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Complete No Music Tonight

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by Vivian, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Vivian

    Vivian Member Author!

    No music Tonight

    Two very sexy mother’s trek to stop their daughters from becoming band sluts at after show party.

    Will they save their daughters virtues? But a better question is, at what price to their own?

    The word was out; they were coming to town actually the next city but close enough. This rap group was famous for their incredibly nasty and especially sexually oriented hip-hop songs. Most all of the lyrics were about the ideas of black takeover and black breeding of white girls especially teen girls. This music being so risqué that it was not played on the air and could only be downloaded. Much of the music was geared toward their preference of gingers, the very sexy Auburn redheaded girls with alabaster skin and light pink nipples being the white girls they desired most. Although it was known that these mid to late 20s black men had a thing for the younger gingers, they also knew that it would not be wise to have anyone under the age of 18 attend their concerts and especially the after party. Since beer, booze and a lot of sex with white girls is always on the menu for these parties. Word was sent out only those over 18 will be permitted in both the concert and the after party. As usual special promotional backstage tickets will be given out to sexy young looking 18 year or older Auburn haired girls. They will be given out randomly in malls and shopping centers in the city and surrounding towns. These girls will be asked if they want to go and will need to show proof they are over 18 to acquire these free tickets. These girls will also be invited to the after party and be asked to dress very sexy. There is no secret what is to be expected from these girls during the after party, quite frankly these very white gingers will be expected to perform many deviant sex acts and be fucked senseless by the entire nine members of this all black band bareback.

    The members of this band are idols to many, especially young white girls. This did not go over very well with most the parents in the area, many being very racist. These redneck parents under no circumstances would want their daughters be anywhere near these niggers that want nothing more than to fuck black babies into their white bellies. The girls that were asked all being over 18 of course being adults could do as they please to the dismay of their parents. Most of the sexy Auburn girls literally got wet with excitement at being offered the chance to go to this concert and then party with the black band members afterwards. Only a few did turn them down not being into the music or the interracial scene however they were few and far between. Usually there was a lot of excitement in the malls when one of these representatives showed up to offer tickets and of course there were volunteers when those girls that did not want to go turned them down.

    There were a huge number of disappointed young teen girls when they heard they could not even go to just the concert. Apparently many of the younger white girls do not quite agree with their parent’s racism, and many often get sexually excited and very wet while listening to the bands music behind their parents back. However this being a small city and more of a country style surrounding area all those involved in setting up this concert felt that an age limit was necessary because this group’s music was so sexually oriented. Those representing the city and surrounding towns felt it necessary to age restrict this concert. The booking of the band here was a mistake demographics showed this being a country music dominated area. To fill the arena those booking the event extended their usual fifty mile advertising radius to one hundred miles, and filled the arena they did with a sellout. The organization representing the band also felt necessary that the after party would definitely be restricted because of previous bad press about under-aged girls. At first there was some talk of not having one this time however these parties after the concerts have become a tradition. Besides there are always many young groupies desiring to fuck the band and of course these black band members sure as hell would not mind having some white pussy after the show.

    Donna couldn’t believe it, three weeks before the concert she was shopping at a local mall and one of the representatives was there giving out backstage tickets. Being very pretty and an Auburn haired girl she was offered one but did not have an ID showing she was of age. As most young teens she was very disappointed in not being able to go to the show, and fantasized along with her friends how hot it would be to be one of the girls in the after party. Yes even at her young age she had heard about all the nasty things that was done at those parties and wanted to be one of the bands dirty fuck sluts. Although disappointed she followed the representative around and watched as three other Redheaded girls were given the tickets. It wasn’t long after the last ticket was given out that she formed a plan. Not sure she could pull it off for she would have to try and steals some tickets. Throughout the afternoon she followed those girls around looking for opportunity and managed to bag all three those tickets.

    The group of girls that Donna hung out with is called by those in her sister’s school “the gingers” all were redheads four of which were Auburn and three more orange. They were not a club, just seven girls that hung out together. All of the girls in this group were crazy about this band and often masturbated to their music and fantasized of being used by them during one of their infamous after show parties. All of these girls have a burning desire to go to such an orgy unprotected while ovulating and get knocked up with one of the band members black baby. Donna did know who she was going to ask to go with her to the show, her sister Karen of course and Casey. They definitely needed Casey, she has an older cousin that works at the DMV and could get the necessary fake IDs. Tickets in hand she knew they didn’t have much time and made some calls. The three got together and made some arrangements to be able to get out without their parents knowing, get to the city, the show and the party. They lucked out Casey’s father was going out of town; she was going to borrow his BMW. Donna and Karen are going to tell their parents they will be sleeping over Casey’s house that night, their parents of course not knowing Casey’s father will not be home. Not many knew that Casey’s parent’s marriage was on the rocks aside from Karen and Donna’s mother since they were best friends. Casey’s mother was living in an apartment in town and her father was actually going over his girlfriends place for the weekend leaving Casey home alone to tend for herself.

    Funny thing about girls that spend a lot of time together, their cycles align with one another. This is true with this little group of redheaded girls called the gingers, they started hanging out together because redheaded girls are often times teased and disassociated with the other girls especially the blondes. Being together so long their cycles have aligned and almost all of the girls have their periods within a day of each other. This also means that their most fertile time and ovulation also occurs very close to one another. This is especially true with Donna, her sister Karen as well as Casey being Karen’s best friend all three girls have their periods as well as ovulate within hours of one another. It was two weeks before the concert all the plans as well as obtaining the fake IDs from Casey’s cousin were made. All three girls were sitting in Donna’s room talking excitedly about the upcoming event. It was Casey that noticed that all three of them just started their periods.

    Casey said you know what this means don’t you; both Donna and Karen said what. Casey said the night of the concert all three of us should be ovulating. This totally excited all three of these girls which had burning desires deep in their souls to be fucked and impregnated by their idol band members. Instantly the panties of all three became soaked in their juices and as one their fingers went into their panties and they masturbated together to orgasm. All three were very juicy and being the first day there was only a little blood in the mix.. The next two weeks they let their friends, the rest of the gingers in on what they are about to do. All were envious but did know there was only three tickets and since Donna being the one to steal them, her choices were logical, her sister of course and they needed Casey for the IDs and the ride. The girls knew that the band desired young Auburn girls, but IDs were required, well little did that band know that they will get what they desire most, three very young Auburn girls with very white alabaster skin and very light pink nipples. All three will wax the morning before and apply baby oil after so there hot young fertile pussies will be baby smooth the night of the concert.

