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. My Unexpected Blacking

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Martin Burtenshaw, Apr 1, 2018.

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  1. Martin Burtenshaw

    Martin Burtenshaw Member Member

    A story based on true events: Hope you like it.

    I walk away from the school playground in a happy mood chatting to other parents. I remember it is coffee morning at Dwayne’s and Gina’s today, but I haven’t seen either of them this morning. So as I had little else to do, I drove along and banged on the door.

    We usually had coffee mornings on Fridays, but this week a day earlier. The change of day may have been the reason why only a few of us turned up. Dwayne, Gina’s husband and his cousin Wesley turn up and were busy sat sheepishly in the kitchen while we girls spent an hour or so gossiping in the front room.

    Dwayne and Wesley, who had joined us, provided us with the finer points of the football offside rule and the workings of car engines. Gina and I left the boys to it and together we got on with the task of making lunch. We girl talked while preparing food and went in with plates of sandwiches and nibbles.

    A couple of the mums made their excuses and left me and Gina to the delights of the boy talk. I felt that I had out stayed my welcome and thought about making a move. There was plenty of washing up and thought going without helping to clear up might seem to be rude, so I got on with it.

    Gina then had a phone call, she was urgently needed at work, and I offered to drop her off but said her boss would pay for a taxi.

    I said I’d finish clearing up then get out their way, Dwayne and Gina told me to stay as long as I wanted. Gina also said she wasn’t going to be that long anyway, she was only going to give them a key or something and come straight back and we could do the afternoon school run.

    So I agreed to stay, I was delighted the boys didn’t ignore me. They showed genuine interest in me and my boring life and me about Wesley’s. Nothing exciting but it killed a bit of time.

    It was suggested that we watch a DVD while we waited for Gina’s return. Wesley had a couple of pirate DVD’s so with curtains closed and lights dimmed, we waited as Wesley’s first DVD, kicked in, and failed. He said he had no idea what was on the second and fresh out the packet, he quickly inserted the disc.

    We relaxed, with me sitting between the two on the sofa and start laughing as adverts for comedies started this movie and our laughs turned to horror and embarrassment as we watched the opening scenes of what happens when pretty young women enter the rear part of a sex shop.

    I’m not at all bothered, I can sense the boy’s sheer embarrassment and I grin wondering what Gina would say; probably find it funny like I do if I know her. The boys are fixed to the screen and neither of them seems to be able to do anything to stop their continuing horror.

    I feel my stomach tighten and I am getting aroused as I too watch the film unfold. My arousal increases as I note both guys are starting to display obvious signs of erections in their trousers. My pussy starts to swell and I get a hint of my own scent.

    I push a hand between my legs and discreetly work on my pussy through my jeans. I am aware of movement to my right and turn my head and see Wesley has pulled his cock out.

    He grabs my right hand and pulls it onto his lap, I don’t think twice and happily man-handle his thick cock, it grows bigger as I stroke it. I turn towards him and lean over and start to suck the head.

    I feel Dwayne’s hand on my thigh and arse, I’d forgotten about Dwayne, he is rubbing my arse and pushing his fingers right up between my legs from behind stirring me even more. Wesley has taken the liberty of pulling my top up and groping my small tits.

    I’m enjoying myself and my left leg has been pulled away and Dwayne has his hand on the front of my jeans and really having a good feel of my groin. He slides onto the floor and with a little help from me my jeans and knickers are down. He laps my pussy with the tip of his tongue sending me shivers through me as I stroke and suck Wesley’s dick.

    My pussy is buzzing and damp and a sudden buzzing phone sends Dwayne out to the kitchen at pace, giving me an opportunity to work on Wesley’s cock without the distraction of having my pussy treated to mouth, tongue and fingers.

    Wesley is groaning his appreciation as I lick his 8 inch length, and moans even more when I take it in my mouth again and bob up and down fingering his balls. Dwayne returns and closes the front room door.

    Sucking Wesley, I note Dwayne is stripping off and see his big thick black cock bouncing up and down and his balls from side to side as he pulls off his shorts.

    “Get your clothes off.” He demands.

    “What about Gina!” I ask in panic, “She is coming back?” I protest.

    “Gina is staying at work and will see you at school,” he announces.

    That took away the fears I had of Gina catching me with Wesley’s cock in my mouth and worse still, Dwayne’s, because I had no doubts he’d be wanting some attention too.

    My pussy tingles as I look at Dwayne’s pole, Gina had said it was big, this looked about 9 inches and thick with it too. I wonder what that would feel like as Wesley pushes me away starting to push his trousers down.

    I stand pulling my clothes up now aware of the situation and what had happened so far, “Did you dirty bastards plan this?”

    “No, course not” I’m told.

    “We shouldn’t do this and we should stop unless you want to be naughty!” says Dwayne.

    I thought its bit late asking me now, the answer would have been no. But now I’m all horny and all stirred up and it would be a shame to waste two stiff cocks.

    I pull off my top and bra aware that Wesley is stripping off too. My jeans hit the floor and I squirm my feet out my trainers without unlacing them. I must have looked a right mess standing there with my plaited light strawberry hair now covering one of my small tits and wearing socks.

    Dwayne grabs my hand admiring my tits and pussy and sits on the sofa and pulling me down on to my knees. I grab his cock and wank it and start to lick. Wesley gets behind me and I panic just for a moment but I feel Wesley’s tongue in my pussy.

    I am pleasured and moan as Wesley brings me on very quickly and Dwayne has taken an interest in my tits, I go down as much of Dwayne’s cock as I can manage and bobble up and down.

    I can feel my juice trickle out of me, then Wesley’s cock, he’s rubbing the head along the slit and on my clit. He penetrates me, I feel the head spread the lips open and he pushes slowly in.

    It was more than likely I was going to be fucked and by Dwayne too and I didn’t mind having bare cock in my pussy, I trusted both of any risks of STI’s and it was unlikely I could get pregnant but he could have asked or warned me first.

    His cock felt nice, and soon he was fucking me hard giving me every inch. My pussy was so wet and he pulls out of me and tells Dwayne, “Your turn to fuck this bitch.”

    Wes pulls me away and gets me lying on the sofa, my arse on the edge and partly on my side. Wes is kneeling at my head and Dwayne between my legs. He slips his bigger and fatter cock partly into my pussy.

    “Always wanted your cunt the first time I saw you,” He tells me pushing in deeper, making me feel good in more ways than one. He bangs me hard and we swap and change around many times giving each other pleasure in many different ways.

    I try and avoid Gina in the school play ground as I chat to parents and teachers waiting for my offspring to be released, but she spots me. I give her a simple waive across the playground and continue with my chatter.

    As usual the younger ones are out first and Gina collects hers and wanders over. She joins the conservation and notices that I’m not myself. She says I look a bit tired, and another parent and a teacher agree with her. If only she knew why I looked that way?

    I couldn’t exactly say your husband and his cousin had spent the afternoon taking turns fucking my brains out. I just said I’d a bad night aware that fellow parents and teachers alike consider me as being the shy keep to myself innocent type.

    They would be shocked had they known that for the first time in my life, I’d been unfaithful and experienced my first threesome and black cocks.

    Neither Gina, nor they could possibly have guessed the guys had stamina and fucked me in three or four different positions more than once.

    My Children come out and I happily stroll out the school, my groin is still aching and my hips and thighs are protesting too as I walk round to my car. I walk with Gina, feeling my sore and still swollen pussy leaking out her husband’s spunk mixed with that of Wesley’s. I meet my hubby who has just finished his shift and has no idea I’ve been blacked.
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