Let me help you. If we have dinner at Gardener's on Saturday night, do you intend to take me up to one of the rooms at the Hilton and fuck me?"

    "Until we both collapse from exhaustion. Promise. See, I can speak plain English, Darlene."

    "MMmmmmm... so you can, and I love your promises. I'd be delighted to have dinner with you Saturday night and end up totally exhausted, Gordon."

    "I'll call right now to make reservations at Gardener's and reserve a suite for us."

    "MMMMmmm... A suite! You really know how to seduce a woman, Dr. Chief Engineer. What are you going to tell your wife about Saturday night?"

    "I'm going to tell her that she had a night out last Saturday night... so it's my turn for a night out. She will ask what I'm going to do, and I'm going to tell her the same thing she did the previous Saturday night."

    "I love that! That's exactly what I'm going to tell David!"

    Darlene was quiet for a moment and then she leaned closer and whispered, "I'm already wet thinking about seeing you Saturday night, Gordon. In fact, I've been wet ever since I saw you at the tennis court three hours ago."

    "That's only fair, Darlene. I've been hard even before that... I got hard watching you on the tennis court. I'm still hard."

    "You're a really sexy man, Gordon. Do you mind? Can I?"

    "Of course."

    Darlene giggled and came over to my side of the booth. When her hand touched my cock, I moved my ass closer to the edge of the seat, thrust it against her hand, and moaned.

    "Oh god! You're huge... My husband has a big cock but not nearly as big as yours. Oh My God!"

    "Unzip my pants... go inside, Darlene."

    "MMMmmmmm... yessssss." Her fingers shook as she fumbled for my zip... as soon as she found it, she had my pants open and her hand inside. "Oh fuck... I can't even get my hand around your cock."

    " Take it out, Darlene."

    "Right here? What if someone see us?"

    "If it's a man who sees us.... then, he'll get hard. If it's a woman,... then, she'll get wet. Do it."

    She didn't wait to be told a third time. When she had my iron-hard, 8 and half inch cock in her hand, she stared at it... her eyes wide and her tongue running over her top lip. Oh God! It’s gorgeous! It’s so fucking hard! I can hardly move it." Her body began to tremble.

    "Are you all right," I asked with a smile.

    "No... I’m not all right. I’m about to cum from just looking at and feeling your cock. Oh fuck! My pussy is soaking wet."

    "My turn, Darlene. Can I?"

    "I was about to beg you to do it... please... feel me."

    When my hand was halfway up her skirt, she already had her ass at the edge of the bench. Slipping my hand onto the crotch of her panties, they were soaked with her excitement. I spent a moment rubbing her slit and then moved upward to her clitoris. It was very large and erect.

    "OOOooohhhh... I want your fingers on my cunt... not on my panties," Darlene hissed. Thrusting her hand under her dress, she jerked the crotch band of her panties aside and groaned, "Now feel me, Gordon. Feel how hot and wet I am for you."

    When my finger circled the hard, pulsing shaft, she trembled and her ass began to hunch against my finger. When I slipped two fingers into her vagina, I could feel her throbbing right at the edge of an intense orgasm.

    "Oh god, Gordon."


    "I don't want to wait until Saturday. Let's go to my house. I want you to fuck me in my bed."

    "And tomorrow night?"

    "I want you to fuck me to exhaustion... just like you promised."



    "Like this, Darlene?" I held her ass in place with my hands and drove my sex spike into her throbbing hole... hard... deep... fast. On every stroke, I could feel the head of my cock thudding against her womb... she grunted every time that happened.


    Reaching around her hips, I pushed two fingers into Darlene's ass at the same time as I rammed my dick into her hot cunt.


    After Darlene's fifth orgasm, and my second, we stopped for a short break, but she wouldn't let me take my cock out of her pussy even though we had both just climaxed.

    "Please, Darling. Leave it inside my cunt. I love the feel of your big dick even when it's only semi-hard. You know, I hope to hell David enjoys fucking your hot wife because I'm loving your big cock fucking me.


    An hour later, Darlene was mounted on my cock in reverse position. She was working frantically to reach her ninth or tenth orgasm... I had lost count... and I was struggling not to shoot off for the fifth time until she came.


    I did, and she howled even louder. After another frantic ten minutes of pounding my cock into her throbbing hole, Darlene screeched and came again... this time spurting juices all over me.

    She stayed with me, pumping her sexy ass up and down on my cock as I drove toward my own climax. "Shoot it, Stud.... SHOOT THE LOAD INTO ME, BABY. PUMP ME FULL!!"

    "I hope you're on the pill, Darlene, because I'm going to fill you again," I groaned.


    I knew she was just saying that to excite me... but it worked... man did it ever work. I exploded inside her and continued to pump cum into her eager pussy for almost a minute.


    Darlene was a delicious, hot fuck. Why Havermeyer
    thought she had no interest in sex was a mystery.

    Saturday Night:

    At 7:30 PM Saturday night, Paula came into the our den wearing a hot blue dress with spaghetti straps. It showed off her big 32DD tits and managed to cover her ass by a couple of inches. She wore 4-inch CFM heels and carried a small bag.

    "How do I look?" she asked.

    "Hot and fuckable," I responded meaning both words. "Jackson is in for a hell of a night. I just hope you're still interested in me tomorrow."

    "You are kidding, aren't you? If you're not kidding me, I'm calling Smith and canceling our date right now."

    "Yeah. I'm kidding. What's in the bag?"

    "A change of clothes, my make up, toilet articles, fresh panties, and my black, thong bikini. Every thing a hot piece of ass needs, Honey," Paula grinned giving me a loving, but seductive, smile. "After tonight," she added, "the scales are balanced... I have tenure, a full-time appointment, and the salary I've earned, and Havermeyer and Jackson will have both been repaid for their help. It ends after tonight if I can get Havermeyer to stop hitting on me... at least no more than any normal guy hits on me."