    Two weeks later Friday the night of the concert the three gathered at Casey’s house showered and got ready to go. All three looking young and very hot dressed in outfits fit for prostitutes. Casey, 5’3” 116 pounds 34C 24 36 heart shaped ass, long mid back Auburn hair, blue eyes dressed in a pink micro-mini that barely covers what should be covered, light almost see-through blouse. Accessories 4 inch heels and purse to match with no undies, the oldest—five months before her fifteenth birthday. Yes she is too young to drive however she has taken out her father’s car before. Next we have Karen, 5’4” 122lbs 34C 25 37 sexy bubble butt, shoulder length Auburn hair, green eyes dressed in dark blue micro-mini, hers also does not cover what it should, light blue slightly see-through blouse. Accessories 4 inch heels and purse to match also no underwear, age just a month fourteen. Now we have Donna the ticket thief and the youngest ginger, 5’0” 112lbs 32B 23 35 the sexy bubble ass runs in the family, very long auburn hair to the top of her ass green eyes in a hot red micro-mini for those who look can see she also isn’t wearing panties and pink tube top, matching 4 inch heels. All three girls put French cut bikini panties in their purses if needed for the ride home. The heels on all three really show off their sexy asses. Little does she know if the men in the band were to describe their ultimate wet dream it would be Donna. Age— five months eleven days before her thirteenth birthday.

    As the other gingers were leaving for their sleepover up the street Megan gave all three a gift. She had lifted three pregnancy testers for the three lucky ones to use a week after the show. Shortly after 6:30 PM after their friends had gone Casey, Karen and Donna got in the BMW and took off for the show. They wanted to get there early to find the arena and get a good parking place. Casey drove good she knew she was underage and if caught would be in trouble. The ride was uneventful aside from the fact that the car had a very strong odor of pussy. All three girls were hotter than hell, they couldn’t believe that they were actually on their way to the show and then later to be impregnated by their idols. The remaining gingers all envious and horny as hell could not stop talking of their friend’s good fortune and their plans of the night. Passing by the home of Karen and Donna they didn’t see their mother Rachael working in the yard. She was behind some bushes kneeling tending to some new flowers.

    Stunned at what she had just overheard, Rachael got up and ran into the house after the girls had passed. First thing she did was to call Casey’s mother and told Beth to meet her at the bar just down the street from her apartment. Rachael was one of the few that knew of the problems between Beth and her husband and also knew where to find her. Both women were also aware that it was only a matter of time for Rachael and her husband as well. She only kept it together for the kids but that wasn’t working very well. Beth had a few questions, Rachael said just dress elegant but a bit sexy for a night out and meet me at the bar, we have to hurry I’ll explain everything to you there. Rachael quickly cleaned up and dressed elegant but sexy then headed out the door to meet her friend. At the bar Rachael met up with Beth and over drinks explained the night’s plans of their daughters. Beth was floored she had no idea her daughter would even think of doing such a thing and with blacks especially. Finishing their drinks Beth and Rachael got in the car and took off for the next town to try and stop their daughters.

    It took almost an hour to get to the city, not sure where the arena was they programmed the cars GPS. As with most navigation systems they generally take you the shortest route not always the best, this being the case with the one in the BMW. It was just getting dark when the GPS told them to take a ramp off the highway. As they got to the bottom of the ramp it happened, the car started making a funny noise then it quit. Try she may Casey couldn’t get the damned engine to restart. The GPS told them that they were only about 2 miles from the arena, the girls thought about either walking or taking the bus to get to the show and then come back to get the car later. Casey figured if anything ever happened to this car she was in deep shit and said she would call AAA and stay with the car. She told Donna and Karen to try to get a bus to the show. At least they may have a chance of fulfilling their dream of getting knocked up with their idol bands black baby. The neighborhood that they were in did not look like the best part of town but was quiet; Karen and Donna did not realize where they were until they walked up the block and turned onto the main road. There these two young white girls dressed like prostitutes realized they were in a very black neighborhood, now on the main road they found they were surrounded by pimps, hookers and drug dealers.

    Hauling ass up the highway speeding within reason Rachael and Beth passed the exit their daughters had just taken and went two exits further knowing where the arena was located. They parked their car and headed over toward the backstage entrance since that was where the girls were expected to enter. They looked around and didn’t see their daughters; they then took out pictures and showed them around asking if anyone had seen the girls. At first everyone thought they were crazy then realized that these two mothers were looking for their underage daughters. Those associated with the group not wanting any more bad publicity offered to help these women and see what could be done to locate the girls. Looking around they were still nowhere to be found. After asking a few questions and finding out that the girls did have backstage passes. 10 min before 8:00pm the show was about to start so they asked Beth and Rachael if they wanted to wait inside and see if their daughters would show up. When the band came down to do their show they were surprised to see these two very sexy but older women, very unusual at one of their concerts. When the band members asked about them it was explained that they were looking for their underage daughters. One of the three rappers said let them stay if they want besides they are both fucking hot and it doesn’t look like too many girls made it for the after party. So let’s at least fill some seats and make it look like they did.

    Apparently many of the girls that obtained the backstage tickets were persuaded by their parents not to go. It seems that one night of partying does not compare to loosing their college funding or more regardless who it is with. Of the ten backstage tickets given out only two of the young women showed up, Denise a 5’4” 126lbs 34B 26 35 sexy natural orange redhead fair skin pink nips and just a few freckles here and there, sexy short light summer-dress and heels, ID 19yo. The other girl Emma an incredibly cute and very rare natural strawberry-blond 5’2” 118lbs 34C 24 34 a petite wet dream with blue eyes, light blue mini and see through blouse, ID 18yo. Knowing the preferences of the band they were panty-less and freshly bare. Both girls were from the same area however only had seen each other in school and since different years didn’t associate with one another at all until that night on the bus going to the show.

    Rachael and Beth did look hot, both worked out in the gym, trying to look good. Both women worked out often and it really paid off, their figures are the envy of many. Having worked out for years both women had bodies that were incredible. Rachael stands 5’6” 136 pounds 36D 26 37 Auburn hair alabaster skin, it was obvious where Karen and Donna got their looks and very sexy bubble ass. Beth a stunning blonde 5’7” 141 pounds 36D 27 37 blue eyes. Both of these 34 year old women had hot bodies and the most fantastic legs, all this of course was noticed by all of the members of the band. They were given a free show so they figured what the hell, better to wait inside and see if there daughters showed than wait outside in the late May heat. They were shown to their seats, possibly the ones their daughters may have sat in had they been there and watched as the show began.

