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. My Golfing Buddy and my Wife Ch. 3 -- The Anniversary

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by SeeShow, Apr 15, 2016.

. My Golfing Buddy and my Wife Ch. 3 -- The Anniversary 1 5 2votes
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  1. SeeShow

    SeeShow Member Author!

    NOTE From SeeShow: I wrote Golf Buddies based on information I received from a friend on the net, who tells me it was true. I thought I had put the story to bed with Chapter 2 which I labeled as THE END. However, about six months later, I received still more details from my NET friend about further sexual experiences his wife had with his golfing buddies. I turned the information over to another writter, as I was too busy at the time to properly write up the story so this part was written by CUMEATER and edited by SEESHOW.

    We hope you enjoy our collaboration of:

    "GOLF BUDDIES -- The Anniversary"

    As I previously explained in the last part of my story, I had essentially lost my wife sexually to Dave. I don't know why she bothered to maintain the charade but, she was spending three to four nights a week "out with the girls " and coming home with a pussy brimming full of Dave's cum. My sex life was reduced to lapping the cum from Donna's pussy when she returned plus my occasional jerking off while she was out as I thought about what Dave and her were doing. Things had been going along pretty much that way with Dave being reasonably civil when we played golf each Saturday, confining himself to reminding me "what a good loser I was" each week as he beat me at golf as well as beating me out of my rightful place with my wife in our bedroom. From time to time he'd casually slip in how much he was enjoying my wife even when we were within earshot of our other two golfing buddies.

    However, one thing has changed in the last two months... Donna now usually meets me at the Country Club as our foursome finishes our Saturday morning round of golf. She turns over the kids to me along with a list of chores and instructions on what to fix for dinner since she is "going shopping with the girls". Some Saturday's she doesn't return until the wee hours with her pussy dripping it's overflowing load of Dave's sperm just like during the week. A few weekends she's shown up at the house in time for dinner. She usually takes me into the bedroom to "show me some of what she's bought". Often it will be a sexy mini-skirt and a hot blouse. She'll tease me by modeling her sexy cloths for me often finishing by pulling her short skirt up to expose her bare dripping pussy as she shoves my head between her legs. She tells me to come get my "appetizer" as she has taken to referring to this Saturday evening cum lapping domination. After I serve her dinner she takes a short nap, a shower and she's off again "out with the girls". On these Saturdays, I am forced to clean her cum filled pussy twice. On one of some of those evenings I was amazed at the amount of cum Dave's large cock would pump into her. I knew, I'd be wasted if I came even half as much. Without mentioning his name, Donna has told me that some men seem to have so much more juice in their balls then others. Often she would say this right after I'd completely licked out her lovers cum from her pussy. She also commented frequently that she had never noticed how small my dick was until recently. Naturally, that recently was since she has been looking at and receiving Dave's monster cock into her pussy. She then started calling me "pencil dick" affectionately!

    One Saturday Donna seemed to be late getting to the Country Club so I had time to have a beer with Dave and the guys. As we sat at the bar Dave once again congratulated me on being such a good loser. I was a little more down than usual not because of loosing the golf game but because today would have been Donna's and my wedding anniversary. Donna hadn't mentioned anything and I assumed that this was of little interest to her anymore since Dave had replaced me as her regular sex partner and Donna seemed to have little respect for me anymore.

    I downed my beer pretty fast and ordered another trying to drown these thoughts and accept that my stupid ego had let Dave get my goat as well as my wife. My ego was still in defensive mode as I told Dave that I had arranged for lessons from Jack, the club's golf pro and that I planned on beating him at golf one of these days. Just then Donna showed up at the bar. She said the kids had gone to the zoo with Kathy and her kids so I'd have more time this afternoon to do some chores as she handed me a list of cleaning, washing and cooking to do. She was obviously planning on coming home for dinner as the instructions directed me to make her favorite - grilled rack of lamb. I was hopeful that possibly she had remembered our anniversary and would be ready to end this affair with Dave. I mentally added a dozen roses to the list as I returned to sipping my beer feeling a little ego boost from inside. The reverie was broken as Donna chided me like a little boy saying, "now finish your beer, Bobby, and get on your way. You've got a lot to do today."

    After gulping down my beer and starting to leave, I heard Dave ordering a glass of wine for Donna - I was a little surprised that he was having a drink with my wife in public but I guess everyone knew that we were all good friends - I just had no idea of how well they knew. Even without the kids to take care of, I was busy all afternoon completing the chores Donna had laid out for the day but I did get them all done plus picking up the roses and a bottle of champagne. I even managed to find a few minutes for myself, finding a pair of Donna's panties that had been soaked with Dave's cum I used it to jerk off as I visualized Dave's huge cock pumping my beautiful wife's stretched pussy.

