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. My Wife's Secret Lover

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    My Wife's Secret Lover

    by RLM


    Gordon Baxter is the Chief Project Engineer for a large midwestern corporation. He and his beautiful blonde wife, Paula, have had an open marriage for many years. They each enjoy having other sexual partners but without secrecy or cheating. They often party together, usually with good friends, but not always. Sometimes, they party separately, but the spouse always knows when and where, and later fills in all the hot details for the spouse.

    That is the way it is and the way it always has been... at least until the annual fall party hosted by Gordon for all the employees, their spouses and significant others in the Engineering Division of his corporation. This party introduced a slight deviation from the norm in Gordon and Paula's extracurricular sexual activities. It wasn't a big deal, but it was large enough to cause some concern. And we all know that small problems fester and grow if proper attention is not given to them.

    Employee Party: Gordon's Perspective:

    I half enjoyed and half hated the biannual employee parties. The half I hated was all the hassle of organizing the festivities and making the arrangements for the food and the entertainment. As Chief Project Engineer and Head of the Engineering Division, there really wasn't any way I could avoid that task. Once, I had tried delegating the responsibility, but that worked poorly because no one wanted to do it. So, I had long since decided that making all the arrangements was just one of the downsides of the job. There were plenty of upsides to make up for it, however.

    The enjoyable half was the party itself. Everyone invariably had a great time, and with plenty of food and drinks available, it was rare that something interesting didn't happen. One of the secretaries or, on a good day, one of the female engineers ended up putting on an impromptu striptease act. By 1 AM, usually four or five of the more well-endowed women were usually topless.

    There was a general rumor, which I really didn't believe, that half or more of the wives ended up being fucked by someone other than their husband before party night was over. Even though I didn't believe the rumor, as Head of the Division, I thought it was my duty to investigate and see if there was a general consensus to cancel the twice-a-year parties.

    Of course, my "investigations" turned up no evidence when every single female denied any participation in, or even any interest in, illicit sexual liaisons at the parties. When I took a sealed vote of the employees as to whether or not the parties should be cancelled, the result was 18% in favor of cancellation, 82% opposed. As far as I was concerned, that ended the matter, and the parties had continued and had now become regular and eagerly anticipated events.

    With my wife's 5' 3", 110 lbs body sporting 32D tits, I was certainly very well aware that every male employee up to and including the associate directors of the division were always hoping that Paula would be one of the women whose did a strip during the party, or, failing that, was one of the women who ended up topless before the party ended in the wee hours of the morning.

    In fact, Paula always attended, and she always wore a provocative outfit with ample cleavage on display that seemed to increase as midnight approached. But, to my knowledge, she had never stripped nor ended up topless. Whenever I asked her about it, she had always said something like, "It'd be fun, Honey, but I don't think it would be appropriate for the wife of the Chief Project Engineer and Director of the Division to be running around with her tits exposed at the party." On one occasion, I had teased her about it.

    "I know how much you like to tease and show off that dynamite body, Honey. How come you always disappoint all the men who are dying to see more of it? I think you're going shy on me."

    "Oh really? You know for a Chief Project Engineer and Division Head, you can sometimes say some really stupid things, Gordon. It's a good thing that I know you're just teasing me... but who knows, maybe this time the guys will get to see more of me."

    Since my wife had never done anything really wild at the employee parties, I just smiled and said no more. However, when I saw Paula's outfit for the party, I had some second thoughts about what she might or might not do. Her skin-tight, black dress showed off more than just a lot of cleavage. The V-neckline plunged below her breasts exposing the entire inner half of each large globe. The fabric just barely covered her nipples. There was obviously no bra covering her 32D tits. The length of her "dress", if you could call it that, was even more surprising. It covered her pussy and ass, but not much more. She wore black, platform heels with open toes and five-inch, stiletto heels. I was left to wonder if she had on panties.

    Her outfit fairly screamed "I'm hot... come fuck me". I had never seen her wear anything so blatantly sexy to the employee parties, but this time, I refrained from teasing her about the dress. She had already given me one warning... I didn't need another.


    The party was hectic, just as I expected it to me. The food consumption was about as I had anticipated, but the liquor was disappearing at a much more rapid rate that I had planned on. At 9 PM, I had my assistant make an emergency trip to the nearest retail liquor store to purchase additional supplies before the store closed.

    Shortly after 9 PM, I caught sight of my wife surrounded by two of the engineers in my division and a third man, Carl Thompson, the head of our purchasing office. I immediately noticed that the bottom button of my wife's dress was now open allowing the material to pull aside and expose her pink panties. Someone had also pulled the bodice aside enough to expose the edge of Paula's nipples. I wondered if she had pulled it aside and opened the button or if one of the men had done the honors. I also wondered if, later on, my wife's tits would be the first pair on display at the party. At least, I now knew that my wife was wearing panties.

    Events, however, proved me wrong about my wife's tits being the first pair to be exposed at the party. With the revelers consuming so much alcohol, the first pair of naked tits appeared around 10 PM. The sexy brunette to whom the tits belonged was wearing a yellow dress, which she had pulled up to her hips. With her dress hiked up to her hips, the crotch of her purple panties was on display along with her big tits, which looked to be about 34D or 36D.

    Everyone at the party recognized Betty Waymire. She was talking with Mark Donaldson, one of the junior engineers, whose eyes were switching back and forth between Betty’s naked tits and her panty-covered cunt. As I watched, Betty stood up and led Donaldson onto the dance floor.

    A few minutes later, Jack Larsen, who ran the engineering stockroom, moved up behind Betty and sandwiched her between his body and Mark's. Jack used one hand to cup and squeeze Betty's free tit. His other hand was hidden between his body and Betty's. With hard cocks pressed into both her ass and belly, she was clearly losing control as her pelvis thrust back and forth against the two men.

    Having seen this scenario many times with Paula, I lost interest and wandered around the large hall that I had rented for the evening to host the party. There were numerous side hallways with several rooms opening onto each. So, just walking around the entire area was a 15-minute job.

    I hadn't gone far down one of the hallways before I realized that I hadn't seen Paula in almost an hour. The last time I had seen her, she was surrounded by the group of three men. I knew that all of them were hoping to get lucky with my wife later in the party.

    When I passed three of the rooms, I could hear the telltale sounds of fucking from inside. The steady slapping of flesh, the high-pitched shrieks of the woman and the much lower-pitched grunts of her partner were clear and unmistakable. For a moment, I considered opening the door to see who was fucking whom, but discretion being the better part of valor, I walked on after listening long enough to give me a partial erection.

    I had just begun my tour of the offices along the last hallway off the main party area when I heard more female moans coming from one of the offices. This time, the office door had not been closed. Obviously, they were too anxious to worry about details like that. As I approached the doorway, the woman began interrupting her repeated moans to urge her lover to fuck her harder... deeper.

    "Ooohhh gawd, yes! Fuck me, you big-dicked stud. AAaaahhhh... Harder, Baby. Pound my pussy... ugh... ugh... ugh... yes... yes... YES! Fuck Meeee!!"

    When I looked into the room, I saw Mark Donaldson fucking a thrashing, moaning Betty Waymire. He was holding her legs wide open and pressed back with her knees just outside of her naked tits. They were jerking erotically back and forth as Mark drove his cock into her cunt. Betty was arching her hips upward on every thrust to take all of Donaldson’s hard cock. Every time the cock filled her vagina, another hot moan of pleasure erupted from her mouth. Jack Larsen was standing off to one side watching Mark screw the wildly excited woman. He had his cock out and was slowly jacking off while waiting his turn inside Betty. Before I left, my cock was as hard as Jack's.
    I thought my wife might be the first to expose her tits, but Betty
    upstaged her. The erotic spectacle of Mark's cock skewering
    Betty's squishing cunt got both Jack and I hard.

    After finishing my tour of the main hall and all of the side hallways, I still had not located my wife. The only remaining two possibilities were that she had left, either alone or with someone, or that she was one of the women being fucked in one of the offices along the side hallways. My cock rose to full erection as I wondered if Paula's pussy was being fucked right at the moment the way Betty's was.

    I was still considering whether or not I should return to the hallways and listen outside the doors to see if I could tell if the female moans coming from inside were my wife's or not, when Cindy Vaughn stopped me.

    "Hi, Handsome. How come a sexy-looking guy like you is wandering around this party all alone when half the women here or more fantasize about you when they're in bed with their husbands?"

    Cindy Vaughn was almost a carbon copy of my wife. Her long blonde hair, full, sensuous lips, facial features, and D-cup breasts were a spot-on match for Paula's. The only differences were that Cindy was a slightly larger version of Paula. At 5' 5", she was two inches taller and her 118-lb body was about eight or nine pounds heavier than my wife's. Like my wife, she wore clothes that showed off her big tits and awesome legs. Every time I saw Cindy, I wondered if she could possibly be Paula's sister. To be truthful, I had also wondered many times if she was as good in bed as my wife.

    "I doubt that, Cindy. You look beautiful tonight, if you don't mind my saying so."

    "Mind? I had hoped that you would notice. I dressed in this hot outfit specifically for you. Come on, Gordon. Follow me. I've got something that I want to show you."

    Since I was intrigued and my dick was still hard, I followed Cindy as ordered. She entered one of the side hallways, walked all the way to the end, and opened an office door. "In here, Honey," she said with a seductive smile. I felt like I shouldn't go inside the office, but it there was a man who could have resisted, I certainly wasn't that man. I followed her inside the office. Cindy was already busy removing her jacket.

    "What did you want to show me, Cindy," I asked even though I was pretty certain that I knew the answer.

    She dropped the jacket onto the floor, turned to face me, and pulled the spaghetti straps to her dress off her shoulders letting both huge tits surge out into the open. They were just awesomely gorgeous.

    "For starters, I wanted to show you my tits. I've waited for almost a year for you to hit on me and give me an excuse to show them to you, but you never did. So, I decided that tonight I would. Like them?"

    "What's not to like. They're incredible."

    "Do they get your cock hard, Honey?"

    "What do you think? I'm neither gay nor dead."

    Cindy stepped closer and ran her hand over my shaft. Then, she closed her hand around it... testing its girth and hardness. A moment later, she moved her hand all the way up to gauge its length. "Oh fuck! Hard is not the word, Gordon. It feels like a steel rod, and my god, it's huge. I've checked out your bulge more times than I can count, but I never imagined you were armed with a weapon of pussy destruction. How big is it?"

    "Not that big," I said in a half moan as she squeezed the head firmly causing my shaft to throb.

    "Bullshit! It feels like a live python. How big? Eight inches?"

    "Slightly over eight." She squeezed me again, and once more, my dick convulsed in a spastic contraction.

    "OH FUCK! I want it! In me. Oh shit... I can't wait."

    "Come on, Cindy. We can't. Your husband could walk in on us at any time. He could sue me and the corporation for an ungodly sum if he caught the Division Director fucking his wife at a company party. And that's not to mention would it would do to our marriages."

    "Eric's not here tonight. You know that. He told me that he had to leave for the weekend on a site visit to one of the plants."

    "Oh... Yes. That's right. He did tell me they were having a serious technical problem with their production line and needed engineering assistance. Ok... so Eric's not here, but my wife is."

    Cindy stepped back and bunched her dress around her waist. Her big tits were unrestrained by a bra and only a gold-colored thong covered her cunt. She sat down on the edge of a desk and spread her legs. The sight was obscenely erotic.

    "So, you're wife came to the party with you. So what? She's not here now. She left almost an hour ago. Come on, Gordon. I know you want to fuck me. Your cock is hard as stone and wants to get into my pussy. Come over here and stick it in me. I'm so fucking hot, I'll cum as soon as it spreads me open." Cindy spread her legs even wider.

    "Cindy. I can't. I have an iron-clad rule against having sex with one of the employees or their wives. You already know how hard you've got me, and besides that, my wife is here. I saw her just a little while ago."

    "She was here, but she left with a guy."


    Cindy grinned. "Now that would be telling. Forget her. I can tell you that your sexy wife is not thinking about you right now. The only thing on her mind is the cock that's fucking her. You may have a rule against sex with employees or their wives, but Paula doesn't."

    Remembering the way my wife was dressed and having seen her with her nipples and panties exposed earlier along with the fact that I had not been able to find her, convinced me that what Cindy was saying was probably true. Nevertheless, I couldn't start having sex with the wife of one of my best engineers. However, it was obvious that Cindy was not going to make this easy for me. Instead, she went into a seduction full-court press.

    Leaning back on the desk, Cindy reached down and pulled her panties aside. In the same motion, she spread her pussy lips apart totally exposing the wet interior of her hot cunt. With both big tits out and her vagina open and waiting, she was easily the equal of the most obscenely erotic woman I had ever seen. My face was covered with a cold sweat. My cock was so hard it hurt.

    I was in a hopeless situation. If I fucked her, I knew I would deeply regret it later. I could even be dismissed from the corporation. If I didn’t fuck her, I knew I would deeply regret it later. Cindy would be furious... totally enraged... and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... and to scorn her when she had her luscious body totally exposed and spread out begging to be fucked would be the ultimate humiliation. There was no telling what she would do. I did not consider her getting a gun and shooting me to be far fetched or unlikely. I knew I should never have followed her into the office, but it was too late for that now.

    "Come on, Gordon. You know and I know that you're going to spend the rest of the night between my legs with your big, hard, sexy cock buried balls deep inside my cunt. So stop putting on a show and come over here and fuck me... NOW!" Stripping off her thong, she raised her legs into female fucking position and again spread her cunt open for me.

    With essentially no good options, I decided to hope that Eric would never find out that I had fucked his wife and that Paula would not become enraged that I laid another woman without discussing it with her in advance. Moving toward the desk, I began to undo my pants as I approached. Cindy moaned, "Oh fuck YES! Get that big dick out and ram it into me, Gordon!" She raised her legs and jerked her panties up her legs.

    Cindy raised and spread her legs for me. As I moved between her open thighs,
    she spread her pussy open with her fingers to welcome my cock.

    At that moment, someone out in the hallway shouted. "HEY GORDON! ARE YOU HERE? WE NEED YOU NOW!"

    With a strange mixture of disappointment and relief, I struggled to get my rigid cock back inside my pants, zip up, and fasten my pants. Cindy had no time to get dressed. So, she just rolled off the desk and hid behind it. I had just gotten my pants adjusted when Brian Haskel rushed into the room. "Hurry, Gordon. Two guys are about to tee off on one another out in the main hall."

    "What happened?" I asked as we hurried down the hallway leading to the main party area.

    "Ted Adams had Marion Larsen's tits out playing with them when Jack Larsen saw what was going on and just exploded. He wants to kill Ted, and Ted outweighs him by 30 pounds. We need some authority figure out there now to stop this."

    The two men were just getting ready to go at it, when I arrived. "All right.. THAT'S ENOUGH!" I shouted in my best authoritative voice.

    "That bastard was playing with my wife's tits!" Jack screamed.