    Within seconds of turning that corner Donna and Karen found themselves on the ground having been pushed down by two hookers. They took their purses rummage through them and took their wallets, phones and tickets. The hookers tossed the purses back at them with what was left then took off down a back street. Shortly after the attack the street filled with police cars, it was a raid and everyone scattered. The police picked up those that they could which were several pimps, drug dealers and gang members. All of the hookers that were on the street hauled ass, the only females were Donna and Karen and they too were loaded in the police van. With no IDs and dressed as they were the two girls were hauled off to jail as a couple of prostitutes. Once at the police station it took over an hour to fill out all the paperwork on those that the police had brought in. Karen looked over at Donna and said you know if everything went as it should have tonight right now we would have been watching the show and then shortly on our way up to the after party. Donna said yeah I know, I’m bummed just thinking about it, instead of going to the show and party we now have to call our mothers to get us out of jail. And just how the hell are we going to explain how we’re dressed?

    Just after the other two left Casey called AAA to arrange a tow, she was told on the phone it would be close to an hour before the tow truck would show up. Sitting in the car she was thinking what a rip, by the time the tow gets here I could have been at the concert and listening to the music. In an hour after that I would be going up to their room after the show and it would have been me as well as my friends getting fucked and impregnated tonight but no I have to sit here with this piece of shit car waiting for a tow truck. Fuck I’m probably going to have to call dad and will he be pissed, taking the car is bad enough but being here and dressed like this I’ll be grounded for the rest of my life.

    Like most parents when their daughters would play this group’s music and they heard the filthy language they immediately told the girls to turn that god-damn shit off. At no time did they ever actually listen to the music and the lyrics or pay attention to the actual content of the songs. Now watching the band performing live in concert the two women listened and paid attention to what was being said. The performance was mind boggling and so is the music, on the walls bits and pieces of interracial porn videos were being shown. These videos not using screens were hazy when shown however you got the idea. Definitely not the music Beth and Rachael would usually listen to they still found themselves being absorbed into the content. Each and every song was filled with erotic overtures of sex between black men and young white women. Many of the songs made it obvious that the band’s preference was very young Auburn hair gingers with sexy alabaster skin bodies, pink nipples and baby bare pussies. As the music went on both Beth and Rachael found themselves becoming sexually aroused and getting very wet. This again did not go unnoticed by the band; the backstage seating was strategically located so that the band members while performing could glance over and see up skirt all of the women there. Many of the women that go to the shows know the content and do not wear panties; the band members noticed the panties on Rachael and Beth both showed growing wet spots.

    For over an hour and a half the songs went on and on each one getting more sexually explicit than the one before. As the show progressed there was no doubt most all of the women in the audience were very sexually aroused. The two women noticed that the air inside the arena was getting fairly thick and both knew exactly what the aroma was. Even so the two noticed that the smell of pussy was stronger than the grass. Midway through the show both the women actually shifted their skirts out from underneath so there juices would not soak the skirts as well. This little maneuver was also caught by the members of the band as more and more these incredible looking milf’s gained their interest. Yes these two women not only looked hot they were getting very hot. Mid-show between songs Beth leaned over and said to Rachael I don’t think the girls are going to show up, my bet is they saw us out front and took off before we could see them. Rachael said yeah I think we outfoxed them, I guess there will be No Music Tonight for the girls not only that she giggled: we got a free show. Not necessarily my kind of music but to tell the truth I find it very hot. Beth agreed the music was making her hotter than hell, and both women not having sex at home for quite some time were going nuts. Rachael said the best way to describe this music is to be listening to a pounding beat, watching porno videos and listening to someone reciting only the most sexually explicit sections of pornographic stories. Beth laughed thinking it was funny but in a way it was a perfect description.

    At about three quarters of the show both women were buzzed by contact high and their va-jay’s were soaking wet. The strong sight, sounds and especially the strong smell of girl sex in the air were having an ever increasing effect on the two milf’s arousal. Beth said you know if you hadn’t found out and we hadn’t come here chances are our daughters would be sitting here watching this erotic show. Rachael said yeah and getting hot as hell like we are and then you know what they would do after the show at the party. These friends always taunted each other in jest and as aroused as they were along with the magic smoke Beth decided to have a little fun and give her friend a little taunting to think about. Beth said could you imagine it, your daughters Karen and sweet little Donna at that party opening their thighs offering their snow white pussies for all of these black men to fuck and impregnate. Rachael tried to control it so her friend wouldn’t see that what she said had struck a nerve and tensed up as she shuddered in orgasm. Rachael sent it back taunting her friend a little as well, she said yeah can you picture in your mind those big black cocks pumping in and out of your baby Casey seeing them push deep inside then pulled back stretching those hot white pussy lips as it pulled out, in and out pushing in stretching out and then imagine as he pushes in as deep as he could and unloads his big black balls filling Casey’s womb with negro sperm. It did not go unnoticed by Rachael that such an erotic site did indeed bring Beth to orgasm also. By the time the show finished both Rachael and Beth had several orgasms as they tossed their little taunts about their daughters back and forth. As the group came offstage they could see that these women were not only little buzzed by contact high from the marijuana smoke in the arena but obviously flushed and aroused to the edge of orgasm. One of the band members Ty came over and asked you liked the show? Beth responded not our type of music however we both enjoyed the show very much. Ty then said we know you’re not the kind of women that come to our shows or parties, usually it’s younger Auburn redheads that are invited for backstage and party. We don’t want to offend you and we know you’re married by the rings but to tell the truth we all find you both extremely hot and sexy as hell. We know it’s not your thing but if you wish we would like to invite you to the party. Rachael and Beth had figured there would be no way in hell that these men would ever invite them to the party, Rachael yes is a redhead but both are far from teen-aged. The two women looked at each other stunned Beth asked want to? Rachael said do you? Both of these women had heard and knew exactly what went on at these parties.

