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. Narrating Rafa's video

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Sep 21, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Last night, around eight, Rafa dropped by. He rang the bell and Emma rushed to the door having spotted his black Jaguar sports car outside. I watched my wife open the door biting her lip like a teenager. She almost wet herself she was so excited that he was around so soon after we'd done the filming. You won't credit it. You won't. Emma freely makes videos with Rafa, instructional little numbers to get married women hot about submitting to the black man. He doesn't broadcast them (sorry). They're for a select audience. For women that his brothers local want to fuck. For women who are being sucked into his society. Rafa has a theory. Three white married bitches to each alpha black cock is about right. One is going to be pregnant (a breeding bitch), one is a learner and the other, well she going to be the teacher. She's going to be the attitude bitch that teaches the other girls to disparage white males and to create alpha society. It thrills Emma. She is Rafa's attitude bitch. She is the one who has completely come on to the idea of changing society, getting white girls hooked on black cock and pushing the white man to the quiet corners of some drafty old out house away from the cosy nest.

    The first video they made was pretty conventional stuff. You know, rasta man music thumping away in the background whilst Emma took cock from Rafa and sucked a few brothers at the same time. She was on all fours of course, and the sex was fucking brutal. Rafa was banging his cock up her, making the slap, slap, slap noises and Emma was screaming and groaning when she didn't have a cock in her mouth. My wife has nice tits and they were swinging. They were swinging in exact rhythm to the pounding that he gave her. In that video you didn't need a commentary, you didn't need text, the noise, the sheer physicality of the sex, it said everything about what going with a black guy entailed. You do that and you are going to get fucked brutally. You are going to get your cunt filled with a bullet hard prick that feels as though it could pop out of your mouth at any time. It's that long, that thick, that big and that animal. I remember that video. The way Emma clenched on his pulsing cock as she climaxed. It was multiple. One desperate clenching sequence of spasms ran into another so that her whole body writhed on his master member. When he pulled that fucker out, the spunk belched out in thick gobs like her cunt was being sick.

    Rafa said that such videos were very good for the bitches, it really laid it on thick about how a master fucks, but there was a psychological angle too. He didn't just want bitches rejecting white guys, he didn't just want them hanging on the arms of black dudes, he wanted it so that white guys, especially the husbands, felt as though they had no right to a woman like her. He wanted the husband's crippled. They were to be so humiliated, so despised and despondent, that the best they felt they could hope for was to lick cunt and suck cock. I thought he hated the white guy. I said so in a whisper once and he smiled. 'Don't hate him man, just don't want him pretending that he can ever be of interest to the most fertile hot little white chicks around. It time to re order society.' Breeding out the white man was not his game. He said that. He said that we should be bred with less attractive, less successful, frankly plain women, so we could then be kept as the underclass. This wasn't hatred, it was simply 'rebalancing'. Hell, he knew some bros from Nigeria coming over who were eminently suitable to breed some posh little bitch friends of Emma, so that was why these neat little videos were being made.

    This second video, filmed only the previous evening, was a very different matter to the first one. For one thing, there was no bro gang banging. There was only Rafa, Emma, I and two bros with the video gear. He wanted two to show all the angles, to mix the close ups and the bedroom pull backs. For this video, the fucking was slow, sensuous, indulgent. Shit, he knew how to get Emma to the edge of her climax and to ride her there. He knew how to make her gag for his seed. The video had no sound track. There was only the sound of fucking, sucking, licking, Emma begging him to finish her off and to fill her belly with 'baby mix'. It was an interactive video. I was to suck cock before they coupled, I was maybe to get beneath them as they hooked up, to suck her clitty as he poked her, to lick his balls as he stroked into her. The purpose of this video was to make the white guy, the husband realise just how worthless he was. It was to be an adulation of the alpha couple as they fucked.

    I watched Rafa kiss my wife, very slowly, teasingly. She wanted his tongue in her mouth and begged him for that with her eyes. Her whole body moved about him, like a moth around a light at night. It was like she was dancing, gyrating, pleading for any tiny attention he deigned to give her. Rafa glanced at me. Hurt huh, hurt the way she comes to me so nice. Hurt that she is begging me to put my hand between her legs just as soon as I walk in the door? The fucker had a way of looking at you that way. As though you were a bad smell, a history that she should never really have entertained. 'Edited babe, edited quick huh, may be we watch it whilst I tell Georgy boy here how he gotta handle the narrative. He gonna watch it, write down that sweet commentary, and then he gonna record it for dubbing on once I approved it as respectful.'