    "Don't worry about David. I've already started taking care of that problem. I'll finish up tonight. Oh... that reminds me, if you need me for anything, call me on my cell. I don't know what time I'll be home... if at all."

    "Just what does my handsome, virile stud husband have planned to solve my problem?"

    "I have an idea. Tomorrow night or Monday night if you don’t get home on Sunday, we'll have an early dinner and then go to bed. We'll fuck all night while you tell me all about your hot date with Jackson, and I'll tell you all the details of how I solved your problem."

    "MMmmmmm... sounds hot. You've got a date, Lover. I have to go. I told Smith I'd meet him at 8 PM."

    "And so do I. My solution plan also starts at 8 PM tonight."


    David Havermeyer had just turned off the TV at the completion of the football game he was watching on TV when Darlene came into their den. Havermeyer's mouth fell open when he saw what his wife was wearing.

    Her pink blouse had a deep, plunging V-neck that exposed all of her cleavage almost to the bottom of her tits. The sides of the blouse exposed most of the inner slopes. There were only two buttons fastened just below her 34D tits. Her black, very tight mini-skirt ended about one inch below the junction of her ass and thighs. If she bent over, there was no possible way she could keep everyone in the vicinity from enjoying the sight of her naked ass. Her five-inch heels were awesomely erotic. David couldn’t tell if his wife was wearing anything under the blouse and ultra-short skirt or not.

    The overall effect was to make Darlene look fabulously sexy and sensuously slutty. She looked like a $2,000 a night call girl or perhaps one even more expensive than that.

    "Oh fuck! Are you wearing a bra and panties under that slutty outfit?" her husband moaned as his cock hardened.

    "I'm wearing a matching black thong, Honey and a black and purple push-up half bra. It doesn't cover much of anything but it really shoves my tits up and out. Don't you think they look hot and sexy? I’ve got to be careful when I bend over or everyone will see most of my ass. See what I mean,” she said as she bent over for her husband.

    “Close your mouth, Darling. It makes you look retarded to stand there with it hanging open but no sound coming out."

    "My god! What's going on? Where in hell did you get that slutty outfit? Are we going out to dinner?"

    "I'm going out to dinner, David. I have no idea what you'll be doing for dinner. There are some leftovers in the fridge, but you would probably enjoy it more if you called up one of your friends and had a boy's night out. You can go watch some strippers and either pick one up or come home and jack off later."

    "You're going out to eat alone? Without me? Are you angry with me?"

    "Not at all, David. And I'm not going out to eat alone. I have a date with a very sexy man. By the way... don't wait up for me?"

    "You're going to stay out late with him? What time will you be home?"

    "I'll be home sometime tomorrow, Darling... so as I said, don't wait up for me."

    "But... but... what are you going to be doing?"

    "The same thing you did last Saturday night with that very, very sexy new Executive Assistant of yours."

    "But I didn't... I told you... I was at a meeting at the capitol."

    "No, Darling, you had dinner with Mrs. Paula Baxter, your new Executive Assistant, at Gardener's in the Hilton Inn. And after dinner, the two of you went up one of the rooms and you fucked her, Honey. But don't fret, I know you love me, and it was just sex. Was she a good fuck?" Havermeyer was too stunned to reply.

    "Your mouth is hanging open again, David. Please close it. It disturbs me to see my husband looking like a moron."

    "Do I know the guy you have a date with?"

    "You know of him, but you don't know him."

    "But... but... oh god... are you going to fuck him?"

    "Of course not! I don't fuck other men, David. I rather suspect, however, that he's going to be fucking me... a lot... all night long."

    "He's already fucked you, hasn't he?" David said accusingly.

    "Of course, he's already fucked me, Darling, but not as many times as you've fucked Paula. Look, David, I know men love to fuck new pussies. But women like new cocks too. So here's the way it works. You can fuck Paula whenever she will spread for you, but I'm not going to sit home and watch TV while you enjoy her cunt or other women's cunts. I want the same sexual privileges as you enjoy. If you decide to stop, then, reluctantly, I'll stop."

    "I'll stop. I won't see her again. I promise. Just don't go out tonight... please."

    "Sorry. You've fucked her three times already or more... I've only been with my lover once. So I've got two more times coming. Then, we'll be even and can stop if you like... or whatever. Oh shit... it's late. I have run or I'll be late for dinner. See you tomorrow some time."

    "Will you call me?"

    "I think I'll be too busy to call, Honey, but if you would enjoy listening to him fucking your wife, I’ll call. Well? Do you want to hear me being fucked?”

    "I'll call you," Havermeyer called out, but Darlene was already out the door.


    Paula and Darlene both looked like expensive escorts in their hot outfits.
    Gordon was turned on and pleased. Havermeyer was hard and worried.


    A few minutes after 8 PM, Gordon was admiring the luscious female who had just entered the Hilton lobby. Darlene's tits bounced and her ass swung from side to side as she hurried across the room to him. As soon as she reached him, he pulled her close and gave her a deep, open-mouth kiss. In response, Darlene's mouth opened wide to receive Gordon's tongue.

    A half dozen men were watching them, their cocks getting hard just from looking at the hot woman. The wives were leaning closer to husbands and whispering, "Look at that slutty whore! Can you imagine coming out in public wearing something like that outfit!

    All the husbands had the good sense not to comment. They were all hoping that their wives hadn't noticed how hard their dicks were.

    "Is this too slutty for you, Gordon?" I brought a bag with me. I can go to the ladies room and change into something less whorish."

