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. Occupation of the mind

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Apr 12, 2018.

. Occupation of the mind 3.5 5 2votes
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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    'Who owns yah Bitch!' demanded the guard.

    Emma resisted the temptation to shoot the burly black male a contemptuous look. She's have her face re arranged if she had. Instead, she unravelled the silk scarf from around her throat and showed what shamed her. A dark red leather collar with the surname of her owner, Commander Lexxer. The red leather meant that she was a political commissar's bitch whilst the surname usually unsettled the guards that manned the checkpoints on the streets in this town. Commander Lexxer was the most ideological, the most brutal black supremacist leader, in the sector. He showed no compunction whatsoever. Richard, her brother had been sent off to the agricultural unit in East Anglia, to work long cold hours out on the field, just because Lexxer wanted to give his wife to a brother without any hangers on. Richard had died out there, starved, over worked, without hope whllst his wife got her belly full of superior black cock. The bastard that Lexxer had given her to bred her within months. She had been made to send the picture of the baby to Richard out in the fields. It was may be the last thing that he had ever seen. Emma's own husband had been sent by Lexxer to another place, an experimental station. For the first years of occupation beaten and cowed husbands had been kept in place by fists, the risk of summary execution. They had used electric collars on them. But that had been untidy and of course it meant reaching for the remote! So now, Patrick, was being fitted with an implant through the skin at the back of his skull. The electrodes went straight to source, straight to his brain stem. These things didn't require a remote, they ran on thought transference and were linked to the master's mind. The more pissed off master was with his slave, the more the brain stem started to shut down. Heart rate faltered, the message to breath disappeared. They said that you could will yourself to breath, but not for long. There came a time when concentration failed, when you had to sleep, and then you died because your master wanted it that way. By the time Patrick came back, he would not only watch his master fuck Emma, but he would willingly cooperate in the fetid, the cruel scene. He would fear that the merest displeasure could leave him prostate on the floor.

    'Officer's bitch huh?' said the guard, a share of contempt in his face alright. He was a big man, and a physically powerful looking man. Lexxer was strong, and he was brutally powerful, but he wasn't quite as physical as this guy! She waited. Waited to see what the guard would do. She waited and watched as her friend Carol was taken to one side. Carol wasn't an officer's bitch. She was owned by Sergeant Slade, a no holds barred troop commander. If you weren't an officer's bitch then you were fair game for casual sex. So some of the guard's associates were now enjoying her. They had pushed her over the bonnet of their armoured vehicle, wrenched up her tight little skirt and kicked her legs apart so that they could touch her. One by one the guard personnel took out their thick black cocks and plugged her. Emma watched them do it, making Carol moan at first and then grunt like an animal as she was serviced. Her breasts swung in her loose blouse and truth be told, Emma was envious. Her friend was getting a lot of black cock and arrogant cock too. She was taking cock publicly and in the house when Slade had guests around. How many times a week, may be Carol was being fucked fifteen or twenty times. She was converting to the need, having to have cock more and more. It was being conditioned into her. As she wasn't routinely ever going to be a breeder, then she was the force's to fuck. The only way that they would breed Carol was if they wanted a whole load more workers. She was a 'fuck bitch', something to be slotted. 'Diseases' Emma had queried one evening when her friend was especially sore from going with Slade's brothers. 'No disease' the girl had said, 'they inject the troops weekly with a serum. It kills all the bugs and it ramps their testosterone up. They're all on a trip, fucking women like me.'

    'He breeding you yet?' the guard wanted to know. He was a fucking cocky bastard. A cocky potentially insolent bastard with a cock for a brain. But he did look masculine, he did look beautiful.

    'No' she answered grudgingly. Lexxer wasn't breeding her yet. He was showing her off. He was flaunting her. He was using her to remind the other ranks that the officers always got the poshest bitches, the best educated and expensively dressed ones. He would breed her, he would breed her hard, but that was going to be best when he had that fucker Patrick back to assist with things. He wanted that fucker Patrick back to raise the kids that they produced.

    Against the armoured vehicle Carol was climaxing. She might have resisted it, but after four or five big black, testosterone fuelled cocks had run through her, all she knew was lust. She thought with her cunt, needing the fix, needing the fix. So perhaps she had looked at the guards saucily when they had checked her papers. Perhaps she had provoked them with a look, so that afterwards she could walk wet and dripping to the shops with her friend Emma.

    'She rides nice you think?' asked the guard of Emma. She glanced across at her friend. Another stiff black prong was pulling out of her sex and she was pouring semen.

