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. New bitch testing 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 9, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    [Annette continues her introduction to the new life. Sometimes, well sometimes its starts quite starkly, a little brutally... Who could have thought that Claire could have become quite so callous after her raunchy beginnings? Claire's start is in 'The Intimacy of Three', usual formats, from Amazon.]

    'So!' said Claire, having the new auburn haired trainee sit down beside her in one of the reception interview rooms, 'how did it feel to snog with the black dude who had just given your husband a quick hiding?'

    Claire eyed the young woman thoughtfully. Her bob cut auburn hair was lustrous, her demeanour that of an innocent. Sometimes the best training was with very nice girls. The sheer strength of their conversion to bitch hood could be startling. Women like Annette were frequently astonished at what they truly desired, what they deep down needed. But once the need had been embraced, well, they became some of the most committed alpha bitches that Claire and her team had ever trained. The young woman looked as though she had potential. She wore her little leather skirt with style. The way that she crossed her legs daintily suggested that she had a gut instinct about showing thigh in a way that crippled less aspirational white males. She just didn't know that she wanted to do that yet!

    Annette responded wide eyed, almost a little breathless. The introduction to the island, well, it had been really rather brisk!

    'Shocking....it was shocking' she admitted.

    Claire smiled. She had perfected the calm wise look of a woman who knew the world's ways, the ways of the stocking, the boudoir and the bitch.

    'In what way shocking?' she asked gently.

    Annette swallowed, taking in the woman who now interviewed her. She was somewhere in her thirties and dressed very primly, perfectly in a pencil leather skirt with a full length zip up the front. her manicure was perfect, her own auburn hair immaculate.

    'That Fabian hit him so hard...he was so...decisive.'

    Claire nodded.

    'Fabian won't tolerate insolence or interruption. He was kissing you and decided that you deserved the best, so your husband had to learn to watch and accept things.'

    Her guest nodded in turn. She supposed that was right. There were things that she didn't understand yet.

    'Did you enjoy the way that he kissed you....the way that he slipped his tongue into your mouth?' Claire watched the young woman ponder the question.

    'Yes' Annette admitted at last. Her face was colouring again, that subtle shade of puce.

    'You enjoyed it because......' Claire offered, challenging the woman to complete the sentence.

    Her guest was searching for words. She seemed aware that everything, absolutely everything she said was being assessed. No one automatically secured and kept a place on the programme. Brownsea Island, the island of intimacy, was not for everyone.

    'Because Fabian was so dominant, so sure that he wanted me....that nothing would get in his way.'

    Claire smiled again. She reached forward and squeezed the young woman's hand.

    'It feels a little sexy doesn't it? That you provoke that much desire in a masculine man?'

    Annette nodded.

    'That you provoke lust in a man who would dominate other males in order to fuck you?'

    'Yes' said Annette shyly, her gaze breaking and moving down to her hostess's highly polished boots.

    'Because of how you look, because of how you dress, because of your refinement, your ability in music, your elegant way of talking and thinking, you need to be with a dominant male. Sex isn't something to stuff in a cupboard beneath the stairs, sex is something to be celebrated and flaunted within a society that loves sex as part of life' Claire whispered.

    The young woman stared doe eyed at her. She looked as though she wanted to believe. That a woman could be that assertive, that dominant, that superior and because of her cunt as well as her brains.

    'Let me show you something....about what it means to be a woman unbound from the rules of the society' said Claire. She rose from her chair and went to the door, beckoning in the serf called Neil who had been serving drinks at the reception. Claire smiled at the young man who she rather enjoyed having attend her. He was a good subject to demonstrate female control to the watching Annette.

    'Lie on the floor' she said to the serf.

    He did so and calmly, slowly, Claire drew the zipper of her skirt upwards, so that the fine black leather peeled away left and right, revealing her stocking tops, her naked cunt and the queen of spades tattoo that she wore above her pubes. Claire checked her guest's expression. She was pushing the envelope, she knew that she was, but sometimes, sometimes, you had to check the potential of a recruit very had indeed. Claire settled herself over the young serf, trapping his arms by his side. Her Cartier watch slid down her arm and onto her wrist as she gently slapped the young serf's face, directing him to open his mouth. Another glance Claire cast at her new guest.

    She returned her gaze to the young serf. He guessed what was coming. He had never been allowed to lick her mistress cunt. He wasn't that high ranking a serf. it could mean only one thing.

    The serf called Neil closed his eyes as Claire urinated onto his face. He couldn't handle the brisk stream of golden coloured liquid against his eyes and in any case, it was for a mistress to direct the flow once it had begun. Claire steered it expertly. The strong stream of liquid was aimed at his open mouth and the young serf called Neil spluttered an swallowed as best he could. Claire watched as his Adam's apple worked up and down, frantically, as the serf swallowed all that he could. Not all of her urine made it to the target, but the bulk of it did, and she watched as the serf swallowed and then licked around his lips to show obedience to her will. There.....finished. Claire dropped her sex against the young man's lips and wiped herself clean against them. had she felt a protruding tongue, a flicking tip insurrection then he would have been slapped severely. Claire rose and zipped down her skirt once more. She dismissed the serf with a brief flick of her hand.