    "Can you feel my cock against your belly, Darlene?"

    "Oh hell yes. It's so fucking hard!... and so fucking big!"

    "It is... so that's your answer. I love the way you look. Shall we? Our table is ready."


    At 8:10, Smith was following Paula as the waiter showed them to their table at Luigi's. Her sensuous ass swung from side-to-side beneath her short skirt. Before they reached their table, Smith's cock was already hard. Several women noticed and smiled at the sexy-looking black stud. They also glared enviously at the gorgeous blonde who already had him rock hard.

    At one table, two couples were having dinner together. Neither husband noticed his wife staring at the black stud's huge erection as he approached their table. They were both too busy checking out the blonde's huge tits and undulating ass. One of the wives leaned over and whispered to the other wife, "That blonde slut is going to get the fucking her life tonight. The cock on that black stallion looks like it's got to be 10 inches or more."

    "Did you notice the rings on her finger?" the other wife responded. "The slutty whore is married. I wonder if her husband knows that his wife is spreading her legs for black cock?"

    Jackson pulled out Paula's chair, and as she took her seat, he leaned forward and whispered, "Every man in this place wants to fuck you."

    Turning her head, Paula whispered back, "Too bad for them. That's your job tonight and tomorrow. Did you notice all the women looking at your erection? That redhead at the opposite table is ready to go out to the parking lot with you right now."

    "I can't wait to fuck you, Paula. Just looking at you at work keeps me hard all the time."

    "I'm ready to take that big black cock of yours whenever you decide to put it in me, Lover. We can skip dinner, if you like."

    "No. Let's eat. I'm going to need my strength, and the longer we wait, the hotter it's going to be. Did you bring your bathing suit?"

    "Yes... it's not much a suit though... a black, micro, string bikini. Are we going swimming?"

    "No... but we're going to lounge around the pool at my condo so I can show you off."

    "I'm practically naked in my bikini. Is that ok?"

    "That's fantastic! I can't wait to see you in it. What else did you bring?"

    "A change of clothes for tomorrow, my make up and toilet articles, a bottle of astroglide, and my birth control pills for in the morning... unless you prefer that I not take them."

    "Why the astroglide? As I remember, you pussy is a swamp, Paula."

    "My pussy's a swamp, but not my ass. You do plan to pleasure my sexy ass, don't you?"

    "You sexy, hot bitch. I love it!"

    "So do it, Lover. So do I."

    "Would you really let me fuck your unprotected pussy?"

    "If you like... it adds to the excitement, don't you think? But I would really enjoy it more if you fucked my unprotected cunt rather then my pussy."

    "Oh god! You're so fucking hot. I feel like I'm close to cumming in my pants."

    "Usually, I love making guys shoot off in their pants, Smith, but not tonight. Don't you dare waste it like that. If you can't hold it, we're going out to the parking lot so you can shoot it up my cunt where it belongs... understand?"

    "Mmmmmmn... love the way you explain things, Paula."

    As the waiter was taking their orders, Smith's fingers were between Paula's thighs sliding sensuously up and down the length of her slit.

    "You hot bastard," she hissed. "Now you're about to make me cum in my panties. You've also got that redhead so turned on, she's rubbing her clit right now."


    Darlene and Gordon had to wait a moment as their waiter put the wine glasses on the table. As she waited, Darlene sat on a nearby bench letting her short skirt slide upward until most of her thighs were on display. When she saw two men at a nearby table staring at her legs, she whispered to Gordon, "Those two men are enjoying looking at my legs, Gordon. They want what you have. I can't ever remember being this hot and excited... not even on my wedding night or the first time I was fucked."

    "Spread your legs a little more. Let them see your panties."

    "You don't mind?"

    "Mind?? I'm going to be looking at your panties too."

    Slowly... a little at a time, Darlene opened her legs. Just before the waiter had their table ready, she had her legs open enough that both men and Gordon were checking out her black thong that was pulled tightly against her throbbing cunt.

    While they waited for dinner, Darlene kept her legs open under the table with Gordon's fingers between her thighs and sliding sensuously up and down the length of her slit. Moving them upward, he found the prominent bulge of her big clitoris. It was already fully erect. He slowly moved his finger over the sensitive tip of the engorged organ.

    "Oooohhhh.... uuummmmm.... ooohhhhh," Darlene moaned. Gordon rubbed her slightly harder and a little faster. Havermeyer's wife had to shove the napkin into her mouth and bite down on it to keep form howling with pleasure. The men at the other table were now squeezing their cocks through their pants.


    "OOoohhh fuck... Oooohh fuck... OOoooh fuck," Paula moaned as the two, thick, black fingers moving smoothly, but slowly, in and out of her cunt. Her panties had been pushed aside and she was having difficulty keeping her ass still on her chair.

    "No birth control pills for you tomorrow, Paula. I'm going to fuck your unprotected cunt and shoot it full of sperm-filled semen." Paula had her first orgasm of the evening at that point.


    After dinner, Gordon escorted Darlene into the club lounge where a band was providing live music, most of it perfect for slow, close dancing.

    "Do you like to dance, Darlene?"

    "I love it, but David is too self-conscious to get out on the floor and try it."

    "I'm not... I'm a very good dancer but tonight, I'm going to concentrating a lot more on caressing your luscious body than on dancing... so I'll apologize in advance if I step on your toes."

    "That's a big fantasy of mine, Gordon. When David is fucking me, I often imagine that an aggressive, handsome, virile stud has me out on the dance floor in public caressing me... playing with me openly with everyone watching. That fantasy always gets me off really hard and fast. David thinks he's doing it, but he's wrong. Now, I'm really going to be dancing with an aggressive, incredibly handsome, hot, virile stud who's going to really do all those things to me. Hurry... please, Darling. I can't wait."