    I was given the recording to put in the player, tossed a notebook and pen, and then Emma seated herself on Rafa's lap, her legs already set apart so that he could play with her beneath the black watch tartan, pleated mini skirt. Fuck, even as she sat on his lap I could smell her musk. She was always on heat form him. She was always on heat for sex with black men. There were times when she wouldn't fucking well shut up talking about that. It was like it was the new order, the perfect future, the inevitable outcome as though the whole of history was drawing to such coupling. If white girls had won their freedoms, if they had climbed career ladders, well now they were coming home, submitting to the black man for elite breeding, dismissing weak white males in order to advance the proper society.

    I sat poised with the pen. Rafa doesn't have to hit me any more, leastways not that often. I know that Emma is way too good for me. I know that she is destined to train other superior white bitches to lie with black men only. It's her vocation, it's her destiny. Rafa has told me to think aloud some sweet submissive thoughts, to note admiring things about the sex. I am to humiliate myself on tape. I am to show the other white weak boys what happens to your brains once mistress has cast you aside for the master's balk mamba. The video starts with Rafa coming home, and yours truly opening the door to him. I'm meant to think butler or some such. I start thinking aloud whilst Rafa fingers my mistress.

    'Around seven pm I am always ready for when my master comes home, making sure that the place is spotless, the bed turned down and my mistress's needs attended to. Tonight, I have painted her toe nails…'

    'Yeah that sort of stuff Georgy boy,' sneered Rafa, 'but a bit more excitement huh, master coming home. Dat a highlight of your day!'.

    The scene shifts and my mistress comes to greet her man. She has a drink for him in her hand and she goes to him submissively, her mouth responding to his, her body pressed closed as he runs his hands down over her ass.

    'Watching mistress kiss your master is always hard. It shows the deep need, the dark and urgent affection she feels for him. This is primal, she never felt this for you. This kiss is complete. You never kissed her complete, made her feel content. She was always disappointed in you. So much as it hurts, much as it gnaws at your very soul, it's best this way.'

    Rafa kisses Emma real time, holding her head, considering her hazel eyes as his tongue explores her mouth.

    'Yeah…that right.'

    We're meant to read domestic bliss here. Master and mistress go and seat themselves on the sofa, and kiss again. I go to the kitchen to check that dinner is well under way. I'm supposed to make such servitude sexy. I'm supposed to inject the whole shameful, tiring, humiliating, chore laden day with a sense of inevitability.

    Skill, you learn skills. You learn them in the spirit of servitude. It's quite unthinkable that mistress wash and clean her own clothes, polish her own boots, clean the home. She is after all mistress of the house just as the black master is the lord of it. It's an apprenticeship, you learn, you make mistakes, you accept your punishment and sometime, sometime, long after you started you begin to see that master and mistress approve of some things that you do. Just a few days ago, my mistress came home and remarked how girlfriends complimented her on the high polish of her boots. She hasn't thanked you personally, but you know that it's a reward. You blush with pride. As you think of those boots you cannot but help remembering them up over masters big shoulders as he fucked mistress until she screamed. It is such a privilege to serve. You wish that you could be so complete, so essential to mistress's identity. But you cannot. So you must cook, and clean, and serve.'

    I watch Rafa pull the hem of Emma's skirt up, drag her thong to one side and languorously push his fingers inside her cunt.

