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Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    This story starts with me coming over to your house, some afternoon when you called me over because you told me you "need to get your nuts out of hock".

    I knock on the door and you tell me to come in.

    I open the door and step inside. Immaculately clean, just like I left it this morning; when I dropped by to clean your house and fix your breakfast.

    "You look gorgeous today, Dee!"

    I smile and look over at you, excited to see you. "Thank you, Daddy!"

    "Come to papa"

    You motion me and I step onto your floor and let the door close behind me.

    You are sitting in your recliner, smiling. I see you lick your lips as I move toward you, I'm trembling a little from the excitement. I stop in front of you.

    "Did you bring me some pussy, baby?"

    I giggle, "You know I did, Daddy!"

    "Let me see it, honey"

    I lift up my dress and you see that I didn't wear any panties. I never wear panties in your house, it's one of your house rules. I have my bush on top, but shaven around the lips; just like you told me to.

    "Come around here, baby, don't be shy, Daddy wants to play with girl."

    I walk around beside your chair, still holding my dress up, and I feel your warm hand on my leg, then you run your palm over my thigh and back up until your fingers are in my bush. I stand obediently, with my hands at my side as I feel you work your fingers between my lips. I let out a moan as you slip on finger into me.

    "Dayum, Dee, you are WET! You excited for me, baby?" I nod my head.

    "I can't hear you..."

    "Yes, Daddy, I am excited for you!"

    "Well, I can feel that, honey. Your married cunt is about to start drippin on the floor."

    "I'm excited, too, honey, take a look at how you got Daddy all hard and throbbing for you."

    I had already noticed, of course, but at your invitation I look at the bulge in your shorts and run my tongue over my lips.


    "Yes pumpkin"

    "May I kiss you, Please?"

    You laugh, "Of course baby, come give daddy a kiss!"

    I lean over and the closer I get to your handsome face the bigger my smile gets. I see our delicious lips, your handsome face, your tender eyes and I part my lips slightly; as they meet yours.

    I feel your breath as your tongue licks my lips and our tongues dance as I close my eyes and enjoy the moment of kissing you. I have been waiting all day to get back here and feel your hands on me and get my hands on you!

    We kiss passionately, as lovers should and I can feel your hands on my head, your fingers threaded in my blond hair. I wrap my arms around your neck as I nuzzle closer to you. I'm lost in the feeling of kissing you. I feel your hand on my inner thigh and you slowly work it upward as we kiss. The back of your hand brushes against my pussy and I jump, involuntarily. My body craves you. My pussy longs for your touch, for your tongue, for you to penetrate me and open me up and and thrust into me!

    I feel your fingers playing along my lips, sliding into me, finding my clit and rubbing it with your thumb. I begin to whimper but still trying to kiss you.

    My hand slides down over your body, belt, and feel the bulge in your pants. You are hard for me! I wrap my hand around as much of you as I can and squeeze. I run the palm of my hand down your length and back up to the tip, feeling how long and thick you are for me.

    You reach up with both hands and work on the buttons of my dress. you unbutton it to my waist and break our kiss.

    "Take it off"

    I stand up and push the dress off of my shoulders and slide it down my body, over my hips and then just let it go. It falls to the floor, and I am standing there in my bra and high heels.

    "Take your bra off, DeeAnna, my naughty girl!"

    I take it off and drop it on the floor. You smile as I stand there naked, except for my heels.

    "I don't know how your husband can not be hard, every time he sees you naked!"

    "Wanna suck my dick?" you tease. I smile and nod my head. "Yes I do, Daddy!"

    "Get busy"

    I reach down and run my hands over your bulge again, and pull your zipper down and unbutton your pants. You lift your hips up and slide your pants down, and I go around and pull them down your legs and off, along with your underwear. I fold them up for you and lay them on the table.

    I bend over and kiss the head of your dick, then start licking it, cat like, running my tongue around the head and licking the juices that are leaking out of the tip. I run my tongue down your shaft and kiss your balls as I wrap my hand around the head of your dick and squeeze, then begin sucking your balls and stroking you; then run my tongue back up to the head and lick around the head.