    At 4:30 I started preparing dinner as instructed since Donna had specified that it be ready at 6:30. It was ready on time and I was delighted that Donna arrived home on time. She looked a little disheveled but very sexy as she walked in the door. I thought things were looking up and that she had remembered our anniversary as she pulled me close for a kiss. Her tongue snaked it's way into my mouth, parting my lips... I shouldn't have been surprised but I was as she forced a large load of Dave's cum into my mouth. Nothing was said but I knew this was her subtle way of letting me know that nothing had changed and that she had just sucked off Dave before returning home. I felt somewhat crushed knowing that she had no intention of ending her affair with Dave, but even in my depressed state of mind, I was feeling a huge sexual stimulation at receiving a mouth to mouth load of another man's cum from my wife's mouth. It was the first time Donna had done this and the thrill of Donna's latest lewd act toward me gave me an unmistakable hard-on.

    I calmed down enough (both emotionally and sexually) to put the perfectly grilled lamb on the table in front of Donna. I also poured the champagne and started to sit down with her. She looked pleased but then stared at me as I lifted my knife and fork, "What's the champagne for? Special occasion?" Before I could answer, she continued, "Haven't you forgotten something Bobby? You haven't had your appetizer yet. Get your tongue down here where it belongs and lick my pussy juice", pointing unmistakably to her cunt. I don't know why I've let things get so far out of control, but I was powerless to resist as I crawled under the table. Opening her legs she shoved my face tightly into her sticky crotch as she forced me to lick Dave's sperm from her dripping pussy once again ...this time while she ate our anniversary meal and ironically, I was being forced to eat mine.

    She enjoyed her dinner while she had me continue licking her until she was completely cleaned. By then she had almost finished her meal and my lamb was cold. She sat there sipping her third glass of champagne and finishing the last of her meat as I started to eat my cold meal. "Bobby, the roses and champagne are a nice touch... I'm glad to see you remembered our wedding anniversary. I was just teasing, I hadn't forgotten it either and I've invited some of our friends to join us at the Country Club later tonight for drinks to celebrate. We do have to keep up appearances now don't we, even if your pencil dick is too small to fulfill your marital obligations."

    It was strange how we both kept up appearances, even between the two of us. We both knew that Dave was fucking her, but neither of us ever mentioned it. We both knew that she wasn't going "out with the girls" three and four times a week. We both knew that it wasn't pussy juice that I was licking out of her cunt night after night but her lover's cum. Yet we made no mention of her being fucked by Dave. It was almost a metaphysical thing with me; if I didn't say anything to Donna about her fucking Dave than maybe she really wasn't fucking him. Maybe she really was going out with her girlfriends a lot. Maybe it was just her pussy juice I was tasting and not that the cream of her lover! Maybe I had only tasted her own saliva when we french kissed instead of her spital mixed with Dave's cum! To tell the truth I really didn't know why we didn't get it more out in the open, but I was grateful for Donna for at least allowing me not to have to deal with her sexual misdeeds openly. And I was grateful that I didn't have the shame of other people knowing all about her infidelities with Dave and the fact that I had to accept it as my lot in life.

    Our anniversary celebration hadn't started exactly the way I had wanted it to with my wife coming home and depositing a wad of her lover's cum into my mouth as she french kissed me. It was a sure signal that while she was willing to continue our relationship, she wasn't willing to go back to the days when I was the one who supplied her sexual satisfaction. I doubted that I would ever be able to satisfy my wife again with my "pencil dick" as she called it. But at least I was satisfied that she wanted to maintain appearances to other that we were still a happily married couple. I was sure that was why she had arranged a little party at out golf country club for us and some of our close friends. before the evening was over I was to find out how wrong I was.

    Donna took her usual shower and a short nap while I finished my supper and cleaned up the kitchen. Then we got ready to go down to the country club. Donna dressed in a very sexy cocktail dress; sheer black lace top that displayed her ample tits and a full length skirt slit all the way up to her beautiful round ass. Four inch black patent stiletto heels completed the outfit with the added height allowing Donna to tower over me. It was a strangely captivating outfit, looking elegantly sexy from a distance while looking like a slutty whore's up close as the fact that she wore no underwear at all became unmistakably obvious. I'm sure the outfit was meant to tease me as much as it was to turn on my golfing buddy, Dave.