    'Yes' said Emma and sincerely, she meant it. Carol had learned to accept that her cunt dominated her thinking. She had learned to think about how best she could please the black occupying forces. There was no resentment left. The anthrax bomb threats in each major city, the edict to the prime minister to hand over control to the black guys regional councils, none of that registered in Carol's mind. She simply lived for black cock.

    'She got a husband?' the guard asked. A husband! The guards rarely used that word these days. it didn't mean so much after all. What did husband mean when the black masters were billeted in every home?

    'They killed him...he resisted. They drowned him in the garden pond' Emma responded, her eyes dull. She hadn't been there, but she knew. She knew how that had cut Carol up at first. One of the guards had dropped by to fuck her and Martin lost his nerve. He went for the guy with a hammer and the two associate guards who had stood by whilst Carol took cock, marched husband down to the pond and stuck his head below. They said that Carol was climaxing as the poor bastard fought for his last breath.

    'I'm sorry' said the guard.

    It astonished her that he had said that. It astonished her that he registered a kindly emotion. She looked at him in disbelief.

    'You mean that...you actually mean it?' she asked him.

    The guy's jaw tightened. His badge said Sergeant Elroy. He liked the look of her. He liked the way she wore her little leather skirt with the full length front zip partially undone at the bottom. it was meant to tease. She was meant to make the guards ache, the white slave males look on enviously. She was meant to be one of the cruellest bitches, bred by instinct, honed by her training on Lexxer's cock.

    'I wished that they had developed that brain stem restraint early...her husband, he needn't have died. He could have learned to accept that black cock was best for her.'

    'Yes' she said. That was right. Patrick would come back completely compliant. He would move to please the moment that Lexxer had a thought. It was going to make her 'husband' a robot, that was how it would seem.

    'You needing a fuck too?' asked the sergeant.

    Another look! This time she scowled at him. She could have him reprimanded. She could have him posted. Down to Africa to work in a plantation may be.

    'You dare to ask that?' she responded softly, 'I could get you into so much trouble.'

    'May be' said the sergeant. 'May be you could. It would be easy enough to report me, to give the lab a sample of what you had up you. But why? Your husband has been sent off to be brain stem fitted, I heard that. I heard that there was a risk he would look like a fucking automaton when he got back. as for Commander Lexxer...he's the political man huh? He goes around and around the city, may be you see him when he gets back home flaked from all that zealous work.'

    Emma looked across at Carol. She was busy, snogging with one of the guards, feeling his hand travel up beneath her skirt to feel the 'damage' done by his compatriots' cocks. Carol looked resigned, no she looked grateful for her lot. She looked as though it was a pleasure to see whether the next guard wanted to empty a load down her throat.

    'Yes, fuck me' said Emma. It was such a decisive and such a sudden decision. She was jealous of Carol. Jealous of all the lovely black cock that she was taking. She was a whore, they had made her that. What was she, Emma? Certainly not a whore. She was a bitch pretending that she was a whore. She had learned to think of Patrick as a house servant, she had learned to watch how men got erections thinking about her, but she wasn't fucking that much. The occupation made her want to fuck. She wanted to be the prize. She wanted to be the conquest, in the way that Carol so evidently was.

    Elroy lead her inside the check point shed. it was nothing really, a desk with mobile phones scattered around. Some side arms. A flask or two of coffee and half drained cups.

    'You gonna tell Lexxer about this?' Elroy asked her, running his fingers over her breasts, feeling her through the material of her blouse.

    'It depends..' she whispered, accepting his kiss. The man had such generous lips, such fabulous white teeth and his eyes, his eyes where the brown of ripe hazel nuts. 'It depends how hard you fuck me.'

    Elroy smiled and peeled off her blouse. He unhooked her bra and her young tits bounced free. How long had it been since Patrick saw those? How long since he had been allowed to touch them? No, they were black dude's tits, Lexxer's tits to play with.

    'You hate Lexxer then?' she asked as Elroy unzipped her skirt, running the catch up and peeling the flaps apart so that he could see her stocking tops, the suspender straps and bare thighs. He could see her bare cunt, her marked bare cunt, the queen of spades tattoo.

    'Yes' said Elroy...' you hate your husband?'

    'Yes' she admitted. She hated him. She hated that he reminded her of a past time, a gentle time. She hated the contrasts , the felt loss. She wanted to fuck like Carol did. She wanted to be owned, petted, played with, dominated and occupied.

    'Was he ever any good for you as a man?' Elroy wondered.

