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. Nina ch. 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, Mar 30, 2000.

  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    "Ah," she said, after what actually seemed like five minutes, "here we are." She sat up and pulled up on the straps of her dress, saying: "Sorry, kind of falling out of this dress." She laid some papers in her lap and began to read off lists of local stores at the mall and in the city that were looking. "Come on over here and stand behind me and look at what I've got for you," she said. Larry walked behind our couch and stood over her, looking down at her as she read. Soon all four were behind her, leaning down, and Robert said, "Unbelievable." She turned and looked up at him, smiling, and her eyes moved down his athletic torso a few seconds as his hand rubbed his crotch. Nina put her hand on his arm, saying softly, "now Robert darling, we're here to work on your issues." Chris said: "I've got two issues I'm lookin' at that I would love to work on," and he winked at Robert. "Thank you," Robert said and they bumped fists.

    Larry acted like the responsible one. "Look, Mrs. James is here to counsel us. Let's not mess up and get sexy with her." Wade shook his head. "That's hard to do. Look at the size of her tits!" I was about to call a halt to this when, to my surprise, Nina laughed and said: "Well, they sure are hard to miss, aren't they?" Then she put the papers down in her lap and said, her head leaning completely back: "So have I got your complete attention now?" She laughed suggestively, and stayed in that position for a minute. "You got our attention when we first met you. And when we said wear a sweater to the meeting last week - you did," Wade smiled. That floored me, and I was concerned that this meeting had already lost its Christian focus when Jenni, who had been stirring for a few moments, launched into the beginning of a hunger cry. "Feeding time!" Larry said. He spoke to me, a little patronizingly, as I gestured to hand the baby to my wife. "God sure works miracles with a bab ght Mr. James?" I smiled. He went on, his hand stroking his groin: "I mean, all the DNA shit is there from the beginning, and the baby grows up to be an adult! God I love kids!"

    Assuming modesty was going to send my wife elsewhere to nurse I said: "Where do you want to feed her? In the women's lounge upstairs?" She said nothing and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress, then began pulling the left strap of her dress off her shoulder. I said with alarm, glancing at the boys: "Are you going to feed her here? Good Lord, what are you doing?" Nina looked at me calmly and said: "I'm sorry, what did you say?" I sat in shock and watched as she pulled the dress away to display a very revealing, scanty, red, sexy weave brassiere. I had never seen it before. The left cup was less than half size, and cut daringly from the strap down to the center of the bra - breast flesh spilled out all over the place. I was completely taken aback, and said discreetly, "Where's your nursing bra?" "I didn't want to be rude to them," she said, laboring to lift the cup of her very large left breast out of her dress so that the very filled cup sat perched over the dress hat do you mean?" I asked, confused. "They bought me this bra as a present, and I wanted them to see me in it," she smiled. Struck dumb, the only question I could summon was: "How did they know what size?" She giggled, and whispered in my ear, "They asked me and I told them. Remember: more than you can handle, honey."

    Jenni's crying, Nina's apparent willingness to nurse in front of virtual strangers, and this revelation of a gift, were conspiring to give me a migraine. I sat biting my tongue while my wife looked up at them and asked in a coquettish voice: "So how do I look?" Wade, mesmerized, said: "Awesome. What do you dudes think?" Robert was now standing in front of her, and Chris was walking around the couch. Four pairs of adolescent eyes were riveted on my wife's chest. "Oh yeah. Wow. But, can't see the whole bra," Robert complained. "Yeah, and we had to go to like, hey dude how many stores did we go to, Larry?" Larry was leaning almost at the level of her left shoulder, Wade at her right shoulder level. "Hardly anyone sells bras this big," Larry said, "it took us all fuckin' day, man." Chris jumped in, "Yeah, so let's see the other side." He was speaking softly, a lewd grin on that baby face. By now the baby was crying constantly, and I had to nudge my wife. Staring hard a is Nina spoke softly, the lower lip of her unsmiling mouth somewhat challenging, even defiant: "I think it's nursing time." She took the baby to her lap and slowly, with her eyes still on Chris, said to him quietly, in a challenging tone: "You ready for this?" She dug her hand in and pulled at her breast, finally getting all of it out of the cup, pulling it as high as she could toward her face. She squeezed it lovingly a few times, then pressed at the nipple, causing milk to squirt in two thin but long jets, in two different directions. "Oops," she said softly, still staring unsmilingly at Chris's face, grooving on his lustful attention. I heard Wade's deep voice behind my ear: "Whoa."