    Gordon started slowly... very slowly. For the first two dances, he just held Darlene close and, while moving to the music, whispered in her ear how much he loved her big 34D tits and the hot swell of her ass. "You can't imagine how hard my dick is now feeling your body against mine."

    "I can feel how hard it is, Lover... and I love it," she gasped.

    "I'm going to slide my hand under your short skirt and feel your thighs, Darlene... particularly the inside of your thighs. Are they wet yet? They will be, you know."

    "aaahhhh god," she moaned.

    "You know all the men will be watching when I slip my hands between your thighs onto your panties and move my fingers up and down your wet sex slit."


    "After I've felt your slit and your big, hard, throbbing clit, I intend to slowly lift your skirt... higher and higher... until your hot ass is exposed. They may make us leave the dance floor, but I doubt it. The manger will want to see your ass just as much as the other men... Even the women are going to want me to expose your ass to everyone."

    Darlene's body began to tremble... then jerk in Gordon's arms as she had her first orgasm of the night.


    Paula and Smith were back in his car on the way to his condo. "Pull your dress up around your waist, Paula," Smith ordered. Instead of simply pulling her dress up to her waist, Paula lifted her ass off the seat and remove her dress completely leaving her in just her heels and panties.

    "So fucking hot! Put one of your heels up on the dashboard and pull your other knee back against your tit. Spread wide open."

    "Ooohhhh fuck!" Paula moaned as she opened her legs... her panties slotted into her wet cuntal slit and between her ass cheeks.

    Jackson pulled the car along side of an SUV filled with college-aged boys... probably members of a fraternity out for a night on the town. Flicking two dashboard switches, the interior of the car was flooded with the two overhead lights. The men in the SUV rolled down their windows and strained to get a better view of the gorgeous blonde whose legs were wide open.

    "They can see your big 32DD tits, Paula. You’re getting them all hard, Baby."

    "Ohhhh god... fuck... they're all looking at me." She down her panties aside to expose her now soaked pussy.

    As Paula cupped her tits to give the men in the SUV a better view, she suddenly gasped when Jackson's fingers slipped into her drenched pussy and began stroking her engorged clit. Her tits bounced wildly as she humped her ass frantically against Smith's magic fingers. From the open windows of the SUV, she heard the men talking.

    "Shit ... Look at her hump. He's gotta be finger fucking her!"

    "Hell yes, he's fingering her... Look at her mouth... it's wide open... The bitch is about to cum!"

    "No. She is cumming. RIGHT NOW! Listen... you can hear her shrieking."

    Paula was shrieking, and even though she knew all the men in the SUV were watching, she couldn't stop. Her pussy convulsed and pulsed 15 or 20 times in succession as her second orgasm of the evening rippled through her cunt and clit.


    Darlene had her arms wrapped tightly about Gordon's neck as she held onto him. Her legs were trembling so hard she was afraid they would collapse. He now had her dress up over her ass with his hands cupping her buttocks. Men all over the lounge were watching. She could almost feel their eyes boring between her thighs to her throbbing pussy.

    Not only was her dress up around her hips, Gordon had pulled her jacket open and off her shoulders exposing both of her nipples and almost all of her tits. Her push-up bra covered essentially nothing

    "Please, Honey. Take me up to the room. I need you inside me. I can't ever remember being this hot... this desperate for cock. Please."

    "Not until I've gotten you out of your panties. Haven't you ever fantasized about a dominate, aggressive stud taking off your panties right on the dance floor while every one watches them sliding down your thighs?"

    "Aaaahhh... aaaahhhh AAahhhhhh!" Darlene's hips were now openly humping against the 8.5-inch erection grinding into her belly. "Ooohhh god, Gordon. How are you going to get my panties off? I don't want to let go of you. My legs are shaking so hard, I don't think I can stand by myself."

    "Good point, Darlene." Gordon smoothly moved them over near the side of the dance floor near where Mazio, their waiter at dinner, was standing. With his hand, he motioned him over.

    Mazio had been intently watching Gordon slowly stripping the luscious female and was shocked when he saw him motioning for him to come over. Confused, Mazio pointed to himself to silently ask, "Me?" Gordon nodded, and he didn't have to be asked twice.

    When Mazio was beside the couple, Gordon asked, "You seem very interested in watching us, Mazio. You provided excellent service at dinner. Would you like to dance with us?"

    Again confused, Mazio stammered, "Dance with you? How?"

    "Simple... Me in front of Darlene... you behind her. She has a really luscious ass and I don't want to leave it, but that means her tits are being neglected. Just press yourself against Darlene from behind... don't worry if she feels your erection... she's felt many of them before. Just press yourself against her from behind and reach around and caress her breasts while I do her ass... but unzip and take off her skirt first. It’s not covering anything... so we may as well get rid of it. Don’t you agree, Darlene?"

    "I’ll be arrested, Gordon... OOOHHH God!", she hissed as Mazio unzipped her skirt.

    "Don’t worry, Darlene. A lot of women have been stripped in this after-hours club. No one’s going to call the police... They’ll be too busy staring at your incredibly hot body. Go ahead, Mazio... get her skirt off."

    "Oohh... Oohh... Oohh... Oohh... Oohh," Darlene moaned in helpless passion when she felt Mazio lowering her skirt down her thighs. Only her panties and heels remained.

    A minute later, the threesome was moving about the dance floor... somewhat less than gracefully, but more or less in time to the music. With Gordon's hands deliciously stroking her buttocks, and Mazio's covering her breasts... softly kneading them, squeezing and twisting her nipples, Darlene was groaning in a sea of sensation. Hot ripples of pleasure surged through her belly... her cunt... her clit. Her vagina and ass contracted in repeated spasms as she had her second orgasm of the evening.

