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Night clubbing with my wife seperately.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HopefulCuck, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. HopefulCuck

    HopefulCuck Member Member

    My wife and I had hit a rut in our marriage. There was something missing in the bedroom that we could not figure out on how to fix. Ideas began forming in our minds, and we talked about them at length to find a solution. One idea that cropped up was inviting another man to bed my wife. We have used this fantasy many times in a verbal way to spice up our love making, but never gone through with it. I told her, what if I changed my mind? She told me that maybe she really did want another cock for once, and that she didn’t mind me watching but didn’t want that man to be put off so I would have to hide. She told me the only way I would have no way to back out was if we arrived separately at a venue. So that’s how I ended up sitting on a bar stool all alone in an up market night club. Waiting in eager anticipation for my wife to show up alone and available to the first man she picked to bed her! I didn’t have to wait long. When she walked in, every man’s head in the place turned to watch my beautiful available wife walk in. She was stunning, high heels, mini skirt, and small, white singlet top with no bra. Her large breasts with nice hard nipples, which were cold and nicely colored and clearly visible. I had a hard on in my pants I knew she wasn’t going to satisfy. I knew then that by turning up separately, I was only just another man wanting her and that she could easily say, I don’t know you, to me! Some lucky stud was going to have her any way he wanted. She looked over at me, winked, and from that moment on ignored me completely. It wasn’t long before she was approached by a rather tall, well built black man. She never expressed a desire for dark men before, but from the way her face was blushing, I knew straight away she was going to experience black cock for the first time. They talked for a few minutes, and he bought her a drink. It looked like she was really enjoying herself, and after a couple of more drinks, they went for a dance on the dance floor. From where I was sitting, I could see him holding her around the waist and pushing his groin into her. They were dancing like long time lovers, with him putting his huge black hands on her well rounded bottom. He was squeezing her arse, rubbing her back and kissing her, with her responding in kind. Part of me wanted it to stop, but I knew I could do nothing. There was my wife being seduced by a stranger and me sitting there, hard on in my pants, loving every minute. They sat back down a while later and I could see his hand on her leg gently rubbing it. She got up after whispering something, and headed for the ladies. A minute later she texted me saying, I am coming out in two minutes, walking up to my stud and handing him my G-strings and there isn’t anything you can do to stop me. He is going to fuck me and use me in any way he desires. I returned her text saying; you are free to do what you want, thank you for this fantasy, and open the bedroom curtain a crack for me. She texted me back saying, he had told her he had an enormous penis that would stay hard for hours, and she was looking forward to riding him!! She thanked me, and said I was to look forward to the show. A minute later, out she walks, hands her black stud her g-strings and whispers in his ear, his hand goes straight to her leg and slides all the way up to her bald pussy. The look on his face was priceless; he grabbed her hand and pulled her down beside him. He had this stupid little grin on his face that said I am going to split that pussy apart and come deep inside you and its going to be great. He pulled her close and whispered sweet nothings in her ear, I could see his hand slide up to her right breast and pluck her extended, engorged erect nipple. That lucky guy is going to enjoy my wife. He is going to experience the weight of her naked breasts and suck on her fantastic nipples, the taste of her wet pussy, the experience of pushing his big black cock into her tight white pussy, and I was going to see it all through a crack in the curtain if she leaves the light on! They left soon after and I followed 5 minutes later. I parked the car away from the house. Walking to the house, heart thumping, was very exciting, the hard on in my pants was testament to it! Our house backs onto a bush reserve so it was easy making my way around to the rear of the property to where our master bedroom was. It was a rather windy night and the curtains were bellowing open. The bedside light was on and I could quite clearly see the lucky black stud laying flat on his back, hand on my wife’s head whilst she was deep throating the lucky guy. He had an enormous cock. And she had positioned herself with her face looking towards the window, eyes open. There she was, licking his huge balls, sliding her open mouth up and down his rigid cock. What she did next was mind blowing. She kneeled over his head, and whilst looking straight at me lowered her bald cunt on to his tongue. She couldn’t see me with the light shining on the windows, but knew I was looking in on her; black man’s tongue deep inside her bald tight wet married pussy. For a long while, he spread her white married arse apart and feasted on her forbidden cunt. Then