    "It's a party, Man. Lighten up," Ted responded. Even though Ted knew he could take Jack, he also knew that Jack was livid with rage and could inflict a lot of damage before he went down.

    I grabbed Jack just before he charged Ted. As we wrestled, I whispered in his ear, "I saw you fucking Betty Waymire earlier. You either calm down, take your wife home, give her a sexy spanking, and then fuck her ass off or I'll tell Marion about Betty. Got it?"

    As if by magic, Jack stopped struggling, nodded, and said quietly, "Deal. Thanks."

    A few minutes later, Jack was leading Marion toward the exit with his hand on her ass. To the delight of all the men, he had refused to let her put her tits back inside her dress. He was hefting them and rubbing her nipples when they went through the doorway.

    "What the hell did you say to him, Gordon," both Ted and Brian wanted to know. "I've never seen a guy calm down like that before."

    "Not much," I replied.

    "Come on. Give," Ted demanded.

    "I just made him an offer he couldn't refuse," I responded in my best imitation of Marlon Brando and Vito Corelone.

    Employee Party: Paula's Perspective:

    As usual, the employee party was an erotic dream for the women. There were significantly more male employees in the engineering division than female. In addition, a lot of the single guys didn't bring girlfriends to the party and many of the married men came without their wives. As a result, men outnumbered women at the party by about two to one.

    A quick scan of the main room quickly confirmed this... every woman had at least two men hovering around her trying to seduce her into bed. It was always surprising to me that the men didn't realize that almost all the women had every intention of getting fucked before morning. In most cases, they wanted their lover or lovers to be men other than their husbands. And I was no different than the other women at the party.

    As host, Gordon had a dozen things he had to do and look after to keep things running smoothly at the party. Consequently, it was almost as if I had come without an escort, which I didn't mind in the least. I hadn't been at the party for more than five minutes before Carl Thompson was asking me if I wanted a drink. I smiled and nodded my head. He hurried off to get me one... probably a double in the hopes of getting me sufficiently drunk to let him get between my legs.

    Before he returned with my drink, one of the young engineers, Lennard Markum, was chatting me up. When Lennard handed me my screwdriver, he asked where Gordon was.

    "Who knows? Off seeing to something or other about the party. He always leaves me alone at these parties. Makes a girl feel unwanted, you know," I said with a smile.

    "If I were Gordon, I'd delegate those responsibilities and spend every moment with you," Carl volunteered, and Lennard quickly agreed. "Anyway," Carl said with a whisper, "the way you're dressed and as hot as you look, I doubt that you'll be lonely tonight."

    "You like the way I'm dressed, huh?" I teased.

    "I love it," Carl whispered back.

    "Then why don't you ask me to dance?"

    "Just stupid, I guess. Come on. Let's give it a whirl."

    For the next 30 minutes I danced first with Carl and then with Lennard. After that, it was back to Carl again. Some time during the 30 minutes, Victor Delgado, another one of Gordon's engineering staff, cut in so that I was taking turns dancing with three different men.

    The dancing continued until almost 9 PM. By that time, all three men had thoroughly explored my ass with their hands and determined that I was indeed wearing panties. Around 8:45, I was dancing with two men at the same time, one in front of me, one behind. With both men erect, I had a hard cock pressed into my belly and another on against my ass. The guy in front of me usually had his arms around my hips with his hands caressing my ass. The guy behind me alternated between exploring my tits and rubbing my belly. I knew their objective was to get me hot, wet, and ready, and I also knew they were well along in their objective.

    It was a little after 9 PM when I noticed that Gordon was looking at me as he got a drink from the bar. I flushed a little knowing the three guys had gotten the bodice of my dress pulled sufficiently aside to expose some of my nipples. If that wasn't enough, Victor had managed to unbutton the bottom button of my dress so that my panties were exposed. My husband didn't seem worried, however... probably because he had a rule against having sex with company employees.

    I was amused to see the three men in somewhat of a quandary trying to decide which of them was going to be the first to take me to one of the private offices for a hot fuck. What they didn't know was that, unfortunately for them, none of them would be getting their cocks into me tonight. It wasn't that they weren't sexy studs with nice hard erections... it was just that I had other, much more erotic plans for the evening.

    Promptly at 9:15 PM, I excused myself to visit the ladies room. In fact, I did stop by the ladies room before slipping quietly out one of the numerous side exits to the large building. I walked quickly to Parking Lot C where he was waiting for me in his gorgeous, yellow ZHZ Corvette. He opened the door for me, and I slid in beside him in the passenger side, bucket seat. My short dress rode up to my hips as I spread my legs as much as the car would permit. He reached over and ran his hand up and down the length of my slit.

    "MMmmmm... your pussy is soaked, Paula. Just the way I like it. Did someone get there before me?"

    "Not quite lover, but three of the men were giving it their best shot. I've been dancing with them for over an hour, one and two at a time. They all felt me up pretty good. You should send them a thank you note, Honey. They have me primed and ready for your big cock."

    "Good. I hope you don't plan on getting home tonight."

    "I don't know about that. As you know, I haven't said anything to Gordon. He has no idea that I'm with someone."

    "He's a smart man. He'll figure it out. Take out your tits while I drive."

    I pulled my dress aside allowing both of my breasts to surge out. My lover licked his lips as I cupped them for him.

    When I squeezed my nipples until they both stood up, hard and erect, he quickly pulled the car onto the shoulder, turned and kissed me. His tongue slipped inside my mouth at the same time as his fingers thrust inside my vagina. My ass arched upward off the seat to meet his fingers... his kiss became more and more urgent.

    My hips arched upward when I felt his fingers entering me.

    "I need to fuck you. Now! Here!"

    "There isn't room inside this car to fuck," I moaned.

    "Then suck me! Suck my cock, you hot Slut!"

    Opening the sun roof, he stood up allowing me to undo his pants and pull them down his thighs. His rampant cock surged out, rigid and throbbing. A small strand of precum hung from the swollen, purple head.

    "Suck it. Hurry, Paula. SUCK ME!"

    I slid my lips over the engorged head. His cock jerked and throbbed as I took the first five inches of dick inside my mouth allowing my tongue tip to circle his cock ridge.

    "Suck more of it... Shove it down your throat!"

    It took me a about a minute to work his entire eight-inch length down my throat. Once there, he held my head in place and mouth fucked me furiously. His balls were banging against my chin on every thrust causing my tits to jiggle and my pussy to throb. Without realizing it, my fingers sought out my clit, which I rubbed frantically as my lover pumped his rod in and out of my throat.

    Cars passed and horns honked as the drivers saw me sucking cock and being mouth fucked on a public highway. One car even pulled onto the opposite shoulder and stopped. A moment later, the driver was standing beside my side of the car jacking off as he watched the huge cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Unable to resist, he jerked open the passenger-side door so he could now see my naked tits and my fingers working on my clit as well as the hard dick fucking my mouth.

    "Go Man! Fuck the Bitch's mouth. Ram it in, Man!" he screamed. My lover mouth fucked me harder... faster.

    "Gonna cum, Paula. Man, I'm gonna shoot in her. Watch her take the cum load," he screamed as his dick throbbed and erupted. His buttocks clenched and shot a thick stream of sperm-filled semen into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed most of it, but some spurted out the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin. His buttocks clenched a second time sending another thick gush of cum into my waiting mouth. As his second cum load was shooting out, the man jacking off beside the car began to cum. His load splattered over the grass and the side of the car. Some of it hit my thighs and creamed my tits.

    My lover let his cock soak inside my mouth until it slowly began to soften. When we were again driving towards his place, I was still sitting beside him with my tits out, my dress up to my hips, and my fingers stroking my hard clit. He looked over at me grinning, "Get naked, Paula. As soon as we get there, I'm going to fuck you, but I want you naked now!"

    Since all I had to remove was my dress and panties, it took me less than a minute to get naked as ordered. As we speeded down the freeway toward his house, we were passing numerous cars, but my naked body was shielded by the door and the dark interior of the car.

    "Spread wider, Paula."

    "Why. It's too dark for you to see much."

    "It'll be much lighter when I turn on the interior lights. Spread, Honey. Wide open. Show me your hot cunt."

    "Is this wide enough, Lover?"

    Suddenly, the lights came on inside the car. He glanced in my direction and saw my totally naked body with my legs wide open and my pussy on display. "Oh hell yes! You are so fucking gorgeous, I can't believe it. I just shot off a huge load down your throat, but you've already got me hard again."

    "Just watch the road, Darling... not my cunt. You can look at my pussy all you want after we get to your place."

    "All right... if you insist," he said as he doused the interior lights.

    After driving a few more miles, we were rapidly overtaking a large semi. When we were abreast of the truck, I felt the car slowing so that we stayed in position directly to the side of the truck. Again, the interior lights came on fully illuminating the interior of our car with me stark naked and spread wide open.

    "Cup your big tits for the driver, Paula. Turn toward him and spread your legs. Let him see your cunt."

    As soon as I opened my legs as wide as the seat would allow, three loud blasts from the trunk's air horn sounded. I cupped my tits for him and two more blasts of the air horn followed.

    "He's looking at you, Baby. Are you showing him everything?"

    "Everything except my ass, Lover. No good way to do that in this cramped space." I began finger fucking my cunt and almost immediately the truck's air horn sounded three more times in rapid succession.

    "What are you doing now?"

    "Masturbating for the guy. I'm finger fucking my cunt, Honey. I think the driver is getting off watching me do it."

    "Rub it harder...faster. Make yourself cum for him!"

    "Yess... doing it... I'm doing it... aaahhh...aaahhh... aaahhh... oohhhh ooohhhh... fuck... fuck... gonna cum... gonna... gonna... ACH! ACH! ACH! AAAHHHHHHHH... CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!!"

    I felt like a total slut, but it was so deliciously erotic
    and exciting my orgasms were intense.

    Just as I was erupting in an intense orgasm on my fingers, the semi lurched toward us as the driver was too busy watching me and jacking off to keep his rig in his lane. Our car immediately served to the left and sped away out of danger while my vagina and clit were still throbbing in the intense aftermath of my orgasm.


    It was now well after 10 PM, and I hadn't seen a trace of my wife for the last hour and a half or maybe longer. The last I had seen of her was when Carl Thompson, Lennard Markum, and Victor Delgado were hitting on her, obviously trying to get her into one of the private offices for some hot sex.

    Since it was obvious to me that she had left with one or perhaps more of the three men, I began to search for Carl, Lennard, and Victor. After fifteen more minutes of futile searching the hall and all the private offices, I had found Carl, but neither Lennard nor Victor. Assuming they had not left the party, they were fucking my wife in one of the private rooms or they had her out in the parking lot doing her in the back seat of one of the cars.

    I decided to first check out the private rooms that were occupied but with the door closed. By this time, I could hear the groans of a woman being screwed in five of the offices. I had fucked Paula thousands of times during our marriage and heard her cries several hundred more times when other men were fucking her. By this time, it really wasn't necessary for me to see into the room to know whether or not it was my wife inside being screwed. If she were the woman taking cock, I knew I would easily recognize her cries, even though the closed door.

    One-by-one, I checked out the rooms. In the first, the woman was screaming much louder than Paula does when she's getting laid. The woman in the second room was moaning steadily as the her lover pounded his cock in and out of her pussy. The lack of variation or words made it clear that she wasn't my wife. The woman in the third room was hardly making a sound. All I could hear were masculine grunts and the slap of his flesh against hers. Clearly, it wasn't Paula unless she was dead drunk and unconscious, which seemed totally impossible since my wife always wants to enjoy getting laid to the fullest... not be an unconscious hunk of meat.

    The woman in the fourth room sounded a lot like my wife. I had almost decided that it was Paula who was being fucked until I heard her shout, "Don't cum inside me! Please. I'm not on the pill." Since my wife was taking the pill, it wasn't her.

    The last room was easily eliminated. The first thing I heard was, "Go easy, Baby. OOhhhh god. Go slow. I've never had a cock that big before.... push it in slowly... let me get used to it." I didn't who it was, but it wasn't Paula.

    The only other possibility was the parking lot. Walking up and down the rows of parked cars, all I had to do was pick out the cars that were moving up and down or back and forth to know which ones had a couple or couples inside getting it on. The parking lot was dark, too dark for anyone to see out, so I didn't have to worry about recognizing voices. I could just take a quick look inside to see if I could see my wife's voluptuous, hot body, and those dynamite, awesome tits.

    Although the complete inspection of the lot took a half hour, I didn't mind. After all, spending 30 minutes watching four women being royally fucked by someone other than their husbands wasn't exactly what any man would call "hard work". When I returned to the main party area, I still had not located either my wife, Lennard, or Victor. I wondered if she was really with Lennard or Victor or both, but with no options left, I knew I would just have to wait for my wife to either call or show up.


    As soon as we were inside the garage, my hot stud had pulled me out of the car and bent me over the hood. He spanked my naked ass several times ordering me to arch my butt high and spread my feet apart. Even after I was in position, he continued to spank my ass and rub my clit until I was having an intense orgasm. Right in the middle of my climax, I was mounted from behind and howled with pleasure as the thick sex spike stretched my pussy open and entered my throbbing vagina.

    "Oh god, your cunt it so fucking wet and tight, Paula. Take my dick, Baby. Take all of it!"

    "Yessss... give it to me, Lover. Pound it in.... aaaahhh... aaaahhhhhhhh... oh my gawd... I'm gonna cum again... fuck me, Stud. Fuck me hard.!"

    The hands on my hips jerked my ass back just as he drove his prick into my cunt. The swollen cock head thudded deliciously against my womb sending shivers of pleasure surging up the length of my stuffed vagina. The big shaft was scraping against my G-spot on every stroke while his fingers rubbed my clit furiously. I came ... oh shit... I came so fucking hard as spastic contractions shot through my vagina and clitoris.

    After my second orgasm, I was told to put both my heel and my head on the hood of the car. The position completely opened up the entire plane of my cunt. When I felt his fingers sliding back and forth through the length of my sex trench, I again began to throb and moan.

    This time I grunted like a sow when the big dick slammed into my waiting hole. Each thrust brought another grunt of female pleasure from my lungs. I couldn't keep my fingers off my throbbing clit as he fucked me.

    "Gonna put a load up your cunt, Paula. Ready?"

    "Yesssss...," I hissed. "Shoot it! Shoot it into me! Cum inside my cunt, Lover. Pump me full!"


    The party broke up around 1 AM. I stayed until around 1:30 AM cleaning up some of the mess. When I left the hall, I found Cindy waiting for me outside.

    "It's about time, Gordon. I didn't realize that you had decided to moonlight as a janitor."

    "I was just cleaning up a little. I didn't know you were waiting for me."

    "Of course you knew. You were about to fuck me earlier until we were interrupted by that near fight. The party's over and I still haven't been laid. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only woman at the party who wasn't fucked. I expect you to take care of my problem, Honey."

    "Cindy, you know I would love to have sex with you, but I can't screw the wife of one of my most productive and talented engineers while he's off working on a site visit. Besides that, my wife will be coming home soon."