    As Jenni settled in for her meal Nina rested her head back on the couch. I was very upset at the situation. "Maybe we should take a break on this meeting," I said to the four, "my wife really should have some privacy here." This was ignored. I was ready to repeat myself when Nina said: "Oh I don't mind, honey. Nursing is a beautiful thing. And they're watching me nurse brings them closer to me." Then she slipped the other shoulder strap down to expose the other side of her bust. Nina looked up at the boys, "Thank you again. I just love the way this bra shows off my big tits." Then she turned to me, "Wasn't it considerate of them to buy me this? I should wear this at home when I'm nursing." Then she said, grinning, and looking up at the boys, "....and, oh I almost forgot, when you're being a peeping tom in the next room and staring at my reflection in the mirror." One of the boys said: "Oooooh, kinky."

    My pulse spiked. She knew of my worship from afar? It was surrealistic, her bringing it up in front of them. I glanced around at the young men and then at my wife. "I just love to watch you," I stammered, clearing my throat, trying to be discreet. She spoke loudly, looking down at her chest, "so have you watched the video you made of me nursing lately?" I said: "Nina, this is not like you. The Lord wants us to keep these feelings to ourselves." She said, "We can't help these young Christians find their way if we're not open, can we?" She looked up at Robert and said: "My husband made a video of my nursing, and you know what? He did close ups of my tits for his viewing pleasure." After a minute of this increasingly tense situation she said: "Maybe he'll run home now and get the video camera and run back here to do Volume II." She turned to me: "Honey, why not? Think of the hours of entertainment for you, sneaking a look at me nursing in front of these very handsome young ds of ours." I said nothing, embarrassed beyond words.

    Wade said, "I hope Jenni has a big appetite. Those knockers are full of milk, right Mrs. James?" I was at the end of my patience with the coarse language and was about to speak up when Robert said, "Yeah, your baby is really gonna chow down. Shit!" Larry sat down at the couch at the other side of my wife and said: "There's enough milk in those fuckin' F cups to feed the whole church." I raised my voice, "Let's remember where we are, gentlemen." Instead of taking offense my wife said, while Jenni sucked away, her head lost in the massive titflesh: "Well I don't know about the whole church! Maybe the youth group though....." "Jenni doesn't drink enough to relieve you, does she?" Wade said, his hand resting on my wife's shoulder. "What do you do with the ten gallons in each jug?" Chris laughed: "Sell it to the grocery store!" They all laughed, and my wife laughed in a way that spooked me and said: "Can't give it to Dave, it's more than he can handle!" Larry's eyes were w two inches of her breast and he said, acting concerned: "No way, Dave. You don't suck on your wife's tits to help her out? Her tits are aching for some relief, Dave!" "You are definitely coming to the youth group picnic, church mom, you'll be the refreshments," Robert laughed. "It's a date," Nina said, her mouth and eyes suddenly serious looking, "you tell me and I'll be there."

    My wife announced in a soft voice: "Time to switch faucets - or should I say jugs," and she handed Jenni to me, then slowly pulled her other breast out of her dress. Both of her round, very swollen mammaries were now proudly on display. She placed Jenni at the second breast and while nursing our baby she picked the other breast up as much as she could and said: "I've tried to suck on my own tits but even that doesn't help." "Show us," Wade grunted, his hands now massaging her shoulders. The boys were quieter, unsmiling. I hadn't sought out the sight of it, but my eyes drifted to Larry's thin running shorts and I was astonished to see the tenting at his crotch of what surely pressed the fabric as a king-size erection. His hand was no longer merely rubbing but was around the shaft of his penis and practically masturbating it in his shorts. I stood up. "Nina, it's time we packed up and went home. Our counseling efforts are completely unraveling here. You guys are getting s with my wife and --" Nina brought her tit to her lips and began to lick the nipple, closing her eyes then opening them in a stare at Larry. I could understand these young predators ignoring me but most of the time Nina was acting as if I was not there. I let out a sigh and slowly sat back down.

