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. No more kissing

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 16, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    I'm trying to remember the last time that i kissed open mouthed with Estelle. I think that it was some time early in 2016, yes, that long ago. My wife had started going with Amos and she was crazed with the sex that provided. It turned my lovely thirty year old wife into a whoring slut over night. Of course she opened her legs for Amos, but then she opened them too for several of his brothers, when he told her to. We were at a 'party'. It was a black guys party, unequal in all the nasty ways that you might imagine. Amos had given my wife to a man called Lucien for half an hour and when she came out of the bedroom, Estelle beckoned me to kiss her. She had been sucking the guy off. Her mouth was full of his spunk. He wanted to watch her feed it to me as we kissed. I realised too late of course, welcoming her attention. Our lips brushed, they parted and i slipped my tongue into a spunk mess. I just never imagined that Estelle would do that sort of thing and then it was there. The taste of salty, warm, sticky white semen in her mouth. I remember with horror now that she kissed me with her eyes open. You don't do that when you are in love, you close your eyes. But Estelle had moved beyond love. She wanted to watch my expression as I ladled his fucking mess out of her mouth. I remember that i gagged. I actually pulled away and then two of the brothers pushed me down onto my knees and held my face up ready whilst Lucien undid his fly and pushed his slimy dick in my mouth. I got a swift kick to my crotch to make me open my mouth nice and Lucien thrust whilst Estelle watched. I took a mess in my mouth, my head was forced up and my mouth was clamped shut. Then they pinched my nose shut and one of the bastards shouted 'swallow'. I was desperate to breath! I thought i was gong to peg it, so i swallowed the wet glutinous mess down. Lucien grinned, kissed my wife and took her back to Amos.

    I reflect on this little matter for you because not a lot of cucks talk about it. They don't tell you about the things that you miss. with Estelle that was kissing. That humiliating party session was the last time that I was allowed to kiss it. It was the last time that she was interested in kissing me. Amos came to our place one night and said that i had to accept some new arrangements. I would relate only to bits of my wife's lovely body beneath her belly button and then only with my mouth. i had to keep my hands behind my back. I want you to think about that for a moment, the implications of it. There was no more mouth kissing, but there was no more kissing of her lovely neck or her pert breasts either. I lick her hand, but only if she held it down which meant that in practice I was always on my knees. Amos didn't want me kissing per se anyway. Licking and sucking was his directive and that changes things. If you kiss, then the other person hopefully responds. Its a reciprocal thing. But if you lick, suck, nuzzle, then the other person simply accepts or tolerates. Its like when a dog licks your hand. Licking and sucking is worshipping, kissing is partnering. That seemed to be the thinking behind his fucking snide instruction.

    I remember that Amos wanted to check out that I understood the new living. He clearly hadn't warned Estelle. He just came out with the rule. He ordered my wife to pull up the hem of the black dress that she was wearing and to bend against the sofa back. He pulled her knickers down and she stepped out of them. There, her arse was exposed bare to my gaze. 'Kneel' he whispered and when I did so, my head was pushed towards the cheeks of her bottom. I have never licked my wife's arse before but I did then. I licked her peachy buttocks till they grew wet and then, when Amos parted them some, I licked her arse hole. I remember how her sphincter tightened suddenly. The wet touch of my tongue was a shock and then an arousal. I licked around and around the rim, feeling ashamed of myself and yet erect in my pants. The smell of her rear, the smell of toilet and then the smell of semen, did things in my head. Estelle pushed back against my mouth and i heard her gasp. The tonguing was making her wet! She wanted this! I glanced between her legs and i could see how her erect nipples pressed the close fitting material of her dress.

    'You lick, you don't kiss. You lick her cunt, you lick her arse when I tell you' Amos mouthed.

    I know that it was exquisite for her. Not just the wet flicking of my tongue, but the fact that Amos made me do it. She kept staring up at him, mouth open, her lipstick mouth open, panting as I pleasured her arse for her. All women want to submit to the right man. They do. This was what this did in her head. She was submitting to him whilst disdaining me.

    I've licked my wife's arse a good few times since. I've played at being toilet paper, enough said. You know. I know. We won't detail matters. She has squatted over my face, opened her sexy luscious lips and pee pee'd into my open mouth whilst Amos has watched. The force of her stream splashes every where. It covers your face and the sheet beneath. Her face, looking down at you, indifferent. What you learn doing that is that you are not worthy of kissing her lips ever again. You are simply not good enough. She has pissed all over you. She has treated you like a urinal, a bidet, and then she has dressed to go out with her lover whilst you launder the mess left behind. You are not Cinderella. There will be no pumpkin carriage, you will still be sweeping and cleaning when she gets back.

