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. New Found Freedom

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by T.S, Apr 13, 2000.

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    New Found Freedom (M+/F, impreg, interr) By T.S.

    Michelle and I had only been married for six years, but already our sex life had become routine and dull. With two children -- a boy, five, and a girl, 3 -- neither one of us had shown much interest in sex recently. What was frustrating was that even when one of us did show interest, the other was unlikely to be interested at the same time.

    We decided that what we really needed was some time alone together, so we left the children with some friends and went to the beach for the weekend. We had a nice hotel room with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The beach wasn't at all crowded and the weather turned out to be perfect.

    Michelle had bought a skimpy bikini especially for the trip. It did the trick: when I first saw her in it I was instantly turned on. I wanted to make love to her immediately, but she insisted that we wait, so instead we went down to the beach. We were not there very long before I realized that I was not the only one affected by her appearance. She got quite a lot of attention and I began to feel a little bit jealous. Michelle noticed this immediately and decided to entertain herself by teasing me.

    She insisted I stay behind while she went for a short walk by herself; however, she wasn't alone for long. She was soon in the company of several young, handsome men and seemed to be enjoying their attention -- enough to make me rather uncomfortable.

    She spent about half an hour playing games with them before she finally returned to me. She waited until we returned to our room before telling me that one of the men -- Eric -- had suggested that they get together that night. It was obvious that he had meant for more than just dinner.

    I decided that it was my turn to tease Michelle, so I asked if she wanted to spend the night with Eric. Surprisingly, the more we talked about it, the more excited we both got. Over dinner (and with a little help from some wine), we got suddenly brave and decided to give Eric a call. Half an hour later, the three of us were naked in our hotel room.

    I couldn't believe we were actually going through with it. Michelle unrolled a condom onto Eric's stiff cock. I watched intently as he climbed between her legs. My heart was pounding as I watched him slide his penis into her.

    Since we had first met, Michelle hadn't had sex with anyone but me. Now I was watching her being fucked by a stranger. The most amazing thing was how excited I was. I never imagined how thrilling it would be to see another man making love to my wife.

    Michelle was clearly excited as well. She was gasping and moaning with every thrust. When Eric finally came, Michelle had an intense orgasm of her own.

    When Eric eventually rolled off of her, I climbed on top of Michelle. I was so excited from having watched her with Eric, that I only lasted a few minutes. Eric and I took turns with Michelle throughout the night and into the early morning. I was exhausted, but Eric still had plenty of energy.

    We spent the afternoon on the beach again, and ran into the same men she had met the day before. We invited them back to our room and Eric and I, along with three other men, spent the rest of the weekend fucking Michelle.

    We were all disappointed when Sunday afternoon finally came, since Michelle and I had to return home that night. On the drive back, we couldn't stop talking about what a fantastic weekend it had been.

    Michelle had been fascinated by the different techniques and rhythms of the various men who had fucked her. I was completely surprised to find that I had been so turned on by watching Michelle with other men. Adding to the excitement was my own slight embarrassment at realizing that, judging by Michelle's reactions, they were all better lovers than I was. We both agreed that we had enjoyed the weekend so much that we had to do it again in the future.

    From then on, we tried to get together with someone at least once a month. If we couldn't find someone to take care of the children, I encouraged Michelle to go out on her own, then she would tell me about the evening when she returned.

    We were the happiest we had been since being newly weds, until Michelle came home worried one night. The moment she walked in the door, I knew something was wrong. Instead of the devious smile that her face normally wore on such occasions, she looked nervous and upset.

    She explained that everything had gone well and she was thoroughly enjoying herself until after she had had sex. When her lover withdrew his penis from her, they had discovered that the condom had broken. Michelle figured that it was her most fertile time of the month, so she was very concerned that she could be pregnant.

    The next few weeks were very intense as we both anxiously awaited her next period. When it arrived on schedule, we both breathed a huge sigh of relief; however, now that the panic was over, we talked about how exciting it had been. The thought that Michelle might be pregnant by someone other than me had created an incredible amount of tension. The thrill was even greater than when Michelle had first started having sex with other men.

    We decided to start picking the times of the month when Michelle was unlikely to get pregnant, then she would have unprotected sex during those times. This way, we thought, we could experience the thrill of risking pregnancy without really taking too big of a risk.