    Dave, of course, was at the bar when we arrived at the Country Club. Ben the bartender poured our drinks as we made pleasant small talk about the weather and my terrible golf game. Dave again repeatedly referred to me being "such a good loser". After a few minutes Donna asked whether the others were here - I was a little confused as Dave replied that everyone was here and everything was ready. "Come on Bobby" Donna chided as she and Dave led the way to the private function room adjoining the bar. This room is sometimes used as an expanded Sports Bar on special occasions like golf tournaments and can be hired by the club members for private gatherings. I felt that Donna really cared about us to have arranged a wedding anniversary party for us. As we entered the room I quickly recognized my other golfing buddies but the rest of the crowd was not what I expected - it included Jack the golf pro and several of the caddies. We all made small talk for a while, with a lot of ribbing by everyone present about my poor golf game. Even Jack the pro said he wasn't sure if he or anyone could help my golf game but that he'd give me a few lessons he was sure I wouldn't forget. there was something sinister in the way he said it that made me cringe. After we'd all had a few drinks, my wife changed the subject from golf to sex and it surprised me. She started making innuendos about my lack of sexual abilities. At one point one of the caddies remarked, "Is Bobby as bad in bed as he is on the golf course?" and everyone laughed hardily at my expense when my wife answered, "Fairly much the same thing - He can't ever seem to find the hole!"

    My face was burning red as my wife added, "of course even if he did he's used too many strokes before he gets there." Then I was completely amazed as she turned to me and said, "Honey why don't you show them that pencil dick of yours so they can see for themselves why you can't satisfy me." I just stammered and burned beat red, having my wife fully expose my sexual inabilities in front of everyone. There was a pause in the conversation and finally, Dave stood up and said, "Time to show our pencil dicked friend what he's been missing, guys." Before I could react, they grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me into a chair. Tape was used to bind my feet to the legs of the chair and my hands behind my back. "What the hell is going on?" I shouted. Donna looked at me and quietly stated, "Honey, you better be quite or you'll have to be gagged". Stupid me who never knows when to keep my big mouth shut continued demanding to know what was going on and to be released. Donna produced a pair of panties from her small purse. They were ones I had used to jerk off with this afternoon, soaked with Dave's cum and mine. She shoved them in my mouth as Jack wrapped a few turns of tape around my head to keep the gag in place.

    One of the caddies said, "Let's see that little cock of his, Donna." I was further chagrined as my wife unzipped my pants and released my little 5 incher that was shriveled up from embarrassment. My wife looked over the guys there and said, "Now you see why I needed to get some satisfaction elsewhere." Nothing more was said after a few catcalls and laughter from the assembled guests . And so I was left fully exposed sitting tied up, Donna's panties shoved into my mouth. Could anything have been worse for me. I wanted to die!

    As the lights dimmed, I realized I was sitting directly in front of the large screen TV used for sporting events. Dave started a video tape as the screen flickered to life. The tape started off like the one Dave had given me as proof of Donna's infidelity, with Dave fucking Donna real well, pumping two loads deep in her stretched pussy. What came next really surprised me. It was Donna straddling my head on our bed as I lapped at her pussy - she had planted a hidden video camera in our bedroom! Then as the video showed only her spread legs and my tongue lapping at the cum dripping from her gaping cunt lips, I heard Donna's voice on the tape saying "Come on Bob, show me how much you like Dave's cum by lapping it all up. Come on you pencil dicked wimp, show me how much you love a real man's cum." Donna and Dave had obviously dubbed in her voice over the lapping sounds of my tongue making it appear like I really wanted her to be fucking Dave. And maybe that is the case since I never tried to stop her. I still nearly died from the embarrassment and humiliation. How could Donna and Dave be showing this to our friends and the other folk who were here.

    My mental question was answered as the tape continued. Dave appeared on the tape with a smirk on his face, his mocking voice saying, "Well Bobby boy I guess you've been thinking that Donna's infidelity has been our little secret. Well guess again. See for yourself" he said with a sneer as the video faded to black. I recognized the next scene as the locker room at the Country Club. The next thing I knew Donna was leading the two muscular caddies, who had come to our party, naked out of the showers and into the massage room. For the next 30 minutes she sucked and then was fucked by both of these young studs, each unloading in her pussy. The next scene was me on my knees licking her pussy as she sat on the edge of our bed. That must have been one of the Saturdays. Again, she had dubbed her voice coaxing me on to lick up the caddies' cum because she had fucked them all just like I wanted her to.