    "I doubt that, Honey. She's probably not going get home until some time tomorrow. But if you're worried, we can go to a motel. It's too far to drive all the way across town to my place. Besides, I'm on fire. I need your cock up my hot pussy, Honey. Let's find a motel and have some fun."

    "I'm sorry, Cindy. I really am. If your husband wasn't one of my engineering staff, I'd be nailing your hot pussy in the back seat of my car within the next five minutes. But he is, and I can't. It's just that simple. And Paula could be home waiting for me right now."

    "Oohhhh Suck my pussy.... do my clit.... oohhhh fuck... I'm cumming, Lover... all over your face... suck me!"

    I couldn't stop cumming... I just couldn't. Every time my orgasm would ebb, that hot stud would suck my clit into his mouth and work his tongue over it until he had me wailing in another orgasm. Finally, it just seemed to me like I was in a near constant state of orgasm. My vagina and clit wouldn't stop throbbing.

    "Stop, Lover... Oh god... stop! I need to rest. My body is shaking so hard, I feel like I might go into shock. Stop... stop sucking meeeeeeeee... STOP!!" I begged and pleaded. Finally, the hot mouth moved off my trembling pussy, and I collapsed onto the bed.

    He only allowed me to rest for a few minutes until he pulled my head up off the bed by my hair and grunted, "Suck Time, Slut. Get your mouth hole over my dick and suck me ."

    As soon as I wrapped my hand around the huge shaft, my pussy started throbbing again. I knew I was a slave to his big sex gun. I had to have it, and he could fuck me with it any time he wanted.

    Ramming my mouth down on the huge shaft, I felt it enter my throat. I continued to push more dick inside my mouth causing the big head to sink further and further down my throat. Finally, I had my lips locked firmly around the base of his cock, which was now throbbing wildly along the entire length of my throat.

    My hot lover fucked me eight times and made
    me cum more times than I could count.


    As it turned out, Paula wasn't home waiting for me when I arrived around 1:30 AM. She still wasn't home by 2 AM. At 2:15 AM, I began to become worried. It wasn't like her at all to spend time with another man without telling me about it in advance. While we had and had had an open marriage for many years, causing a spouse to worry about your safety was something we both carefully avoided. It was almost 2:30 AM before my wife called me.

    "Hi, Honey. I'm really sorry for worrying you. I meant to call before the party broke up, but I was having so much fun, I just forgot. Am I forgiven?"

    "Of course. What are you doing? Where are you?"

    "You know what I'm doing, Baby. Your slutty wife is getting royally laid... just as you suspected. We're in a nice room at Motel 6 on Grand Boulevard."

    "Who are you with?"

    Now there was a slight pause before my wife replied, "I can't tell you that, Honey. Or I guess I should really say I could tell you, but I won't."

    "Why? We don't do that sort of thing, you know."

    "I know, but you've got a rigid rule about sex between people who work in the engineering division, and he's one of your engineering staff. If I tell you who it is, it will be bad for his career... you know it and I know it. He's really a nice guy and a good lover. I certainly don't want his career injured just because he couldn't resist when I made it clear that I wanted him between my legs. I'll tell you all the hot details tomorrow, but not who he is. You'll just have to wonder about that, Baby."

    "I don't like that, Paula, but I understand. It wouldn't really be fair to the guy to get him into trouble just because he couldn't resist the hottest woman on the planet. In fact, if he could resist you, I probably wouldn't want him on my engineering staff anyway. Ok. When will you be home?"

    "Can I spend the night, Honey? He really wants to fuck me again. Anyway, isn't Cindy Vaughn with you? I saw her turning on the heat at the party."

    "She was interested... very interested, but you just mentioned my rule about sex with the spouses of employees in my division. I told her that I simply could not fuck the wife of one of my best engineers when he's working his ass off on a site visit while the rest of us are having a party."

    "Are you telling me that you turned Cindy down?"


    "So, you're alone now?"

    "Unfortunately... yeah."

    "Oh shit! That's awful. I'll tell my guy that I have to leave."

    "No you won't. You want to stay... so stay. Just remember... you owe me one. No... wait a minute. How many times has your mystery lover fucked you so far?"

    "Four times. I have no idea how many orgasms I've had. A lot."

    "And he still wants more tonight?"


    "And probably again ... once or twice in the morning?"

    "Um-huh... at least twice."

    "Well, in that case, my darling slutty wife, you don't owe me one... you owe me seven or eight... right?"

    "Um-huh... and you know I always pay my debts, Honey. I promise I'll make it up to you big time."

    "I know you will. All right. Have fun."

    Suddenly, my wife's voice dropped to a whisper. "I'm sure I will.... he just came out of the bathroom, and his eight-inch cock is hard, Honey." Then, in a much louder voice: "Thank's for understanding, Darling. I'm just too drunk to drive home so it's much safer if I stay at Beth's house tonight. She's letting me sleep in the guest bedroom. I'll be home in the morning, Gordon. Thanks for understanding. I really shouldn't have had so much to drink at the party.... mmmmmmm..."

    Now it was my turn to whisper quietly. "Is he fucking you now?"

    "Yes... I'm all right. Beth's.... mmmmmm.... Beth's taking good care of me."
    I could easily picture my hot wife taking her lover's
    eight-inch cock up her wet cunt.

    "Are you getting it doggie now?" I asked, again in a whisper.

    "Yes, Dear. I am. I'm just fine. Don't worry about me. I'll see you in the morning... aaahhhh... god... so tired. I need to hang up, Honey. Bye."

    Paula broke the connection but not before I heard two, deep masculine grunts as her stud pounded his cock into her cunt. Whoever was fucking my wife wasn't the only male with an iron-hard cock right now. Mine was a full eight and half inches of rigid dick.


    Paula didn't show up until 2:30 PM the next afternoon. Even if I hadn't know that she had been up all night with some stud between her legs, who had probably banged her two or three more times that morning, it would have been obvious. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes puffy from lack of sleep, her make up completely gone. There were dried white crusts of semen all over her cleavage and around her neck. I wondered how much a wreck her pussy was.

    Naturally, I was so hard my cock hurt. I had been erect for hours with only short periods of respite when the pain became great enough to cause my erection to abate. When Paula entered the house, and I saw how completely fucked out she was, my erection got harder than ever.

    However, she just staggered into our bedroom as if in a trance. When she pulled off her dress and removed her heels, she was stark naked. Her panties and anything else she had worn to the party were long gone. Paula just simply fell onto the bed and was essentially unconscious in less than a minute. My attempts to wake her so we could have sex were futile.

    I didn't think it was fair to fuck her unconscious body, so I contented myself with spreading her legs wide open so I could see her gaping, swollen pussy. I get undressed, knelt between her open legs, and jacked off while staring at her wet hole that was still seeping her lover's last load. When I came, semen splattered all over her mound, belly, and tits.


    For the first three days of the next work week, I checked on the whereabouts of all the engineers who were at the party. Miles Applebee and Dwain Samuels were both ill and could not attend, and they were obviously not in any shape to screw my wife ten times that night. Eric Vaughn was out of town on a site visit, so that left 19 possibilities. Of course, Lennard Markum and Victor Delgado were at the top of my list.

    After making a list of the engineers I had personally seen at the party subsequent to my wife's departure with someone, I found that there were only three that I had not seen at one time or another. Fred Canton plus Lennard and Victor. It had to be one of them.

    For the first time that I could remember, I found myself checking the size of bulges of the three engineers. There was no way that Fred's package included the eight-inch cock Paula said she was enjoying... so that narrowed the field to Lennard and Victor, which is what I suspected from the start.

    By the time Thursday arrived, I was no further along to eliminating one of the two men than I had been late Monday afternoon. At 12:15, my cell phone buzzed. It was Paula.

    "Hi, Honey. What's up?"

    "My lover's cock, Baby. It's big and hard and it buried balls deep in your wife's cunt right now....aaaahhhhhhhhh... fuck me, Stud. Fuck me hard!"

    "You hot slut! Who's giving it to you?"

    "Same guy as at the party... uuggh... ugh... UGH! UGH! UGH!"

    “Oh gawd! He’s fucking me, Baby… He’s fucking your wife with his huge, thick 8” cock. OOHH SHIT! OOOHHH FUCK!!”

    "What's wrong?" I asked concerned.

    "My ass... ooohhhh god.... he's putting it up my ass... eight thick inches of cock is going in... uugh UGH! UGH! Easy, Lover... Easy... aaaahhhhhhhh gawd... he's in me, Honey... All the way in me... I can feel his balls hitting my clit every time he rams me... ooouuuu oouuuu... ooouuuu... Oh fuck! He's good."

    "You're in doggie position, aren't you?"

    "UUMMM UUMMMM UUUMMMM... yes... yes... ooohhh ooohhhh cumming... I'm cumming... ooohhhh fuck, Gordon... your wife is cumming.... aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! OH GAWD! ALL EIGHT INCHES ARE IN MY ASS, HONEY."
    I was having one orgasm after another as my lover rammed his huge cock in and
    out of my ass. My pussy and clit throbbed
    every time his cock filled me.

    Then I heard the deep masculine grunts: "Love fucking your hot ass, Baby... hot ass hole.. UUUNNNGGGG UUUNNNGGG!! Gonna fuck a load into your asshole, Baby. Ready?"


    "Is he cumming in your ass now, Paula?"

    "UMMM-HUH UMM-HUH! Oh FUCK! He’s rolled us over. I’m riding his huge cock. UUNNNGGHHH! UGH! UGH! HE’S FUCKING ME! HE’S ASS FUCKING ME! I can feel his cock jerking and contracting inside my ass, Darling.... he's cumming in meeee!"

    "Oh god! That's so fucking hot. Tell me who he is!"

    "One of your engineers... aaaahhhh... and his load is in your wife's asshole now. Got to hang up, Honey. He wants me to suck him hard again. See you tonight. I'll tell you all the hot, sexy details while you're fucking me." The phone went dead.


    As soon as Paula hung up, I left my office to check on Victor and Lennard. Neither was in his office. When I asked each man's secretary where her boss was, they both told me that he had left for lunch around 11:50 PM. So it could be either of them fucking Paula.

    I thought about driving home to try to see who was leaving the house, but then I realized that I couldn't make the trip in time and besides that, I had no reason to believe he was fucking Paula in our house. In fact, I suddenly realized that it was impossible since neither man had left his office until 11:50 and by 12:15, Paula had told me that she was already being fucked. They couldn't have made the drive to our house in that short a period of time. Whoever it was banging my wife, he was screwing her in a hotel or motel nearby.

    As I left Delgado's office, I noticed his secretary, Darla, staring intently at the extremely large bulge my rigid cock was making inside my pants. Suddenly, she realized that I had stopped moving. Her eyes snapped upward to meet mine. When she realized that I knew she was looking at my erection, she blushed... then she smiled and asked, "That looks awesome. Do you want me?"

    "Yes... very much, in fact, Darla, but I'm your boss and that's sexual harassment. You're also married, and I like your husband."

    "I really would like to enjoy your big cock, Mr. Baxter. If you change your mind, just give me a call. Anytime."

    I left the office with my cock harder than ever. I felt like if I just squeezed it through my pants, I would shoot off like a cannon. I was still partially hard around 1:10 PM when Victor came back from lunch. I made up an excuse to visit his office, but got no clues. He looked like a man who had just had lunch, not my wife. And he was either innocent or he was a great actor. I got the same result when I visited Lennard's office five minutes later.


    "He fucked me four times, Honey... twice in my cunt and two more times in my ass. OOOhhhhh yes, Lover! Pump my hot pussy with that big cock. Screw your slutty wife, Baby."

    I shoved Paula's legs even further back until I had her knees touching her big tits. The position opened her cunt fully and I rammed all of my raging eight and half inches of cock into her waiting hole.

    Paula screamed at the top of her lungs. Her vagina went into hard spastic contractions around my plunging shaft... she hissed with hot pleasure. It took all the will power I could muster to keep from exploding inside her.

    Shoving my hand beneath my wife's arched hips, I pushed two fingers into her asshole. They both slid all the way in easily... deeply. Obviously, Paula's lover had enjoyed her ass as well as her pussy earlier that day.

    "UUNNGG... Yes... Yes! fuck my ass, Honey... fuck my ass like he did ... fuck my cunt... aaaahhhh god... you're so damn good. Bang it to me, Stud.

    I followed directions and rammed by cock up her asshole. It slid into her cum-slickened tunnel easily.

    Paula's legs shot straight out... rigid... her feet curled back... toes spread... as her ass went into overdrive on my thrusting dick. Her eyes closed as her mouth stretched wide open. Once more, her cunt clamped down hard on my cock as she throbbed in hard contractions. Garbled, wild, female shrieks of pleasure filled the bedroom.

    The fact that my wife was being fucked by a secret lover
    had both us wildly excited and hot.

    This time, there was no possible way I could hold back. My buttocks clenched hard shooting thick streams of semen deep inside my wife's erupting throbbing ass. Again and again, I spurted hard. A full minute later, my cock was still twitching and throbbing in my wife's hot sex hole.

    My cock was still buried inside my wife's ass 15 minutes later, but it was now only semi-erect after having shot off two huge loads. "Who was he?" I asked for probably the six or seventh time.

    "I'm not going to tell you, Honey. He's one of your engineers and with your rule against sex with employees of the engineering division, it would hurt his career. I'm sorry, but I won't tell you."

    "So, you're never, ever going to tell me?"

    "If he resigns from the company, I'll tell you, of course. Or if you relax your rule about sex between employees of your division, and prove to me you really mean it, then I'll tell you."

    "I should tell you that I think I've got it narrowed down to two possibilities."

    "You think... but you don't know, do you, Darling?"

    "No, I don't know for sure. That's true."

    "Come on, Gordon. Forget this rule of yours. The guy is already fucking me, and I'm sure he's going to continue fucking me, rule or no rule. All your rule is doing is making you unhappy and preventing you from enjoying some fantastic sex yourself. Cindy Vaughn is a perfect example... She's hot for you, and you've turned her down several times."

    "And what happens if I fuck her and then she tells her husband. All hell's going to break loose in the division if Eric finds out I'm fucking his wife."

    "Now that's just ridiculous, Honey, and you know it. First, Cindy's not going to tell her husband she's fucking you unless they have an open marriage like we do. Second, if they do have an open marriage and she tells him, then it won't make any difference. Eric's not going to go ballistic. Ok?"

    "I see your point. I'll consider it. If I do relax the rule, you'll tell me who's fucking you?"

    "Yeah... once you've proved to me that you've really gotten rid of that rule. Now enough of this. I can feel your dick getting hard again... god... what a stud! Three times in an hour... that's just fantastic! Come on, Lover. Fuck me again!"

    "With you, three times in a hour is not difficult. You really turn me on. You're just one sexy, hot piece of ass, Mrs. Baxter."

    "MMmmmmm... then fuck your hot piece of ass, Honey."