    She was still shuddering in the throes of her orgasm when she heard Gordon saying, "It's time to get her out of her panties, Mazio, so I can take her upstairs for a night of sex. Would you please do the honors. Just kneel behind her and pull down her panties. Be certain to do it slowly, and while you're removing her panties, rub her clitoris and make her cum again."

    Darlene started shaking even before her panties started down her thighs. Men and some women were gathering around to get a closer look. When her panties were down around the middle of her thighs, Mazio paused to spread her labia with one hand while he stroked her swollen, engorged clitoris with the other. Darlene tried to remain quiet, but it was impossible.


    Mazio finished pulling down her panties, finally lifting each of Darlene's heels in turn to remove them from her ankles. "You can keep them as an additional gratuity for a job superbly well done," Gordon said as he led Darlene toward the elevators. Her naked body was still trembling from her third orgasm when Gordon helped her onto the elevator.


    As soon as Paula and Smith entered his condo, he announced, "Get into that sexy black bikini of yours, Paula. We're going down to the community area for a drink and maybe a little dancing. You can go into the pool for a swim if you like, but I'm a lot more interested in showing you off than in swimming around in the water like a fish."

    When Paula emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later wearing her suit, Smith was already dressed in his tight, Speedo suit that outlined ever ridge of his big dick. In its present flaccid state, it was still an impressive 5.5 to 6 inches. When he saw Paula in her tiny, black, string bikini, it immediately began to swell toward it fully erect length of 9 or maybe 10 inches. Paula wondered if his tiny suit would be able to contain such a cock.

    "Great god! I know you said your suit didn't cover much but Jezz! You're essentially naked in that thing!"

    "Is it too much? I brought along a normal bikini. I can change if you like."

    "Hell no! I love that thing. Fuck, I'm already getting hard."

    "I noticed, Honey... and in that tiny suit you've got on, you're going to be attracting just as much attention from the women at the pool as I'm going to be getting from the men."

    "Ok. So we're both hot sluts. Let's go show off to the masses, Baby."

    As soon as they entered the enclosed pool area, a dozen couples were staring at them. The men couldn’t tear their eyes away from Paula’s thrusting, almost naked tits, and her totally naked ass. The women were all staring at Smith’s crotch where the head of his now fully erect 9-inch cock was exposed.

    For the next 30 minutes, Smith and Paula relaxed by the side of the pool. Paula was lying on her stomach with her head raised reading one of the magazines that were scattered around the pool. While Smith had a magazine in his hand, he wasn’t reading a single line. His eyes were locked onto Paula’s exposed ass. With the string of the bikini sunk totally out of sight between her ass cheeks, it appeared that her ass was totally naked.

    " You’re staring at my ass, you sexy stud," Paula whispered to him.

    "Of course I am. So are most of the other men around the pool. Have you noticed that nearly every guy has moved to a position behind you so he can check out your awesome ass?"


    "Turn you on? Make you wet?"


    "Get up on your knees, put the magazine on the deck, and lean over to read it, Paula."

    "Sexy Bastard. If I do that, every one of those guys will be able to see my cunt, Honey."

    "I know. That’s the whole idea. Do it."

    When Paula shifted around and then moved to her knees with her head down presumably to read the magazine, the masculine moans from behind her were audible to everyone in the pool area. Not wanting to appear to be a complete whore, Paula kept her thighs pressed together, much to the disappointment of the men."

    "Now turn over, Paula. Onto your back. Let your legs fall open as you do it."

    "Oh fuck... you have no idea how hot this is getting me, Smith," she moaned as she turned onto her back and let her legs gape open. After leaving her legs open for over two minutes, she pulled Smith closer and groaned, "I’m about to cum. Let’s go back up to your condo. I need your big cock in me... NOW!"

    All those men want to see your cunt, Paula. Show it to them and then we’ll go back.”

    “You sexy bastard,” she hissed.

    “Show it. Now!”

    As Paula pulled the crotch of her bikini aside exposing her swollen, wet pussy, she also jerked Smith’s suit down releasing his rock-hard 9-inch black shaft. Paula’s tongue swiped over the throbbing black crown as the men around the pool clutched and stroked their cocks, and the women moved their hand between their open thighs.


    Both Darlene and Paula had their dates and every
    other man hard and hot.


    "Oh yeah! Like that, Honey... just like that! UUUNNNGGHHH... Oh fuck... your cock is huge... gghhhaaaa.... spreading meeeee... Aaaaahhhh!"

    As Jackson’s plunged his cock in and out of Paula’s cunt, he pressed her legs all the way back on either side of her bouncing tits spreading her even wider and putting her pussy into perfect fucking position. The sight of his meat disappearing into Paula’s hot hole was almost enough by itself to make him shoot. Add to that visual stimulation, the slick, tight feeling of Paula’s vagina clinging to his shaft as it moved back and forth in her cunt, Smith knew he wasn’t going to last much longer inside this sexy bitch.

    "Shit... not gonna be able to hold it much longer, Baby. First load’s going in... RIGHT..... NOW!!"

    Paula squealed with she felt the rampant cock bury itself deep inside her cunt... right up against her womb and then begin to contract in hard spasms... each spasm pumping a thick load all over the mouth of her womb.

    "Ooohhhh shit... you hot Bastard. You’re cumming inside my unprotected cunt... aahhh... aaaahhh... ooohhh I’m cumming too... shoot it into me! CUM IN CUNT, LOVER!!"


    Smith’s huge black cock pounded me so hard and deep
    and stretched my pussy so much, I
    had one orgasm after another.