    The breast slowly slipped away from her mouth and with a dramatic shift of her eyes to Robert she let it fall heavily on her chest. "God I need some relief here," Nina moaned, "and my back is killing me from these big tits." I was now becoming terrified at the transformation in my wife's soul. Had the Devil taken control? Nina began manipulating her other breast and played with her nipple, making it squirt in long jets.

    I wanted to assert something about modesty and restraint when she said seductively, with a moan, "hey Wade, my aching back needs some strong hands...." It was so eerie to watch her face lit up with an impish, almost evil smile as she savored the effect she was having on these troubled youths. Nina said, "I have SO much milk in these," and she looked down at her breasts, "SO much. I have so much I think my tits are going to drive me crazy." "I can help," I said. She handed me the baby and stood up, facing us, with one knee resting on the couch, and beckoned to Wade. "Come over here and rub my back." He stepped around the couch and began to do just that, pulling her dress down to expose her smooth skin and shoulder blades. She leaned against him as his strong hands moved over her flesh. Wade said: "Dudes, you ready for a snack?" She moaned and said nothing, then grabbed her breasts and squeezed the nipples until milk sprayed wildly in thin but strong jets. She aimed her te n the direction of Larry and the others, giggling when she sprayed them.

    The boys were incredulous, their mouths dropping to their laps. "Jack those tits off, Nina honey," Wade said, his chin resting on her shoulder, his hands roaming over her hips and her ass. I sat stunned as my wife almost casually stood there and shot milk from her breasts in long thin streams, milk dripping down her hands. Robert sat down on the couch where she had sat, and pushed at me, causing me to stand with the baby. "Nurse us, Mrs. James. Feed us those big fuckin' boobs," he said. Wade's hands were now all over my wife's breasts, pushing them together and aiming the nipples at his friends. Her eyes were half closed, looking diabolical, otherworldly. They were fixed on Larry and Robert. She stepped forward and then leaned over in front of Larry and Robert so that her breasts hung and shook. "I don't think Dave likes me doing this," she said, and then she looked over at me and asked: "or do you?".

    Wade said: "But you like it, don't you mom?" She reached her hands around the back of her neck, then Wade held her hands up behind her. "You thirsty?" she said to Larry and Robert, as she looked down at her chest then back up at them. She swayed from side to side, causing her breasts, which hung so incredibly, to swing. She swayed harder, making them swing more crazily. She turned around, spread her legs, and said to Wade, "pull my dress up." I was shocked to see her naked fanny. She touched her toes so that her boobs hung and shook to their lascivious eyes, staring past her bare bottom, moist pussy lips, and her smooth legs.

    Then she turned around, knelt down on the couch between Robert and Larry, and cupped her tits and offered them to these excited studs. She shot titmilk into their hungry mouths and then mashed the nipples all over their faces. I must say it was breathtaking to see her breasts fluff up and push against their heads, covering them with her titflesh. Her fingers beautifully spread themselves in their hair, pulling their heads affectionately into her bosom. I heard sucking and suckling. She looked at me wickedly and said: "God this feels good. Mmmmmm, you guys are sure hungry." Then I gasped, seeing her hands roam down to their crotches. "Now what was all that rubbing about? Lord, you must like the way I look in my new bra!" Chris was sitting next to Larry and grinned. "Look at those fucking cow tits," he said, then "Oh yeah, you want those dicks, don't you Mrs. Cow." Nina dramatically took her hand and sticking her tongue out as far as possible, licked the full length of palm and fingers a few times, then, trembling, began to jack Larry's hard prick.