    These after show parties were so infamous, even to those new to the anything about the band and these two mothers knew all too well exactly what will go on. This will not be the white bread, making love kind of sex most white women understand. No not at all, this will be a hard pounding ghetto fucking gang bang with no pull-outs for hours at a time. These mothers realize that to be in one of these parties the girls or in their case women are expected to be the nastiest black cock fucking super-sluts with a second helping of dirty mega-whore. Rachael and Beth both knew that they will be stripped and fucked hard and continually pumped full of negro sperm. They also know they will be asked to perform some very nasty sex acts as well. The band stood and listened as they bantered back and forth. Beth said: you know our girls were going to this party. Rachael said: yeah, I know, you do know what is expected? Beth: yes we are to be their total sluts and fucked bareback all night by all of them. Rachael: I’ve never even seen a real black one aside from on the net. Beth: me either, you on any birth control? Rachael: none hub is fixed, you? none my husband was snipped too. When the band members heard this that these women knew all about their parties and thought no way were they coming.

    After a long hesitation they then heard Rachael say Beth how close? Beth: way too close you Rach? Ultimate no no right now I’m ovulating. Beth said oh shit, you know if we go there is a very good chance we both will leave pregnant, The banter between them stopped for a moment then Rachael broke the silence by saying I’m game if you are, hell we both haven’t had sex in so long. Beth looked at her friend and said oh shit what are we doing? Rachael: I don’t know but I’m so fucking hot and I need something and this is the best offer I’ve had in a very long time. Beth said: Rach we are risking way too much. Rachael: yes Beth I know but it has been so long and I’m so hot I just cannot deny what my body has to have. Beth said I know I can’t either; fuck our daughters were willing to let them knock them up, looks like instead they will their mothers. Both women agreed to go to the party, their pussies already wet started to drool even more knowing full well that these black men were going to fuck them bareback all night long and probably impregnate them. Rachael looked over to Beth and giggled then said well at least we saved our daughters virtues.

    What happened next was no surprise for the two mothers; they all went up to the bands hotel room. As soon as they entered the band members started stripping Rachael & Beth as well as the two other girls then themselves. The first thing the band members noticed was that the two older women sure had the younger girls beat in both looks and bodies. All they could do was stare; nude the milf’s showed hot tight bodies from the years of working out. Beth a stunning blond shoulder length, 5’6” 132lbs 36D 27 37 heart shaped ass and some of the sexiest legs they had ever seen. Rachael really got their attention a gorgeous Auburn redhead mid back 5’9”148lbs 36D 28 38 sexy as hell bubble-butt light pink silver dollar size areolas and hard nipples and long incredibly sexy legs. What turned them on the most were their tummies, not flat or chiseled but both slightly rounded from already having had babies. Both women had much more in the breasts than the younger girls and both still looked very firm for 34yo D cups. Their hips, asses and those fantastic legs all toned from years of exercise, not a stretch mark or sign of cellulite anywhere on either body. The older women’s pussies really knocked them out, professionally waxed baby bare smooth both women had tight slits much like a very young girls only to open like a flower when their white thighs parted.

    The bands cocks excited all the women as none were less than eight inches, thick and uncut they looked threatening like nasty black snakes. Rachael was first nude and on her knees taking her very first black dick into her mouth. Wasn’t long the others were on their knees as well and the entire band just went from one to the other having all four suck them. It was obvious that the older women were preferred, they sucked with more experience and the entire band found their looks intoxicating. Soon after they were being mounted, Rachael looked between her snow white thighs and watched a long black cock penetrating her light pink coochie. The woman found the sight of her own white pussy being fucked by negro cock for the first time totally intoxicating. At that moment a wicked thought crossed her mind, it could have been her daughters pussy being invaded.

    Soon the women were put in doggy position as each of those black men fucked from one woman to the other after a few strokes in kind of a musical-chairs (musical-pussy) game. They were not gentle they fucked them all in long hard pounding strokes bringing them all to several small orgasms. The women could feel their insides being moved around as their Vaginas adjusted to accommodate these much larger cocks’ stretching their pussies in and out as they were slam-fucked and more minor orgasms occurred. Rachael positioned next to Beth said she found it erotic as hell feeling those black cocks putting the juices from the other girls inside her pussy. The two were both flipped onto their backs and the two men in them fucked them missionary, with hard pounding slaps all could hear they were being ghetto-fucked. After receiving a hard pounding ghetto fucking about three times longer than any of the white men these women have been with in the past. First Beth then Rachael felt the cocks fucking them slam harder and deeper then hold. Then it happened both older women felt those black cocks jump and pulse as the two band members emptied their balls pumping their hot loads of sperm deep inside the milf.s. first it was Beth, she exclaimed oh my fucking god! then a massive deep cuntal orgasm shook her to her core. Then orgasm hit Rachael this one scared all who watched especially Beth. Rachael’s orgasm hit like a thermonuclear bomb from somewhere deep within her core. Her body arched lifting both her & that black man up off the bed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she lowered back on the bed only to wrap those long strong legs around him. Every inch of her body shook hard in orgasm as her inner pussy muscles milked him for every drop of his black sperm she then passed out. None of them had ever seen anything like it. Beth shook her friend & repeated her name, Rachael woke up and was asked if she was ok, she said yes I feel wonderful and want more. Rachael looked directly into Beth’s eyes; both knew the negro swimmers were now deep inside their baby makers in search of their white eggs.

    The men a little worried asked again if they were alright, both women said yes we are fine please we want more. Beth yelled out yes put black babies in us and the game continued as the black men fucked from girl to girl. It wasn’t long before all four of the women were filled with several loads of hot African seed. All night long the orgasms kept coming, sometimes just single O’s other times multiple orgasms, and every once in a while Rachael would again let out a yell as her body shook in one of those deep cuntal orgasm that shook the woman to her core. Things got a lot nastier and a little kinkier as the older women would do things the younger girls at the previous parties were too scared to. A lot of girl / girl action and the first time Beth and Rachael ever had lesbian sex together however both had been with other girls when younger. The other two girls Denise and Emma got into it themselves, watching the older women go the two younger girls egos didn’t want anyone to think they were scared and copied them. Other kinks like anal sex were performed easier by the experienced women but followed soon by the younger two. Then things got nasty as one of the men anal fucking Denise took his cock out of her ass and put it directly into Rachael’s mouth in a nasty ATM. Soon the same was done with Beth from Emma’s ass and both mouths cleaned them without concern. Afterward the younger two got the same treatment from Beth and Rachael’s gorgeous asses.

