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Old school NW and YW stories

Discussion in 'Welcome to the new Dark Wanderer!' started by dig420, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    Those who've been following this site for some years know that we have a pretty huge archive broken up into two parts, the Nasty Wives series and the Young Wives series. Unfortunately this site is SO old school that they're all in zip format. I made a little start towards getting them online before the last software update, but it was just too much hassle with the buggy wordpress software. I'll be getting both collections online forthwith. Any volunteers to help out?
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  2. Congenialoki

    Congenialoki Member Member

    If I knew how to help I would volunteer but doubt I have the knowledge.
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  3. Admin

    Admin HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    I got all the NW stories up already, there are about 2k YW stories so that's going to take a little longer lol
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  4. VicFontaine

    VicFontaine Member Member

    Let me know if I can help. I have a good amount of free time.
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  5. ravi_72us

    ravi_72us Member Member

    Nice thanks
  6. Eatsher After

    Eatsher After Member Member

    Do you have a link to the NW stories?

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