    "Open your mouth and suck that dick, bitch, quit teasing me, you ain't no cat, suck Daddy's dick, baby!" I feel your hand on my head as you thrust your dick up into my mouth and I feel your fingers playing with my nipples.

    Just as the head of your dick hits the back of my mouth, I hear the door open. I try to pull away, but you hold me there with your grip.

    "Keep suckin' BITCH!"

    "Hey Joe, just stopped by for - Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt; I'll come back later, you look busy, bro!"

    "No, close the door man, and lock it. Come on in and let me introduce you!"

    "Damn, that bitch can suck black dick! You go, honey!"

    I am taking your dick as far into my mouth as I can and then pulling up until I am sucking on the head, then you push my head back down until I almost gag.

    "Check out this our bro" You slap my ass. "What you think of that, man?"

    "Hey man, I better get out of here, my dick startin' to get hard."

    "Nah, bro, make yourself at home. This is my bitch brother, she loves black dick, don't you baby?"

    You pull my head up and turn my head to look at you. "Don't you, slut?"

    "Yes, Daddy" I almost hear your friend snicker and he says, "Damn bro, is this that married bitch from Montana?"

    "Right now she's a black-owned slut in Baltimore! Can my boy have some pussy, naughty Dee?"

    "Of course, Daddy, whatever you want"

    "Get to sucking that dick, girl, you about to be the filling in a Baltimore Oreo!"

    You both laugh and I am giggling inside and about to choke on your dick. I hear your friend taking off his pants behind me and you two are talking about how I am sucking, he is commenting on my body and saying it has been awhile since he had some white pussy.

    I just keep sucking. I am so excited I don't know what to do! I am bent over, so my ass is right out there and open for him. feel his hands join yours in caressing and feeling my body. He runs his hands over my back, ass, legs, around to my stomach and squeezes my breasts.

    You pull my head up, again.

    "Stand up!"

    When I do you turn me toward your friend and introduce us.

    "Shorty, this is DeeAnna" I reach out and shake his hand and we exchange pleasantries, which is a little weird because I am standing there naked and his dick is jutting out from his body and pointing straight at me.

    "Damn, you are a sexy little bitch, and look how pretty you are...Damn, girl, get on your fuckin' knees and show me what you got"

    I sink to my knees and crawl to him. I look up at him and seeing the serious look on his face, I realize that he is a true Dom and I lower my eyes, and put my hands behind my back. I'm afraid. I feel protected because you are here, but I know that this is your friend and I am a crazy bitch that you met online and I'm not sure what is going to happen.

    "Fuck, bro, somebody trained this bitch, you got a nasty sub slut here. Don't he bitch?" I nod, but keep my eyes down.

    He lifts my head and starts rubbing the thick black head of his dick over my cheeks, forehead, across my lips, along my nose and then slaps me across the cheek with it. One side, then the other. He presses it against my lips and says, "Open up black dick sucker" I open my mouth and he traces my lips with the head of his dick. "Mama loves her some black dick, don't you baby" I nod my head, slowly as he pushes the head of his dick against the inside of my mouth, making my cheeks bulge. He lets it rest on my tongue.

    I hear you stir from behind, and then I hear your voice.

    "Put your finger in your cunt, DeeAnna"

    I obey, running my hand down my stomach, between my legs and slide my finger into my pussy.

    "Now pull it out and show Shorty"

    My finger, of course, is all but dripping with my juices.

    Shorty pulls his dick out of my mouth and instructs me to lick and suck the juices off my fingers.

    You tell me to stand up. You get off of your recliner and come up behind me. I feel your hands on my shoulders then your dick pressing against the small of my back.

    Shorty is in front of me, pinching and teasing my nipples, then he squeezed my breasts together and tells me to look up at him. He is completely naked and his dick is hard and pointing at me.

    He steps until he is almost eye to eye with me, and I can feel his hard dick pressing against my stomach. He takes my head in his hands and kisses my forehead, then down the side of my face.