    I cleared my throat and pleaded with Nina. "Nina, I think this has gone far enough. We're way off track here. This is all wrong." Wade was on his knees, lifting her dress slowly up her back, exposing again her bare fanny. He buried his mouth in the crack in her ass, and to get more of his mouth in her butt my wife, with a dirty look in her eyes, looked back at him and lifted her ass up as much as she could. His hands began to rub her butt cheeks as he, with obvious experience, chewed and licked her asshole. Then he turned around, so that he was lying on the floor, his shoulders resting up on the couch, and, hands on her ass, he pulled her crotch into his face. "Hey Farmer Dave," Chris looked at me as if genuinely grateful and said, while the others began moaning and gasping for breath, "thank you for letting us suck on this cow whore's tits. My turn." He pulled Larry's face away from her breast and fastened his mouth on the nipple, pulling the tit roughly to the side.

    "Did you hear me Nina?" I persisted. "Honey," she replied, in a sympathetic manner, as if with understanding. "These boys need love. God chose me to give and give and give, and with you here, it's so much fun." I rose to grab her by the shoulder to leave when, to my chagrin, Robert took a break from his harsh sucking to command her, "Time for the cow to fill her mouth with cud." "Yeah," Larry said, "we've got some hard cock for this cow's slutty mouth." They actually thought my wife was going to pleasure them orally? "My wife is here to pull your lives together, not have sex with you and be treated so disrespectfully," I said authoritatively. Robert rudely unzipped his pants and took out a very stiff and long ebony penis. He glanced my way and said: "Oh, I respect her." He looked down at his fingers sliding up and down the lengthy shaft. Then he turned to me and smiled: "Can't you tell?" Then he looked up into her eyes and laughed: "Pull on this, church whore." Imm ely Nina's fingers, their nails just manicured, wrapped themselves around his cock, her eyes drawn to it almost hypnotically.

    He grabbed her boob and sucked on the teat while she began to jack him off. Nina was now stroking the full length of Larry's dick and his balls. These boys' meat stood proud in their laps, past their navels. "You guys really love me. Mmmmmm," Nina said, her hands locked hungrily on them as the boys sucked on her tits. Then Chris said, "well I love you too, whore," and stood up and pulled down his jeans and underpants. His fully aroused young manhood thrust out in its glorious blackness. He watched the scene on the couch for a moment, rubbing his meat, then knelt down and began to kiss and lick my wife's buttocks, his hands grabbing her ass flesh as he worshipped it with his lips and tongue.

    I was now in a state of terror. As Jenni slept soundly in my arms I looked on, in complete disbelief, at these four youths helping themselves to my wife - like animals. Larry and Robert were pulling on my wife's teats, then licking hungrily on the titmilk that shot and dripped out, or ran down her tits onto their hands. Then Larry barked: "Get down on your knees and blow us, cow." "I thought you wanted someone to help you through your family problems," I said in a critical tone. He looked at her and said: "And shoot all that cowmilk on our cocks while you swallow those corn cobs." Wade crawled out from under her and Chris knelt behind her and rubbed his cock back and forth against her ass while Nina got down on the floor on her knees. Chris positioned himself on the floor as Wade had been, licking away at her pussy. His young, energized dick stood up facing the ceiling. He dived into her pussy, slurping sounds punctuating his wicked feasting on my wife's cunt.