    Next the video showed Donna being fucked by the other two members of our foursome while Dave watched and encouraged them to screw Donna for all they were worth because I really wanted to eat their cum from my wife's sexy pussy. Again there were shots of me doing just that to Donna's voice describing how the guys had fucked her real good over at Dave's place - after I had pleaded with Dave to let them use his apartment. The tape continued with her being screwed by Dave, Ben (the bartender), and Jack (the golf pro) Again this scene was followed by shots of me cleaning her pussy as Donna's voice assured me that I was tasting Ben and Jacks's cum - just like I had begged her to bring me a taste of them. In shock I suddenly realized that Ben, Jack and several of the caddies not only knew my wife cheated on me but had each savored Donna's sex personally... and they had been led to believe I encouraged this to happen because my "pencil cock" was too small to satisfy my beautiful wife.

    Now I understood the guest list - everyone in the room had enjoyed my wife. I had licked up every drop of their cum thinking it had just been Dave who was fucking my wife. I was so humiliated. I'm sure I will never be able to return to the golf course and face these men again having seen how they enjoyed fucking my wife who was now off limits to me. But it wasn't over, as the lights came up and Ben served another round of drinks, Donna made it clear that she intended to fuck every one of our guests right there in front of me ...and they could see how much I enjoyed lapping up their cum. That's exactly what she did for the next three hours as everyone took turns with her. I remained tied to the chair but the gag was removed. I was too humiliated to say anything at this point anyway. Each time her pussy was filled, she would sit on the edge of the bar in front of me and spread her legs. Ben would ring the bell at the bar and serve another round of drinks with each load while my head was forced between her legs to lap up the cum. Once again Dave had proved his point and won - he's turned Donna into a "really good slut" just he told me he would.

    I haven't had the courage to return to the country club since that night and don't think I ever will. Anyway, Dave has gotten a new member for the foursome to replace me. Donna thinks this is just fine since it gives me more time for chores on Saturday morning and means that when she's "out with the girls" on Friday night, she doesn't have to return all night long or the next day, unless, of course she wants to use my tongue. To: My Net Friends From: Cumeater and SeeShow Info Line: This Part was written by SeeShow with suggestions for improvement by Cumeater We hope you enjoy our collaboration of "GOLF BUDDIES - PART 8 - The Boss"

    Naturally, The incident at the country club left me devastated. I had a hard time over the next several days comprehending what had really transpired; how I had allowed things to get so out of hand for me. I'm afraid for the first time in my life I allowed my personal life to inter far with my business life. Quite frankly my productivity at work suffered drastically and my secretary Jean was very solicitous of me by continually asking me what was wrong. I just couldn't bring myself to talk about it. Maybe I should have, it kept playing on my mind and it kept affecting my performance at work. It didn't take long before I was in my General Manager's office having a serious "chat". Karl told me that quite frankly, if I had been a new employee he would be talking about letting me go. He was frankly puzzled by my poor performance lately and suggested that what ever was bothering me that we talk it over. I just couldn't bring myself to say anything to him and yet I knew my job was on the line. When my boss said that possibly a little more informal setting might be in order, I jumped at the chance to end our conversation, if only temporarily. I knew he was fishing for me to invite him over to the house for a dinner and more "chat: and so I did just that. We set a date for later in the week.

    I went home to Donna and told her that Karl would be coming over later in the week and that I hoped that I could count on her support for the evening. I explained what was at stake and regardless of our current marital troubles that I needed her help to sooth things over with my boss Karl. It kind of hurt me when Donna told me that I'd better not fuck up at work, "It may be one thing to be a good loser on the golf course and the bedroom, but when it comes to your job you'd better shape up. I certainly have no intention of us giving up our country club membership because you get demoted or fired." Then, she sort of giggled and said that she'd give up her "night out" on Thursday if I wanted to have him over. I could see a devilish sneer on her face as she finished by saying, "That letch boss of yours has been after me at every Christmas party we've been at in case you never noticed. I bet he'd be interested to know that his employee had a pencil dick that can't keep his wife satisfied." To tell the truth, I guess I hadn't ever noticed Karl's flirtations toward Donna; I was just too naive to think anything about the fact that my boss often cut in on me when I was dancing a slow number with her at the company Xmas parties. In a way I really looked at his attraction to her as a plus. Although I certainly didn't plan on telling Karl the real root of my problems was my lack of being able to satisfy my wife, I figured that fact that he liked my sexy wife was at least another reason that he'd not consider firing me.