    Behind me, you are grinding your big cock against me and running your fingers through my hair as you kiss my shoulders, my neck, then run your hands down my body and take my ass in your hands.

    Your friend is kissing my neck from the front and working his way down to my chest. I feel your brush my hair back and kiss my neck, just below my ear. One hand is on your friends head as he begins sucking on my nipples and with the other I reach back and find your dick and wrap my hand around it as best I can. You nipple my ear, then I hear your deep voice.

    "You are a nasty girl, baby" And you smack me on my right ass cheek. I turn my head and we kiss. Your hand reaches around and you finger my pussy as I suck on your tongue and moan. Loving being in your arms and feeling your body against mine, and loving the attention of two horny mature black men, that know how to treat a lady like me!

    You break our kiss.

    "Get on your knees, slut!"

    I immediately kneel as Shorty lets go of my breast, and you turn my head. "Open your mouth"

    When I do, you push your cock in and it stretches my lips as I open my jaw to accommodate your size. You tell me to suck, but with no room to move I just slide my tongue around on the bottom of your shaft. You tell me to look up at you and tell me you want to see my pretty blue eyes while you use my mouth.

    You hold my head and begin to pull your dick out until the head is between my lips, then push it back in until it hits the back of my throat. My arms are around your legs and my hands on your ass, as you use my mouth for your pleasure.

    "Love this black dick, don't you baby?! Your husband sure would be proud now, seeing you get that mouth owned"

    You tell shorty to get ready and you pull out of my mouth and I turn my head and he thrusts his dick into my mouth. I instinctively reach up and grab the base of his shaft, but he slaps it away.

    "Keep your hands off our dicks! I know you can't keep your hands to yourself, naughty girl, so put this hand on my balls and take Joe's balls in your other hand. Oh, that's it, baby, massage those nuts!"

    You have your hand on my head and are pinching my nipples as I suck him, then you yank me over to you and slap your dick across my face, then stuff it in my mouth.

    "Make Daddy proud, and lets see how much of this dick you can take."

    I'm sitting there with the head of your dick pressing against my gag reflex and I'm thinking that is probably all I can handle, then you push and it slips a little into my throat.

    "Dayum, Dee, you got a gift for this! That's it, baby, keep keep takin' more!"

    I force my head forward and take a little more, then choke a little and have to back off.

    You tell me to play with my pussy and I let go of your friend's balls and slip my hand between my legs, and cum almost immediately! I cum so hard I have to pull your dick out of my mouth and I cry out the intensity of my release.

    Your friend pulls me toward him and I feel his open palm land on my ass, HARD! Once, Twice, then he pulls my mouth toward him and presses his balls against my lips with his hard cock covering my left eye; and pressing against my forehead.

    "Did you ask permission to cum, whore?! How are you going to leave two black daddies with full balls, while your big wet whore's cunt is enjoyin' an orgasm, BITCH!?! Get to suckin' and don't stop until we both cum on that pretty face!!!

    I grab your dick and start suckin' it for all I'm worth! Four or five times in and out of my mouth, then turn to your friend and suck him, then back to you...

    You are both laughing and making comments about me.

    "Dayum, bro, look at this white slut, this is one of the hottest ones we've had in years!"

    "yea man, I told you she was the real deal. That's it Dee, get it honey!! Let me see those eyes baby! Hey, perfect timing comin' in the door, by the way!"

    He laughs, "Shit, bro, I was watchin' through the window!"

    You both laugh, and I hesitate, looking up at you both and realizing that your friend showing up was no accident. Your friend slaps me across the face. Not hard, but enough to get my attention and leave a handprint.

    "Why did you stop suckin' slut?"

    He slaps me again.

    "Get your mouth on this black dick and don't stop until I cum! NOW!!!"

    I suck him as fast as I can, keeping my eyes down and massaging his balls as I suck. He holds my head and I keeps forcing more of his dick into my mouth and I can feel your hands on my shoulders, on my breasts, brushing back my hair, pulling on my nipples, and spanking my ass.

    "Suck that black dick, bitch, make Daddy proud, and your husband!"