    Darlene’s big clit throbbed in hard spastic contractions beneath Gordon’s tongue. She had begun shrieking with intense pleasure just a few minutes after his tongue began to caress every part of the pulsing organ. Now, after ten minutes, her deep grunts, wild, shrill cries, and gasping groans filled the room as she exploded in one orgasm after another.

    After her fourth orgasm of the evening, she was breathing deeply trying to catch her breath, but the tongue lashing her clitoris kept sending lances of hot pleasure through her cunt and throbbing clit. When Gordon began plunging two fingers into her vagina and working her G-spot as he licked her clitoris, Darlene's body erupted in a series or hard, repeated climaxes.

    "Oohhhh god... stop, Gordon... let me rest... OOoohhhh shit... can’t take this... NO... no... stop... aaaahh... uunnggh... ooohhh... Oh GAWD DAMN! SUCK ME, YOU HOT BASTARD! SUCK ME!!"

    After her fifth orgasm, Gordon had covered her convulsing shaft with his lips and sucked on it so hard her clit ballooned in size. With her shaft engorged with blood and her nerves tingling, each stroke of the tongue on her clitoris sent it into repeated hard, jerking spasms. Darlene’s juices squirted out in a thick stream, her vagina contracting in hot spasms of pleasure.


    Darlene was cumming again when Gordon pulled his face from between her flailing thighs, shoved her legs back, and nailed his iron-hard dick into Darlene’s cunt. All 8.5 inches powered into her depths on the first stroke. When the head rammed into her womb with hard, masculine authority, Darlene’s eyes flew open.

    "Ohhh Yes! You’re fucking meeeeeeeeee.... ram it, Darling. Fuck my cunt.. fuck me hard and deep. Oh shit... I love it... I love it! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!"


    At 11:30 PM, Jackson had cum inside Paula’s cunt for the fourth time. They had both long since lost track of the number of orgasms she had had. After Smith’s fourth load was pooled safely at the bottom of Paula’s vagina, the couple had snuggled up together on the bed. Normally, they would have fallen asleep for the night, but they were both too excited... too much on a sexual high... to permit sleep.

    It was almost midnight when Paula’s hand found Smith’s flaccid penis. Even soft, it was easily 6 inches in length and had sizable girth. "Oh Baby, I love this big, black, hot fuck stick of yours. Can you fuck me again?"

    "Suck me and get it hard, Paula, and you’ll found out just how hard I can fuck you."

    "MMmmmmm... whatever you say lover."


    Four miles away in the 15th floor, Hilton suite, Darlene was one step ahead of Paula. She was already licking Gordon’s shaft getting ready to suck him. Bending over him as he reclined on the large bed, Darlene couldn’t get over the size and power of Gordon’s cock. He had fucked her almost continuously for two hours, and she was still having orgasms when his fourth load exploded into her cunt. Her husband never could fuck her more than once... this marvelous satyr seemed inexhaustible, and she loved it! The sexy stud even made her wear her stockings and heels while he screwed her.

    Now, after just playing with his cock for a few minutes.... licking and sucking the head and sliding her tongue up and down his shaft, he was already more than hard enough to penetrate her pussy anytime he decided to do so.

    "Suck me, Darlene. Get me iron hard. Then, I want you ride my cock this time... both positions."

    Lowering her mouth over his beautiful prick, Darlene bent to her task... taking the first four inches into her mouth and pumping her lips up and down as she cupped and caressed his balls. After a few strokes, she took a fifth inch so that the big head was butting against the opening to her throat.

    Taking a deep breath, she relaxed her throat muscles as Gordon had taught her to do when he had fucked her on Friday, and pushed in a sixth inch. This time, the head sank into her throat. There was a slight gagging reflex but very little. Once the head was in her throat, she took the remaining two inches of Gordon’s cock down her throat on the next couple of strokes. With her lips locked about the base of his shaft, Darlene sucked him hard... her cheeks hollowing. Blood rushed into his penis... causing it to swell into a huge fuck spike that pulsed and throbbed in her mouth and throat.

    When her lips began to slide up and down his prick, Gordon moaned with pleasure. The sound of his pleasure thrilled her causing her vagina to contract and throb right along with his cock.

    "Enough... enough, Woman! You’ll have me shooting off like a cannon if you keep that up."

    "I want you to cum in my mouth, Honey."

    "In the morning, you can suck me off to wake me up... right now, I want your hot body riding my cock. MOUNT! MOUNT ME, you sexy witch."

    Darlene moaned with pleasure as she slowly pulled her lips off his shaft. It gleamed with her saliva... slowly throbbing with lust for her cunt. She wanted it inside her just as much as he want to fuck it into her hot hole. Darlene had just swung her legs over Gordon’s thighs preparing to ride him cowgirl when her cell phone rang.

    "Let it ring," Gordon suggested.

    "No. I want to answer it, Darling. It’s probably David calling me. He said he would. I’m going to fuck you while I talk to him."

    "Sexy... very sexy and erotic. I’ll try to be quiet."

    "I don’t want you to be quiet. I want him to know I’m being fucked."

    "Now that’s is really sexy and hot!"

    "Hello," Darlene said into her cell as she ground her cunt against Gordon’s rigid prick.

    "Hi. It’s me, Honey. Is every thing all right?"

    "Mmmmmm... every thing is a lot better than just all right, David. Right now, I’m .... mmmmm... just a moment... need to do something"

    "What?" Havermeyer asked. No answer. "What?" he repeated.

    "Yesss... right there... UUNNGGHH! OOooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... mmmmmmmmmm."

    "Oh my god! You’re being fucked, aren’t you?"

