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. My Wife's Wimp

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by WimpHub, Oct 10, 1999.

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    My Wife's Wimp

    By [email protected]

    Chapter 1

    When all this happened, Sarah was 21 and I 24. She is 5' 2", 36-23-36, with long brown hair, and a beautiful face that makes her look about 16. We had been married for a year, both of us being virgins at the time of our wedding. We were very happy, or so I thought.

    A little while ago, Sarah had a call from her mother who lived up north. Apparently, her 45 year old mother Jane was getting married again to a 38 year old black guy called Sam. Jane asked Sarah to go up for the wedding and spend a little time with them I was not invited, because Jane has never liked me, and in fact asked Sarah at our wedding why she had landed herself with such a wimp. This was right in front of me!

    "You don't mind do you?" my wife asked. "It's only for a few days, and I would like to be there". I responded that it would be fine.

    Sarah had been at her mother's for 4 days when she rang me.

    "I am thinking of staying up here for a bit longer" she told me. "Sam's son Jake is staying here, and we are having a lot of fun."

    "How old is Jake, and what are you doing with him?" I asked, with my customary jealousy.

    "Well, he's 18, tall muscular and very good looking. Oh, and he has a thick 11" cock" she replied, "You figure out what I am doing with him!" For a few seconds, I was stunned speechless.

    "You are not serious?" I exclaimed, panicking.

    "Very serious" Sarah responded, "I have had that monster inside me four times already, so you can imagine I am in no hurry to return to your 4" excuse for a cock!" I told her that I would not have this, and that I was coming to collect her immediately.

    "Come up if you like" she sneered, "but I will not stop having fun for as long as I want. You know mother hates you, and she has told Sam and Jake what a wimp you are. I think you would find it all very humiliating."

    I drove up the same evening, arriving at Jane's house quite late. Jane answered the door, and was less than welcoming.

    "Oh it's you" she said, "you had better come in." She led me into the kitchen where her new husband was sitting. "This is Tony" she said to him.

    "So this is the husband" laughed Sam, "no wonder Sarah has been spending so much time in Jake's bed!" Jane also laughed at this, telling me that Sarah was in the Lounge.

    When I went in, Sarah was sitting on the sofa with Jake. She was dressed only in a small nightdress, and he was naked. They were kissing passionately, and Sarah was stroking his long very erect cock. I said hello to Sarah, thinking they would at least break off, but they continued kissing for a full two minutes, leaving me standing there feeling a complete fool. Finally, she turned to look at me.

    "Get Jake and I a glass of orange juice" was all she said, "this is thirsty work." Too shocked to say anything. I went to the kitchen and got the drinks. I was followed back into the lounge by Jane and Sam. We all sat there rather awkwardly, with Sarah cuddling Jake, and occasionally whispering in his ear and laughing.

    Finally, Jake stood up and announced that it was late, and time he and Sarah went up to bed. I stood up and protested, saying Sarah was my wife and should be sleeping with me. Walking towards me, Jake grabbed me by the shirt and punched me hard in the stomach. I would have dropped to the floor if he had not been holding on to me.

    "Hit him again" shouted Jane.

    "Oh yes" agreed Sarah, rubbing her pussy. "It really turns me on to see you hit him Jake. Hurt him for me darling, show him that you are my man now, show him what a real man you are!" Jake obliged by thumping me even harder in the stomach, causing me to fall. While I lay clutching my stomach, Sarah walked forward, and pressed her foot hard on my face.

    "That is just a sample of what will happen if you do not do exactly as you are told while you are here" she spat. "If you step out of line, the four of us will beat the shit out of you!" I was dragged to my feet, and we all went upstairs. When we reached the bedrooms, Sarah told me that I was to sleep in the room between hers and her mother's.

    "Don't go to sleep yet" Sarah said, "I want you to hear what Jake is doing to me with his huge cock right next door to you. Besides, Mother and I will have a job for you later."