    When I got back to my boss the next day and set the date for Thursday, what my wife had told me about him lusting for her became a little more obvious to me. He indicated that he was glad that we could get together informally. Then he winked and said, "Besides I want to get to see that sexy wife of yours. I hope you'll clue her that I like ladies dressed to show off their cleavage." It didn't take a ton of bricks to fall on my head to get the message. If I played ball or I should say if my wife played ball by showing him how sexy she could dress, I'd get to keep my job. At first I was really pissed off, jealous, the whole bit. Then I realized what a compliment it was to me that he was willing to look over my poor work performance of late. It meant that he thought I was worth hanging onto and that my previous work had been more than acceptable to him. If he wanted to use my wife's sexy dress as an excuse to sugar coat it, I felt I ought to oblige him. Besides my wife's sexy look, he must also like my work or he wouldn't even be considering keeping me on. And besides, how could anyone blame him for lusting after my wife; even though she'd put me through hell lately, I had to admit that she was one sexy lady. That evening when I got home I told Donna about my conversation with my boss. I also told her that she could help my chances of maintaining my job by being REALLY NICE to him. Curiously enough she looked at me with a lewd grin and said, "How nice? You mean let him undress me-NICE let him play with my tits-NICE. Just how NICE should I be?" I admitted to her that he was wild about her boobs. "He says he's a tit man and you have the best set of tits of any wife in the company." Donna grinned and said, "I told you I could tell that at the dance. He really was squeezing my ass at the company party, OK when he comes over for dinner my tits can be his special desert." "You mean you'll let him . . ." And before I could finish what I was thinking Donna answered my unspoken thoughts.

    "I don't like the idea of displaying myself to your boss for you," she said, "But, I don't need you losing your job right now either, you pencil-dicked slacker." Her words hurt, but I knew they were accurate, especially about being a slacker at work lately. I hated putting her in the position of having to help me get back in the good graces of my boss, but I knew I had no alternative. On Thursday Donna wore a very short black leather miniskirt, her 4" red high heels, see through red panties, silk black nylons held up by her sexiest black lace garter belt, her red silk blouse, cut so low in front that her tits practically popped out each time she bent over, and of course no bra. After a very nice dinner that I had prepared by getting home early, Donna told me to clear the table like a good hubby while she entertained our special guest. Karl sat in the living room and Donna joined him while I cleared the table. Although I was busy clearing the table, I could see into the living room and noticed that she had settled next to Karl on the coach with her tits just inches from his chest. She looked him in the eye and said, "I have to admit that I was really complemented by what my husband told me you said about my breasts. Do you really want to see more of me, huh? Would you like to take off my blouse and see if they are as good as you expect?"

    By this time, I had cleared the table and had brought a canter of wine out for Karl and Donna. Karl looked over at me for my reaction. Although I was jealous, I could hardly say no at this point. After all it wasn't unexpected. Still I hadn't expected Donna to offer to let Karl take off her blouse. Since I didn't say anything my boss took my silence to be an approval for him to proceed. After unbuttoning the three buttons on her blouse, he gently took her blouse from around her shoulders. In the process of letting him remove her blouse Donna had raised herself slightly and when she sat back down Karl had slid over under her so that her ass had settled onto his lap. Now her gigantic bared tits were practically in his face. The next move was pretty obvious; Karl buried his face in my wife's sweet cleavage. I sat motionless unable to do anything but watch with fascination and listen to my wife's breathless exclamations. "Ohhhh that's nice," Donna cooed. "Kiss them, and tongue them, while Bobby watches. I know he's got to be enjoying this. I have to tell you that Bobby is a real voyeur deep down. I have to admit that my initial jealousy was being replaced by a growing pleasure in my loins that I couldn't really control. Karl continued to be very bold about feasting on my wife's boobs while I was watching. He slurped on them for almost ten minutes. I could tell from the guttural sounds that my Donna was making that she had at least a mini-orgasm while wriggling her ass around on his lap. As I sat there wondering what to do with my hard cock in my pants, Donna glanced over and smiled as if to say - That's O.K. honey. Take it out. I was about to remove it when it hit me that Karl must surely have a big dick by now also, especially with Donna jiggling on his lap with her sweet ass. Before I could say or do anything, Donna broke the silence. In light of Donna's recent behavior what she said next to Karl shouldn't have caught me by surprise, but it did anyway. "Ohh, God that feels good! I can feel your dick getting harder and harder against my ass. You are such a big horny stud. WOULD YOU LIKE TO UNDRESS ME AND FUCK ME IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND?"

