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. New bitch testing

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 8, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    [playfully trying out some scenarios for a future novel, 'The Island of Intimacy' the continuing adventures of Claire, Thomas and Luther first begun in 'The Intimacy of Three' (Amazon, download and print). If you run a whole island, if you train others to the lifestyle, what must it be like when the new batch of bitches and prospective serfs arrive for the first time!?]

    Claire accepted the glass of champagne from one of the serfs at the reception house down by the landing where the launch brought trainees to Brownsea Island. He was called Neil, only young, 26 and yet completely submissive. Neil came to pussy very nicely indeed! The distance across from Poole was short, no more than a nautical mile or two over the sparkling water, but the new trainees were coming to another world. Here, on this small wooded island, where the red squirrels played and deer browsed through the ferns, life was very different indeed. So as not to draw attention to developments the trainees came across in small groups. This one comprised of may be a dozen beautiful young women in their twenties or early thirties. Eight of the girls were already married and brought their submissive husbands with them. They had been vetted, quizzed on line by Claire's dedicated psychologist. There had been questionnaires, womens' forums, all to check whether the girls really did think it was time that they became spoiled little bitches. They were tested on their attitude towards handsome black alpha males too and that was easy to assess. A webcam can be set up to spot if pupils dilate when pictures of handsome and naked black men are subliminally flashed through. Th reaction of the prospective serfs though was much more difficult to assess. Lots of men thought it might be sexy to watch their wife go with a well hung black male. Lots of them played with the idea that their wife might open her legs regularly to a black man. The swans weren't only out there on the lagoon, there were SWANs in the minds of men, She Sleeps With A N*****. But what they weren't ready for, what they could not adequately contemplate was that SWANs involved sleeping with Alpha black men. Plural, on direction from the black lover if they were owned. That was what it really entailed and when that happened, well, the white guy was lost.

    It was then prudent to test some reactions, those little difficulties very soon upon arrival on the island of intimacy. It was more cost effective to identify the awkward ones from the outset. A bitch might not be ready to submit to suitable alpha black males when they approached them. A bitch had to live the cause. Submission to the black man's rightful and lusty interests came with the territory. A serf to be might not be able to stomach watching the full majesty of a black master chatting up to his mistress in public and believe for a moment that he had grown a spine. Claire understood that. Watching your wife kiss with a much better built and clearly aggressive alpha male was, well, difficult. Kissing was very intimate indeed, even more so than fucking for some men. It signalled the woman's emotions, her desires to couple with the alpha male. Lips were about minds as well as about satisfying cocks. Foolish reactions of serf husbands could be quickly countered. A hiding was a very good way to learn fast about etiquette. It was an especially good way if the bitch wife watched on indifferently. 'Don't be stupid, you knew black guys do this. You have yourself to blame!'. Of course the beating was in public. That way the assessment cameras could pick up the reactions of the others. It was the start of a couple of months very intensive assessment and training, before the bitches returned with their new beaus to a blissful life of ease and the husband's learned what a life of servitude really meant!

    In the courtyard Fabian and his team of casually dressed, impressively muscled black alphas mingled with the new guests. It was fascinating to watch from the balcony above, discretely amidst the branches of the apple trees. Fabian liked his bitches instantly receptive. Of all the trainers on the island he was amongst the most ideologically committed and the most aggressive. He believed that a black alpha male should only have to look at a woman to be invited to fuck her. Women were meant to dress and to pose in ways that signalled their readiness to couple. There could be no more instant, no more aggressive an opening test for the new recruits than the debonair, but the steel minded Fabian. Claire watched, a smile easing onto her face. There, Fabian spotted the on heat bitches. One, Jennifer was now single after divorcing her husband. He had resisted the approach of a black suitor, and had taken a regular hiding. After leaving her hubby for the handsome stud though her black suitor had tired of the sport. He wanted a serf, and so he dropped her. Jennifer was obviously needing black cock, you could see that by the way that she stood in that delectable flared short skirt. She would have fucked there and then with a buck like Fabian! Another girl, a pretty blonde called Louise had already ruined her husband's manhood. She had been going with black lotharios in Luton for a year or two and her husband appreciated that he wasn't around to fuck her anymore. Louise knew how you stood, how you looked, how you spoke, signalling your availability to the black man. Louise was here hoping to become owned. She wanted her husband pushed on to the next level and Keith, well he just stood close by, looking awkward. But Fabian didn't linger unduly with such women. Tempting though they were, available though they were, he sought out one particular girl, a woman called Annette that Claire had told him about. Annette had potential, she was only 22. She was stunningly pretty, but she came from a quite conservative home life. Annette had even been in a church for a while, but it had been fun to dance at clubs with black men. David her husband, well David was kind of unassuming. David hadn't minded too much because he couldn't dance. David hadn't minded when the black suitors had swept her around and then kissed her slowly, intimately. They had both wondered. They had both wondered, well, you know, that they might be risk adverse. They might be too risk adverse. So, the island, may be, this was something to think about, to explore. Thy could always recede back to their past life, they could.....couldn't they?!