    Nothing more happened that weekend and or through Thursday of the following week. I got no additional information as to whether it was Markum or Delgado who was screwing my wife, and as far as I knew, she hadn't seen him again. The whole thing had me excited... so much so that Paula and I were having sex three times a day that weekend and two or three times a day during the week.

    On Friday, my cell phone buzzed around 4:30 PM. Again, it was Paula.

    "Hi, Sexy. Are you calling to tell me you're in bed with one of my engineers?"

    "Nope... no way, Darling."

    "Oh. Ok."

    "Are you disappointed? Tell me the truth."


    "Come on, Gordon. You know you're a pitifully inept liar when it comes to me."

    "Ok... Yeah, I'm a little disappointed. You know the sex this last week between us has been awesome. I loved it!"

    "Me too, Lover. Me too!"

    "And I think a lot of the eroticism is due to your having this secret lover, which is just driving me nuts and also keeping me hard most of the time."

    "I'm sure that's a major factor, Baby. Sooo... are you hard right now?"

    "Just a little... you know, not limp but not really hard either."

    "Now I'm the one who's disappointed. But I need to get to the real reason I called."

    "Yeah? What is it?"

    "You need to either eat out tonight, Honey, or fix your own dinner. I probably won't be home until late."

    "What happening?"

    "I'm sure you can guess. I'm meeting my secret lover at 5:00 PM. I'm sure it will be pretty late before I get home."

    "That's incredibly sexy... but... well, I can't say that I like being left out like this."

    "Left out? You just told me how great sex has been since I've started seeing this guy. You know that we'll be fucking our brains out this next week when I tell you all the hot details... except who he is, of course. If you want to know that, just relax this rule about not having sex with people in your division. You know that you're missing a lot of fun. Cindy Vaughn is still hot for you as well as most of the other women in the engineering division."

    "I'm beginning to agree with you. In addition to Cindy, Delgado's secretary has been hitting on me lately."

    "Oh really!? And have you fucked her yet?"

    "No, but I'm beginning to think you're right about this rule of mine. We'll talk about it this weekend. Ok?"

    "Absolutely! Honey... I need to ask you if I'm going to have to sleep on the couch when I come home?"

    "When have ever made you sleep any where but in bed with me? But are you going to be too worn out to be interested after getting laid who knows how many times by this guy?"

    "Maybe... but there's always tomorrow. I hope you'll ravish me with your huge, thick cock... with your hot tongue. I love the way you screw me with that incredible control and staying power you've got. I just cum over and over and over."

    "You can count on it, Paula."

    "I will, Honey. I will. I've got to leave now. Don't want to be late for my secret lover even if he's not as good as the guy I'll have between my legs when I come home. Now... once more... are you hard?"

    "Like a rock, you delicious slut... like a rock!"

    "Good. Keep it that way, Baby. Bye."

    As soon as I closed my cell phone, I hurried down the hallway to the complex housing the engineers' offices. Before I even entered Lennard's office, I saw him talking to his secretary, so I just waved and walked on toward Delgado's office.

    Again, Darla greeted with a hopeful smile. "Good afternoon, Mr. Baxter. Can I help you?"

    "Is Mr. Delgado in?"

    "No. You missed him by about 20 minutes. He said he had to visit one of our suppliers and wouldn't be back this afternoon."

    A mental image of Delgado's body pumping up and down between my wife's legs, which were stretched up high over his thrusting ass, flashed through my mind once more exciting my cock to a hard, full erection. "Ok, Darla. Thanks," I said. Once more she was staring at the ever increasing bulge in my pants.

    "We're alone, Mr. Baxter, and Mr. Delgado isn't coming back today. Why don't you let me help you with that hard problem you obviously have?"

    "You know, Darla, considering the conversation, you probably ought to address me as Gordon, at least when we're alone."

    She grinned and said, "All right, Gordon." She stood and began unbuttoning her dress. Even though the door was still open, she didn't hesitate to pull it open and jerk her bra down. Her very nice, sexy 34C tits surged out. "Don't you think I can handle your problem properly?"

    "Not here. It's just too dangerous."

    "All right, Gordon," Darla said with a smile as she put her breasts back inside her bra and dress. "Just give me a call and tell me when and where, and I'll be there, and I'll be wearing something a lot hotter and sexier than business sweater and skirt combination. That's a promise."

    As I left Delgado's office, I knew he was probably Paula's secret lover. Since Lennard was still here, there was no way he could be meeting my wife ten minutes from now.

    Sex Party:

    As we had planned, I drove to my lover's home, parked my car in his garage, and started to knock on the door leading to the house. He opened it even before I could knock.

    "I saw you drive in, Paula. Damn! You look hot as fire. Fantastic dress!"

    I was dressed hot in a tight, yellow print sheathe that had a ragged hemline. More than half of my tits and most of my thighs were exposed. I thought that the five-inch CFM heels I wore added a very erotic touch.

    "Hi, Stud. Will this outfit do for the party?"

    "It looks hot as fire, Paula. I'm already hard as stone."

    "Good. I like my studs to get hard as soon as they see me. Tell me about the party. What do you have planned other than fucking me?"

    "There are three couples counting us. We're all having dinner at Richard's. We'll get acquainted, dance, and then head out for Sam and Shiela's place for the party. They've invited some single guys so the girls won't run out of hard cocks. Sound good?"

    "Oh hell yes. Love parties like that, Honey."

    "There's one other thing. It's sort of a costume party... at least for the women. The guys bought three costumes and then drew lots as to which costume each guy's date would wear. Yours is a cheerleader's costume."

    "I bet the guys would prefer this dress," I said with a grin.

    "Maybe, but I doubt it. Cheer leaders always wear those really short skirts, and yours won't even cover all of your sexy ass. The top is a halter with no bra. Your big 32D tits are gonna look awesome in it."

    My pussy pulsed at the thought of wearing a skirt that didn't even cover my ass. "Does this outfit come with panties?"

    "Yeah... but I doubt that you'll be allowed to keep them on very long. What did you tell Gordon?"

    "That I was meeting my secret lover. I haven't told him who you are."

    "Thanks. Your husband really needs to ash can that stupid non-fraternization rule he has. Did you tell him that we're going to a hot party?"

    "No. It's bad enough that I can't invite him to join us because he would find out who you are. I don't want him to feel even worse than he does. Frankly, I think that he's going to relent on his rule after this weekend. We'll see. When are we meeting at Richard's?"

    "At 7:00. So, allowing 30 minutes for the drive, we've got about an hour and a half. Let me see your big tits, Honey. You look so fucking hot in that dress, I can't believe it."

    I licked my lips and felt my pussy contract when I saw his hand move to his crotch and squeeze his erection. He was already hard as stone and I hadn't even started to expose my tits. I pulled the spaghetti strap off my shoulder and let it slip down my arm. His hand started moving slowly up and down the shaft of his prick. When I lowered the second strap, he was essentially jacking off with his cock still inside his pants.

    "This what you had in mind, Lover?"

    "More... more, you luscious cockteasing bitch."

    "You expect me to show you my tits when you call me a cockteasing bitch?" He just moaned, pleading with me with his eyes. "Maybe, we should wait until the party starts."

    "Oh god. Please, Paula."

    "Please what?"

    "Your tits... show me those huge tits, please!"

    I let my dress slip off my left breast. Its nipple was hard and rigidly erect. He groaned softly and unzipped his pants when he saw it. I hefted it... holding it out for his inspection. Frantically, he shoved his hand inside his pants and closed it around his throbbing shaft. I dropped the dress away from my right breast and cupped both of them. When I closed my fingers over my nipples... squeezing, pulling, and twisting them... it felt so erotic... so good... that I couldn't suppress a moan, and he couldn't keep from jacking off even faster inside his pants.

    "Take off your dress," he begged.

    "Take off your pants off, Lover. Get your big cock out so I can see you jacking off." He practically tore his pants in his haste to get them off. He seemed frustrated as hell when he had to untie and kick off his shoes to get his pants off his legs. His cock was gorgeous. Not as long or as thick as my husband's, but very, very few men are. His dick was a full eight inches and really thick and hard with a big, swollen, purple head that was now leaking fluids in his excitement. I felt my cunt contract spastically when he started stroking it as he stared at my tits.

    Bending over so that my tits hung down erotically, I pulled the dress over my thrusting ass and lowered it down my thighs.

    "Oohhh gawd damn! What a rack! What a fantastic ass!" he groaned.

    When my dress fell to the floor and bunched about my ankles, I stepped out of it and kicked it to one side. Keeping my legs together, I cupped both tits and pinched my nipples. My lover groaned and stroked his dick faster. When I sat down on the ottoman, he started begging me to spread my legs so he could see my pussy.

    With my legs pressed together, the hot stud couldn't see what he desperately wanted to see. "My gynecologist spreads me and looks at my pussy. I expect my lovers to want to see my cunt."

    "Ooohhhh god yes! Show me your hot cunt!"

    "You sexy bastard. You want me to let you see my cunt when my husband is home alone making his own dinner with only his right hand available to entertain him?"

    "It's his own fault. If it weren't for his rule, he'd be here and you would be about to be fucked by two hard dicks. Now show me your cunt!"

    "Whatever you say, Lover." Turning over, I lowered my head and spread my knees. Reaching between my thighs, I opened my cunt with my fingers. The stud's cock was standing almost straight up as he stared at my ass and exposed cunt. The flow of precum from the swollen head of his cock increased.

    I let him stare at my ass and open pussy for almost a minute before I turned over onto my back. Steepling one knee, I opened my legs and spread my pussy for him. He moved closer as he jacked off.

    "Wouldn’t you rather stick that big cock into me and shoot me full of cum than jack off, Lover?"

    I didn't have to ask him twice. The hot stud was on me in a flash. His powerful hips wedged between my thighs forcing me to spread even wider. Reaching between my upraised legs, I grasped his hard cock and centered it on the opening to my cunt.

    Leaning over my body, his lips suctioned one of my nipples along with a lot of my tit into his mouth. A wild, hissing moan erupted from my mouth from the dual sensations of my nipple throbbing inside his mouth and my pussy being stretched open by his raging, thick cock.

    "OOOoohhhhhh... uuunngghhh... yes.. oh god yes! Ram that dick into me! AAAAAHHHHHH!! OOOHHHHH FUCK... FUCK IT, STUD!”

    Again and again, his shaft penetrated me, slammed into my cervix, and then rapidly withdrew dragging my lips along with his retreating cock. My vagina throbbed uncontrollably around his cock. When just the head was left inside my hole, he snapped his powerful hips forward impaling me once more on his throbbing fuck stick.


    The hot stud continued to screw me with hard, steady strokes until my orgasm peaked and then tapered off. My vagina was still pulsing in slow contractions when he pulled out.

    "No... not yet... keeping fucking me. Make me cum again, Honey. Please... stick it back in me."

    He did, but this time it stretched open my ass and pushed inside. I howled with the sudden penetration, but as his dick began to sink into me, my ass arched upward to plant him even deeper. Hands grabbed hold of my hips as he powered fucked his cock in and out of my stretched ass with hard, deep, fast strokes.

    At almost the same moment, we both screamed that we were cumming. My pussy contracted causing my ass to tighten about his plunging cock, which throbbed hard as it spurted thick gushes of sperm-filled semen into my ass.

    I felt guilty about leaving my husband at home, but my lover’s cock
    was so deliciously hard and big, and I came so hard on it,
    those thoughts didn’t last long.

    We rested for about five minutes before I got a wet cloth from the kitchen and washed his cock. After cleaning him, I sucked him hard again in less than five minutes. A few minutes after that, he had me mounted on his dick. I came twice more riding him before he emptied his balls for the second time... this time inside my cunt.


    Dinner at Richard's was great. In addition to Sam and Shiela, our hosts for the upcoming party, there was a third couple, Pete and Sandra. They were older, but not much so. Pete was 37 and Sandra 36, and she looked hot. I didn't know any men, including my husband, who wouldn't love to get between her thighs. I really hated it that Gordon was at home instead of being here lusting after Sandra's hot pussy.

    Pete may have been the oldest guy at the party at 37, but it didn't distract from his performance on the dance floor. We hadn't been dancing more than a minute when I felt his iron-hard erection being ground into my pussy. A moment later, his hands found my ass and pulled me hard against it.

    Before the first song was half over, he had his hands under my dress caressing my ass through my panties. When the second song started, his hands moved inside my panties and explored my naked ass. Halfway through the song, his fingers were between my thighs exploring my sex trench. His erection was throbbing like crazy against my mound, and my vagina was throbbing just as hard around his probing fingers.

    "Oh fuck... you're hot and wet, Paula. Just luscious. Were you fucked before you guys came to dinner?"

    "MMmmmm... yes... once in my pussy and a second time in my ass." His cock throbbed hard when I told him that.

    "I can't wait to fuck you," he hissed in my ear.

    "Take your cock out," I whispered.

    "Here? On the dance floor? Now?"

    "The song is almost over. Wait until the next one starts." When it did, I moaned softly, "Now. Take it out, pull my dress up in front, and put it between my thighs."

    I moved back just enough for him to unzip and work his cock out of his pants. When he slipped it between my thighs, it felt nice and thick... maybe seven inches... hard and ready. I started to tell him to pull my panties aside, but it wasn't necessary. His fingers were pulling them up on my ass cheek before I could get the first word out.

    In my five-inch heels, my pussy was high enough for Pete to easily get his cock between my thighs, but to get it into me, he had to get me a little higher. "I'm going to lift your ass, Paula. Stand on your tip toes then I'll lift you."

    We stopped dancing for a moment as I rose to my tip toes. With one hand on each ass cheek, he lifted me an inch or two off the floor. At the same time, I moved my hand between us and the head of his cock into my wet opening. When Pete lowered me back to the dance floor, his rigid cock slipped into me easily. His hands gripped my ass tightly as we swayed back and forth in time to the music.

    Each time we swayed, his dick sawed in and out of my cunt. Glancing at our table, I saw Sandra pointing at us as she told the men and Shiela that her husband was fucking me on the dance floor.

    "Oh god... this is so fucking wild, Pete," I moaned in his ear.

    His only response was to grunt and pull my ass more tightly against his pumping cock. For the first time, I realized how much friction a guy's cock puts on a woman's clit when he fucking her standing up. He had me on the edge before the song ended.

    "I'm going to cum," I hissed in his ear.

    "Me too. But I need to ram you harder."

    "Dance us over to one of the dark alcoves beside the dance floor, Pete. Shove me up against the wall in one of those alcoves and fuck the shit out of me!"

    I was cumming before we got to the alcove. "Ooohhhh god... oohhhh fuck... I'm cumming... cumming... right here on the dance floor you hot fucker! Ram me, Baby!"

    Once he had me shoved up against the wall, he fucked me like a wild bull. I came again when his load poured into my sex cup. It felt like he shot into me six or seven times before his cock stopped jerking. As his orgasm ebbed, he kissed me... hard and deep, his tongue probing then retreating to allow mine to enter his mouth.