    We hadn't talked about anything beyond Karl getting a chance to SEE her dressed very sexily. She obviously thought I had intended for her to do more than just show her body off to him. Although I was surprised, Karl was not. What man could resist that kind of offer. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the long couch in our living room as I followed them with my eyes. After placing her on the couch he slid Donna's mini-skirt all the way to her waist and removed her panties, leaving her heels, garter and nylons on. He stood up, never even glancing my way and quickly shed his cloths. Now I really was in a pickle. I expected Karl to inspect her tits tonight, maybe even fondle them, but I was totally unprepared for this. Evidently this is what my wife thought I meant by being REALLY NICE to my boss. So help me God, I didn't think it would go this far. I was seeing red! What could I do now? Karl was so worked up I knew instinctively that I'd get fired if I tried to stop the proceedings at this point. No matter what I felt or thought, I knew there was no turning back. While he dropped his cloths to the floor my wife looked over at me. This time Donna said to me what I thought she was thinking before. "Go ahead baby, take it out and play with it. I want to see your little dicky while Karl fucks me." She said it so matter of factly that It sounded almost like something we did ever day. As I said in light of her recent behavior with Dave and others, it didn't come as a shock that she'd take sexual pleasure with Karl. Still it didn't mean I'd have to like it. It really didn't matter at this point though as I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut and look on as Karl mounted my Donna missionary style. The fact that Karl had an 8 inch cock was all the more humiliating for me as I took out my 5 inches and watched the show. It wasn't long before my wife was in the type of ecstasy I had recently seen her in on some of her more exotic VCR displays. But to tell the truth there was something special about seeing this "live" performance "up close and personal". She wrapped her legs around him as he gave her long strokes into her seething pussy.

    Despite my jealous feelings my dick was hard as a rock and I had to start playing with it as I watched them. Karl had doubled over slightly so that he could fuck Donna and suck on one of her soft bosoms at the same time. He was really pumping her hard and Donna was LOVING IT! They changed position at Donna's suggestion. Karl laid on his back with his big 8 incher in the air while she mounted him straddle style allowing him free access to continue sucking her pillowy tits. Donna rode up and down on his cock making soft slurping noises as her cunt hit the base of his massive cock, over and over again.

    "Ohhh yesss...., fuck me baby. Don't ever stop. Mmmmm .... Karl your sooo biiiggg. Give it to meee all night long." Then glancing my way, "Bobby, your little wife is getting the shit fucked out of her. Look at me riding Karl's big cock. Oooohh, yesss!" What the hell could I do but look. Jealous or not I couldn't contain myself as Donna's squeals got louder and louder finally screaming through an intense orgasm. My cum spurted on our living room carpet as I let my load fly. However, Karl wasn't prepared to have it over so quickly as he continued fucking her, now mounting her doggy style and playing with her tits from behind. They had been at it for an hour and Donna was obviously in seventh heaven. Our love making had never taken this long and I knew she was getting the fucking of her life. She literally screamed through her third orgasm of the night and Karl couldn't resist any longer as he shot his hot load of cum up her twat. Even though, I just creamed less than ten minutes ago, I shot again - right with them for a triple header.

    By now, it shouldn't have surprised me but I didn't really think my wife would totally humiliate me in front of my boss by having me perform my normal sexual services for her. Shows how wrong I can be as Donna called out to me in a sultry voice (still just recovering from her shattering climax seconds ago). "Bobby, come over here and show Karl what a real good cleanup man you are.' Karl was a little puzzled until I crept between Donna's legs and began my normal cleanup procedure, licking all of Donna's lover's cum out of her pussy. I was terribly excited, the humiliation of being forced to do it in front of my boss somehow just added to my normal sexual excitement of cum licking my sexy wife. After licking her for over twenty minutes and giving my wife another climax we were both spent but obviously not my boss.

    I had hoped that after my cum licking it would be all over and Karl would be on his way home. But my hopes of being spared further humiliation from Karl were dashed when Karl looked over at me and said, "Bobby, I know you have to be at work early in the morning. Why don't you go clean up the kitchen and do the dishes while I stay and keep your wife company in your bedroom" The look in his steel blue eyes let me know not to question his authority on this matter any more than I would on any company decision he wanted to make.

    "It's O.K. honey, I'll be just fine. I'm sure Karl can take good care of me tonight while you stay in the guest bedroom," was Donna's only comment on this turn of events. I left for the kitchen while Donna walked arm in arm with Karl up to our bedroom. When I got done in the kitchen I walked by the master bedroom and saw Donna snuggled close to him on the bed, bringing his head to rest on her soft tits. Entering our guest bedroom, I could hear sounds coming from the master bedroom. Our guest bedroom was close enough for me to hear them whispering but not to hear clearly what was being said. On occasion I'd hear an "Oh yes," or a "That's it." I did a lot of tossing and turning before falling asleep knowing that my Donna was sleeping so willingly with another man. The next morning I awoke slightly confused thinking it had all been a dream until I realized I was in the guest bedroom. I could hear the bedsprings in the master bedroom and my wife giggling every now and then. I had breakfast alone and left for work quietly before my wife or Karl came out of the bedroom.