    Fabian handed the blushing Annette a second glass of champagne. He smiled, remarked on how sexy her outfit was. it was late spring and surprisingly warm, but Annette wore a tiny leather skirt and a matching leather bolero jacket that made her look simply chic. It was sexy, but not slut, it was young woman interested, but not fuck against the wall whore. Annette, well, Annette looked interesting. Annette had playful, emerald green eyes and the softest auburn straight hair which she wore in a bob. Her husband, the diminutive David stood a few steps away, drinking the orange juice that the soon to be serfs were allowed. He pretended to be interested in the apple tree, its gnarled bark, the texture of its surface, but Claire knew that was a ruse. David couldn't take his eyes off Annette as she chatted with the handsome black guy who took such an interest in her.

    'So what is your line of business?' Fabian wondered, his dark brown eyes locking hers into a dance of just their own.

    'I teach music, ' she answered, 'at a conservatoire, oboe, and flute'.

    She said that so prettily thought Claire. Soon Annette would learn to have something much more muscular in her mouth. Soon she would learn to make a different kind of music, grunting and groaning beneath a black guy with an animal cock.

    'He something to do with music as well?' Fabian asked glancing at her husband nearby.

    Annette looked his way. He was still pretending something obscure, something stupid about apples or some such.

    'David works in pharmaceuticals, he's a scientist developing skin creams.' she answered.

    Fabian studied her pretty face. He glanced up at Claire and then once again into the lovely face of his target.

    'Don't use his name babe, he doesn't count much here. He's just here as your support, on sufferance'. Fabian's gaze never left her, Claire thought. Not once then. Not once he told her how to think about her husband. She stared at him wide eyed. Fabian continued gently,

    'Try it again, without his name' he prompted.

    Annette blushed. She saw her husband staring at her from the corner of her eye. He was staring with a look of alarm on his face.

    'He's just a scientist' Annette answered Fabian.

    Fabian nodded. He nodded his 'of course' nod. He hadn't required the dismissive phrasing, 'just' a scientist, but that was pleasing, wasn't it.

    'He bore you?' Fabian pressed, his eyes narrowing as he shot David a glance. Claire smiled.

    'Yes, sometimes' Annette answered, blushing again.

    'He looks kind of nerdy' said Fabian. He didn't wait this time. He took her hand, felt it soften in his grip and then he drew her to him. One quick look with his eyes and then he kissed her. He kissed her on the lips. Her lips withheld his advance a moment, and then no more. She realised what he wanted her to do. She was to kiss submissively, her mouth opening gently and slowly, so that he could slip his tongue inside. She couldn't bear to look at David then, so she closed her eyes and let the stranger explore her mouth. She felt his free hand slip behind her waist and down onto her bottom. His hand was big, his fingers long and powerful. She felt his fingers reach outward, her bottom held firmly and then her whole body drawn to him. His tonguing kiss deepened.

    Claire watched as David did exactly what the psychologist said he would do. He panicked. He panicked and reverted back to the social etiquette of his sad and inadequate complacent white society. He tried to object to the directness, the aggressiveness of Fabian's behaviour.

    'Do....do you mind. No.....NO! That's vulgar, stop.......'

    The response from Fabian was instant. He let go of his conquest but for a few moments, saying,

    'Sorry, he's interrupting us...I'll just sort this matter out'.