    Estelle doesn't like to talk about what he has taught her to do to me. Its certainly not vicarage Sunday tea party stuff is it. But I suppose that she reasons things. If i had resisted, if I had been a man, then some rights would have been protected. But i lost didn't I. I lost to him because he is more attractive and arrogant. In fact Estelle doesn't talk to me much at all. You might find this too. When she is really in the guy's thrall, there is no need to enquire what you think, how you feel, or what you might hope for. So her man sets the hope horizons and he teaches you to relate to her in a completely subservient way. You start to think and crave differently.

    'You needing to lick my bitch out?' Amos asked at another party.

    He fucking well knew the answer. It had been three long weeks. He had put her cunt on ration to me. Sniffs, light licks, nothing open mouthed.

    Estelle watched me, a cigarette and a glass of wine in hand. She had been dancing and fucking for a couple of hours.

    'Yes' I conceded, soul shrunken.

    There were others around us. Other bitches on heat to black men. Other brothers who were amused and interested as regards the handling of Amos's cuck.

    'Lick her out now then….here….' Amos whispered.

    Estelle didn't blink and eyelid. I promise you, that will denude you. It will rip away your self respect because you know once upon a time you fantasised about that. You wondered whether it might get you stiff. Well, it does, and it destroys your self esteem like a cellophane wrapper that scrunched only opens up once thrown in the bin.

    I didn't need to be told twice. I dropped to my knees and with my hands behind my back, i nuzzled beneath Estelle's pleated tartan raa raa skirt as best i could. Her cunt was covered in spunk! She looked as though she had douched herself in semolina. The smell was musk though, his musk, may be Lucien's too. The sight of her dripping cunt and the overwhelming scent of their coupling hooked me. i moved my mouth side on and suckled on her cream pie cunt lips as hard and as greedy as I could. I managed to get three ladle tongue fulls of their spunk in my mouth and down my gullet listening to them laugh at my servitude. Estelle is used to being licked out, it arouses her, but right then she wanted the others to see me doing it. I felt her lift the hem of her tiny skirt up and a girl giggled watching me gobble at Estelle's cunt.

    'Estelle feed him regularly?' the girl asked. It was a question to Amos. You always talked to the boss.

    'Regular? No' Amos answered. It had seemed a naive question to him. No, not regular. 'I have Estelle feed his addiction babe, ' he murmured, 'I have her feed him just enough to keep him her fucking slave.'

    Estelle was pretty clean. if you lick full tongue, wide mouth, if you siphon the globules off her cunt hair, you can do this quite quickly. Her pussy was glistening wet when i pulled my mouth back.

    'Never let a fucker like him kiss, never let him lick or kiss above the belly' Amos told his enquirer. The girl nodded. 'He lives down there. Your husband will live down there' Amos pointed. She nodded again.

    'Rear' growled Amos.

    I felt Estelle turn. She pushed her rear towards my face.

    The girl grinned. I was funny, pathetic, disgusting, the man who never kissed any more.

    I started to lick Estelle's rear. Her buttocks and then her hole. Fucking hell, Estelle, loves having her arse licked now. It concocts something in her imagination. I lick her arse hole and she pulls my mouth onto it, grabbing my mop of hair in her manicured fingers.

    'White guy wipes, understood?' asked Amos, scrutinising the white girl. 'Make him so much less than your man. Show your man how you have lost any fucking interest in the little shit'. Amos watched the girl's black boyfriend run an arms around her shoulders. She nodded. Party's were good for this weren't they. Learning about etiquette. Learning about how to think of some men and how to go with others.
  2. 3ballz

    3ballz Member Member

    You summarise a cuck's lot in life so wonderfully. In a way I loathe the tasks I'm instructed to do and yet I crave them to justify a need for my existence. I recall being instructed by my ex-girlfriend to stand naked at the foot of our bed holding a tray containing a bottle of champagne and two half drank glasses and an ashtray with her smouldering Capri 120. My black boss removed her silk robe and draped it over my 3.5 inch erect peepee and warned me that if it fell to the ground while he masterfully fucked my wife, my genitalia would resemble a tiny mashed beetroot.
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