    No matter what my personal feelings where at the time, my co-operative attitude of being willing to share my wife with my boss accomplished the goal I had intended. Karl called me into his office the next day and said that based on my co-operative attitude he was not going to let me go. He said coyly that knowing what my marital situation was like allowed him to re-evaluate my situation and in fact, he wanted to keep me around for a long time, especially since I had such a nice wife. Instead of being fired, I was placed on probation. But, I received no cut in pay since Karl knew that would devastate Donna and besides, I'd been such a good `Team Player'. Karl says that he'll do frequent reviews of my work as well as making lots of visits to my home to evaluate my progress. What can I say; at least it was better being a team player than being a "good loser" To: Net Readers From: Cumeater and SeeShow Info Line: This Part was written by Cumeater and edited by SeeShow. We hope you enjoy our collaboration of "GOLF BUDDIES - PART 9 - The Final Bet"

    It had been over a month since Donna and Dave had arranged the humiliating "anniversary party" at the Country Club for me and several weeks since my boss had staked his sexual claim to my wife. I had to go to work each day but I hadn't had the courage to return to the country club since and don't think I ever will. Dave has called me several times at work to say that our friendship shouldn't end even if we're not playing golf anymore. After all, he pointed out that I had been a good loser all along so we could still be friends. Based on the latest turn of events concerning my wife and my boss, I was thinking that I really needed a friend even one like my former golfing buddy, Dave. After about the third call from him, I finally agreed to meet Dave at my office on Tuesday at 12:00 and we'd go out for lunch. I had an enough humiliation where Dave was concerned so I resolved not to mention anything about Donna and my Boss.

    Unfortunately, my meetings on Tuesday morning ran over a little so it was about 12:20 when I returned to my office. Dave was talking with my secretary, Jean, while waiting. I apologized for being late, but Dave said, "No apology necessary. I've enjoyed chatting with Jean.". Over lunch Dave reminded me that I hadn't been to the Country Club lately and several folk had been asking why I wasn't there especially when they saw Donna there frequently. Dave had his subtle way of putting me down - both of us knew full well what Donna was doing at the golf course, fucking, the bartender, the caddies, the pro and god only knows who else by now. And of course they knew that I was personally cleaning her pussy with my tongue after every single encounter. I tried to change the subject several times and eventually was successful when I asked Dave what he and my secretary had been talking about while waiting for me. Jean is a good looking married woman in her early thirties. She always dresses very conservatively but that doesn't hide the beauty of her well endowed figure. Unlike Donna she is a brunette with long flowing hair. She's been married for almost ten years and always talks of the great relationship and good times she and her husband, Harry, enjoy.

    I could tell what Dave had in mind just by the look in his eyes - he was about to remind me how great sex with married women is. I thought I'd cut him off at the knees by telling him that Jean has such a terrific relationship with her husband that he'd never get into her panties. In fact, once a few years back I had accidentally brushed my hand across her breast while walking by her desk - she immediately admonished me and told me she got all the fondling and sex she needed from Harry - telling I had better be careful not to wind up with a sexual harassment suit. When Dave challenged me to another $100 bet, I was confident of winning. My boastful ego started to take over again at the thought of beating Dave so I upped the ante - making the bet $500 and requiring that he stop fucking my Donna's pussy if he lost. I figured this might be a good opportunity to get Donna back. Dave agreed to the higher wager with one condition. If he won, I'd cooperate after that in any way he wanted in order to keep Harry from finding out. Laughing I readily agreed ....telling Dave that this was one time I hoped HE could be a good loser. The conversation returned to Dave's golf game and nothing more was said about the wager. Dave and I agreed to have lunch again next Tuesday. The following Monday Dave called and left a message with Jean to remind me that he'd be there at 12:00 for lunch. ...but then Dave called me at home Monday night. He said that to give him a clear shot at Jean, I needed to make some excuse to leave the office tomorrow morning. When I hesitated to agree, he mentioned the alternative... he could send Jean a copy of my "anniversary party video". I quickly agreed.

    At about 11:00 I told Jean that I had to meet a customer on the other side of town. She reminded me of my luncheon appointment with Dave - I told her to tell Dave when he arrived that I had to leave unexpectedly and we could have lunch on Thursday. With that I left the office and went to the library to kill some time...then to a local go-go bar to watch the ladies while I had lunch and a few beers.