    The jab that went to David's stomach was lightening fast! Claire watched it produce the inevitable outcome, the husband doubling up with a gasp and presenting his chin to Fabian for the second strike. It was a smart upper cut that sent the weak man tumbling back onto the courtyard floor catching his shoulder on the trunk of the apple tree. There was a gasp from the assembled crowd as the husband fell back. The chattering stopped son they stared at the scientist, deposited unceremoniously on his bottom. The untoward incident might have embarrassed some men, but not Fabian thought Claire. She watched him calmly take Annette's hand, glaring down at the husband before demanding,

    'Are you going to get up and take some more?!'

    Everyone was looking down at David. Everyone! It was having exactly the effect that Claire had planned. They watched the man touch his sore chin. they watched him reach with his other hand up to his shoulder. They watched him shake his head dejectedly.

    'Sorry about that' said Fabian to Annette. His eyes were so hard now, so focused and insistent. this was the moment thought Claire. Annette could so easily lose it and protest that she hadn't wanted David hurt. But Fabian's gaze admitted no reflection.

    'That's....that's all right' she whispered softly.

    Fabian nodded, stroking her soft auburn hair with the hand that had laid her husband on the floor.

    'He has to learn you see' he growled firmly. Others were listening. the other husband's stared, aghast at the sudden decisive violence.

    'Yes' she whispered, her face white now with the shock of the events. It had shocked her! It had shocked her to the quick. He could feel her hand trembling in his. Her lips were quivering.

    'If he stays down quietly, then there will be no trouble. If he gets up and makes a nuisance of himself then my brothers will take him some place quiet and teach him his manners' Fabian instructed.

    'Yes' she whispered, her eyes glued to his. Fabian was a master of such moments. He glanced down at the husband. Yes, he sat there, holding his belly. He was beaten right now. Humiliated.

    'I'm going to kiss you,' Fabian said to her calmly, 'you're going to kiss me back. You're going to learn to be a bitch'.

    She nodded. It was almost imperceptible but the nod came none the less. Claire made a mental note. Annette was still trembling, almost uncontrollably. This was such a jolt for her. Fabian kissed her, pressing his African lips to her rouged caucasian ones. He felt her trembling, he felt her muscles tightening with the shock of events. He help his lips hard against hers and ran his hand gently behind her back. There, now, just a little she was relaxing. It was just a little. He ran his tongue against her lips and they parted just a little. He fixed her with his deep brown hazel eyes.

    'Close your eyes babe, open your mouth, give yourself to me' he whispered softly to her.

    Claire watched the young woman obey. She watched Annette close her eyes and open her mouth to the dominant black male that had hold of her. The kiss deepened and now his tongue slid into her mouth. The trembling grew less. Her shaking reduced and she started to respond to his mouth, kissing back gently, respecting his mastery, his authority.

    Claire nodded to two of the other trainers that had joined the reception. They moved quietly forward and without a word, lifted the husband David up from the ground. He whimpered, as if expecting more blows, but without a word they dragged him out of the courtyard and towards the ground beyond the walled garden. There, out there, along the shores of the island, they were clearing scrub ground for the vineyard that would be planted. Whilst his mistress got to know Fabian and his brothers, David could do a little work in the early spring sun. A little manual work. Something to remind him of his place.
  2. The humble cleaner

    The humble cleaner Member Member

    LM, throughout your approach to writing I am particularly impressed by your ability to "bitchify" the nice girls. I refer to females who by nature are sympathetic, caring and modest - almost deferential to Beta/weak males. Annette is a wonderful example of this. From a personal point of view, I admire and naturally subjugate to dominant women, but have a special fascination for the girl-next-door, smiley, almost nerd-like personalities. I love to see this latter type/types transformed to bitches. Superb writing LM and thank you!
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    That's a very generous commentary HC! I cannot prove it but I think that the niceness of women is partially instinctive (to do with nurturing) and partly to do with socialisation. They are brought up to be the guardians of good manners, niceness, unselfish behaviour. But we might premise too that underneath all that there are selfish and cruel instincts too, those that played a part in society where religion and other social forces inhibited judgmental and cruel thoughts on the part of women. I suppose then that all women could learn to be bitches. If a woman can learn decency or niceness, then they can learn selfishness too, in all its senses, sexual too? Societies create their own values, think of vikings, those of Genghis khan, the repugnant zealots of Daesh/ISIS and part of that cultural system concerns sex and opportunity too. For women who would like to be more dominant/unfettered and instinctively submissive men (all consensual therefore) sharing stories where other values prevail has an appeal fictional. :)
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