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My wifes secret passion 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wifewatchercuckold, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. wifewatchercuckold

    wifewatchercuckold Member Member

    It was about a week after my wife was fucked by her friend and i could tell a difference in the way she carried herself, she started to take more interest in her appearance and i noticed her on her phone texting more and more, she thought she was being slick, but i knew she was texting the guy i watched her fuck a week earlier. She started to become more uninhibited and more receptive to talking about role play and rough sex... So i was not surprised on that weekend when she suggested that i let her see her friend again.. I agreed and was secretly delighted at the chance to sneak around back and watch them thru the bedroom window. The night i was to take her to her friends i noticed that she had put on a more sexier outfit and had a duffle bag with her this time, and she had me stop by the local drug store and pick up some lube. It was all good and what really got me horny was the anxious and excited tone in her voice as we drove to his house.
    I dropped her off and circled the block and parked my car and sneaked around to the back of the house like before, but when i got there, i noticed a black BMW in the driveway that was not there when i dropped Dodi off.... hmmm, i thought and continued on but when i got to the window i could hear more voices and laughter.. I peeked inside and their was two more guys there besides her usual friend and they were all naked and standing around her groping and kissing on her and my wife was standing in the middle of the them stroking their cocks and loving the moment. One of them picked her up and threw her across the bed and strattled himself over her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, she was pushing him away but he forced himself on top of her holding her hands down above her head, another began ripping her clothes off while another stood next to the bed stroking his cock. Once her clothing was ripped off one of the three began soaking lube on her pussy and ass and was telling her " yea, bitch you love being fucked rough don't you " and held her legs open while another shoved his 10" cock inside her and i began to see her submit and she had that same look of passion just like before... he pounded her balls deep while she moaned and convulsed with orgasms while sucking a cock, i watched her thrust her pelvis back up to meet him as he pounded his cock hard inside her, she stroked one cock while sucking another and getting pounded at the same time and she was loving it... this time i had my cell phone out recording the action, my hands were literally shaking from excitement and my cock was rock hard..
    The guy she was sucking was a stocky muscular guy and i watched him thrust his dick in and out of her mouth as she struggled to take it all and then he wrapped his hands around her head and let out a groan and shook all over as he shot his load down her throat forcing her to swallow it all. Then the guy she was stroking shoved his cock into her mouth forcing her to deep throat him also as she was being pounded savagely by her regular fuck buddy... Dodi spread her legs out wider as he thrust into her pussy deeper and harder and i could see her legs shaking and trembling and she gripped his cock with her pussy lips with every thrust. Then he pulled out of her and had her climb on top and ride his cock while the stocky guy forced his cock into her ass... Wow.. now i was watching my wife take on three huge guys getting double penetrated and she was loving it, she gasp for air and she was panting and moaning so much, i was witnessing a side of my wife i had never saw before and it was a total turn on. The third guy was jerking his long cock over her head while she licked his balls while i watched the other two sink their cocks in and out of my wife's pussy and ass.. then all of a sudden the third guy shot a huge thick load of cum on my wife's face and 40 d breasts then he shoved his half limp cock back into her mouth while she sucked the remaining cum out of him while still getting pounded hard by the other two...
    then the muscular guy grabbed my wife by her long her tilting her had back as he shook and blew his load deep into her ass... he pulled his cock out and his cum ran down her ass crack while she rocked back and forth on her fuck buddies 10 inch cock and i watch her shake and quiver with one orgasm after another riding on top of his big fat dick deep up into her cervix... she screamed fuck me yes oh yes fuck me, make it hurt so good baby and i blew my load all over the outside wall again like before, my cock was raw from jerking it so much watching my wife fuck these three men like a beautiful savage animal... I had never seen her so out of control with lustful passion... this went on with these guys for two hours straight they fucked her tag team over and over until she finally tapped out.... her pussy, ass and breasts was covered in cum and sweat... I watched her body go limp gasping for air... one of the three brought her a towel and i rushed to my car and drove off again so they would not know i was there... Again she called me and told me she was ready and i picked her up just like before... this time she kissed me when she got in the car and told me it was ok i guess, of course not knowing i saw the whole thing... and we drove home with her secret still in my head....until the next time...
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