    "AAaaahhhhhh... mmmmmmmmmmm... I’m riding his cock, Darling... ooohhhhh god... UN-HUH! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! UN-HUH! .... so fucking big... aaaaahhhhhhhhh! About nine inches of hard, thick cock is in me… fucking meee…aaaahhhhh shit, he’s big and hard!”

    "But... it’s after midnight.... I thought he’d be finished by now and you would be home," David moaned.

    "I told you, that... aaahhhhhh... uunnggghhh.... ooohhhhhhh fuck... harder... harder Honey... fuck me harder.... yes... yes... yes... oohhhhh shit... he’s gonna make me cum again, Honey. He’s holding my hips as he slams it into me…. Aaahhh… fuck.. fuck … fuck… FUCK! FUCK!”

    "You told me what?"

    "That I wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!"

    "What happening? My god.... what’s he doing to make you howl like that? Is he hurting you?"

    "Hurting me??? Hell no! He’s fucking the shit out of your wife, Baby. AAAAhhhhhhhhh... his cock is huge... buried in me... I’m getting it, Honey... Oh god... am I ever getting it! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!"

    "But it’s after midnight... you met him at 8 PM. How long has he been fucking you?"

    "Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... OOoooooohhhhhhhhhhh.... OOoooohhhhhhhhhhh... I’m cumming, Darling... cumming... cumming so fucking hard... OOoooohhhhhhhhh!"

    "How long?! How many time??!!" David screamed into the phone.

    "Five times... so far.... when shoots into me, it will load number five... oh yes... oh yes... OH YES... OH YES... OH MY GOD, YES!!"

    "What? What happening?"

    "He’s cumming in me... he shooting his load up your wife’s cunt.... aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh... big fuck load’s going innnnnnnnnnnn.... UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!"

    "Oh shit... oh my god," Darlene hissed. "He turning me around, David. OOOhhhh... I’m riding his cock reverse cowgirl now.... aaaaahhhhh... gawd damn! He’s holding my hips and ramming meeeeeeeeeeeee... fucking the shit out of meeeeeeeeeee... I’m getting it... hard... deep... uunngghhh... UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!"

    "But he just came???"

    "So? This is a stud... He’s gonna cum in your wife’s cunt again...soon... gotta go... He’s tired of listening to me talk... He just told me my job is fuck my cunt on his cock... have to hang up now, Honey... hang up and fuck my cunt on his big, beautiful... cock... see you tomorrow."

    When Darlene broke the connection, David was jacking off furiously and in just a couple of minutes, a huge, thick stream of cum shot out of his throbbing rod.


    Darlene’s body shuddered in one intense climax
    after another as Gordon fucked her while
    her husband listened on the phone.


    It was fortunate that Paula had brought along the bottle of astroglide. After she had sucked Smith until his cock was hard as stone again, he had informed Gordon’s wife that it was time he sampled her tight asshole.

    After squirting in a large amount of the lubricant, he had rimmed her... then stretched her butt with two... then three fingers. At the end, he was working four fingers in and out of her ass as Paula moaned and humped frantically against his plunging fingers.

    "Get on your knees, Honey. Put your head on the bed and hoist that hot ass high in the air."

    When Paula was in position, Smith mounted her like a stallion on a mare. She moaned when she felt his rigid, stone-hard cock pressing against her anus. It opened easily and Smith sank all 9-inches of his rod into Paula’s receptive ass.


    It only took Paula a few minutes to have her first orgasm of the evening with anal sex. Her second followed less than a couple of minutes after the first one. At this point, Jackson rolled onto his back and had Paula mount him with his cock up her asshole. This time is was Gordon’s wife who was slamming her ass down on Smith’s hard black dick... faster and faster... deeper and deeper until she was taking all nine inches of dick every time her ass slid down his cock.

    She came twice before twice before Smith moaned, "I need to cum, Baby."

    "Go ahead, Lover. Jizz my asshole, Honey."

    "I want you on your back so I can really pound it up your tight butt, Paula. Get on your back and pull your legs way back... all the way to your tits."

    Five minutes later, Smith fired four huge streams of semen up Paula’s ass. She was already in the midst of another orgasm before he shot in the first gush of cum.


    When Smith fucked my ass with his huge black
    cock, I came almost as many times
    as when he used my cunt.


    At noon, David Havermeyer was pacing back and forth in his den. Every ten minutes or so, he would walk out to the front of the house and visually search the street leading up to their driveway hoping to see Darlene's car approaching.

    He had already called his wife several times on her cell phone and each time he got the recorded message,

    "That number is not available as this time. Please check to see if you are calling the correct number. If so, please try again later."

    His cock was hard again... very hard, and his erection would not abate. He had already jacked off in bed that morning when he awoke at 7 AM. Later, he did it again while listening to the recorded phone conversation with Darlene the previous evening when she was being fucked. Now, with his cock iron-hard and throbbing in his pants, he unzipped and began to jack off again. Images of his wife on her back, her legs high in the air, her ass thrusting against the big cock filling her vagina flashed through his mind as he pumped his cock faster and faster.


    After having sex for the second time that morning, Gordon and Darlene took a shower together. She insisted on soaping every inch of Gordon's muscular body. Instead of using a wash cloth, she used her hands to scrub his body. When it was time to wash his thick cock, he was already hard... his shaft standing almost straight up.

    "Oh god... that's beautiful," Darlene moaned as she lovingly soaped and cleaned every inch. There was no way she could resist masturbating the thick shaft. She had Gordon groaning and pumping against her hand before she stopped.

    "That's all you get, you hot stud. It's your turn to wash me."

    In less than five minutes, he had Darlene squirming and writhing against the shower wall as his soapy hands stroked her tits, her ass, her thighs, her mound, and finally her clitoris. Like Gordon, Darlene was hunching her pussy against his probing fingers in a near frenzy.