    We did some research to determine the best method for predicting ovulation, then tried to time Michelle's affairs as close to her fertile times as possibly while still being likely to avoid her actually getting pregnant. It was hard for me to decide which was more arousing: watching Michelle have sex with another man or watching his cum leaking from her afterwards. The excitement continued all month long as we anxiously waited to see whether or not we had guessed right this time.

    Incredibly, things soon got even more exciting. On one weekend that we were able to get away together, we happened to meet another couple (Steve and Jennifer) who were into the same kind of excitement as we were. They had been braver than Michelle and I, though, since they never paid any attention to what time of the month it was. Still, Jennifer had not managed to get pregnant yet.

    She and Steve had decided that they weren't going to leave it to chance any longer. They had signed up to attend a breeding party later in the month. Michelle and I had never heard of such a thing, but Steve and Jennifer explained that couples attended the party with the intention of getting pregnant by one of the studs who were invited. They told us that they knew the couple who were hosting the party fairly well and could probably get us invited, if we were interested.

    Michelle and I talked it over. The party was scheduled for the first day of her cycle on which she was likely to get pregnant. That was cutting it close, but we both agreed to risk it.

    We arrived at the party a little nervous, but soon began to relax as with talked with other couples who shared our enjoyment of extramarital sex and the associated risk of pregnancy. I was curious about the men who would be acting as studs and was told that they were to arrive shortly.

    We all got undressed and spread blankets out on the back lawn when the studs were finally announced. As the first man stepped out of the house, I was given quite a shock. Later on, I noticed that the man was young and well-muscled, but the first thing that caught my attention at the time was that he was very black! As the other studs were introduced, I realized that they were all black.

    I had been willing to risk Michelle getting pregnant by another man, but couldn't begin to imagine the embarrassment and humiliation we would face if Michelle gave birth to a black baby: it would be impossible to pretend that I was the father.

    I was about to suggest that we had made a big mistake and should leave quickly and quietly, when Michelle put an end to any thoughts of that. She was obviously as shocked as I was, but now that she was here, she was intrigued by the thought of having sex with a black man and wasn't going to let me stop her.

    I was speechless as one of these young, black studs came over to us and started kissing Michelle.

    "Is this your first time with a black man?" he asked. Michelle nodded.

    "Well," he said to me, "she's not going to want to go back to your skinny dick after she experiences a real man, so I hope you got some before you came here."

    I sat there trembling as I watched his dark hands caress her body and his tongue slide in and out of her mouth. Michelle was trembling too as she anxiously awaited her first taste of black cock. She cried out when he finally pushed his swollen monster into her pussy.

    She later told me that she could feel him stretching her wider than she had even been opened before. It had been slightly painful at first, but she soon began to enjoy being filled with his enormous cock. She was in total ecstasy when he at last flooded her vagina with his hot fluid.

    Michelle was fucked several more times that afternoon. I was stunned by the amount of cum that was dripping from her pussy. We were both quiet on the way home -- well aware of the danger that cum presented.

    It was another anxious wait. The days seemed to crawl by at a snail's pace. But the days passed, and passed, until there was at last no doubt: this time Michelle had gotten caught.

    I was a nervous wreck, but Michelle was unexpectedly pleased. She figured that once her secret was out, there would be no more reason to hide the lifestyle we had chosen. She was now free to invite men to our house without fearing what our friends or neighbors might think.

    She thoroughly enjoyed being able to have sex with other men. Now that she had experienced black men, she wanted more. Since she was pregnant with a black baby, there was no longer any reason not to be open about her affairs. She now had the freedom to indulge herself.

    I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even think about sex with Michelle, but this didn't stop her from having fun herself. For the first few months of her pregnancy, she invited black men to our house and had sex with them.

    Slowly, she began to explain her situation to our friends. By the time Michelle gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy, it was a surprise to no one. I eventually learned to live with the humiliation and accept the fact that Michelle was hopelessly addicted to black cock. I never did have sex with her again and she never again had sex with any white man.

    She also gave up using any kind of birth control, so it wasn't long before she was pregnant once again. She shows no signs of slowing down, so I have no idea how many more black children I will be raising, but I've gotten quite used to the idea and have come to rather enjoy my situation.
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