    Another round of lesbian sex and Rachael was under Emma and Beth under Denise the older women nastily slurping the younger girl’s pussies. After several orgasms Emma said she needed a potty break. One of the men said after the ATM let’s see just how nasty these milf’s can be. Emma was ordered to rise up about two inches and pee in Rachael’s mouth. Not wanting to disobey her idols she did as told and started to let her pee go. All figured Rachael would pull out or turn to get away but what she did surprised them all. Her friend Beth was shocked never expecting anything like the happenings this night from her usually very conservative friend. First taste Rachael noticed that Emma’s pee wasn’t watered down as it was when she played a few pee games in college. No this girls piss was a strong and dirty brew having been held many hours before and during the show and party. In seconds Emma couldn’t hold back and her strong tasting urine flowed freely over Rachael’s tongue then down her throat. All the others stopped to watch as Emma’s strong smelling dark amber urine filled Rachael’s mouth then disappear down her throat as she swallowed, this would repeat several more times until Emma’s stream slowed. Thirsty the woman drank and soon the entire content of Emma’s bladder was in her stomach. Rachael then pulled Emma down encircling the young girl’s cunt with her mouth as the last squirts of dirty piss shot across her tongue she then licked Emma’s hot pussy, her tongue licking and probing all the little crevasses in between Emma’s inner and outer lips savoring the flavor of the young girl until she orgasmed. A repeat was done with Beth drinking piss from Denise as all watched. The other girls urine was as strong and smelly as the first since both had been drinking much the same things as well as holding it for a very long time. Beth’s pee show ended the same way with all of Denise’s urine ending up in her stomach.

    Next they were flipped over and traded; Beth was over Emma and Rachael over Denise. It was the young girls turn to drink piss from the older women; they too didn’t miss much and swallowed most. Since it was the very first time for both younger girls they were relieved that the older women had been drinking water most the night and their piss was not very strong in taste or smell. Some drinks and refreshments and a real bathroom break then they were all back at it, the black men passing the women around in one hot and nasty hard fucking gang bang. For hours the nasty night progressed, the usually very sexually conservative women performed like the nastiest of skanks enduring many hard oral, anal and vaginal fucks with many atm’s and atp’s as well as several more rounds of lesbian golden shower games and asshole licking. Although there was a lot of kinky sex there were no animals, pain /bondage or scat other than the little that may have shown up during atm or atp. Countless loads of hot Negro sperm were deposited in all four of their white baby makers in the longest and nastiest after party the band ever had. At the beginning of the party the older women thought they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the two younger girls. It seems all that working out to stay slim had also built strength and stamina in the two mothers. It was the younger girls that had the problem of keeping up. Fucking went on most the night and didn’t stop until all their balls were empty and they could no longer get it up. All night these nine black men pumped black seed into the four women much leaked out coating their thighs, continuously leaving puddles and wet spots everywhere. Beth and Rachael both estimated they each took at least twenty loads of black sperm and figured the other girls about the same.

    Around 4:30am after some rest, refreshments and conversation, all of the band members told the women they had many parties some with over 10 girls but this party was the best ever and doubted it would ever be topped. The women left almost six hours after the party started, before leaving they were asked for their numbers, Beth gave them hers since she was no longer with her husband and told them she could reach Rachael anytime. At the door Rachael for giggles asked them to describe their hottest wet dream fantasy. First they said a repeat of tonight, Beth said you know what she means, the perfect fantasy. What they told her was a night just like the one they had with them but also with very young auburn redheads hot and fertile. The kind of girls they described was much like their daughters and their friends “the gingers” When they described the ultimate girl it was a perfect description of Donna, very young just old enough to breed with a little sexy snow white body with light pink nipples. These young girls doing all the nasty things that were done that night. Rachael looked stunned but had this odd look on her face. Ty said that was a great tease telling us you both were at risk. Beth said who said we were teasing she giggled then they left. Since the other girls bused in they offered them a lift home. On the way the four women chatted it was then that Rachael and Beth found out both girls were under aged Denise was seventeen and Emma sixteen. Asked if they were on birth control both girls said no that they too were risking everything. The girls said they were a little envious that the Band got Beth’s number. Beth took both of theirs telling them if the guys called and wanted to party you girls can go with us again.

    On the ride back from the city Beth asked her friend about her super-nova orgasms, Rachael laughed and said: they come very few and far between so I thought. Beth asked what? Rachael continued: well it takes a lot and risk is the most of it. I have to be ovulating, a lot of fucking usually with extra stimulation and I have to be taking a very big risk. The last one I had was when conceiving Donna the one before conceiving Karen. Both times I went off birth control on purpose to get pregnant, Jim never wanted kids that being taking a very big risk and after the second little accident he had the vasectomy. Before that only two, I was young and scared; we were using condoms both times but had earlier read a story where the rubber broke and that always stuck in my mind. You know Beth if I get pregnant it was worth it, it took almost twenty years of sex to have those first four super orgasms and now in just this one night I had three of them.

    Sam was a 28 year old black rogue independent tow truck driver, sitting in the hood he was listening to the radio calls for the AAA drivers seeing if anything would come up that he could scam. He heard the call for the Beamer, he wasn’t far, he also knew if they said an hour it would be at least two and a BMW usually meant money. In 10 minutes he was pulling up to Casey’s broken down car got out and said hey lady call for a tow truck. She told him she did but wasn’t expecting him for quite a while but glad he showed up early. From the looks of the car at first he thought she had money but after talking to her for a few minutes it was obviously daddy’s car. He found out that she didn’t have much of anything, aside from her hot looks to bargain with. It didn’t take him long to find out she was desperate and probably would do almost anything to get that car back home. All the time they were talking he was hooking up the car, he had to get the car set up and towed away before the real AAA truck showed up. In short time he got it finished and ready to go and found out for sure that she didn’t have any money. Yep she popped daddy’s car and he don’t know about it. Sizing up the stunning scantly clad redhead Sam felt a stirring in his jeans and figured maybe he could make some kind of a deal. By then what he really wanted to do was pump a nigga nut deep inside this young white slut. He suggested a place not far where there is some light and tools where he could possibly fix the car. He made a series of text, telling her that he was contacting the office and telling them what he was going to do. As he helped her into the truck Sam got a glance up her skirt seeing she was wearing no panties, he got in then took off down the road. They went just a little over a mile he pulled into an alley and into a back parking lot, he pulled up to a door and killed the headlights, it opened and he drove in. It was pretty dark in there he said let me get some more lights.