    "When you pull your cock out of me, that huge load of yours is going to pour out of my cunt, Honey. Dance us over near the hallway leading to the ladies room. When we get there, pull your cock out of me. I'll stay in front of you until you've got it back in your pants, then I'm going to run for the ladies room."


    When it was time to head out for Sam and Shiela's house, Sam wanted to ride with us, but Shiela was having no part of that.

    "You just can't wait to get your dick into Paula's pussy, you randy satyr. Well, you're going to have to wait like the other guys."

    "Pete didn't have to wait," he protested.

    "That's because he understood the importance of dancing with a woman. You don't. Secondly, he was very aggressive, Honey, and you should know by this time that it's the aggressive guys who get the pussy. Besides, you have to drive. I've already had too much to drink to be driving our car."

    At this point, Sam had the good sense to shut up and bide his time.


    As soon as we arrived, the guys distributed our costumes and instructed us to change. "You girls need to hurry it up. Our other guests will be arriving soon," Sam urged.

    When I opened the box containing my outfit, I found the cheerleader's costume just as I had been promised. We were all getting dressed in separate bedrooms so I didn't get an advance view of Shiela's and Sandra's outfits.

    After stripping, I slipped my feet into the yellow, bikini panties. They fit snuggly against my ass and were cut high on my buttocks. The crotch band sank into my pussy and ass clefts when I pulled them up as high as they would go. The halter had no bra. It also exposed the upper third of my tits. As my lover had warned me, the short skirt didn't even come close to covering my ass. Supporting myself on the desk, I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror and saw that half of my ass was on display. My panties also showed when they emerged from between my ass cheeks and disappeared between my exposed thighs.

    Turning around, I sat on the desk with my left knee resting on its surface. The position totally exposed my panty-covered cunt. Once my panties had been removed, my pussy was going to be constantly on display to seven or eight men. The outfit reeked of sex and invited every man to fuck me.

    When I emerged from the bedroom, I saw that Sandra was already circulating among the men. Her outfit consisted of nothing more than a black bra that just barely contained her big tits, a black garter belt and matching black panties with tan stockings and hot black heels. She looked like an expensive hooker, except she wasn't going to charging for it tonight.

    Several men I didn't recognize hovered around her, stroking her ass, her tits, and sliding their hands between her thighs and over her stockings. I realized that these must be some of the single guys Sam and Shiela had invited. There were four of them crowded around her. They were all well-built, young guys in their 20s. Three of them were black.

    As I watched them feeling Sandra up, two more single guys arrived. As soon as they saw me, they immediately joined Sam and Pete. One of the young studs who was rubbing my ass was white while the one hefting one of my tits was black. Sam was behind me grinding his cock into my ass as Pete cupped my other tit.

    I felt my vagina contract in a delicious spasm when I realized that instead of the six or seven men I thought might be at the party, there were nine, and six of them were hot, young studs. I was certain that all six of them had big cocks or Shiela wouldn't have invited them. My clitoris was fully erect already.

    The guy rubbing my ass introduced himself, "Hi, Sexy. I'm Lance. Can you guess why they call me that?"

    I reached out and felt his package, which was large and hard. "My guess is that it's because of what's in here," I responded as I squeezed his thick erection which seemed to be over seven inches in length.

    "That's right, Baby. Are you interested?"

    "I wouldn't be here if I weren't, Honey."

    The black stud hefting and fondling my tit said, "If you want a really big one, Paula, try mine on for size. By the way, I'm Leroy."

    "How did you know my name, Leroy?" I asked as my hand explored his erection.

    "Shiela told us when we arrived. So what do you think? Big enough to satisfy you?"

    "Six inches is enough to satisfy me, Leroy. Anything seven inches or over is a bonus that will make me cum more times than you can count."

    "Sounds hot."

    I could feel Sam's dick sliding up and down my ass crack as he pulled my hips against his throbbing erection. "I need to get into you soon, Paula, or I'm going to cum in my pants," he moaned.

    At this point, Shiela made her appearance in the den . All she wore was a cream colored bra that didn't completely cover her nipples, a matching thong, and black stilettos with five-inch heels. Her outfit was easily the skimpiest of the three.

    My lover immediately joined her and pulled her bra even further down to expose one of her nipples completely and the other one partially. One of the black studs moved away from Sandra over to Shiela where he and my lover sat her on the edge of the bed that had been brought into the den. The black guy put one of her heels up on a side table spreading her wide open.
    Even though there were nine men at the party, I doubted
    that they would be able to handle the three of us.

    At this point, Pete released his hold on my tit and knelt beside me. As soon as he released my tit, Leroy took possession of both of my breasts. After squeezing and fondling them for a moment, he pulled my halter top up over my tits, which jiggled as they swung free. A deep moan escaped my lips when Leroy began sucking on my nipples... back and forth, first one, then the other.

    After moving his hands under my abbreviated skirt to the waistband of my panties, Pete's fingers slipped inside and began pulling my panties down my thighs. When they were bunched around my ankles, I stepped out of them, and they promptly disappeared into his pants pocket. I wondered how many pair he had in his collection.

    Sam didn't give me any time to think about what Pete was going to do with my panties. Once my panties were off, Sam quickly bent me over a table and kicked my feet apart. I felt my short skirt being pushed up over my ass and one of the guys lifting my left knee up onto the table top. I sighed as the thick cock worked its way into my vagina. When my mouth opened in a loud gasp, Pete thrust his iron-hard shaft inside.

    Sam's hips snapped forward planting another four inches of dick inside my stretched vagina. As I shoved my ass back against him, he withdrew until just the head of his cock was still inside my pussy. Sam held my hips in place and shoved his thick organ deep inside my hole until his balls slapped against my erect clitoris bringing another hot cry from me. After that, he began fucking me with hard, fast thrusts that thudded into the bottom of my cunt. The hot sensation of his throbbing dick pumping my cunt had my mouth wide open emitting constant groans.

    Abruptly, Pete pulled his cock out of my mouth allowing Leroy to push his black cock into my vacated mouth. I grunted... then gagged as his cock pushed into my throat.

    "OOommmppfffff! ... ggghhaaaaaaa... ooommppfff.... uummmmmppfff"

    "You in her throat?" Sam asked as he hammered his engorged, throbbing erection into my stretched cunt hole.

    "Yeah, Man. Balls deeps. This chick knows how to suck. Her old man has taught her good, You all the way up her cunt?"

    "Balls deep, Man... aaaahhhh... shit... Balls deep."

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh fuck, she's tight and wet. Take it, Paula. Squeeze my cock with your hot cunt, Honey."

    "I'm gonna blow a load down her throat... you about to shoot in her cunt, Sam?"

    "Oh fuck yes! Can't hold it much longer. She's too fucking hot.!

    The luscious sensation of the two thick cocks pumping my mouth and pussy coupled with the way those studs were discussing fucking me like I was just a hot piece of ass had my clit throbbing. I couldn't hold out any longer either.

    "Ooohhhh... you Bastards! You're making me cum! AAaahhhhh... OOOoohhhh YESSS! I'M CUMMING!! Shoot it, shoot your loads into me!!"

    When my vagina went into hard contractions, Sam's dick exploded and shot stream after stream of cum into the bottom of my cunt. When the second gush was pumping into me, I shoved Leroy's cock all the way down my throat. His cock contracted and fired off his load, which filled my mouth and shot down my throat into my belly. After unloading several thick streams of semen into my mouth, he pulled out and covered my face and tits with the rest of his load.


    My lover and Jerome had Shiela on the bed on her hands and knees. Stone, another one of the young black studs, stood close by staring at the big blonde's gaping cunt hole

    "Oh god... I need a cock in me," Shiela moaned. "Somebody... anybody... stick a cock in me... hurry... I'm so fucking hot."

    She didn't have to ask those studs twice. In one step, a hugely hung black guy had his dick pressed against the opening to her cunt. When he swabbed the big head up and down her sex slit, Shiela howled and begged. "Don't tease me... please... I need it inside me. Fuck me, you Bastard! STICK IT IN MEEEE!"

    Holding her ass in place, he nailed his thick sex spike into Shiela's cunt. She screamed when she felt the hot stab of momentary pain as the thick shaft stretched her hole wide open and plunged deep inside her.


    Unable to wait until the guy buried in her cunt had finished fucking Shiela, Stone moved over to the table where I was still recovering from the fierce fucking Sam and Leroy had given me. With one smooth motion, he picked me up like I weighed nothing and carried me into the master bedroom. The fourth black stud, Wayne, was following close behind carrying Sandra with his fingers probing her pussy. She squirmed and moaned as he bounced her in his arms.

    The two guys put us side-by-side on our backs. Almost as if they had practiced the move many times, they lifted our legs at almost the same time and pushed them back until our knees were just outside our tits. The men mounted us and fitted their cocks into our waiting holes. When their cock heads were slotted inside us, they winked at each other and slowly sank their dicks into our cunts.

    Both of us groaned as we were stretched by the thick black shafts. Our groans changed quickly to passionate cries when they began fucking us with deep, hard strokes.

    Stone's cock was just huge... even thicker and longer than my husband's. Every time he pushed it into my vagina, the friction on my G-spot and clitoris was indescribable. After he had fucked me for five minutes, I was climaxing every three or four strokes of his awesome cock

    "OH GOD! You're just huge, Stone. GGGAAAHHHH! Can't stop... aaaahhhhhh... cumming... fuck me!"

    Suddenly he pulled all the way out, rolled over onto his back, and growled, "Get on my dick, Slut. Fuck my black cock with your hot cunt, Baby. Sink it in and ride it. Make that hot pussy cum on my black dick, Paula."

    I was practically having an orgasm before I even got it inside my pussy. After straddling his powerfully thick hips, I held his massive organ in my hand, rose up, and aligned it with the now widely stretched opening to my cunt. His cock was jerking and writhing like python in my hand. My clit was already throbbing. There was no question that I was going to cum as soon as this monster sank into me.

    Working the head back and forth inside my sex trench, I was trembling with need before I finally got the big head worked inside my vagina so I could lower my ass and sink it into my hole. When his cock started entering me, I howled... then screamed as my pussy and clit went into uncontrolled spasms. Even though I had already cum on Stone's dick a half dozen times, my climax was stronger than any of the others. By the time the big head rammed into my cervix, I was shrieking again and again.

    Stone gripped my hips and rolled me over onto my back. I locked my legs around his waist as he began to ram his sex spike into the bottom of my cunt. I howled in helpless passion as he began to power fuck me... driving his shaft in all the way... then pulling it out dragging my pussy lips with it... then back in... as I screamed in repeated climaxes. Some of the other men gathered around to watch this huge-dicked stud making me cum.
    Again and again, Stone filled my throbbing
    vagina with his huge cock.


    By midnight, all three of the women had been screwed by everyone of the nine men, except their husbands or, in my case, by my lover. For Pete, it was the second time he had fucked me, the first being on the dance floor at Richard's.

    We took a short break at that point to have something to eat and drink, but that didn't really last very long. The men were much more interested in eating our pussies than food, and naturally, none of us objected in the slightest.

    While I was eating a tuna sandwich, Sam opened my thighs and ate me to a beautiful climax. Long before I came, I had lost all interest in the sandwich.

    As I reached my first climax on Sam's tongue, I heard Shiela grunting over by one of the couches. Glancing over, I saw that Leroy had his cock socked into her in doggie position and was rapidly pistoning it in and out of her squishing vagina. At the same time, she was bent over sucking Wayne's black shaft. He had his hand on the back of her head working her mouth up and down his shaft.

    As soon as my orgasm had ebbed slightly, Sam stood up, hiked my leg up onto his shoulder and nailed his iron-hard cock into my cunt.

    "UGH! Oh fuck, Baby. You're hard! Really hard and thick. Fuck me with that thing, Stud. Stick it to me hard," I hissed.

    He didn't need to any more invitation than that. Shiela had now pulled her mouth off Wayne's dick and was making high-pitched squeals each time Leroy's dick rammed into her cunt. Then, her orgasm erupted.

    "AAAahhhhh... fuckkkk meeeee... I'm cumming... cumming on that big black cock... shoot it in! Fill my cunt, Lover. CUM IN ME!"

    Listening to his wife screaming got Sam's dick even harder. He nailed it into me like a man possessed. When my mouth opened wide in a hot moan of pleasure, it was immediately filled by my lover's thick cock. I could smell the musky, sexual aroma of Shiela's and Sandra's cunts on his shaft and balls as I sucked him.

    In the middle of one of my orgasms, I heard Stone's guttural grunts of satisfaction as Sandra sucked his huge schlong. At first, she had difficulty taking more than two or three inches of his thick shaft into her mouth. But, the more he pumped her, the deeper his organ sank into her mouth. When the big head entered her throat, it became easier, and after a few minutes of fucking her mouth, her lips were circling the base of his cock on every thrust.

    My vagina and clit were still throbbing from one of my hard orgasms when I gasped, "Come on, Stud. Jizzz my cunt hole, Sam. Fuck it full of your big load."

    Shaking his head, he abruptly pulled his dick out of my cunt. "I want to fuck your ass and shoot there, Paula. I'm going to lie on the desk. Mount me reverse cowgirl and take my cock up your sexy ass, Ok?"

    I grinned and nodded. As Sam lay back on the desk, his cock stood nearly straight up at rigid attention. Swinging one of my legs over his, I moved my ass up and back until I had his cock centered as close to the entrance to my ass as I could manage from my position. Sam took over at that point, readjusting my hips until he had his cock just outside my asshole. "Ok, Paula. Drop your ass down and my cock will sink into your ass. Once it's in you, then you can take over."

    Dropping my ass, I felt the big cockhead pressing against my anus. I forced my ass down another inch and felt the big cock stretching me. Another inch and it pried my ass open enough that the cock head popped inside.

    "uuggh! Big fuck stick. It's in me, Stud. Fuck it in deep, Lover."

    Sam held my hips and drove his cock upward sinking most of it into the depths of my ass. "AAAHHHH!!" I hissed in hot pleasure. Sam snapped his hips upwards and hammered in three or four strokes after which he was in almost to his balls.

    "MMmmmm... now ass fuck me, Lover." Sam began driving one stroke after another into my ass. The feeling was incredible. I was so fully stuffed full of dick it felt like it had to be almost up to my stomach. I knew I would soon come just from the ass fucking, but I also knew that I would cum much harder and more often with another cock shoved up my cunt.

    My lover moved closer so he could see the big dick sinking in and out of my ass. His hand was on his cock, and he was slowly jacking off as he watched Sam fuck me.

    "I need another cock up my cunt, Honey," I hissed as I pointed to my empty pussy. "Stick that dick into my cunt, Baby. Double fuck me like a hot whore!"

    Straddling Sam's legs, the hot stud moved closer to my vacant cunt, aligned his dick with the opening and pressed it inside my vagina. I wailed like an out-of-control, wild mare being mounted by a randy, big-cocked stallion. The cock entered my cunt and began fucking in alternating strokes with Sam's cock that was embedded in my contracting ass. As soon as I climaxed, another hard cock was shoved into my open mouth.