    You hold my phone up and I see that you have called him. I wonder how much he has heard???!!! OMG!! I keep sucking your friend and can soon feel that he is about to cum, and he tells me so. His sweet cum fills my mouth and I can't swallow because my mouth is full, but I do my best to get it down. He pulls out and shoots it across my face and in my hair, then pulls my mouth back onto him.

    "Suck it dry, DeeAnna!"

    I suck until he starts to go soft then turn to you. Your dick is hard and thick and waving in the air. You take me to the Kitchen to clean up my face, then tell me to turn around.

    I see Shorty out of the corner of my eye, and he is holding a movie camera!

    You are completely naked now and you come behind me and wrap your arms around me. Being in your arms I am completely lost in the feeling of being yours. You turn me to face the camera.

    "Tell everyone who you are..."

    "I am DeeAnna"

    "Are you married, DeeAnna?"

    "Yes, Daddy, I am."

    "Am I your husband?"

    "No sir, you are not."

    "You are here, naked, with a black man, who is not your husband, and why is that?"

    "Because I only have sex with you, Daddy. This is his ring, and I am married to him (I hold out my hand), but this pussy (I rub my fingers on it) belongs to you"

    "That's right honey, and don't you forget it!!"

    You start feeling up my legs and run your hands over my stomach. You kiss my neck as you reach my breasts and squeeze them together. Your fingers find my nipples and you pull and pinch them. I let out a moan and you put both of your hands over my breasts and pull me tight to you. I can feel you are rock hard against my back, and my body trembles. I am in need of my Daddy's hard dick, and you sense my need.

    I am SO turned on, being here in your arms, with the camera rolling and know that everyone is going to see that DeeAnna belongs to you and how much of a naughty girl I am for you!

    I want to kiss you, but I know that you are not going to kiss me after your friend came in my mouth. Your fingers slide across my stomach and through my pubic hair to find my opening, and you start workin' your finger in and out, as you kiss my neck and shoulders and continue to pinch my nipples with one hand. My hands are on your arms and my head is thrown back; lost in the feeling of being played with by you - excited because the whole world is watching!

    Suddenly you turn me around and look in my eyes and tell me to get on my knees and suck your dick! I can't get down there fast enough, and there I am starting at the thick head of your dick. I am kneeling naked in front of you and I keep my hands on my thighs.

    "Take the head in your mouth"

    I open my mouth, lean forward and obey, stretching my lips over the head. You tell me to start sucking on it. I do and as your friend films I am thinking of all the women out there that are going to wish they were me. and all the men that will wish they were you. But they will never be you - I am yours and yours alone!

    You are rock hard now, I and I am waiting for you to give the order for me to start sucking, but you don't. You just look at the camera and smile.

    "This is what they say happens when your wife doesn't get enough sex at home, or your husband's dick is too small. But the truth is, that DeeAnna here just loves my black cock. Even if she was getting enough at home, and her husband's dick was bigger, she would still be here because she is Black Daddy Joes little slut! Isn't that right, baby?"

    I nod my head and you tell me to look up at you. You pull the head of your dick out of my mouth and slap me across the face with it. One side, then the other.

    "Does your husband know you're here, Slut?!"

    You rub the head of your cock, with with my saliva, over my face, again.

    "Yes he does, Daddy, he brought me here!"

    "So he knows that his wife is a whore for her Daddy's big black cock, and he just lets you come and fuck me?"

    "He knows that if he didn't, Daddy, I would come anyways!"

    Both you and your friend laugh at that.

    "Well, lets show all of these nice folks why you love me!"

    With that you pick me up and carry me to your bed, and your friend follows.

    When we reach your bedroom you throw me on the bed and I roll to my back. You tell me to spread my legs, but I was already starting to open them for you. I look up into your eyes and smile at you, then look down at your thick cock and shiver, knowing how good it is going to feel when you get inside of me. You take one of my ankles in each hand and you tell me to "put Daddy's dick in you, baby" I am all too happy to reach down and wrap my long manicured fingers around your dick, and guide you into me!

    A surge of electricity runs through me and a cry out as the head of your dick enters me!