    The video scene moves on. No one wants these films to linger on dinner. My soufflé, it flopped. I am an abject failure. We are now up in the master bedroom and the camera shot has shown me being ordered to join them there. Etiquette is important, so i reflect…

    I never go to the boudoir unless master or mistress directs me. I sleep in a small room down the corridor. They have a bell that can be rung if I am summoned to their side. Sometimes i can hear them fucking, down the corridor, making the bed work, making its springs creak rhythmically against the pounding of my master as he services my mistress. When i am summoned though, when i am, I am so grateful. I never know when this will happen. I never know what I will be directed to do. There is no control for me, nor all there be any for you. You are completely at your mistress and master's mercy. You act on their whim. Being present when they couple, witnessing the majesty of master's superb cock filling mistress's sex, making her wince as he stretches her, well, it is an audience. I remember the first time that i witnessed this. i knelt on the carpet my mouth open. I realised in an instant, a terrible, terrible instant why no white male is fit enough, adequate enough to grace a beautiful white woman's sex. Mistress's pussy exists on this earth to be filled by my master's phallus. It is a perfect, well bred pussy, a fabulous scented, stretching, oozing place of worship. When i watched my master take my mistress that time, i wished…I wished, that i could be a man. I wished that i had known how to, had the physique, the black skin, to complete her.'

    Emma grinds on Rafa's fingers. She has her blouse open and presses her breasts towards his mouth in the hope that he will kiss them. On screen I am being directed to take my mistress's clothes off. i am to do it silently, deftly, so that her lovely body is revealed to my master in tempting steps. I always fumble this. i always do. I feel such a jerk. i feel so worthless. On screen Emma spits in my face. Her looks says it all. Do it nicely.

    'Spittle, a kick to your crotch, a slap, mistress may humiliate you. I have fumbled the buttons on her blouse. i deserve what I get. The sex must be perfect. The preparation meticulous. When master and mistress fuck it is the perfect union. I in my fumbling have taken an edge off the atmosphere. '

    On screen i kneel and make another stupid mistake, I look up at my mistress when I am loosening her skirt and pulling down her knickers. She slaps me sharply across my face, my head jolting to one side.

    'Stupid! My face smarts. That hurt! But i know the etiquette. You must only look up into master or mistress's face when you are licking or sucking. Then it is an adoring must. When you undress, your focus of attention must always be on cock or cunny. Both of these are above you. They are what you exist for. You live to enhance the sensations of mistress's beautiful sex, the sensations up and down master's magnificent cock. It is impertinent to look upwards. Even if they kiss above you as you work, you must never look up. To do so is to infer that you are checking for effect. You are looking to see if what you do moves them in some way. You are not good enough for that. You will learn this, honestly, once you have forgotten what it means to be a man, when you start to learn what it means to worship their genitalia.'

    Rafa runs the ball of his thumb over Emma's clitoris. It is swollen, pushing out from beneath its hood and responsive to his touch. He spittles his other fingers and plays them across her nipples inside her bra. She looks like his play thing.

    'Genitalia…too medical, too arrogant pup' he kicks me in the crotch. I must try again.'

    'Sorry sir, sorry, ' I blurt, 'master and mistress's sex'.

    Emma glances at me like I'm a piece of shit. But here is the rub, she needs that now. She needs me be nothing, worthless, a watermark on a page that you don't notice. I deserved the kick. I deserved the pain in my balls. That's what my balls are for. If she could, she would have them cut off.

    Back on screen, Emma down to pearls around her throat, stockings, suspenders and nothing more, I am directed to undress master. He has already removed his shirt. I am to undo his trousers and to take his cock out.

    'This is difficult, but i learned to handle my master's phallus. I learned to handle it as the weapon that owns my mistress. I lost my wife because of this. I lost her respect because of its size and girth. i lost her because of the power, the pulse and the seed that courses through it. I lost her because it is black, tumescent, utterly, utterly brutal, and masculine. So once I hated it. i hated it with all my heart. And then….and then…I learned to submit to it. i learned because of how it bends my mistress to my master's will. So I suck it. I suck it with a moist mouth lathering it for the pleasure that it will bestow on my mistress. I suck it till it glistens and feel its strong pulse against my tongue. I look up, now, yes, in submission to my master whilst my mistress watches me. '

    Emma looks casually over at me, Rafa's fingers working in and out of her. Her cunt makes a sucking sound as he fingers her. Her cunt is pulled out, stretched and torn, it is brutally beautiful on his fingers. This is how white women look once they have been fucked by black men. They are pulled out, exposed, made raw and wanton.

    'Wank' she tells me and watches as i release my cock and start to stroke. She looks back to the screen. I am still tugging away on Rafa's cock with my mouth.