    Suddenly the fingers were gone. Darlene moaned... "No... don't... please... finish meee."

    "That's all you get, you hot slut. Let's order room service for lunch. I want your pussy for dessert."


    While Darlene and Gordon were waiting for their lunch, Paula was eating a thick serving of dark meat for her lunch. Smith had fucked her as soon as they awoke that morning. She came twice before he filled her with his load. Afterwards, they fell back asleep. When they awoke, Smith fucked her again.

    After breakfast, as Paula was washing up their dishes, she found herself bent over the kitchen cabinet getting laid a third time. At first, Smith used her cunt until she had an orgasm... then he switched to her ass. They both got off at almost the same time with his cock ejaculating deep inside her bowels.

    Just before lunch time, Paula asked Smith to fuck her again. "Jezz... you are on insatiable woman! I think I've already lost 10 pounds... five from all the exercise and five more from all the cum you've extracted from my balls."

    "Are you complaining?" she asked with a grin.

    "Hell no... except you'll need to give a little help to get me up again."

    "I can do that, Lover. Come here."

    Just as Darlene and Gordon started eating their lunch at their Hilton suite, Paula was taking Smith's now raging cock all the way into her throat.


    "OOOOohhhh fuck me, you hot Stud," Darlene howled as she pumped her pussy up and down on Gordon hard shaft. With her back against his chest, her big tits were bouncing crazily every time drove his shaft upward into her pussy. Every time Darlene slammed her pussy downward, they both groaned with the intensity of the sensation. The hard thud of cock head against womb brought moans of delight from their mouths.

    "Ohhh fuck, Darling. You have no idea how fantastic your big cock feels inside my cunt. I can't get enough of you... ever. Aaaahhh... soooo good. Fuck my pussy harder, Lover. Ream me out, Baby."

    "UUGGHH! UUGGHH! Hot cunt... feels so slick and hot... love the way your pussy throbs, Honey... aaahhhh... do you think David is going to keep fucking my wife?"

    "Ooooohh... ooohhhh... Ooohhhh... ooohhh shit... it grinding on my G-spot so hard... you're going to make me cum again... No...I don't think so. He's was begging me not leave last night... promised never to cheat again... AAAHHHHH... here it comes, Lover... pound meeeeeeeeeeee! CUMMING!!"

    "Oh Lady! Your cunt feels like a vise around my cock. How am I going to get to enjoy this luscious pussy if your husband starts behaving himself?"

    "AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! AAHH!AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! OOOHHHH... Can you feel me cumming... can you feel how hard my pussy is throbbing, Honey?"

    "I'd have to be unconscious not to feel it the way you're throbbing around my cock, Darlene. It's awesome."

    "What's going to stop you from fucking me, Honey?"

    "You said David promised to behave from now on?"

    "He did... but I didn't. Just because he willing to keep his dick inside his pants, doesn't mean that I'm willing to keep my legs together. I hope this isn't going to be a one-time thing."

    "No way, Darlene. Let me roll us onto our sides so I can fuck you harder, Honey. I need to cum."

    "Oh yes... roll me over, Stud. Fuck my brains out, Honey and shoot me full of your hot load!"



    "Take it, you hot Slut! UGH! UGH! UGH!"


    "Did you take your birth control pills this morning?"

    "NO! NO! You're screwing my unprotected cunt, Lover. Ram it in and shoot me full! BREED ME!!!"

    That was all Smith could take. Driving his thick shaft all the way to the bottom of Paula's vagina, he pressed it against the opening to her womb just as his dick exploded sending thick streams of sperm-filled semen gushing into Paula's cunt bathing her womb. Smith continued to ejaculate inside the moaning woman again and again until the load was spewing out all over the bed.

    One Week Later:

    "Well, has Havermeyer continued to hit on you all week long, Paula?" Gordon asked over dinner Saturday night.

    "Not a pass... nothing. Nada... Nil... Zilch. I feel neglected. I've never had a guy working so hard to avoid me. Brand new experience for me. I would have preferred a little flirting, but this is better than before. Darlene must have really laid down the law to him."

    "I think she did. How about you and Jackson? Has he been trying to get into you again?"

    "Nope. We agreed it was a one-time thing as my thanks for his help. He's kept his word. It's not really hard for him to keep it... he's got more women after him and his big dick than he can manage anyway."

    "I'm sure he does, but I think he's got a steady girlfriend now so he's not playing the field."

    "Really? How do you know that?"

    "I've got my sources, Paula."

    "Ok. Who's his steady now? Who is he banging with that big dick?"

    "Havermeyer's wife... Darlene."

    "Oh fuck! Now that's wild... really wild. And poor old David doesn't have a clue does he?"

    "Nope... not a clue."

    "I wonder how often he's screwing her?"

    "Not sure, but quite a bit. Like tonight. Darlene has agreed to give David a "boys night out" once a week. He's got a poker game tonight until the wee hours, and of course, Darlene has a date with Smith."

    "He's a great fuck. And from what you told me about Darlene, she's a hot lay. They should really enjoy each other."

    "I'm sure they do."

    Paula was silent for a few minutes and then asked, "Ok. I guess you're not going to tell me... so I just have to ask. How in hell do you know all this stuff?"

    "They told me when I made the arrangements for tonight."

    "What arrangements?"

    "Oh? Did I forget to tell you? They're coming over here tonight for an erotic foursome... that is, they're coming over here at 9 PM... unless you object. Do you object?"

    Without a word, Paula got up from the table and walked toward the bedroom.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Why to the bedroom, Darling, to put on the hottest, sluttiest outfit I can find... for the sexiest husband on the planet."


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