    I went into my room, and tried to get comfortable. Before long, I began to hear female cries from either side as the two black men began taking their pleasure from my wife and her mother. My wife was particularly vocal, I could hear her calling out, begging Jake to fuck her harder until she begged for mercy. This went on for some time, until both women came to a screaming orgasm at about the same time. Then it all went quiet.

    About five minutes later, I heard my door open and Jane came in, completely naked. My Mother in law has a wonderful figure, and I had secretly fancied her from the moment we met, despite the fact that she treated me with contempt. She beckoned me to get out of bed.

    When Sarah entered the room a few minutes later, equally naked, I was on my knees before her mother, licking Sam's cum from her pussy.

    "When you have finished there, I have another big load for you!" my wife laughed. I froze.

    "But you have no birth control !" I argued.

    "I know" she smiled, "isn't it exciting?" All sorts of things went through my mind at the implications of Jake riding my wife bareback.

    When I had finished with Jane, I knelt before Sarah, who sat on the bed as I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. All the time they talked as if I were not there. Sarah was saying she wished she had tasted black cock before her marriage, so that she would not have finished up with me. She said now she had, she would not be fucked by a white cock ever again. Jane laughed, saying that that sounded like bad news for her husband. Sarah replied that she could not care less. I felt totally miserable at the prospect of never having my wife's sweet pussy again.

    When they were both clean, Jane stood up and said:

    "Right Sarah, you had better go and look after your new step father while I take care of his son." Seeing my expression of incredulity, my wife smiled and informed me that now she and her mother were both sluts to the big black cocks of the father and son.

    "Yes,Tony", she said, "in just four days they have turned your demure wife into a cock hungry whore, who just cannot get enough of that lovely dark meat. Get used to it!"

    They informed me that they would not be back that night, as there would be plenty of cum-sucking opportunities for me during the rest of the week. I was left to my fitful sleep.

    Chapter 2

    Next morning, Jane shouted for me to get up and prepare breakfast for all of them. Whilst I was doing this, my wife came into the kitchen wearing only the short nightdress. Putting her arms round me, she rubbed her sexy body up against me, causing me to become erect.

    "I bet you wish it had been your cock ramming into me last night don't you?" she asked. "It never will be now, besides between them Jake and Sam have stretched me so much you wouldn't feel anything."

    After breakfast, I was told to do the housework while the four of them went shopping and visited the local pub. They returned about three hours later, all a little drunk. I sensed I was in for a hard time. Jane whispered something to Sam, and he went upstairs. He returned a couple of minutes later, naked, and sporting a huge erection. Jane took it in her hand, and told me to kneel in front of them.

    "You are going to get your cum fresh from the source this afternoon" Jane laughed, and proceeded to stroke Sam's cock in front of my face. Sam indicated after a while that he was about to cum, and Jane grabbed my hair and ordered me to open my mouth. Thick gobs of cum shot into my mouth and down my throat. I had to try hard not to puke.

    "Look Sarah", Jane laughed, your husband is nothing but a pathetic cum drinker! It's all he is good for, we had better see that he gets plenty of it".

    "Yes" agreed Sarah, "Now crawl over here wimp and take your second load from my lover".I crawled over and knelt in front of Jake.

    "It will be different this time" announced Sarah, "you are going to suck Jake's cum out of his cock". The idea of taking another man's cock in my mouth filled me with revulsion.

    "Please don't make me" I pleaded.

    "Suck it!" yelled Sarah. "I want you on your knees sucking the cock that is now cuckolding you and giving your wife so much pleasure. I want to see you drink his cum like the cock sucking, cum drinking little faggot that you really are!" With great distaste, I put Jake's cock into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock to the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

    "That's it Jake, choke the little bastard with it!" shouted Sarah. Then as I stated sucking on it she turned to her mother .

    "Look, mum, I've made my husband a cocksucker. He is kneeling in front of his wife and Mother in law and sucking on a man's cock. What a pathetic little sissy he is!" I blushed deeply at my wife's cruel words.

    After I had drained Jake's cock to the derisive laughter of them all, they went upstairs to sleep off the drink, leaving me in peace.