    'I have taken spunk in my mouth. i have swallowed it. i have felt the thickness and the heat of it. And i have thought about it squirting inside my mistress's body. My master is so much more masculine than I. He has so much more testosterone than I. If I am lucky, when i am allowed to wank, i produce a thimble full. But my master can easily fill my mouth, so I learned to swallow quickly, gratefully. The intimacy of this shocks you at first, but my mistress said that i must. I must always open my mouth, or my buttocks for master if that is what he wants. My submission, your submission, it will become complete. It will confirm master and mistress's power. '

    It is time on film for the coupling and i kneel to one side, as master lifts my mistress onto the bed and I await instructions. This time, i am to hold her lush labia apart so that the camera can see him penetrate her close up.

    'My mistress stretched to fit. I was aghast when i watched this. The stretching of her perfect sex on his animal horn, the way it pulled to accommodate his brutal thickness. But now her body has grown to fit his requirements. Her sex is his sex, it fits on his superb phallus. I watch it push inside her. i see the way her lips already start to grip the thick and veiny length of his shaft. This nearly destroyed me. It made me curse my pretensions to manhood, my arrogant ideas about being worth something small to my mistress. The sight of mistress's cunt gripping, grasping at master's cock as he owns her again. This is no passive submission. This is no can't do anything else submission, it is an active, eager, engaged, adoring coupling. She wants him. Not you. She wants a black master not a wet, weak, unmasculine sot like you! Look at how she arches her back, look at her erect nipples and the tugging of her sex on my masters huge manhood.'

    I nearly ejaculate, i do. Seeing the film coupling, up close, in intimate detail, it nearly finishes me. Emma kicks my hand away from my cock, spotting the urgent jerks. She raises her boot to my mouth and i lick polish off that for a moment. I am never to ejaculate unless she gives permission. Boot polish is servitude to me. It is abject submission to her every whim. It's not indulgent wanking. So I'm back on focus as the camera pans up master and mistress's writhing bodies as they couple.

    'I remember, I remember feeling a fool. I had never thought about it before, but when a woman wants a man, a proper man, so much, her body speaks to him. Look at the way my mistress's body tenses against his. Look at the way her legs encourage him inside her. Notice how her hands move, the engagement ring i gave her shining when the light catches it. And it humbles me, to see her nipples erect for him, her breasts puce, her neck reddening as well as the force of a compelling climax sweeps through her. Now, when my despair is deepest, when my self worth is a crumb on the floor, she is binding to him, her body begging for the seed that he carries in his heavy balls.'

    The camera moves up to their faces..'Please darling, oh please Rafa, pleeeease' she begs. His face is fuck hard. it is brutal. He's like a lion covering one of his harem. I can't comment. I can't. The camera has to tell this. it has to do it for me. 'I love you……ooooh please Rafa' she gasps. Then he is bucking into her. He is bucking into her and i have lost all over again.

    'I know that i have no rights whatsoever, none at all, but when master seeds my mistress I am ruined. I am ruined by the perfection of it, the way he makes her squirm, whimper beneath him. I am ruined by the way she bucks so sweetly with him. Look, close up, can you see his balls clenching? Can you see how her sex grips his cock rhythmically, siphoning all that he grants her? I never felt that. i never knew that with this goddess. I never felt her passionate need for what I attempted. i wished that she had met my master earlier, so that sex could have been proper, perfect, alpha from the start.'

    I have wet myself. Without touching myself I have ejaculated. I can feel my little weeny cock spraying inside my trousers. Emma knows it. She looks down at me as if I have aged four decades. I am old, I am incontinent. I am, as she sees it, disgusting. Her instinct is to slap me hard but Rafa smiles. He stays her hand and kisses her passionately. My think aloud narration, well, it was OK huh? It was promising. i just have to watch the film over and over till my heart feels wrenched out of my chest. I just have to get the narrative down on paper and then rehearse the thing aloud so that it coincides nicely with the fucking. I have to think aloud the licking out of mistress's glutinous cunt after he has dragged his prick out of her. I have to remember that other white guys, well any of them really, they are worthless after a girl goes with a black guy.

    'Easy babe…you and me we go upstairs huh? Georgy boy, he run the film again and make some notes' Rafa burrs.

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