    As it turned out the building that housed the female holding cell was damaged in a recent storm had yet to be fixed. The police figured what the hell they are nothing but a couple hookers anyway why not just put them in with their pimps, Karen and Donna were then thrown in the same holding cell with 11 black men. In the jail cell it didn’t take long for those pimps to realize that the two girls in the cell with them were not any whores that they knew. It didn’t take Karen and Donna long to see that those 11 black men were sizing them up. Dressed as they were like total sluts the two girls realized that they were turning these men on. With no police in the room the men were on them in seconds Donna opened her mouth to scream and never got the chance, her mouth was immediately filled with a big black cock. Karen taking by surprise as well found she had little chance to scream either, finding her mouth was also filled with a large chocolate phallus. While they were both being forced to suck, Donna felt her legs being pulled open and then she felt it. Rubbing up and down her slit was another; she was getting wet with her juices then felt him start to push it inside her. At the angle she was at she could see, it was big, ebony and uncircumcised she watched excitedly as that pimp’s cock would be the very first real one to penetrated her body. Donna’s hot pussy opened up and allowed him to slide in, she was tight but he worked it in a little at a time. It wasn’t long he was in all the way and she could feel his big balls resting on her ass. Knowing by how tight this cunt was the slut was no whore he said you like that don’t ya bitch, there’s eight and a half inches of nigga meat in your hot white honey hole. The way Donna was taken, being called a bitch and the nasty language together with this being the first real dick inside her pussy turned her cunt into a soaking wet inferno.

    He then started to work it in and out slow at first then faster and harder as he got going. Karen watched in both excitement and horror as she watched her little sister being fucked for the first time by some unknown black dude. Then she felt her own legs being pulled open and a black cock invaded her untouched coochie, she knew the outcome would be inevitable, these ghetto niggers were not going to pull out. With no panties on they fucked the two girls with their clothes on since access to their hot cunts was not restricted. For both of them the fucking got harder and harder, these blacks were pumping these two hot white pussy’s fast forcing them both into orgasms. Karen was watching Donna, the young one went into orgasm first and hard, the black pushed his cock into her as deep as he could and Karen could see his big black balls jump and she knew he was filling her baby sister’s hot pussy with negro sperm. As she orgasmed Donna’s pussy started to squeeze the black man’s dick, when she felt the first pulse as he began to cum her orgasm went into overdrive and her hot young pussy muscles literally began to jack him off inside of her trying to get as much out of his balls as possible. Karen seeing the sperm begin to ooze from her sister’s quim had an orgasm herself, the idea of seeing her little sister being inseminated drove her crazy. Karen’s orgasm set off the cock inside of her and that pimp began to fill her own burning pussy as well. Each girl watching the other as the various black men fucked them, each one watching the others pussy’s as the cocks slid in and out pushing in and cum seeping out around the lips as they stretched out, such a highly erotic sight. Both girls found it very exciting to watch her own sister getting fucked and inseminated by the unknown black pimps in the jail. The orgasms came hard and fast for both the girls and the men. They took turns each one fucking one girl nut inside her then get in line for a turn to fuck the other. By the time they were through with them both Donna and Karen had taken a load of sperm from each of the 11 black men.

    So much sperm was pumped inside of them both that their pussies couldn’t hold it all. A flood of semen was running out of each of these girls baby-tunnels and made puddles on the floor. One guy slipped in one and fell against another then for some reason a fight broke out among the men. Well the black men gang banging the two white whores didn’t interest the police however the fight did and they came running in to stop it. With all the attention being on the fight no one noticed that the door was left open. Karen grabbed Donna and they got there purses and slipped out of the cell. They could hear the fight as they took off down the stairs and out the back door. They had gotten out and no one noticed, not knowing where they were they just took off down the street wanting to put as much distance between them and the police station as possible.

    Lights came on, Casey looked around she was surrounded by naked black men all holding their cocks, all of those cocks big black and most were uncut. Sam looked directly at Casey and said: girl we know you got no money and if you want me to fix the car so you can ride home tonight you have to take care of me and my boys. Casey looked around not including Sam she counted 17. She was stuck and she knew it. If she didn’t get that car home she was going to be in very big trouble. She really didn’t have much choice but to try to bargain and asked will you guys use condoms. Sam just laughed he said hell no, you know Niggaz never use condoms with white women. Sam started take her clothes off what little there were, Casey didn’t resist, in no time she was nude. Pushed to her knees Sam slipped his big black cock into her mouth, she could taste his precum as he fucked her mouth this got Casey hot and quite wet. Sam turned her around then rubbed his black dick up and down her slit getting her much wetter. Soon he was sliding his big black cock up inside her hot cunt, pushing it deeper and deeper into her baby tunnel which had never been used before by a real dick. Casey couldn’t believe what she was doing, 17 ebony men were watching her white pussy being fucked for the very first time by a black man unknown to her. Knowing that once Sam had pumped his load of sperm into her fertile pussy the rest of these black strangers will gang bang her and fill her with their African seed as well.

    Casey had intended with her friends to get impregnated by blacks tonight, just not these blacks. They already had the lie made up on what they would tell their parents when they started showing. Casey was put in the doggy position holding onto some kind of stool, Sam continue to fuck her from behind she looked between her legs at the big black dick sliding up inside her and out, pushing her pussy lips in then pulling them out, she found the site was erotic as hell. He fucked her long and hard, her orgasms were many and came hard, then he pushed in hard and deep. She entered a mind blowing orgasm as she watched those huge black balls started to jump and pulse. Casey could see as well as feel the tube along the bottom of his cock expand and contract as he emptied the contents of those big black balls deep inside of her baby maker. Sam pulled out she watched as a great deal of sperm oozed out of her cunt and ran down her thighs. Sam left her and went over to work on the car, and then the next was inside her. For the next 2 ½ hours those 17 black men whose names she did not know fucked her over and over, some coming inside her two or three times. After fixing the car Sam come over and pumped another load inside her hot pussy. By the time they were done with her Casey had taken 29 loads of sperm from those 18 black men. A lot of the sperm had ran out of Casey’s pussy and down her thighs, she was going to push out more but Sam said no. He had seen the panties in her purse earlier he took them out and told her to put them on, hold that sperm in and not to clean out for 24 hours. She was still a little frightened of what may happen so she did as she was told and put the panties on.