    Chapter 3

    It was early evening when Jake called me up to the bedroom.

    "It's time you watched your wife take a real man's cock" he informed me, "get inside".

    Sarah was lying naked on the bed, smirking at me. She told Jake that this would be the first time I had seen her cum, as it had never happened all through our marriage. She went on to ask that he fuck her like never before, because she knew it would hurt me badly to have to watch.

    Jake sat on the bed, and Sarah knelt before him. She beckoned me to kneel beside her as she took his half-erect cock lovingly in her hand. She began to kiss the head, and lick up and down the shaft.

    "I know it has only been a few days Jake" she cooed, "but I have already grown to love this beautiful cock and what it does to me. I never knew what sex was until you put it inside me and made me a real woman. I would do anything to please you, you know that don't you?" Jake grinned his agreement.

    "I have never given this treatment to my husband's cock" she went on, "it is too small to deserve it." She was revelling in my humiliation in front of her lover.

    When he was ready, Jake made me lay face upward on the bed, while Sarah straddled me, looking straight into my eyes.

    "He is going to fuck me now Tony, he is going to fuck your wife before your eyes, and I am going to love every second. It really turns me on taking his cock in front of you, knowing that it is causing you so much pain" Tears welled up in my eyes at my wife's cruelty.

    Jake stood behind Sarah, and rammed into her with a single thrust.

    "Oh Jake, you bastard" she gasped "you are filling my cunt in front of my poor cuckold husband, and it feels so fucking good! Look at his crestfallen face, I think he is going to cry!"

    Jake stated up a rhythm, and began battering Sarah's cunt hard.

    "That's it lover, ram that big dark horsecock into your white slut bitch" Sarah yelled, "make me a slave to it. Empty your balls deep in my unprotected belly and give me a black baby !" I had never heard my wife speak that way before, and each word was like a dagger plunging into me.

    After what seemed like an hour, with Sarah constantly screaming and swearing her pleasure, Jake finally announced that he was coming.

    "Yes Jake" Sarah yelled, "fill me up, fertilise me, make me pregnant while my wimp husband lays there watching!" She orgasmed again as he filled her with his potent black cum. When he withdrew, she climbed up my body until her cunt was over my mouth and made me swallow the cum that was dripping from it.

    That done, I was made to suck Jake clean, and then I was dismissed.

    The rest of the week followed the same pattern, and at the end of it Sarah came to me and handed me an envelope.

    "You are to go home now Tony" she said. If you wish to stay with me, you will find the rules for the future in here, When you get home read them and decide what you want to do. If you do decide to stay, you will have to give up your job and stay at this house with the four of us. Give me a ring when you have made your decision."

    I took the envelope, and drove home feeling very depressed.

    Chapter 4

    On arriving home, I opened the envelope Sarah had given me and read the contents.

    "Rules for remaining as Sarah's cuckold wimp husband.

    1. You must wear a chastity device at all times, which will be under the control of Sarah and her mother. This will only be removed when Sarah, her mother or any other ladies wish to enjoy prolonged cock teasing sessions. You will never be permitted to cum.

    2. You will be present on each occasion when your wife entertains her lover(s)

    3. You will be required to perform personal services to Sarah and her mother. These will include cunt lapping and arse licking, particularly when filled with cum. This may be extended to other ladies at the discretion of Sarah and her mother.

    4. If required, you will clean the cocks of any lover that Sarah and her mother entertain.

    5. Sam and Jake have a number of gay black friends who are particularly partial to white mouth. You will be required to provide blow jobs for them whenever they wish, as well as any other services they may want.

    6. Any or all of these rules may be amended at the whim of Sarah and her mother, and new rules may be added without notice."

    I read the rules, and did not see how I could live my life under those terms. Each of the rules was repulsive to me. At the same time, I loved Sarah dearly, and could not bear the thought of not seeing her again.

    What should I do? Should I go back to a life of slavery to my wife, her mother and the two black men? Or should I break away, and try to start a new life alone?
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