    I wasn't the only woman being double fucked, ass and cunt. Across the room, Stone and Jerome were doing the same to Sandra. She was sitting on Jerome's dick facing his chest. Stone was behind her with his cock planted firmly and fully inside her jerking ass. Jerome and Stone alternated strokes, Jerome entering her cunt as Stone pulled his dick out of her ass. When Jerome withdrew from Sandra's cunt, Stone rammed his inside her ass. Back and forth they went with Sandra cumming hard and repeatedly.

    Finally, Stone could not last any longer and spewed a thick stream of cum and sperm into Sandra's asshole. When she felt Stone's cock contracting and shooting inside her ass, Sandra's pussy, ass, and clit all went into a hard spastic contraction. Before his orgasm abated, Jerome was unloading his balls into her cunt.

    When Sam and my lover saw how Stone and Jerome were screwing Sandra, they wanted me in the same position. This time, I turned around and rode Sam cowgirl with his cock up my cunt while my lover mounted me from behind and drove his thick phallus into my asshole.

    The hot sensations were awesome. My lover's big, thick shaft stretched my ass so wide that I wondered how long it would be before my sphincter managed to close. The fact that he was fucking me like a jack hammer made me think that it would be days.

    As the cock surged back and forth inside my ass, I rammed my cunt down on Sam's dick at the same time as he drove upward. Our bodies hit like runaway freight trains. I screamed as my holes all convulsed. My lover grunted and began pumping sperm and semen into me. A moment later, Sam's dick erupted inside my pussy.


    At 2:00 AM, the nine studs had the three of us on our knees on a king-sized bed in the bedroom. Our heads rested on the bed, and our hips were side-by-side and touching. All three of our cunt and ass holes gaped open from the fierce fuckings we had gotten during the night. We held the position and waited for the men to choose a hole and begin fucking us.

    Each of the nine studs could pick any hole they wished. I was certain that all nine men would screw us, but I doubted they had enough stamina and cum juice left for all nine to fuck all six of our holes.

    Apparently, the husbands and my boyfriend had decided to give the single guys the first shot at our sex holes, because the three of them took seats next to the wall of the master bedroom and waited for the show to begin. Among the single guys, the white guys, being outnumbered two to one, discreetly decided to give the four black studs the first choice of which two women to double fuck with their four big dicks. Stone and Jerome picked me while Lance and Leroy mounted Sandra. The two white studs promptly filled Shiela’s pussy and ass holes.
    With the six young studs screwing our pussies and asses,
    our mouths were still vacant. My lover made use of Shiela’s.

    Lance was the first to step up to the side of the bed. Quickly, he moved beneath Sandra’s body and drilled his black shaft into her wide open vagina. Once was firmly socked into her cunt, Leroy mounted Pete’s wife, bent his cock downward, and inserted the head into Sandra's gaping ass hole. It entered easily followed by four more inches of cock and Sandra's keening wail.

    Stone and Jerome did me the same way. Stone moved under my body, captured one of my tits in his mouth at the same time as his thick cock disappeared into my cunt. Jerome straddled my hips and filled my rectum with his shaft while his fingers worked over my erect clitoris.

    In less than a minute, the two studs had me howling with pleasure.

    "Oh fuck... fuck... do me harder, Jerome. Rub my clit... hard! Please! I'm gonna cum... ooohhhhh fuck... I'm gonna cum. OOooohhhh... fuck me, Stone… FUCK ME!”

    At the same time as the four black studs were double fucking Sandra and me, Shiela was taking two large cocks in her cunt and ass holes.

    Her wails of delight mixed with mine and Sandra's as the hot studs made us all cum on their thick cocks.

    Gordon's Decision:

    I had waited up until after 2 AM for my wife to return from her date with her secret lover. By that time, I was exhausted and also convinced that the guy was probably going to keep her in his bed all night fucking her and then screw her again the next morning, probably more than once. Obviously, it was pointless for me to wait for my wife to return. I went to bed and was asleep by 2:30 AM.

    It was past 10 AM before I awoke, showered, and got dressed the next morning. Paula was still not home. I would have made a sizable bet that the guy she was with had his cock buried in my wife's cunt while I was drinking my morning coffee and eating a late breakfast. I found out later that I would have won my bet.

    It was slightly after noon when I heard a car's engine in front of our house. When I pulled the drape aside and looked out our front window, I saw a SUV parked in our driveway. All the windows were darkly tinted preventing me from seeing the occupants. I assumed... no, I hoped, that one of them was Paula, but I couldn't tell. I would just have to wait.

    When there was no sign of my wife after 10 minutes, I went back to the window to see if the SUV was still in our driveway. It was, and now, the car was rocking up and down, back and forth, on its shocks. It was obvious that Paula's lover wanted to fuck her one more time before letting her come inside. Judging from the amount the car was rocking and bouncing, it was equally obvious that my wife was getting a hard, deep, royal fucking.

    It was another 15 minutes before the door connecting the garage to the kitchen opened and a completely disheveled and fucked out Paula entered.

    All my wife wore was her short, cutoff sheathe dress and heels. The imprint of her nipples made it obvious that her bra was gone. I had no doubt that her panties had disappeared sometime early the previous evening. Her hairdo was destroyed and there were globs of freshly deposited semen, as well as streaks of dried, caked semen, throughout her hair, on her thighs, face, and the upper half of her tits. I knew that once I got her out of her dress, I would find even more on her belly, thighs, cunt, and ass.

    Supporting herself with one hand on the bar separating our den from the kitchen, she shook her head and said softly, "I'm sorry, Honey. I didn't know it was going to be a party. I thought it was just dinner and a date with my engineering lover."

    "But all that cum!" I gasped. "It's all over you, and a lot of it is fresh. That didn't happen last night at a party."

    "No, it didn't. Three of the guys drove me home. The two who weren't driving had me sucking their cocks all the way here. When we arrived, they parked in our driveway, and all three of them fucked me again. If you had looked out the front window, you would have seen the SUV bouncing like crazy. When they came, they shot some of their loads into my cunt or ass and the rest of it all over me. I don't know what to say, Gordon. I'm just so sorry."

    "Are you all right? Are you hurt in any way?" I could see the relief flood over my wife's face when she realized that my first concern was not she had had sex with some men while I sat at home alone, but that she might have been injured in some way.

    "Thank you, Darling, for being so concerned about me. Most husbands would be beating me with a belt."

    "I'm not most husbands, Paula. Are you all right?" I repeated.

    "I know you're not... thank god. And yes, I'm fine... just very tired. You know that I've told you many times that ..."

    "I know," I interrupted. "... it doesn't hurt a woman to be fucked. But I also know that's not true if the guy is too rough, mean, or sadistic. I'm glad to learn that you're all right. There's a light lunch on the table with some milk and some wine. You eat while I draw you a warm bath. Then, I'll bathe you."

    My wife grinned. "Bathe me? or fuck me? or both?"

    "Just bathe you until you've slept and recovered, then I'm going to fuck your slutty ass off. After you've completely drained my balls, we'll talk. Ok?"

    "That's wonderful, Darling, but can I talk while you screw me? I know you like hearing all the hot details, and I just love how hard and hot it gets you when I relate them."

    "That's sounds like a plan the Chief Engineer will eagerly approve."


    After I had bathed her in warm water, scrubbing her body thoroughly, I carried her into the master bedroom and laid her down on the bed which I had previously covered with soft towels. For the next 20 minutes, I massaged her body with body lotion and worked all her muscles so she wouldn't be so sore later on. When I finished, I again picked her up and loved the fact that she clung tightly to me and snuggled her head into the nape of my neck.

    Stripping away the towels, I turned down the covers, tucked my wife into bed, covered her, and kissed her tenderly on the lips. As I exited the room, I turned off the light and shut the door.

    It was 8 PM before Paula emerged from our bedroom. When she entered the kitchen where I was fixing dinner, she took my breath away. Her light blue sheathe was gorgeous, and the erotic imprint of her nipples against the dress made it obvious that she wore no bra. The material hugged my wife's luscious curves to just below her ass where the dress ended. She wore platforms with no stockings.

    "My god, you look fabulous!" I gasped. Are you wearing panties.

    "Yeah... I started to leave them off but I'm married to this fantastically kinky, hot stud who just loves watching me pull my panties down for him. MMmmmm... and it looks like he's already hard."

    "Hard's not the word for it, Paula. It feels like tempered steel right now looking at you."

    "MMmmmmm... I just love hearing you say that."

    At that point, my wife saw the dinner dishes set out on the table, which was covered with rose petals, a two wine glasses filled with a red wine whose color was a perfect match to the rose petals. Candles were in the center of the table. The aroma of a crown pork roast, roasted potatoes, asparagus, freshly made hot rolls, and a German chocolate cake filled the kitchen.

    "Oh my god," she gasped, her hand going to her mouth. A moment later tears rolled from both of her eyes. "I see this dinner, but I can't believe it. I make you stay alone all night while I'm out having sex at a party. I come home looking like a fucked out slut, and you treat me like a queen. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you and how hot you make me. You haven't even touched me, and I'm about to cum. My clit is erect and throbbing just looking at you, Gordon."

    "I would ask you if you prefer to EF or FF, but the food will get cold if we fuck first... so let's eat first."

    "Not until I get out of this dress and panties so my awesome stud can enjoy seeing my body while he eats. Any woman who has a man like you should be naked around him all the time... just for his pleasure."

    With that announcement, my wife pulled the top of her sheathe down below her tits and bent over so that I could enjoy the erotic swing of her huge globes as she worked the dress down over her flared hips.

    "Do you like your tits, Darling? They're all yours."

    "They're fantastic... big, luscious, to-die-for tits. I feel like jacking off watching you, but I'm going to wait."

    Paula tugged the dress over her ass and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it away. "I won't be needing that dress anymore tonight or tomorrow." She lifted the wine glass, poured a little over her breasts, and said, "To the greatest husband any woman ever had. A Man's Man and a Woman's Dream."

    Having a nearly naked, beautiful woman propose a toast to her man was a thrill I was enjoying for the first time. "Thank you, Honey. That was a nice thing to say. My male ego is growing so large, I may not be able to get through the door."

    "Doesn't matter. You can fuck me here on the table or any place, Lover. That reminds me... I don't need these panties either." My wife bent over at the waist and provocatively lowered her panties until they were down to mid-thigh. Her tits swung back and forth as she thrust her ass toward me allowing me to see her wet, delectable cunt. My cock had reached painful proportions of erection and hardness.

    "Oh god! Your cock looks so fucking big and hard. It's just gorgeous. You men think female asses, tits, and pussies are beautiful. They don't come close to being as awesomely beautiful as your cock. I can't wait to have it buried inside my body... any hole you want... all my holes."

    My wife mounted the kitchen counter top, put one heel up on the counter steepling her knee and allowed her other leg to dangle over the edge far to the side. She was wide open. Her fingers slipped into cunt.

    "Look at how wet and open my cunt is for you, Darling. I want it. In me! Oh fuck! I'm so wet... so hot... I need that beautiful sex spike rammed into my cunt and ass, Darling. Let's eat while you stare at my wet cunt. If I just rub my clit a little, I'll cum. Can I? May I look at your cock while I rub my clit and cum? Please?"

    I unzipped my pants and tried to extract my cock, but I was too hard. Finally, I had to open my pants completely to get my cock out. It stood almost straight up, precum leaking from the tip. The head was bloated and swollen with cunt lust that had built up for two days.

    "Oh my! It's so fucking sexy and beautiful. So HARD!" Paula began to rub her clit in firm circular motions. Her ass arched up off the counter top. The musky aroma of her excited cunt filled the room and masked the aroma of the food. Suddenly, her ass arched high in the as her legs spread as wide as possible. I could see her cunt opening and closing in hard contractions as her clitoris danced like crazy in and out of its protective hood. My wife hissed and shrieked in the intense throes of her orgasm.


    Once I got my wife in bed, I had a very difficult time controlling myself. I was so turned on and hot for her, I had to fight the overwhelming urge to just ram my cock into her and fuck her senseless like a raging bull. But, with a supreme effort of will, I did manage to keep myself in check.

    Judging from the wetness of her cunt, Paula was almost as wildly excited as I was. When I spread her legs and thrust my face into her delicious sex saddle, she moaned with hot pleasure. As soon as my lips and tongue began working on her labia and exploring inside her vagina, her hips were thrusting wildly upward. Her ass was spending far more time up in the air than on the bed as she gasped and wailed in repeated orgasms.

    After she had had one orgasm, I moved my tongue up to now rigidly erect and throbbing clitoris. As soon as I lightly stroked the bloated shaft with the flat of my tongue and then moved over the tip of her clitoris, her legs shot straight out ... rigid... her toes curling back. Her passion bud went into intense contractions. It pulsed and throbbed as if were trying to escape the stimulation of my tongue. After two more climaxes, my wife was screaming with ecstasy.

    "AAahhhhh ggghhhaaaahhhh.... stop... oh my god... STOP... STOP... UUNNGGHHH... I can't stop cumming... oh my god... I can't stop... aaahhhhhhhhhh... aaahhhh.... aaahhhhhhhhh... cumming... I'm cumming... again... oooohhhhh god!"

    Paula was thrashing from side to side on the bed. Her ass pounded up and down in helpless passion each time another hard contraction rippled through her erupting pussy. Right in the middle of another one of her intense climaxes, she thrust her hips high in the air, and I took advantage of her position to drive two fingers into her ass. Instantly, her ass went into a hard spasm about my embedded fingers.

    Her mouth was wide open, her tongue lolling out, her eyes sometimes clenched shut, but at other times, wide open as the orgasms convulsed her body.


    Her ass stayed off the bed as I moved up and socked my hips between her gaping thighs. She moaned in hot anticipation. Her legs flew high in the air when my cock fucked into her waiting cunt.

    I hit into my wife a little harder bringing more groans from her mouth.

    "That feels fantastic, Lover! OOoooohhhh... what a cock! Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me hard. Is it all in me? I want all of it. Fuck the shit out of me!"

    "Not quite all. About seven inches," I gasped as my hips pistoned back and forth in her seething, throbbing cauldron.

    "More... more... Give me all of it, Stud. Ram it in!"

    Every time I thrust into my wife, her hips surged up to meet me... to take my cock fully into her erupting cunt. I knew that I was about to unload inside my wife. I was amazed that I had been able to hold out as long as I had, but I was at the end of the line. "I'm going to cum, Paula. Can't hold it any longer... can't... AAAAGGGHHHHAAAAAAAA!! HERE IT COMES!"

    "Oh yes! Don't you dare hold it, Baby. Shoot it into meeee! Pump me full of your hot load, Stud. CUM INSIDE MY CUNT!!"