    Donna and Karen not knowing where they were at ran down the street and turned the corner right into a gang of black thugs. Next thing they knew they were being fondled by these blacks, Karen knew right away what they wanted. She also knew that they were going to get it one way or another so she made an offer. She said hey guys if we party with you for a little bit will you give us a ride home then told them what town they lived in. The leader knowing full well that the gang would get what they wanted anyway but if the girls offered to party well then no one could say it was rape. Donna looked at her sister with a what the fuck look, Karen said hey they are going to fuck us anyway we might as well get at least a ride out of the deal. Donna saw her sister’s point and the girls were led into an old abandoned house. There were some old mattresses on the floor then the girls stripped and each got on one of them. Already having been fucked in the jail cell both girls were still stretched open and slick with come. Looking around the room Donna counted 22 blacks in this gang she also knew that everyone of them was going to fuck them both. One after another Donna felt her pussy filled with big black cock then pumped full of African seed. Donna looked over at her sister, as she watched Karen too was being filled big black cock, each one fucked her hard and then pumped his load of black sperm deep inside her pussy. Each of those black gang members fucked and dumped their load inside both Donna and Karen. Countless loads of sperm pumped inside these girls and much had run out and down their thighs, who knows how much was still up inside of them. Once the gang had their way with them the leader said we’ll give u a ride but gas cost money and with all our whores locked up or scattered we are a little short. It was 11:45 at this time, after some refreshments and a lot of water for the next 2.5 hours the gangs pimp had Karen and Donna work the street as hookers for the gas money. They of course on the street used condoms when fucking.

    The gang leader got his car the girls got in and he gave them a ride home. When they got to the town the girls told them where they wanted to be dropped off, they told them it was pretty redneck there and it would not be a good idea for black guys to bring white girls home at this late hour. They didn’t really care and stopped where the girls asked, before letting them out the two men in the car fucked a load in each girl one more time before letting them out then headed back to their city. Karen and Donna walked back to Casey’s house, BMW nowhere in sight they went around back and snuck in Casey’s bedroom window. Casey with the car now running drove up to the arena looking for her friends. By that late hour everything was quiet and she saw no sign of anyone so she decided to go home. She pulled in about 10 minutes after Karen and Donna had snuck into her house and found them waiting for her along with the rest of the gingers.

    The gingers informed them that Rachael had overheard them and saw her run in the house change and quickly drive away. They knew she went to the arena to stop them. She asked Karen and Donna if they saw their mom at the arena or if they got in. The two sisters then proceeded to fill the other girls in on what had happened to them that night, getting robbed then arrested gang fucked in the jail then escaping only to run into a gang. Making a deal with the gang to get a ride home for partying and they were again gang banged by the twenty-two gang members. Donna and Karen told the gingers they then had to work the street as prostitutes for the gas money then a few more gang members fucked them bareback and finally did get a ride home. Startled Casey then proceeded to tell her friends about her night and her gang bang, she even told them about being instructed to keep the sperm in her and her panties on for 24 hours. The three remove their skirts each showing all the others their heavy sperm laden panties.

    Each of their friends wanted to look inside the panties; the three held the waist open so their friends could see the puddles of sperm in the gussets. One of the girls said oh that looks so hot, real live sperm from negros then dipped her finger in the puddle in Karen’s gusset then put it in her mouth to taste. Then one after the other the rest of the gingers did the same. As they made their little taste tests one of the girls Mandy a very hot 13-year-old removed her panties then dipped her finger very deep in the load of sperm in Donna’s panties scooping up a big glob. Mandy then parted her pussy lips with her other hand and pushed that cum loaded finger as far up inside her pussy as she could. The other girls gasped, they couldn’t believe she did that. Just like Donna Casey and Karen all of the other gingers figuring that they too may be near their fertile time thought that putting sperm inside one’s pussy like that is definitely risking pregnancy. Then at the shock of them all Mandy did it again this time with two fingers and the amount of negro sperm that she deposited inside of her pussy was at least twice that of the average white boys entire ejaculation. She looked at the other gingers and said hey I don’t care where it came from there is a lot of sperm why should these three be the only ones carrying black babies in school next fall. Besides I think it is even hotter that it is real afro ghetto sperm. With that all of the rest of the gingers remove their panties and started to continuously dip their fingers in the sperm carried by Donna, Karen and Casey then would put as much as they could possibly get up inside themselves. From time to time over the rest of the day as Donna, Karen and Casey continue to leak black sperm and the rest of the gingers would scoop it out and deposited it inside their own hot babymakers.

    Over the next week the gingers lifted four more pregnancy testers since they all had been inseminated. Saturday morning a week later each ginger by instructions went to the bathroom and peed on the test strip then took it back to Karen’s room. Every one of the girls were shocked that not a one of them, not even the three that actually had been gang banged had gotten pregnant. Disappointed they were discussing it wondering why when a voice from behind said you didn’t chart your cycles properly. The gingers turned as one shocked to see Rachael standing there with hands on hips looking at them. Some dropping the testers on the floor, all mouths open in shock. Rachael waited a minute for them to regain themselves then said: now one of you pointing at her girls and Casey tell me exactly why all of you need to be using pregnancy testers! And don’t give me any bullshit tell me exactly what happened and why. By the way I know none of you three again pointing at Casey, Karen & Beth went to that concert or the party after. Now start talking.

    The three girls went on to tell about wanting to go to the concert and party all the arrangements and such. Going but the car breaking down, never getting to the arena at all. Then Karen and Donna going to get the bus and Casey staying with the car. The robbery the raid, arrested as prostitutes then gang banged in the jail the fight, escape only to run into the street gang, the deal to get home. But what shocked Rachael the most was when Donna told her mother that she and her sister had worked the streets as whores for the gas money. This of all things unknown to any of the girls soaked her panties, her two young daughters were real prostitutes. Then Casey told her story, deal to get the car fixed with the gang bang by another gang and being told to keep the panties on all day. And after as the other gingers dipped their fingers and inseminated themselves. Rachael knew the girls were terrified and busted so she just said I want you all to write down as best you can remember the exact days you had your last three periods, especially you three pointing again at her daughters and Casey. A little later every one of the girls gave her the dates requested, she was surprised they had exact days, dates even hours and was assured they all were accurate. She looked at her own daughters Karen then Donna and asked you really worked the street as prostitutes? She told the girls best you all never talk about that part again to anyone ever.