    "Tight ass bitch, I can't believe I still have to force this dick in, every time I fuck you! Whose that pussy belong to, baby?!"

    I whimper, "It's yours, daddy!"

    You slide a few inches into me and pull back as I toss my head side to side...

    "Please Daddy!"

    "You like that, honey? You like that black dick?"

    You begin to work it deeper as you thrust in and out of me, and I cum after several strokes! I thrust my hips up to meet yours and my body heaves as my orgasm overtakes me!

    "Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming, Daddy...Oh my god, Daddy, give me your dick GIVE IT TO ME, BABY!!"

    My body convulses as you continue to pound into me. I want to look at you but the pleasure is just too much and I close my eyes and scream your name! You lower yourself on top of me and kiss my neck as you continue. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull you close. Feeling your warm skin against mine and my nipples pressed into your chest, and you lean on your elbows and slide your hands under my shoulders as I wrap my legs around you.

    Without warning your mouth is on mine and you are pushing your tongue into my mouth. This is my happy place, with my black Daddy's big dick buried in my pussy, my arms and legs around you, and you kissing me like I'm the most desirable woman on the planet! After about five minutes of this, you thrust into me deep and hold it here, making me cum, again, as you kiss me passionately!

    Your friend comments that I am a total slut for you and you just look at him and smile!

    You roll onto your back and I get between your legs and begin sucking on your dick. I run my tongue up and down the length and over the head. I have one hand on your cock, stroking and the other is playing with your balls. I run my tongue down the length of your cock, to the root and kiss you there, then start sucking on your balls.

    "Fuck this shit, bro, take this camera"

    Your friend hands you the camera and I can feel him crawl onto the bed, then he smacks me on the ass.

    "Get that ass up here, bitch, and give me some pussy!"

    I start to lift myself, but apparently not fast enough. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He spanks me on my ass and legs and you take my head and put my mouth on your dick and pull my head down until I am choking on your cock!

    Your friend is behind me gripping my hips and I feel his dick enter me.

    "Holy Fuck, that's the tightest pussy I've ever been in!" He spanks me, then starts to work his dick into me. "Can I go deeper" I can only moan and he slaps my ass, again, and pushes further into me. "Can I go deeper?"

    I feel your cock start to pulse in my mouth and I know you are going to cum. I back of a little and suck on the head, until your cum sprays into my mouth and fills it. I swallow, but you keep cumming. I pull back and your dick comes out of my mouth and sprays into my hair before you pull my head back down and I open my mouth and continue to suck.

    Your friend is behind me spanking and fuckin' me like I am the last woman on earth. He has called me every name you can imagine for a submissive bitch, but he hasn't missed a stroke and I am feeling another orgasm coming on, as you fill my mouth, again; then I look up at you with your cum dripping from my mouth and you see my face contort as your friend's cock makes me orgasm, again!

    He continues to drive into me and takes hold of my hair as you slide off the bed and move around to the side with the camera.

    Later on I will gasp as I see how his big dick was stretching my pussy, but for now I am tender and I beg him to suck his dick, so my pussy can have a rest.

    "Your pussy needs a rest, baby?! Okay."

    He looks at you. "Brother, may I have the honor or fuckin' your married girlfriend in the ass?" You of course, tell him yes, but he proceeds to make me beg him to do it.

    He lays me on my side and gets behind me, spoon fashion. You are filming from the front and I look at you as he runs his hand from my leg, up over my hip, to my shoulder and back down my arm, to my breast and caresses my shoulder and traces his finger along my neck and over my face, to my lips. I close my eyes - the tenderness after all of that rough sex with him, just has my mind reeling, because I know he is Dom and at any second this could turn into him forcing his dick into my ass.

    He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight, then speaks in my ear.

    "You want to suck my dick, baby?"

    "Yes, Master, I want to suck your dick"

    He howls with laughter!

    "Damn, baby, you are good! You picked right up on where I was going with that!"