    It was apparent that she was actually going to fellate the boys on the couch so I said firmly, "Nina, in the name of all that is holy. Have you forgotten our ministry?" She turned to me as she reached to help Larry pull his pants down to his feet so that he could spread his nakedness. She just stared, and I groaned as Larry's hand moved to behind her head and pulled her toward his hard cock and oversized, hairy balls, which his other hand lazily played with. "I just got so hot when these guys talked about my body right in front of you," she said, glassy-eyed. She began to rub his cock all over her face. She continued: "God gave me these big motherly tits and gave them big hard cocks. I've been fighting my needs ever since that Mexico trip and God told me when we came back here - 'Don't fight, just give all the love you can'. After I told you about those guys at my job I got really turned on and when they both played with my tits I almost came, I knew God had called me." as stunned, assuming that her experience at the insurance office had repelled her. Robert laughed and complained: "Too much talking, whore. Spray our dicks with titmilk." She started a little, and then in a dutiful tone said: "Oh yeah, sorry. I'm here to love your cocks, not talk to him." Nina cupped her breasts and began squirting Larry's, then Robert's dick, with warm milk from her nipples. The one boy stared at her tits and jacked his cock while the other was getting a bath of breast milk. Then they both jacked themselves and she shot milk on them, aiming a tit at each boy's hard cock. At one point Larry leaned back, his eyes almost closed, and turned to Robert and said: "Can you believe how easy this was? We felt this bitch up at the first meeting, got her to talk about her tits on the phone, and now she's sucking us off. Fuckin A!" Robert laughed, then said: "I could not believe that Wade told her what to wear today, to make it go with the bra." Nina turned slightly in the direction of Chris's ass-eating and moaned: "Oh yeah, that feels so good. Please don't stop. Keep tongue-fucking my clit and my asshole."

    Then Wade stood facing me, and brazenly took off his shorts within a foot of my face. As if the situation were not insulting and frightening enough, out sprang an impossibly long, semi-erect slab of dickmeat. Its head seemed like only inches from me, and I shrank back in my chair. He stepped closer. His penis was so lengthy I immediately suspected it was some sort of dildo fitted onto his groin. He looked at me and said suavely, patronizingly: "Your wife is quite friendly. And you are too." I scowled at him, trying to avoid the sight of his hand now slowly stroking his big prick. "What do you mean?" I said. "Well on the phone a couple days ago she said she really hoped we liked the sweater she wore last week. When she showed up in that we knew your wife was not only a fuckin' cow, but a horny cow. Then she said she had a sun dress that showed off her big tits, and I told her she better wear it this time, with just a bra and nothing else. When I told her we expected the to be sexy and red, she said she didn't have one but if we bought her one she'd wear it. I told her we'd buy our church whore something sexy but we wanted to see those tits at this meeting. She said 'Do you guys love me?' And I said 'Oh yeah, especially your big tits.' Then she asked me to say it again and we all got on the phone with her and talked about her big tits."

    Dizzy from these revelations, I looked up at this conceited brat and pushed to hear the rest of his arrogant comments: "And why am I so friendly?" He began slapping his hard dick in his hand, so that it landed with an insolent smack as it fell back onto his fingers. "Well Dave, you let your wife wear that skin tight sweater last week and let her get felt up, and kissed on the lips. And you were so nice about us rubbing our crotches last week, considering how hard we get when your wife shows off her boobs. It's like you're just waiting for the right time for us to enjoy this cow slut." "If I weren't holding this baby," I yelled, "I'd slap your face!" Wade suddenly knelt on the arm of the chair and, fisting its stem, smacked my face with his cock. I attempted to withdraw back into the chair. Glorying in this humiliation he then stood in front of me again. "So let me slap yours, dude," he snickered. Nina seemed to be too engrossed in the other boys to notice.

    She was adoringly licking the full length of Larry's cock, holding the shaft, then slowly took as much of it into her mouth as she could and began to move her head up and down. "Suck that cock, you fuckin' cow slut!" Robert laughed, his dick getting an increasingly energetic fisting from my wife's right hand. My head was reeling with the evil sounds of her sucking, Chris's mouth going at it in her cunt, the jacking of Robert's cock and Wade smacking his dickmeat. After a few minutes of this wickedness Larry moaned and released what must have been a big load of hot semen in my wife's mouth, judging from the choking that brought snickers from these young men. He barely had time to relax when Wade tapped Chris and said, "Hey dude, I think the cow slut wants to love your dick. There's a spot open for you on the couch, man. I've just got to fuck this whore." Larry stood up and sighed, stretching his arms. "Shit, that was an awesome blowjob. This bitch sure is hungry for dick. ter give her another one before she loses her mind."