    That night she ran the dates on several different fertility charts, she was right all the girls were about a week early prior to their fertile times. Rachael then checked their future three fertile times with dates of ovulation for every girl. It was unbelievable just how close all their times were. A single five day spread would cover every girls day of ovulation as well as their three previous risky days. It amazed her that these young girls all were hoping to be knocked up and of all things with black babies. That got Rachael thinking yes both she and Beth both took a tremendous amount of sperm that night themselves. She thought my god what a party, it was the nastiest but single most fantastic night of her life & Beth told her it was hers as well. That afternoon she went over to Beth’s apartment, she stopped off and picked up two pregnancy testers for the two of them. Beth made some coffee and while waiting for it to brew both women went in and peed on their testers. By the time they had the coffee made both testers showed positive. The two friends just looked at each other, they knew they were at risk and now both Rachael and Beth were pregnant with the bands black babies. Beth said my divorce is already in process but what will happen to you? Her friend was right her husband was the senior in the top law firm in the area, aside of what she had squirreled away she would probably get nothing. And Rachael had no idea how to explain having a black baby to her husband. Her daughters well who knows how they will handle finding out their mother not them has their band idols black baby.

    When Rachael mention about her daughter handling her having their idols baby instead of them, that struck a nerve in Beth. Beth said oh fuck what have I done, then confessed to Rachael that when she was fifteen she had plans to sneak in and try to be with her favorite country singer. She had dressed sexy as well and had high hopes of trying to sleep with him. She knew the chanced were slim he was married and there is always security but she was a star-struck teenager. Her mother caught her sneaking out and grounded her and she never even got to see the show much less meet her idol. Beth said: she never forgave her mother for that, there really was very little chance of even meeting him but missing the show really upset her. Beth looked at Rachael then said our kids are never going to forgive us for this then tapped her belly. Rachael nodded I think you may be right then she got that strange look again.

    Five days later Rachael’s problem was solved, at least part of it by a drunk driver. Crossing the center line in one of those dodge super cars going 130MPH he hit Jim’s car head on. Police said combined impact was over 180MPH and he was killed instantly in the fiery crash. Until then she never really knew just how much money he had, he kept that information from her. With him now gone she found she was a very rich woman, as well as now owner of the law firm. Rachael also found out that Jim had always felt a little insecure and he kept dossiers on everyone he knew. Jim had dirt on everyone they knew including all their neighbors that he could use if he ever felt threatened. She found this interesting and felt she could use this reputation destroying and bankrupting information herself if needed. During that time Beth had contacted the other two girls from the party and found that those black men were very potent as both Emma and Denise were pregnant as well. The firm handled all Rachael’s affairs and got everything in order. Rachael now had time and plenty of money to do as she pleased. First she helped her friend Beth and using the firm got some very hot info on the girlfriend of Beth’s husband. It seems she is an industrial spy and if anyone found out she had been getting business info from him he would be ruined. That got Beth full custody of Casey, the house and a tidy sum to keep things quiet. It was then that Rachael started getting some very naughty ideas. She made some calls and some arrangements and reservations and double checked the bands concert dates. One thing she knew for sure the band members were not the only ones that would like a repeat of that party and she knew Beth, Emma, Denise and herself would love to as well.

    Location Tampa Fl. Show dates June, thurs 28,fri 29, sat 30 the band had the top floor of the hotel she would rent the penthouse above them. The band’s next engagement was the following Saturday, she talked with Ty and asked the band to stay all week and leave the next Friday the roadies and staff would go out Sunday after the shows. They balked at first saying maybe a couple of days extra but when Rachael told them it was very important that they stay till Friday and that the women would make it worth their while so the band agreed. She loved partying with all the band members but Ty had been so helpful in helping her with the other members of the band she felt she should do something special for him. Rachael rented the penthouse from June 28th through July 8th also contacted Emma and Denise and of course Beth. When Beth was informed about the plans for partying with the band she exclaimed are you out of your fucking mind. Rachael reminded Beth that the party they just attended had to be the absolute best time of their lives. She told her friend that all involved should not be denied a repeat of such an incredible experience. Rachael then told Beth something that did change her mind, she said ok you are right but I still think it is crazy.

    Night of the first Tampa concert Thurs June 28 in the backstage audience sat Rachael, Beth, Emma and Denise. They watched another very erotic concert then went up to the bands room to party. Rachael said there is four of us and nine of you for the start we want sex with two each of you. Ty I want you to sit the first part out and I will make it very much worth your while to wait. The guys knew these women were up to something and the last time they were wild so it was agreed. For about an hour they had hot nasty sex with these four then the girls set up a refreshment break. At that time Rachael showed Ty her hobby she had some charts and gave them to him to look at, he didn’t have a clue. She showed him the first chart and explained see this is a fertility chart it had dates of period of fertility for her and the other three women. It also showed that during that last concert all four were in their fertile periods. Ty asked what the four numbers and stars next to each of their names meant; Rachael simply said the numbers are our age and the stars well--- that you guys are all very potent. They all just stared she said yes we all are pregnant. So that was their surprise and the numbers by Emma and Denise reveled that they were young.

    Rachael then showed them the next chart she said just because of the dates I thought you guys might get a kick out of this one. There were seven names ages from oldest Casey just under 15 to youngest Donna 12 the chart showed that every girl from that night through Wednesday would go through their entire fertile periods including ovulation with percent of possibility on each day Ty asked these are your daughters and their friends the gingers? Rachael said yes these are our little girls. Ty said damn they ovulate within hours of each other. Rachael said yes they do and as you know young girls get pregnant very easily. She then said: should they have sex this week there is a very good chance that every one of them would get knocked up. She then turned to them all and said oh by the way they are all up in the penthouse naked waiting for you guys to go up and impregnate them with your black babies. Ty, I said I would make it worth your while to wait, would you like to have Donna first. Oh by the way we instructed all of the girls to do all those nasty deviant things we did at our first after party. These girls along with the four of us for the next week will be your totally nasty fuck sluts to be used like you all used us. Ty asked everything? Rachael said yes everything including anal, oral, vaginal also atm’s and atp’s as well as all those nasty lesbian pee games and asshole licking. For the following week the two women and eleven girls went out of their way to be the nastiest of sluts performing much dirtier than that first party especially their youngest Donna, she proved to be the nastiest of fuck sluts even much nastier than her mother.

    Three months later late September all seven of the gingers were showing baby bumps all pregnant with black babies from that very nasty week long gang bang orgy with all nine members of their idol band. Including Donna, still twelve and will be thirteen in early November, a wet dream fantasy come true. Being a month more along Beth. Rachael, Emma and Denise all appeared to be obviously pregnant. The gingers still talk of that week being the most fantastic time of their lives and can’t wait to do it again.

    Oh by the way what did Rachael say to Beth that day to change her mind? She simply said if we arrange to let our daughters have their fantasy then how could they not forgive us for also having their idols black babies. Any questions about the parents of the other gingers? Well let us not forget what is in those dossiers, their parents sure won’t.
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