    "Well, you can't, because you are going to suck your Daddy's dick while your Master takes that married ass. Your husband ever get that ass, baby? C'mon, baby tell me how long it's been since he had some ass, and some pussy, and a blowjob. Lets find out what kind of action this boi is getting."

    "Permission to speak sir"

    "Yes, Black Dick Sucker"

    "I gave him his last blowjob ten years ago, about six months before I was with my first black man, sir."

    "And pussy?"

    "Permission to speak sir"

    "Yes, Black Man's Pussy"

    "It's been just a little over two years, sir."

    "And that Ass?"

    "Permission to speak sir"

    "Granted, Black Cock Anal Slut"

    "My husband has never had his dick in my ass, sir"

    "Are you shittin' me? This motherfucker has not had any pussy in two fuckin' years and he's still with your stingy ass?"

    "Permission to speak sir"

    "Granted, Stingy ass"

    "He can't get his dick hard, sir, and he is very small. But he eats pussy very well and he has done that, sir"

    Your friend put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. My body stiffed as he reached around and played with my pussy. He kissed my neck as he did it, and then began to suck. I realized he was going to put a hickey on my neck! I wanted to protest, but didn't dare.

    He rolled me onto my back and gave me a hickey on my chest, then he got between my legs and gave me a hickey on my inner thigh.

    Finally, he rolled me back onto my side near the edge of the bed, got behind me and wrapped his arms around me and slid his dick into my pussy from behind. He is almost as big as you are and it took my breath away and felt delicious to have him tenderly taking me from behind. I love this position because it stimulates that spot, just right! I close my eyes and moan as he slowly, but firmly continues his pace.

    I am lost in the pleasure of his embrace when you press the head of your dick against my lips. I don't even open my eyes, I just open my mouth, let your cock slide in, and begin to suck. I hear your friend whisper in my ear.

    "That's right, whore, just stay still and suck those hard dicks as they stick them in your mouth."

    I opened my eyes and saw that there was a young black man in his 20s who was smiling down at me as I sucked his dick. I came!

    Your friend picked up his pace and came in my pussy, about the time the young man came in my mouth.

    The next young man stepped up and put his dick against my lips and I opened my mouth and began to suck.

    "That's it, suck my black dick, Bitch"

    Your friend got up and you came and laid behind me. That's when I noticed that Tommi was there, holding the camera now. He was the only one on the room with pants on.

    The guy in front of me had huge balls and I wanted to reach out and feel them, but I knew I didn't have permission.

    You whispered in my ear, "Happy Birthday, DeeAnna" and I felt the head of your dick pressing into my ass, then felt myself opening up as you forced your dick into my tight opening.

    "Holy fuck, this bitch is black dick crazy!" the one in front of me said, then he came in my mouth.

    He stepped back and you flipped me onto my back and held my ankles spread and wide. I rolled my hips to give you better access and looked into your eyes.

    "Give it to me, Daddy, take my ass, make me yours!"

    You sank your cock into my ass. I looked into your eyes, like you instructed me to, as you sank your dick into me, completely, in one long stroke. The size of Your cock made me whimper and scream, and it was big and demanding inside of me, and I was panting for air, but still looking into your eyes. You smiled and held it there and my ass was on fire.


    I could feel all the eyes in the room on me, and I knew the camera was running, but at this moment you are the center of my universe.

    "You are Daddy Joe, you are! You are the only one who has ever made me feel this good!"

    You thrust three fingers into my pussy and I cum again, then you fuck me in the ass for several minutes before you pull out and shoot your load in one long stream from my pussy right up to my neck and the last drop lands on my face.

    You pull me up and stuff your dick in my mouth as the last spurts flow from the tip, and I suck all of the juices off of you. I kiss your dick from top to bottom and lick off your balls.

    I look up at you and smile.

    "Baltimore...The Greatest City In The World!"

    All of the men in the room take me to your shower and wash me off. I feel your hands and their hands all over me, and know that I have the greatest Daddy in the world!

    I come out with my hair in a towel, holding my clothes, just as you and your friend are telling everyone in the room that not one word better ever be spoken about what went on in this house today. NOT ONE WORD.

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