    It seemed to me like I ejaculated for over a minute. I just couldn't stop throbbing, and each time my dick throbbed, I could feel another stream of semen shooting into my wife's hole. She held me tightly against her body with her arms and legs as I filled her. I don't think her ass ever stopped humping against me. Each time I shot in another spurt of semen, she arched upward and screamed. It was an awesome experience.

    When my cock finally stopped throbbing inside my wife's vagina, I stayed on top of her, my lips finding hers, my hands caressing her still grinding ass. We were both gasping for breath. That continued for several minutes until our breathing returned to something closer to normal. Amazingly, I was still semi-hard. Paula realized it.

    "My god, Gordon! You're still hard. That's amazing! Are you going to fuck me again?"

    "What do you think, you hot Slut?"

    "Of please... don't fuck me again with that awesome cock," she teased as she wiggled her ass and squeezed my cock with her vaginal muscles.

    Pulling out of her hot passion pit, I stopped to look down at her widely stretched pussy. Thick streams of semen were cascading out of her vagina and running down the crack of her ass. Just watching that erotic sight had my cock fully hard again.

    "Turn over, Honey. Get on your knees and put your head on the bed."

    "Oh no... I don't think I can take that monster dick in that position," she grinned as she quickly assumed the position, and then arched her ass as high as possible. Reaching back, she pulled her ass cheeks apart to fully expose her hot holes. "Is this all right, Stud?"

    "Perfect! You look so fucking hot!" Slowly, I sank my cock into her pussy. My wife groaned with the sensation of being filled.

    "OOOOOooohhhhh fuck... that feels so damn good. Fuck me, Darling. Fuck me good."

    I had often wondered what it feels like to a woman to have her vagina stretched and filled with an iron-hard cock. When I had asked her to describe what she felt, she refused saying, "Women never reveal that to men, Darling. We love you guys too much to want you to feel badly that none of you will ever get to feel anything as erotic and as sensuous as what a woman feels when her cunt is being filled with cock. The only better feeling in the world is when that cock pounds into her pussy hard and fast." Judging from the way my wife was moaning, that was what she was now feeling.

    "How many men fucked you last night at the party?" I asked as I drove my dick into her hard and deep.

    "UUnngghh... harder, Darling. Fuck me harder, Baby. Nine... nine big, hard dicks, Honey... truthfully, none anywhere nearly as good as yours. Stick me, Stud. STICK ME!"

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! MMmmm... hot cunted, Slut. Did they all... ugh! ugh! ... shoot in you?"

    "MMmmmm... oh yeah... big, hot, huge loads.... pumping into me.... the biggest was about half what you just shot into me."

    "Aahhh... your pussy feels so fantastic. Did you know all the men?"

    "I'm close, Baby. Really close. Gonna cum again... fuck me harder... just a little harder, Honey. Make your slut wife cum, Baby."

    "Not until you answer my question."

    "Bastard! No...didn't know... aaahhhhh... please... ram me... I'm about there.... fuck it ... fuck it.... didn't know all of them.. harder... fuck harder!"

    I drove into her hard and fast as I reached around her hips and worked her clitoris. She exploded instantly in hard contractions. I had to think about engineering equations to keep from shooting off like a school boy inside her throbbing channel.

    "Cumming... I'm cumming... fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!"

    My dick flashed in and out of her throbbing hole while my fingers stroked her pulsing clitoris. I looked down at her asshole and watched it open wide and snap shut every time another contraction ripped through her pussy.

    "Any black studs?" I asked as I slowed my strokes.

    "Aaahhhh... yeah... four black guys... all in their 20's."

    "Big cocks?"

    "Not as big as yours except for one guy... Stone. He was fucking huge."

    "Make you cum hard?"

    "You know he did. But not like you just did. Nobody can make me cum as hard as you do... nobody."

    "I'm going to shoot another load, Paula. Ready?"

    "Always, Lover. Always."


    Later, as I was letting my cock soak inside my wife's cum-filled vagina, she asked, "Are you going to get rid of your non-fraternization rule, Honey. Please do. I want you with me when I go out. As much fun as it was last night, it would have been much better if you had been with me."

    "Mmmmmm... love hearing that. You're getting me hard again. Better be careful because next time, I'm going to fuck that delicious ass of yours."

    "OH NO! NOT THE ASS FUCKING! PLEASE... Not in my tiny asshole. Your big cock will never fit."

    "Delicious slut!"

    "Randy stud!"

    "Hot fuck hole bitch!"

    "Insatiable satyr."

    We both began laughing.

    "Well?" she asked.

    "Yeah. I've decided it's time to get rid of that rule. In fact, it's done."

    "I love hearing that, Darling, but you have to prove it."

    "How do I do that?"

    "Easy. Cindy Vaughn has been hot for you for months. You call her up and invite to come over tomorrow night. That's how you do it."

    "Well, I doubt that she'll come over just because I call her. I've already turned her down twice. I can tell you that she was not a happy camper. Besides that, where will you be while I'm laying Cindy?"

    "Take my word for it, Darling. Cindy will be creaming her panties when she gets your invitation. And as to where I'll be, how would you like to have two hot women begging you for your cock, Honey? Please say you'd love it. After what I did at that party, it would make me feel a lot better."

    I pretended to think about it for several minutes without saying a word until finally my wife asked, "Well?"

    "You don't have anything to feel badly about, Paula, but if it will make you happy, I guess I can manage to do it. But don't expect little favors like this all the time."

    "You're one sexy, teasing stud, Lover. Cindy and I are going to fuck you half to death. And as an added bonus, once I see you prove that your fraternization rule is gone, I'll tell you which one of your engineers is now fucking your wife."

    "I'm pretty certain that I already know."

    "Really? How? I haven't told you, and I'm sure he certainly hasn't."

    "No, but your hot stud husband is the Chief Project Engineer and Division Head. I didn't get that by not being able to solve problems. Actually, this one was really not hard. Just a matter of checking and eliminating possibilities until only one was left."

    "Maybe. After I see you nail Cindy's hot cunt, we'll find out if your checking and analysis gave you the identity of my lover."

    "Fine, but I expect appropriate expressions of shock and awe when you find out that I figured it out. Right now, however, pull your ass cheeks apart, Honey. Gonna fuck that hot ass of yours."

    I withdrew my cock from my wife's vagina as she pulled her ass cheeks open. Looking over her shoulder at me, she grinned. "Go easy, Baby. Your big cock is really going to stretch me."

    Pressing my fully erect shaft against her anus, I worked it back and forth teasing her as she squirmed and hunched her ass trying to get me to give it to her. I continued to tease her until she growled, "Stop teasing me, you sexy bastard, and fuck that delicious cock into my hot ass, Lover."

    Snapping my hips forward, my cock head spread her open and entered. Her ass closed around my shaft as all eight and half inches of cock sank smoothly into her depths. My balls slapped against her clit on the first stroke. It was obvious that I wasn't the only visitor she had welcomed into her ass in the last 24 hours.

    "Tight, tiny ass, huh? Go easy... don't hurt me, huh? Hot, delicious slut. I love you."

    "Talk later, Baby. Ass fuck now! Give it to me hard and deep. Ram me!"
    Making love to and fucking my gorgeous, sexy wife made the
    long wait for her to return home more than worth it.


    Although I was nervous about calling Cindy after having rejected her invitation twice, things worked out almost exactly as Paula had predicted. Cindy had answered on the first ring.

    "Hi, Cindy. Have you got a moment to talk?"

    "I've always got a moment or more for you, Gordon. What's on your mind."

    "How did you know it was me? Caller ID?"

    "We don't have caller ID, but with you, we don't need it. I would recognize your voice any where."

    "Well, thank you. The reason I called, Cindy is to... eh... well... I just wanted to know if you might still be... eh... eh. What I mean is..."

    "Yes. I love to. When? Soon, I hope. I can hardly wait," she said after interrupting me.

    "How do you know?" I stammered. "You don't know what I was going to ask."

    "I don't? Weren't your trying to find a way to ask me if I still wanted to spend an evening with you between my legs?"

    "Yeah... I was. I've decided to put the kibosh to my no-fraternization rule."

    "Is that because you're hot for my pussy? Say yes, Honey. Make me feel good."

    "You have no idea how hot I am for you, Cindy. I just don't know what I'm going to say to Eric if he finds out."

    "Don't worry, Honey. I'm not going to tell him. So when? Eric has his poker night this Saturday."

    "Saturday sounds good. Say around 8 PM?"

    "We'll be there, Honey."


    "Yeah... we. Paula's over here right now. We plan to fuck your brains out, Baby."


    Saturday afternoon around 4 PM, Paula came out of our bedroom wearing jeans and a sweater with three-inch heels. She looked good as always, but not blazing hot. I smiled at her and asked, "What's up? Are you going out shopping or something?"

    "I'm going out, but not shopping. I'm heading over to Cindy's to plan the evening. I hope you're ready. When Cindy and I get here, we want you in just your briefs... nothing else, Lover. Understand? And around 7 PM, you are to take the first of these three blue viagra pills.”

    I took the pills and asked, "Just my briefs? Ok. Whatever you say. But why are you leaving now. I told Cindy to come over around 8 PM. That's four hours from now. Does it take the two of you four hours to plan an erotic evening?"

    "No, we can do that in less than an hour. But we're going out to a club for a few drinks and maybe some dancing. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some hot guys to get us warmed up for you tonight."

    "So, am I going to be getting sloppy seconds from you tonight?"

    "No... no way."

    "NO? Really? You and Cindy are going out drinking and dancing with some hot guys at a club, but neither of you is going to fuck them? That's a surprise."

    "I didn't say that, Darling. I said you weren't going to be getting sloppy seconds. My guess is that you'll either be getting two fresh pussies or sloppy fourths or maybe fifths. Gotta go. See you tonight. Remember... just your briefs... nothing else."


    It was a weird feeling sitting alone in our den wearing nothing but my jockey briefs while I waited for two of the most beautiful and hottest women on the planet to arrive for an evening of sensuous sex. As ordered, I had taken the first viagra pill at 7 PM, and even though I was alone, not looking at pornography nor reading anything erotic, my cock was hard as stone and throbbing. As I said, it was a weird feeling... but one that was incredibly erotic.

    I wondered what Cindy and Paula would be wearing. My guess was ultra-short dresses with heels that showed off their gorgeous tits. But I had long since given up trying to predict what my sexy wife was going to do next. That's what kept our marriage hot and exciting. I loved it... just fucking loved it."

    It was a few minutes before eight when the front door opened and two of the hottest, most scantily-dressed women I had ever seen entered. Cindy was wearing a blue outfit that consisted of a tight top that plunged all the way to her navel exposing the inner half of both of her big 36D tits. The bottom was a tight pair of matching shorts that exposed a lot of her ass cheeks. It was obvious that she wore neither bra nor panties. She was wearing a pair of silver and plastic heels with ankle straps and five-inch heels. She looked totally fuckable.

    My eight and a half cock was even harder than I thought possible. There was no way my briefs could possibly contain it. Three inches of my dick extended above the waistband of my briefs.

    My wife's outfit was every bit as hot and sexy as Cindy's. She wore a lustrous brown halter top with no bra. At least two-thirds of her 32D tits were exposed as well as her midriff all the way from the bottom of her tits down to her mound. The bottom of her outfit was a pair of cutoff jeans that were at least two sizes too small. Over half of her ass cheeks were exposed, and the crotch of the cutoffs was sunk deeply into her ass and cunt cracks. Her matching brown five-inch heels added even more sensuality to her outfit. I felt like I might cum from just looking at the two fantastically sexy blondes.

    "Of Fuck! Look at that luscious piece of man meat sticking out of his briefs!" Cindy gushed as she stared at my engorged, throbbing prick.

    "He does look like he would be a hot fuck. I'm pretty sure we can get into his pants. How about it, Stud? Are you a good fuck? A hot piece of ass? See any place you'd like to stick that hard dick of yours?"

    The two women turned their backs to me, put their knees up on the fireplace hearth, and thrust their asses back in my direction. "How about it, Baby? Can we use that big fuck stick of yours?"

    "Oh hell yes!" I nearly screamed. When I started to pull down my briefs, the women stopped me. "Leave the briefs on, Baby. When we want them off, we'll take them off," Paula hissed. "Right now, you need to decide which of our holes you want to fuck. You want to ass fuck us?"

    Cindy reached over, unzipped my wife's cutoffs, and pulled them down her legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. Her tiny G-string did nothing to conceal any of her ass. As soon as my wife's cutoffs were lying on the floor, she returned the favor by pulling down the bottom of Cindy's outfit. When they were bunched at mid-thigh, the two women bent over and again thrust their asses at me. They each caressed the other's ass.

    "Well, Stud?" Cindy asked. Are you going to scream rape if we sink our asses onto your hard cock?" I was speechless as my dick leaked copious amounts of precum.

    "I think he's a tit man, Cindy," my wife said as if I weren't even in the room. "He's always been fascinated by tits. Hey, Stud! Are these tits big enough for you?" Cindy pulled her top down exposing both tits. My wife pulled one tit out of her halter but left the other one inside. The effect was more erotic than if both of her tits had been exposed.

    "Let's show him our cunts, Paula. He's already so hot, I don't he'll be able to resist when we start to fuck him. If we let him see our cunts, he'll be a goner."

    Cindy sat down on the hearth, spread her legs wide apart, and pulled the crotch of her shorts aside putting her wet cunt on display. Paula remained standing until she had stepped out of her G-string, then she sat down beside Cindy, spread wide open and draped her right leg over Cindy's left one. My wife's wet cunt drew my attention like a magnet draws iron filings. The lips gaped open just slightly making me wonder how many cum loads were inside.

    "Think you're man enough to fuck our asses and our cunts, Stud?" Cindy challenged.

    "Try me," I replied confidently.

    "We intend to, Lover. We intend to. Now come over here so we can get that big sex spike out and decide which one of our holes we're going to fuck you with first."

    Even more of my dick extended up above the waistband of my briefs now... at least three and a half inches. The head was swollen... purple... throbbing. I saw both women staring at my shaft with lust. Man, was that ever an ego trip!

    As soon as I stood in front of them, Cindy took hold of one side of my briefs and Paula the other side. As if on cue, they stripped them down my thighs and off my feet. My cock was rigid... standing nearly straight up. Both women took possession of it at the same time. Cindy wrapped her hand around the base and began sucking and licking up and down the shaft. Paula licked the head and cleaned off my precum... then she let her lips suck in the first two inches of dick. I began to groan as my dick throbbed and jerked. Being sucked by a hot woman is fantastic... being sucked by two sexy sluts was beyond fantastic.

    "OH SHIT! Look at the size of his fuck stick!" Cindy moaned as she pressed the shaft against her face. My dick easily covered half her face and extended from below her chin to the top of her forehead.

    "How big is it, Stud?" she asked.

    "Eight and a half inches," I said proudly.

    "Shit! No wonder all the women refer to you as Big Dick. I bet you got your job by letting the female vice-presidents fuck you, right?" my wife teased.

    "Why not? It worked, didn't it?" I teased back.