    It was 1:30 when I returned to the office. Everything was quiet but Jean wasn't around - I assumed she was just down a the copier or in the ladies room so I didn't think anything of it and got back to work to catch-up for the lost time this morning. I was looking forward to having lunch with Dave on Thursday to remind of his failure. I was deeply engrossed in the mounds of papers that covered my desk when I heard Jean enter the office. Without saying anything she closed the door, came over to my desk and walked around behind it so she was right next to me. She pushed my chair back slightly and sat up on the desk facing me - right on top of all the papers. I wasn't sure what had gotten into her or what was going on as my mind tried to dismiss the thought of Dave having succeeded.

    Unfortunately, any doubts I had were quickly dispelled as Jean lifted her skirt to expose her pantyless crotch. Her black curly hair was matted and the unmistakable scent of Dave's cum filled the air. In her very business-like matter of fact way Jean said, "Dave left this for you. He said you had agreed to take care of it so Harry wouldn't notice." Without waiting for me to respond, she forcefully grabbed my ears and pulled my head to her pussy. This made my chair slip backwards out from under me as I landed on my knees with my face in her sopping snatch. When I hesitated slightly Jean shoved my face hard into her pussy saying, "Now don't disappoint me. Dave said you were a good loser."

    As I kneeled there in my office lapping up Dave's cum from Jean's dark pussy, I couldn't believe it or maybe I just didn't want to admit it - in the space of just one afternoon Dave had screwed my formerly faithful married secretary, turned her into a demanding bitch and had totally humiliated me in her eyes. Jean was obviously enjoying my tongue between her legs as she shuddered to orgasm while I licked the last of Dave's sperm from her hot wet cavern. Jean pushed me backwards onto the floor when she had enough, "OK Bobby. Dave also told me that everyone at the Country Club refers to you as 'pencil dick" - let me see what it looks like." Lying there on the floor looking up at Jean towering over me on the desk I was so embarrassed and humiliated I didn't feel able to resist as I unzipped and pulled my hard cock from my pants. Jean broke into laughter at the sight, "I've never seen a miniature cock before. Put it away - it doesn't look like it would be useful for anything." As she jumped off the desk a bunch of my papers fell, landing on my prone figure as if in a final symbol of my subjugation. Jean left the office. That was Tuesday - Dave had scheduled for us to get together for lunch on Thursday which came far too quickly. I would have preferred not to see Dave again but he showed up right on time at 12:00. "You're a good loser Bobby. I heard you kept up your end of the bargain and cleaned up Jean so Harry wouldn't find out." I was really not looking forward to spending the next hour over lunch with Dave and I was happy when he told me he had to cancel our lunch - that was until he told me he was having lunch with Jean instead.

    I was surprised when they returned together at 1:30 and entered my office. "You know what's expected Bobby", said Dave producing a video camera from a duffel bag he had left with Jean earlier, "and of course we need this on video for Donna and the guys at the Country Club." ...indeed Dave got it all on video tape as Jean repeated Tuesday's scene of forcing me to my knees to lick her cum filled pussy clean at my desk. Jean informed me that she and Dave would make this a regular Tuesday and Thursday lunch time activity so she's blocked 1:30-2:00 on my calendar every Tues./Thurs showing it as "Private Dictation".

    Before leaving that afternoon Dave again congratulated me on being such a good loser, " ...In fact Bobby boy, since you've been such a good loser I want to show you how good a winner I can be. If you won, you wanted me to stop using Donna's pussy. - Well just to show you I can be generous, I'll grant you your wish - for a week. You won't have to lick my cum from your wife's pussy for the next week." I guess that should have made me happy even though I knew I'd still be eating Dave's cum from Jean's pussy. At least he wouldn't be screwing my wife for a week or at least that's what I thought. Donna went "out with the girls" as usual on Friday night returning at about 3:00 am. Without saying a word she climbed into bed and straddled my head as usual. Licking her wet pussy I almost couldn't believe it... she was wet from her own stimulation but there was no sperm in her cunt - I couldn't believe it - Dave had kept his word. Maybe Donna would need my little cock in her pussy if Dave hadn't satisfied her. Just as my ego was starting to inflate, Donna changed position, turning around with her ass cheeks right in front of my face, then I saw it - cum oozing from her stretched ass hole just as she lowered it right onto my mouth. That bastard Dave, technically he had kept his word and not fucked her pussy - he had fucked her ass instead, I thought as I was humiliated further. My thoughts were interrupted by Donna's honey-sweet voice, "Come on, baby. Clean my hole good. Ream it with your pussy lapping tongue".

    As I licked Dave's sperm from my wife's ass for the first (but I'm sure not the last) time I also realized that they had probably set up the hidden video camera again. At this point I thought, what the hell does it matter anymore! I guess I really have learned to be a good loser.

    THE END....
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