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My wifes secret passion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wifewatchercuckold, Apr 26, 2018.


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  1. wifewatchercuckold

    wifewatchercuckold Member Member

    Just as you know if you've been in a marriage or long term relationship after awhile you seem to look for new ways of enhancing your sex life. My wife and I were getting bored with the same ole same ole and began seeking new ways to boost the excitement for the both of us. I've always have fantasized of seeing my wife enjoying getting fucked by another man and she was not to receptive to my suggestions and had always told me that she was good with just me and no one else. Well, i tried the looking at porn thing with her and watched some videos with her in a attempt to boost her interest's and she seemed to enjoy watching it with me but only when she was in the mood.
    We also joined a couple of swingers web sites and began researching the lifestyle and i was encouraged to see that after reading testimonies from other couples about how great it was and how it enhanced their relationships my wife became more at ease and was becoming more open to my suggestions. We placed a ad and it did not take long to get hundreds of responses in which i'm not surprised since my wife is a very attractive latina with sexy dark seductive eyes, 40 D breasts and a great figure on her 5' ft tall petite body. Of course we set some rules and do not cross over the line commitments between us and began answering ads.
    We met with a few couples for dinner and discussed our likes and dislikes and agreed to have a fling with a local couple and it was all good but my wife expressed that she was uncomfortable to same room activities so i told her she could swing separate for now on, only rule was that i would take her to see her lover and hang back until she was through for her safety. It went great a couple of times, but i sensed that she was not getting the full sexual satisfaction she needed. So one day i found a guy online, a bit younger than us and he had a enormous thick cock 10" in his profile pics. I set everything up to meet him at his home and i dropped off my wife and parked our car around the corner as i have before the last few times with others waiting on my wife to call me to pick her up. Usually it took about a hour or two but this time three hours had past and i began to get worried, so i drove back to his residence and called my wife's phone but no answer. I walked up to the door and knocked, but still no response. I walked around the back of the house and after looking in a few windows i could see my wife laying on his bed on her back with her legs spread wide and her ankles were tied up and her wrist's were tied to the head board of the bed. He was standing on the bed stroking his huge hard cock and asking her if she wanted more of his cock and was making her beg him to fuck her.
    i could see that her pussy was really wet and somewhat red from all the pounding he had given her before i got there, i saw him lean over her and guide his cock into the entrance of her pussy and i watched in amazement of the look of pure heaven on her face as her eyes rolled back as he pushed his thick cock deeper inside her until he was balls deep. He began to pound her hard with his hands around her neck and tell her how good her pussy felt and that he was going to fill her pussy again with his cum. My dick was rock hard watching him fuck her while her toes curled and i could see her convulse while she had one hard orgasm after another. they were at a perfect angle for me to see his huge white shaft slam into her stretching her pussy out while her pussy lips gripped his cock as he thrust in and out of her. It blew my mind to see him pull his cock out of her and see the gape he left as she squirted out onto his bed and onto him. I never knew my wife was a squirter and she never had before in all our years of marriage.
    He untied her and made her suck his cock while he fucked her face, i could hear her gag as she tried to take as much of his cock that would fit in her mouth and she licked his balls while he stroked his dick... Damn, i was totally turned on watching my wife turned over into being a total cock loving slut, it was as like she had became his personal sex slave and she loved it. He then bent her over and began thrusting his cock into her pussy again doggy style and i could hear the slapping of his pelvis slamming into her ass cheeks as she gripped the sheets and pillow while screaming at him him to fuck her harder and telling him not to stop, she would thrust her ass back into him to get every inch of his cock into her cervix and convulsing every time she would cum. I jerked my cock outside of his window and i'm glad it was very dark outside and that no one saw me, i cum so hard that i shot cum all over the outside brick of his wall under the window. He fucked her harder and i saw him tilt his head back as he grunted and groaned and he let out a big" yes i'm cumming "and shot his load again into her swollen pussy. they just sat there panting while his cock convulsed emptying his cum inside her again. he eventually pulled out and i watched his cum ooze out of her gaping wide pussy, she rolled over to the side and i could see her reaching for her cell phone and that's when i ran back to my car and dove off, i did not want them to know that i was watching. After driving off i thought damn, i should have got all that on video on my phone but it was to late. After a few minute's my wife Dodi called and told me she was ready. I picked her up as usual and asked her how was it, she just grinned as always and said it was ok, i guess. She had no idea that i saw it all and it was so thrilling and such a total turn on, I'm now addicted to seeing her getting fucked and I try to get a peek of the action as much as i can every time we go back to his house. I'm trying to get her to try a gang bang but so far no luck with that... But now i know she has secret passions inside her that she won't reveal... I love it...
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  2. wifewatchercuckold

    wifewatchercuckold Member Member

    More to come...
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  3. srxwat4

    srxwat4 Well-Known Member Member

    Well told and very exciting,i just wish i was in that position.

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