still looking at me, she grasped his huge cock, lowered her pussy onto it, and proceeded to reverse cowboy on his thick, long throbbing black cock. He was moaning and she loved it, I heard her say that his cock was huge and it was nice to be filled completely for once after being used to her Husband’s small white cock. He knew she was married! He spanked her arse whilst she bobbed up and down on his cock, and said well he’s not here now. I could clearly hear him call her, “his white married slut whore”, and she loved it, calling him her master. It wasn’t long till he made her position herself on her knees and he entered her from behind. The black man was fucking my wife and I was letting it happen, cock in my hand pumping myself. It was fantastically degrading. The intensity of my ejaculation was immense. I could hear her shouting, “Oh you are so good” and yes master, please fuck my little tight stretched married white pussy”. It was fantastic. I had the perfect view in at her facing me, arms by her side, large breasts swinging from her heaving chest, with the very well built muscle bound black man grasping her hair and periodically smacking her well rounded rump whilst pumping her full of big black cock. His staying power was incredible, he was lasting much longer than I ever could, and brought my well worked wife, from orgasm to orgasm, it was magnificent. She was still on her knees when he did something incredible, he simply took her hands and held onto them from behind. Seeing her under his direct control like this was heaven, big breasts swinging and slapping between her masters movements. Yes master, fuck my pussy, I am your slut whore, fuck me, fuck me harder, yes master were her words, and fuck her he did. His strength and endurance was amazing, he controlled my wife wonderfully like this. He was periodically fucking her fast and then slow. It really was something else standing there watching my wife being deep fucked by a black cock stud. He kept up the tempo for a good 2 hours. Once he was done, he kissed her and saw himself out. After seeing his car disappear I entered the house and found my ravaged wife lying in bed waiting for me. I thanked her for the magnificent show and asked if I could have my turn, now. To which she replied, no, it was her master’s turn tonight and I might get some tail the next night. I was allowed to clean her in our bath and that was it. Washing her well fucked pussy was very exciting. I could not believe the amount of cum dribbling out. She told me that her Master wished to meet me, and thank me for the wonderful fuck he had enjoyed. I thought that this could actually be the start of a fantasy I had toyed with for a while. Me playing second fiddle, to another man. Leroy and I met the following week at our house, and he was very happy to meet and talk about his experience. What he said he enjoyed the most was having complete and utter sexual control over another white mans wife with the husband’s knowledge. He said I love it how I know that if I say stand up wife, and take off all your clothes, that your wife will do that. I said, that would be so utterly degrading, to be degraded was fantastic. I told him that he was truly the master and I was his boy. I wanted him to take complete control and do as he wished. Leroy said, to have complete control, it would mean I was no longer allowed sexual intercourse with my wife, and that my hand would be my only release. Leroy also said that if I was to be a true cuckold, I would be required to ready my wife for his arrival and get her dressed and made up. I said that it would be my pleasure to ready my wife for your pleasure Leroy. He said Sir or Master would be his name from now on. Yes Master I replied, what is you wish. Leroy replied that what he felt like right now was a nice blow job followed by sex over the dining room table and once finished that I was to “clean up”! He called to my wife and ordered her to strip which she did very quickly. He then told her to get on her knees and suck his big black cock which she did with relish. It wasn’t long before he came buckets in her mouth and down her chin dripping onto her big breasts. Then he made her lean forward over the table, entered her from behind and started fucking her very hard. He looked at me during mid fuck, and said boy, yes Master I replied, get ready for your desert, thank you master I replied. He came deep inside her before long, and told me to lie on the ground and for her to squat over my face. The come that dribbled out of her went directly over my face. He said I want every drop of my cum swallowed boy. My wife said, taste the cum of my new master. He is the one that has use of my body now, not you anymore. My wife mentioned to Leroy that it would funny to see me jerk off for their amusement, to which my new master said yes, on your knees boy and jerk off. It was the start to a new and exciting relationship with a Dominant Black man becoming, my Master. My wife served him completely, in any sexual manner he desired, and as far as I am concerned that is his absolute right.

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  2. ezzdon

    ezzdon Member Member

    Made my cock hard good stuff

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  3. sexyboots

    sexyboots Well-Known Member Member

    I suppose the white husband asked for what he got so no complaints!

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