    "I'm going to suck him," Cindy moaned. "I can't wait any longer." Standing directly in front of me, she bent over at the waist, thrust her mouth down my cock and began sucking like a woman who hadn't been fucked in years. Her cheeks hollowed causing my dick to swell and throb inside her mouth. She sucked me without using her hands.

    Cindy was moaning continuously as she sucked, primarily because Paula was rubbing her clit and finger fucking her. I also saw that she was finger fucking and rubbing her own pussy with her other hand.

    I hadn't shot off in almost 48 hours, and with two incredibly hot, beautiful sluts working on me, there was no way I could hold back my orgasm. "Cindy, I'm about to cum. If you don't want a mouthful, you'd better ease off," I warned.

    "Shut up and shoot the hot Bitch full of cum," my wife whispered in my ear. "She wants it. She's wanted it for months. Give it to her."

    That's all it took. My buttocks clenched hard. My cock jerked inside Cindy mouth, and a huge stream of semen erupted into her throat. She gagged slightly, but continued to suck and drain my balls as load after load pumped into her mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but too much cum was shooting into her too fast. Watching it spurt out the corners of her cock-plugged mouth was so erotic that I seemed to cum even harder.

    Amazingly, I lost very little of my erection. I was still easily hard enough to penetrate a hot cunt and couldn't wait to do so. When Cindy finally pulled her mouth off my dick, long streams of semen hung from her chin, cheeks, and tongue. Even more had dripped onto her chest and big tits.

    "Oh My God!" she gasped. "He's still hard. Look at that! It's still hard! Fuck me with it, Gordon. Stick that hard cock up my cunt and fuck my brains out."

    "Bend over, Bitch," my wife hissed. Cindy scrambled onto her knees and bent over with her ass thrust in my direction. "You heard the Slut, Lover. Fuck it into her... NOW! I want to see my husband's big shaft stretching her cunt open and all eight and a half inches of meat sinking into her."

    Paula leaned over Cindy's back and pulled the hot blonde's ass cheeks open so I could see my target, her wet, open, waiting cunt. When I had moved behind her, my wife wrapped her hand around my hard cock and fitted the head into Cindy's opening.

    "AAAahhhhhhhhh... YES! That's what I want, Honey. Stick that thing into me!" she wailed.

    My cock entered her wet tunnel easily stretching her wider and wider as four... then five... six... then seven inches of dick disappeared into Cindy's throbbing vagina. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her womb. Using my hands on her hips, I pulled her back onto my shaft. Another half inch entered her pulsing hole as some of the semen another stud had shot into her earlier in the day was forced out and coated my cock.

    "OH Fuck... Oh fuck... that feels fantastic. Is it all in? Have I got all of it," she moaned.

    "Not yet, you sexy bitch," my wife laughed. There's more dick coming... think you can take it?"

    "No... I can't. It's already thudding into the bottom of my pussy," Cindy cried.

    "You've been trying to get my husband's cock into your pussy for months, Slut. Now it's going in, and you're going to take all of it. Spread wider! Arch that big ass of yours so my husband can get all of it into your hole."

    I pulled out five inches of cock and then quickly thrust it back inside Cindy's hole. Again, seven plus inches of dick stretched her vagina and pressed against her womb. Again, she moaned and humped her ass back against me.

    "AAAHHHH... god... soo good... so damn big... uummmm... fuck me, Gordon. Fuck me hard. Put all of it into me."

    "Work it into her, Honey. Stretch her pussy and give her all of it," Paula urged as her fingers strummed the moaning blonde's clitoris.

    Slowly, I began to fuck her. Each stroke pushed her womb a little further up and back making more room for my cock. Each stroke made her shriek as it sank into her and then grunt when it thudded against her womb. Gradually, the last inch of cock worked its way into Cindy's pussy until, after five minutes of fucking, my balls were slapping against her clit on each stroke.

    "Ugh... Ugh! Ugh! OOohhhhh... I'm cumming... cumming... fuck me, Honey... It's so fucking big! AAAAHHHH!!!"

    The feeling of Cindy's vagina clamping down on my cock each time another spasm convulsed her vagina had me close... very close. Again, I concentrated on engineering problems and equations to hold back my orgasm. When her hard contractions slowed, I pulled my cock out of her hole and watched it throb.

    "Turn over, Cindy. I want you on your back," I growled. She was on her back in just seconds with her legs wide open and her fingers spreading her pussy open as they worked her engorged, and still pulsing, clitoris. A hissing moan erupted from her throat when I nailed all eight plus inches of cock back into her cunt.

    My grunts of masculine pleasure mixed with her shrill female shrieks of passion as we fucked. My wife was now behind me caressing my ass and licking my swinging balls.

    "Gonna cum... oohh fuck... I'm about to shoot it, Cindy. Are you safe?"

    "Pump it in, Stud. Fill me full," she wailed.

    When my cock erupted and began shooting inside her, she howled and came again.


    After my second orgasm, the women allowed me about 20 minutes or so to rest and recover before they began working to suck my cock back to a full erection. They took turns sliding their lips up and down my shaft and jacking me off... one would suck while the other stroked me then they would switch.

    It took them about 10 minutes to once again get me hard and ready. When Cindy tried to pull me between her legs, my wife pushed her away. "No way, Slut. It's my turn now. Come on, Baby. Bring that big cock over here to your hot wife and nail my pussy." Paula spread her legs over the chair arms and then raised them high in the air. As I moved between her raised legs, her fingers pried open her cunt and began working on her clitoris.

    "OOOHHH hot fucking damn! That feels so good, Darling. Sink it into me, Baby. Fuck your slutty wife's cunt, Lover."

    My entire length sank into her cunt easily, and once more, as I entered her, my cock squeezed out the remains of the cum loads she had taken earlier in the day. Fucking her steadily with one hard thrust after another, her pussy began to throb around my dick within a few minutes. A couple of minutes after that, she was gasping and arching her ass in the throes of an intense climax. Having already shot off twice, I controlled my urge to cum inside her without a lot of difficulty.

    "Fuck her ass now, Gordon," Cindy urged as she rubbed Paula's throbbing clitoris. "Put the hot slut on the couch, jack her legs up, and let me watch your huge cock fucking her ass."

    Picking up my 110 lb wife and depositing her ass on a couch presented no difficulties. Paula quickly hiked one of her legs high in the air and spread the other far off to the side of the couch. She pulled her cunt wide open with her fingers as Cindy guided my cock into my wife's asshole.

    When I pulled back for the second thrust, my cock came out coated with a white froth that was obviously some guy's cum load. On the second thrust, the entire length of my cock sank into her balls deep.

    After fucking Paula through two more intense climaxes, her throbbing asshole did its work on my dick, and I emptied my balls for the third time that evening. When I withdrew several minutes later, a white river of semen streamed from her stretched asshole.
    Sloppy thirds or fourths from the two gorgeous, sexy women was
    one of the most erotic things I could ever remember.

    I took a second viagra and watched the two women licking each other’s clits for 20 minutes. After that, the women had no problems getting me hard as stone for the third time. Once my cock was back to a full erection, Cindy whined, "Come on, Gordon. It's my turn now. She's already cum four times. Do me. Please. Come on, Honey. Fuck my ass too."

    Paula was just recovering from the orgasm Cindy's tongue had given her. "Go on, Baby. Fuck the slut's ass. I'll even put your cock in her." Cindy giggled and turned over onto her knees, arching her ass high in air.

    Paula pulled her ass cheeks apart, finger fucked the hot blonde a little to coat her fingers with Cindy's cunt juices, and then rubbed them all over her anus. When she had her lubricated thoroughly, my wife wrapped her hand around my shaft and pushed the head against Cindy's opening. Again, I entered easily. Obviously, whoever had fucked Cindy that afternoon had used her ass as well as her cunt.

    Cindy came twice before her throbbing ass sucked my fourth load out of my balls. Although my cock throbbed hard and jerked wildly inside her, very little semen entered as my balls had been very effectively drained.
    After two hours of fucking two wildly exotic women,
    I was drained in spite of the viagra.

    The two women sucked and cleaned my cock for ten minutes before Cindy said, "I think this one's been used up... at least for an hour or so."

    "I know, and it's my turn to use him too. I guess I'm going to need a replacement."

    My ears perked up at the word "replacement".

    "Who?" Cindy asked with a broad grin.

    "My secret lover, who else. I told him that if he came over, parked in our driveway, and waited, he might get lucky. Looks like he's about to get lucky." My wife picked up her cell phone, hit the quick dial, and a moment later said into the phone, "Hi, Lover. My husband's all fucked out for the time being. I need your cock in me... now. Come on in and fuck my hot pussy, Lover."

    I grinned and said, "So you have Victor waiting outside, huh? Very clever."

    "Victor?" Who the hell is Victor?" Paula asked with a broad smile. "Oh, you mean Victor Delgado, one of your engineers. Why would Victor be here. I don't need an engineer. I need my lover's big, hard fuck stick up my cunt."

    I was shocked... almost stunned. "You mean Victor's not your secret lover? Who the hell is it then?"

    At that moment a naked man sporting a very hard, very big, and very ready erection entered, moved over to my wife, pushed her onto her back, and hoisted one of her legs high in the air to put her into fucking position. Paula howled with pleasure when Eric Vaughn's thick shaft hammered into the bottom of her eager ass hole.


    Turning to Cindy, I whispered, "Your husband is my wife's secret lover?"

    "Yep. Watch him fuck her. Don't you think he's doing a great job. He's going to make your wife cum in just a couple of minutes. And before he's finished fucking her, she'll cum three or four more times."

    "You knew?"

    "Of course I knew."

    "But that's impossible. At the employee's party, when I was about to fuck you before that fight erupted, Paula was flirting with Carl Thompson, Lennard Markum, and Victor Delgado. She later told me that she spent that night with her lover, and your husband was out of town on a site visit?"

    "OOOohhhh Eric... Fuck me harder... AAAhhh! Yess! YES! Like that! UUNNGGHHH!!! OOohhhh god... I'M CUMMING!! FUCK ME!"

    "See. I told you that my hot husband would make your wife cum in a couple of minutes. Listen to her squeal when his dick pumps her."

    "I see that, but I still don't understand."

    "It was a carefully laid plot, Honey. Eric told you that he wouldn't be able to come to the party because he needed to do a site visit. There was no site visit. He was waiting in his corvette in the parking lot for your wife to come out and join him. But before she did, she made certain that you saw her flirting with Carl, Lennard, and Victor."

    "But what was the point? Why?"

    "Simple, Honey. Eric and I have an open marriage just like you and Paula. We've wanted to swing and enjoy fun times with the two of you for months, but because of your non-fraternization rule, we've been prevented from doing so. We wanted to get you to get rid of that rule. So, Plan A was for me to seduce you at the party while Eric fucked Paula. After you had fucked me, you couldn't very well cling to your rule, and the four of us could start enjoying a great time together."

    "Oh yeah, Stud. Fuck me harder. Damn... what a cock! Ram it into me, Eric. Fuck Paula’s hot cunt Lover. Make me cum again!" Paula screamed.

    We looked over and saw that Eric had now moved behind my wife into spoon position. Paula was squeezing her tit as Eric fucked her. With her leg elevated, we could easily see his thick shaft penetrating my wife's cunt. She moaned each time it disappeared inside her pussy.

    "Screw me, Stud. Make me cum while your wife and my husband watches you giving it to me"

    "Your cock's hard again, Honey," Cindy said with a grin. "I think it turns you on to see my hubby banging your wife and making her cum."

    "Yeah... it does. It always does."

    "Anyway, Plan A failed when the fight gave you time to recover and turn me down. I tried a second time, but turned me down again. So we had to go to Plan B."

    "Plan B?"

    "Yeah, Plan B. That was the reason Paula flirted with Carl, Lennard, and Victor... to set up Plan B, if necessary. If I failed to seduce you, she would tell you that she had a secret lover whose name she couldn't tell you because he was one of your engineers and he was afraid for his career if you found out he was fucking your wife in violation of your policy on non-fraternization. After that, she would continue seeing him until hopefully, you would get tired of being left out and get rid of the rule. As you know, Plan B worked very well. Now, I want this big fuck stick of yours back inside my cunt. Give it to me like Paula's getting it now. Look at her riding Eric's cock!"

    "Come on, you hot Slut. Bounce that hot cunt on my cock. Make your pussy cum, Paula. This time, I'm going to put a load up that sexy hole of yours."

    My wife grunted and howled continuously as Eric’s iron-hard, big cock pounded into the bottom of her
    cunt and deep into her ass. I wasn’t surprised that she
    spread her legs for her secret lover.

    "Ok. I think I've got all the details of your devious plans, Cindy. You all knew that I would concentrate on finding out whether it was Carl, Lennard, or Victor and have no chance to figure out that it was Eric and thus put an end to the plan."

    "Right... and it worked perfectly, didn't it?"

    "Yeah, but there's still one thing I don't understand."

    "Why don't you fuck me first? I really want your cock in me again, Gordon. Paula's already had three more orgasms. Please."

    "Not until you answer one last question. What started all of this? If you and Eric couldn't get together with Paula and me because of my policies, how did all of this ever happen?"

    "I told you that your policy prevented the four of us from having fun times together. I didn't say that the policy prevented Paula and I from having fun with Eric. We've had at least a dozen threesomes, and Eric's been your wife's secret lover for over six months. He's been screwing her hot cunt two or three times a week. That was wonderful, but we all wanted you to join us... so we devised Plans A and B. Ok? Can I get you to fuck me now?"

    "Two or three times a week? How did Eric manage that? I never noticed him absent from work, and Paula hasn't been going out in the evening that often. So how?"

    "That's two questions and you said only one. But I want your cock up my cunt and soon, so rather than argue, I'll answer. My husband's a very clever engineer who can solve really difficult problems... particularly when there's a huge incentive to do so. And let me tell you, Honey, your wife's hot cunt is one hell of an incentive. Now shut up and fuck the shit out of me!"

    "Whatever you say, Cindy. You know that you and I have a lot of catching up to do, don't you?"

    "Oh yes! Let's get started. How do you want me?"

    "Just like you asked for, Honey. Ride me. Let Eric watch my huge cock sinking into his wife's cunt and making her cum."

    "Oh, Gordon. I love the way you think."

    I spread out on my back and Cindy straddled my body. A moment later, my iron-hard cock was spearing her cunt hole and she was howling as she rammed her cunt frantically up and down the length of my shaft.

    "Look Eric!" she screamed. "Look at your boss fucking your wife's hot cunt. He's even bigger than you are and his cock's gonna be in me a lot. OOOHHH... FUCK MEEE, GORDON! HARD! I'M CUMMINGGGG!! WATCH, HONEY. WATCH YOUR WIFE CUM!"

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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    Great story!
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    Dear remixxx75,

    Thank you for the very nice comment on "My Wife's Secret Lover". I'm delighted that you enjoyed the story as I certainly enjoyed writing it.

    With best regards,
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