    Nina had promptly switched over to Robert's cock and, holding it with her one hand she cupped his hairy balls and held one in her mouth and sucked gently, then did the same with the other. Her fingers affectionately caressed the sensitive underside of the head of his cock. Chris was now kneeling on the couch, naked from the waist down, and pushed his knees forward toward her so that his hard dick was rubbing against her face as she blew Robert. She took Robert in as far as she could, her long graceful fingers caressing his thigh and chest. "Hold that thought, church whore," he said abruptly, then turned around on the couch on his knees, his ass facing her. Wade leaned over and pushed her head into Robert's fat, hairy balls, below which dangled his spit-soaked prick. For the next several minutes Nina buried her face in Robert's ass, licking his balls and asshole while she jacked his dick. Her left hand worked Chris's meat.

    Then Wade moved closer to her and said: "Hey Nina, you ready for this?" His giant dick stood erect and he put his hand on her head as she pulled her tongue out of Robert's ass crack and stared, for the first time, at Wade's king sized genitalia. She was breathing rapidly and gasped in amazement: "Oh, Wade, you have a LOT of love there for me. My God." "It's because I want to fill you with God's love," he said, winking at Larry, whose hands were squeezing her ass and exploring her asshole. Larry smiled at Wade as Nina just stared in fascination at the long slab of manhood he was forcing against her cheeks and lips. Soon her hands were sliding up and down on Chris's and Robert's erections and her tongue was darting over the head of Wade's cock. Wade calmly looked down at her. "You want me to fuck you with this dick, don't you?"

    She yelled out, "Oh yeah, get behind me and fuck me." Wade winked at me and stepped in back of my wife, knelt, and began to rub his cock all over her rump. She shook her ass at him, her very wet pussy obviously anxious to feel the pleasure of his stiff prick. Then she wrapped her lips around Robert's dick, pulling it back toward her, her hand tickling his dark brown, ample testicles and asshole. Her other hand gripped Chris's cock in a desperate up and down tempo and he lay back, his legs spread wide, his eyes closed.

    Wade held his schlong and slowly began to push it gently in and out of the lips of my wife's twat. "Your cow slut is soaking wet, Farmer Dave," he said, looking back at me again. "I've been waiting for this," she moaned. "Since when?" he said. "Since I heard about your big dick," she smiled, her eyes closed, her face looking about ten minutes away from ecstasy. Then he entered her deeper, an inch at a time, beginning to stroke slowly, and Nina let out a cry, gasping: "My God in Heaven!" Wade's hands held her slender waist and he inched the rest of his cock into her pussy in short but aggressive movements. He grunted and smacked her ass, then grabbed it heartily.

    This drove my wife mad and she was now jacking Chris off at ninety miles an hour, yanking and fisting his dick while trying to keep Robert stuffed between her pretty lips. Her cries of delight were muffled by the fat dickmeat. Robert turned back around, facing her on his knees, and pulled her head into his crotch, his pelvis thrusting back at her. His balls swung back and forth.

    Then Chris was kneeling at her other side. Sensing he was close she turned away from Robert and put her other hand under his cock, gently rubbing his balls. Chris gripped and pulled at her hair roughly, and they looked at each other and moaned. Then he climaxed, shooting semen in several squirts at her shoulder, arm and face. "Suck me, Mrs. James," he said, panting, and my wife put her right hand in fisting position around Robert's cock and guided Chris's dripping manhood into her mouth. She licked it and kissed the head, apparently grateful when her squeezing and manipulation brought out a few more gobs of jizz. A string hung from the head of his dick and she licked at the cum with her eager tongue. Larry said, "Hey Dave, can you see that cum from there?" Then he said to my wife, "How do you feel about your husband getting a better view of all that stud cream on you?" She looked at me closely and said, "Sorry Dave, but it really turns me on."
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