    There, now his fingers were exploring her, the heat inside her sex. It was delicious!

    'No...he was never any good as a man. I always faked it...the orgasms' she admitted. Once upon a time she could never had said that. She watched him get his weapon out. His cock was bigger than the other guards had seemed. it was covered in thick veins and his balls hung heavy. She touched it, feeling its beefy contours.

    'You climax on Lexxer?' he asked.

    She nodded, yes, easily. He was big for sure, but he smelled like an alpha, he acted like an alpha and she couldn't get enough of him. She needed to fuck as often as Carol now, she knew that.

    'So if I make you scream and beg....' Elroy said.

    'Yes' she answered.

    He grabbed her hair then and wrenched her head down. He twisted her perfectly groomed auburn hair, until she turned her mouth to his erection as he desired. 'Fucking suck it!' he ordered.

    She lapped at his cock, spitting it wet and greedily covered it with her expensive lipstick lips. Aaah, that was now. She hard him purr with satisfaction. He was dragging her head back and forth now so that she covered his cock with her mouth like a piston housing. She caress the bottom of his shaft with her tongue as his manhood slid over its surface. Roughly she was dragged upright then and pushed over the desk. her face caught the window so that Carol looked across curiously. There, yes, there, her friend must have thought, shit! Emma is taking the guard sergeant's length!!

    The length went home. No warning, no playing, just a brutal burial of flesh inside her. It was like she was being stuck for a spit roast. She squealed under the force of it and held onto the desk as best she could. Christ, she needed this...god, breath breath, try to breath, she thought to herself as the guard commander ploughed her. Her tits were being pushed across the desk, back and forth. Back and forth she went, her sex dragged back again and again so that Elroy's cock went up to the hilt. She grunted, she groaned.

    'Fucking hate you little bitch lying with that bastard...posh little sluts like you should be out here for the men.'

    She loved that. She loved his dirt words. She loved the venom in his voice. She was too good for the men wasn't she. She was too perfect for their sordid erections. But a bit of rough, a bit of rough with this handsome specimen.

    'They're scum and you know it' she snapped back, 'accept it, rank will always have its way'.

    'Think so you fucking bitch!' he snarled at her. He grabbed her arms now and pulled them back behind her as he buried his cock repeatedly inside her. 'How does this feel then....you snooty little cunt'.

    She gaped. He was going to split her. That was how it felt. She thought of Patrick wired to be a slave of Lexxer who had ordered her to take and use one of the NCOs when she was ready. He would love the recording she took of this. He would love the hatred in Elroy's voice.

    'You bastard!' she gasped, 'no...no'

    'Fucking take it you horny little bitch!' shouted the sergeant, and spunked in her.

    There...there, Emma lay gasping for breath, splayed forward over the desk as Elroy emptied into her. Her head was spinning and the room smelled of pee and spunk. Night time, the guards took the women in here. Through the glass window Carol watched Elroy pumping his semen into her. She watched the way her girlfriend's body slide forward with each brutal thrust.

    When he pulled out of her he felt exhausted. Look, look at her cunt draining. She had the prettiest, the snobbiest little cunt that he had ever seen. A privileged cunt, a petulant cunt. It dripped with his semen.

    'You can tell the bastard, it was worth it!' Elroy snarled at her. If he was done, he was done. The bitch needed taking. He watched her stand. He watched her re arrange her clothing as politely as she knew how. He watched her cover her leather collar with the silk scarf again. She looked at him wide eyed.

    'What would you do if I did tell Lexxer?' she asked.

    He laughed. 'Die painfully I suppose'.

    She nodded. He was right. That was the risk. Occupation, it had to be complete, the rule it had to be iron. He had defiled an officer's bitch.

    'I will tell Lexxer.....' and she paused, 'that you passed my test. I want you. He wants me to have a rough cock.'

    Elroy trembled.

    She stared at him.

    'We are all yours, white women...opening our legs to black men, that has been what the war was about, yes?'

    He nodded and wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

    'So Lexxer shares...I will fuck with you when he directs and we will have Patrick attend us. Lexxer will make some films',

    'Yes' said Sergeant Elroy, 'yes' he said incredulously.
  2. krushone

    krushone Member Member

    Love the world you create in this one. Would make a great longer story or book.
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Thanks Krushone. A sexual dystopia (dystopia's a relative term, depending on your sexuality/interests) has significant novel potential as the Handmaiden's Tale demonstrated. Yep, thinking about that one! Lutheran.
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