    'When you are with a man like Fabian, ' Claire explained, walking slowly, quietly back to their chairs, 'you judge other men. You determine what other men are fit for.'

    Annette stared at her like a rabbit lit by oncoming car headlights. She barely credited what she had jus witnessed.

    'I have shocked you?'

    Claire watched the woman try to gather herself. She was clearly taken aback.


    But Claire knew that she had!

    'Here you will learn to go eagerly with handsome black men. You will get used to fucking properly, with men who know how to handle you. But if you show potential, if you show real potential, to be arrogant, to be liberated, then we might find you a lover to rule the household with. Being a bitch though means taking control of other men. It means treating some of them in the way that I just treated that serf' Claire warned.

    The guest stared again. Her look was of utter wonder, amazement. Her beautiful soft blush pink lips were trembling. She started to nod her understanding once more, but that wasn't necessary. Claire knew that she didn't comprehend yet. Not properly, Annette couldn't adequately comprehend completely, that quickly.

    'Fabian wanted to see you for a little longer Annette...would you like that do you think?' Claire asked sweetly.

    She watched as the woman nodded.

    'I'd like to see Fabian' Annette managed.

    'That's lovely' Claire said as she tapped Fabian's number into her mobile phone. Claire's voice was tinkling, playful, intimating that Fabian had obviously impressed. Annette was keen to see him some more. Claire smiled as she ended the call. It was time to show her the way to a bedroom. The centre, the whole island had a lot of bedrooms!

    Back in the reception monitoring room Claire settled into a comfy seat before the screens. There was of course the bedroom camera. Look at him! You rascal Fabian. You are so direct aren't you you wicked boy! He was kissing Annette his way. With his open mouth and powerful lips for sure but now with his big hand up her little leather skirt as well. Annette was by turn tensing and gasping, wriggling and then responding. She looked so much like a kitten but Fabian was winning, he was dominating her. This was so abrupt, so direct, but Claire understood something deeply, intimately. The direct approach, if you are physically powerful, black and beautiful, if the submission to expert fingers feature in a woman's fantasy, it works. How the myriad thoughts and feelings must have whirled inside Annette's pretty head. I want this. We came here. It was always going to involve this. He's handsome. He's so assured. God, this is so fast. No. Yes. Please. You smell....you smell masculine! There, right there, thought Claire, now he has his fingers up her cunt, now his thumb glides her button, she is going to fuck very nicely, very noisily indeed!

    Claire turned to another monitoring screen, one connected to the many security cameras positioned outside the reception walled garden. This one pointed towards the embryonic vineyard. There were still briars and a host of weeds out here, but a gang of white males were grubbing up the obstructions with little picks and their bare fingers. All were dressed in fatigues save for one, who still wore his smart, but now soiling clothes. David, Annette's husband. Claire zoomed the powerful camera in. He looked rather hot, he looked rather tired. Sweat was running down his forehead and his hands looked, well, they looked scuffed. The two guards and the female vineyard manager, dressed in her leather jeans nearby stood chatting. None of the men needed to be urged to their labours yet!

    On the bedroom camera, Fabian had progressed. He always did, the naughty boy! He had Annette's pretty knickers down and now they hung pointless about one of her feet. He was working, working her sex with his fingers and Annette was moaning. she hadn't been stretched yet but she looked as though she had a very pretty cunt. It was going to be such an addiction for tongues. Whether David measured up even to that yet would have to be seen. There, Fabian directed Annette down, her hands to his crotch, pulling out his handsome black erection. It is way bigger than the naive young woman has ever seen!

    Another glance back to the vineyard, and there is David, begging to be allowed to take a pee. He is gesturing what he wants. This is interesting. Another lesson very quickly indeed. Tanya, the vineyard manager takes him by the ear, a little nearer the wall of the garden. She has him kneel beside her and take his winky out. There, look, do you see, she has slapped his face for him. Now that he has that little chap out he is not allowed to touch it. There must be no playing, no touching, without permission. David has to keep his hands behind his back. He is muttering his frustration, muttering and urinating amongst the nettles where he has been knelt.

    Back in the bedroom, Annette gasps. Look at her pretty face, looking upwards, her eyes so wide, her mouth open, and panting so prettily. Fabian is fucking her. He is such a bastard. There has been no 'just a little way in', he is thrusting her full length and may be now Annette wonders whether she could die. Is it possible to be fucked to death!? No, but she is going to be pretty sore. She is going to be so sore when Fabian has finished with her!

    Claire reached for her mobile again and called the vineyard manageress.

    'Hi Tanya! Yes, its Claire! How are the preparations going, you've definitely found a sunny spot haven't you?'

    The chit chat confirmation comes back. This is going to be a great spot for sure. Some German white wine grapes. No problem!

    'Listen, the little guy we sent out on chore duty, we thought we might have his mistress and Fabian come to watch him work for a while, quite shortly. You happy with that? Oh good, yes, it will be great to see what you've done. Bye! Yes, bye!'

    Back in the bedroom Claire watched Annette orgasming. She didn't want to. May be she had a sense of decorum still. Well, Fabian was fucking that out of her. He was doing it big time.
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